49ers @ Dolphins live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week-12 road game against the Miami Dolphins. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

8:33 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • OLB Aaron Lynch
  • DT Quinton Dial
  • QB Christian Ponder
  • RB Mike Davis
  • DB Marcus Cromartie
  • TE Je’Ron Hamm
  • OL John Theus

8:36 Here are the Dolphins’ inactives:

  • C Mike Pouncey
  • OL Laremy Tunsil
  • T Branden Albert
  • CB Xavien Howard
  • CB Jordan Lucas
  • TE Thomas Duarte
  • DT Leon Orr

8:45 Chasing history: The 49ers are making at run at the title of worst team in franchise history. Here’s where they currently stack up in terms of point differential.

  • The 1963 49ers got outscored by 13.8 points per game.
  • The 2004 49ers got outscored by 12.1 points per game.
  • The 2005 49ers got outscored by 11.8 points per game.
  • The 2016 49ers are getting outscored by 10.9 points per game.

8:50 The 49ers have been outscored by 15.2 points per game since Week 2. Give them credit — they’re doing what they have to do to set the record.

8:54 This week’s famous quote in 49ers history comes for Jed York who, on December 29, 2014 said, “It’s up to us to make sure we compete for and win Super Bowls. That’s our only goal. We don’t raise division championship banners. We don’t raise NFC Championship banners. We raise Super Bowl banners. And whenever we don’t deliver that, I hope that you will hold me directly responsible and accountable for it. And we look forward to getting this thing back on track.”

Good going, Jed.

9:03 On Friday, I wrote Chip Kelly could re-sign this weekend and return to Eugene if Oregon loses the Civil War and fires head coach Mark Helfrich.

Step 1 happened yesterday — Oregon lost to Oregon State 34-24.

And step 2 could happen soon, according to USA Today.

9:58 In case you’re wondering, the 49ers’ defense is giving up 37.8 points per game on the road this season.

10:02 The Dolphins will receive the opening kickoff.

10:02 After a holding penalty on the kickoff, the Dolphins start from their 13-yard line. And after an incomplete pass over the middle on third-and-3, the Dolphins go three-and-out.

10:14 On second-and-10 from the 12, Colin Kaepernick throws a touchdown pass to Carlos Hyde. 7-0 Niners. The Dolphins seemed totally unprepared for the 49ers’ tempo and scheme on that drive. Twice they crashed down on the running back and let Kaepernick keep the ball for big gains on the zone-read. Bad coaching. Let’s see how long it takes Miami to adjust.

10:23 Ryan Tannehill completes a 6-yard pass to Damien Williams on third-and-15, and the Dolphins punt near midfield. Jeremy Kerley makes a fair catch at the Niners’ 19. Ryan Tannehill is playing scared even though the 49ers haven’t touched him.

10:31 On third-and-21, Kaepernick hands off to Hyde who gains six yards up the middle. The Niners committed two penalties on that drive. Dolphins’ ball at their 9-yard line after a 59-yard punt by Bradley Pinion.

10:37 DeVante Parker beats Tramaine Brock with a post route for a 46-yard catch on third-and-7. Dolphins face third-and-11 from the Niners’ 43 when the second quarter starts.

10:42 Jimmie Ward gives up a 14-yard catch to Jarvis Landry on third-and-11. Two plays later, Brock gives up a 14-yard catch to Kenny Stills. Next play, Rashard Robinson gives up a 10-yard touchdown catch to DeVante Parker, but the play is under review.

10:46 The officials reverse their call. Incomplete pass. Parker got only one foot in bounds.

10:48 Tannehill completes an 8-yard pass to Landry on second-and-goal from the 10. And on third-and-goal from the 2, Jay Ajayi receives a pitch and runs around the left side for a touchdown. 7-7. That was a 91-yard touchdown drive, and Tramaine Brock gave up 60 of those yards. Why is he playing?

10:55 Kaepernick completes a pass over the middle to Garrett Celek and he fumbles. Dolphins recover at their 16.

11:09 On first-and-20 from the 49ers’ 23, Jimmie Ward gives up a 7-yard catch to DeVante Parker. Next play, Ward gives up a touchdown catch Dion Sims. 14-7 Dolphins. Ward is not a corner — he’s a safety. The Niners are playing him out of position.

11:15 As I said on Tuesday, this should be the 49ers’ secondary:
LCB: Rashard Robinson
RCB: Dontae Johnson
FS: Jimmie Ward
SS: Jaquiski Tartt

11:19 Kaepernick almost throws a pick-6 on third-and-9. Instead, the pass bounces off the hands of Bacarri Rambo and falls incomplete.

11:24 The Dolphins let the clock run out after Nick Bellore sacks Tannehill for a loss of 13.

11:39 Kaepernick throws an interception on the first play of the second half. The pass went through Torrey Smith’s hands.

11:43 Kenny Still beats Brock with a deep comeback route, but lets the bounce off his chest. The Dolphins make a 24-yard field goal two plays later. 17-7 Miami.

11:46 JaCorey Shepard returns the kickoff all the way to the 49ers’ 9.

11:52 Kaepernick throws a touchdown pass to Celek on third-and-3 from the 4. 17-14 Miami. That was a 91-yard drive.

11:55 Kenyan Drake returns the kickoff 78 yards to the 49ers’ 24.

11:57 Ronald Blair sacks Tannehill for a loss of 9 on third-and-12 from the Niners’ 26. That knocked the Dolphins out of field-goal range. Great series by the 49ers’ defense. Terrible play by Tannehill.

12:00 The punt bounces into the end zone.

12:04 Kaepernick throws a 2-yard pass to Rod Streater on third-and-13, and the Niners go three-and-out. Dolphins’ ball at their 39 after the punt return.

12:05 Quinton Patton is out with a concussion.

12:15 Antoine Bethea gives up a 43-yard touchdown catch to Kenny Stills on third-and-3. 24-14 Miami.

12:19 On third-and-3, Cameron Wake beats Trent Brown to the outside and sacks Colin Kaepernick. Niners go three-and-out as the third quarter ends. First-and-10 for the Dolphins from their 33.

12:27 Leonte Caroo beats Jimmie Ward for a 15-yard touchdown catch on second-and-12. Ward is having an awful game, mostly because he’s not a cornerback. He’s a safety playing cornerback, as I’ve said since the 49ers drafted him.

12:39 Kaepernick throws a 35-yard pass to Vance McDonald over the middle. Three plays later, Kaepernick throws a 1-yard touchdown pass to Torrey Smith. 31-21 Miami.

12:47 Dolphins go three-and-out. Niners’ ball at their 20 with 5:51 left after the punt.

1:01 Dawson makes a 36-yard field goal with 2:15 left. 31-24 Miami.

1:02 Dolphins will start from their 14.

1:08 Dolphins go three-and-out again. Niners’ ball at their 37 with 1:44 and one timeout remaining after the punt.

1:13 The Niners call their final timeout with 50 seconds left facing fourth-and-11 from their 37.

1:14 Kaepernick hits Torrey Smith for 17.

1:22 Kaepernick scrambles for four yards on second-and-goal from the 6, and the game ends. 49ers lose 31-24. Stay tuned for grades.

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    1. I like players that don’t get injured!

      Man, the Dolphins whole offensive line is injured. Maybe I should rethink starting Ajayi….

        1. SHEESH this place is full of “WE” queens! The Niners machine is a jalape running with cheap used spare parts.
          The first round draft pick should be traded to get more picks since the “machine” needs a lot of “new” spare parts.
          On another galaxy there is a so called journalist that does his best to downplay Colin Kaepernick.
          On that same galaxy there are a couple of “trolls” should I say “WE” queens that are very arrogant claiming to know everything NFL related NOT to mention their condescending attitude towards other members.

      1. Grant

        This is your best Live Blog to date. Enough, but not too much, snark, with a lot of bigger picture stuff mixed in. I also happen to agree with you about Ward. Also, Bethea is not a safety, he’s a not even an NFL player anymore.

        I personally think Ward can be Earl Thomas lite, and said so when they drafted him. Streater seemed to be an adequate replacement for Patton. Why is Burbridge not playing more? And Draughn has been criminally mishandled this season until this game.

        I really hate Trent Baalke.

  1. Jed York:

    “It’s up to us to make sure we compete for and win Super Bowls,” York said. “That’s our only goal. We don’t raise division championship banners, we don’t raise NFC Championship banners. We raise Super Bowl banners. And whenever we don’t deliver that, I hope that you will hold me directly responsible and accountable for it. And we look forward to getting this thing back on track.”

    Let’s fulfill his hope.

      1. At the end of the season, when he holds his press conference, please consider reading back that quote to him and then ask him the tough follow-on questions.

        Did you ever watch the original Star Trek? There were episodes where they would outlogic computers and robots/androids and then smoke would start pouring out of the computer or android/robot and it would eventually blow up. Using the quote as a starting point, see if you can implode York.

  2. Will Niners QB find the many open receivers and throw the ball accurately.
    Will the receivers catch the ball
    Will Hyde square his shoulders and run downhill and block when needed
    Will the center snap the ball accurately
    Will the punter punt.
    Will the real McDonald please show up
    Will the OL open up holes

    Will the special teams become special

    Will the defense show up. Not sure if we even have a defense.

          1. Cassie, i have said since before preseason that Chip should make it competitive.

            Flip a coin, the winner starts until he fails to score, then the other gets to play until he stops scoring.

            It would reward success.

    1. Compare the 49ers “WRs” corps to other great NFL teams>>>= poor at best and that is too polite. Despite ALL that against a very good defensive team Kaep put-up 94.1 PR. The Niners OL is NOT like the Dallas Cowboys arguably the NFL best.
      Build an OL like that one and add a TE and a WR like they have and you will definitely see a lot more points on the score card.

      1. I see a very close game today! Dolphins missing 3/5 of there starting Oline. Niners could win today. With that said Dolphins 24-21…

      2. Sorry, Prime, like your supposed fair bet that Kaep would win the starting job or not, when Baalke did everything in his power to help Gabbert, you are asking me to bet on a 1-9 team.

        If you had not noticed, Ajayi has run for 200 yards twice this year.

      3. Prime,
        These are the type of games we win. Seasons over, so now they win a few meaningless games to show they care. Then get a draft pick in the 8-12 range and miss out on the big difference makers.

      1. Miami wins 30-14. Kap goes 10 for 11 in 1st half then 4 for 12 and throws 2 picks today.
        Sorry faithful, no faith in this team right now, especially the run defense and QB and coach!

              1. Fit this into your smallish head… I was a both a 9er and Raider fan from the late 60s through early 80s, then pretty much 9ers since. I’m a fan of Bay Area football. Saw many classic 9er games in person, as well as Raider games.

    1. There’s a cloud of gloom hanging over the stadium, the team, the fans and this blog. Snarls and snails and red zone fails. Harmonic divergence, surliness to be expected. It’s curable by winning, but that means it’s a chronic condition and a long illness to be expected. Ultimate prognosis unknown.
      Also, the blog has an infestation of vacuous repetitive babble that is annoying to all. There’s bound to be some friction.

      1. Jed York’s Cabana — Sung to Barry Manilow’s Copacabana…

        His name is Jed York, he is an ow-ner
        With short, thinning hair and an IQ down to there
        He disses girl scouts and stiffs at dinners
        And while he wants to be loved
        His mom treats him with kid gloves
        Across the country wide, they racked up profits high
        They were mom and son and they had each other
        Who could ask for more?

        At the home of (ho!) Jed York’s cabana (cabana!)
        In Los Altos Hills — Jed York’s ma-nna
        At the home of, (ho!) Jed York’s cabana (cabana!)
        Dumb dumb and cash-in were always the fashion
        In Los Altos… Jed gets his way…

    1. And thats the last td you’ll see today save for a garbage time one, from the niners. 17 pts is all one should expect.

      Once Miami adjusts at half, its a wrap.

  3. Man Vance “butterfingers” McDonald can get open but just can’t seem to consistently catch the ball smh That was a beautiful throw by Kaep.

      1. Yup, he started to run,was gang tackled and stripped. He should have fallen to the ground and the Niners would not have turned over the ball. They would have another first down.

  4. The second half scenario started playing out in the second quarter with Celek fumble. This sad sack team has no hope until they have serviceable personnel — from President down to wide receivers.

  5. 3rd and 9. 1:02 remaining in the half. Kap in shotgun, Dolphins blitzing, old wind up can’t get past 1st read, almost picked off. I’m done with him!
    We need a QB

  6. Wow, just wow.
    I’m trying to find players on this team that would start for other teams.
    This team is seriously talent deprived.

  7. I am hopeful, after the turnover, the defense stiffened and held them to a FG.

    Easy throw and catch. Glad it was Celek, he got redemption.

  8. Hate on as much on Comrade Kap and College-Coach Kelly as one may want to, but the primary problem with the Niners is not Kap or Kelly. It’s lousy personnel at too many levels to count.

  9. The loss of Dorsey really hit the D this year. It would be nice to see what the D would have been like TJE, Bowman and Dorsey on the field.

    1. I was watching the Chargers and Titans game. Now that the 49ers are waking up out there, I’ll stick around now and see how much they’ll lose by.

    1. I bet that it’s the old 3rd finger, eh buddy? I give him the double F salute each time he goes out there, and then pray NFL gives me another choice for a little while until the 49ers wake up.

  10. Aren’t Fans a little rough on Baake?

    His F/A pickup off the street a few weeks ago, WR Streeter, has more yards than any of his WR draft picks on the team–27 yards.

    Baalke know free agents.

    1. Some crazy site said Ward might start on the 49ers in 2017. Must be some National Enquirer article to predict the 2017 starters! They got it right on QB though, Kap should NOT return to the 49ers. If York has any business sense left in his small minded brain, he better NOT bring him back if he wants any FANS at his stadium.

  11. Wow this team is bad. Do you think it would be any better with Tomsula? He might not have been a good coach but the players liked him and played for him.
    There’s no sense of leadership with this squad. Colin has got to be the worst 2nd half QB in the history of the league. Teams figure him or the offense out and it’s over.

    Harbaugh was great, but while he may have turned around Michigan, he can’t get passed OSU, much like how the Niners maxed out and couldn’t get past Seattle.

    Oh well.

    1. That’s nothing, when the 49ers made a challenge replay call, Kelly acted like a 5 year old in winning the challenge. Then Miami kicked sand in his face.

      1. Not if they complete it for short passing and then run the ball for the 1st down. Not sure I want to try running the ball against a D too motivated to stop the run.

    1. Jed will put in all of the starters that most teams rest the last few weeks so he doesn’t have to pay out for the 1st pick….Garbage time wins–Jed Dejour.

  12. The thing that worries me is there is 7:42, 3 and out, that only takes off maybe 1:50, that’s too short a time. I’d try a short pass, run the ball on 2nd and 3 say.

  13. Great strategy by Chip Baalke!! Everyone on the field start dropping like flies so they have an excuse to be back next year! Jed will see the light! Brilliant!

    1. I love it for it means another loss by the 49ers baby. I wish FOx didn’t have the 7th rated broadcast crew, too much hope for the 49ers. Should’ve been on CBS.

        1. I’m in the Bay Area. Do you see the Bears game on in the Bay Area? Let me know where you’re at, Cubus. Stop defending the 1 and 10 team. I want Kap gone. I want Kap benched. I want Kelly fired. The whole game was a fraud.

      1. I would start Ponder. To put Kap in Chicago and he disrespects the country and his team will be a flagrant insult. Kap didn’t just dedicate his love to Castro, he BlASTED the fans for not watching NFL.

          1. Wilson, what kind of a 49er fan are you? Now if you are a fan that accepts what Mr. Kap has done to this team, YOU my friend have insulted EVERY SINGLE LEGEND of the 49ers. If you are a fan that cares for the legends we had including the coach, Eddie D, the WCO, and the 4-3, then you’re a 49er fan. Right now if you support what Kap has done, you are the LIBERAL 49er fan that cares for NOTHING of other QBs that can throw for 300 yards.

        1. He gets an F Razor because he hates our country and he worships Castro and blasted the fans for not watching NFL. Not only does Kap get an F, he’s labeled POS and I hope he gets his in Chicago.

    1. I agree. They really need to work on their hurry up offense. Kaep also needs to save Time Outs for the last 2 minutes of each half. Wasting that time out may have been the difference of the game.

      Never have been prouder of this team They played their guts out. I will even praise Bellore, He played very well.

      1. Need to prepare better. Then the strike at the proper moment will seize the day. That delay of penalty play may also have been the difference.

      2. Cassie, your prediction did not include a score. Mine was Niners 24-23. Got the Niner score right, but missed the Dolphin score by 8. Oh well…

  14. Munched at the second, I thought smith might have been interfered with but it was close! I wanted to beat gase but is that stud pass rusher a game changer? Need to draft high!

      1. Just like the refs missed on all the holding calls the 49ers were doing on the Oline. That’s how they protect Kap and get away with it.

    1. This game TICKS me off worse then the RECOUNT going around. Chicago better remember that game last year when their IDIOT K cost them that win. They really better remember that game. They better stay awake and they better practice hard, and stop treating Kap with kid gloves. you hit the MFer! Throw him in the Gaterade! SIck of this weekly BS from the 49ers. Go 1 and 15, for once in your freaking life, accomplish something by LOSING! Stop these phony wins from Mr. Kap because he’s NOT a passer!

  15. I am not a fan of Kaep and want the niners to move on but this loss was not on him. He was almost solely responsible for our offense this week.

  16. Some positive things to take away from this one. A full 4-quarter effort on the road against a winning team, a good performance from Kaepernick, and the defense played well down the stretch.

  17. What a game! But how poetic at the end. A running QB will never be good enough!
    Post the stats, the QBR, completion %. When your greatest skill as a QB is running the football, that’s a problem.

  18. Worse game ever by the 49ers. I look forward to seeing Kap GONE! No way any REAL 49er fans wants this POS back on the team next year. You get rid of him, you get rid of Gabert, get rid of POnder. You draft a QB. YOu get a FA Qb. I am glad Kap cost them the win. Now i hope he’s benched!

  19. Kaep gets #s during garbage time

    When needed at the end of the game he looks like the same qb 4 years ago in the sb

    Tentative on the goal line and making the wrong decision–just good enough to loose

  20. Coaching was deficient. They should have prepared the team enough to have plays called ahead of time, especially when they are trying to run the Hurry up offense.

    To me, it was maddeningly frustrating to see them waste so much time. I thought Chip was all about efficiency.

    1. Riiiiight? I know Kelly and the coaches kept yelling at Kaepernick to HURRY UP all day but not Kaep’s fault!! They should have used a mega phone!!

      1. Is that why they were yelling? You know with the helmet Kap wears and his long hair or wig whatever, it covers his ears. He couldn’t hear. He’s like the commercial of that kid with the big baseball helmet that can’t see running down the baseball line.

      2. The coaches should have trained and prepared Kaep better. Their coaching was deficient, and yelling on the side lines is too late. Kaep should never have had the prerogative to call a time out to avoid a delay of game penalty, because he should never have let it count down below 10 seconds.

        1. Oh I blame him just for starting the game and finishing the game and he thinks he’s great. I would put up 10,000 dollars of my own money for somebody to put him out. That’s what I would truly do for any team that can put him out.

            1. Razor, unlike you in liberal California, no blanket, no therapy dog or cat, no coloring book, no play dough. maybe you should try all these things after a 49er game when they lose. When they lose, I am happy because Jed York is a POS once again next to Kap and Kelly and Baalke and I hope they’re all GONE. I guarantee you razor if fans were allowed to vote for an NFL owner, Mr. York would’ve been GONE! Mr. York would’ve been RECALLED by now.

              1. I’m from Indiana dipstick. I have a 20lb male orange cat that goes by the name of Ron Weasley. I used to have a female Mastiff that went by the name of Fang, but he has since passed. I guarantee you deathrace5000, You sir don’t know your head from a hole in the ground!

            2. Razor,
              Darren is a Radiers fan and an ancient troll who has shown up on pretty much every major Niners blogs under various handles. Please do not feed him.

              1. I’m on Facebook and SFgate, don’t know what you’re talking about. Ping my computer IP then and show me I was on these sites.

    1. Well, Jack, this was a nail biter, not a blowout like many others predicted.

      Kaep almost won the game, and performed admirably.

      Now if only they can roll him out more, just like the Dolphins did with Tannehill……..

  21. The Niners should learn from this game. When confronted with a player like Devante Parker who will jump and make the catch, the DBs need to grab a leg and elevate it until it is out of bounds, thus negating the catch.

      1. The Niners should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half.

        Keap needs to be prepared better so he does not waste so much time, or time outs.

        Wasting that time out may have cost them the game.

        There you go, Cassie. Just want to remind you of another one.

  22. NFL needs to get rid of instant replay, the calls get worse and worse and nearly helped the 49ers win that game. Very poor way to help the 49ers.

  23. Grant, based on the post-game comments here, perhaps the blog should be temporarily renamed the “Blinded by hatred for Kaepernick” blog? Nary a sound critique by the commenters in here on why the 49ers lost outside of “Grrrrr KAEPERNICK!”. Completely irrational.

  24. Moral victories don’t register in the win column but all I ask for at this point of the season is just for my team to play competitive and not quit.
    Why? Because I want to have a chance to draft Myles Garrett.

    The QB issues in Cleveland have not been resolved so I see them drafting a QB with their first pick leaving MG to fall on our lap.

    Assuming we continue our downward trajectory, here is my top 3 picks for the 49ers next April.
    1. Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M
    2. JuJu Smith Schuster WR USC
    3. Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech

    As I mentioned last week, i’m no longer giving grades – what’s the point?

      1. Razor,
        I don’t see a slam-dunk #1 QB in the first rd for us.
        Kizer was the holding down the position as the best college QB at the beginning of the season and now it looks like he could slid out of the top ten in the draft.

        Trubisky has good numbers but he didn’t show me much on Friday and couldn’t bring his team back after they fell behind.
        But I believe he is better than Kizer and see him going to Cleveland because McCown and Kessler aren’t going to cut it.

        Last year I was touting Kaaya, but he has fallen of the map and could possibly be a late 2nd or early 3rd rd pick.

        I like Davis Webb from Cal, but he is a statue in the pocket that may not fit Kelly’ scheme (assuming he is HC next year).

        Mahomes would fit in a Kelly offense and has shown good pocket presence and something we miss – a quick release when he throws. I think he would make a nice “get” for us especially if he’s there in the 3rd rd.

        1. Watson and Mahomes both look like pretty good fits for Kelly’s offense. As does Trubisky.

          Kizer would too, except his accuracy issues are a problem. Given he is still expected in many circles to be a top 10 pick if he declares I wouldn’t draft him. If they could get him in the 2nd round then I’d be good with it.

          Right now, assuming Kelly is still the HC, the top 4 QBs for the 49ers I think are Trubisky, Watson, Kizer and Mahomes, in that order.

          I really like Falk, but don’t think he’s a great fit for Kelly’s offense as he doesn’t offer much threat as a running QB.

    1. I am with you on Myles, could be as good as Mack or better over time, we need franchise building blocks, chasing a ceratain position that could blow up in our faces, Does David Carr have any other younger brothers?

  25. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Harbaugh is an offensive-minded head coach who consistently hires great defensive coordinators. That’s significant.

    Tim Kawakami Verified account  ‏@timkawakami · Nov 26

    Man, Michigan is a well-coached team.

        1. Hate to use Seb’s line. But Jed shot himself in the foot by taking away his coach.

          Why draft a QB that high Jed, you’re a moron.

  26. Here we go again , the Niners will have a more interesting off-season than during the season.
    When is Denise going to take the keys from Jed ?
    Is Baalke going getting fired?
    Is Chocolate Chip going back to Oregon.?
    What is going to happen with Fidel Kaepernick?

  27. More “soft bigotry of low expectations” in these comments when it comes to Kap. He hasn’t won a single game and yet the praise and excuses keep on coming. I wish he was as good at quarterbacking as he is at trolling patriotic Americans. Long live Fidel!

    1. I am just happy they did not get blown out. Diss Kaep all you want.

      I saw a turnover because the TE did not fall to the ground. He struggled for more yards, was gang tackled and stripped. I saw a ball bounce off a WRs’ hands for a pick. I saw the ST give up a huge kickoff return. I saw a DB take a bad angle.

      I saw a coaching staff who woefully under prepared the team. I will not solely blame Kaep for this loss.

        1. Kaep was finally turned loose, and he used his legs to make several first downs. That is way better than throwing a 6 yard pass when they need 8 yards.

          I would like the coaches to be smart enough to devise plays that lets Kaep roll out.

  28. Well, have to say, Kaep is getting better each week atm. Certainly looking better than Gabbert was right now. Who knows, with decent receivers and a defense he may even be good enough to get by with on a competitive team.

    Despite that, I’d still let him go at the end of the year. Too much negative history between he and the 49ers.

    1. Kaep may be playing himself off the team. Several teams that need a decent QB will recognize his skills and talents.

      You may be right. Jed does not deserve his services.

      1. Seb,

        I agree with you , that there should be a place for Kaep especially if he does not regressed, however,the owners are conservative and Good Old boys, so I won’t be surprised if he is out of football next year.

    2. Who knows, with decent receivers and a defense he may even be good enough to get by with on a competitive team.

      Didn’t he already do that?

      Despite that, I’d still let him go at the end of the year. Too much negative history between he and the 49ers.

      I still think he’ll travel the same road Alex Smith did. Get a polite visit with a team and return with tail betwixt legs….

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if Kaep isn’t the one to end the contract at the end of the season, but rather the 49ers. Who is going to pay Kaep the same money he’d get from the 49ers next year?

            1. I think his political stance will limit his demand and have no choice but to return to an offense he’s comfortable in, and at a price point set by the market….

        1. Of those teams I think only the Broncos and Browns would actually be interested. The other teams are after more of a pocket passer, except the Bills, and Kaep isn’t better than the Bills current QB.

          1. Bengals and Cards have under performing QBs, and the Texans are not thrilled with BO. Jets have Fitz and the Bears have Cutler. If you think Kaep is not better than those 2, I will question your sanity. Bortles is limited, and Taylor is hot and cold.

            1. The Jets and Bears will be highly unlikely to go for Kaep, because as I said, they are more likely to want a pocket passer for their offense. Both Fitz and Cutler are better than Kaep as pure pocket passers. You can question my sanity if you like. But if you believe Kaep is a better pocket QB than those two it is because you are biased. Which you are.

        2. Unless Kap has a renaissance and plays lights-out the rest of the way, I don’t see any suitors lining up for his services next season. Even if he plays a little better than average, teams will likely be scared off by his political ideologies. If I’m a different football organization, why would I sign an average QB that comes with heavy baggage that could be divisive for the locker room?

          1. I agree, most owners don’t want the baggage of Kaep and I could see fans boycotting the games, he really is not that good to take a chance on.

  29. Agree with your assessment, Scooter. But if Baalke is “canned”, much of that history, at least with the FO, might not matter. Locker room might be another matter, but as we all know, winning cures all ills in sports.

    1. That’s a good point, cubus. Then it comes down to whether Kelly wants to keep him, and what his relationship is like with his teammates. My gut call is if Baalke is gone, Kaep stays another year.

      1. Even if Baalke isn’t sacked, his power has been greatly diminished. Therefore, I don’t see it as big of an issue that you two do….

  30. Ian Rapoport

    Per @NFLResearch, with the loss to the #Dolphins today, the #49ers have officially been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

    2:35 PM – 27 Nov 2016

  31. Thanks, Ian,

    Talk about walking over a grave, kicking sand In your face, rubbing salt in the wound, whistling past the graveyard…choose your idiom.

  32. The San Francisco 49ers (1-9) have officially become the laughingstock of the NFL. Losers of nine consecutive games,

    The 49ers need to figure out who they are. Under HC Jim Harbaugh teams knew going in what to expect. A physical, old-fashioned, black-and-blue, smash-mouth football game. That was the 49ers identity during Harbaugh’s reign. It didn’t matter who they played or where they played. It was going to be physical and you better bring your ice-packs.

    The same can’t be said of the current state of the 49ers– which is why they are constantly trying to find consistency on both sides of the ball. But that can’t happen without some type of direction and cultural identity

    Ryan Sakamoto

  33. Santa Clara find 49ers in violation of stadium agreement
    by Douglas Totten22 hours agoFollow @Doug_Totten

    Currently the 49ers run the day-to-day operations of the stadium. Santa Clara wants to change that. The city already runs the overarching Santa Clara Stadium Authority, though the Authority is technically distinct from the city.

    The city has consistently accused the 49ers of refusing to share documents regarding use
    of funds. According to Santa Clara, some financial information doesn’t add up. In fact, some city funds may have gone to reseeding the notoriously awful field.

    1. No wonder Harbaugh pulled his team off the Levi turf during its initial practice in front of the Silicon Valley Billionaires club and the York’s.

      Then Harbaugh telling the billionaires and the York’s to stay out of the locker room, “it’s for Men,”

      The Yorks hate anyone who stands up their larceny…

  34. Damon Bruce ‏@DamonBruce · 3h3 hours ago

    Kaepernick has 1 throw (very hard) and no help (the worst receiver corps in recent NFL history) Throwing darts to stone hands = bad. #49ers

      1. Cassie, I also saw touch. Kaep threw over the LBs and in front of the safeties, especially with Vance.

        I also saw Kaep fit the ball into tight windows. Only the haters will deride his accuracy.

  35. The 49ers, a proud franchise that in one three-year stretch (1989-91) lost 10 regular-season games combined, went where no team in their 70-year history

  36. The York’s, using every trick to avoid having to pay cash for a top pick…….The latest York attempt at a garbage time win:

    The 49ers are going to stay in Florida this week, saving travel time before meeting the Bears in Week 13 in Chicago.

  37. So is Colin Kaepernick going to be the Qb the rest of the season? Anybody know if he’s going to go to Castro’s funeral or not? 1 and 10, I’d think of replacing the QB. You’re out of the playoffs, start Ponder.

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