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  1. Well thought out Grant, but I think there is a strong consensus among the Jags to select Jack. Trading down to 15 for WJ3 would be ok but if it came down to him or Lawson, I think Baalke would take Lawson. At 15, I would target Cris Jones….

    1. There are a bunch of good players they could take at 15. Add Conklin, Ogbah, Kelly, Floyd, Ragland, Spence, Clark and Hargreaves to that list. A few of those guys will be available.

      1. I’ve been pushing the double move-back.

        7 for the Titans 15+43 (Titans choose Stanley)
        15+105 for the Jets 20+51 (Jets choose a QB)

        Leaving the 49ers with picks 20, 37, 43, 51, 68 in the first two days. All trades close to chart, with (hopefully) plausible motivations for Titans and Jets.

        I’d pick Billings at 20. I’m curious about the corner Grant talked about.

        With the 2nd rounders I’d target (any three) of – Howard, Spriggs, Garnett, Corerra, Kaufusi… or possible “fallers” Spence, Chris Jones, Ogbah, Dodd.

        But never trade back anticipating another trade will fall in your lap. I agree there would be lots of good players at 15 if the Jet’s trade didn’t go down.

        Chris Jones could be a monster. I’m seeing him mocked all over from the teens to forties. I like him.

        1. I would not trade back from the 7 pick for anything less than a 2nd rounder. If the Titans trade didn’t go down, I’d grab BPA at 7.

        2. Alternative double trade-back (I’m greedy)

          7 for the Titans 15+43 (Titans choose Stanley)
          15+105 for the Jets 20+Wilkerson (Jets choose a QB)

          Billings at 20.

          With the 2nd rounders I’d target (any two) of – Howard, Spriggs, Garnett, Corerra, Kaufusi… or possible “fallers” Spence, Ogbah, Dodd.

          1. CORREA, OK? CSN Mayo Mamocco the self appointed Niners GM is still lobbying hard like Bernie sanders to exile CK7 with insane crazy passion…
            Mayo Mamocco is also pushing for Jack. The OL should be Número UNO, meaning ND OT Ronnie Stanley unless the Niners get a trade offer they can’t refuse.
            Fix the OL then you can score points. IMHO get a center with the 3nd. pick like ND C Nick Martin rated the draft’s second best C. After those two picks address the DEs, DTs and WRs.

          2. The only reason you need to trade back is if Jack, Tunsil, and Ramsey are gone. That basically hinges on where the Chargers pick. If Buckner falls to us, then we have to start thinking, because it’s not an area of need (relatively speaking).

            The Titans trade is an interesting one, since Buckner would fit a need for them. However, giving up the 15 means they would be passing on good look at a OT like Conklin or Stanley, which is their top priority. Not sure they’d go for it and I’m not sure the motivation is there for them to trade up for Stanley as there is a good chance Stanley or Conklin falls to them at 15.

            1. Have you heard or read about ND OT Ronnie Stanley? The draft’s experts rate him a hair below Tunsil, hello? Tune-in to the NFLN and you might learn something…

        3. Using the Draftek Top 100 Board
          20. Noah Spence
          37. Jason Spriggs
          43. Su’a Cravens
          51. Braxton Miller
          68. Chris Jones

        4. The Corner Grant talked about is William Jackson III. I’ve seen him play several times and he’s definitely a good player. Not sure I’d call him the best Corner in the draft though. I never even considered the guy a 1st rounder to be honest.

          I freaking LOVE your draft scenario. 5 picks in the first 2 days would be a dream scenario. If Elway blinks and the 9ers can pull off a CK trade then they could potentially have another pick in the 2nd round. Now that’s how you rebuild a roster. Too bad we have Baalke who will definitely find a way to screw it up.

    2. OFF TOPIC:
      On another bay area forum a lawyer called Harry Berezin stated:
      “The offense was never that great under Harbaugh. That era showed how much a defense can carry a team.” The irony of that statement is that his “faithful” followers did NOT bother to challenge that which is too polite…
      Mr. Berezin PFT Mike Florio is also a lawyer. The difference is that Mr. Florio knows a lot of football and would never make such an embarrassing statement…

  2. Grant, good article. However, since the Titans are awash in draft picks, I would ask for their first, second and third round picks for the 7th pick. Maybe I am being greedy, but they may not blink an eye to do that. They saw the Rams overpay to move up, so it depends on how much they covet the player they target.
    B2W mentioned an additional trade back to the Jets, and I think it would be a good move to garner another pick. The Niners will still have a plethora of options, so I think that is a shrewd strategy.

  3. Grant

    Decent, but you could’ve done better.

    OLBs Smith/Lemonier are trash, but Lynch, Brooks, and Harold are at least promising/functional.

    Baalke believes Hodges (25) is the future next to Bowman.

    Jack won’t slide out of the Top-10.

    Boldin, still unsigned, has not been a hot commodity and was really not very good last year.

    Who is John Norman?

    Who would you look for in the 2nd if they can get 2 picks there?

    All in all, a well-conceived piece, but it looks a little like you’re just going through the motions. Can I give you an idea? Here it is anyway:

    Do that comprehensive article on WHY the 49ers have done nothing in FA this offseason (because they want to see what this extraordinarily young roster is capable of with good coaching) and then do a group by group breakdown of those youngsters and ask for a discussion on why they might excel, suffice, or fail. I’d participate, and I think you’d get a lot of really interesting traffic.

    1. Lets concentrate on the draft, then afterwards we can evaluate who they have and how they plan to utilize players.
      The draft is 5 days away, and this is the most important draft for Baalke to hit a home run on, or strike out on. Since he whiffed in free agency, he may need to hit multiple grand slams. This may make or break him.
      I wonder how much input Chip will have on the selections.

      1. Baalke didn’t whiff, Seb, for the reason JC said. No question, though, this is an important draft. I’m excited. How about you?

      1. Thanks, Grant. I’ve been seeing this from Miller, but I think it’s a smokescreen.

        Did you see Jason Cole’s most recent lyrics post on Twitter, about being used? He posted it shortly after the Redskins signed John Norman, while it was simultaneously reported that the 49ers were never front runners.

      2. All in all, a pretty decent colum Grant. I like the title as well.

        One big niggle and a couple small ones:

        Big niggle:

        You could have, and probably should have mentioned that, unless you are fortunate enough to have an elite QB, winning is cyclical in the NFL, thanks to the the way the draft is structured, the salary cap, and Collective Bargaining Agreement. Baalke, in fact, already had a hand in building an NFC Championship roster that had an impressive streak of 3 consecutive Conference Championship appearances. Without an elite QB it’s very difficult, in fact, almost impossible to sustain the level of success the 49ers had for 3+ years. It’s an absolute pattern, and the only real exception is the Saints. Their rise and fall was epic, DESPITE having an elite QB to build around. The Ravens thought they had an elite QB, but boy they were wrong, and look at the results.

        Baalke only starting rebuilding last offseason. While Jim Harbaugh was HC, Baalke’s strategy was one of reloading. It wasn’t until the wheels came off in Spring of 2015, Harbaugh left for Michigan, and the team lost a few of their core players to unexpected retirements in Willis, Borland, & Davis, while losing long time, core, veteran player Justin Smith, and a young, talented core player in Aldon Smith, that rebuilding became inevitable.

        With Chip Kelly’s hire, the team was going to need some retooling anyways.

        Small niggles:

        I think you should have framed the Safety position as a position of strength. You mention Reid’s concussions, but no mention of the up and coming FS LJ McCray, who shows a lot of promise? Also no mention of Antoine Bethea, Jaquiski tartt, or Jimmie Ward? All 3 of those guys could play FS as well. Baalke has always drafted Safeties with the philosophy of players, who can play both Strong & Free Safety interchangeably.

        No mention of the ILB Gerald Hodges acquisition? Both Trent and Chip are supposedly high on him.

        No mention of Aaron Lynch or Eli Harold? Dontae Johnson?

        Also, I don’t know how people didn’t come away from last season very excited about DuJUAN HARRIS as the #2, change of pace RB. He really flashed some serious potential last year despite being pushed into service without a chance to learn the playbook well. His career YPC is 4.2, and he’s just now hitting his stride.
        The team could use a RB, and Trent always drafts one every year, but it’s certainly not a weakness.

        No question Marcus Martin has been a huge disappointment. Hard to believe he was the number one rated C on most draft boards. We need a backup Center. Brandon Thomas has also disappointed. However, I wouldn’t shut the door on him yet as he was also highly rated and recovering from injury. Both Andrew Tiller and 5th round pick Trent Brown have been pleasant surprises, so things tend to balance out.

        1. Have you heard or read about ND OT Ronnie Stanley? The draft’s experts rate him a hair below Tunsil, hello? Tune-in to the NFLN and you might learn something…

  4. Totally agree this is what I have wanted all along. First round bpa after a trade back. I like Darron Lee myself think he would be great next to bowman. Hope they take Hogan in the fourth.

  5. Somehow I feel a little depressed after reading this article Grant. And maybe I don’t want to face the truth regarding my team, but yes, you are completely right and on point.

    With so many holes to fill, we would be better served to trade out of the 7 pick for more picks later in the draft. Unlike the glory years of a not to distant past, we need players that can help immediately. We can’t wait for player development with a 3-4 year window.

    I said it a couple of months ago and here’s the 2.0 remix: Baalke needs to hit a grand-slam with this draft – that means drafting 4 players that could conceivably get on the field and produce in year one.

    Some of the players that Baalke has drafted over the last few years are either gone or still in development mode. Time for Baalke to package away some of the 12 picks to target players who could help right away.
    And yes, Baalke’ job will likely hinge on this draft.

    1. They’re still in development mode bc in 2014 Harbaugh shafted youth and in 2015 Tomsula shafted everybody.

      These young guys are in desperate need of some coaching, and anybody who follows them on Twitter knows that they’re over the moon about how much they’re learning in the first few weeks under Chip Kelly.

      1. They’re still in development mode bc in 2014 Harbaugh shafted youth

        Nope. No matter how many times you try to pass off this bs, it doesn’t fly. No truth to this at all.

        1. Rocket Police to the rescue, like Fox News and MSNBC, continuing to protect a fallacious narrative not based in reality.

          It’s okay, Rocket, I know you think all that’s Harbaugh is gold, but it doesn’t change the reality that he played veterans to the detriment of the development of young talent on the team.

        2. Actually , Christo is 100% correct. Both Harbaugh and Fangio were notorious for wearing down the veterans by refusing to rotate young players in to keep veterans fresh.

          It’s a known FACT, and the 49ers defense in particular, paid a big price at the end of seasons. The worse part about it was that they even wore the veterans down in practice. A friend of mine is a round about acquaintance of Alex Boone. Boone told him, off the record, that the veteran players nearly had a mutiny in response to being pushed to hard by both Harbaugh and Fangio.

          Harbaugh and Roman were only slightly less rigid with offensive players. That’s absolute, 100% fact!

          1. No he’s 100% wrong as are you. When you posted this the other day I gave you a list of players he did play and it was virtually every half decent young player on the team. I open the same question to you as I did Pork: List the players he didn’t play.

      2. Please do not blame JH, he led the Niners to 3 NFCCGs and a SB.
        Please do not blame JT, half his starters left and he was doomed once Aldon imploded.
        Please blame the leaders, since they told us to hold them accountable.

        1. Don’t blame the FO for the young talent that has not been properly developed. Sure, they’re accountable because they run the team, but coaches are expected to coach. That roster Harbaugh inherited was ridiculously talented, and yes, they won a lot, and a lot of that was because the old vets were the established talent, but the huge drop off the team experienced was largely due to the failure to develop the young guys. Or maybe they do all just suck.

          1. Singletary had that ridiculously talented squad and did squat.
            Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class, so the coaches had none of them to coach.
            Baalke also relied on the ACL picks because they were good value, but they were risky and some did not pan out or they have taken a lot longer time to recover to their former health.
            Last years coaches amply demonstrated why you should not go cheap on the coaching and expect good results. That was all on the FO.

            1. Seb

              Agreed, but Harbaugh LOST the Super Bowl all by himself by calling that TO on 2nd and Goal. Why did he do it? Because of his main failing: he’s a massive control freak with a legendary conceitedness.

              1. JH had a role in the loss, but there were many other reasons why the Niners lost. ST failures. Moss giving up on a pass that was intercepted. Crabtree insistence on getting the ball. Kaep not seeing open players. Poor play calling. Bear hugging Miller on a KO. Helmet to helmet hit that was not called. Holding in the end zone. Ticky tacky call on the first play that negated a 20 yard gain.

              2. JC,
                Thought this was about not playing the young guys.

                But yes, Harbaugh did have his quirks – but I can live with them so long as he put a potential playoff team on the field.

            2. Is the owner considered the FO? Because Jed York was never going to keep Harbaugh, and extend his contract, regardless of Trent Baalke. And, knowing some of the things that transpired between Jed and Jim, if I am the owner, I am not sure I would have extended him either, to be honest.

              And, again, Jimmy T was Jed York’s guy all the way.

              As for the 2012 draft class. A little bad luck and a whole lot of talent already on the roster. No doubt this draft was a failure, 100%. However, it was not the type of setback it could have been, thanks to a roster so talented & DEEP, there were only really a few roster spots up for grab sto begin with.

              As for the ACL picks? Aside from Lattimore, whom most agree was worth the risk, there is no evidence that these players haven’t panned out because of their injuries, and these players should be evaluated on a case by case basis.

              Tank Carradine: While Carradine did suffer a setback inationally, due to excess scar tissue, the more likely reason that he hasn’t played up to his projected potential is due to the team trying to convert him to DT, and putting on 20-25 extra lbs.

              Brandon Thomas: Too early to make a call either way on him.Thomas was a highly rated OG coming out of Clemson, and no excuses with him. He has to start paying dividends this season. It may very well be he doesn’t have the necessary mental makeup to compete at a high level.

              Keith Reaser: Too early to make a call either way. Late round prospect still developing. Was never a top prospect either way.

              DeAndre Smelter: Wasn’t really expected to be 100% until this season.

              So, do we know if the strategy itself is a failure, or could the ACL injuries be secondary to the reasons these guys haven’t developed into starters?

          2. Don’t blame the FO for the young talent that has not been properly developed.

            Wasn’t Baalke the one who kept Devey as a starter over Tiller for the first half of the 2015 season?

            1. You don’t think it’s the Head Coach who decides who plays and where they play? Jim Tomsula and Chris Foerster were in charge of the OL, not the GM.

              Sorry that fact doesn’t fit your narrative MWD.

              Baalke can be blamed for acquiring Devey, but it’s ultimately Tomsula’s fault for not benching him sooner, in favor of Tiller, despite being urged to do so by some of the players.

            2. Your narrative is using only the “facts” that support a very apparent bias. It is a known fact that Tomsula was a yes man and it was Baalke who decided when Tiller was allowed to be a starter.

          3. You are 100% correct JC! Anyone with inside information knows how frustrated the veterans were during Harbaugh’s tenure. The only thing keeping things from blowing up was winning. For a 3 year stretch, the 49ers had the most talented group of veterans, in the NFL. It is absolutely Harbaugh’s fault that they failed to win at least one Super Bowl.

            *Allowing a young, inexperience punt returner (Kyle Williams) to receive punts in the NFC Championship game, cost them an opportunity during his first season (2011/12). The 49ers had a better team than the NY Giants, who I believe squeaked into the postseason with an 9-7 regular season record.

            *JH did not have his team mentally prepared mentally, for the start of Super Bowl XLVII. He failed to have his players prepared to handle media day, during Super Bowl week. And Chris Culliver’s PR blunder was a major distraction because of it, heading into the game. And, a problem that persisted all season, that is, the inability to relay play calls and get them into the huddle in a timely fashion, led to JH having to call yet another time out, with the play clock expiring, at the most inopportune moment of the game. It was a problem that festered all season, and persisted throughout his entire 49ers tenure.

            *Falling short in the NFC Championship game vs the Seahawks, Jan. 9th, 2014, was the most painful of them all, IMO. This time, the biggest mistake was not calling a timeout, at the end of the final drive. Harbaugh had a timeout to use, and should have used it to settle Kaepernick down, and make sure Colin understood exactly where his receivers were. Colin saw Crabtree in man to man coverage, and never looked anywhere else, missing Anquan Boldin, who was wide open on a seam route, and would have scored the go ahead TD.

            Sure, hindsight is always 20/20. But that doesn’t change the fact that Jim Harbaugh failed to win the biggest game on multiple occasions, despite having the league’s most talented team, IMO, and those failures cannot be overlooked.

            Jim is a fantastic HC for a finite period of time. His competitive drive is contagious and his hard nose, ground and pound offense is a force to be reckoned with. He understands the QB position very well. However, he drives his players just a bit too hard, and it’s especially hard on the veterans. And Jim’s unmatched stubbornness, rigidity, and non-stop, manic, nearly insane competitive nature, wore his players down, and IMO is unsustainable as a long term direction.

            Jim Harbaugh’s coaching style has an absolute “shelf life”, and his run as head coach of the 49ers ran it’s course and inevitably expired, without a Lombardi Trophy to show for it. That’s on him!

      3. JC,
        Not sure which team you were watching during Harbaugh’ regime.
        Harbaugh had the luxury of not having to play the young guys because the starting team he inherited was a playoff ready unit.

        Btw, he played young guys that had exceptional talent like Aldon Smith, Culliver, Colin Kaepernick, and even LMJ. He also had Borland play after Willis was injured, Quinton Patton got some playing time as a rookie after sitting out most of the year and Aaron Lynch played in his rookie season as well.

        1. AES,

          Yep. I put a list together a couple of threads ago and it was very long. Harbaugh played a lot of young players during his 4 years here, and that was with a good group of veterans at his disposal as you mentioned.

    2. AES, keep your chin up. The Niners have 6 DBs who all run sub 4.5 40’s. They finally have a coach who will utilize Hayne properly. Hyde is healthy may have learned not to keep struggling so he will not get blown up again. Chip may convince Kaep to stay. The O line coach helped win Super Bowls for NY. They have Smelter who is big, fast and finally healthy. They have Rogers who tore up the Canadian league. Busta may bust out and be a playmaker. Purcell will be the NT and his goal line stands showed his worth. I pray that Jed insists on re-signing Boldin to keep his promise to retain veteran leadership. Eli Harold has gained bulk and is stronger. Dorsey looks like he is rehabbing well.
      The most important thing is Chip will resurrect and revitalize the offense so the Defense can rest instead of returning to the field after another 3 and out.
      I may have ragged on the FO, but I am getting optimistic. I hope Baalke has eaten some humble pie and will stop meddling with the coaching. I hope the draft is done by consensus so Baalke cannot whiff again, and they should spend some of that cap room to sign up players longterm while grabbing some decent free agents if they become available.
      I too, miss those glory years, but hope springs eternal.
      GO NINERS!!!!!!

  6. Finally got a chance to put together a Niners draft and a first round prediction for all teams. I took Lawson because that’s what I think Baalke will do; not what I would do. I’d be looking to trade down but no trades because I don’t have time to work through it.

    7: R1
    DE Shaq Lawson

    37: R2
    OT Le’Raven Clark
    Texas Tech

    68: R3
    OLB Deion Jones

    105: R4
    DT Javon Hargrave
    South Carolina State

    133: R4
    TE Nick Vannett
    Ohio State

    142: R5
    RB Tyler Ervin
    San Jose State

    145: R5
    C Evan Bohem

    174: R5
    CB D.J. White
    Georgia Tech

    178: R6
    WR Mike Thomas
    Southern Mississippi

    207: R6
    QB Jacoby Brisset
    NC State

    211: R6
    OG Landon Turner
    North Carolina

    213: R6
    DT Aziz Shittu

    1. I like it, rocket, except for Lawson. Who would you pick instead? Also, would you draft Deion Jones as an OLB or ILB?

      1. Thanks George. I would look to trade down and take Ragland, Conklin or one of the CB’s like Jackson III or Apple.

        1. Absolutely rocket. A colleague of mine reminded me the other day that GERALD HODGES best quality coming out of college, was his cover skills. After all, he is a converted Safety. I went back and looked at his scouting reports just to make sure.

          *NFL.COM:* Hodges most impressive trait is his ability to cover, however. He needs to improve at disengaging from blocks, but his coverage skills will likely see him selected on the second day.

          *FF TOOLBOX:* Penn State Nittany Lions outside linebacker Gerald Hodges has good coverage skills and should play as a rotational player in a lot of passing situations.

          If I am Trent, I’m passing on Myles Jack, I’m trading back, and I am drafting Ragland! As we know, the NFC West offenses are, by and large, extremely physical, ball control, rushing offenses. Not only is Ragland an absolute rock in the middle, he might be the most extinctive ILB in this class. We can use Hodges as the #3 ILB, and rotate him in situationally.

          1. That’s a fantastic looking mock rocket. I’ll try and get mine up by tomorrow. However, my first round includes a trade back with the Titans for Reggie Ragland!

            1. Thanks 49reasons. I’m going to put up another one too in the next couple of days along with a 1st round prediction for all teams.

    2. Nice one rocket. I too think Lawson is right in the mix at 7. Not a big fan of Clark though.

      I have really cooled on Deion Jones. He has a lot of the same issues as Darron Lee. I’d take Kwiatkoski or Jeremy Cash over Jones.

      1. Thanks Scooter. I like Jones a lot and see him as a great compliment to Bowman with his coverage ability. He needs to add about 10 lbs or so, but I like him as a fit in this defense.

        Kwiatkoski could be had later in the draft so I wouldn’t be opposed to that. Cash is a good prospect but he’s a true SS to me, not a LB.

        1. Fair enough, I had been pretty high on Jones for awhile but realised I was basing my thoughts on him too much on his athletic ability and capacity to use that athleticism in coverage. After watching him again I found it hard to get past his deficiencies in the run game.

          Cash is a true hybrid player for mine. Similar to Buccannon and Barron. Excellent run defender that provides some coverage ability. I’d play him in the box almost exclusively.

          Kwiatkoski is underrated by most draft sites for mine. I expect him to go late 2nd/ early 3rd.

          1. Jones is over aggressive and can get caught out of position in the run game at times, but that can be Coached. The natural talent can’t and I see him as a great fit in Willis’ role beside Bowman.

            You could be right about cash but he seems too small to be a hybrid to me. He’s a decent size SS, but a very small LB.

            Kwiatkoski being taken that early would surprise me but it’s possible. I think he’s limited in coverage as a zone defender and doesn’t seem overly strong for his size, but he seems to make a lot of plays, so if you base the pick on the film, he could go on day two.

    3. rocket,
      Nice mock.
      The Brisset pick really stands out for me. I think he could be a dark horse pick for us because of his size and unique running ability. Brisset has the uncanny knack of juking defenders off their feet when he runs. But from what I’ve seen of him, he doesn’t have a run first mindset as is the knock on QB’s that like to run.
      I would be happy if Baalke/Kelly took a flier on Brisset.

      Boehm and Ervin have been popular around here lately and would make very good picks for us.

      1. Thanks AES. I think Brisset has a lot to work with, he just needs a lot of time and Coaching. I like his upside the best out of the group of late round fliers that figure to be there later on day 3.

        1. Considering that Hogan may go in the 4th or 5th round, Brissett may be a good 6th round option. I like Brissett, and Driskel too in the 6th.

        2. rocket,
          Taking another look at your mock and like the DE with the first pick and OL with the second.

          Because I believe in second and even third chances, I will go on a limb here and go with Ronnie Stanley number 1, and show Noah Spence some love with my second pick given the general consensus that he may fall to the 2nd rd.

          If we are all in agreement that we need a very good edge-rusher why not take a flier on possibly the best one in the draft? Sure, it’s a risk, but if this guy can grow from his mistakes we might have a 6-8 starter.
          As for Stanley, he would be day one starter.

    4. You can only trade down if someone wants up . I like your draft very solid I would take Vernon Adams in the 6th as a qb pick

    5. Actually like the bottom half from 145 down more than above that number -Hargrave being the exception -however well thought out rocket.

    6. Solid mock draft, and includes several players that I myself have mocked to the Niners. Not as sold on Jones as everyone else.

  7. I’ve been coming to that conclusion as well. I think Baalke wants Lawson. When you factor in position, production, size, character and intangibles, I think he checks all of the boxes for what Baalke is looking for in a first round pick. Can he get him with a trade down? Risky….

    I’d be surprised if Deion Jones is sitting there in the 3rd round as well as Hargrave lasting until round 4. Not a fan of Clark….

    1. Razor,

      I think Lawson is Baalke’s kind of player. I don’t see him trading down. I think he’ll stay right there and take Lawson.

      It’s always tough to gauge who will be around when but from some mocks I’ve done and looked at, both of those players have been available where I have them going most of the time.

      Clark is extremely athletic and has very long arms. He needs to be coached up, especially in run blocking, but he’s the type of OT that could be very effective in Kelly’s style of offense. He could also slide inside too.

    2. Hope you guys are wrong about him wanting Lawson. Scooter recently asked us who our worst fears were at 1. One of mine is Lawson.

  8. Good discussion. Since this draft is alleged to be rather deep, there should be some interesting undrafted free agents to consider. Also, I’d expect some trading that may result in a lost pick or two this year and one or two gained next year. Hope we’re not having to suffer another few years of mediocrity on the field, buffoonery in the front office, and under-the-bus tossing on this site…

    1. You’ll get two out of those three, at best. Cassie,

      I’m sorry, but I can’t hold it in any more. You’re one homely young lady. You look like Godzilla, literally.

  9. Cassie, what happened? Thought you were going to stop Trump?
    Did your daddy tell you which name he wrote down and put in the envelope?

    1. Seb, I’m making a concerted effort not to blow you off. But would you mind not bringing politics into this blog? Please, out of courtesy.

        1. Cassie, once the draft is over, and we start talking strategies, I will speak the wisdom of the ages from 2500 years ago.

    2. I second George’s plea. I’d like to escape the idiocy called politics while on here.

        1. It’s just that I am sick of politics Seb. I’ve had enough of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to last me a lifetime, but both of those tools are looking like the candidates we’ll be voting for. Because of that likely conclusion, I’m going to skip voting for the next President because a dead animal carcass would be a better choice.

            1. No, I was stating why I don’t want politics on here. You don’t want me to talk politics. Trust me on that Seb.

              1. College assignments come first. I will probably do a mock tomorrow since I’m about finished with the assignments for this week.

              2. But in doing so, you were talking politics, MWD. At least you might’ve stirred up a HC or DT supporter, or two…

  10. If I’m Jed York I tell Baalke you either move up or stay where you are. For 4 years you’ve accumulated picks to no end. Now it’s time for you to show me what you and your scouting department can do. No more deferral of picks, no more injured projects, no more nonsense. It’s time to show me in 12 picks or less, all in this draft what you can build!

          1. If Myles Jack falls to 7 and he is deemed healthy he is a no brainer selection.. This guy has mega star written all over him. If he is not healthy then you select Buckner. Come away with an Elite defender. That’s my opinion. If both are gone trade down like some suggested.

      1. He’s got all the tools. He just needs to learn how to adjust his base when he takes on blocks and increase his functional strength. Both correctable with a good linebacker coach, Chip’s strength and conditioning program and more experience. He could be special next year….

    1. He’s a good STs player though and could become a starter after sitting behind Wilhoite for one year.

  11. I wouldn’t call Kilgore injury prone. He had one injury that affected two seasons, unless I’m overlooking something. It took him longer to come back than I would have expected, but I’ve found that happens disconcertingly often with Niners’ players of late (Kilgore, Bowman, Dorsey off the first injury, etc.). Makes me question the training and medical staff a bit.

  12. To me a the hardest 12 man mock would be for each draft pick, include the name of the existing 49er he will bump off the 53 man roster.

  13. I disagree with trading back. Baalke has not shown an ability to pick good players in general but especially in rounds 2,3,4. He already picks players that are over valued at where he picks them.

    The only and I say only again for emphasis way that we will ever be able to replenish top end talent on this team with Baalke as gm is with top 10 picks. It takes some of the margin of error away from Baalke.

    He filled the team with some good but mostly crappy ones. It’s not about his not being developed by harbough. That’s nonsense. If anything practicing with the elite players on out team and the top notch coaching should’ve developed them just fine. Like someo else mentioned the young players that were actually good played for harbough.

    We can’t blame him for not playing the crappy ones.

    The draft strategy should not be to trade back for more picks. But it should rather be to trade every single pick we have in this draft to move up into the first round for a second player. If we get two top notch players this year and two next year. If be ecstatic. You can get any other player to Fill out roster from the udfa

  14. Need to draft Conklin or Seymour at 7. Even Baalke couldn’t screw up with those picks. Conklin plays like a bad …………………..

  15. i apologize about typos in my last post.

    Baalke has demonstrated an amazing ability at collecting draft picks. I would guess that over the time that he has been the GM that no other team has had as many draft picks as the niners have had.

    Unfortunately, Baalke has not shown an ability to draft starting caliber players.

    He tends to draft injuried players who had great potential before they got injured, players that are solid back-ups, and he over reaches for players before they should be drafted because of a paranoia that other GMs have spotted the same amazing qualities in the players as he has.

    I think his plan to draft back-ups was partly purposeful. I believe he thought he was building really good depth on a team stacked with pro-bowlers. The problem is even the one or two players he thought he was drafting to become starters did not pan out. A second problem is that i believe he failed to recognize the very short window for players in the NFL. He should’ve been drafting for top notch starting level quality the whole time and not being over confident and drafting for depth.

    The problem with this year’s draft is that i don’t think he has recognized that the majority of the young players he has on the team are at best average. I do not think he has the amount of desperation that he needs to draft top notch starters.

    I truly believe that the best thing he can do is to trade as many of his picks as possible to get as many first and second round picks.

    If that means he drafts three players this year than so be it. He can fill the rest with udfa. Unfortunately, one has to know that one sucks to do what I’m suggesting.

    1. “I truly believe that the best thing he can do is to trade as many of his picks as possible to get as many first and second round picks.”

      shish, this isn’t a bad idea, but it might be a lot harder than you think. I’m not saying it actually is, but from a logical standpoint I can’t see many if any GMs giving up an early rounder for a bunch of late rounders. I can see them trading an early rounder for an earlier pick from the following year, which does happen of course. If anyone cares to comment on this please do.

      1. “The Flying Tigers” 1942

        John Wayne as Jim Gordon: Any word on that flight yet?

        Rangoon hotel clerk: Yes sir, it was attacked and fired on by Japanese aircraft.

        Jim Gordon: She’s coming in on one wing and a prayer.

  16. Shish, this post is for all you who doubt that moving back is the best strategy. Ignore this if you want. it is kinda complicated.
    Here goes. Niners should trade back to garner picks, and then they should bundle those picks to move up. In the end it will accomplish your goal, which is to get as many draft choices in the first 3 rounds as possible.
    The Niners should trade a few spots back to teams who want to leapfrog over teams in front of them to select the players they covet before the other teams grab them. They will not trade just to trade, but they will trade to gain advantage of the teams ahead of them.
    The Niners should trade back with Chicago because they covet Elliot since they lost Forte. the Browns and Giants have been mocked to select Elliot, so the Bears can leapfrog past them and get him first.
    The Niners should give up their first for the Bears first and third. Number 7 for numbers 11 and 72.
    The Niners should trade back with the Titans, who want to leapfrog past the Giants who want to draft an O lineman since they lost out on Elliot.
    The Niners should trade the 11th pick for their first and third round pick, or 11 for numbers 15 and 76.
    The Niners should trade back with the Jets because they want to leapfrog past the Bills who might want to snag a QB.
    The Niners should trade the 15th and 76th picks from the Titans for the Jets 20th and 51st picks.
    Now the Niners should trade up. Washington wants to move back, so the Niners should offer their second, third and sixth picks for the Washington first.
    The Niners will get the 21st pick in exchange for the 37th, 68th and 207th picks.
    The Niners should then use that pick to trade back with Cincy, who want to leapfrog past the Texans and Vikings who have mocks taking WRs. Cincy lost 2 WRs to free agency, so that is an area of need for them, and this way, they get to select the WR they want and let the other teams select the second and third best choices.
    The Niners should trade pick number 21 for the Bengals numbers 24 and 87 from rounds 1 and 3.
    The Niners should trade back with KC, who want to leapfrog past other playoff teams and grab the defensive lineman they covet.
    The Niners should offer pick number 24, 87 and 142 for the Chiefs numbers 28 and 59.
    Finally, the Niners should trade up with Atlanta, who have only 5 picks.They should trade their third and 4th round picks for Atlanta’s second round pick, and trade their 5th and 6th round picks for Atlanta’s 4th. In other words, numbers 72 and 105 for number 50, and numbers 145 and 178 for number 115. Atlanta is happy because now they have 7 picks instead of only 5.
    All of these trades are beneficial to both parties, and have roughly followed the draft valuation chart.
    In summation, the Niners have both traded back and traded up with 7 different teams.
    They started with picks numbers- 7, 37, 68, 105, 133, 142, 145, 174, 178, 207, 211, and 213.
    The Niners ended up with numbers- 20, 28, 50, 51, 59, 72, 115,133, 174, 211 and 213.
    2 firsts, 3 seconds, a third, 2 fourths, a fifth and 2 sixth round picks. They still have almost 12 picks, but they have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds.
    Using the CBS draft board, and trying to select within 5 of each number, the Niners could draft- Ryan Kelly, Andrew Billings, Michael Thomas, Joshua Garnett, Sean Davis, Kyler Fackrell, Cardale Jones, Scooby Wright, Kevin Hogan, Keith Marshall and Jayron Kearse
    Sorry that this post has so many calculations and permutations, but this is the strategy I would employ to get the desired results. This mock plumbs the sweet part of the draft and allows quality players to be selected. Of course, some teams may not trade, but they could benefit by trading up while the Niners both trade back and trade up.
    I could also include bundling players to get a second or third round pick, but will stop at just the draft trades.

      1. I did that many years ago, Mertons.

        I’m just the ghost of 49er Super Bowls past. But…

        Did you know Grant Cohn loves you, Mertons?

        He does. You are his favorite for ideas and inspiration
        right after Germ and BigMar :blush:

        by Rebarr on Apr 23, 2016 | 3:22 PM ⬆up ↩reply

        z e r o
        I found his three part series on Abrams tanks in a pit particularly educational

        Baalke reminds me of the fable of the tortoise and the hare, except in this version the tortoise takes a nap.

        by z e r o on Apr 23, 2016 | 3:27 PM ⬆up ↩reply

        Po Niner?

        That dude was epic.

        Almost like when he would talk about Tomsula licking his hands and rubbing his hands together imagining what to do with Kap at QB.

        I love the 49ers, but they are a dumpster fire that ignited a tire pile that lit up a fertilizer plant that exploded and ignited the fireworks stand that blew up and sent fireworks through the control room of the nuclear power plant that melted down and scattered radioactive waste all over the wasteland that is now called Santa Clara.

        by mikeymike4949 on Apr 23, 2016 | 3:38 PM ⬆up ↩reply

        z e r o
         I quoted him from memory

        Actually google searched to see if I quoted him right, as if the phrase wasn’t burned into my brain, and it linked to a press democrat article by G Cohn, I about lost it. Can’t be, right? Well it turns it wasn’t in the article, it was in the comments, twice in the same article. Dude’s username was sebynah or something like that. Did he leave for good? Maybe he’s just waiting for the season like a sane person.

        Baalke reminds me of the fable of the tortoise and the hare, except in this version the tortoise takes a nap.

        by z e r o on Apr 23, 2016 | 3:47 PM ⬆up ↩reply

        El Shorts
        He was banned forever

        He tried two duplicate accounts and was shut down quickly.

        1. Razor, sorry but I don’t quite get this. I think it’s about Seb but am not sure. Would you mind fleshing this out a bit?

        2. Razor, I do admit I was Po Niner, and I admit I was Nynah on SFgate. Posters who have read me know that I have said many times that I am verbose, and one of my favorite lines was that- Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. Quoting Sun Tzu was another telling way to identify me. I really thought that Tomsula would be able to utilize Kaep properly, and that licking his lips and rubbing his hands together was another telling quote. Too bad the coaches under him were even less competent than Tomsula, and Jed should have learned that going cheap on the coaching just gives cheap results.
          However, if anyone had followed my posts, they would have seen that I went back on as 40 Nynah, so I was not trying to hide my name. I stayed on past the draft, which is why I wanted to continue commenting, but when Germ went off the deep end again, I threw out another comment about true fans do not want their team to lose, was recognized, and banned immediately. So what? getting banned from that site is no skin off my nose, and they will continue to prattle on posting constantly and saying nothing. Their sigs are bigger than their posts and one even wanted Jed to have violent diarrhea. I have been mentioned is hushed tones, and they seem to constantly probe new posters who actually say something, thinking that those new posters might be me because they are afraid of me.
          I was never banned for using expletives, but my fights with Germ were legendary and made my kerfluffles on this site seem like a slap fight.
          I was banned by Shorts by saying that true fans do not want their team to lose. Look it up. That was all.
          I do admit that I can be intimidating and post things to stir things up, and while I read NN, I see a lot of bleed over to this site. I recognize posters who say the same comments on both sites, but prefer this site because the NN site degenerated into a- I hate Yorkfest and a I hope they lose forever site. Team Pessimist rules over there and it is not worth my time to engage those lightweights.
          Fooch is OK, but it was like the inmates running the asylum over there.
          At least on this site I can respect some of the insight and perspectives that many astute and intelligent posters write on this site. Many times, on NN, I felt like I had to get down to their level to be able to communicate.
          I like this site because I can appreciate good writing. To me, Grant is like a breath of fresh air. Maybe he lets me stay on this site because when before, others who would throw out snarky asides about writing competency, I would defend Grant. At least nowadays, there are less insulting screeds declaring Grants lack of writing skills and- he got the job because of his father.
          Gosh, I am just a Die Hard Faithful Niner fan who likes to talk about the team that he loves. I may get lots of pushback, and can recognize the vitriolic hate spewed ad nauseum towards me because they cannot let go, and they think they are better for it, but it just defines them.
          This is a blog site. Grant invites counter opinions. This is not a congressional document, nor a place where the loudest voice can shout down others. It is amusing that I still affect the NN cabal, and can engender fear and loathing. They just unwittingly give me power to affect them.

    1. Seb, this is so complicated and hypothetical that no one is going to take the time to check this out. I suggest not trying to be so original. Less is more.

      1. George, I do not expect the Niners to be intelligent enough to pull this off, but just was having fun playing Trader Bill again. In the 86 draft, Bill Walsh did many of the things that I postulated. Moving back, jumping ahead, targeting selected players and finagling deals to get them. Bill Walsh built a Super Bowl team that way.
        Nowadays, no team would want to give the Niners the time of day, and this draft scenario is pure fiction. Still, it is just idle speculation during the off season, and it at shows that at least one fan is trying to formulate ways to improve the Niners.

        1. Seb, I give you credit for your passion for the team, but to insinuate that you’re the only one trying to formulate ways of improving the team is insulting and ridiculous. It’s a holier-than-thou attitude that never plays well within any public format. Smh.

          1. Well, it took you weeks to get a mock together, but I really want to hear your ideas. I am not telling posters they cannot engender their own ideas. My opinion is just that. MY opinion. You can have your own opinion. The more counter opinions, the better to counter my arguments, but I do not see many forthcoming. Your attitude makes it seem that I do not accept other views. The fact of the matter, I do, and if wrong, I have corrected myself and admitted I was wrong.
            You have been guilty of devolving into personal asides, just like I have previously. This site is so much better when the focus is on football. I have tried my best to ignore my antagonists, so if anything, I should be praised for my restraint.

            1. Your statement that I was too slow in presenting a mock is head-scratching. Did I have a timeline in doing so? I wasn’t aware of one. Was it your timeline? You have absolutely no idea as to why I posted when I did or why I only posted one mock. The fact you seem to think so is funny and suggests to me that you think you know far more than you actually do. When you first joined this blog, I welcomed you and said that as long as you were polite to people, I thought you could stay as long as you wanted. But your actions have shown you are not polite at all. Your holier-than-thou attitude is insulting, and I see that’s what got you banned from NN. Because you said above: “I was banned by Shorts by saying that true fans do not want their team to lose. Look it up.” So you think that wanting the club to lose its last few games for a much better draft position is the sign of a bad fan? Don’t you see we’d be better off in this draft if the team had folded at the end? What if I said to you that your thinking the opposite made you a bad fan? That would be insulting, wouldn’t it? But there’s more to your impoliteness than that. The fact that you post whatever comes into your mind without a filter, and sometimes go on and on without caring a whit that people think it detracts from the blog, is a sign of disrespect. But obviously you don’t see it that way. It’s too bad for you, and it’s too bad for us.

              1. George, intentionally tanking is odious to me, because it just instills the mindset of losing. Obviously. you agree with Jed when he says he wants to be rewarded for failure.
                I much prefer winning every game.I want the Niners to pick last. Why? because they will be Super Bowl champs. Guess what? Bill Walsh was confronted with picking late every year since 81, yet he did not mind picking late, and the reason was because he had the mindset of a Champion, not a loser.
                George, you obviously did not do a mock because I wanted you to do one, but the funny thing is, mocks require little time to do one, and they are very simple to do. Go on fanspeak and use their ap, and you can pick the Niners, go 6 rounds, and do one in 10 minutes.

              2. I am not polite? Is your incessant attacks on me polite?
                Do I declare that you have not one iota of football sense? Where have I ever said that another person’s opinion is illegitimate? I may have vehemently disagreed, but the impoliteness is coming from you, not me.
                This is a two way street. You cannot insult and attack willy nilly, then whine when I defend myself. You obviously do not care a whit for my opinion, but you should read what you type then look in the mirror.

              3. Prime, I see you devolving into name calling again. posters who roll in the gutter bring nothing to this site. I expected more from you, but see I will be disappointed again.

              4. Hmmm, George, you say that you want to intentionally lose, but then whine when I call that a losers mentality.
                Maybe I am insulted when fans like you want to throw games and denigrate the spirit of gamesmanship.

            2. Once again you criticize me for taking a while to post a mock. I did not want to bring this up, but in answer to your criticism, the reason was that I had a heart attack. You are a total jerk.

              1. George, I hope you have a speedy recovery, but calling me a jerk for not knowing that is not good for your health. Maybe you should relax and not get worked up so much, and stop attacking me.

              2. Thanks, Cubus. They say I’ll be fine.

                Seb, now your telling me how to take care of myself, and of course it has to do directly to you. You have a narcissitic personality disorder in my opinion. Look it up. Everything is about you. Is there anyone you get along with? Is there anyone who likes you?

              3. George

                Hopefully it is a minor H/A and that you are already on the mend…A speedy recovery….

              4. Take care George and for reference, my wife has had 2 and she’s still able to push my buttons…;>)

              5. Gentlemen, I am touched by your support and kind words. Truly. Razor, I’m sorry to hear that about your wife. Mine knows how to push buttons too. Apparently it’s in their DNA.

                Seb, you’re excluded. Your response suggested I’m an unhappy person, which is far from true. I can’t be sure why you come to that conclusion. Other people on this blog would probably see me as a person who likes to joke and sees the lighthearted side of things. But you’re different. You probably see me as unhappy because I’m fed up with your antics, and, you reason, how can anyone be fed up with you unless they are unhappy. Your mother must have told you incessantly growing up that everything you did or thought was wonderful. She probably said to you, what a mind you have, the world needs to hear from you and as much as possible. Once again, you express yourself as an extreme narcissist and apparently can’t help yourself.

              6. George, I do not want to upset you, so I will be brief. I find that a happy person will not attack another so relentlessly. I commended you on your mock, hoped you recover fully and wished you well, but you cannot those words for some reason.
                Please leave my mother out of this. I loved her dearly, and miss her every day. She did love me unconditionally, but also did not do as you say.
                I thought CFC said that family was out of bounds on this site.

              7. “I find that a happy person will not attack another so relentlessly.” I don’t find logic in this. Tell you what, Seb, I’m sure everyone is reaching their limit about my comments about you, so I’ll relent. You’re a virus to this blog and I’ll leave it at that.

              8. Sorry to hear about your health, George. I echo the thoughts above and wish you a speedy recovery.

              9. Once again, I wish you well and hope you find even more happiness in your life. I am extremely sorry that you had your health problem, and never would have mentioned any mock if I had known that.

              10. Really glad to hear the Doctors have said you’ll be ok George. Pretty scary stuff but you survived. All the best.

                Do yourself a favor and just ignore this clown. He offers nothing worth responding too and is a colossal waste of time.

              11. George,
                Sorry to hear of your health issue. I hope you continue to recover though you sound like you may have already done so. Take it easy over the next few months — make it the “summer of George” ….

          2. George, I said AT LEAST ONE fan. I did not say I was the only fan. Please read my comments closely, or better yet, chill and stop addressing me before you get another heart attack. I really do wish you well, and hope you have a speedy recovery. I seem to be upsetting you, so I will stop responding to your posts.

              1. I was joking Seb. It may not be popular, but I’m glad you’re on here. As long as you’re a fan of the 49ers, the more the merrier. What I can’t tolerate, are fans of a divisional rival coming in here and defecating all over the place. Grant just had new carpeting installed….

  17. This is an accurate article Grant. But the other BIG problem with his franchise is the merry go round with coaching. I can’t blame Baalke for all of the licks being bad. Some are flat out in your face bad, but some have to do with coaching also. Which is why I blame ownership just as much as the GM. Until York lucks into a good coach with a good staff again this franchise will be rebuilding for decades. Every failed workplace, business or household failure starts from the top. And picking a GM who was mediocre at best (only because his picks were well coached and had talent from the previous GM’ picks) over a good and could have been great coach was Yorks biggest mistake that will cost this franchise for years to come. So of course he’s putting it on Baalke. What CEO is going to blame themselves for egotistical mistakes and brainless thinking? That’s basically what managers are hired for. The fall guy position! So in essence Baalke could “hit it out of the ballpark” with some picks but can we truly know if they met their capabilities of the coaching staff can’t get them NFL ready?
    Hats another question and need to save this franchise. Kelly as an offensive mind is fine with me, personally I’d like to see him as an OC, but who is running the show in the trenches? The position coaches are very vital to young talent. Who in the hell do we have again???? Hate to say it, but this will be a long season and more than likely a long stretch of another 10 years! Two miracles needed, one is hard enough to get!

    1. Baalke reminds me of that annoying dude in school that thinks he knows everything. It’s sad that with a new stadium, fans wanting out of their season tickets this is the product that is going to be on the field. Baalke will trade back aquire more picks and this team is right on track to be the bottom dweller in the nfc west for a long time. Think it’s back to dark days for a while.

      1. I would get back to the Bill Walsh legacy, and hire Mike Holmgren after they pull a Marathe and reassigns Baalke to be a contracts guy in Sacto. Niners need competency and gravitas. Holmgren gives that to them. He expressed interest, and they dissed him.
        Baalke will have all the pressure on his shoulders after whiffing so badly in Free Agency. this draft is so important. If he messes up, it could cost him his job. He better hit multiple grand slams.
        Baalke may play it safe, and grab that elite pick that fell in their laps because the Rams and Eagles overspent for non elite QBs.
        But if he wants to be bold, he will trade back for multiple picks.
        I hope he identifies the sweet spot of the draft and targets picks there. I hope Chip gets enough respect to get significant input in the first 2 players chosen. Throw Jed a bone and let him prove his worth by letting him pick the last player. If the player bombs, he did not cost much, but if he succeeds, Jed can at least point out one way he has been helping the team.

    1. I have been thinking this for a long time. Carlos and Elliott would make for a very exciting backfield. They would take a ton of pressure off of Kaep or Gabbert.

    2. Noone is talking about it because it is a dumb idea.

      In terms of the depth chart – it is dumb
      In terms of need on the team – it is dumb
      In terms of financial implication – it is dumb
      In terms of value for the #7 pick – it is dumb.

          1. It is stranger that you did not know I was agreeing with the previous post.
            If Ellliot is available, the better strategy may be trade back with Chicago who covets a RB since Forte left, and I do not even know the names of their present RBs. Many mocks have the Browns selecting Elliot the next pick.

            1. I knew that you were agreeing. Once again, you think you know what I said but you don’t. My point was that you said it four times.

              In response to your second paragraph, there are several strategies that could be better than drafting Elliott. Neither you nor I know what will work out the best. If Elliott is the next Peterson, I think that would be the best strategy. I am not saying he is because I don’t know. No one knows about how any great college player will turn out in the bigs.

      1. I get the feeling that you think drafting Elliott with the seventh pick is dumb Oneniner.

    3. I don’t think it’s a dumb idea. “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” Some consider Elliott the best back since Peterson. If that’s so, it might turn out to be worth it.

  18. Here’s some food 4 thought on Baalke drafting ACL players. Value. Carradine (2nd) & Lattimore (4th), Thomas (3rd), Smelter.4 Guys who have yet to have positive impact sadly.

    1. Grant: Good read.

      On slide 5, however, I think there is an error. What is currently written is:

      “Now that the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns have traded up for the top-two picks….

      Shouldn’t that read:

      “Now that the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles have traded up for the top-two picks….”

    2. Also on slide 8, in the second to last paragraph, I think you meant to say:

      The Niners could play “Stanley”…… As written you mention Tunsil.

    3. No thanks. We already have enough offensive linemen dealing with strength and balance issues. That combo equals Stanley being lunch meat against NFC West defenses.

    4. Grant,
      It’s difficult to determine if the 49ers select defense or offense with their first pick because of so many holes on this team.

      As far as QB, whether Kaep stays or leaves the 49ers will need to find a QB for the future. Who and what round that QB is selected is pure mystery at the moment.

      Personally, I believe that they wait until the 2nd rd to draft their QB and my guess is Conner Cook. If Cook is off the board then they will go with an edge rusher in the second.

      Here is projected top three picks:
      1. Ronnie Stanley – week one starter (solid 10 year potential player).
      2. *Conner Cook (if he’s available). Noah Spencer if Cook is off the board.
      3. *Zak Prescott (if Cook is off the board).

      Again, with so many holes to fill these three player could be productive for us and of course Stanley and Spence could provide immediate help.

  19. I usually like to hear who Matt Barrows draft crush is. I can’t seem to find a writeup or mention of it. Does anyone know if Barrows mentioned who his draft crush is (I’m not a Twitter user, so can’t ask him directly). Thanks.

  20. I see the 3 most likely players the 49ers will use their first pick on to be:
    -not in any order-

    Eli Apple
    Laquon Treadwell
    Shaq Lawson

  21. Here’s my third and final mock draft:

    Trades: Titans 15th and 45th picks for 7th pick
    Carolina 30th, 62nd, and 2017 1st round pick for 15th pick

    Round 1
    Pick 30 – DT Vernon Butler

    Round 2
    Pick 37 – OLB/DE Emmanuel Ogbah
    Pick 45 – WR Josh Doctson
    Pick 62 – OT Germain Ifedi

    Round 3
    Pick 68 – RB Kenyan Drake

    Round 4
    Pick 105 – QB Vernon Adams, Jr.
    Pick 133 – ILB Jaylon Smith

    Round 5
    Pick 142 – OG Rees Odhiambo
    Pick 174 – CB/S James Bradberry

    Pick 6
    Pick 178 – WR Mike Thomas
    Pick 207 – DE Romeo Okwara
    Pick 211 – S Jayron Kearse
    Pick 213 – ILB Antonio Morrison

    QB/WR Trevone Boykin
    RB Keenan Reynolds
    WR MarQuez North
    FS/CB Deiondre’ Hall
    OT Halapoulivaati Vaitai
    DE Sterling Bailey

    1. Hmm, bold move to trade back, but getting a 2017 first round pick is a coup.
      Think Doctson will go in the first round, but Su’a Cravens, Karl Joseph, Chris Jones, Michael Thomas or Joshua Garnett may be available at 45.
      I like Kenyan Drake, but he is rated 126. I would prefer CJ Prosise at 68 because he is rated 67, and I think that he is a better pass catcher.
      Instead of Adams who may be an UDFA, I like Hogan at that spot, but can understand why you like Adams.
      All in all, a strong mock.

      1. Garnering a 2017 first round pick wouldn’t be a coup what with the value of a first round pick next year being estimated as a second round pick this year, so that’s essentially two picks valued in the second round the Panthers would be trading.
        I’m beginning to believe the WR class will have some free falling prospects, and I believe Doctson will be one of them.
        I think Procise is a good choice, but I believe Baalke will go in another direction.
        I don’t foresee Baalke wanting Hogan.

          1. Razor,
            I like Doctson too. He can make the acrobatic catch ala Brandon Lloyd, but like Lloyd, coming in at 202 lbs his weight may be a issue in the NFL especially when using his trademark jump catches.

            I would prefer Treadwell over Doctson because of his size and strength. Not a fast 40 4.6, but has exceptional football speed and his college production was excellent.

        1. Maybe I was hoping with Norman leaving, the Panthers will fall a bit.
          Just think that the Bengalls, who lost 2 WRs in free agency will draft Doctson in the first.
          You may be right about Hogan.

    2. Good draft but I think 133 is a wasted pick. Do you mind sharing who you believe the Titans and Panthers are targeting?

      1. Smith at 133 would be a typical Baalke move though.
        I think the Titans will trade up for Tunsil (if he falls) or Stanley, and the Panthers in order to draft a CB ahead of some of the other teams also needing a CB.

        1. I think the Jags will be the target for Tunsil in a trade down, because the Ravens are the team after the Chargers to worry about. Although Stanley is a good possibility, if the Titans trade up to 5 and obstain Tunsil, that possibility dies. Then it comes down to Buckner, Jack or Stanley for Baltimore. This is when I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that they select Jack. Then it becomes an easy selection for you and I, DeForest Buckner. Baalke?

    3. Glad to see Mike Thomas and V.A. getting some love ,Jaylon in the 4th I would take a flyer on without trepidation and D. Hall as a UDFA would be a steal.Nice.

    4. Mid in your last draft you had a center. What happened? Vernon Adams can be had in the seventh or even a UDFA. I think its a good move to get the guy but not that early.

      1. I think Baalke ignores center during the draft.
        Too many believe Adams will be available as a late round or UDFA pickup, but I teams may value him earlier than that.

    5. Mid,

      You have some good players in there but I prefer a mock without the crazy trades. I don’t think you honestly believe the Niners will wind up picking at the end of the first do you?

      1. As I’ve said before, I honestly don’t know what Baalke will do during this draft. He could trade up, down, out of the first round, or even stand pat. He could go CB, DT, WR, or maybe even QB for all I know.

    1. The reason I’m concerned about drafting Lawson at 7 is his ranking in the PFF draft guide for “pass rush productivity” and “run stop percentage.” Out of 44 edge rushers, he’s 23 in “pass rush productivity” and 19 in “run stop percentage.”

      1. If Buckner is sitting there with Bosa, Jack, Tunsil off the board, and no trade partners, I’m fairly confident he’ll be the pick….

        1. Same here, but of course this is Baalke whom we’re talking about. You know, that same guy who drafted A.J. Jenkins?

  22. Bradford is butt hurt and pulling a Kaepernick. Will the Eagles acquiesce? Will Chip be interested? So many questions with so few answers anytime soon….

      1. The Eagles extended Bradford on Feb 28. I’d be pretty surprised to learn that the Eagles didn’t decide until after that point that they were going to move up to draft a QB. Given the likelihood that they knew they were trading up to draft a QB when they extended Bradford it seems unlikely now that they would trade him otherwise you’d have to wonder why they didn’t trade him or haven’t been trying to the whole time?

        1. If Bradford was simply insurance against not being able to trade up I would have to think that they would have constructed a more trade friendly extension. I.E. one that didn’t involve one of the parties having to eat that signing bonus.

        2. I don’t see it that way. I think the Eagles were going into the season with Bradford and Daniel until the Rams made the trade with Tennessee. That led to the Browns looking to trade down and Philly was presented with an opportunity to trade up and get a young QB they liked. Sometimes things happen that change your draft intentions, and this was one of them.

          If Bradford is going to be a problem then I’m guessing they will try to trade him and eat the bonus they gave him to make his contract more palatable. They have Daniel to start if they don’t want to go with Wentz right out of the gate.

          1. “and eat the bonus they gave him to make his contract more palatable”

            It’s not impossible but it would be extremely questionable decision making by that front office. Again not impossible but I guess I’m a fool for giving them enough credit for not wanting to literally throw away eleven million dollars.

            1. Look at it as buying a draft choice rather than throwing away 11 mill. The money is a drop in the bucket for these guys. Pretty much the same thing the Niners would be doing if they agreed to pay for part of Kap’s salary in order to move him.

              1. There’s no owner out there that just flinches at eleven million dollars, it’s hardly a drop in the bucket even to them. If they make the trade and get a first or high second rounder AND that picks turns into a really good player then I would say OK $11M was worth worth the price of a draft pick. Otherwise it’s just bad decision making.

              2. Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 3m3 minutes ago
                Albert Breer Retweeted Adam Schefter
                The $11 million signing bonus is no small issue here.

              3. I’m not saying it’s not a lot of money. I’m saying an NFL team will give up money for draft picks or a more favorable position.

                I’m guessing Breer is referring to the cap charge they will face immediately if they trade him.

  23. Jared Goff is going 1st in the NFL Draft Thursday. It’s a 100% lock. The Los Angeles Rams didn’t trade up for Carson Wentz, who isn’t NFL ready. Everyone credible who reports on these matters has said so. Including Mike Silver, who was in the Rams’ war room three of the last four years. Silver even came on my radio show Saturday and said the Browns wanted Goff, too. When the Rams traded up, Cleveland had no interest in Wentz. (Which means the Eagles were bidding against themselves but that’s another story.)

    I’m warming up for my victory lap, unless the Rams pull an about face, in which case I will disappear and come back under a new name.

  24. The 49ers off season workouts began on April 4. Has anyone heard anything in regards to Trent Brown’s conditioning?

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