49ers cut B.J. Daniels and Owen Marecic, sign John Skelton and Jermaine Cunningham

The 49ers just announced they’ve cut QB B.J. Daniels and FB Owen Marecic and signed LB Jermaine Cunningham.

Are you surprised the 49ers cut Daniels? Do you think he will clear waivers and the 49ers will place him on their practice squad or will another team claim him.

According to Adam Schefter, the 49ers will sign QB John Skelton. Skelton beat the 49ers when he was a Cardinal in 2011. He is big and has a strong arm but is not mobile.

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  1. And they signed John Skelton?!?

    I think Baalke is getting way too fancy and over thinking these picks. Cunningham is a good pick-up but cutting Daniels 4 weeks in just has me scratching my head

    1. This move tells me the “Read Option” is no longer a threat in the NFL as defensives figured out how to stop it and the “Pocket Passer” is the future. I believe the NFL rule change on protecting the passer also contributed to it’s demise.

      1. I think the better question is what the team would do with Gordon when Manningham, then Patton, and finally Crabtree return to the active roster. It makes no sense going after a WR like Gordon unless one of the aforementioned three suffers a setback.

      2. Manningham has done squat since he has been here…
        Crabs is likely gone in FA
        BOLDIN IS GREAT but not long-term…
        Patton was injured all pre season
        Hardly played in the reg season n is now injured again…we have a crap load of draft picks n not all will make the team..
        Y not spend a 3rd or 4th in a promising WR..
        Doesn’t have to be Gordon or Britt..but get SOMEONE!!!!

      3. Pete, very well said! This team is a legit WR away from being a contender.. We had a franchise QB who is searching for someone other then boldin and Davis to get open. The problem that we are having is that teams are taking those two players…. We have a riddicoulus amount of picks in 2014 coming… We most likely have a third rnd pick from KC that sure seems to be moving up to a second if KC wins 8 games…. The giants are in a huge turmoil right now and are having a hard time signing Hakeem nicks long term…. Offer the giants a second this year and possibly a third in 2015 and resign him! There’s a number 1 receiver that changes games… Pair him up with Crabtree for 1 year along with boldin and NO one beats SF!!!! Make it happen Balke it’s time!!!!

    1. I think the Daniels cut is the organization acknowledging that the “pistol” is not going to be the long term answer in SF. I think Russell Wilson, RG III, and Kaepernick have all struggled this season and that should help keep Daniels stock down. However, Jacksonville is in need of a QB as well as a handful of other teams so anything is possible. JMO

      1. If that is the reason that is a big mistake. Read option is not going away and the pistol will show up from time to time when appropriate.
        But Daniels given time looked to develop into a Wilson, a short stature guy mastering all. Or maybe I missed something.
        But taking the risk for a Skelton?! Not missing anything there. That just looks bonehead.

  2. Who cares about bj daniels??? Did anyone see what Cooper did last weekend with the chiefs? The guy had a SOLID game and looks like a legit starting cb. That one hurts so bad- especially when one considers how the niners have no cbs signed through next year.

    1. Yep, agreed suede. Jack, rocket and I had a discussion about whether it was a short-sighted move letting him go in favour of experience. I definitely fall on the side of yes, it was.

    2. I care about Daniels if he does not make it onto the PS. However I agree with you about Marcus Cooper. Big mistake on that one. Already evident. They thought they could sneak him onto the PS but Andy was watching. So who is watching now and needs a promising QB.
      I chalk the Cooper goof up to the big scramble on WR just before final cut. Had to load up there because of all the unknown at WR going into the season.

    3. Good Gravy, Cooper has played minimal snaps so far for KC and he is now a big mistake to let get away? We’ll see what happens as time goes along but seriously, he is a raw player who didn’t start for his College team and didn’t show much in preseason. He plays well in a press situation for KC on a few plays and all of a sudden he’s the great one who got away? They weren’t going to cut better, more experienced players to let this kid develop on the 53 man roster. That is what the PS is for. KC had room, the Niners didn’t.

      1. Cooper looked good in camp. They thought they could sneak him onto the PS. They failed and now he is playing for another team (with a good defense) and playing well in the NFL. That is a gamble that the niner’s lost. Big mistake / little mistake remains to be seen but sugar coating does not hide it.

      2. Rocket, you may well be right and Cooper may well just be a guy that got lucky for a few limited snaps on the weekend. Far too early to tell, I admit.

        To me it is more a concern that the 49ers appear to be willing to lose (or risk losing) quite a few decent looking young prospects to go with experienced vets in some not so critical back-up roles (and even back-up to the back-up, in the case of Skelton).

        It is a win at all cost attitude for this season only. It is a strategy that simply has me scratching my head – I don’t play into the ‘this is our window of opportunity’ mularky as good teams compete every year. We now have a young QB to build the team around, so why the urgent need to have so many career back-ups beating out promising young players for back-up roles? Surely the 5th (or 6th – they now have 6 CBs on the roster with Morris so it isn’t as if that was out of the question from the beginning) CB position can be manned by a promising rookie. Especially when almost all of your vets are coming off contract at the end of the season – having a young guy learn for a year, getting some playing time here and there, could be invaluable for 2014 and beyond.

      3. Scooter,

        I understand your point, I just don’t see anyway they could keep Cooper. Cox is really still developing after a year away from the game and is a pretty talented guy. I don’t think you can decide he’s a career backup based on how little we’ve seen. Brock is a guy they’ve put some time into developing and he too has improved a great deal. So what you’re asking them to do is turn their backs on players they’ve put time into developing in exchange for a 7th round developmental player who hasn’t played CB all that long. In hindsight we can pick out players we think should have been released instead but at that time the players that had performed best and had a role on ST’s were kept and imo rightfully so.

        I don’t think they are in win now and forget the future mode at all. This is still a team with a ton of young players on it, more on PUP and another dozen picks in the draft on the way. I think a team has to balance between youth and vet in order to achieve the right mix to compete for a SB and that is what I’m guessing they are trying to do.

        I don’t like the release of Daniels either, but at the same time we are talking about a 3rd string QB who will never see the field as long as Kap is healthy and who probably is a ways away from being able to run this offense against a true NFL defense. It sucks to lose young talent but at the same time it is how the league works.

  3. Mark me down as shocked. If I were Jacksonville, I’d have already signed him. If he clears waivers, it will be a small miracle….

  4. 1. Yes I am surprised.
    2. The chances of Daniels clearing waivers isn’t that great.
    3. Teams that could pick up Daniels: Seahawks, Jets, Jaguars, Vikings, Rams, and Buccaneers. The Raiders and Browns are also potential candidates as well.

  5. Replacing Daniels with Skelton is a real head scratcher for me. What are they thinking? That if Kaep and McCoy go down they need a 3rd QB with experience to step in? Or is he being brought in to ‘compete’ for the #2 job with McCoy? If they like Skelton over McCoy, they should have made that move for the initial 53…

    Hopefully Daniels clears waivers.

  6. The only reason I can think of for cutting Daniels is they don’t feel neither he nor McCoy can win a game if Kap goes down. Strange move to say the least.

    1. Scratch the “don’t” from my post. Horrible grammar on my part.


      I’d rather have a young developmental prospect as the 3rd guy, especially with McCoy likely being one and done here. I’m having a hard time understanding this one.

      1. I think you had it partly correct in your first vomment Rocket. I would add to it that having Skelton probably makes for a better QB meeting room.

      2. Jack, are you suggesting having more veteran presence in the meeting rooms and on the sideline may assist Kaep?

        If so, I agree to a certain point – it is something I said in the off-season. Having an experienced back-up at QB can really benefit a young signal caller, just by having that extra set of eyes and a sounding board that has actually been in the line of fire themselves.

        I guess that is partly what McCoy was brought in to fill, but he’s still pretty young and inexperienced himself. Same goes with Skelton though. Would have loved Jason Campbell, though understand why he wouldn’t want to come here.

      3. Yes Scooter. You are right they are both young, but they have starting experience. Allows them to probably see stuff that Daniels couldn’t.

        It’s also why I think they kept Tolzien over Johnson. More analytical and better in the meeting room.

  7. Not happy with this move.. Skelton is an awful quarterback with absolutely no mobility, how does he fit this offense better than Daniels?

  8. Head scratcher for sure. I was also intrigued with BJ, I doubt if he clears waivers. And why Skelton? I have a hunch that the pistol/read option are going to the back burner. As for wide receivers there really isn’t much out there that is better than what we have.

  9. It’s never a good sign when you release a talented, young QB for a mediocre at best journeymen that has about as much mobility as a concrete statue in syrup.

      1. Rocket,
        Lol, I was actually about to write that. Defensive linemen start licking their fingers when they see that Skelton is starting……..”We gonna eat today!”

  10. I believe that the 49ers liked what CK did to the Packers in their opening game this season (passing) more than what CK did against them in last year’s playoff game with his running.

    The Pistol/Read may be a thing of the past simply because of the NFL’ policy not to protect the QB in the backfield in this set.
    CK was hit relentlessly by T.Suggs in the SB even when he did not keep the ball. This same defensive game plan would have been put a large target on CK this season without any league protection.

    I’m not necessarily condoning the leagues decision on making the QB an open target when operating the Read Option. After all, this is football.
    But until there are some kind of rules or adjustments to protect a Read Option QB, Harbaugh has to make the adjustments needed to protect his QB.

    The Skelton signing may be a harbinger that the 49ers are going to lean more towards a tradition offensive set because of the above mentioned.

    1. Boldin? Trading Jenkins for Baldwin? Loading up on talented guys who needed time to rehab in the recent draft (Lattimore, Dial, Carradine)? How about Ried, McDonald, Lemonier and Patton, all of whom have already shown they are keepers?

      2012 was weak, but don’t overstate the shortcomings of our front office. 28 teams would gladly trade places with us right now.

      1. For the record, tho, agree that Daniels was a keeper; his style would have fit our current scheme. And following the logic,
        Daniels > Tolzein in 2013
        Tolzein > Josh Johnson in 2012
        Josh Johnson > Skelton in 2013 (Cinci)
        …now Skelton > Daniels 2013???

    2. Unlike 2012 draft this one looks to be a winner. Reid, McDonald, Lemonier, Patton, Moody are happening and promising. Caradine, Dial, Lattimore and future pick are in the bank with a lot of promise. Bykowski on the PS may have a future.
      Then there is Cooper and Daniels. Cooper is a successful pick just playing for another team (mistake#1). Daniels was a good pick with now a wait and see in next 24. 2013 mistake #2? 2013 was a successful draft lets not blow it now!!!

  11. “Skelton opted to sign with the 49ers because he is interested in being coached by 49ers’ coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Skelton was recently cut by Cincinnati. He started 17 games for Arizona from 2010-2012.

    Skelton is 6-foot-6, 250 pounds and has big arm, but many scouts have thought he has been an undisciplined player”-Bill Williamson

    I’m pessimistic but maybe Harbaugh can turn this guy into something.

  12. Appears to be a lost of faith in McCoy and a believe that Daniels isn’t ready. Barrows reports he will be the number 2 QB.
    Could this be a prelude to letting Kap run more?

  13. I actually liked Skelton coming out of college and thought he might be a good draft pick for the 49ers at the time for a backup QB. Yes, he is a statue, but also played behind a terrible o-line in AZ. Still, he does have a strong arm that can make all the throws, so with Harbaugh maybe he can be developed into a solid pocket-passing backup.

    I do hope Daniels can be brought back to the PS, but my only guess is that he wasn’t developing fast enough to be a #3 and the staff decided to take a chance on him being claimed off waivers and then bring him back and still be able to use him on the scout team.

    I also hope Cunningham provides some good OLB depth, though. He may be better there than when the Pats moved him to DE when they went to a 4-3. I like Skuta, but he is really just a ST player.

    1. Space
      I agree with ur take on Daniels slow development contributing to his release. I think at this point in the season no team will sign him to their 53 so we could bring him back at a fraction of the cost and continue to develop him on the PS. Its not like he was active on game days anyways. Had we done this at last cuts someone would scoop him up (tolzien style) because his pre season exploits were frech in team’s minds. Now that we are 5 weeks in teams have other needs (injuries, inefective play etc.) and in all likely hood not want to take on a developmental player on their roster.

      On the other hand I dont understand the Skelton move. Unless its as a “veteran” 2nd set of eyes on the sideline and in the meeting room (wasnt McCoy supposed to be that?) I dont see his value to the 9ers.

      Cunningham SUCKS. As an avid Pats hater Ive kept my eye on him since his his rookie year (when i thought the pats were gona take his UF teammate Dunlop). He has done absolutely nothing for a D thats starved for playmakers or even half decent players. This last ofseason he juiced up (seriously look at his pics from the 12 preseason and this years preseason, he is twice the size) but still had no production and was cut by a still starving for OLB talent Pats. and dont count on him contributing as a pass rusher because up to this point he has not proven competent in that area.

  14. I’ve got a feeling something is up here. I’m thinking Baalke hasn’t let me down before. Something good is going to come out of this. Besides…. Im not to worried about pre season/practice squad players getting waived

  15. Here’s the Power Rankings from MSNBC and Mike Florio

    5. Chiefs (4-0; No. 9): Dramatic turnarounds like this is one of the main reasons why so many owners fire so many coaches.

    11. 49ers (2-2; No. 12): The 49ers will thrive only if Colin Kaepernick tries to be Alex Smith, not Joe Montana.

    Ouch. Them’s fightin’ words….

    1. Alex fan2005,
      Chiefs 4 opponents record (3-15).

      Niners 4 opponents record (9-6).

      Chiefs remaining schedule:

      Raiders twice
      Chargers twice
      Broncos twice

      Suddenly, that remaining schedule doesn’t look so soft. Browns, Titans and Bills are vastly improved. Chargers and Rivers are playing better. Broncos and Colts are playoff teams. Can the Raiders split with Prior at QB? Your hero has his work cut out.

      1. 45 Jordan,
        What took you so long to respond? The Niners have a soft schedule coming up, but then it’s sort of scary that the LAMS were hanging touch for a quarter and they suck!
        Instead of brining up Alex and the Chiefs, I would have expected you to comment on why the natinonal pundits are suggesting that Colin play more like the guy he replaced, the man hate more than chocolate milk on Thursdays.
        Is there some truth to playing Alex’s Small Ball? Or would you prefer all those 3 and outs? Yeah — the Niners are 4th Highest in 3 and outs. I can only imagine the 3 sorry teams ahead of them in that woeful category.

      2. “the Niners are 4th Highest in 3 and outs”

        At 43.1% the 49ers are sandwiched between the likes of Jacksonville (50%), St Louis (45.1), Tennessee (43.5), NY Jets (42.9) and NY Giants (42.6).

        That’s some fantastic company…

      3. Alexfan2005,

        I’m not concerned about my team. Are you concerned about yours. I see you completely ignored my post. Didn’t respond to it at all. Those are facts I listed. Care to dispute those. I’ll wager you a week off the blog for every win or loss from either one of our teams for the rest of the season. Every time my team loses, I’ll stay off the blog until the start of our next game. Every time your team loses, you have to do the same. If both teams lose, the bet is cancelled out. If my team wins and yours loses, you’re off the blog for 2 weeks and vice versa. What say you Alexfan2005?

      4. 45 Welcher,
        You are notorious for changing the subject and making bets and then renegging. The point isn’t who has the better team, or whether the Chiefs will stay at the current power ranking. The question is what happened to the so-called dynamic offense that the Niners were supposed to have with Colin under the center.
        A smart intelligent person, that’s obviously not you, would have said perhaps Alex wasn’t as bad as we thought he was, and Colin wasn’t as good. For now. As I told you many times, and you choose to twist and reveal that you are the troll, I was uncomfortable with the switch last year. If Colin had made the play to win the Superbowl, then the switch was the right move. He did not. End of story. That’s the past.
        This year Colin is the Niners QB and I am fine with it. I don’t hate him, nor do I want Alex back, nor do I want Colt McCoy. Or Josh Johnson, who you seem to love.
        Colin is the Niner QB for a long long time, and I hope he gets better. He’s just not all that right now. He wasn’t that consistent last year either!
        Would you rather have Colin throw for 350 plus yards and the Niners always have to come from behind, and the Defense gets tired because of all the 3 and outs, or would you rather he play like the guy he replaced, where he dinks and dunks his way to a 180 yard passing game, but the Niners win?
        Answer that please, without changing the subject.

      5. Titans- 29th in offense and 9th in defense
        Sorry, but I don’t see how the offense of the Titans can deal with the 7th ranked Chiefs defense, and that was before Locker suffered his hip injury.

        Texans- 5th in offense and 1st in defense
        This is probably where the Chiefs will get their first loss of the season, but it will depend on which Texans team shows up.

        Raiders- 20th in offense and 17th in defense
        The Raiders may be doing better than expected, but they also haven’t faced a defense ranked higher than 8th yet.

        Browns- 24th in offense and 3rd in defense
        This could be another loss for the Chiefs if Hoyer continues ascending and the Browns D continues to be stingy.

        Bills- 16th in offense and 27th in defense
        A rushing defense ranked 27th VS. Jamaal Charles. Hmmm…

        Chargers- 8th in offense and 30th in defense
        The Chargers are 0-2 so far against teams with a defense ranked in the top 10. The Chiefs are currently in the seven hole.

        Broncos- 1st in offense and 24th in defense
        I expect a split here due to the schedule setup. The Broncos play in San Diego before taking on the Chiefs at home. Then they travel to New England and then take on the Chiefs again but this time in Arrowhead.

        Redskins-9th in offense and 31st in defense
        Their lone win so far has been against a Matt Flynn led Raiders team. They have yet to face a top 10 defense.

        Colts- 10th in offense and 8th in defense
        This will be a loss unless the Colts are hit with a substantial injury beforehand. It will also depend on where each team is sitting play-off wise.

      6. Alexfan2005,

        Was that your way of saying that you are scared of the bet? You sound the the troll to me. Scared to make the bet? My offer stands Chief fan! Accept it when you’re ready coward!

      7. J.Johnson fan 23
        NO. What he is saying is Its pointless to bet welchers. AS was the starter for the 49ers last season so you shouldnt even be here if you were a man of honor/high character (which clearly ur not)

      8. 45 Charlotte Bobcat Owner,
        The bet proves nothing. State your case. Why are some sports reporters suggesting Colin play more like Alex Smith?

        C’mon son, there’s gotta be a good reply besides calling me a troll.

        Who should Colin play like against the Texans? Josh Johnson????

    2. The 49ers will thrive only if Colin Kaepernick tries to be Alex Smith, not Joe Montana.
      That doesn’t even make sense.

      1. Change that to “The 49ers will thrive only if Colin Kaepernick tries to be Alex Smith, not Brett Favre” and it starts making more sense.

      2. Coffee
        That makes perfect sense. If CK plays like a game manager (ie Alex Smith) meaning take what the d gives u and make conservative throws and smart decisions the team will be better off than CK trying to be a bret favre gunslinger (not that Joe was a gunslinger but HE was expected to WIN games singlehandedly)

        Does that mean that AS>CK? NOOOOOOO
        It means that this team wasn’t constructed to revolve around the QB. Thats why we still went to the SB with our BACKUP. But in the offseason people started talking about Kaep like he was Brady/Manning/Rogers already and he is not at least not yet.

        So the moral of the story is that the 9ers would be better served getting to their roots of Run game/tough D/good ST that trying to be the saints or the packers and go 4 wide and put the game squarely on CK shoulders. Give the man time to develop its still only his 14th start

      3. Ha, sorry BOS ;) I don’t get the Florio reference to Joe Montana either. But since Kaep’s stated hero is Favre, I’m pretty sure Florio meant “Gunslinging? Not so much”.

    3. Fansince77,

      Perhaps the offensive struggles have more to do with the coaching? Roman always calls the wrong play at the wrong time.

  16. Absolute terrible move regarding Daniels. Skelton is a lazy hack: I have no idea why the 49ers see in him. Daniels was raw, worked hard, and showed promise in the preseason.

    This move was unnecessary.

  17. Wow, didn’t know we had so many Football / NFL, know- It All’s
    Great to know if Jim Harbaugh quits on Us, we can hire any of you, since you all know so much, I think you can question Harbaugh on their drafting, of Wide Receivers , but NOT Q.B’s .
    He took Alex who all of you said was a Bum and turned him into a good Q.B
    He took Kaep and turned him into a Stud Q.B. Harbaugh knows Quarterbacks, let’s trust him on this move, and no I’m not John Skelton but, in 2011 when Skelton beat us he made some big time throws, and took some licks. Look at the film Jim was intrigued by the toughness and some of the throws Skelton threw. Look for McCoy to get cut in a few weeks. That’s my 2 cents .

    1. Thanks John! Welcome to the team. Now study your iPad and get off the blog. We will decide how good JH’s decision was with regards to you. Good Night Now!

    2. 94509
      JH also took Josh Johnson and turned him in to……..Josh Johnson
      Lets not forget all the QB whispering in to Scot Tolzien’s ear

      As far as the “know it all ism” This is a blog where people give their oppinions their “2 cents if you will” What dod u expect? the milquetoast “if our coach did it it must be a good idea” talk? That type of scithe only flies in New England

  18. I’m sure JH learned a valuable lesson now that he realizes that this QB mess is all a result of him cutting Josh Johnson last year instead of Tolzien. Ironic that josh Johnson beat out Skelton in the preseason in Cinncinati. He is the backup to the Rhino and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got some time this year because it seems most QBs get hurt during the season for 1 reason or another. I know one thing. It looks like Josh Johnson would have been perfect for this offense as a backup or possibly a starter in case Kap gets hurt. I’m positive that JH has more than a nights sleep over that move.

    It’s clear that we realize that we have no 2nd string QB now and JH telling Kap not to run with the ball and the offense changing has Kap all over the place. He can’t play the game he wants to play. His decisions on the field indicate that.

    1. Josh Johnson was never smart enough to grasp the complexity of Greg Romans offense. Physical tools never outweigh intelligence. When he would get to the line of scrimmage he could never remember the play to audible into so he would just wing it. It works in preseason when everyone plays vanilla defense. Slightly different when it’s the regular season and teams show multiple schemes. He never could figure it out, hence, working on his 3rd NFL team.

      1. Speaking of Joe Montana…he once said, “quarterbacking is 75% mental.” Manning, Brees, Brady…etc all clearly have a clear mental picture of what is unfolding on the field, what the D is doing and how to react & make the right play. JJ has never displayed that ability.

  19. Correct me if im wrong but didn’t we just sign owen to be miller-light. One week, now gone. Complete waste of money

  20. Im okay wit the Cunningham move..You can never have enough good defensive players..Now the Skelton move signals that they’re not happy with McCoy and Daniels is not ready..They’re taking a chance wit Daniels..Like Marquiese Gray,Cooper,Chad Hall,Lavelle Hawkins..I dont think he clears waivers..hope im wrong. .I think the front office and coaching staff can be stubborn,set in their ways wit the tried and true formula..We got to the nfc championship and superbowl with a lack of wr weapons. hmmm…”so let’s not upgrade it wit a game changing wideout”.hmmm…we also got to both games without a shutdown corner” Let’s not upgrade it”.. Hmmm….let’s stockpile special team players,number 3 and 4 receivers and castoff defensive players instead..hmmmm….yeah that’ll work.. Im gonna trust baalke and harbaugh on this but idk guys..Either they are playin moneyball or idk

    1. Also..Im thinkin the coaching staff doesnt know how to use thier personnel to the maximum.We really dont have a offensive identity when u think about it..Were not innovative and creative enough..I wish they’d think outside the box more..They value experience,more than potential..’Cept the Kap move..They place value on “their guys” too..Offensive wise guys..i dont think it gets better from here on out unless they make those moves and roman gets his head outta.. yknow…..Defensive i think it does..

      1. I hoping we pull a magic trick..before trade deadlines..Cmon trent..Were like 2- 3 players away from stepping over…no leapfrogging… hell..destroying the supposed best in the NfL this yr..

      2. Agree with ya, regardless with how many wideouts, we have coming back (hopefully) there is no guarantee that there will not be any setbacks. Trent needs to make moves for this season, take a flyer on Josh Gordon if he doesn’t cut it, then screw it at least we tried , we need a field stretcher, or 2 so we can beat the press coverage. Walsh used to size up the team , by how we competed against our biggest competition , what did we need and he went and got it.

    1. Big 9

      After camp Alex and last years SB, what makes you think that any team ‘wants’ to do the 49er any favors….? We were smug, arrogant, and overall just in-your-face to many of them, and as we know, Payback is a …….And several of them have better ’3′s than our ’2′s but would rather sit them than trade to us.

      What I see is that Harbaalke has taken one of the youngest, most talented teams in the NFL, and taken the stinger out of them. We’re older at every position we’ve traded for, and we’re atrophied at most of them, and facing Social Security on several more. All of those great draft choices on other teams now…BAD moves, but now they can blame Mike Nolan’s drafts…y’know “empty cupboard”. Horse apples, our FO needs cleaning.

      1. How are they older? They drafted a few rbs, wrs a safety, lbs, dt’s, te’s. The problem is we’ve been winning and our late rd picks we’ve developed luke rjf, soap, delanie, goldson have left. Every team goes through that eventually.
        That being said, we’ve swung and missed a few times. Throw in some injuries, age and no new gimmicks and this is where we’re at. This was supposed to be the year where our offense makes up for our defense. It’s like:
        2011: % 70 defense, % 30 offense.
        2012: % 60 defense, % 40 offense.
        2013: % 40 defense, % 60 offense.
        In 2013, our injuries have affected this team greatly. Gro’s horrible play calling and lack of adjustment or abilty to cater to his strengths is showing.
        As far as trading, draft picks usually do the talking. Haarbaalke haven’t rubbed everyone wrong yet. Plus, that’s what the AFC is for, the other conference.

  21. Maybe Har-Har is looking for a pocket passer, kind of a game manager, not spectacular, but some one with solid numbers and reliability.
    Wouldn’t that be a novel idea for the nines……………..

    1. We had one of those last year. In any case, Skelton is not the game manager, far from it, besides, he is a third stringer. If he is ever pressed into action, I hope not, it is to hand the ball over to the RB. The guy they just let go could’ve done so and much more…

    1. They were tinkering with that during training camp. I don’t think he runs great routes, plus he’s too valuable as a blocker/ recieving Te

  22. Week 4 and the Niners still tinkering with their roster. Does Baalke get his personnel decision on suggestions from yahoo fantasy football? Marecic?? Why on earth did they sign him in the first place? Skelton?!!

  23. The sky is falling the sky is falling!!!
    When are you ladies and gentlemen going to start trusting this front office.

    Lets play the what is game.
    What if the front office liked him personally and knew he wasn’t going to be the starter here and gave him a shot somewhere else?

    What if they are getting rid of the option read/pistol and want a pocket type qb?
    What if HE asked for a release?

    What if there is a plan set in place and he comes back?

    What if HE has a personal problem off the field?

    Lets see how this plays out and then judge how the move went.

    1. Quit making sense md, that’ll get you nowhere here. This is neurotic Niner fan central.
      You mean you don’t want to jump off the cliff with all the lemmings that are worried that changing 3rd string QB’s and picking up a maligned but talented LB will completely disrupt the team?

      1. Huh? Gotta live em though. Obviously they care about their team. Which is more than you can say about some other fans. Lol

    2. Another “what if” is what if Kap stays healthy and the #2 & #3 qbs never see the field? Seriously if any of the guys we have behind Kap has to play any extended period of time we are pretty much screwed so what’s the big deal?
      I’m no fan of Skelton but the FO must be up to something so I’ll cut them some slack.
      Barring some major injuries we will continue to get better as some of the wounded return to battle. Our schedule is lightening up after the Texans (we had a pretty tough 1st 5 game schedule) and I think we will get the O into a groove which will give the D a boost. Roster moves with guys that probably won’t even suit up for games is nothing to get all worked up about.

  24. Jeez. I’m growing wary of Baalke. Is Skelton his brother-in-law? That’s the only way I can see giving the guy a contract. He’s a bum.

  25. Seems to me BJ Daniels is the only player on the 9er roster who can come close to imitating Russell Wilson on scout team. Guess you could have Kyle Williams do it but that seems risky.

    1. Well BJ imitating Wilson sure helped them in SEA! That is a seriously overrated aspect of keeping a player on the team. While I liked what I saw from BJ, that was preseason and preseason garbage time at that.

      Everyone’s tripping on such a small move, sure it changes things a little, but in the overall performance of the team it will have almost zero impact. Not having Aldon, PW or Crabs is the issue, not who will be our 3rd string QB. Every team in the NFL would be screwed if the clipboard holder has to play.

      This is NOT a big deal.

      1. We picked up a veteran QB and picked up a potential solid backup LB while dropping 2 guys who would have never seen the field.

        These guys are ‘contingency plans’. Needs change constantly and I have no problem with the FO adjusting these plans. They have insight to players that we nor any reporter-writer has.

      2. @ Bray, I agree it’s a small move. I guess the real issue is the lack of trust I have in Baalke. I think the jury is still out on his ability to build/maintain a championship roster.

      3. Actually Daniels was not used in that capacity and after the nightmare in Seattle maybe that was one of several mistakes.

        Cooper was a small move. Man those small moves sure can hurt.

      4. I hear ya Houston, losing a SB then getting your clocked cleaned in 2\3 first games will do that to you.

        31 teams wish they could maintain a legit championship roster year in and year out, don’t get too bummed. The Pats are really the only team that has had more than 3-4 years of actually being in the conversation every year. I actually like that ‘we’ aren’t the favorites anymore.

        Let SEA feast on the accolades, while the Niners build grit and determination.
        Freddy P Soft was seen on a Northwest flight to SEA|TAC just this morning

  26. What we don’t know, and what the reporters who cover the team don’t know, is how hard a quarterback works in practice and in meetings. Do they have the drive and discipline to put in the necessary work. Do they have the smarts to absorb all the info and then translate to the field? Also, when a team has a player for a month they get a feeling for how they carry themselves off the field. Are there concerns about life style and choices?

    I don’t know the answer to any of these things, but I suspect that a lot of info goes into these decisions that we are never made aware of, unless of course, you are the Jaguars :)

  27. Deezybee@

    No, I am not advocating getting rid of Baalke; what I would like to see is USING the players that we draft to where when we have an injury or suspension, or something that takes out a starter, that we don’t experience a serious drop-off in substitution. How many of the young players (who got drafted and released by the niners) ever got to see real play on an NFL field?….And how many of them are on other teams and playing for them? If they showed enough potential for us to draft them, they should get a chance to show why we drafted them. That’s Baalke’s job. Another thing, there is entirely too much emphasis on taking players out of D-1 universities. There is a whole slough of WR’s from D-2 and NAIA schools just begging to get a shot. (remember a guy named Jerry Rice from Ft Valley State?) We’re close to parity in the NFL now, so instead of throwing big money at a few guys with good PR agents, let’s throw small money at a whole bunch and let the coaches pick out the REAL good ones. There’s a ton of them out there still waiting….

    Ewww…I guess that’s more than 2 cents worth….apologies

  28. We must use the draft to draft a great wide receiver. The last time we drafted a great receiver was when we drafted TO.
    We need to draft a shut down corner.
    Kaep is still growing and developing, the team will continue to bring in good D players but we have done little to develop great offensive weapons.

  29. We are 3 minutes away and it appears that BJ Daniels is still available, unless cheating Pete scoops him up in the next minute or two. Interesting that there was little interest up to now.

      1. Just the luckiest, Denver defense is MUCH better than the Seattle offense.

        I’ve never seen more negative reaction from the release of a 7th round 3rd string QB, ever. Not even a full game in garbage time of preseason games and we let a great one get away?

  30. The battle of backup QB ‘s will continue.This has gone on for 3 years We will hear from Daniels in the future playing against us.Worst decisions made at this position.Lets hope Kap stays healthy for his entire career!

  31. I would like to know what’s up with Coach Harbaugh? He didn’t challenge anything in the games we lost…can’t a coach challenge any call like a penalty, if he feels the player didn’t really do anything for the team to be penalized? Those two fifteen yard penalties in the Seahawks game, if they shouldn’t have been called would have made a difference. And then letting the Seahawks have BJ Daniels, etc. He’s not the same coach as he was last year. Would like to know what’s going on. Hope football isn’t bought and paid for…that would be very disappointing but something isn’t right. Listening to the press conferences hearing players like Kaepernick say we just didn’t play good enough to win….my question is WHY NOT?

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