49ers @ Cardinals live blog: Third quarter

GLENDALE, AZ — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 3 road game against the Cardinals. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

2:38 The 49ers will get the ball first.

2:40 Touchback.

2:44 Colin Kaepernick throws blindly to his left on third-and-8 from the 49ers’ 34 and Antonio Cromartie drops a pick-six. Andy Lee has to punt.

2:45 Ted Ginn makes a fair catch at the Cardinals’ 15. 51-yard punt.

2:48 On third-and-8 Drew Stanton steps up in the pocket and throws a 45-yard bomb to Michael Floyd who catches the ball over Chris Culliver.

2:50 The Cardinals call timeout No.1 on third-and-4 from the 49ers’ 32. Perrish Cox dove and almost picked off Stanton in the end zone two plays ago.

2:52 Fangio is using a lot of Dime on passing down.

2:53 Cardinals convert — Ginn gains 8 yards on a screen pass.

2:54 Next play, Stanton throws deep for John Brown who is wide open and makes a 24-yard TD catch. 14-13 Niners. That drive took two minutes and 46 seconds.

2:57 Bruce Ellington returns the kickoff from the back of the end zone to the 49ers’ 17.

3:02 The Cardinals blitz up the middle on third-and-4 and Kaepernick scrambles for two yards. Andy Lee punts. Ginn makes a fair catch at the Cardinals’ 34.

3:04 The Cardinals call their second timeout on second-and-6 from their 38 with 6:57 left in the third quarter.

3:05 Antonio Cromartie has a left knee injury and is questionable to return.

3:07 Stanton scrambles up the middle for 7 yards and first down and then gets clocked in the head by Dan Skuta. 15 yard penalty. First and 10 at the 49ers’ 40.

3:08 Next play, Patrick Willis is flagged for roughing the passer.

3:10 Ted Larsen is flagged for false start on third-and-1 from the 16.

3:11 Drew Stanton throws an easy 21-yard TD pass over the middle to John Brown. 20-14 Cardinals. Fangio rushed just four on that third-and-6 and got no pressure on Stanton. Have to blitz there.

3:13 Stanton’s rating now is 107.5.

3:14 Bruce Ellington takes a knee in the end zone.

3:20 Roman goes back to the empty backfield no huddle offense and Kaepernick completes 7 passses in a row.

3:20 Kaepernick keeps the ball on a read option and loses two yards. Third-and-8 at the Cardinals’ 19 when the fourth quarter begins.

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  1. And now the stress starts. Just continue to do what you’re doing G RO. Fang same goes for you, ck same, defense. Not so much. Let’s see the other side of you guys. The ones who do t like yellow laundry.

  2. if the goal is to wear out Kaep early in the season with too many runs/scrambles, the Niners are well on their way to achieving their goal.

  3. Well when you’re blitzing, you need to call a quick pass play. You know they’re going to bring the heat. They have every damn time!

  4. I wonder what gets said to these guys at halftime.

    I’m watching the Den-Sea game and the bronco are trying to run the ball out of shotgun and the Seahawks are dominating them up front. They are also shutting down the Denver receivers.

  5. Wow- again- defensive penalties that would have never been penalties 5 years ago. This is new orleans from last year all over.

    I am giving up on football today- i am done. Have a nice afternoon watching this WWE football.

  6. so a 2nd string rookie qb and a 3rd round rookie wide receiver are lighting up our secondary (esp our #1 draft pick)…wish Baalke could find us a difference maker in the draft

  7. Past 3 weeks the refs have been after the 49ers. It’s pretty clear that they will call everything they can on ou defense. The NFL is a joke. ✌️

  8. I catch watch no more. It’s making me sick how they called the penalties. Willis, one of the professional players in the nfl, called for a roughing the passer penalty! Pathetic!!!!

  9. did Coach Harbaw mention already, Colin?
    ” we ” do not want to lose this game….

    That means ya gotta step it up, baby.

    my, my, my… clock management problems again…
    Really…!!! Back to basics, huh?

    “almost” a pick-six to Cromartie….Whoa.

  10. the same story. We start the game on fire. Then the second half, penalty after penalty. The call on Boldin completely changed the momentum of the game.

  11. Iupatti is fat and slow, I have the same thoughts big suede but it’s like a train wreck how do you look away. Nice little drive but I am frustrated the refs, nice play by Johnson! Stupid head but stupid frustration , crappy play calling does gro must not trust kap,keep reminding myself singletarys and Nolan years were worse!

  12. Kap has played damn well. We can’t win a game if the refs keep backing us up and then our defense can’t get off the field till Arizona scores.

  13. Taunting? Why wasn’t taunting called on the db who jawed on boldin before he head butted him, now Carlson gets a first down but frustration all around!

  14. When are y9u dumb fu#ks gonna realize that we were good with scott McLoughlin draft not baalkes….loom at Seattoe they were McCloughan picks…Harbaugh era is over accept it..out gm sucks we shoukd be the sf crutches..Baalke is an arrogant a hole…terrrible drafts last 3 years..you can be a homer I know football played it watcyed it my whole life…McCloughan made this team you believe in baalk3 and harbaugh. .goodluck they suck

    1. I have been suggesting that for the time I have been posting on this site. TB has just had a lot of picks to work with which has somewhat masked his mistakes. People just latched on to that Draft Ninja label and started to believe it. TB is a draft pick wheeler dealer but doesn’t know what to do with them once he acquires them.

      Seems the ragged preseason last year sort of fore shadowed the one this year except it appears to be getting progressively worse.

  15. You morons..we shouod be called the sf crutches….baalke is a moron so is harbaugh. .blame kap all y9u want he was excellent today…our coaches and our shi#tty darfts is catching up with us

  16. Jed York……congrats on your new vanilla stadium in SC…that place will be half empty by game 7…your w8ne and cheese crowd will dissappear ajd your fake gm is being exposed f9r what he is our o oine sucks our defejse sucks and y9u want to crucifie Kap..biggest bunch of morons ive ever seen..keep winnning on McCloughan s draft picks and hoping on Baalkes useless draft picks …I hate bandwagon and homer niner fans ..you idiots are clueless

    1. Vanilla stadium?
      What were they supposed to do for a football stadium? It most definitely is not a “cookie cutter” stadium that could be described as vanilla. Just curious.

  17. We coukd of had the loudeet stadium in the league..were no different than miami or la….this is a transient area….wine and cheese and fake fans..you know your in tdouble when you see a bunch of asain nerds with 49er gear on…..keep paying the yorks you clones…

  18. Thank god oct 1st is coming ill be spending my sundays tearing up the dirt at hollister and carnegie with my kids..meqnwhile you idiots will keep buying Into Baalke and Haurbaughs fraud of a team..good luck Niners are getting their ass kicked in our new stadium …we might get 1 win in our cursed stadium…keep following the programs you smurfs

  19. If this Niner team plays the Seahawks next week…
    we lose. Period.
    If we play the Chiefs, Broncos, Saints, Eagles…..
    we will also lose.

    Time for Coach Harbaw to “put a finger on it”…quick!!!

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