49ers cut Jarryd Hayne

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they have waived running back Jarryd Hayne and promoted running back Kendall Gaskins from the practice squad to the active roster.

San Francisco signed Hayne this offseason to a three-year, $1.53-million contract. In six games, Hayne rushed eight times for 25 yards, returned eight punts for 76 yards, and fumbled three times.

Gaskins, 24, is a big running back (6’1″, 238 pounds), who averaged 2.6 yards per carry during the preseason. Don’t expect him to play much Sunday against the Rams. Reggie Bush and Mike Davis probably will split the carries.

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    1. Now that he’s had a few “grassers”, he’s a safer bet to clear 24 hour waivers… especially on a Saturday when many teams are preparing for games.

      His agent “Jarryd will most likely be back to work on Mon or Tues either with the Niners or another team. he has to clear waivers now over next 48 hrs.”

      Its a great accomplishment to make the practice squad. Unfortunately many around the world unfamiliar with NFL football won’t see it that way. I hope he winds up on th 49ers PS.

  1. On the bright side, this could mean one (or all) or White, Bush, Ellington or Gaskins was looking good in practices.

  2. Niners need change of pace back to compliment hyde. Davis is a slower less powerful version of Hyde. We need a fast quick rb who is a threat to catch a bubble screen and take it to the house. We need what Reggie Bush was his final year at SC. We need a Gio Bernard, Roy helu, ronnie hillman type of rb.

    whatever . why even bother anymore.

  3. 49ers still appear to be in “win now” mode. I don’t see Gaskins ever being anything other than a roster space filler. Hayne has some special athletic traits but needs coaching. Strange move, that could cost them a decent player in the future.

      1. Yeah, as Jeff Deeney said on his twitter account, at this point thinking about the future is far more important than thinking of the now.

        If Hayne clears waivers and is signed to the PS then no harm no foul. But I don’t understand why you’d risk losing a player you think has some talent but is very raw to promote a dime a dozen short yardage back.

        1. But I don’t understand why you’d risk losing a player you think has some talent
          You’re asking for rationale from a team that fired it’s winning head coach so they could promote a yes man to the position. This isn’t a front office that’s interested in doing whatever it takes to win they’re more interested in liking the people they have to work with. This is a front office that’s more interested in removing those that don’t think the same way they do, which is fine if you’ve already proven yourself and your way of thinking to be a winner but they haven’t. They fired the only person that proved himself to be a winner with this organization and what have been the results since then?

          No point looking for decisions to make sense until those decisions are being made by different people.

      1. Can you imagine a more motivated player who would want to stick it to the coaches who cut him because they thought he was no good?

  4. He’ll be in a Seahawk uni by the end of the week no doubt. 49ers are the worst organization in football by far, when they get lucky enough to stumble across any talent they never know what to do with it

  5. Well, we have such a smooth, consistent, ball control offense that keeps cranking out first downs, that we can spare the game breaker types and rely on a plodding bubble player. Seems legit.

  6. 49ers might be the worst team in the league from top to bottom.

    When you take an average of the following:
    Let’s add stupid new stadium as well

    Gaskins is a nobody and will have very small chance of playing. Someone with a good team and some creativity can do a lot with hayne especially in a very limited role. And train him up for next year.

  7. Hayne: “Blessed for another test. Thanks for the love TW. Wish my guys all the best against the Rams. if nothing happens Ill be back on Tuesday.”

    1. I think the original plan was to have him on PS in the first place, but his preseason film was too good to risk waivers at that time.

      Now that he’s had a few “grassers”, they can return to plan A (if the waiver gamble works out)

      1. I’m sure the original plan was to have him spend a year on the PS. They decided not to risk losing him at the time. Now they are willing to risk it for the sake of promoting a slow, big-bodied, journeyman PS RB (been on Bills, Titans, Giants and 49ers PS since 2013) that underwhelmed in pre-season. It is a strange decision for a team that is reeling and really should be thinking of the future.

        1. “It is a strange decision for a team that is reeling and really should be thinking of the future.”
          Couldn’t agree more with you, Scooter.

  8. He was never used to his strengths not once, and this is thee worst offense in football …. Kendall Gaskins ?? What the hell is he gonna do

  9. I keep hanging on supporting the 9ers for 20 years now.

    I’m really getting to my wits end

    I might become a bears fan. Support fangio.

    Or a Jamba Juice fan and support Davis.

    Or a Willis fan and support big trout fishin

  10. What I would do if I was Niners: is just play all the rookies and trade some of older stars like grant suggested.

    Or they can waive hayne and promote gaskins.

        1. Razor-
          They never write, they never call, I haven’t received a Christmas Card from George & Laura in a while. I think someone told them that it was my idea to invite Stephen Colbert as the keynote speaker at the White House Press Corps Dinner that year.

    1. Cya!!! You’re the definition of a fair weather fan. Being upset is acceptable. Saying you’re going to root another team on isn’t. Please leave your newly bought stuff at the door.

      1. Awwww, let everybody blow off some steam, md. The Hayne cut sure isn’t what wrecked this season, it just pushed some fans’ buttons with the cumaltive negative effect. I’m guilty.

        1. Every fan has the right to blow off steam, be mad, curse your team.
          But I’ve heard 49er fans will jump ship and get a new team for years.
          And it’s sad to say it’s kind of true.
          You just can’t go around saying that stuff. It’s in the rules somewhere I’m sure of it. Lol

          1. Well, I’ll be there with you getting soaked as the Niners Parade gets rained on in 2015. Unless there’s a really good poetry slam……

          2. What do you expect when so few “fans” can afford tickets, and the long term leadership keeps doing befuddled things.

        2. I am a Niner faithful since Montana’s first game.For the first time in a long time i am embarrassed to say so . The GM is a joke. The coaching staff have mostly been fired by other teams. I took off all my Niner gear off my house and car. I remain a team fan but this is my boycott.

      2. ninermd,
        You’re the kind of “fan” that team ownership loves. They can crap all over you and you keep going back for more. Well done sheep.

  11. Thank God for my Montreal Canadians at 10-2.

    I might post 100 times today in a flurry and never read this blog or watch another Niners game ever again.

  12. As long as the Yorks own this team the 49ers will never win. They blew up the one good thing they had with Harbaugh 2011-14 and that will be it. Trust me , they don’t care if they win 4 games a year , it’s pathetic

  13. On a positive side of this move, I will say the timing was smart if they want to retain him on the PS. Just before most teams will be playing this week, which means to sign him most teams will need to make a roster move just before they play a game. Not impossible to believe will happen, but less likely than at the start of the week when teams are usually doing their roster evaluations.

    1. It’s been mentioned that he’s not available as a free agent for 48 hours , do there may be some time Sunday until Monday morning for a waiver claim.

  14. This is clearly a rebuild year. Too many unexpected loses and a joke of a coaching staff has us fighting for the first overall pick. It does nothing for this team to win 1-2 more games. It’s time to rebuild this entire roster. Balke will keep his job for one more year while the whole coaching staff will get the boot. Tomsula was Jed’s hire and I believe Balke wanted Gase. Look for Hue Jackson to be a front runner for the job. This team has some young talent on D plus Hyde to look forward too. It can be turned quick if done right. A lot of picks and money. Balke is capable of rebuilding a quality roster. He has done it before.

  15. Before I go full nutso on the owner of like to see him pick himself and the franchise up off the floor after this horrendous mistake.

    He had one offseason to account for firing the best coach he’s ever had and this franchise has had in years.
    Nobody expected the retirements and losses of key players.
    His hire this offseason was atrocious and he still has this offseason coming up to change it.
    If he doesn’t then I will go full ham!
    I’m not making excuses for his stupidity, I’m wondering how he will come back from adversity. This next offseason will be the final say in whether it’s about money or truly wanting to win. To be determined!!!

  16. Hayne was the bright promise who needed more time on the field to earn his stripes. This year would have been perfect to break him in.
    Dorky decision unless they can sign him to the PS,
    maybe the Rams will pick him up……..

  17. I blame Gwant. He’s been death-riding the Hayne Plane from the get go.

    The Hayne Plane will soar like an eagle if he gets a start somewhere else.

  18. I could see either the Patriots or Bills giving Hayne a shot. Now I’m not terribly familiar with those two teams’s rosters so maybe they don’t have the body to sacrifice but if they do both have terrible kick return games that would suffer nothing from giving Hayne a shot back there.

    1. Grimey,

      Wasn’t Curry soooo lucky to win the MVP? i like James Hardin, but he made himself look like an idiot. 0-4 regular season against the W’s, smoked in the WCF, and now blown out, in Houston, without Bogut. Uh, James, shut up. Wait, on second thought, STFU.

      Curry, Thompson, Green, Barnes, and Ezeli should all be improved this year. And all of the “lucky to win” talk should keep them motivated.

      1. Awesome points! A ex golfer , doesn’t the ownership and management of the niners resemble cartoon characters compared to the Warriors organization ! That is what has me the most concerned! Basketball life happy! Football life not so much!

        1. Very true.

          I have the feeling York looked at Warriors, thought that’s how he would like the 49ers to run, and decided get rid of JH (hard to get along with), and hire JT (easy to get along with).

          What he missed is that the W’s FO gets along AND are all confident, opinionated, people, who end up in the same page after thou roughly analyzing and discussing (sometimes arguing over) every move.

          The competent part is a big thing to miss, Jed.

  19. Peeking in on the Memphis Tulane game. Paxton Lynch is surprisingly athletic. If his receivers could hang onto the ball it would be a blowout. Trouble comparing Lynch to Goff is level of competition. Be nice to see Lynch vs a top team.

    So far… cannon arm. Also throws a nice touch pass and screens. Surprisingly athletic. Ran up the middle of the Tulane defense for 20+ yards.

    1. I don’t think any of the QBs (Cook, Goff or Lynch) are that great a prospect to be a slam dunk #1 overall pick. They each have their positives and negatives.

      Carson Wentz could be an interesting guy to keep tabs on for a team that misses out on the Cook/ Goff/ Lynch sweepstakes. And some team will be willing to gamble on Cardale Jones’ upside if he comes out. Brissett has a live arm and could end up going quite high too.

      For teams that like traditional drop back passers, Hackenberg could be attractive despite having some struggles the past couple of years behind a leaky OL.

      There are a few QBs in the upcoming draft worth keeping in mind, and I don’t think the 49ers should rule out going a different direction than QB in round 1 when they have so many other holes.

      1. “I don’t think any of the QBs (Cook, Goff or Lynch) are that great a prospect to be a slam dunk #1 overall pick. They each have their positives and negatives.”

        That’s my take. They have alot of good “traits”, but none are sure thing.

        These wide open college offenses can make quarterbacks look like they’re quickly diagnosing defenses, but are really running a paint-by-numbers rhythm passing schemes.

        It would be nice if there was a quarterback drill (test?) to determine how quickly he diagnoses defenses after snap.

      2. Gunner Keil was on fire today, albeit against a bad UCF team. Right now I’m watching the Notre Dame/Temple game….

        1. Yeah, he’s a guy that plays sport for the love and challenge of it, not the glory. Classy act to give his trophy to a young fan. Hopefully he’ll switch back to league again now the world cup is done.

      3. Scooter: don’t worry about the QB the Niners will take next year…at this rate they will be picking in the top 3 for the next few years. They’ll have a shot at Goff next year, Stanford Christ’ the following year, and UCLA’s Rosen the year after…one of those has to pan out, just ask the Redskins.

  20. I thought it would be a great accomplishment if Hayne made the practice squad. That’s what I expected in early training camp. My only worry is if another team snags him during waivers.

    I can’t say if the Hayne release is a win now move. It’s possible Hayne wasn’t picking up blocking (with a quarterback that has a huge injury guarantee), or maybe one (or more) of Bush, Ellington, White or Gaskins was looking really good in practices.

    Possible signs the 49ers have given up on the season… trades of productive players. Liberal substitutions that are clearly for getting a look at certain players… like a 7 or 8 game preseason.

  21. 9ers so far from “build a winner…they seem like whatever required to “suck a wiener”…do not ever set foot in levi’s until this sad crew zips it up is all we can do

  22. 49ers never develop skill players, it’s a joke the way they don’t coach anyone up . A player leaves the 49ers and becomes better overnight. Watch what Hayne does with real coaching

  23. Loving the entertainment value the Hayne Plane story delivers.

    What’s fascinating now is that there are people who have been very down on Hayne who are seemingly nervous that he may fly the coop.

    They would never admit to that of course but you can perceive it in some of the comments that have been made (not so much here).

    I’d like to see Hayne get a start elsewhere just to watch the reaction.

  24. Draft plan:
    1- draft real solid average players
    2- draft clearly awesome players who have been brutally injured and ignore medical science and assume they will be awesome again

    Ownership plan:
    1-get some people with MBAs from good schools and try to run team like tech startup.
    2-get a crappy stadium built
    3-break-up with your top 7 coach like a junior high school girl
    4-burn all of his stuff with your one other girlfriend (aka general manager)
    5-start dating your unattrractive and of below average intelligence friend who has a good personality. Surround her with girls that other people once thought were special but quickly realized they weren’t and hope that they can make her special too like they once almost were

    Plan to save face after all this:
    Cut the Australian guy (the only thing bringing good karma your way)

    I planned all my grammatical errors and run-on sentences.

  25. Man have they got Hayne wrong. They do not have a clue how to use his skill set. All Hayne needed was playing time to show them what he can really do. This week would have been perfect for them to do so with Hyde being injured. But no these clowns get it wrong again.What a sorry state this once great team is in. If Hayne does go to another team, he will certainly have the motivation to show the clowns how stupid they really are.

  26. While all this dysfunction and buffoonery is really sad, there’re some interesting aspects from the people side. I believe Jed really wants to be liked–aches to be liked. He’d never be confused with a 35 year old Navy Seal Master Chief. Jed prefers to have warm harmony surrounding him and his inner circle–laced with hope and positive thoughts. He knows zip about football (same for his dad) and relies 100% on a so-so Parcells wonk. How (further) embarrassed will he be when Super Bowl 50 goes down in his backyard and his beloved team is absent (and thoroughly humiliated after a crap season)? Maybe he’ll grow up some, maybe be a better lead executive in another 5-10 years. Maybe. Barring a personal transformation of gargantuan proportions, it’s gonna be a long haul for us. Long…

  27. Wow, this is what is wrong with the 49ers front office. Their playoff hopes are over, so what do they do? Cut a player who the fan base is actually excited about, who’s jersey was a top seller, because they signed an injury prone RB in the offseason as a back up and surprise, he can’t stay healthy! Should have cut Bush and let the Hayne Plane fly and create some excitement. Bush is washed up! Pretty likely another team with a dismal season will pick him up to generate some buzz. So excited to see what Kendall Gaskins can bring to the table…

    1. Similar to the points I made so snakily yesterday.
      One thing though, when MM writes that Jed probably already has a plan, I’m not so sure. Yes, when he tweeted last Thanksgiving he did know that JH was gone; I’d guess he knew that in July 2014, but the coach search charade was such a cluster**** that it seems he didn’t have a cogent plan for succession recruitment. Shouldn’t you look before you leap?
      The HC job here lost its luster last year. The brand is further diminished now, the working environment suspect, and any co-ordinator, HC and GM positions harder to fill with top talent.

  28. Matt Maiocco is Jed’s little parrot. He had access to Jed after practice, but threw softball questions. I wonder how Maiocco conveniently ended up in that situation instead of Tim Kawakami, for example.

    1. It’s not that simple if you start burning these guys with tough questions they will never talk to you. Journalists have to balance between asking good questions and keeping a positive relationship with that individual so they will want to talk with them.

    2. That’s one way to look at it, Nick. Another way is that maybe Jed learned something from talking/tweeting too much during last season. However, that doesn’t absolve him from all of his other errors. But, like many of us have been saying, the odds that the Yorks sell the 49ers is infinitesimally small. So, I’m hoping he’s learning something about being a decent owner (hope springs eternal).

  29. I’ve been checking PFT and twitter all morning for news of Hayne being signed elsewhere. So far no news is good news. Hope he makes it to the PS.

        1. I think you’re both right. Normally it is 24 hours, but it appears that if the 24 hours runs into a Sunday, then the time frame to file a claim is extended to 48 hours.

  30. Geez if the team was actually in a place to contend they could go sign Alex Mack from the Browns but at this point why bother?

    1. I expect the Ravens, which are a well run organization, will probably take advantage of some of these offensive lineman being offered up.

      1. Joe Thomas 5 years ago would have been worth trading for, the Browns waited too long to give him. Mingo is a Dorsey story. Busted out as a pass rusher but is decent for stuffing the run, sounds like what we already have in spades on this team.

  31. Outside of the Colts the Lions are the biggest surprise dud team this year. Like us they totally imploded but unlike us they were supposed to be poised to have a good year.

  32. I somehow don’t think that the 49ers are going to be in the trading business before the deadline. Baalke seems to think that until the team is mathematically eliminated that you should continue with your plan and expect it to succeed. Having a fire sale tells the world that you are giving up on the season which is also, for a GM, a way of saying I failed to create a winning team this year. Baalke’s ego will never allow him to be cast in such a light. Trading away Bolding and Davis and the 20 others players the team should offer up would only bring on the kind of questions that Baalke doesn’t want to have to answer about the condition of the team and the quality of players he’s been putting on it.

    Don’t expect any trade deadline trades unless a team is offering up something ridiculous.

    1. Seb, Jed didn’t cut Hayne. Jed doesn’t make player decisions. The decision to cut Hayne came from Baalke(99%) and Tomsula(1%).

  33. If Jed wants to be held accountable, he should accept blame for when things go wrong. Trent serves at the pleasure of the owner, so the owner is responsible for the underlings failures.
    I agree, Baalke is looking stupider and stupider by the moment. He waives Hayne, then Bush gets injured again, Davis had negative yards before getting hurt and Gaskins looks like a practice squad player.
    Actually, I would put the most blame on the ST coach Thomas McGaughey, since he threw Hayne under the bus.
    Jed should act with class, and not tell a player he is cut while on the team bus.

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