49ers divisional playoff grades: Kaepernick

SAN FRANCISCO – The 49ers massacred the Packers 45-31 on Saturday night. Here is the grade for Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick: A+. That was the best performance I’ve ever seen by a quarterback.

He accounted for 444 total yards and four touchdowns. He is the most physically gifted quarterback in the NFL right now.

He owned the game. The Packers couldn’t do anything with him.

The performance reminded me of the time Vince Young completely took over the Rose Bowl against USC. But that was college. This was the pros.

Kaepernick was the best quarterback in the game and the best athlete on the field. He did make two mistakes, but he immediately made up for them. He led an 80-yard touchdown drive after his pick-six, and he threw a touchdown on second and six from the Packers’ 20 yard line two plays after committing a 15-yard taunting penalty.

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