49ers claim DT Xavier Cooper from waiver wire

The 49ers have claimed defensive tackle Xavier Cooper from the waiver wire, according to Tom Pelissero.

The Cleveland Browns drafted Cooper in the third round of the 2015 draft. He had 13 sacks in three seasons at Washington State, but only 1.5 sacks in two seasons with the Browns. Cooper will be DeForest Buckner’s primary backup.

Here’s an updated version of the 49ers 53-man roster:

  1. QB Brian Hoyer
  2. QB C.J. Beathard
  3. RB Carlos Hyde
  4. RB Matt Breida
  5. RB Raheem Mostert
  6. FB Kyle Juszczyk
  7. TE George Kittle
  8. TE Logan Paulsen
  9. TE Garrett Celek
  10. WR Pierre Garcon
  11. WR Marquise Goodwin
  12. WR Aldrick Robinson
  13. WR Trent Taylor
  14. WR Victor Bolden Jr.
  15. WR Kendrick Bourne
  16. OT Joe Staley
  17. OG Laken Tomlinson
  18. OC Daniel Kilgore
  19. OG Brandon Fusco
  20. OT Trent Brown
  21. OT/OG/OC Zane Beadles
  22. OT John Theus
  23. OT Garry Gilliam
  24. OG/OC Erik Magnuson
  25. DT DeForest Buckner
  26. DT Xavier Cooper
  27. NT Earl Mitchell
  28. NT D.J. Jones
  29. DE Arik Armstead
  30. DE Solomon Thomas
  31. DE Tank Carradine
  32. SLB Elvis Dumervil
  33. SLB Pita Taumoepenu
  34. SLB Aaron Lynch
  35. SLB Dekoda Watson
  36. SLB Eli Harold
  37. MLB NaVorro Bowman
  38. MLB Brock Coyle
  39. WLB Reuben Foster
  40. WLB Ray Ray Armstrong
  41. SS Eric Reid
  42. SS/FS Jaquiski Tartt
  43. FS Jimmie Ward
  44. FS Lorenzo Jerome
  45. FS/CB Adrian Colbert
  46. CB Rashard Robinson
  47. CB Dontae Johnson
  48. CB K’Waun Williams
  49. CB Ahkello Witherspoon
  50. CB Keith Reaser
  51. K Robbie Gould
  52. P Bradley Pinion
  53. LS Kyle Nelson

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  1. Bell was only waived 49er claimed (Vikings). Looks like the 49ers will get the practice squad they want.
    Cooper was the only waiver claim. 49ers must be (fairly) satisfied with their rookies, and/or a trade is in the works.

  2. Replying to @MaioccoNBCS
    The #49ers will begin the season with 13 players on injured reserve. Only one of those players, Ronald Blair, is eligible to return in 2017.




    Matt Maiocco
    Matt Maiocco @MaioccoNBCS

    CBs Will Redmond and Prince Charles Iworah were not claimed off waivers, which means they revert back to #49ers injured reserve list.

  3. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2015/profiles/xavier-cooper?id=2552611

    40: 4.86
    10: 1.67

    BOTTOM LINE Cooper must play in a penetrating defensive front in order to minimize his lack of length and maximize his above-average athleticism. He lacks the power to muscle up and hold his ground, but his ability to win with his hands and be a disruptive pass rusher could offer him immediate value as a rotational defensive tackle with a shot to become a starter.

    My comments:
    1. He’s likely bulked up somewhat.
    2. I wonder if he’s more than a 3.

    1. Good share George. I saw him listed at 300lbs, and as a DE. This report you shared seems to tell us that they think he is a better 3T than Dial, and would seem to fit Saleh’s avowed attacking Defense plan.

      1. You cannot deny that I was smart enough to postulate that scenario.
        Too bad you are too busy yapping at me to think of something like that.

      1. Sept 2, 2017 12:57 PM. sebnynah
        Browns released Xavier Cooper. I liked him in the draft, and wonder if the Niners will kick the tires on him.

        1. That’s some prediction. Good call Seb. How about you actually predict something rather than somewhat predict something and claim prescience?

          1. Yep, the Niners kicked the tires on him, and agreed with me so much, they signed him.
            You cannot possibly think you will win this argument, so it is much better to stay quiet and have them only think you a fool, than opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

            1. now, now…he did claim: “it was just an amazing coincidence”….right?
              another amazing coincidence: that JL has this site bookmarked on his phone, not to mention linked to all coaching staff Surface tablets.

        2. TrollD’s take: Next you will be predicting a Pats vs GB superbowl Sebnoyying yadda yadda yadda chainsaws kappernick leaf blowers whatever

        3. Actually, thank you for pasting that.
          Now some semantics:
          How does “…wonder if the Niners will kick the tires on him.”
          Translate to ” I called it.” ?
          That’s not calling it, that’s an uninformed idle speculation among many of the 10-12,000 words you posted that day. Your standards are rather low on what qualifies as appropriate self-aggrandizement. Be sure to do some Yoga to limber up as you pat yourself on the back.
          We’re all doing our SebYoga: Shaking our heads.

        4. We Sebbie. Stunning call. Wondering if 9ers will check him out (kicking tires) doesn’t equate to a prediction.

          No cupcake for you…

          1. No, they did exactly what I wanted them to do. They checked him out, and liked him so much, they signed him.
            Glad you had enough class to call it a stunning call.

              1. That is politicians period. They have been doing it before Donald Trump, and they will continue to do so well after Trump.

        5. Way to go Seb. I was hoping the 49ers would turn the tables on the SeaChickens for once, and put in a claim on former 4th round pick, CB Pierre Desir. The 6’2″ 205 lbs CB won the Cliff Harris Award (presented to the top defensive player in the country representing Division II, III and NAIA colleges and universities) in 2013 and was named First-team AFCA Div. II All-American (2012, 2013) as well. Desir was PFF’s highest rated CB in the league this preseason. Seattle signed him to their practice squad last November, and then to a reserve/future contract with the Seahawks on January, so he’s well versed in this style defense.

          Grant, if you get a chance, maybe you can pick ShanaLynch’s brain about why they didn’t put in a claim for Desir, as he seems like he would have been an upgrade over Reaser. There was some buzz surrounding Desir in the leadup to the 2014 draft, despite playing against inferior competition, and I mocked him to the 49ers as a late 3rd round pick. In fact I heard at least one NFC West scout tout his potential fit for the Seahawks prior to the draft.

        1. I think that was what this move did; replaced Dial with someone who is better at getting upfield. I like Dial, but this is about system fit.
          To Undercenter’s point: fan patience while these guys grow, and we’ll see how far they can go this year.

          1. I certainly hope so BT but with players released I don’t know. Liked Dial’s play and work ethic. Can understand that the coaches didn’t see him fitting the scheme and he will likely get picked up by some team at some point but I don’t know if Cooper is an upgrade either.

          2. ” fan patience while these guys grow, and we’ll see how far they can go this year.”

            I have two issues with that :)

            1) Due to the last few years our patience threshold is at the breaking point.
            2) I’m not getting any younger.

            Go Niners!

    1. East – the whole team is unproven and young, should be fun watching it come together. Due to the extreme overhaul we can’t even reference last year.

      1. True UC the team is like a new franchise team in many ways. So the traditional ways of evaluation go out the window. The team might improve and then again may be just as bad. At least it should be interesting to watch.

  4. I understand we have 14 rookies, but we also have a lot of guys at key spots w experience, so while we are in fact “young” and have new system, I am remaining optimistic.

      1. I did not make that call, because I did not think they would obtain another RB. I was more concerned about the Defense and O line.

    1. Nice, I had mocked him many times, because he was usually available at the spot the Niners had a draft choice from. I liked him because he could also catch the ball, and was a very productive runner.

  5. The 49ers are clearly looking beyond this season with this roster. They brought in some players familar with the schemes being implemented to help accelerate the learning curve, but they are going all in on the youth movement which means this year is likely going to be tough and more about learning what they have than winning games.

    1. That’s my blink on it too Rocket. I don’t think that this team is ready for prime time yet. The coaches went all in on the youth movement and cleaned house. They have the contracts that allow such a move and it looks like they bought themselves good will with fans with some of the off season moves too. The late clearinghouse of the roster seems to indicate that they are doing a ground level up rebuild.

    2. Good points and I like how they are stashing or saving Williams for next year as they may believe Hyde will not be back after this year. Which grant has alluded to. Interesting to see if Bernard develops or they get a franchise qb, apparently the Wyoming kid did not have a good day!

      1. Reb,

        Some are already bailing on Josh Allen based on what I read on another thread earlier, but he’s the real deal. What you have to keep in mind is that Iowa’s roster is far more talented than Wyoming’s and Allen is about the only blue chip player they have. He is going to be a high pick next year and for good reason.

    3. rocket, I think this is a pretty astute observation. An example is the release of Kerley. Very good player and costly to let go. Yet they did it in favor of younger and talented guys. I’d be happy if they closed at .500.

      1. George, I have been saying 4 win season with a possible 5th and 6th as the ceiling. I will stand by that as I have seen nothing in the preseason or in personnel that will lead me to believe otherwise.

      2. I’d love to see them get to 500 George, but I can’t realistically see that happening. Too much inexperience and players getting used to new Coaches and systems to win anymore than 6 imo. All I’m hoping for is to see major improvent throughout the season.

          1. Yeah lots of players just bad coaching. Now a total rebuild. It will take time. Rocket is absolutely right. Young team new coaches too many moving pieces.

  6. Using Sebbie’s methodology… I predict the 9ers will be aware of all available released players, and will consider claiming any who attract their interests. Done!

    Now if the 9ers bring in anyone, I can claim I called it!

    I could post the entire list of players here top make it even more of a cold lock.

    1. Over a thousand players were released, and I mentioned about 15. Got one right.
      I am content. and certainly do not think you had the football acumen to postulate any kind of personnel scenario. You were too busy trying to throw snark at me to say anything meaningful.

      1. I think Moses’s words here are most apt, anyone who has to speak about their football chops doesn’t have em (paraphrasing sorry Moses you were more eloquent)!

        If you ever said anything meaningful Seb it would be a first. I’ll set my timer.

        1. East, when I posted 10 things Lynch should do during the draft, and find out he did 9 out of 10 things, I would say that hit pretty close to the mark.
          Before the first preseason game. I posted that the Niners should stop the unforced errors. Took them 3 games, but they finally became serious about reducing penalties, which are unforced errors.
          Guess you refuse to acknowledge that I may have enough football knowledge, and can postulate scenarios that unfold as I describe, but I certainly am not put out, because I do not respect your football knowledge at all. You tend to sputter, and go all emo. Not as bad as Prime, but some day, you will learn your lesson.

          1. I’m going to make you a prediction. You are going to bloviate and be self congratulatory, put others down and be a total DB in general. In other words you will continue to be the troll you are.

          2. Seb-

            this is your claim to fame? Your football knowledge? As you see it? Fussing and fighting and snarling at everybody? Then telling everybody, “it’s your fault”.

            In the big scheme of things………………so what?

            1. Saw, at least I do not accuse a liberal Democrat of being a Nazi and a Jim Jones follower.
              Maybe you should look in a mirror when you spout off.

      2. Seb, don’t you EVER get tired of patting yourself on the back? Your ego is such that you are sick, or you are messing with people. I don’t see a third option…………………….

        1. Saw, this is only a blog site, this is not the library of Congress. Blog sites do not have to be deadly serious, and you seem to want to spew invective, so maybe you should re- read your posts and figure out why I am so important to your life.

  7. GRADE

    NFL Profile:
    Jeremy McNichols (RB)
    HT: 5’9″ WT: 214LBS.
    SCHOOL: Boise St.
    ARM LENGTH: 31 1/2″
    HANDS: 10″
    Even though Boise State already had a strong runner on board in Jay Ajayi, coaches saw enough of McNichols’ all-purpose talent in 2014 to take off his redshirt in the season’s sixth game. He was used as a receiver and returner as often as a runner that year (17-159, TD rushing; 15-155, TD receiving; 19-393 kick returns). After Ajayi moved on to the NFL, McNichols more than carried his share of the offense as a second-team All-Mountain West pick in 2015 (1,337 yards, 20 TDs rushing; 51-460, six TDs receiving), tying for second in the FBS with 26 total scores. He repeated second-team all-conference honors in his junior season, ranking in the top 10 in rushing yards per game (138.6) and all-purpose yards (2,255) while lifting the ball 314 times and carrying the load as a receiver (37-474, four TDs).

  8. Several blabbering idiots are taking up way too much space in this blog. If you need to brag about your unparalleled expertise in picking players I’d suggest looking in the mirror and talking to yourself. Or if you have a spouse or significant other brag to them.; they deserve to hear it as the price to pay for being with you. And those who feel compelled to participate in this waste of time do nothing to move anything forward. Please spare the rest of us the agony of having to pass this blather by as we try to find a meaningful and well reasoned comment.

      1. Seb, please learn to control yourself. Labeling someone dumb because they complain about your comments is, if you keep it up, likely to become your ticket out of here. I say that as a friend and someone who wants to see this blog civil.

        1. George, did I say he was stupid? Ol’ Pete was the one mentioning blathering idiots.
          I wanted him to say something smart, so I could respect his opinion.
          Glad you had learned your lesson, and do not engage me. Notice that I have left you alone?
          He should just scroll past. it takes one finger, and he can use the middle one if he wants, it will not bother me.
          I, too want this blog to be civil, and you have seen me post in a calm, civil, polite manner to lots of different posters. I even wished Houston well because he is having to endure the effects of global warming.
          Do not think Grant is going to ban me anytime soon, because he likes the clicks. He even said I was a legend. His site puts up with a lot of stuff because many other sites have rules about site decorum. Considering the invective hurled against me, they are the ones who should be banned, but this is not my first rodeo, and know that what one negatively says has no affect on me.
          George, I hope you will not devolve into spewing screeds, it is unhealthy. Since you asked so nicely, I will try to tone it down. Hope your ticker is going strong.
          However, when Razor made a call that came true, he crowed about it, and I was kind enough to congratulate him. These gadflies do not have the class to do that, so maybe you should rag on them for being so mean and spiteful.

          1. “Glad you had learned your lesson, and do not engage me. Notice that I have left you alone?”

            Seb, the lesson I learned was that you have some kind of a problem I know nothing about, so, in kindness to you, I stopped, as you say, “engaging you.” Life is too short, Seb.

    1. PeterB, I share your sentiments but have been around long enough to know that expressing them does absolutely no good. We are in a bit of a trap. Post this as many times as you like; my guess is that eventually you’ll start practicing benign neglect.

  9. It’s not written in stone that they have to play a SHS with this 4-3 defense is it? I’m concerned about the lack of starters and depth at the free safety position. Jimmy “hospital” Ward is still an unknown and Jerome is relatively slow although he has good instincts. Tartt at free safety???? I suspect they might have to pull Reid off the line of scrimmage for a fair number of downs, especially after our secondary gets torched.

    1. cubus,

      The scheme they want to play involves a SHS. They don’t have to play it that way, but they want to play Caroll’s defense and that is what it entails. My guess is they’ll take their lumps early but will stick with it.

      1. Rocket: I see the SHS as a defense that is very vulnerable with the play of one single individual. You don’t need to look any further than what happened to the Seahags last year when Thomas went down.

    2. I don’t like Tartt there either, see him as more of Reid’s backup playing up in the box or in Dime playing in space or covering a TE………… maybe Cobert is the answer there w his better coverage skills and range.

    3. cubus, this might be foolish to say at this point, but I think Colbert might be able to work himself into that position, eventually. The writing may be on the wall about Ward; he just can’t hold up.

    4. That’s correct. Under Seifert we didn’t only play SHS/man (Cover 1). The Seahawks, the current big 4-3 Under dogon the block play more than Cover 1. They also play Cover 3 where the corners play zone outside the hashmarks. On third-and-long they frequently go to Cover 2.

      And that’s pretty much it. They really don’t try to be fancy and do all kinds of goofy stuff. Rather they keep it simple and try to perfect simplicity. The exact opposite of Jim O’Neil last year.

  10. sebnynah says:
    September 3, 2017 at 12:22 pm
    Instead of throwing snark, why dont you try to say something smart.
    TomD’s Take: The 1st time you do, I’ll let you know Seb…..But I rather have fun pasting the stupid things you say:

    Like: Barkley will beat out Hoyer….How’d that one work out for you ?

    1. Where’s your buddy Moses today…..Still sticking up for his Baalke personnel, writing his glowing reports on them…..Not many of them left…

  11. I have an Idea, Seb. Since you and Moses love your Baalke players (Seb likes Kap–a Baalke player) why don’t you catch the 1st jet to his new NFL office in New York City.

    From there, the 3 of you could form your own team, lets see, what to call it……I know,
    ‘The Fighting Seb’s’.

    Think of the fun filled afternoons playing the yes man to Baalke’s draft personnel.

    You’d be so busy, there wouldn’t be time to post here anymore.

    1. TrollD, go ahead, waste your time, I am not affected by your posts. I may be afflicted, but my life goes on. I have a loving wife, children who I am proud of, and a team on the rise. I will continue to root for the team I love, and as a die hard faithful Niner fan, hope they win multiple more rings.
      You, on the other hand, will just copy and paste, wasting your time, groveling in the gutter. Your life is so pathetic, you think that makes you look smart.

      1. Seb looks like I went 53/53 on the prediction of the Niners roster.
        I didn’t get one wrong, amazing that I am so good and that the front office reads my posts.
        Man I’m good!

        1. No, Prime, I did not see one of your 53 predictions, because you were too busy attacking me. I was looking, but knew you were to cowardly to post one, because you were too afraid to be so wrong.
          Only losers claim that they got all 53 right when they did not.

          1. I was most certainly right about the roster and I guarantee John Lynch and Shanny read my posts prior to making their final decisions.
            Just congratulate me on being 100% right yet again.
            You’re welcome John and Kyle.
            I’m that good Seb.

            1. Thanks Prime, since you think they read these posts, I will make sure to repeat some of my suggestions so you will never forget them.

  12. So far so good. The word “chemistry” has been used sparingly this year. Odd how it was tossed around so much the last few years. I guess chemistry is professionally competent’s littlest brother. Chemistry is for well matched, good players or really bad teams in search of hope.

    1. Chemistry has been broken since the Harbaugh days. There were (reportedly) a few fist-fights among the players and a divided locker-room. Though it’s been worse.

      Charles Haley was a raging ***hole. You should read Nate Silver’s book on the Cowboys “Boys Will Be Boys.” Haley was traded because he was a horrible person. He used to masturbate in the trainers room. Shove his **** in peoples faces. Told Montana how he’d like to **** his wife. Sexally harrassed the beat writer Ann Killion. Called any black player who respected a coach a house *******. Wiped his butt with some money and threw the feces covered bills on one of the coaches.

      It got so bad that on two occasions Jim Burt, the back-up NT we got from the Giants punched him out twice.

      All of which the press knew and let him into the HOF. Yet Owens, who let his desire to win (and ego) out-strip his common sense at times, is a pariah.

  13. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 17m17 minutes ago
    OL JP Flynn had two other offers but re-signs to #49ers practice squad, source says.
    0 replies 4 retweets 21 likes
    Reply Retweet 4 Like 21 Direct message

    That’s nice, he likes the team chemistry/environment. Or, the cynical part of me chimes in and thinks it could mean he thinks the other linemen are bad and he beat them out next year…

  14. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 2h2 hours ago
    Matt Maiocco Retweeted Jason Munz
    The #49ers are keeping two QBs on their 53-man roster and signed QB Nick Mullens to their practice squad.Matt Maiocco added,


  15. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 3h3 hours ago
    Replying to @MaioccoNBCS
    Inside football: The #49ers coaching staff gave Blake Bell a perfect grade on 19 special-teams plays in exhibition game against the Vikings.

    I guess the Vikings coaches saw that. And, for Bell, you can make a career out of special teams. It may not get the glory, but the pay is good.

    If I were him, I’d learn to long-snap. A good long-snapper can play well into his late 30s.

  16. Green Bay usually won’t go after FAs. Unless they they’re good and won’t be a big risk:

    Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 2m2 minutes ago
    Source: Ex-#49ers DL Quinton Dial is heading to Green Bay tomorrow.

    1. Cool. Some time in the weight room. Some time working on his blocking. He could be another Delanie Walker or maybe even Brent Jones.

      BOTTOM LINE Athletic move tight end prospect with natural hands and the quickness to create separation along his routes. He has NFL ball skills to win in competitive catch situations and he will be a challenge for linebackers to cover in space. Hikutini lacks NFL toughness as a blocker which could put a ceiling on his draft value. He will have to prove he can play special teams as he waits for his turn as a pass-catching option.

  17. Geez,

    Think I’ll pull a Seb, and say I predicted the Practice Squad yesterday for Cole Hikutini.
    Note: I did not say : “Maybe the 49ers will kick the tires” on him like Seb, in his prediction.
    I actually predicted it….Geez, Seb, I can copy and paste it here from yesterday if you want proof:

    Per @mattbarrows, Cole Hikutini is headed to the 49ers practice squad. https://www.ninersnation.com/2017/9/3/16249402/49ers-practice-squad-tracker-rumors-news-10-man-squad
    2:25 PM – Sep 3, 2017

  18. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 2m2 minutes ago
    Source: WR DeAndre Smelter has signed with the #49ers practice squad.
    2 replies 6 retweets 16 likes
    Reply 2 Retweet 6 Like 16 Direct message

      1. Like Redmond, he had injury problems coming to the 49ers. Smelter had some injury issues (hamstring) in 2016 and was released with an injury settlement then signed to the practice squad. Then he got hurt in 2017 (hamstring again) and was waived, got a second injury settlement and resigned to the practice squad..

        However, despite the injuries, it’s very likely the new regime could see they were talented players who couldn’t really prove themselves through some bad injury luck and we worthy of additional consideration.

          1. With twelve others… Geeze. I’m just glad that linebacker, Newsome, wasn’t killed. He probably had no chance of making the team, but its’ not worth dying over (Kory Stringer and Thomas Herrion a decade ago). Or becoming a quadriplegic like Darryl Stingley back in the late 70s..

      1. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 2m2 minutes ago
        #49ers released TE Logan Paulsen to add DL Xavier Cooper. It’s considered “procedural,” as he’ll be re-signed when Ronald Blair goes on IR.

    1. “49ers plan to bring Logan Paulsen back once Ronald Blair (thumb) goes on IR. But need his roster spot for DL Xavier Cooper.” – Barrows

  19. Jeremy McNichols-RB, Boise State The 5’9” and 212lbs is simply an explosive, productive “weapon,” and all-around back not known by any ordinary man, woman or child. Think we’re exaggerating, do you? Well, consider this: McNichols as a junior accounted for 1,709 yards on 314 attempts at 5.4 yards per carry and 23 rushing TDs. Oh, is that not enough? Do you want more? How’s his passing catching game, you ask? How about 37 catches for 474 yards at 12.8 yards a catch and four touchdowns? How’s the Boise State tree looking? See Tampa Bay


    1. FYI- I don’t know if you watch Hard Knocks, but there was a segment on McNicols during practice. The coaches yelled at him far more than any other player. Poor kid was hanging his head just didn’t seem to understand what he was charged to accomplish. The game looked to fast for him to process.

  20. 49er.com official:

    The following players have signed to the team’s practice squad:

    Pos. Name

    WR DeAndre Carter

    OL John Flynn

    TE Cole Hikutini

    CB Asa Jackson

    QB Nick Mullens

    DL Noble Nwachukwu

    WR DeAndre Smelter

    OL Darrell Williams Jr.

  21. Glad Redmond is sticking around a bit, seemed like him and K Williams had a decent battle for slot duties, but still hope we go get a Corner to replace Reaser in the long, and short, run…….

  22. That was quick:

    Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 2m2 minutes ago
    TE Logan Paulsen has already been re-signed, the #49ers announce. Ronald Blair goes on injured reserve (short term).

  23. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 6m6 minutes ago
    #49ers announce 8 members of practice squad:
    QB Mullens
    WR Smelter
    WR Carter
    TE Hikutini
    OL Williams
    OL Flynn
    DL Nwachukwu
    CB Asa Jackson

      1. He’s not signed yet as he’s got to fly across the country. And if another team offers him (highly unlikely since nobody claimed him off waivers) a roster spot… Well, as much as I wouldn’t mind seeing him get his shot, that’s the NFL…

          1. Yeah. I know it’s happened to us before. But I’m one of these people who, until the ink is on the contract, there’s no contract.

  24. Interesting pick up. Cooper ran a 4.86 40 in the NFL Combine and that year he was the fastest DT! I hope he can become a key rotational contributor.

    1. Maybe or he could be another Sen’Derrick Marks, a player who they thought might be a good pickup from another team that ended up not doing much of anything, like they had for their previous team, hence the reason for their release!

      Just a few days ago there were a bunch of posts of Marks’ words “I wake up and kick a**! It’s what I do.” Trouble is it wasn’t so much.

      Cooper may be different but then again…

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