49ers draft targets by position


Based on the visits and meetings the 49ers have conducted with players this offseason, these are positions the team seemingly wants to upgrade in the draft.

Position/Players the 49ers have visited or will visit

1. Starting LB: Rueben Foster — Alabama, Haason Reddick — Temple, Zach Cunningham — Vanderbilt
2. QB to push Brian Hoyer: Mitch Trubisky — North Carolina, Deshaun Watson — Clemson, DeShone Kizer — Notre Dame, Patrick Mahomes — Texas Tech
3. RB to pair with Carlos Hyde: Dalvin Cook — Florida State, Christian McCaffrey — Stanford, Alvin Kamara — Tennessee, Brian Hill — Wyoming, Aaron Jones — Texas-El Paso
4. Pass-catchcing TE: Jordan Leggett — Clemson, Derrick Griffin — Texas Southern
5. Return specialist who is a WR: Carlos Henderson — Louisiana Tech, Ryan Switzer — North Carolina, Artavis Scott — Clemson, Rodney Adams — South Florida
6. RT to push Trent Brown: Dion Dawkins — Temple, Julie’n Davenport — Bucknell, Brad Seaton — Villanova
7. 6-technique DE (strong side): Myles Garrett — Texas A&M, Keion Adams — Western Michigan, Jonathan Calvin — Mississippi State, Garrett Sickels — Penn State
8. Backup OG: Geoff Gray — Manitoba, Sam Tevi — Utah
9. Safety: Jamal Adams — LSU, Rudy Ford — Auburn, Leon McQuay III — USC.

What stands out to you about this list? Does anything about it surprise you?

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  1. Where are the starting receivers? Guess they’re feeling good about their DT’s as well.

    Many a draft stories where the player says the team that took them never once had any contact with him leading up to the draft. Just something to remember.

  2. There’s also Free Agency 2.0 that happens after the draft. We’ll see what veterans they target leading up to Summer.

      1. Oh man I somehow looked right past that line.

        With that said Keion Adams wouldn’t be a player I’d put on the strong side of the line at best he’s a Leo prospect in this scheme. He’d be lined up out in BFE on the weak side of the line, somewhere around the 8 or 9 spot.

        1. Good call CfC. Adams is undersized, for sure. In fact, IMO, he looks a lot like Marcus Rush, in terms of ability, though Adams might be an upgrade over Rush. Both guys play a similar game, relying on speed and bend.

          CfC, what do you think of the kid from Penn State, Garrett Sickels?

          1. Sickels is the type of player who’s skill set and motor allowed him to excel at the collegiate level but his lack of athleticism will really hold him back in the NFL. I think his ceiling is a really good depth player, someone you can spell your starter with and not be worried about him giving up a big play but he’s not someone who’s going to be a starter in the NFL..

          2. Keion Adams:
            4.70 40-yard dash
            7.36 3-cone drill
            27 bench-press reps

            Yannick Ngakoue:
            4.75 40-yard dash
            7.35 3-cone drill
            26 bench press reps

            1. So they have the same physical traits they must have the same talent and skill set too? Does every 6’4″ 215 pound receiver have Randy Moss’s hands or ability to catch with 2 guys hanging off him?

              1. I’ll have to ask for a continuance until late September where I’ll have plenty of exhibits for you.

            1. That’s their sub-package. Ngakoue started 15 games last season and was the strong-side 6-tech DE in Jacksonville’s base defense.

              1. SDE was Odrick who lined up at 5tech. Our base SDE will be Buckner or Armstead. Jones would maybe fit at LEO

            2. That’s where they’d use Adams. Adams isn’t Ngakoue. I just used that shot to illustrate where they’d use him. Ngakoue is physical enough to handle strong side, he’s able to fight off offensive lineman. Once a tackle or tight end gets a hand on Adams he’s done. He needs space to use his speed to get around left tackles. He’ll be a sub package weak side pass rusher.

          1. Good point Grant. Thanks for shooting us down on a technicality, lol.

            Have you evaluated these pass rushers (other than Myles Garrett)?

              1. Yes I have. Really quick twitch, athletic, high motor speed rusher with a nose for the football/QB. Seems undersized though, 6’2″ 247 lbs? Can he hold up on the edge? Could he also be a backup WILL LB?

              2. Wow, I didn’t realize he boosted 26 reps on the bench press. That’s very strong for a guy his size.

              3. 27. Compare that to a tight end like Jordan Leggett, who put up only 18 reps. Adams will be a tough matchup.

              4. There’s a reason he’s seen as a 7th round to UFA pick up. Yannick was a 3rd rounder btw. Seems like a legitimate comparison.

              5. The reason is he wasn’t invited to the combine. After his strong pro day, i think he’ll get drafted much higher than you expect.

  3. If Trent Brown really doesn’t fit this system, couldn’t the FO trade him and get something good back? He is not even 24 yet and would be a huge upgrade for a lot of teams and has a lot of upside

    1. andrew

      Just what is the talk about shedding Trent Brown ? The kid is 24, has got positive reports from almost every DC in the league, and even Vonn Miller couldn’t get through him….he makes defensive teams change their game. Just remember the parade of losers we had at RT before him…DOGFOOD !

      1. It’s more about fit. He’s good in pass pro but one of the worst in the league in run blocking… and with Shanahansome base run being the outside zone read… you can expect he will only get worse.

  4. LOL, I remember when Baalke was the GM and whenever he interviewed some one, I crossed that player off the list because Baalke liked to play games and never drafted that player. Baalke and his smokescreens, smh.

    Lynch is different, and is doing due diligence. Guess he will choose from the pool of players studied, but maybe he also will hide his true intentions so another team will not poach a player before the Niners can select him.

  5. Who they bring and who the draft aren’t mutually exclusive. There are literally two of the listed players that I could see them using the 2nd pick on (Garrett and Foster), others could be options if they traded down and some are day three possibilities. There is a very high probability that their first pick is not on this list.

  6. There are two players (imo) that can pay immediate dividends from this list.
    On defense: Reuben Foster
    On offense: Carlos Henderson

    We have been in LB purgatory since P.Willis retired and Bowman went on the shelf. RF would be a big plus.
    Also, we need a threat on special teams. Henderson could fill that void.

        1. Quick, name some stud D-lineman from the Pac-12 that are on an NFL roster. Armstead? Buckner? Ngata?

          The 49ers have 3 Pac-12 D-linemen already (+Earl Mitchell), we don’t need another one :)

  7. Mach Draft 8.0

    (1)2. *Trade* Panthers 1st round pick 8+2nd round picks 40+64 to 49ers for King Solomon
    (1)8. O.J. Howard TE
    (2)34. Kevin King CB
    (2)40. Jordan Willis Edge
    (3)66. Carlos Henderson WR
    (4)109. Anthony Walker Jr. LB
    (4)143. Robert Davis WR
    (5)146. Jonathan Ford FS
    (5)161. Stevie Tu’ikolovatu DT
    (6)198. Aaron Jones RB
    (6)202. Jerry Ugokwe OT
    (7)219. Chad “Hotty Toddy” Kelly QB


    Gunner Kiel QB
    Ben Boulware LB
    Samson Eubukam OLB
    Boom Williams RB
    Jonathan McLaughlin OL
    Lucas Crowley C
    Bug Howard WR

  8. What stands out? Haha, an off-the-wall coincidence:
    Your mentioned offensive tackles all come from colleges in a tight geographic grouping.
    Must be the Cheesesteaks.
    ; >)

  9. Grant: “Does anything about it surprise you”?
    1) Surprised Pitt. QB Nathan Peterman not on the 9ers list.
    He’s experienced at running a pro style offense and scouting reports compare him to Cousins.
    2) Surprised N. Carolina RB TJ Logan isn’t on the 9ers list.
    A 7th Rd. pick for P/K returns. A 4.37s x 40 combine! A versatile player that can catch out of the backfield and line up as a receiver.
    3) Biggest surprise: No WR’s or DB’s?

  10. Quite often the visits are just misdirection, so we’re still free to follow our blissfully ignorant pathways to Draft Prognostication.

    Looking back in mocks I did months ago it is interesting to see that all the players who were UDFA or late round picks have bunched up in the second and third rounds.

  11. What stands out to you about this list?

    – Its nice to see Reddick and Cunningham on the 49ers radar along with Foster

    – Niners would be visiting Trubisky, Watson, Kizer and Mahomes whether there was genuine interest or not. (lying season)

    Does anything about it surprise you?

    – No visits scheduled with tight ends Howard, Njoku, Engram or Everett

    – No visits scheduled with receivers Davis, Williams, Ross, Jones, Kupp or Smith-Schuster

    – No defensive back visits scheduled (yet)

    Summary: No surprises there are surprises. 49ers could be targeting several players/positions not scheduled for visits. They could be downright obsessed with some corners or receivers not listed. Its lying season.

    Notes: With Hyde’s durability issues I’d like to see the 49ers grab someone like Samaje Perine along with a COP back.

    1. The GM’s a defensive back. The draft is rumored to be deep in defensive backs. No defensive back visits yet to be scheduled.

      Don’t be surprised if the 49ers draft at least two DBs.

      1. Or none. The 49ers have plenty of DBs and it is not, under any realistic appraisal of needs, while they’re not elite, they’re not garbage either and therefore it’s not something that the 49ers really need to address this year.

        In fact, from a strategic roster building POV it’d likely be a bad decision. One that Baalke would make, like he did last year.

        The simple reason is that corners, and DBs in general, with a few rare exceptions, have a shorter ‘quality play’ shelf life than linebackers and defensive linemen.

        Take Darrell Revis, fell apart at 30. His HOF career (and he’s likely to be a HOFer unless he gets TO’d) met a brick wall. Nnamdi Asomugha is another. Fell apart at 30, early in his EAgles contract. We gave him a shot at 31 and he couldn’t even make the club. Sanders, by the time he left the Cowboys, was a shell of himself and the last three years of his career were a travesty (especially the two where he’d ‘unretired’ and played for the Ravens),

        Fix your linemen, fix your linebackers, start working on your corners and safeties next year and the year after.

  12. Draftmas 4 weeks from tonight.
    We’ll be needing to wear our waders the rest of the way to get through all the sullbhit.

    1. And don’t forget those waders *after* the draft, BT. Whomever the team ends up picking, 49.5% of the board will immediately label bust, 49.5% of the board will absolutely love, 1% of the board will wait to see how they turn out. ;)

      1. I’m a firm believer in two things:

        1. The Four Year rule.
        2. Draft success is relative to your competitors, not some idiotic absolute the finger pointers pretend exists.

  13. Players that should be on the 9ers list:
    1) DE/OLB: Kansas St. Jordan Willis.
    2) WR: Georgia St. Robert Davis
    3) TE: Iowa George Kittle
    4) OG: TCU Aviante Collins
    5) ILB/ST LSU Duke Riley

        1. They said that about Tedford QBs. Until Rodgers became the first successful Tedford QB after bust after bust after bust after bust… Then they all started failing again… Funny that.

        2. Webb will surprise a lot of people. He’ll turn out to be a better QB than Jared Goff, in my opinion.

          By the way, it’s too early to call Goff a failure (regarding Moses’s comment).

          1. Webb has certainly helped himself this off season. Starting with the Senior Bowl. He has had great interviews and has impressed with his football knowledge. I think he will transition to the Pros better than Goff.

          2. Webb will do well no matter where he lands. Son of a coach. Hope he gets the Aaron Rodgers treatment rather than the Goff treatment

          3. Shanahan said it best during an interview — it’s an educated guess. And the reason is that QBing in college is vastly easier than in the NFL. In college the WRs are almost always open by yards and the kind of pressure and defensive schemes that QBs have to deal with in college are pale shadows of what they’ll face in the NFL.

            As for Webb, I have a skeptical out-look for his career as he has my biggest ‘red flag’ in spades… Or perhaps hearts or diamonds…: Anyway, his composite play against his better defensive opponents — San Diego State , USC, Stanford, Washington & Utah was very poor:

            154/264 (58.3%) for 1816 yards, 14TD, 8 TD — 127.55 NCAA QB rating.

            So, maybe he succeeds… But his college performance profile is very poor. And QBs that have poor performance profiles against their best 5 opponents in their last year of NCAA QBing fail in the NFL at an extremely high rate.

            1. Moses – You raise a legitimate question about the system Webb comes from but then seem to blame him for his poor performance against his 5 better opponents. Is it the coaching or the player? Not saying I know, but it seems to me that that is what makes drafting QBs (and others) a crap game. Webb seems to have the body, arm and the intelligence to learn from first class coaching (like Rogers). I would take a chance on him.

              1. Whine, How did Webb fare against top opponents when he was at T. Tech. His performance this year was with a poor Cal team, in his first year with the team and with a coach who was soon to be fired.

              2. OC – I probably am not in the mainstream with most here because while I believe that tape is important, it should be used to view the specifics of a players performance, and specific game outcomes are not that important. The issue is CAN a player make plays, not so much DOES he. In Webb I see a guy who would grow well just like (coincidentally) Aaron Rogers. With at least two years in Shanny’s system, I believe that Webb will grow to surpass any other QB in the draft. He is student of the game (father a coach) and has all the tools. I think that Shanny and Lynch want to compete with others playing while the franchise QB learns for at least two years and then we have another dynasty. To focus on Webb’s past success or failures is the wrong approach IMHO. We’ll see.

              3. I’m not all that enamored with Webb. Not as good a pocket passer as Goff, isn’t overly good with movement in the pocket and lost his job at TT to Mahomes. I don’t see a lot to be excited about personally. With time he could turn into a decent player I suppose, but the idea that he is somehow a second round or even first round QB is crazy imo. He’s a 3rd day talent who’s value is being over inflated due to the lack of elite prospects available this year.

              4. OC – I have no idea where Webb will go. As you can see, a smart guy like Rocket does not feel real good about him, and he’s not alone. Personally I see him as the best project guy in the pack. Needs to fix his shortcomings and has the best chance of doing it IMHO. Would like to see what Shanny can do with him in a couple of years. All I am predicting now is that he will get drafted by someone and he will eventually end up the be the best of this draft with proper training. It’s extremely rare that QBs set the world on fire from day 1, but that seems like what everyone wants to see in a rookie QB. That’s what explains why they are drafted higher than everyone thinks they deserve. I think it’s group think and not smart. Only time will tell.

  14. Draft Philosophy Question – Is it a must to always have a position balanced draft?

    Many seven round mocks have balanced position choices. Few go after the same position more than once.

    I believe in striking while the iron’s hot. If a draft is deep at certain positions its fine to draft more than one. If the 49ers drafted two or more CBs, TEs, RBs, Edge I’d be fine with that.

    1. I’m more of the ‘load-up’ the position school. Taking two, or even three, of the same position/need group.

    2. Well…

      There is a limit to the number of rookies a group can train up. Seeing a draft like Walsh did way back when when they selected 3 DBs in the first three rounds is not common.

      Why would you load up on, say, two or three QBs in one draft? Not all of them could possibly be developed.

      Same with safeties, corners, WRs…

      Meanwhile, other position groups suffer because they don’t have anyone to train up.

    1. Darnold was excellent last year. Was able to improvise, great pocket presence, good mobility and able to extend plays. He also benefited from having pretty good players around him, including WR’s not named Smith-Schuster and a RB committee that was really underrated.

      I wanna see another year from him before I annoying him the #1 overall pick or #1 QB for that matter.

      1. Agreed Bling Bling,
        I would be interested in Dornald’ 2017 season.
        Didn’t Brad Kaaya have a better season in 2015 than 2016?
        As you said, it’s too early to anoint Dornald the next big thing.

        Heck, Ken Dorsey was 38-2 at Miami with a National Championship on his college resume, but could not break through for an NFL QB gig.
        Point, we just don’t know how these guys will fare once they get to the big show.

    2. If Darnold comes back with a season like his first, he’ll be the number on pick in the 2018 draft. Unless the Niners finish last they’ll have no shot at him.

      1. Absolutely rocket. I mentioned that a few weeks ago. It’s going to take a kings ransom to land Darnold unless the 49ers tank again this season.

        After Darnold, is the 2018 QB draft class really that strong? I am not sure.

        1. It all depends on who declares and injuries, but it could be a great QB draft if all the prospects who are eligible enter. Josh Rosen and Josh Allen are both Franchise caliber QB’s if they remain healthy. Luke Falk and Mason Rudolph are talented players who could improve their stock with good seasons. Lamar Jackson is a wildcard if he improves his passing. Trace McSorely and Baker Mayfield are later options who could be decent players long term with development. Could be a great one for sure.

    3. Cousins will become available next season, so all bets are off on anointing a 2018 rookie as the franchise player.

  15. I’m glad we’re going to meet with Jamal Adams. I think he is the safest pick in the draft. Safer than Garrett because Myles admitted to taking plays off. Don’t get me wrong though, I would still take Garrett over anyone else.


    Thanks for putting together the list. Breaking it down by position helps up see where their focus is. They are definitely taking a QB and HB.

  16. Jets holding a private workout today for Trubisky. This could mean nothing. It could mean the Jets are willing to trade some picks for him.

    2 for 6+39+70 should do it. Or 2 for 6+39+2018 pick.

        1. OldCoach – That would work for me. Aside from the obvious benefits of a first round pick, is there a player you’re targeting in next year’s first round?

          1. Brodie,
            Its not a player but a position. We will have to see how things develop but I believe there might be 2 or 3 QBs who could go in the top 6 picks next year.

  17. The things that stand out to me on that list:
    – No CBs. However, 49ers scouts have attended pro days for a number of CBs, and met at Senior Bowl.
    – 49ers met with Allen at the combine.
    – There are a few positions they are checking out lower round talent as well as top round talent (edge, RB, OT, safety). Not sure how much can be read into this, but my guess is these are positions they will definitely address at some point in the draft.
    – Only the top 4 QBs are known as guys the 49ers are looking at. These four were known to be guys the 49ers would visit with before Shanahan said he still hadn’t had a chance to review the film. So how could they have drilled it down to these four? Obviously this is part of due diligence, but also reeks of smoke screen.
    – The list seems a bit incongruent with what Lynch and Shanahan have been saying regarding what they are looking for. They have talked up the need for the secondary to be excellent, yet only Adams is considered a high pick. They have talked about the need to get at the QB, but only Garrett and Allen are considered high round picks. They have talked about needing to find their future QB, but how that could come in any round, yet only the top 4 guys are on this list. Basically, don’t read too much into the list.

    1. Would it not make sense for ShanaLynch to hype up the QBs? Trubisky in particular would make sense – for trade bate and smoke screen reasons.

  18. Other than Garrett, Adams and Foster are the only players that would be taken at #2 or possibly #8 if we trade with Carolina.

    Some top 10 picks that aren’t on 49ers list are Solomon Thomas, Malik Hooker, OJ Howard, Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook, Marshon Lattimore and the top 3 WRs.

    1. I like TJ Watt from that list. He might be there at #34. He has a great motor and could play on the ball. And he is underrated in coverage.

  19. What strikes me most is a sense of comfort knowing Baalke’s influence is nonexistent. I have heard very little chatter about hand size.

  20. “The community I come from wants and needs to know that they are being heard,” Detroit Lions wide receiver Anquan Boldin said during a forum held Thursday on Capitol Hill. “We want to make sure that you, that those in position to bring positive change, understand the things that we as an African-American community are going through. We certainly do not feel that we’re being heard right now right now, especially when it comes to law enforcement and the way we are being policed. Our neighborhoods are feeling hurt, and they want to see change.”

    “In October 2015, a police officer shot and killed Boldin’s cousin Corey Jones. Jones, Boldin recounted, was driving home after playing a show with his church band in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, when his car broke down. An unidentified officer pulled up in an unmarked white van.”


    1. 80,
      Nice story.
      And this visit to congress by NFL players brings a small ray of redemption to Kaepernick’ stance and silent protest last season.
      From the beginning Kap said that his protest was to bring about a conversation on the controversial subject – it has, and hopefully for the best.

  21. Why Kyle Shanahan, 49ers moved on from Colin Kaepernick
    5:00 AM MT

    Nick Wagoner
    ESPN Staff Writer


    Any response to Kap not being a pocket passer as Mr. Shanahan alludes to ?

    Maybe you’re more knowledgeable, having posted he’s greater than Montana or Young at QB.

    At quarterback, that happens to mean eschewing the zone-read based offense best suited for Kaepernick’s skills in favor of the modernized West Coast offense Shanahan has used with more pocket-oriented passers.

    “Colin’s had a great career, and he’s done some really good things,” Shanahan said. “I think Colin has a certain skillset that you can put a specific offense to it that he can be very successful in. When we first looked at it, you’ve got to look at each quarterback and what type of offense you want to put in. That wasn’t necessarily the direction I wanted to go. I wanted to put in a different type of offense.”


  22. “So when Shanahan and Lynch evaluated free-agent quarterbacks, they sought players who are better suited to make quick, accurate decisions with the ball. That they found some familiarity in Hoyer made signing him quickly that much easier.”

    “Brian is obsessed with the game. He will learn your offense, he will be able to execute and run it and that gives other guys a chance to perform in your offense. If your quarterback can’t execute it and go through it, then it doesn’t always matter what the O-line and receivers are doing. Brian is a very smart guy who works at it, will hang in the pocket and is fearless to keep his eyes down the field and move the ball to the right spots and it gives people a chance to be successful.”

  23. San Jose State WR Tim Crawley to attend 49ers local pro day

    March 30, 2017 at 3:40 PM • 0 comments

    By David Bonilla

    According to a source, San Jose State WR Tim Crawley has been invited to attend the San Francisco 49ers’ local pro day on April 12.

    Crawley has speed as he ran a 4.38 40-yard dash during workouts.

    The source feels that Crawley could serve in a Taylor Gabriel-type role within 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Many believe that the 5-foot-7, 170-pound receiver could also serve as a returner on special teams. As a kick returner with San Jose State, he averaged 20.2 yards per return.

  24. #80, Thought you would enjoy this:


    Have you looked at it (Bill Walsh video) ?

    Shanahan: “yes, and before I got here too…Just watching installs, how he talks to the team, how he put in an offense.”

    Are their archives ?

    Shanahan: “Yes, there are a lot of video back from…Bill, from what I’ve heard and my dad was the same way–they recorded everything. Every install he did, they have it on there.”

    Do you find yourself wanting to be like him, wanting to tell a joke.?

    “I think that’s what made him good, he was himself. That’s who he was. He said a lot of smart things you learn from…”


  25. That would be the dream…but no way the browns muff this layup. They could trade up to get either guy with all their extra picks

    1. Still the team needs to interview Garrett just in case; but I agree the odds are very slim the Browns will muff this up.

  26. Anybody else think that it is odd that Shanahan was not part of the recent interviewing of the top QBs in the draft? I’m not sure if we should read anything into this or not. Surely, he would want to have a big say in which if any QBs are drafted.

    1. Good point. I have a feeling that Lynch will be extremely impressed when he meet Adams in person.

      They have stressed the importance of Safties and “violent” defenders. Adams checks those boxes. They have stressed good character guys. Adams is a leader with a great attitude, just like Lynch.

    2. If they are coming to team HQ for meetings then I am sure he will meet them then. And its also possible the team met with some of them at the combine.

  27. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/former-player-reignites-war-of-words-between-washington-and-fired-gm-scot-mccloughan-001059989.html

    “He knew the players loved him,” Robinson told Fox Sports 910. “And he started feeling the hate from [team president] Bruce Allen right around, well, he’s been feeling it, but when they didn’t let him speak (to reporters) at the Senior Bowl, he said to him that was his last straw, and he knew that he was on his way out. He said it was after a draft meeting, after the combine, Bruce called him up to his office and was just like, ‘Nobody likes you in this building. Nobody wants you here.’ And Scot was like, ‘Well, I guess I’m out of here.’”

    “He said, ‘Mike, I don’t have an issue right now drinking. I haven’t touched a drink in a while’,” Robinson said. “‘But of course they wouldn’t let me say it because they silenced me.’”

    1. 49ers choose Thomas 2, Cunningham 34. I’ll take that.

      Has Hooker dropping to 17

      Jets taking Trubisky at 7

      49ers take no QB, RB or TE in top five rounds

      1. I really think this is a case of getting too caught up in defining positions. If anyone was to ask any of the Pete Carroll disciples if their D uses a Leo, I’m sure they would all say yes, despite the fact the front has shifted over time. The main thing is they use four down lineman, one of the DEs is typically bigger than your traditional 4-3 DEs (while the other is more your typical rush edge DE), there is usually an OLB playing at the LOS, the SS often plays up in the box, and therefore the FS often plays single high.

          1. That’s what it used to be. Who’s to say that as the D itself has morphed the role of the Leo hasn’t morphed as well?

              1. Avril is a strong side DE. Beasley is a linebacker. He plays the position Bruce Irvin used to play for Seattle.

              2. Doing well – Brooks = Brooks Reed.

                But again I think we are getting into semantics here. Beasley is clearly the pass rush threat for the Falcons. Whether he plays with his hand in the dirt or not doesn’t really matter. He is a different type of LB than what the Seahawks use, or the Jags, and they adapted the D accordingly. Leo, Otto, doesn’t really matter. If you have good pass rush from the 4 guys with the hand in the dirt, chances are the on ball LB you play will be more of a traditional LB.

              3. And you are still stuck on labelling what the Leo was in the old 4-3 under front. The fact is the Gus Bradley last year still referred to positions as Leo and Otto, even though the role had morphed. And as you point out, the Falcons ran a different front to the Jags with the on ball LB being the dominant pass rusher. So basically what we have is a front that can adapt to its personnel.

              4. Dante Fowler was the Leo in Jacksonville last year — he played in sub packages as a weak side 9-technique edge rusher. Yannick Ngakoue was not the Leo.

              5. To start the season Fowler was in base. But he got replaced and became just a sub package player. In base he wouldn’t often line up as a 9T.

                They have mentioned how Lynch could be the Leo. But if he is I highly doubt he is playing 9T often in base. They will mould the front to suit the personnel.

              6. That’s because Fowler wasn’t a good 6-technique. So they moved him back to 9-technique in the sub packages. That’s the so-called Leo position.

              7. And my point is we have no way of confirming right now whether the role of the Leo has morphed over time. Playing weakside 9T was the Leo role in the old under look. But as you have pointed out, they (the Jags) didn’t use that front very often last year. If they aren’t using that front, it stands to reason the Leo role has changed, and seems reasonable to think the 6T role Fowler was playing was the Leo role.

                It could also be the reason they use Leo and Otto rather than names that more easily translate to strong and weakside, or DE and LB. Perhaps the whole point of the naming designation is that these positions are intended to be flexible in alignment, to best suit the personnel and needs of the team. As we saw with the Falcons last year, the Otto was Beasley, yet he was the primary pass rush threat. Usually that would be the Leo role. And both the Jags and Seahawks have typically preferred more traditional LBs in that role over true edge players like Beasley. The system can and has adapted.

              8. Beasley plays the same position Bruce Irvin played in Seattle. Nothing has changed. These terms have specific meanings. Leo isn’t a general term for an edge rusher.

              9. You guys are arguing semantics. Just like any defense there are variations to this that incorporate different alignments and thus different terms to identify the player. The great thing about this system is it is flexible and can shift along with the offense without too much movement or confusion. It’s really genius in its simplicity.

  28. # 80: Question
    Do you think Levin fits Shanny’s Offense better than Collins?
    1) Corey Levin: OG, 6′-4″ 307 Lbs, 5.16s x 40, 26 Reps
    2) Aviante Collins: OG, 6′-4″ 295 Lbs, 4.78s x 40, 34 Reps

    1. Good question as they are both late rounders. They are both good fits. I would favor Collins because he’s faced tougher competition.

  29. BT
    Both are late round picks, both played OG and OT, but will need a year (or more) before they’re ready to see the field. Collins has a physical advantage (stronger & faster)!
    Collins better fits a ZBS scheme. Not a lot of film on either…. What’s your opinion?

    1. Very limited film view by me. My point, whoever you think moves guys out despite the measurements. Especially later rounds, basic eyeball test. #2 test: the next play after a missed block; how does he respond?
      I’ll forgive 40 times and cone drills based on those other criteria.

      Now we’re in the final stretch. This is when we begin to talk ourselves out of players (higher rounds) by over magnifying flaws.
      Did he win? How did he win? Does that translate? Keep it simple.

  30. Taysom Hill measured in at 6′-2″/221 pounds, ticked 38.5 inches in the vertical, managed a 10′-2″ broad jump, and ran a 4.44 Forty.

    1. So? You’re talking about one of the worst passers in the NCAA. I’d sign him as nothing more than a UDFA camp-arm..

  31. What’s with the right tackles being from basketball schools? Strange that the Big 10 isn’t producing linemen like they used to.

    1. Yes that is strange that Big 10 not producing linemen like they used to, although they had a few come out last year. You’d think SEC would do better than they do as well since they face all those SEC big DL.
      As to Bucknell, in my memory they’ve been sending some guys into the Bigs for a number of years; sort of like Rutgers. No showboats, tough, hard working, self motivated guys.

  32. April 3rd should prove to be interesting, and I’m quite interested to see if Chad Kelly creates any buzz afterward.

    1. Chad Kelly may be the most natural passer in the bunch. His arm is crazy strong and he can make accurate off balance throws like maybe no one else in college football. There have been a few times he reminded me of Aaron Rodgers. BUT… he has million $ ability with a 2 cent brain. When I look at Chad Kelly I see Jeff George.

      1. Unfortunately we won’t be in any interviews or intelligence briefings on his character. As for ability, he has it in spades. If he’s grown up, I’d take him with the extra 5th round pick. We seem to have a good infrastructure in place, which he’ll need initially to keep him on the straight and narrow….

        1. Yeah, he’s definitely worth a 5th rounder. In terms of natural talent I really don’t think there is another player in this draft who’s better. His quick release, arm talent, and ability to read the field and deliver accurately is outstanding. His character is a major red flag. If that was just a lack of maturity and he’ll grow out of it he would be a steal in the 5th. I wouldn’t even mind a 4th rounder on him. You aren’t going to find many 4th rounders who are as talented at their position as Kelly is at QB. I’ve seen him play a few times and I really don’t think they did him any favors at Ole Miss. They exposed him to a ton of abuse. In the right situation the guy could be special.

      2. Houston,
        I’m hoping Kelly could be more like Terry Bradshaw when it comes to strength and brains. George polarized his teammates and blamed them for his deficiencies. Haven’t seen that character with Kelly.

    2. I hope not. He’s a walking, spoiled disaster. I don’t know if he’s Ryan Leaf head-case bad or just Jeff George head-case bad. And I don’t want to find out on our dime. Let some other desperate team find out the hard way.

        1. Seb,
          That would be the worse possible scenario for C.Kelly. Having to live in his uncle’ shadow with the fanbase pressure to succeed at all cost is asking to much for a rookie. No rookie should have to go through that.

          1. Well, they do have Tyrod Taylor, so he should not be the immediate starter. It would benefit him to sit for a year, study hard and get stronger.

    3. Razor:
      April 3rd is not going to answer the biggest question on Kelly. That is, weather he’s a head case like J. Manziel
      that hasn’t figured out he’s not his uncle! But as a late 7th round pick, someone may take a chance on him?
      Do you think Buffalo would?

      1. GEEP

        And to all of the football Psychologists on here….I think that which ever team takes Chad Kelly is going to be the winner of the QB sweepstakes. The concerns about his character only shows weakness in other sections of our coaching staff…if we can’t handle him…LEAVE HIM TO SOMEONE ELSE!…and be prepared to face him as an opponent for the next 10 years….you DO remember Aaron Rodgers, don’t you ?

        1. OREGONI NER:

          “you DO remember Aaron Rodgers, don’t you”
          * Yes, I DO remember Aaron Rodgers. DO YOU think Kelly is an Aaron Rodgers? I also remember a few other QB’s, like Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, J.P. Losman, Jimmy Clausen, Troy Smith, Kyle Boller, Tim Couch, David Carr, Vince Young, Vince Young, Brady Quinn, Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel and Jamarcus Russell….just to name a few!
          * Please explain the weakness in all the coaching staff’s that selected them.

          1. I think Oregon’s point was that Mike Nolan didn’t like Aaron Rodgers because Nolan thought Rodgers was too arrogant. Similarly coaching staffs may stay away from Kelly because of his personality. Not sure I buy that logic but that’s how I took it.

            With Kelly, I think coaching staffs see a track record of instability with multiple altercations in his personal life and run ins with coaching staffs to the point of being asked to leave a team. That’s not really a personality quirk where a guy seems to be full of himself. That is a me-first guy who probably has bust written all over him. Without the character red flags, Kelly is probably being discussed in the 2nd/3rd rounder. Taking a 5th round flyer on a guy like Kelly would be a great move IMHO. If he doesn’t work out then you gave up a draft pick that history shows would not be a big contributor anyway.

          2. GEEP

            I just breezed through the lineup you provided…I believe that it includes 5 or 6 Heisman award winners and some QBs who had some pretty good careers…but my point was that none of them (as I remember) had the good fortune to sit behind a future HOFer for two years and learn the nuances of the game without getting their heads taken off as rookies like Alex Smith and most of your list did. I’m not suggesting that Kelly is the second Aaron Rodgers, but in this years crop of QBs, I believe that Kelly comes the closest with his physical skills…now let him sit behind Hoyer and Barkley, as Rodgers did with Favre….pick up some garbage time before stepping into the limelight …. then…who knows….maybe….

  33. What happened to Malik Hooker?

    I love the Dalvin Cook suggestion. Would be a great complement to Hyde. I like McCaffery too but I think Cook is better.

  34. ProFootballTalk‏Verified account @ProFootballTalk 2m
    Ben McAdoo doesn’t always go to pro days, but when he does, it’s to see Patrick Mahomes #interesting http://wp.me/p14QSB-ahiB
    Not that interesting once you accept he’s the best QB prospect in the draft.

      1. I’ve read the comments on Mahomes and when I saw that one of the raps on him is that he reverts to playground football too much so I stopped reading. Don’t know about you guys but I’ve had my fill of playground ball from you know who. I’m hoping Mahomes finds a home with….anyone but the 49ers.

    1. CFC,
      I’ve been on the Mahomes wagon since last year, just not sure that he’s worth a #2 pick overall.
      With many good QB’s coming out next year it might be wise to be patient and spend out first pick on a defensive stud.

      Now if we can trade out of the 2nd pick and garner a pick somewhere between 12 and say 20, I would feel much better drafting Mahomes in that scenario.
      My pause with this years QB crop is that I don’t see any sure-fire winners that can make a difference until year 2-3. The 3-4 top QB’s are clumped together with anyone of them being the first one off the board.
      I’d be ok with drafting Mahomes high, but I’d be ok if we pass on any QB with our first as well.

  35. When it’s all said and done Mahomes will go in the top 20 of this draft. A mega talented arm with great instincts. If he goes to the right situation and sits for a year or 2 he will be a star. I started following him about a year ago once Coffee mentioned him. Great call on Mahomes CFC!

    1. Will be interesting if Houston tries to trade in front of NY to get him. That’s the only way I see him going before #23. Otherwise I think he’s a lock at #25.

    2. Any GM that takes Patrick Mahomes in the top 20 is an absolute moron. The guy is a talented athlete for sure. He’s not going to be a good NFL QB.

        1. Well if he is Kaep 2.0 I would draft him in the top 20. :) He has a long way to go no question but if that’s the QB Kyle wants I’m sure he will be very good. We are lucky to have Kyle.

            1. Hey I will take a QB that helped gives us the best 2 years since 1994-95 in a heart beat. Especially one hopefully a little smarter but similar physical tools then Kaep.

              1. So long ago and so much inbetween that most you Kap fans tend to forget.
                I sure hope those 2 years have given you joy because to me it was all just a storm that passed quickly and left nothing but debris!

              2. RAW,
                I agree with your take regarding Kap. For two seasons he helped bring the team back to relevance. I said helped, because those teams were stacked from top to bottom and all CK had to do was play football and not carry the team as in the last few years.

                Sure he has regressed over the last 2 years but his finger prints will always be on the 49ers regardless of whether his career with the team is over.
                We can’t revise history.

      1. The only thing wrong with taking him that high is the added pressure to play him too soon. I’d love to see him go to NYG because he’d have at least 2-3 seasons before they’d be looking for him to be ready and he’d be developed behind a good QB in a good system.

      2. It all depends on how the team that drafts him goes about developing him. He’s not Kap at all in that he comes from a passing offense while Kap came from a predominantly running offense and he’s more accurate than Kap at the same stage of their careers. He has a number of mechanical flaws he needs to work on but he`s athletic, has pocket awareness and a strong arm. If he gets good Coaching and time to learn whatever system he plays in without being thrown in too early, he can be a pretty good QB in this league.

        1. Rocket, the jugs machine is more accurate than Kap. Both QB’s added by Shanahan are an upgrade to what Kap would have brought. That’s not bias. That’s what the new head coach said himself.

          1. Where did I mention anything about that? I’m talking about the comment you made referring to Mahomes as Kap 2.0. It’s a poor comparison.

            1. Same type of QB. Plays well when the play breaks down. Wants to freelance and or run first.
              He needs a complete breakdown and rebuild in fundamentals and mechanics.
              Same as Kap.

              1. You don’t have any clue what you are talking about, it’s clear that you’ve never watched two seconds of tape on him.

  36. Like I said yesterday: “….the Tennessee Titans are said, by a scouting source, to be set on taking Ohio State’s Marshon Lattimore with the No. 5 pick.”

  37. It sounds like there is real interest from the Panthers to trade up to #2 so they can select Fournette. I think there afraid that the Jags are targeting him at 4… If it nets us an extra second and 4th I would do the trade.

    1. Nope bad deal. The 49ers don’t need anymore picks. They need impact players and with 11 picks, at the top of each round, that will suffice.
      This isn’t a best player available draft. This is a need orientated draft for the 49ers.

      1. This is where you are wrong Prime. The best prospect by a lot is Garrett. He goes 1… After that there is a bunch of good players all bunched together. There is no clear cut talent at 2…Trading down is a no brainer especially with no QB worth touching in the top 10…

        1. I disagree. Last year at this time everyone’s draft board didn’t include Goff or Wentz in the top 5. In a couple weeks we will see some QB’s in the top 5.

          I still think Trubisky will be drafted by the 49ers at #2. He is the most accurate QB in the draft and he has the luxury to sit and learn for one maybe 2 years behind Hoyer and Barkley. No other team has that luxury like the 49ers and Shanahan is the perfect coach for him.

          1. Drafting a QB at 2 ain’t gonna happen for the Niners. Would be a Massive mistake. Trubrisky is an average prospect. Got to come away with an Elite prospect and Trubisky is definitely not that. Getting an extra second and change in such a deep draft is ideal. I know you have liked Trubisky for quite some time but your going to be disappointed there Prime. He won’t be a Niner.

            1. Very possible but I don’t agree with trading down because at #2, you can address a need you have. Accumulating more picks is a good idea for a team not needing to address certain needs. This 49ers team has specific needs.
              Like I said, at the top of each round you can get one if not the best QB, pass rusher, WR, LB. With 11 picks, no reason you need more picks with lesser value.

              Don’t discount the 49ers taking a QB at #2. Even if its not Trubisky. From the look of free agency, its more than likely they take the best QB at #2 overall.

              1. Not with each guy getting 6 year contracts bro. They can be very patient in finding a QB.

              2. Prime, I believe the trick to trading down is to get the player you have targeted and get extra picks. If the 9ers believe they can get one of two players they really covet at #8 they should go for it. If they are targeting an O linemen then they should trade back. If they are targeting John Ross I think they should trade back. Trading back just to accrue extra picks is not a wise strategy. imho

              3. Let’s say they want Foster. Wouldn’t you want an extra second and still get him at 8 Prime?

          2. I disagree. Last year at this time everyone’s draft board didn’t include Goff or Wentz in the top 5. In a couple weeks we will see some QB’s in the top 5.

            Incorrect. Goff was solidly in the top 5 by this time last year and Both he and Wentz were never thought of as going any later than top ten. This year no QB has generated anywhere near the interest those two did.

              1. What are you referring to? Path to the draft and the NFL website had both guys high in the ratings by this time last year.

          3. I agree with you a whole lot of the time, Prime Time……………..but having said that ( for what its worth), no way they draft seabiscuit number 2.

            If they do, I’ll buy you a beer at Seb’s speak-easy, “Reds Recovery Room”.

  38. Off topic, but interesting take on Washington, McCloughan
    ** Former player reignites war of words between Washington and fired GM Scot McCloughan.
    ** They aren’t direct quotes from Scot McCloughan, but for the first time since McCloughan was fired by Washington earlier this month we have an idea of what happened between the former general manager and other members of the team’s front office.

  39. Niners need to trade back to get quantity over quality. Lynch should be up front and declare that to other teams, and offer deals that will be mutually beneficial. Honesty and transparency will be the best course of action.

    There is great value in the number 2 overall pick, so Lynch should leverage that pick into as many second and third round picks as possible. The Niners may pass up on some elite players, but they will be building a foundation for the future.

    Niners should trade back with the Saints. They should trade their number 2 pick for the Saints pick numbers 11, 32 and 42. The Niners should sweeten the deal by also trading 3 players- Burbridge, Bell and Shepherd, a WR, TE and CB. those are positions of needs for the Saints. Saints could ninja Fournett away from the Panthers with the second pick, and Fournett has the size and speed to be some one special.

    Niners should trade back the 11th pick with the Ravens, who would welcome trading up to get the player they covet, and who they might miss out on if they wait 5 picks.
    Ravens would trade their first third and fourth round picks, 16, 78 and 122, and the draft value chart balances out perfectly.

    The Niners should then trade that pick number 16 and and a fifth round pick number 161 for Denver’s pick numbers 20 and 82. This trade almost balances out perfectly.

    The Niners end up with pick numbers- 20, 32, 34, 42, 66, 78, 82, 109, 122, 143, 146, 198, 202 and 219.

    Using Draftek 300 board and trying to pick within 5 of the ranking, the Niners could select-

    20- Haason Riddeck OLB
    32- Taco Charlton EDGE
    34- Montravius Adams DT
    42- Raekwon McMillen ILB
    66- Roderick Johnson OT
    78- Chris Godwin WR or Ju Ju Smith Schuster if CG is taken.
    82- Davis Webb QB
    109- D’ Onta Foreman RB
    122- Aviante Collins OG
    143- Derek Rivers EDGE
    146- Jordan Leggett TE
    198- Jayon Brown ILB
    202- Stevie Tuikolovatu NT
    219- Jadar Johnson S

    Niners would draft 2 ILBs, 2 EDGE, and an OLB, DT, OT, WR, QB, RB, OG, TE, NT and S. this would provide depth in most positions with at least 4 possible starters.

    1. seb,

      I like your plan and draft choices, but we need an elite defender in the middle of the defense. Foster is that guy. I assume we would get Carolina’s 2nd or 3rd round pick this year, as well as a 1st or 2nd next year. Some of those picks could be used to trade back up in the 1st.

      So, we could get an elite defender in Foster and everyone’s favorite draft crush McCaffrey or possibly Mahomes, Kizer, or Webb. Or we could get one of the top 3 WRs or a decent edge rusher or possibly Peppers.

      We do need quantity, no doubt about that, but we need quality to build around. Quantity gets you to 500, Qualiity and quantity gets you to the SB.

      1. I would prefer Haason Reddick over Foster because of his character concerns. If Foster can get rattled by a med tech, imagine what an opposing NFL offense will do to him.

        My previous mock had McCaffrey, but he may not be available at 32, so I went in a different direction. D’Onta Foreman has a stress fracture , but he just ran a 4.45 forty. If he is not snapped up early, Kamara or Jeremy McNichols may be good alternatives.

        Baby steps. Remember, this team is a 2-14 team. SB dreams are a fantasy. Lynch did well to sign so any FAs, but they were not elite players.

        1. Haason Reddick is too short and has concerns moving laterally.
          Scouts say he has difficulty moving sideline to sideline.
          Another bad choice Sebnnoying.

          1. He is bigger than Reuben Foster, and is rated in the top 20. Guess you think that all the pundits and draft personnel at Draftek do not know what they are doing or thinking.

            1. I guess so. Kinda like how you think all the NFL GM’s are black balling old wind up?
              I’m always right Seb compared to you!

        2. I get that but they met privately with Foster and apparently they are OK with his character and shoulder. Foster is a far better prospect than the other LBs.

          I still think we need an elite defender to build around. If we go with all good but not great players, we would have to eventually overpay for top tier FAs.

          In reality it appears the Niners are trying for both quality and quantity. Trade down, accumulate extra picks and take the elite player in Foster.

          1. 80, guess we will have to agree to disagree. I concede Foster would be a good choice.

            However, Reuben Foster is 6′ 0″, 229 lbs.
            Haason Reddick is 6′ 1″, 237lbs.

            Foster ran a 4.62 forty.
            Reddick ran a blazing 4.52 forty.

      1. Prime, I have presented a mock that is way superior to many other mocks because this mock plumbs the sweet spot of the draft. You may not even know where that is, or even the concept.

        Just more snark from you. Baalke would not be smart enough to even conceive of such a mock. He would be studying ACL players, and trying to be cute stuffing envelopes.

          1. Way better than risking all on a flash in the pan rookie spread QB.

            You may declare that Trubisky is the next Joe Montana, but the pundits are waving cautionary flags over this QB class.

            Maybe you should watch his Bowl game again.

            This mock obtains 7 players in the first 100 picks. Yours only obtains 3, with a very possible bust in your first round.

    2. Niners could sweeten the deal with Denver by offering the rights to AD. Broncos would be targeting Ryan Ramzyck who is rated number 15, so he may not be available at 20.

      1. Why would Denver want a quitter in AD? Oh wait, it was all Baalkes fault AD quit on the team.
        Just like Kaepernick’s inability to find work. It’s all Baalkes fault right Sebnnoying?

      1. Hope Lynch can pull it off, with this scenario or with other teams.

        Trading back will mine the sweet spot of the draft. Draft board numbers 40-90

    3. Using the CBS draft board and the same numbers

      20- Zach Cunningham OLB
      32- Obi Melifonwu SS
      42- Raekwon McMillen ILB
      66- Chris Wormley DT
      78- Ju Ju Smith Schuster WR
      82- Davis Webb QB
      109- Rasul Douglas CB
      122- Tanoh Kpassagnon DE
      143- D’onta Foreman RB
      146- Julie’n Davenport OT
      198- Josh Malone WR
      202- Stevie Tuikolovatu DT
      219- Marquel Lee ILB

      2 ILBs, 2 DTs, 2 WRs, with an OLB, SS, QB, CB, DE, RB and OT.

  40. Panthers trade up with the 49ers.Niners receive picks 40 and 64 and switch to 8th overall. The following is purely a fan mock and not an attempt to predict what players the 49ers will actually pick:(1)Christian McCaffrey RB/WR/KR ;(2)J Peppars S/OLB ;(2B)Evan Engram TE/WR ;(2C)Quincy Wilson CB;(3)Cooper Kupp WR ;(4) Tansel Smart DL;(4B)Blair Brown ILB;(5) Vince Biegel OLB ;(5B)Joe Mathis DE;(6) Sam Rogers FB;(6B)Ryan Switzer KR/WR ;(7) Philip Nelson QB.

  41. # 80 and Rebuild:
    If Miller’s right and the 9ers take LSU RB Leonard Fournette,
    how do you see the 9ers using Carlos Hyde, or will they use
    him as trade bait?

    1. Thunder and thunder? It doesn’t seem to fit. I think the Fournette rumors are a smoke screen. Carolina likes Fournette, so we could be trying to force a trade. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t start to here rumors about us taking Lattimore, Carolina’s other draft crush.

      To answer your question though, yes they would probably try to trade Hyde. I didn’t think Shanny likes his game.

      1. I think Carolina would be foolish to trade up and give up so much for a RB. They still have a serviceable Stewart and a RB can be found in later rounds for them.
        They need to upgrade their offensive line before anything else.

        1. Prime
          I agree it would be foolish, but teams make foolish picks every year, so who knows? I also agree this draft is deep in RB’s that would be available in
          later rounds.

    2. You need 2 good backs these days. This would help Carlos stay healthier and would also help the Defense out as well. Relying on the ground game. I see this more for trying to get someone to trade up for an Elite back. I think R Foster is the perfect pick for SF. Especially at 8…

  42. Good and fair scouting report on Kizer.


    “Asked to digest a complex playbook at Notre Dame, including pre-snap checks, protections and reads. Feels the blitz well and often has an escape plan, whether running or throwing it away. Stands tall in the pocket with the durability to take punishment, whether in the pocket or when scrambling. Wired right for the NFL with the mature work habits and unselfish attitude that NFL coaches are seeking.”

    1. Despite meeting with the top 4 QBs, I still believe Shanahan will choose from one of Kizer, Kaaya and Peterman. Those are the guys that most closely seem to match the types of QBs he has been successful with.

    1. MACH X

      (1)2. *Trade* Panthers trade picks #8+#40+#64 to 49ers and select Fournette RB
      (1)8. Reuben Foster LB
      (1)20. *Trade* 49ers trade picks #40+#66 to the Broncos and select DeShone Kizer QB
      (2)34. Jordan Willis Edge
      (2)64. Ahkello “Ain’t Nobodies Business” Witherspoon CB
      (4)109. Julien Davenport OT
      (4)143. Rudy Ford FS
      (5)146. Jonnu Smith TE
      (5)161. Robert Davis WR
      (6)198. D’Angelo Brown DL
      (6)202. Aaron Jones RB
      (7)219. Corey Levin OG

        1. It depends on what value is placed on each pick by the 49ers. However, I think trades are not realistic. If the value of the second pick is 2600, then in order for the Panthers to acquire the second pick, they would have to give up the 8th, 40th, 64th, and a 2018 first round pick in order to balance it out. Anything less would too favorable to the Panthers. The same is true about the second trade, only the 49ers would be looking good in that one.


          1. Only if you believe teams need to trade according to the value chart. And I am just not seeing anyone trading up into the top 5 according to chart this year. Not without a bona fide top QB prospect to trade up for.

            If the 49ers really want Foster, and really believe he will be there at #8, getting picks #40 and #64 to move down and still get their man is a great trade. Even if chart says they lose.

            1. Are you purposefully ignoring the part where I said it depends on what value the 49ers are placing on each pick Scooter? Just because a suggested trade looks great (or bad) to the fans does not mean the 49ers see it the same way. With that said, there are exceptions to that (looking at you Seb).

              1. The tone of that question came out, so I will rephrase it by if you had you noticed that part of my post.

              2. No, I am just focusing on the statement that you personally don’t think it is a realistic trade. Which implies you think the 49ers will place a higher value on that pick. And given you have consistently suggested trade scenarios that involve getting close to trade chart value, it is further implied that you believe a team will be willing to give up that much for pick #2. Which to me doesn’t make a lot of sense, because (a) I think it is very realistic to think the 49ers would accept below chart value to acquire extra picks this year and (b) I think it is wishful thinking that a team will give up trade chart value to move up to #2 without a top notch QB prospect. It is of course possible, but just seems very hopeful to me.

              3. Mid, I just want the Niners to trade back with whichever team will give them the best and fairest deal.

                I mentioned the Browns, Titans and Saints because they have multiple first round picks. Maybe the Panthers will pull the trigger, maybe the Jets. I proposed a trade with the Ravens because they already traded with the Niners this off season. Lynch with his connection with Elway could also be a good target to trade back with.

                I emphatically do not want the Niners to trade with the Pats because last time, they traded Devey to the Niners. I will scream if the Niners overpay for Garropolo. It would just be handing them another ring.

                I have followed the trade value chart just to try and balance out the trades, but have many times sweetened the deal for the other team by offering them a player, or multiple players. That way, it might facilitate the trade.

                Lynch’s goal should be to trade back as much as possible, and try to get as many players in the first 3 rounds as possible. I laid out a scenario that entailed trading back 3 times and getting 7 picks of the first 100 players. hopefully, lynch can be shrewd enough to do that.

                Lynch impressed me by signing so many free agents. He did not hit any home runs like if he had signed Dontae Hightower, Melvin Ingram or Poe, but he did get strong candidates.

                Lynch needs to hit a home run, and if he can leverage that number 2 pick into at least 6 picks in the first 3 rounds, he will have hit a grand slam, without seeing who he picks. This draft is so talented, Lynch will be like a kid in a candy store.

      1. Yup, very realistic. It could be McCaffrey instead of Kizer, but there was a rumor about us taking Kizer later in the 1st. I still think Kizer is the best QB in the class. Great size and arm strength, familiar with pro style offense. Kyle said footwork can be fixed. I think that would greatly improve his accuracy.

        1. If they came away with a draft like that in 2 years Niners would run the NFC west! Especially considering they will have 70+ mil in cap to carry over next year.

            1. If Kyle can get the most out of Kizer there is no question he can be better then Cousins. Cousins is a good QB no question but he has limitations physically. Kizer or Mahomes do not.

              1. What limitations does Cousins have exactly? The guy has already proved he can play at an elite level. I have no idea why some of you are so reluctant to acquire a top ten QB. Makes no sense to me.

              2. rocket,

                “The guy has already proved he can play at an elite level.”

                That’s where we disagree. I think he is not quite elite. I’m not reluctant to getting Cousins, I’m just looking at all the options since it doesn’t look like we’ll get him this year.

                We will see if he was a product of a talented roster and McVay’s scheme this year. If he has similar success, I will be more inclined to say he is elite.

              3. #80,

                He’s put together back to back seasons of top ten – last year was top 5 – play. He’s done that with a team that really isn’t all that talented when compared to others around the league. Garcon and Jackson were good WR’s and Reed a very good TE option when healthy, but they really didn’t have a great Oline or running game to fall back on. I don’t think anybody is going to put Garcon or even Jackson for that matter in the top ten WR’s list either so this idea of having great talent really doesn’t fly imo. I think it’s more of a very good QB making the guys around him look better.

                The other thing that puzzles me is that you say you don’t think Cousins is elite – I’m not ready to say that either just pointing out he’s played at that level and is at worst a top half of the league QB – yet you think Kizer can be after a truly poor season at ND. I think you may be letting confirmation bias get the better of you here.

              4. To say that the talent in wash not that good is false. 2 1000 yard receivers in Garcion and Jackson. A top 5 talent all day long in Reed and a soild back in Kelly. A very soild Offensive mind in Jay Gruden. A rock soild O line. Even with that he failed miserably when they needed him most to get to the playoffs. Once again he is a good QB far from Elite. Just ask the Redskins who don’t want to play him 20+ mil in a long term deal. My thinking was that if Kyle is as good as advertised he can make Kizer Elite. His physical tools are off the chart. He is apparently really smart. Did he struggle last year sure. That school was on the down turn. Not Dames best team.

              5. Raw,

                Read what I said: He’s done that with a team that really isn’t all that talented when compared to others around the league.

                The talent in Washington is average when you compare it to a number of teams around the league. Not sure how a guy who put up the kind of numbers he did could be considered a miserable failure but maybe you can explain your reasoning for me.

              6. I don’t understand what more you want from a skill positions that Wash had last year and the year before? Cousins failed miserably towards the end of the season last year when the playoffs were on the line. Did he not? I didn’t say he is a failure. I’m simply pointing out that he has limitations physically that Kizer does not. His arm is average. Mobility is below average. He is very accurate which is important. But he is not worth multiple picks plus 25 mil a year especially with the kind of coach the Niners have. Would I take Cousins sure. In 2018 if possible without giving up picks.

              7. I don’t understand what more you want from a skill positions that Wash had last year and the year before?

                The running game sucked in 2014 and 15. It was better last year but that is in part due to the success of the passing game which the Skins have relied upon heavily in the last two seasons under Cousins. Garcon had two 700 yard seasons before last year. He is a good player but he’s nowhere near the top of the WR list and Jackson is a good deep threat obviously but overall the skill position players in DC weren’t any better than most and not as good as some of the top teams. They definitely weren’t at the level that you can say anybody would have had success with them because we had seen previously that wasn’t the case. The offense took off about half way through Cousins first season as the starter because he started getting better.

                Cousins failed miserably towards the end of the season last year when the playoffs were on the line. Did he not?

                No he did not. He had a bad game against the Giants to finish the season when they were already out of it and his Oline took the day off, but he played very well throughout the season and certainly wasn’t the reason they didn’t make the playoffs. You can blame the 28th ranked defense for that.

                I didn’t say he is a failure. I’m simply pointing out that he has limitations physically that Kizer does not. His arm is average. Mobility is below average.

                I’m starting to get the feeling that you haven’t watched him very much is that right? His arm is above average and he can make every throw accurately. He was 3rd overall in yards per attempt. The Skins aren’t a dink and dunk offense. They go down the field and yet he still had one of the highest completion percentages in the league. Just to give you an idea of how good he was this past season: his completion percentage and yards per attempt were the same as Bradys. His mobility is good as well. He can escape pressure and throw on the run. Kizer is a bigger guy but that is about it.

                He is very accurate which is important. But he is not worth multiple picks plus 25 mil a year especially with the kind of coach the Niners have. Would I take Cousins sure. In 2018 if possible without giving up picks.

                They aren’t trading multiple picks. We are talking about next year in regards to Cousins, and it’s been no secret that Shanny wants him in SF. The money is irrelevant considering this team is so far under the cap and the guaranteed money could be paid out in two years.

              8. You keep going back to him having average players around him which is false. The reason his yard per attempt is up is because of Jackson who led the NFL in yards per reception. Plus throwing short to reed and watching him run for Yac has helped too. I have watched him play plenty. He is soild but once again not Elite. He threw for Elite yards. But 25 TDs and 12 Ints screams of a good QB but nothing special. That’s my point.

              9. rocket,

                I think Kizer has a higher ceiling than Cousins. I don’t think Cousins will ever be considered as one of the all time greats. Kizer has that potential. I could be wrong on both of them, but that’s how I feel at the moment.

                As much as I like Kizer, I wouldn’t take him before the 2nd round. He could be a bust, or he can be a franchise QB that is a pass first dual threat.

              10. You keep going back to him having average players around him which is false.

                When you look at the skill position depth charts around the league, the Skins are not much more than average. To suggest they are responsible for the success of Cousins is a cop out. If you want to go that route you could say the same thing for every QB in football who has success. The fact is since Cousins took over the Skins have had one of the best passing offenses in the league. He’s not the only reason but he’s the biggest one.

                The he reason his yard per attempt is up is because of Jackson who led the NFL in yards per reception.

                You have to have a QB who can throw downfield accurately to make it work RAW. There are a lot of QB’s who can’t.

                Plus throwing short to reed and watching him run for Yac has helped too. I have watched him play plenty. He is soild but once again not Elite. He threw for Elite yards. But 25 TDs and 12 Ints screams of a good QB but nothing special. That’s my point.

                I questioned it because your views of his arm and mobility aren’t accurate. Your second point is all confirmation bias. You are using some stats while discounting others to form a preconceived opinion. You take all the stats along with the eye test and Cousins is a top ten QB in every facet.

              11. I think Kizer has a higher ceiling than Cousins. I don’t think Cousins will ever be considered as one of the all time greats. Kizer has that potential. I could be wrong on both of them, but that’s how I feel at the moment.

                That’s fine and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but think about what you are basing this on. You essentially are projecting what you think Kizer can be but hasn’t shown yet, while dismissing what you have seen from Cousins at the NFL level. I’m not promoting Cousins as an all time great. I’m simply pointing out that he is a top ten QB in every statistical measure the past two seasons and finding a QB who can play at that level is the hardest thing to achieve in the NFL. I can’t figure out why some fans would be resistant to acquiring a QB who has shown he can play at a high level in this league for the low percentage chance at finding one in the draft. I’m not saying they should trade for him, but as a FA next year if he doesn’t resign with DC, it’s a no brainer or at least should be.

                As much as I like Kizer, I wouldn’t take him before the 2nd round. He could be a bust, or he can be a franchise QB that is a pass first dual threat.

                This conflicts with your opinion above. If you think Kizer has any chance of being an all time great or even has a higher ceiling than a top ten QB, then you should take him at #2 without hesitation. The reality is he is a talented physical specimen who had a poor season which is why he is not being considered by most to be the type of player you think he is in your statement above.

              12. rocket,

                I’m not conflicted. I wanted Cousins this year. I see and acknowledge his talent. But he isn’t an option this year and may not be an option next year. That’s why I’m open to taking one of higher rated QBs.

                “If you think Kizer has any chance of being an all time great or even has a higher ceiling than a top ten QB, then you should take him at #2 without hesitation.”

                Because he’s not a slam dunk. No guarantees, and he could be there at #34. In my original post I said, if Kizer can be elite. I’m not saying he will absolutely 100% stone cold lock, be elite.

              13. #80,

                There are no slam dunks when it comes to the draft. You can get lucky and draft a Manning or Luck, but more often than not there are question marks about everybody. If you truly believe Kizer has that type of ability you should be hoping they take him at #2 because there are few opportunities to land QB’s with that type of ability.

      2. Razor
        Like your draft, but question RB Aaron Jones @ 202?
        N. Carolina’s RB T.J. Logan @ 217 would be lighting in a bottle as P/K Returner and a day one
        I also like UCF CB Shaquill Griffin, 5th round @184
        Your thoughts?

        1. The 49ers worked out Aaron Jones plus he averaged 8 yards per carry on 1st downs. Shanny likes that. Shaquill Griffin is an aggressive corner. Shanny likes that too;>)

      3. I thought you jumped off the Kizer train Razor. I’d be ok with that but I doubt either trade would go down for that kind of compensation.

        1. It wasn’t about any train, just what I think they might do given the recent scuttlebutt. My draft crush is Solomon Thomas. I’d love to see him in the scarlet and gold….

      4. Razor,
        Strong draft.

        Personally, I would go with Mahomes over Kizer if they are both still on the board at 20. Kizer’ year was inconsistent. He had some some games and also had some stinkers. Mahomes was more consistent and I really like his quick field scanning and especially fast throwing release.

        The top 3-4 QB’s are tied at the hip with none causing any separation. One 49er news outlet reported that Lynch had dinner with Kizer so we can draw our own conclusions on that.
        In any case, I would feel much better grabbing a QB from this group at 20 than at 2.

        1. Thanks. Whichever quarterback they target, Shanny gives me Piece Of Mind knowing he’ll be able to coach him into the best he can be….

          1. Razor,
            Then why not draft Webb, Peterman or Kelly in rd 2-5 if Shanny can bring out the best in them?

            I would go after a defense stud whether it’s Solomon, Foster or J.Adams with my 2nd pick and rely on Shanny’ QB expertise to coach up our next QB.
            There is not much of a gap between the first tier QB’s and the second, so waiting to grab our future QB in the later rds seems to make good sense.

            1. Yep, I was just having a little fun by trying to script a draft that fit the most recent narrative. I can totally see Shanny drafting Kaaya in the 4th or 5th round. Same goes for Webb or Peterman. Webb is interesting given his arm strength is right there with Cousin’s….

    2. #80, I think you are right. The 49ers and Foster have been heavily linked for a long time. It started while Baalke was in charge, and that scouting team is still in place – the only thing that has changed is the people up top. And that is the only thing I think that could stop them taking Foster – if Shanahan, Lynch, Peters and Mayhew go against what the scouts are telling them. Certainly possible.

      1. So what you are saying is that the scouts are simply putting together a draft board based on who they believe are the best college players – pretty much regardless of the fact that the people up top have made it clear that they are reshaping the team as evidenced by free agency.

        1. Huh? No. I am saying the 49ers scouts have a very high grade on Foster, if these reports are to be believed. It will then be up to the whole scouting team, led by Shanahan, Lynch, Peters and Mayhew, to set their board, which may or may not result in Foster being their main target.

          1. My point is that the very high grade they have on Foster should have been set irregardless of who the HC is, what the scheme is and who the scout team leaders are. Then when everybody gets together to set the big board, they tweak the player rankings based on other requirements and conditions as set by the scouting team leaders.

            1. Yeah… are you suggesting Foster doesn’t fit the scheme? If so, I disagree. If they liked Foster regardless of scheme, or in consideration of what Baalke wanted, I don’t see how the new scheme is going to change their opinion of him. Basically it will come down to whether the new guys at the top agree with their assessment.

              1. No, I’m not suggesting that Foster doesn’t fit the scheme. I’ve always struggled with this idea of ranking college players regardless of position. There are a lot of different parameters that can be assigned either on paper or just by gut feel.

                So Foster might grade out as the best ILB and Thomas the best DL (besides Garret who we have to assume will be selected by the Browns). Deciding how to rank those two guys I suspect is largely influenced by the leaders of the scout team. In other words, the rank and file scouts rank each player within their position; but ranking across positions might be largely influenced by the scout team leaders. And even if this is a viable strategy, it’s doubtful that every team does it this way.

                I doubt that this concept of BPA is a universally calculated or determined measurement. In other words, Soloman Thomas might be the 2nd BPA on the 9ers board, but it might be Hooker, Allen or someone else on another team’s board.

                Ultimately my point is that even BPA is somewhat biased to team needs and probably HC/GM desires. Only a computer model could crank out a universal list of BPA. That might be a great starting point, but I actually think that teams should tweak the list to reflect team needs.

              2. I think the point of these reports suggesting they really like Foster (and Fournette) is that if they are to be believed then the 49ers scouts have higher grades on them than the other top guys at other positions. If taking BPA regardless of position need, that would make them the top choices based on the scouts. If so, the only reason I can see for the 49ers not to have them ranked ahead of guys like Thomas, Allen, etc would be if the new guys at top disagree, or if they feel position need elsewhere trumps value.

                BPA is entirely subjective, and need is really only a part of it. Different people see different things, like different things, want different things. Which is why the new brass may grade the players differently to how the scouts have. And it would have been the same with Baalke in charge – he might have had a different grade on players than his scouts. I am sure setting the draft board results in some very interesting debate!

              3. I’ve heard many FOs go through a tedious, laborious process of quantifying prospects into three digit rankings before the draft so that under Draft Day pressure they have tie-breakers pre-determined.
                For instance:
                Myles Garrett – 947
                Brotha Tuna. – 017 (a residual minor value as Sommelier)

      2. I think Foster has been linked to the 49ers because they have a huge need for him more than anything. Whether he is actually in consideration is another story. He could be an option at #2 but he wouldn’t be the BAP imo.

        1. “I think Foster has been linked to the 49ers because they have a huge need for him more than anything.”

          The problem with that statement is you can pretty much insert any player’s name and that statement holds true.

          1. True, but the ILB position is particularly barren. They have a number of DB’s and Dl. They have no depth at LB.

    3. 80,
      The consensus seems to be to trade down for Reuben Foster. But Foster is the one draft pick that I believe starts from day one and make an instant impact.
      I agree with you, if Shanahan really likes him he should grab him with the 2nd pick.

  43. 49ers met with QB Patrick Mahomes on Thursday night

    March 31, 2017 at 9:39 AM • 7 comments

    By David Bonilla

    San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch is at Texas Tech’s pro day to watch quarterback prospect Patrick Mahomes. However, it would seem that the 49ers have already met with him, per a report by Draft Analyst.

    “I can tell you Patrick Mahomes met with the San Francisco 49ers last night and also spent a good amount of time with the New York Giants,” wrote Tony Pauline of Draft Analyst.

    During his junior season in 2016, Mahomes led the country in multiple categories, including yards per game (421), passing yards (5,052), total touchdowns (53), and total offense (5,312). He was the winner of the Sammy Baugh Trophy, which is awarded annually to the nation’s top quarterback.

    In his final year with the Red Raiders, Mahomes threw 41 touchdowns compared to 10 interceptions. That was an improvement compared to the 36 touchdowns and 15 interceptions he threw the year before.

  44. There’s the 49ers Museum, which is open to the public for tours on weekends.
    Not all of that history is available to the public, though.

    New 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has spent much of his time since arriving in early February studying tape…

    Shanahan, who was a 49ers ball boy as a teenager when his father, Mike, was the team’s offensive coordinator, has discovered the 49ers archives, a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes video from throughout the team’s history. Shanahan’s favored subject matter? Old tape of former coach Bill Walsh doing everything from game plan installations to speeches to the team.

    Walsh was known for his attention to detail and propensity for recording everything. Now that’s all available to Shanahan as he embarks on his first head-coaching job.

    Like many coaches, he has read Walsh’s books and has taken notes along the way on not just the messages Walsh delivered to his teams but how he did it.

    Like many coaches, he has read Walsh’s books and has taken notes along the way on not just the messages Walsh delivered to his teams but how he did it.


      1. Cassie,

        Seb landed on you harshly for a misused word yesterday that he troubled to investigate by thesaurus.

        All are aware that his thesaurus is his identity on this site.

        Troubling, but true. And had he read carefully he would have noticed your jest.

        And ‘jest’ is his label by Prime–exactly why Shanahan/49ers will avoid ever contacting him.

        For further understanding of the Seb, enjoy the following Beatles/Sergio Mendes Band remake of Seb, as Fool on the Hill


      2. Cassie, I sure hope KS is too busy to be wasting time perusing blog sites.

        Too bad your daddy did read them, and that is why he is stuck in his bait shop.

        1. Spring in Minnesota…bait shop will do well… BTW, shop employees will be offering a few safety workshops on chain saw use.

      3. Cassie…..

        It is now time for more of your poetry………some of that stuff in the past could make you rich! Don’t think so? have you seen what passes for entertainment on TV lately?

    1. TrollD, thank you for parroting exactly what I have advocated for the last few years.

      I had mentioned those archived tapes with Bill and the chalkboard. In fact, I said that Jed should set up video monitors and have them on endless loop.

      Additionally, I said that if Jed wants to win, he should pay Craig Walsh a million dollars to gain access to all of Bill Walsh’s papers, so he can copy and archive them. There may be many nuggets of wisdom that no one has seen before, maybe even things that might help them to win games.

  45. Dion Jordan cut by The Fins. Should the Niners try to sign him?
    I say try to sign him to a one year deal for around $800K, signing bonus of $100K. Two one year options at $1.5M and 2.5M.
    He might be a total bust, but for $100K the Niners should see if he wants to play in the NFL.
    If he wants more then I would not sign him.

  46. “Matt Miller has been high on a pair of players in his mock drafts.
    He has the 49ers regularly selecting Reuben Foster or Leonard Fournette.

    The San Francisco 49ers are, according to a draft source, in love with Reuben Foster and Leonard Fournette if Garnette is gone.

    This is one scout. We don’t know if Lynch or Shanahan are high on either man…It could be the 49ers are trying to lure another team in to trade for their # 2 pick…”


  47. boats: Fournette or a kings ransom
    boats: A running game is the best way to do that and it helps a young QB which we will have sooner or later

    ntodd51: Foster in a trade down from 2 to 8

    ntodd51: Looks like Fournette and Foster is back in the picture..

  48. Matt Miller
    NFL Draft Lead Writer
    March 31, 2017

    The NFL draft is four weeks from today—Thursday, when I’m writing this, that is

    The top five picks in the 2017 draft are starting to come into focus. Myles Garrett, barring something unforeseen happening in the next four weeks, will be the No. 1 overall pick. The San Francisco 49ers are, according to a scouting source with the team, in love with Reuben Foster and Leonard Fournette if Garrett is gone.

  49. Kizer, for his part, seems to have enjoyed his interactions with Lynch.

    “It was awesome,” Kizer — per Niners Nation —
    I look forward to what they do with the number two spot.”

    It would take time for Kizer to learn Shanahan’s system, though he would have somebody to help him in Hoyer, but were he to land with the Niners he has all the tools to blossom into a top-level quarterback, providing he is able to adapt to the new scheme.

    Kizer may possess the best ball placement of any quarterback in the draft and is able to throw with timing and anticipation. He can lead his receivers to the football with consistency and is adept at fitting the ball into tight windows.


    1. This is exactly why the idea of just assuming Cousins will be a 49er in 2018 is ludicrous to me. 49ers should be planning as if he won’t be. And to be perfectly honest I highly doubt they aren’t thinking in those lines, which is why I highly doubt they exit the first two days of the draft without a QB.

      1. Niners should focus on fixing the defense, then getting either Webb, Mahomes or Kayaa. Later picks could include Peterman, Dobbs and Evans.

      2. As far as I know, there hasn’t been any trade dialogue between the 49ers and Skins.

        If Cousins and Skins management make nice and sign a whopping deal, it won’t matter what the 49ers are any of us want.

    2. No question the 49ers should be planning to draft a quarterback. The only questions I have are…

      – Do the Niners draft at 2 or 34 with the expectations he will be the starter in a few years?

      – Do the Niners draft a developmental QB mid 2nd or later? Then look to draft a rookie high in 2018 and/or sign Cousins.

      They are all a little “developmental”, but an investment at 2 or 34 indicates a reduced likelihood of drafting a QB in the 2018 first round. Not a complete not rule out, but significantly less likely

      Shanahan knows more about quarterbacking talent than I do… so if they buck convention and pick a QB at 2 or 34 I’m fine with it.

      1. B2W,

        It all depends on how the draft falls. While there is a chance a QB could be the #2 pick it isn’t likely based on how people around the league seem to view the class. If they see some of the candidates as low first round picks or second rounders, they may trade into the bottom of the first or use the second pick on one. My guess is they take one in the 3rd or 4th and leave themselves the option to take one early next year or sign Cousins. This season will be a feeling out process where they see what they have and want to build around moving forward imo.

        1. I don’t think the team using their #2 pick on a QB completely writes off the chance of them acquiring Cousins next year. If they really like a QB then they take him when they feel they have to. If he develops early or shows promising signs it gives them another option over Cousins. If the rookie needs more time then they can sign Cousins and if he turns into a stud they trade the rookie and if Cousins isn’t anything special then at least they’ve had a promising rookie learning for the past few years ready to go.

          1. I don’t see any way they would sign Cousins if they used the #2 overall pick on a QB this year. If you make that kind of commitment in the draft it’s because you see that kid starting no later than year two.

            1. Rocket: You’re reasoning seems to make more sense, but it’s also possible that they could trade back to #6 or #8 and then select a QB. If the team isn’t getting a lot of interest for the #2 selection, then it would seem the odds are higher that their QB would be available in the top ten. Of course, there always has to be an acceptable contingency plan.

              I’m also wondering if the 49ers are getting the sense that the odds Cousins joins the team next year are rapidly sinking.

              1. They could but the reasoning stands for any QB they take in the first round. I just can’t see them investing a first round pick in a QB and then signing Cousins. I don’t think anything has changed regarding his availability next year. The Skins still aren’t offering the kind of money he wants and the Niners are his first choice as a FA. I suppose things could change if DC offers him the deal he wants, but there seems to be an awful lot of bad blood between Cousins and Allen to the point I think he wants out unless they blow his socks off with an offer.

              2. I know the exclusive tag will cost Washington big, but can’t they use a transition tag, where Washington has the right to match another team’s offer? It sounds like Snyder and Allen have a real problem with Shanahan and this would be one way to thwart the 49ers without paying the huge exclusive franchise tag.

              3. They could but it would still involve paying him money they don’t seem to want to pay him.

              4. Grant Cohn April 1, 2017 at 5:51 pm
                I agree, I don’t think the Niners will draft a QB with the No. 2 pick.
                Until FA I was thinking they were going to go WR with their first pick but I am thinking defense as well now.

              5. I really would be shocked if they took a QB at 2. There just isn’t a QB worthy of a pick that high imo. I think they are going to look for one on day two or early round 4 with the knowledge they can sign Cousins next season or at worst go back to the well in what stands to be a good group of QB’s next season in the draft.

            2. Sure there are plenty of ways they still sign Cousins the first one would be that whomever they pick at #2 just ends up not being all that good. Completely possible. If the kid is a dud and they want to start winning games and save face they’ll absolutely go for Cousins and shelve the rookie and hope they can salvage him.

              Let’s say the rookie is looking ok but still not ready to start in a year. Does the team take a chance at that point that the rookie will in fact continue to develop and let Cousins get away or do they sign Cousins and if the rookie does in fact develop they can trade him, just like what the Patriots do.

              You said it yourself, you take a kid at #2 because you expect him to start in a year or two but what if that just doesn’t happen. If your #2 selection doesn’t look ready to start in a year then you have perfect justification to find a suitable starter to cover your butt against that rookie.

              1. CFC,

                If you use a 1st round pick on a QB you are committed to him for at least 2-3 years. Signing Cousins would mean turning the page after one season. You don’t make that kind of an investment in the draft and then turn around and nullify it with a long term signing of a FA QB. I get the idea that you can trade the young guy but you aren’t going to get the value back most likely if he doesn’t play.

              2. It’s simply doubling down on the most important position on the team. If they draft a QB and he’s great then they don’t even need to think about Cousins. If he isn’t great or if they aren’t sure after a year then they go with the proven starter. If the rookie becomes good then they can recoup their first round pick and if Cousins struggles they have the rookie.

                You’re saying it’s impossible and I’m simply saying it isn’t. I didn’t suggest it would happen I’m just saying they can select a kid at #2 and if Shanahan isn’t convinced he’s the right one then there’s no pain in signing Cousins.

              3. I can’t recall ever seeing it before, but fair enough. While remote, anything is possible I’ll give you that.

    3. So very true!! Everyone says great things about Garrett and even Thomas but caution as these guys have yet to play. It should be especially true for those who covet Kizer so much!!

  50. Michael Rosenberg wrote an article- Why Colin Kaepernick still looking for a job?

    Good read. Fair and balanced.

    1. Clear the downed trees yet? The ranch is ridiculously nice today. Warm but Wallace Creek is rushing. Who knows, the steelhead might return someday.

      Always good to take a break from Niner chat to hike the hills.

      1. My son brought a couple from Birmingham England over because his gf wanted them to see my property. They met in Cambodia, and invited them over. They went to SF, walked the Golden Gate, went to Bodega Bay, and I fired up the grill for a nice barbecue, California style. When they drove up, the first thing I did was shush them. We all quietly walked around the garage, and they saw 7 deer, 50 feet away. Tomorrow they drive to Yosemite.

        It was interesting to hear such proper English spoken, but chuckled when he said Yo’ semite. We all had a jolly good time.

        Speaking of downed trees, I was up on a ladder cutting a tree, and had it snap back. I fell flat on my back, and landed between 2 piles of rocks. Chainsaw came down on me and cut my stomach. Thank goodness I did not have my finger on the trigger or it might have been a modern form of Hari Kiri.

        Bet some of my detractors are disappointed.

        1. Lived in Cambodia round 6 years ago. Girlfriend from the East Bay was doing NGO consulting. Lots of expats from all over Europe. Easy to make friends. Sounds like your UK guests had a great time.

          Those chainsaws! I used to work for a tree service in the 80s as a ground man. Easy to nip a body part if your not careful.

          1. The firefight near the end of the movie Platoon was based on Oliver Stone’s participation with the 25th Infantry Division at The Battle of Fire Base Burt, which was at the Cambodian border. Having been drafted, I had the good fortune to be serving with the 25th at the time. My crew was the guys on armored personnel carriers that rolled up near at the end of the fighting. I hear it’s an interesting place to visit but Hawaii is about as close to Cambodia as I ever want to be again.

            1. Yup! I’m not attracted to the ads for Rain Forest Eco-Hikes in Central or South America, LOL. Seen the rain forest.
              I love the forests of Hawaii, feel comfortable there. But when walking through, I always pay attention to the birds. Some folks will know why.

              1. Love hiking. American girlfriend working in Cambodia not a hiker. Did most of my walking in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Her consulting let me meet people from many countries, go to some far flung provinces. It was a great experience. As an American I was well liked there.

                Only spent a little bit of time in Vietnam. The place names had me thinking about family that served there.

          2. My son met them because they went to a small village, and since my son and his friend were the biggest males, they were asked to carry a large pig up a hill for a wedding celebration.

            Somehow, my son and his gf, along with that UK brother and sister were feted as much as the married couple. He said it was pretty, but very primitive, living in those hills.

            The chainsaw left 5 little rips in my shirt, but it must have dragged along my stomach, because it left a 8″ scar, not deep, but you know those teeth will cut flesh like butter.

              1. Thanks. I should have let my son do the cutting, and held the ladder.
                He helped with some of the bigger trees, but this was was pretty small, just 10″ in diameter.

                My son can do a one armed pullup, and is a climber, so he is a much better option for cutting in a tree with a chainsaw.

                I thought wisdom came with age, but it must have passed me over. ;(

              1. Thanks, I will be more careful next time, and wait until I get my heavy duty ladder from a job site.

    2. I think it’s obvious he is being blackballed, but more because of the distraction than the political stance.
      He’s a better, older version of Tim Tebow.
      He’s probably a top 25 qb… but one that coaches would want to move on from… so they see him as a backup but one they would need to change their scheme for. And coaches hate this.

  51. I see that KS mentioned that they will pick the BPA.

    Maybe that is because they filled all the glaring needs in free agency, so now they will draft for depth. I still think they could improve at the EDGE, ILB and NT.

    Also, since they are switching to the Seahawk styled 4-3 defense, they need an Earl Thomas-like player. Maybe they think Tartt can function as a Kam Chancellor style player, but Obi Melifonwu may be a good player in the draft with similar size and speed. Do not know if he will be able to hit like Kam, but OM has decent tape.

    Maybe the Niners can trade back, and still get Malik Hooker since he is injured. He would fit well as an Earl Thomas style player, and seems to have leadership qualities, too.

    So the Niners may take the BPA, but maybe they should take the BPA that also fills a need.

    1. No, I should name it Sting. My problem was that I just sharpened it.
      If it was RUNNING, (like Kaep can run) it would have cut me in two. ;(

  52. I saw where with the release of Dion Jordan, there is now no one on the Miami roster from their 2013 draft, ouch. Reminiscent of Baalke 2011.
    Jordan sure looked like a fine prospect coming out.

      1. Just goes to show you that drafts can be difficult to assess. Dion Jordon was seen as a sure thing by just about everyone but look at him now. It’s not like anyone in that top 10 has really lit the world on fire either. Should temper everyone here with their draft crushes.

        1. Cautionary tale, so Lynch should focus on squeaky clean players with high character. Niners should pass on Foster because there will be lots of equally talented players, and they should not touch Mixon with a 10 foot pole.

          Chad Kelly is another one they should avoid. Davis Webb is far superior because he is a coach’s son and has tons of respect for the coaching, unlike Kelly.

      2. What I also remember about Jordan is that he was seen as a boom/bust kind of guy and it looks like he went the latter.

    1. BT you might have missed my post from the other day but the Dolphins now join two other teams as franchises that no longer have a single player from the 2013 draft. ’13 is now being recognized as the worst NFL draft of all time.

      As far as Dion Jordan I can’t honestly remember where I had him rated but what I do remember is that I fell out of my seat when the Dolphins selected him which means I probably had him as a late first to second rounder.

      1. I had over-rated him as a pass rusher, and was also not aware as I recall of off the field stuff. With Greggory, my red flags were flapping. Of course I took Mathieu off my board for being a knucklehead and he showed me up big time.
        For the record, I’m not a Mixon guy. He got game, but nuh-uh. Reminds me of Lawrence Phillips somehow.

  53. Pretty funny Razor but probably not far from the truth. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. There’s not much hankering in the NFL these days for a run first, pass second QB who is 3-16 in his last 19 starts, and also brings with him his personal social injustice escapades. I would think the Canadian game suites his style more, and Canadians (I have a brother with duel citizenship so I know from him how they feel up there) would love to tell Trump to stick CK’s said signing in his pipe and smoke it! Look to Canada CK!

        1. Yep, gotta be patient, and he may come down a bit. Think the biggest hangup is the long term aspect. Maybe slightly overpay, but only for a couple years.

  54. The Hightower signing IMO doesn’t mean they won’t draft Fournette. I think it just lessens the chance. It could be a sign they want to trade Hyde. Obviously you can’t have a dependable running game if your main back is like that.

    1. Rotoworld’s take:
      Hightower restored his career in New Orleans, gaining 1,252 total yards and scoring nine times in two seasons. The 49ers recently re-signed DuJuan Harris, but Hightower should be the favorite to back up Carlos Hyde. Considering Hyde’s injury history, that likely means Hightower will earn a few starts in 2017.

    2. There not going to trade Hyde there bud. He fits perfect in a zone blocking scheme. Fournette does not.

      1. I agree he fits the scheme but he breaks down. Why carry someone who could be out 8 games? So if not Fournette, they draft someone else who fits and start Hightower, who is still formidable.

        1. It’s very obvious they want to trade down. There trying to leverage as many teams as possible to take that pick. Watch out for the Browns to trade up to #2 for Trubisky. Hue likes him and I don’t think he lasts until 12… The Jets and others could target him.

        2. All I’m talking about is the odds. Who knows what the FO’s plans are? I said I think it lessens the chance they draft Fournette. One thing I’ve learned since reading this blog is that all you can do is talk about what you think the odds are. Few people on the roster are untradeable.

          1. The Jets can sit tight and still get a QB. Browns’ quantitative analytics may argue against a 12-to-2 trade. Panthers could pull off the expensive 8>2 trade rumor, but wait & see.
            My guess is SF picks at #2. Some Day-2 small move back trades could happen to acquire mid late round picks.

              1. Prime
                You sir, are a loyal partisan, hahaha! Been pushing that button since day#1.
                ; -)

      1. As a fan I could live with that trade. To get Cousins this year, you’d have to give Snyder something he could spin. Including Hyde might do it.

  55. If Cousins is not an option then definitely go with the pass rusher at #2, Solomon or Allen. ‘Skins are not going to trade Cousins for Hyde and #66. Snyder’s an idiot but not even he is that dumb. When was the last time the Niners had a dominant pass rusher or rush without having to blitz 7 or 8 guys? It all starts up front. Put continuous pressure on the QB with just a 4 or 5 man rush and good things usually happen for the defense.

      1. Zeirlein’s (sp?) mock has Panthers taking Solomon at 2 and SF taking the Alabama TE at 8. If Shanny is that high on Howard, I’m good with it.

            1. Meh!
              Personal agendas aside, isn’t the likelihood that rather than
              “Offense! No, Defense!”,
              its more like:
              “60% Defense / 40% Offense……depending upon BPA” ?

              Unless they have the 1st Overall, it’s a reactive process.
              Preplanning options is good, but
              “The first casualty in battle, is The Battle Plan.”

    1. If they stay at 2 and do not trade back, I agree, King Solomon.

      However, what if they can manage to trade back, garner more picks and still get King Solomon too?

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