49ers @ Chiefs preseason live blog


Quarterback Brian Hoyer throws a pass before the San Francisco 49ers' preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs

This is the live blog for the 49ers preseason road game against the Kansas City Chiefs. I will update this frequently from my living room.

4:45 The 49ers just announced the following players will not play tonight:

  • FS Jimmie Ward (hamstring)
  • CB Dontae Johnson (concussion)
  • LB Donavin Newsom (concussion)
  • LB Brock Coyle (rib)
  • OG Joshua Garnett (knee)
  • TE George Kittle (hamstring)

4:50 Obviously, I’m interested to see which players will perform well tonight in the 49ers’ new offensive and defensive schemes. But I’m also interested to see which players Kyle Shanahan has chosen to feature tonight, and the different ways he will feature them. Whom do you think he will feature, and why?

6:05 Tim Ryan says Kyle Shanahan scripts the first 24 or 25 offensive plays.

6:06 The Chiefs will receive the opening kickoff.

6:08 First play, Tyreek Hill burns Rashard Robinson deep down the sideline for a 32-yard gain. Robinson whiffed when he tried to jam Hill.

6:13 On first-and-goal from the two-yard line, Spencer Ware runs between the tackles and scores. 7-0 Chiefs.

6:14 The Chiefs faced two third downs on that drive. On the first third down, 49ers defensive coordinator made both of his defensive tackles — DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead — rush the B-gaps, which allowed Alex Smith to easily scramble up the middle for a 10-yard gain. That’s a coaching error. Saleh needs to position one of those defensive tackles in an A-gap and make him spy the quarterback. On the second third down, Smith completed a short pass in the flat to Ware, and Rashard Robinson flew right by and him and missed an easy tackle. Brutal opening drive for Robinson.

6:20 The 49ers offense go three and out.

6:21 On second-and-10, Carlos Hyde lost two yards on a toss play to his right because he stopped his feet in the backfield and failed to cut upfield. On third-and-12, Brian Hoyer completed a 15-yard pass to Jeremy Kerley, who reached up and made a beautiful catch. But it didn’t count because the Niners were flagged for an illegal formation penalty. The sloppiness they showed in practice this week has carried over to the beginning of this game.

6:27 On third-and-6, Rashard Robinson intercepts a poorly thrown pass by Tyler Bray.

6:30 On third-and-5, Steven Nelson breaks up a short pass intended for Kerley, who ran a slant route. Robbie Gould makes a 38-yard field goal. Chiefs lead 7-3.

6:31 Shanahan called an inside zone run for Hyde on first-and-1o and Hyde gained two yards.

6:31 On Robinson’s interception, Bray had stepped up in the pocket and ran right into Solomon Thomas, who pushed the pocket well on that play. This caused a bad throw.

6:40 Bray completed a 17-yard pass over the middle to Conley, and free safety Lorenzo Jerome hit him low and forced a fumble which the Chiefs recovered. Three plays later, Kansas City punted. Niners ball inside their 5-yard line. Matt Barkley will be the quarterback.

6:41 Brian Hoyer was on the field for six plays.

6:43 Barkley’s first pass is a 14-yard completion to Marquise Goodwin on a play-action bootleg pass to the right. Barkley’s second pass is a play-action pass to Aldrick Robinson, who ran a post route, broke a tackle and gained 63 yards.

6:48 Matt Breida replaces Carlos Hyde at running back and gains four yards on his first three carries.

6:54 Barkley completes a touchdown pass to Aldrick Robinson, but the play doesn’t count because Aaron Burbridge committed a pass interference penalty. Then Matt Breida scored a touchdown run, but that play didn’t count because the Niners committed a false start penalty. This is an undisciplined team.

6:57 The Chiefs commit a penalty on the field-goal attempt and the Niners get a new set of downs.

6:58 Matt Breida loses three yards on second-and-goal from the one and fumbles, but the officials rule his forward progress had been stopped. Next play, Barkley misses Vance McDonald, who was running a shallow crossing route. On fourth down, Robbie Gould makes a 22-yard field goal. Chiefs lead 7-6.

7:02 Kyle Shanahan has installed a creative offensive system. Now he needs to instill discipline.

7:04 On third-and-7, Aaron Lynch reaches out with one hand and drags Bray down by the back of his jersey for the sack. DeAndre Carter returns the punt 29 yards, but the play doesn’t count because of offsetting penalties. Replay fourth down.

7:07 This time Carter returns the punt just six yards, and the 49ers commit yet another penalty — a hold by Dekoda Watson.

7:14 Joe Williams comes into the game at running back, and on his first carry gains 17 yards on a toss play to his right. On his second carry, he gains 17 yards on an outside zone play to his right. The kid is a phenom.

7:15 Nick Rose makes a 27-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 9-7.

7:22 Keith Reaser gives up a deep catch to DeMarcus Robinson, but the completion doesn’t count because the Chiefs left tackle was penalized for holding Eli Harold. The 49ers corners are bad.

7:22 Aaron Lynch sacked Patrick Mahomes. Lynch is making the team.

7:25 Matt Barkley completes a 19-yard pass to Trent Taylor on second-and-17. Joe Williams made the play possible with a beautiful block in pass protection. The kid is a phenom!

7:31 Williams makes a 9-yard catch along the sideline, but the Niners’ eighth penalty of the first half negates the completion.

7:32 Barkley gets sacked on second-and-15.

7:34 Robbie Gould’s 51-yard field-goal attempt travels roughly 40 yards. No good. Halftime.

7:44 Barkley wasn’t bad in the first half. A pass interference penalty against Aaron Burbridge negated a touchdown pass, and yet Barkley’s QB rating still was 92.3.

7:47 The 49ers will receive the ball to start the second half.

7:50 C.J. Beathard comes into the game at QB. On third down, he holds the ball too long and takes a sack. Three and out.

7:51 Tim Ryan says Beathard was Shanahan’s favorite QB in the entire draft.

7:56 Will Redmond gives up a nine-yard catch. He was unable to plant and burst toward the ball — he still seems affected by his ACL injury from college. I doubt he will make the team.

7:57. Solomon Thomas tackles Charcandrick West for no gain on second-and-1. And on third-and-1, Thomas explodes into the backfield and knocks West into a tackler for another no gain. Good sequence for Thomas.

7:58 The Chiefs make a field goal and lead 10-9.

8:04 Joe Williams squirts through a small tackle up the middle on an outside zone play and gains nine yards. A few plays later, Williams explodes around the left side for a 17-yard gain on a toss play, but the play doesn’t count because the backup fullback committed a holding penalty. That’s the 11th penalty the 49ers have committed.

8:05 The Chiefs block Brad Pinion’s punt and advance the ball to the 49ers’ 8-yard line.

8:08 Chanceller James commits pass interference on the 49ers 2-yard line. That’s their 12th penalty of the game. Mahomes throws a touchdown pass two plays later, and the Chiefs lead 17-9.

8:18 First play of the drive, Shanahan calls a counter toss to the left for Williams, who fumbles the toss in the backfield, picks up the ball and runs for 11 yards. No problem. But the drive goes nowhere because the Niners commit their 13th and 14th penalties of the game.

8:24 Mahomes completes a pass in the flat on third-and-16, and Solomon Thomas runs down the receiver to make the tackle after a four-yard gain. Niners ball at their 33 after the punt.

8:32 C.J. Beathard slides to his left and completes a 46-yard touchdown pass to Kendrick Bourne. The cornerback slipped and fell during the play and Bourne was wide open. Nice throw, though. Now the Niners are going for two.

8:34 Bourne runs a fade route and catches the ball over the back of the cornerback. The two-point conversion is good. Game tied at 17.

8:43 Calitro forces a fumble and D.J. Jones recovers at the Chiefs 23.

8:46 On second-and-goal from the 2, Beathard rolls to his right and throws a short pass to fullback Tyler McClosky for a touchdown. Niners lead 24-17.

8:48 Penalty No. 17: 12 men on the field during an extra point.

9:09 Raheem Mostert runs the ball 10 times for 63 yards in just one drive. Gould makes a 38-yard field goal with 56 seconds left. Niners lead 27-17.

9:15 Chiefs go three and out.

9:15 Trent Taylor runs through the middle of the defense and breaks a couple during a 33-yard punt return.

9:16 Game over. Niners win 27-17. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. I’m super excited but just found out I can’t watch on NFL Sunday Ticket until the real season starts. I have NFL Network but will be a one-hour time delay. Sigh.

  2. 1.Trent Taylor: could be a chain mover

    2. All the undrafted free agents: it’s a job interview when the bullets are live

    3. Brandon Fusco: can he play multiple positions.

    4. Reuben Foster: can he be an igniter for the defence the way P Willy was.

    5. Joe Williams: his hand picked guy.

  3. Reposting in this thread:

    Burbridge is the special team’s captain in tonight’s game. Is that an indication that things are looking up for him?

  4. I can’t see the game tonight. I will rely on the sterling commentary of the participants of this fine blog to keep me updated on the action. I’ll also peek at various tweets and periscopes highlights.

    My wishes for the game:
    – No major injuries on either side
    – Showcase players the 49ers are deep in for trades (VMac, Dial, Blair etc.)
    – An offensive rhythm.
    – D-line smashing people
    – Safeties that look like legit NFL safeties.

  5. Whom do you think he will feature, and why?

    1. Trent Taylor, because he’s my preseason crush.
    2. Solomon Thomas, because of his pedigree.

  6. I think Shanahan will feature offensive starters familiar with the system most to establish a rhythm for a drive. Hoyer. “Juice.” Hightower. Garcon. After that strictly player eval. Gonna get ugly, and that’s OK.

  7. Not sure how you can showcase on offense player with the scheme being vanilla. Well I will give it a shot – running backs – because of the scheme. I think Witherspoon is going to get a long look.

    Looking intently at the D-line, offensive line, coaching.

  8. They will feature Beathard. He will get more time than Barkley.

    They will feature Williams. Kyle will be sick if they don’t feature him.

    They will feature Taylor and Hikutini to see if they can get seperation at the pro level.

    They will feature Thomas. Can he play outside?

  9. This is a 4 win team at best. The team is essentially a new franchise. This is what should be expected while pieces are filled. You have to test fire the engine before you get everything right. This team will take 2 to 3 years to be competitive.

  10. Grant, I see your judgment on Hyde’s part in this play “On second-and-10, Carlos Hyde lost two yards on a toss play to his right because he stopped his feet in the backfield and failed to cut upfield” but what’s the OL’s responsibility when there are guys in the backfield when the ball is being handed off?

  11. Why do returners fair catch at the 7 nowadays? I understand kickers are better at deadening the ball to pin teams back… but the 7?

    1. Probably has the NFL’s preseason package. Game is on and looks great. Check NFL.com, go the game and click watch. Gotta buy the package to get in.

        1. Yea, ok. I guess, are we going to compare the entire QB performance this season to a single game last year?

    1. We have pocket QB’s but they were on a team that won 3 games last year. Lets see if they can produce a better result.

  12. The offensive line so far looks as bad as expected… If they want to approach 6 wins they have to get that shored up.

  13. Are they really forcing us to watch the final minute of the 4th quarter in a preseason game before switching back over?

    NF(u)L Network . . .

  14. Classic first preseason game. I’d rather the 9ers need to battle hard through a nasty preseason game that win 56-0.

  15. Lol, the “Hyde is getting traded bandwagon” better add a couple leafs to it’s suspension cause a whole bunch of late comers are about to jump on.

  16. Haha, lets see how he’d have done against the 1’s before declaring such a status.

    Joe Williams comes into the game at running back. First carry, he gains 17 yards on a toss play to his right. Second carry, he gains 17 yards on an outside zone play to his right. The kid is a phenom.

      1. The DB’s are getting F’s and Kyle will get lectured on discipline and Saleh will be graded down for his play calling mistakes.

  17. I’ve had a gut feeling for a few months that our kicking game could bite us this year–more often than we’d like. It’s early, but the feeling persists.

  18. Red Zone mistakes indicative of Grant’s recent practice report citing loser mentality. Grant was right yet again.

  19. Some of “Shanny’s Guys” showed well 1st half. FA’s & draftees.
    Lynch getting cut? Reaaalllllyyyyy?
    Three more games to test Grant’s prophecies.

    1. I don’t intens to take anything away from Lynch but let’s put it in perspective. He is an NFL starter playing scrubs from 2nd and 3rd strings and special teamers. He should be showing production. He earned hia poatition and has to earn himself out of it.

      1. He played well against the 1’s too. He had a couple of batted passes and a good run stop from what I saw. He’ll be ok for us.

  20. First half of the first preseason game. I’d love to see an objective breakdown preseason game by preseason game from 1980 through 2000

    1. For what it’s worth, Jim Harbaugh’s first preseason game as 49ers head coach could have been appropriately called disastrous!

      1. A friend of mine asked me about Harbaugh’s tenure with the 49ers.
        I said it was great except that he was brought in to develop a QB but never did.

    1. Well, I’m basing my assumption on the fact that Bibbs hasn’t been getting any carries. He’s clearly buried on this depth chart. The fact that he just gave a lousy effort on the punt block isn’t going to help his cause.

  21. Foster and Thomas are looking good as rookies in their first game.
    Witherspoon playing tougher than people Thought he would.
    Rookie running backs looking good, real good in fact.
    D backs and o line need lots of work.
    Mistakes are a huge problem.

  22. http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article166863837.html

    “On the Chiefs’ first drive, quarterback Alex Smith looked for tight end Demetrius Harris in the middle of the end zone. Foster broke in front of Harris and nearly came down with the ball.”

    “On the next play, Foster and fellow inside linebacker NaVorro Bowman stood up running back Spencer Ware at the 2-yard line after he slipped a tackle attempt by cornerback Rashard Robinson.”

  23. Let’s see what CBJ can do now. I didn’t see what Hoyer did but Barkley looked awful and so far so does the rookie.
    How did we not address the most important position in football.
    Oh that’s right, we needed another defensive tackle.

    1. Easy now Prime, this is a very complicated offense. I hear what you’re saying about Barkley, but it’s way too early to be expecting big things out of CJB. This makeshift backup OL isn’t giving him any help whatsoever.

      Barkley’s poor ball placement is much more concerning, IMO. NO excuses for Barkley. He simply hasn’t been accurate enough.

      1. You are right 49. Need to put the brakes on CBJ. He’s played better this half.
        But Barkley? Wow, he looked shaky.

  24. Interesting in how they are using the RB’s. Williams while bigger has primarily been used to attack the edge. While Breida who is the smaller back has been running up the middle more. I wonder if that was also the case in camp.

    1. New players, new systems. It’s going to take some time folks. No reason to overreact to the first preseason game.

      IT’S A PROCESS! The Chiefs are clearly ahead of the 49ers in terms of cohesion right now. And that should be expected.

      1. He caused Bray to throw poorly for Robinson’s INT, he was in pursuit of Bray and cause him to throw the ball so that Lynch could bat it down. There are more if you want to see them. He’s made plays all night.

        You can not like the pick but he’s a 49er now. Did you think there was a QB worth taking? Seems like Kyle wasn’t convinced there was one this draft. Mahomes looked pretty good tonight. How’d Mitch play the other night? I was traveling? I agree we still need a franchise QB.

    1. Score tied up at 17 a piece.

      Total offense: 49ers – 341 yards, Chiefs – 168
      Time of possession: 49ers – 25:48, Chiefs – 20:51
      Turnover: 49ers – 0, Chiefs – 1
      First downs: 49ers – 16, Chiefs – 12

  25. Score tied up at 17 a piece.

    Total offense: 49ers – 341 yards, Chiefs – 168
    Time of possession: 49ers – 25:48, Chiefs – 20:51
    Turnover: 49ers – 0, Chiefs – 1
    First downs: 49ers – 16, Chiefs – 12

    It’s been sloppy, and WAY too many players, but I’ve seen a lot of positives tonight!

    1. That’s because they are following my 20 item plan of attack! I wrote it all down but didn’t share it with the blog, but believe me I had it all written out. :)

  26. “Medical staff gathered around Solomon Thomas on the bench” – Maiocco

    I’m hoping Thomas just opened a box of pizza

  27. I’m certainly not going to overreact to the first preseason game. This team clearly has plenty of work to do.

    Way, way too many penalties. But no turnovers either.

      1. Sure did. Can’t wait for the live bullets.

        Shanny went deep throat with Mosert for the win. Looks like lessoned learned.

    1. Probably a subtle jab at Hoyer and a not so subtle reference to Lynch and Shanny being dumb unless they upgrade the QB position with you know who.

      1. I am happy. Niners looked good. Robinson was getting toasted, but recovered with that pick.
        Lets, see, I said the Niners should be disciplined and in control. I was pleased they had no unsportsmanlike conduct or excessive celebration penalties. However, they had way too many penalties. It was a sloppy game on both sides.
        They needed to establish the running game, and that 4th quarter drive was textbook. Good game management too. Grant will be giddy with Joe Williams performance.
        I wondered if the run defense would show up, and they did a good job.
        I thought that the safety play would be critical, and they did well. Lots of good tackling, wrapping up players.
        I think the Offense was bold, efficient and deceptive at times. They need to work on the red zone scoring, though.
        I am glad that those 2 turnovers helped set the tone.
        I am extremely disappointed that King Solomon did not get a sack, but he did apply pressure that led to the interception.
        It sure was nice to see a long pass being completed.
        I think the coaches did a good job with personnel, and made sound adjustments. I wish they had not wasted that time out. I could see that the receiver took 2 steps with the ball, and the ground cannot caused the fumble, so he was down. They should save the time outs for legitimate challenges.
        It looked like the Niner players have bought into both schemes, and I saw little confusion. They need to reduce the unforced errors, though.
        Glad the Niners did not suffer too many injuries.
        Hoyer was unfortunate to have that third down completion called back due to a penalty. Hoyer was going against the firsts, but he did seem a little late and a little off.
        So far, these preseason games show how a mobile QB can avoid the sack, and they can buy time with their legs so the receivers have time to get open. Also, when they threaten to run, the DBs leave receivers wide open. You know who would be ideal as a mobile QB, who is accurate while throwing on the run.
        Guess JL and KS are part of the conspiracy to blackball a player. Sure am glad that the Niners passed on Brock, because it would look hypocritical to sign him.

        1. Guess JL and KS are part of the conspiracy to blackball a player.

          How can you forget he had a job and quit? He opted out and left. They didn’t do anything to him.

          1. Wilson, maybe you have forgotten how the FO had leaked and smeared him. Jed chose the leaker, so Kaep probably felt he was stabbed in the back once again.
            They did a lot to him.

            1. Sounds like a soap opera to me.
              Maybe you and Kap need to grow some stones.
              It’s called business! Praage was the one to keep as he has kept us in salary cap relief for many years.
              Kap is a limited QB, that’s why he is out!

            2. Kyle and John were not a part of that front office and you shouldn’t smear their names with your crazy conspiracy theories.

              Its clear owners don’t want him as we’ve seen with the Ravens staying with Ryan Mallet who’s clearly awful. There’s a bigger story here but John Lynch and Kyle S aren’t a part of it.

  28. A win is a win damnit!! Let’s go! The Lynch/Shanny combo will not fail fellas. Cheap Jed finally deserves some credit. All arrows up…for real! Foster & Solomon will deliver and next year we’ll put finishing touches on our offense in draft & free agency, then we’re contenders for the next five years plus.
    However, Grant will find the negative in tonights preseason game.

    1. Whaddup my bro? I liked parts of it. I am officially a fan of young Trent Taylor!
      There are exploitable weaknesses, but it’s ARROWS UP BABY!!!!
      (BW went 2-14 & 6-10 his first two years).

  29. “8:18 First play of the drive, Shanahan calls a counter toss to the left for Williams, who fumbles the toss in the backfield, picks up the ball and runs for 11 yards. No problem. ”

    No problem? Huh? I dont like it when HBs put the ball on the ground, even if they’re lucky enough to get it back.

  30. I actually won betting on SF. I even passed on the 4.5 points because quite honestly I thought Barkley would play better. He had some tough penalties negate his production, had some bad throws, and had some protection issues. It looked like a preseason game.

  31. I enjoyed seeing some guys for the first time.,there were some fun plays.
    But the 1’s got pounded. Not pretty.

  32. Final stats:

    SCORE: 49ers – 27, Chiefs – 17

    TOTAL YARDS: 49ers – 434, Chiefs – 187
    FIRST DOWNS: 49ers – 22, Chiefs – 13
    TURNOVERS: 49ers – 0, Chiefs – 2
    TIME OF POSSESSION: 49ers – 35:17, Chiefs – 24:43

    49ers players of the game:

    Joe Williams – 7 carries for 60 yds, 8.6 YPC
    CJ Beathard – 7/11, 9.2 AVG, 2 TD, 0 INT
    Aaron Lynch – 2 sacks

    49ers players of mention: Foster, Thomas, Bourne, Robinson, Breida, Mostert

    Disappearing act: Bibbs, Smelter

  33. “TIME OF POSSESSION: 49ers – 35:17, Chiefs – 24:43”

    Ahh, that’s nice. Did we win TOP at all last year? I honestly don’t recall.

  34. I don’t know how anyone could evaluate the players by watching this game on television. I know I couldn’t I would think you would have to be at the game in person. I heard Matt Maiocco’s voice so I know he was at the press conference I wonder who else was there?

  35. Nice to get the win, but the 1s were dreadful. If we could play our 3s vs their 3s all season maybe we would really have something going.

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