49ers draft LSU CB Rashard Robinson in Round 4

The San Francisco 49ers have drafted LSU cornerback Rashard Robinson with Pick 133 in the NFL Draft.

Robinson (6’1″, 171) ran a 4.39 at his Pro Day, and has 32 1/4-inch arms. He has ideal traits for an outside press-man cover corner. But in college he played only 20 games, and he played zero in 2015. He’s a project:

GRADE: B. An extremely talented cornerback who needs to add weight and get stronger. The Niners still need an inside linebacker, but should be able to get a good one in Round 5.

UPDATE: After digging deeper into Robinson’s file, I see he was arrested in 2015 for breaking into an apartment, he failed multiple drug tests at LSU and struggled to remain academically ineligible before LSU suspended him indefinitely in 2014. He  hasn’t played football since then.

Weren’t there any injured corners the Niners could have taken instead?


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  1. I would say so much for finding 4 immediate impact players, but 5th is usually the money round for Baalke and we have 2 picks.

    1. UPDATE: After digging deeper into Robinson’s file, I see he was arrested in 2015 for breaking into an apartment, he failed multiple drug tests at LSU and struggled to remain academically ineligible before LSU suspended him indefinitely in 2014. He hasn’t played football since then.
      Weren’t there any injured corners the Niners could have taken instead?

      LMAO! Ah hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa! OH jeez, if we’re not taking one that’s hurt, we’re taking one that’s in trouble with the law! Oh that’s beautiful, glad I’m not watching the CRAPFEST the NFL calls this draft. Very bad draft this year, and we let 4 QBs get away: Goff, Wentz, Paxton, and Connor Cook. Way to go 49ers to F our hopes away again.

    1. Supposedly one of the best press man cover corners, but to get a potential starting caliber corner this late is all you can ask for….

  2. I’m not sure where all the evidence that this guy is so outstanding in press coverage is coming from he has barely played a half season worth of games.

    1. Seb,
      He is a 1AA stud, he will be a rotational player. I think Baalke gets that with Kelly’s style of O defensive depth is huge. I like him.

      1. OC – Exactly. (Quality) Rotational depth a big must. And we seem to do well with 5th rounders recently on D. Lynch, Dial.

      2. Well, at least they did not go for Judon. Judon was extremely productive, but has bust potential. I will take your word on him. Still would have preferred Brothers or Wright.
        Dang. There went Perkins…..

  3. A B grade is ridiculously high for a prospect that didn’t play for a year and is loaded with red flags.

  4. PFF – “Ronald Blair had our fourth highest grade among 3-4 DE in 2015 (+42.7) and was first with 50 stops (Buckner second with 49)”

      1. Seb,
        He was playing 1aa not Pop Warner. Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Deacon Jones and there have been hundreds of other 1AA players who have achieved greatness.

            1. Coach, maybe I was thinking more about Judon and projected him with Blair.
              I guess I should happy there were not more ACL picks….

  5. Poor choice with 4th round pick. Too many projects. Not enough offensive skill players team right now or going forward who can make an impact in the next two season. These are the rounds for gambling on an offensive impact player. Baalke is frozen into action from his poor record in this area.

    1. Finally, a pick I can cheer about, instead of scratching my head.
      Hope this means that Devey and Pears will be released.

    1. Pears can play at guard or tackle, so I think he’ll stick as a backup unless Martin or Thomas can step up.

      1. Rats, looks liek another dismal 49er year and I’m loving it because I’m not watching the ship sink once again, ha ha!

    1. The Kwayne Harris of our defense, way to pick em Baalke. I’m sure our drafts will not cost that much to sign will they?

            1. The only 49ers rep to talk to Robinson was the chaplain, who took him to lunch. They obviously love his talent, and the only problem was the character. I’ll bet we look back at the drafting of Robinson and Redmond as a stroke of genius a few years from now.

              1. A stroke of genius, or the worst two-pick sequence since the Niners took Tank Carradine and Vance McDonald.

          1. Yeah, they were, Mid. Not only off field but on field concerns. And how will he get along with Chip. But, they might be able to stash him on the PS if these concerns are shared by other teams.

            1. If they have to put this guy in PS, that’s draft bust for a 4th rounder.
              Apparently, the only Niner official who met him was 49ers’ team chaplain.

      1. After the first day, these later picks are kinda a letdown…Hope they work out, but many left me scratching my head.

      2. Baalke tends to make his “safe”, high floor target picks early. Then gambles on high risk-reward players on day three.

        Rewards is usually some kind of unique athleticism.
        Risk are injury, small school opposition, a shortcoming that (hopefully) can be fixed with coaching/conditioning, behavioral.

        I’m guessing he expects a high cut rate, and understands he’s passing on a solid rotational player for a possible home run pick.

        1. Will Redmond – Reward: Very good cover skills. Can play slot or outside. Versatile. Risk: ACL

          Rashard Robinson – Reward: Long cover corner with great skills. Risk: Off field and substance issues.

          Ronald Blair – Reward: Strong. Physical. Very Productive. Risk: Small school opposition.

          John Theus – Reward: Good length and feet in pass pro. Can be swing tackle. Risk: Really needs to get bigger and stronger.

          So far I’m liking the Blair pick the best. I like the Redmond pick too.

          1. Did anyone say that Rashard Robinson is a hard worker? I’m interested to know how his weight got down to 171 lbs a short while ago.

  6. Per PFF, Blair had positon high run stop percentage of 13.8. 50 def stops were most of any edge or defensive lineman in this draft class.

  7. Hopefully this says something about the type of year DeAndre Smelter is capable of having? I’m reaching – I know.

      1. I wouldn’t add Anderson, white to that. I would add Smelter and the kid from Canada. Anderson and white will get cut.

  8. I’ve never been a huge fan of Scooby Wright’s game but there is nothing more dangerous than a man who feels he has been disrespected [see Navaro Bowman\T. Brady] I think late in the 5th might be a good place to pull the trigger on Scooby if not Hogan.

    1. Stanford’s Blake Martinez went in the 4th to the Pack, and Scooby Wright is still available. Didn’t see that coming.

    2. Scooby would be great at the end of the 5th. So what if he’s just a “2 down” guy. He’s smart and disruptive. Great inside blitzer.

    1. Happy for Hogan. Good situation to learn from Reid’s staff while backing up Alex.
      In the 6th and 7th rounds, Niners will probably draft a few more players we have never heard of, and will never remember after 2-3 seasons.

  9. So I realize we are truly drafting needs and depth. However, are we going to roll into 2016-2017 season with the WR core from last year? Does the front office believe the system and QB’s failed the WR? Just give me one, young, healthy, WR, who can ball?

  10. With the exception of the 2 CB’s this has been a build a winner from the inside out kinda draft and that’s how you win in the NFL. I hope it continues with a couple of ILB picks a QB and maybe a NT

    1. too late, Hogan got taken. No Qb for the 49ers unless they’re waiting for the 7th round to further F us along!

  11. Am very pleased with the draft with the emphasis on defense. Player selection TBD. Baalkie understands that regardless if Kelly’s offense shines or stinks the defense is going to be on the field a lot. I am already getting jazzed for the start of the new season.

        1. Dont think he will be a starter, but will need to sit and learn. Has lots of potential, and Flaherty may be able to coach him up.

  12. Hill, selected by the Chiefs assaulted his pregnant girlfriend. It’s good to know Baalke draws the line somewhere….

  13. And since the team is focused on practice squad/develop guys, I know they have a lot of TEs, but I would take Rico Gathers in the 7th. A huge TE target with great athleticism. Bball player form Baylor 6’8′ 280.

  14. Marshall was the number 1 RB in the nation out of high school. Then he ran into injury problems. He hasn’t been injured in almost 2 years, but he became a backup due to an RB you may have heard of, Todd Gurley. The number 3 RB in the nation that year, also out of North Carolina.

      1. That’s true, but I’m thinking about accuracy and grace under pressure. I have to bow to the GM and coaches on whom they pick, though.

  15. A WR finally. A 6 foot possession receiver who ran 4.56 40 and can’t separate from defenders. Why does this sound familiar?

    1. Before I go, here’s a list of our picks so far. Out of 10, I am guessing that only 5 are likely to be keepers. Just initial guesses. Hope I’m wrong.

      1. First round: DeForest Buckner, DT, Oregon — keeper
      2. First round: Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford — keeper
      3. Third round: Will Redmond, CB, Mississippi State — keeper
      4. Fourth round: Rashard Robinson, CB, LSU
      5. Fifth round: Ronald Blair, DE, Appalachian State — keeper
      6. Fifth round: John Theus, OT, Georgia — keeper
      7. Fifth round: Fahn Cooper, OT, Ole Miss
      8. Sixth round: Jeff Driskel, QB, Louisiana Tech
      9. Sixth round: Kelvin Taylor, RB, Florida
      10. Sixth round: Aaron Burbridge, WR, Michigan State

  16. Cowboys took Gathers. Crap. This was the DL, OL, CB draft for SF. Next year, it needs to be the WR, TE, OLB draft.

  17. Robinson is a high risk, high reward type pick. If he straightens out he’s got the talent to play well above his 4th round selection. Or he could be out of the league in a few years after a few failed drug tests.

    Given the number of people that have bemoaned the 49ers not drafting Martavis Bryant, I am surprised there is so much negativity around this pick.

    4th round comp pick, worth a gamble.

    1. I don’t know Scooter. It’s not just off-field issues – it’s on-field as well.

      “I’m not sure he’s a bad kid, but I know he hates school. He’s really tough — ­typical south Florida kid. You know what you get. The interviews will work themselves out for better or worse, but you keep things simple for him and let him chase one guy around the field all day. He’s really good at that.”

      Is he going to want to do the mental work to improve and be part of a team? Keep things simple for him – not sure that will work on the pro level. He has to know his assignments…..

  18. 49ers sign Devin Cajuste WR/TE Stanford. Good deal. Hope he gets a long look. Delanie Walker type player perhaps.

  19. Scouting report on Burbridge. Not bad at all.


    “Has the body control and in­-air athleticism to contort and come down with spectacular catches. Able to drop down and secure low throws and extend beyond his frame for diving catches left or right. At his best breaking off routes with suddenness and opening quickly for timing throws. Better at coming out of breaks to his left over his right. Detailed route-­runner on double moves creating openings for big plays up top. Once on top of cornerbacks, looks to stack them to create throwing window for touch throws. Excellent at tracking the deep ball. Has 19 catches of 25-plus yards. Willing to match physical with physical at the top of his routes against huggers. Shows some aggressiveness as run blocker and gives effort when working up to safeties.”

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