49ers cut Tolzien and four others

The 49ers cut Scott Tolzien, Al Netter, D.J. Harper, Joe Holland and Colton Schmidt Monday afternoon. The 49ers must cut 10 more players before 1:00 p.m. Tuesday. Stay tuned

The 49ers open their locker room fromk 4:45 to 5:45 this afternoon. Stay tuned for that as well.

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  1. I will miss Tolzien’s Hardwork, Hope he gets another opportunity. Anythoughts on the next 10 who will be let go. Hopefully some of the more valuable back ups can be traded for future picks.

    1. Here are 10 possibles:

      Marcus Cooper, CB
      Lamar Divens, DL
      Lavelle Hawkins, WR
      Travis Johnson, LB
      Patrick Omameh, OL
      Mike Purcell, DL
      Jason Schepler, FB
      Kassim Osgood, WR
      Wayne Tribue, OL
      Jewel Hampton, RB

      1. I like Hawkins more than I like K. Williams. He’s an inch taller, a better returner and has a chip on his shoulder. Oh, and he hasn’t fumbled a punt in a championship game…
        This argument would be a lot better if he’d of just kept his helmet on but he’s 7 years in the league and finally made a highlight. I’ll cut him a little slack.

      2. Though Jack may be right about keeping a couple of the OL around for the last game until the final cuts. I could see this if they don’t really plan to use the #1′s much.

      3. saying hawkins over williams is absolutely insane. as a receiver williams is great. the only knock on him is the concussions, but you didn’t even mention them. who cares about dropped punts when he had like 0 practice going into that game

      4. I’ll be surprised if Osgood is sent packing. 3-time pro-bowl special teams player. If they keep 6 WR’s, I’m guessing he’s the 6th.

      5. Paul, but the last time Osgood made the PB was in 2009. If he really offered something as a WR, then maybe. But he doesn’t and I think the 49ers would rather go with a younger player that could contribute on more than ST.

    2. Good list Spaceborn, here’s mine:

      L. Hawkins
      L. Divens
      T. Johnson
      P. Omameh
      M. Purcell
      J. Schepler
      C. Jacobs
      K. Osgoode
      L. Okoye
      K. McDermott

      1. Omameh is not getting cut tomorrow. He is the 2nd RT off the bench right now, and with the starters likely to play very little on Thursday they need him.

        The 2nd team OL guys that will make this round are Omameh, Tribue, Wiggins, Bykowski, Kilgore, Looney and Snyder. Those last 3 will end up on the active roster. Look more towards the WR’s and DB’s for your cuts.

      2. I have 3 WR’s being cut Jack. I suppose they could cut Morris instead of Omameh for the reason you stated. Either way it’s just putting off the inevitable.

      1. Matt …. pocket passer? WCS? Their system? Do you think if the ‘hawks claim Tolzy off waivers, they’re looking for the “perfect fit”? Pshhh. Child please. They want the precious!! They’re gonna sign him, take him to the best, most exstravagant restaurant in Seattle and as they pour him another glass of Romanée-Conti, Grand Cru, Domaine Romanée Conti 1923, they’ll remind him how he’s the next Tom Brady. Then be like …… So. You said the 9ers tend to go with the read option … when??? What was that you said, again, Tom IMEAN …. Scott?

      2. Seattle had no problem beating SF. To waste the energy is reminiscent of the 49ers picking up a Detroit Lions QB cast away so they can learn Schwartz’s tendencies and how to beat megatron. It’s laughable at best.
        Oh, and Tolzien has thus far cleared waivers. There goes that ideare. Of course he has a little more time before he’s completely cleared, but Seattle didn’t jump as you suggested.

      3. Easy, haha! I didn’t suggest they’d jump. Good ol’ elGuapo was just being facetious … **ahem** … I mean, fecal. And besides, I said IF!!!! IIIIIIF!!! They did. And your example doesn’t fit, dood. Who cares about Megatron? Not a division rival. The hawks, even the rams, and cards for that matter, would love to pick the brain of a player that knows our system fairly well. (Captain Kirk’s voice) That’s … in all actuality … what … I was …. suggesting, MISTER!!!

  2. Isn’t good the Niners are having the problem of having to cut players who can play in the league as compared to a few years ago when they had to keep players who couldn’t play in the NFL.

  3. But Tolzien is good enough to start for at least 16 of the 32 teams! We should have got AT LEAST a first round pick for him! We’re going to pay for this! Just like we paid for letting MVP Kory Sheets go a few years back!

    1. Heh, heh. Last two preseasons, many fans were using superlatives to describe Tolzein’s perceived potential. The primary problem with Tolzein is not his lack of mobility and arm strength, it’s that he doesn’t seem to process information fast enough to play at NFL speed. He’s a solid college QB who may be a good coach. I think of Tolzein as a lesser version of Bill Musgrave, understands the game well, but not NFL QB material.

    1. Interesting list from Branch. I see them keeping 5 WR’s instead of 6, so I’d put Robinson and Ventrone on the list instead of Osgoode and Cooper but I could see it going this way too.

    2. Rocket, funny (at least to me) that he has the 49ers keeping Osgood as the 6th WR because of his value as an ST ace (though having no real value as a WR), but then has Ventrone getting cut because his only value is as an ST ace, with no value as a safety.

      Cooper doesn’t need to be on the 53. He can be developed on the PS this season and be given a shot next year. If you are going to keep 10 DB’s, I would think you keep Robinson for depth and ST.

    3. That’s pretty much how I see it Space. I can’t see them going that light at Safety and Ventrone has a history with Seely.

  4. I might get crap for this but watching the game again an watching what Looney did. I wouldn’t mind seeing him packing. That was a cheap hit that shouldn’t have been made. We aren’t the raiders. I will never have respect for him.

    1. I think I’m with you on that one. Adam Snyder’s versatility makes Looney expendable. Adam Snyder isn’t awful, he’s just not starter quality (at least on this team). Send Looney packing and open up a spot to keep some other talent that we want to develop. However, Looney is the only young OL other than Kilgore that we have developing behind our guys, so he probably won’t get axed unless he crossed an line integrity that JH finds unforgivable. We’ll see!

    1. EB: RB Frank Gore indicated #49ers would be facing Parys Haralson this season: “Go easy on me,” Gore said, smiling, to Haralson

  5. We wouldn’t be in this situation if we had cut Tolling based on his performance in the preseason last year instead of cutting Josh Johnson. Josh would be the backup here and he would be the perfect fit for this offense. He certainly would be better than what we have here now.

    1. And Kaepernick is not the answer, right? That’s what else you said last year. You wanted Josh over Alex and Colin.

    2. I actually agree. We should have kept JJ instead. The issue is we were running a watered down version of Harbaugh’s offense with Smith at the time. Meaning Tolzien was a better fit then. With the cutting of Tolzien and in keeping Daniels, Harbaugh has shown a commitment to continue on with mobility behind center.

      why be a douche?

      1. I eagerly await the explanation of how last year’s offense was a watered down version of Harbaugh’s offense.

      2. Oh Claude,
        first off don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t say the offense was different last year, I said the offense was watered down while it was being run by Smith. Second, the writing is on the wall in terms of skill sets that Harbaugh is looking for in his QB, especially with his interest in Daniels.

      3. first off don’t put words in my mouth

        I did nothing of the sort. I used your words exactly. You wrote:

        The issue is we were running a watered down version of Harbaugh’s offense with Smith at the time.

        I responded with:

        I eagerly await the explanation of how last year’s offense was a watered down version of Harbaugh’s offense

        Now that we have dispensed with the b/s attempted deflection, perhaps you can go ahead and explain how the offense was watered down with Smith under center.

      4. Well its true Bay, keeping Johnson was a bad idea. Although he has the physical tools, its clear since his inception into the league that he has failed to manage a game and read complex offenses. Why do you think TB, the 49ers dumped him, and now in a 3rd position backup in CIN?

        I know you and 23 welcher have a history but you cannot defend the facts that Johnson even though and Harbaugh guy, was not intelligent enough for Roman’s offense.
        As for being a douche, how so? The truth clouding your judgement or is the name calling your way to look smart or stupid, which one?

      5. If Josh Johnson is the answer, I don’t want to know the question. His history in the NFL shows he’s a borderline NFL caliber player and I would not feel good about him as the backup. If he winds up as the backup in Cincy, they’d better start sending Dalton out there wrapped in a mattress, because their season is over if he gets hurt.

      6. The offense under Smith is was a safer version of what we are witnessing now in terms of yards per attempt. While Kaep isn’t chucking it 50 yards down field, he is fitting the ball in tight windows for 15 – 20 yards a pop.

        Harbaugh also likes deception. He achieves this through a variation of sets and formations. To fully execute some of the plays, especially out of the pistol, he requires his QB to be athletic.

        As for JJ, he may have failed in the offenses that he played in so far. That doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have succeeded here. At least in my opinion, he looked very sharp and outplayed Tolzien last year in the preseason.

      7. Grant,

        I like Lynch too. Fun guy to watch. Next years QB class has a chance to be one of the best since 83 imo.

        1. Miller is better than Lynch. I like Miller a lot.

          But Tajh Boyd may be even better than Miller. Boyd looks like a bigger Russell Wilson to me.

      8. Bay:

        Thanks for answering the question. While I agree with you that Kaepernick throws the ball farther downfield than Smith, (1) I don’t believe the difference is as great as you think, and (2) I don’t think that fact changed Harbaugh’s offense in any significant way. I think the 2013 offense is not going to be significantly different from the 2011/2012 offenses or the offenses Harbaugh ran at Stanford. Also, while he is of course not in Kaepernick’s class (who is?), Smith has demonstrated plenty of athleticism. Let’s put it this way, he’s not unathletic.

        As for Harbaugh’s decision to keep Tolzien over Johnson, who am I to argue with it? Obviously, Johnson didn’t show him what he was looking for.

      9. True Grant, but Miller looks like a slightly smaller version of Kaep to me. He has a gun for an arm, swift feet, and can take a hit but still keep on going.

      10. Is Miller eligible this year? I thought he was a Sophomore?

        Either way with the Morris kid in Miami, McCarron, Fales, Manziel and Murray added to Bridgewater and Boyd, this is going to be one helluva QB class potentially. Not to mention the later round sleepers like Lynch, Price and Pachall.

      11. My bad Miller is a Jr. which just adds to the bevy of QB’s in this class potentially. A couple may stay in school due to the glut of prospects potentially.

        1. I see why you’d say that. Lynch is a powerful and prolific runner like Tebow was. But Look more carefully at Lynch’s throwing mechanics, arm strength, accuracy and footwork in the pocket. That’s what sets him apart from Tebow, Manziel and Colin Klein. Tebow and Klein have horrible mechanics and no accuracy. Manziel always tries to improvise and his arm isn’t that strong. I think the only thing Lynch lacks is height.

      1. We all remember Josh Johnson outplaying Tolzien last preseason. He is the backup in Cinch, not the 3rd stringer. He could run this offense a hell of a lot better than McCoy.

      2. Maybe in one game where he chucked it up a couple times down field, but for the most part, he could not grasp the complexity of Greg Romans offense.
        Physical talent alone gets you a 3rd string position, to be a #2 or #1, you need a brain, something that allows you to make quick, confident decisions within fractions of a second. Probably the only reason Tolzien stuck around last year, because he was smart. Coaches want that more than a big arm, fast legs.
        Johnson has failed to do this since Tampa Bay, now working on his third NFL team. What does that tell you?

      3. JJ looks good this summer and will be Cinci’s #2. If he had played last summer like he did this summer, as in with consistency and urgency, then he would’ve been the one they kept. And Baalke still probably would’ve made the play for McCoy in the off season.

      4. He beat Tolling out and still got cut. FDM where did you read that Josh couldn’t read a playboy or couldn’t process plays in the NFL?? I’m sure all of you saw the San Dingo persuasion game last year. He may not be starter material but I sure wish he were the backup on this team. We don’t have one. We have to pray that Kap doesn’t get hurt. Our season is over if he does. All we have is a couple of bargain basement backups!

      5. Brotha, he did look this good last summer. You obviously didn’t watch the games. With the exception of a couple of overthrown deep balls, he outplayed the infamous Tolzien hands down. Its water under the bridge now. Just hope it doesn’t bite us in the butt.

      1. Rogers is a very raw and undisciplined player that a team like the Bills can’t afford to take the time and develop on their practice squad. Our team can however what with the sudden impressive depth that we have at the WR position.

      2. Roto blurb said he was running with the 4th team offense; not impressive on the field; apparently worse off.
        Everybody probably heard the RayDuhs cut Josh Cribbs. Bengals waived/injured Nathan Palmer.

      3. Grant

        You’re awesome. You know that. I can see your head from my office here in San Francisco!

        Jokes aside, the Niners should sign this guy right away.

      4. For those of you saying the 49ers should take a look at Rogers, I have one question. Why?

        From these clips he is playing primarily in the slot. The 49ers already have 2 guys that can play there and one of them is a rookie who played pretty well with the first team offense on Sunday night.

        He is rarely challenged at the LOS, and to me looks like a bigger version of AJ Jenkins.

        1. That’s true, he was most effective in the slot, but he dominated Mathieu. And there is no way Jenkins could have put up 1,000 yards and 9 touchdowns as a sophomore in the SEC.

      5. You basically just proved my point Hammer. The team has enough depth to sign him onto the practice squad and work on developing him.

      6. I’ve been reading on him. He’s strong and quick and agile with good RAC, but he ran a 4.5 Combine 40. College negatives were failed drug tests at Tenn but he then passed 10 at TennTech. But he’s accused of quitting on routes when he gets bored and not being a worker. Nobody drafted him, nobody. Bills ain’t exactly the Falcons at WR, and he was stuck with the #4s and then cut. Not sure how bad we need him.

      7. “That’s true, he was most effective in the slot, but he dominated Mathieu.”

        When did 2 catches become dominant? What your link and you will notice that he is only targeted 3 times with Mathieu in coverage. He does a nice you of beating him inside against tight coverage from the slot, and again from the slot a bit later when Mathieu gives him a 10 yard cushion. On the other target when lined up outside, Mathieu reads the route and breaks up the pass.

        That’s not my definition of dominant.

        In that same game he doesn’t even make an attempt to make a play on a deep ball that is intercepted as he watches the DB make the play.

      8. Rogers issues off the field probably keep him from being a target for the Niners. Lots of talent but he doesn’t seem to have any common sense.

    1. A little surprised by the D.Rodgers cut. I had him in one of my pre-draft mocks.
      I felt that he had the size and talent to be a viable NFL player, but the speed of the NFL can present some overwhelming problems sometimes.

      Also, he was kicked off the Tennessee team for off-field issues, so there could be some maturity issues there as well.

      In any case, I would not want him on our team since Baldwin gives us the same measurables.

    1. Thanks for that one. I understand why it was discontinued, but I miss the “Jacked Him Up!” segment from Monday Night Countdown.

    2. It looked like Bowman flew through the same gap behind Justin. And I love how nonchalantly Justin brushed off the LT.

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