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  1. Hoyer is horrific. He loves the Z WR. Not good when you have Goodwin and Aldrick. We should have signed Maclin.

    Robinson is lost in coverage way too much.

    Thomas looked better.

    1. After Hoyer got hurt and was taken out of the game for 1 play, he never recovered. His passes were off target and he seems to rush things. At that point, Shanahan should have benched Hoyer. Hoyer’s ineffectiveness cost the 49ers the game.

  2. We’re 0-4 it’s pretty clear we’re not going anywhere,isn’t it time we see what Beathard has?
    Looks like Trent Taylor is a keeper..Hope Foster can come back..

    Players I’d keep on defense..
    Rest of them are back ups


  3. At this point, I’d play Beathard and maybe, Witherspoon…..Robinson sure is not any better than Witherspoon.

    1. Think you’re right..He looked really promising last year but he’s a liability as you can see by every team that constantly picks on him

    2. Well, let’s be real. Robinson sleeping in the hospital after an ACL operation is better than Witherspoon. But yeah, I’d play all the 2nd and 3rd string as much as possible this season to see if any of them are keepers. Not so sure about Beathard, though…he will be the one QB they’re likely to keep into next year, even if his fate is to play behind Cousins in 2018. Don’t want to see him injured. But maybe in games where we’re 28 points down in the 4th quarter, sure, put him in if the opponent is playing 3rd string defenders. Just to let him get into the cadence of the game.

  4. 3rd and Goal in Overtime and Hoyer just air mails it in the back of the end zone? You don’t even try and go for the win? Pretty sad….

    1. No. You run the ball, kill clock, kick fg, and let your d win the game. Had they run they have chewed up 40 seconds off that clock, az wouldn’t have had time.

        1. So you’d rather he forced the ball into tight coverage or take a sack?? It’s not like the play call was to throw it away. Passing there WAS trying to go for the win. You seem to not understand how difficult it is to score within the 10 yard line, let alone pass to score. Running gave them a chance to get the TD but if not, as happened with the pass call, the clock still ticks off and kills 40 seconds. Az wouldn’t have had time for that last play had the 49ers run the ball as the pass to Fitz happened with 32 seconds left.

            1. That’s exactly what I saw from my seat in the stadium this afternoon. Somehow Hoyer also had trouble seeing Juszczyk who was WIDE OPEN several plays where Hoyer tried to force it to covered WR’s. Sigh.

              1. Or maybe it was that his read and progressions didn’t take him to those guys until it would have been too late. As hoyer was throwing it appeared that pressure was about to get him so it’s quit possible that those guys were his 4th option but he didn’t have time to get to them.

  5. I like Kyle but he played not to win. They should have went for the TD in OT. He has good schemes but he doesn’t need to diversify.

    1. Hoyer looked like a QB afraid to make a mistake for most of the 4th Quarter and for sure on that 3rd and goal play in OT.

      Can’t give Saleh a break either. Took his foot off the gas in OT. The soft zone let Arizona get town into field goal range and backed them up.

      Rashard Robinson is to the D what Brian Hoyer is to the O.

  6. Anyone still think Hoyer is a better option than Kaep??? Most excited I got today was when the rookie trotted out, sadly it was only for a play. He isn’t the solution, but watching Hoyer play is torture. Heck, I even miss Gabs at this point……

    KS still hasn’t figured out how to burn clock with the ground game, Hoyer stopping the clock with his toss to the upper deck in ot only compounded the bogus play call.
    Only 1qtr this season has there been a td pass…..that’s criminal.

    1. No, both Hoyer and Kaepernick are unfit to be on the field during a regular season game. So the question is meaningless. like seriously comparing one pile of dog poop to another.

  7. Treat the rest of this lost season as practice and let Bethard play… I’d also put Saleh on notice and bench Robinson for a game or two to get the rook some playing time. I wouldn’t even rule out replacing Bowman with Armstrong when Foster returns… I hate to say it but Bowman looks done. He fell down in pursuit several times as his legs simply gave out while trying to keep up with the Cards RBs….

  8. Pathetic horrible play calling in 4th and OT
    Shanahan can’t finish games
    Running up gut on first every time when it failed all game. He’s a stubborn buffoon.
    Rams won the coaching hire.
    Saleh prevent? When we had Palmer the whole game -oh let’s give him time now
    Hoyer-don’t get me started

    1. Running up gut on first every time when it failed all game. He’s a stubborn buffoon.

      He didn’t run up the gut a single time the first half. Not one time. Everything was off-tackle or outside. Every single one. He ran two plays up the middle during regulation:

      At drive starting at 6:50 in the Third Quarter:
      1-10-SF 25 (6:50) C.Hyde up the middle to SF 25 for no gain (C.Peters)
      1-10-SF 37 (5:47) SF #3-Beathard in at QB. C.Hyde up the middle to ARZ 48 for 15 yards (R.Gunter)

      In Overtime:

      1-10-SF 22 (9:52) Up the middle to SF 31 for 9 yards (T.Branch). FUMBLES (T.Branch), recovered by SF-J.Staley at SF 29. J.Staley to SF 29 for no gain (C.Peters).
      1-10-SF 46 (8:08) (No Huddle) M.Breida up the middle to SF 48 for 2 yards (T.Branch; F.Rucker).
      1-10-ARZ 39 (6:45) C.Hyde up the middle to ARZ 37 for 2 yards (T.Mathieu).
      1-10-ARZ 25 (4:49) C.Hyde up the middle to ARZ 24 for 1 yard (J.Bethel). FUMBLES (J.Bethel), RECOVERED by ARZ-K.Martin at ARZ 25. K.Martin to ARZ 25 for no gain (K.Juszczyk). The Replay Official reviewed the fumble ruling, and the play was REVERSED. C.Hyde up the middle to ARZ 24 for 1 yard (J.Mauro).
      1-8-ARZ 8 (3:12) C.Hyde up the middle to ARZ 12 for -4 yards (T.Branch). (That was a great play by Branch. Timed the snap perfectly and got in before he could be blocked. Fact is, other teams can make great plays.)

      It really didn’t matter until that last one in the redzone. And it forced the Cards to play the run honestly. Which allowed Hoyer to get some passing done.

      In the end it was the penalties and drops that did the 49ers in. Not Shanahan. Not Saleh. Not even Hoyer even though his game was not very good.

      And certainly not because of you powers of observation. Come on, we didn’t even run inside until the 3rd quarter and was reasonably successful until the last few plays.

      1. I was talking about the entire OT drive.
        The run up the middle was ineffective throughout the game.
        He ran up the gut every single 1st down of the OT drive.
        It was predictable and they T’d off on it. Then it’s obvious you are throwing on 2nd and 3rd down.
        Hoyer should have been coached to lay down and keep the clock going if he didn’t find a clear shot at a TD.
        Saleh doing prevent was awful.
        Bad coaching.

  9. The worst part of this loss was they did it to themselves with unforced errors and stupid penalties.

    The Bad: Hoyer is really giving me the old Steve DeBerg vibe. Brieda isn’t doing **** and he was bad at running and receiving today. At this point I think they should really extend Hyde. We don’t need to have a hole at running back to go along with all the holes we still have. And we’ve got plenty of them.

    Not that the receivers helped. Aldrick Robinson was terrible. Taylor made some stupid plays. Garcon dropped two passes. Kittle ran before he caught it and dropped it. And Goodwin, Mr. Glass, got broken.

    The interior line was just terrible at times. Fouls. Letting the pocket collapse. Not keeping passing lanes open, especially on third down.

    The defense dropped two INTs and had two PIs that I remember. You’ve got to come down with those. Had they caught them all, we win.

    The Good: Hyde ran well. He, with Juszczyk, were the only two who reliably caught the ball (8 of 9 between them). Despite his drop, Kittle showed his big play ability. But that drop was a fundamentals breakdown and should not have happened.

    The run defense was phenomenal — 10 TFLs(!!!) — with Thomas, Buckner & Dumervil each getting two apiece. That held the Cards to just 2.3 YPC for the Cards. 6 sacks and 10 QB hits, with another 20-or-so hurries were nice but they were gassed by the end and just couldn’t seal the deal. The pass coverage was ok, not great, but ok despite some occasional foul-ups.

    Pinon averaged 50.1 yards/punt. And the coverage was great as it gave up less than two yards a return. Pinon was also a monster on kick-offs (6 touchbacks, 0 returns). Gould was perfect today and they were all going straight down the middle.

  10. We went into prevent, they went into hurry up……KS getting out coached every week. Not to mention several very questionable roster moves, we cut established vets at positions of weakness and went with a bum at startn qb and 3rd rounder as his back up. The greatness that is KS……..

    1. That’s on Saleh. In fact, Bowman should have called timeout when Williams was confused on the coverage on Fitz’s game-winning TD. Defensive coaching is below average.

      1. Yes and no. Without the defense keeping us in games most of these wouldn’t have been close. The offense, Hoyer in particular, just isn’t consistent enough.

  11. KS should realize that the truth hurts and Hoyer is pulling a Gabbert. They benched Gabbert after 4 losses. They should do the same with Hoyer. Hoyer should admit that he had many chances, but he is hurting the team.

    1. The Niners are competing with the Giants, the Browns, and the Chargers for that magic first pick in next year’s draft. Unless NY is doing its best to get a successor to Eli, one has to think they’ll win several games before the end of the season. Logically the Browns should as well. Chargers? Anyone’s guess.

  12. Grant wondered why they did not decline the penalty, and accepted the result, since it was a sack for a 5 yard loss.
    I think they wanted to make it harder to make a field goal, but the extra play allowed them to do throw the ball down the field and they capitalized on it.

  13. #49ers WR Trent Taylor took loss very hard; eyes welled with tears and voice cracked as he spoke with reporters.

    Nice to see this rook cares while Thomas was celebrating his first sack with reporters after the game…

              1. Based on what? The same color jersey? Cassel did well because he inherited a record setting offense. Garoppolo did well with less talent, comparable to what Brady did with the same roster.


                ” Kyle Shanahan admitted at the Super Bowl Thursday that he really liked Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo coming out in 2014 when he was offensive coordinator of the Browns, and a source said he had him ranked right behind Derek Carr on his QB list.”

                “He was a very good thrower,” said  Shanahan. “Tough guy, kept his eyes down the field, could get rid of the ball fast. Really liked the person. But I really thought he was a very intelligent, tough player with a good throwing motion.”

                “Shanahan said Garoppolo, who went 2-0 in his two starts this year before spraining his shoulder, appears ready for full-time duty.”

  14. This team could easily be 3-1 right now, let’s not forget that. Improvement doesn’t come just in wins. They’ve been competitive in every game this year, outside the first, something you couldn’t say about last year’s team through 4 games. Take away game one and they’ve lost by a combined total of 8 points. Could be a lot worse.

    1. It’s possible Shanahan and Lynch would like nothing more than to lose every game this year by no more than 4 points if it enables them to win two thirds of their games next year by the same margin.

  15. Wake me up when we dump Kilgore and Robinson. How bad was zutta to get cut and have Kilgore get the job. Robinson only has sticKY hands when it comes to jerseys. Throw a ball at the guy and his hands look like Teflon.

  16. Well so much for the offensive guru. He’s flat out horrible. First off why is HOYER in there? The guy kept targeting 19 Robinson and didn’t hit him once! He’s gun shy, he’s horribly inaccurate and that is just the beginning. Bethard needs to start, but watch as SHANAHAN just watches the team crumble into and abyss. Sick of hearing REBUILDING YEAR. That just goes on and on. Right now ZERO playmakers on either side of the ball. If we had a QB we would have two wins. Now watch the STADIUM will be over run with COWBOY FANS and the rest of the games just flat out EMPTY!

  17. PFF FWIW.

    Armstrong, 89.7
    Brown, 88.8
    Buckner, 88.7
    Staley, 88.4

    Bowman, 84.5
    “After missing five tackles over the last two weeks (including four last week alone against the Rams), Bowman tallied three defensive stops – and eight solo tackles – without missing a tackle in Week 4. Bowman also delivered a devestating hit Carson Palmer on a blitz right up the A-gap and he also defended a pass in coverage.

  18. Well I’ll be damned, SF resigned Kap who cut his hair and changed his name to Hoyer. Liberals can finally relax. Seriously, watching the game today inside UOP stadium was worse than any kind of torture China, N Korea, Iran, or ISIS could offer.

    If SF will not play Beathard, sign Kap – never in a million years would I have believed I would say this. With any kind of NFL QB, 49ers would have won this game 35-12. 49er receivers were more open than our southern border.

    Sadly, all SF had to do to win this game (despite having a pathetic QB), was for a starting DB to intercept a pass that he had in both hands, instead of batting it to an AZ Cardinal who actually made the winning TD catch. No worries, SF allowed, surprise, Larry Fitzgerald to get wide open in the end zone. Who’d have thought Az would try to throw it to old fumble fingers Larry. This is a 0-16 team, which should result in the #1 pick in next year’s draft (unless Cleveland goes 0-fer and NFL follows MLB’s lead and gives it to Browns, right SF Giant fans?).

    1. Wasn’t at the game but saw pretty much what you did from my living room in Scottsdale. Said it in a Live Blog post – Cardinals can’t beat us – only us can beat us.

  19. Just watched BRISSET throw a back shoulder for a TD! BRAIN DEAD HOYER! Don’t worry SHANAHAN will ride this dead horse into 0-10 before he does something!

  20. Kyle needs to bench Rashad Robinson. He is constantly grabbing and holding and never turns his head around. He is a liability. Give Asa Jackson a chance. The Rams are the real story here. What a job that coach has done. Their turnaround is for real.

  21. Hey how good is ROBINSON? Oh yeah all summer long this guy was going to be the sheeeeet! Looks like SHEEEET!
    Same old story!

  22. Marcus Mariota is soft. Titans have actually been even more disappointing then the 49ers. Sure picked the wrong 2nd horse to back. FFS.

  23. Shanahan got outcoached, but he called plays that got his team into their territory over and over? Had a TD called back due to a mistake? It seems that Shanny is doing his job as a play caller. The players just need to stop shooting themselves in the foot with penalties and missed assignments..

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