49ers @ Falcons live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 15 road game against the Atlanta Falcons. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

11:48 Here are the 49ers’ inactives

  • QB Blaine Gabbert
  • RB Mike Davis
  • ILB Gerald Hodges
  • OL Josh Allen
  • DT Tony Jerod-Eddie
  • LT Joe Staley
  • WR Torrey Smith

11:49 And here are the Falcons’ inactives:

  • WR Julio Jones
  • WR Nick Williams
  • SS Robenson Therezie
  • CB Jalen Collins
  • RG Wes Schweitzer
  • WR J.D. McKissic
  • DE Adrian Clayborn

12:00 Twelve QBs currently have a completion percentage at or above 65:

  1. Sam Bradford — 71.2%
  2. Drew Brees — 70.6%
  3. Tom Brady — 68.5%
  4.  Matt Ryan — 68.3%
  5. Kirk Cousins — 67.5%
  6. Alex Smith — 67.3%
  7. Ryan Tannehill — 67.1%
  8. Matthew Stafford — 66.7%
  9. Dak Prescott — 65.8%
  10. Joe Flacco — 65.2%
  11. Aaron Rodgers — 65.1%
  12. Russell Wilson — 65%

Colin Kaepernick’s completion percentage is 54.8, which ranks 31st in the NFL.

12:30 Two news nuggets from early this morning:

1:04 The Falcons win the toss and defer.

1:15 The 49ers go three-and-out after Colin Kaepernick overthrows Jeremy Kerley on third-and-1. The Niners substituted tight ends on first and second down.

1:16 Eric Weems returns the punt 42 yards to the 49ers’ 47.

1:17 Jimmie Ward gives up a ton of separation and Mohamed Sanu beats him for an 18-yard catch.

1:19 Nick Bellore is shaken up. If he goes out, the Niners would be down to just one inside linebacker.

1:20 Strong safety Vinnie Sunseri replaces Bellore at inside linebacker. Uh-oh.

1:22 Three plays later, Devota Freeman runs up the middle for a 5-yard touchdown. 7-0 Atlanta.

1:24 JaCorey Shepard returns the kickoff to the 49ers’ 45.

1:26 Two plays later, Carlos Hyde fumbles and the Falcons recover at midfield.

1:31 On second-and-goal from the 9-yard line, Tramaine Brock gives up a touchdown catch to Taylor Gabriel. 14-0 Atlanta. The Falcons are averaging 8.8 yards per play after two drives.

1:37 The 49ers go three-and-out as Kaepernick throws to no one on third-and-11. The Niners subbed players before second and third down. Chip Kelly isn’t using his biggest edge, which is tempo. Interesting strategy.

1:48 On third-and-goal from the 9, Jaquiski Tartt gives up a touchdown catch to tight end Austin Hooper. Falcons lead 21-0 in the first quarter. Feels like Kyle Shanahan is auditioning for Chip Kelly’s job. I expect Shanahan will try to hang 40 or more on the Niners just to make a statement about his qualifications.

1:51 Bellore is out with an elbow injury, and the Falcons are on pace to score 84 points.

1:53 On first-and-10 from the 49ers’ 25, Kaepernick completes a 12-yard pass to Quinton Patton, then the first quarter ends. So far, that’s the Niners’ only first down of the game.

2:04 The 49ers hurry to the line of scrimmage on second-and-4 from the Falcons’ 16 and Kaepernick throws a touchdown pass to Garrett Celek. That was the first time Kelly used tempo in this game. 21-7 Atlanta.

2:09 Dontae Johnson gives up a 59-yard catch to Aldrick Robinson on the first play of the drive.

2:11 Freeman fumbles inside San Francisco’s 1-yard line and the 49ers recover.

2:19 Kelly goes up-tempo and gains 27 yards the first three plays of the drive. Then he subs players three plays in a row and the 49ers punt. Kaepernick scrambled and took a sack on third-and-7.

2:25 Freeman breaks three tackles and scores a 9-yard touchdown run to finish an easy 91-yard drive. 28-7 Atlanta.

2:39 Kaepernick throws a touchdown pass to Rod Streater on third-and-goal from the 5-yard line, and Phil Dawson misses the extra point. 28-13 Falcons.

2:40 The Niners averaged 5.7 yards per play in the first half, just as they have all season. Kelly switched things up by waiting until the second quarter to use tempo.

3:03 On third-and-9 from the Niners’ 36, Matt Ryan audibles to a run play and hands off to Tevin Coleman who fumbles. Atlanta recovers and punts. Jeremy Kerley makes a fair catch at the Niners’ 7-yard line.

3:07 Kaepernick’s pass to Hyde is broken up on third-and-7 and the Niners go three-and-out on their first possession of the second half. Shocker. Falcons’ ball at their 43 after a fair catch.

3:12 Tramaine Brock breaks up a pass intended for Taylor Gabriel on third-and-4. Then, Matt Bryant makes a 50-yard field goal. 31-13 Atlanta.

3:22 Kaepernick telegraphs a pass on third-and-6 and the Falcons break it up. The Niners gained 18 yards on that drive. Falcons’ ball at their 23 after a 34-yard punt by Bradley Pinion.

3:28 Freeman runs 34 yards untouched and scores. 38-13 Falcons. This one might be over, although you never count out Chip.

3:30 By the way, Freeman has 139 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

3:33 Hyde drops a heavily-contested pass on third-and-2 and the Niners go three-and-out again. Every pass from Kaepernick has been heavily contested so far in the second half. Atlanta knows what to expect from Kelly at this point.

3:34 Coleman runs for six yards on the first play of the Falcons’ drive just before the end of the third quarter.

3:41 The Falcons punt from the Niners’ 39 and Kerley makes a fair catch at his 13.

3:49 The 49ers trailed by just 15 points at halftime. They were in the game. And then, the offense gained just 29 yards and one first down on 12 plays in the third quarter. And that was the end.

3:52 Kaepernick completes a 6-yard pass to Streater on third-and-11 and the Niners punt.

4:03 Matt Bryant makes a field goal with 1:13 left, and the Falcons have 41 points. What a successful audition for Kyle Shanahan. I imagine the Yorks would love to have him as the 49ers’ head coach next season.

4:06 Game over. Niners lose 41-13. Stay tuned for grades.

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    1. Yup, Ponder must be setting the practice field on fire with his exceptional play.
      But at this point anyone would do better than Kap. Heck, Blake Bell had a little stint at QB in college, I would throw his name in the hat for a possible try at QB.
      IMO, there is not a QB currently on this team that should be on next years roster.

  1. Anyone know why Hodges is inactive? Can’t imagine it is performance related, he’s been playing better recently.

    How short a leash does Kaep get today?

    1. Which QBs has Payton developed into good QBs? As far as I am aware he has always done well when he’s been given a good vet QB to work with. But can’t think of any young QB he’s developed.

          1. No, but he struggled enough to cause the Chargers to draft and eventually replace him with Rivers. It was under the tutelage of Payton that Brees really found his rhythm.

        1. He didn’t develop Brees. The Chargers did. He made him better, but he was already a quality experienced QB when Payton got him.

          1. A quality experienced QB with a guillotine over his head during his final two seasons with the Chargers.

            1. Yep, and he produced. By the time he left he was already a good QB. Which is why he was so hotly sought after despite his injury.

              1. Which is why he was so hotly sought after despite his injury.

                Only the Dolphins and Saints showed any interest.

              2. I guess that’s why he got a huge contract. Mid, this is ridiculous. Are you honestly saying Brees wasn’t a good QB after his 5 years at the Chargers?

              3. How exactly did you reach that conclusion?! I never once said any close to that. All I have said is that Payton developed Brees, and the comment was just me suggesting who the writer was thinking about when he wrote the part of the article you asked about Scooter. My personal take is the Chargers would have two or more Super Bowls under their belt if they had kept Brees.

              4. I came to that conclusion because you keep saying Payton developed Brees. He didn’t. The Chargers did. But the time Payton got him he had four years starting experience. Two of those being high quality play.

                Payton put him in a better system and got more out of him. But he didn’t develop him into a good QB.

      1. Not really arguing with you Scooter but a peak at their draft history shows that Grayson in the third last year is the highest they’ve taken a QB since 2005.

        1. What about as a QB coach or OC?

          He’s a good offensive mind, but he’s been fortunate to have Brees every year he has been a HC.

          1. I question his ability to establish any consistent legitimate rushing threat despite having such a potent option at QB. Would make me hesitant to put him at OC for that reason. His experience and time spent with Brees would be pretty invaluable in working with a rookie QB.

            1. Sorry, I meant his time as a QB coach and OC. Did he develop any good young QBs then? I haven’t looked hard, but from memory at the Cowboys as OC he had Bledsoe and Testeverde. Again, experienced vets.

              I’m not sure it follows that working with a quality experienced QB makes for good experience for developing a young QB.

              1. I’m not sure it follows that working with a quality experienced QB makes for good experience for developing a young QB.
                Working with Brees closely, sitting in the film room with him and personally observing how he works and prepares for the game won’t give Payton anything extra when developing a rookie QB? I can’t imagine that’s what you mean to say.

              2. No. I meant it doesn’t follow it will make him a better coach for a young QB. It might. It might not. Getting used to working with quality personnel does not prepare you for working with a novice.

              3. A coach gains no relevant experience in regards to preparing a rookie QB to play in the NFL having spent 10 seasons with one of the better QB’s in recent time? You believe that?

              4. Its relevant. Any experience is relevant. But it doesn’t follow that it “will” make him better. No rookie is going to be able to be prepared the same way Brees is. Its all well and good to tell a rookie how Brees does something, but Brees gets it. The way Payton goes about preparing with Brees, or Bledsoe, or Testeverde, is different to how he would need to go about preparing with a rookie QB.

                Perhaps Payton is an awesome coach for a young QB. But we just don’t know. He’s never really had to do it.

                If any team goes out and trades for Payton, they should also trade for Brees, Romo or Garoppolo.

              5. You’re disagreeing with a basic tenet in teaching/coaching. Taking what you’ve observed from someone who is considered the top at what they do and offer that knowledge to someone who is still young, impressionable and trying to learn is the very basis of how players learn. If you’re passing along what you learned from Kaepernick is that just as helpful as passing along what you learned from Brees? Obviously not. NFL rookies are not already set in stone in who they are and how they’re going to approach the game as a professional.

                Veteran experience means everything to a young player and to know that your coach spent time with one of the greats to play the game instills confidence in that coach. Any rookie worth his salt would die to be given the information that Payton can offer about how Brees became the QB that he is today.

              6. It really depends on what Payton has learned from Brees, and how well he can impart that knowledge in a young mind. We have no idea.

                Some of the best people I have worked with in terms of imparting information and getting the team on the same page on projects have also been absolutely hopeless at getting graduates to learn and develop. Being around great people can make you better at teaching young, impressionable minds, but it isn’t the main factor. Some people are good at it, some aren’t.

          2. 2016 New Orleans Saints 13 541 382 70.6 41.6 4,170 7.7 320.8 30 5.5 14 2.6 98T 55 6 20 139 100.7
            2015 New Orleans Saints 15 627 428 68.3 41.8 4,870 7.8 324.7 32 5.1 11 1.8 80T 68 13 31 235 101.0
            2014 New Orleans Saints 16 659 456 69.2 41.2 4,952 7.5 309.5 33 5.0 17 2.6 69T 52 10 29 186 97.0
            2013 New Orleans Saints 16 650 446 68.6 40.6 5,162 7.9 322.6 39 6.0 12 1.8 76T 67 15 37 244 104.7
            2012 New Orleans Saints 16 670 422 63.0 41.9 5,177 7.7 323.6 43 6.4 19 2.8 80T 66 13 26 190 96.3
            2011 New Orleans Saints 16 657 468 71.2 41.1 5,476 8.3 342.2 46 7.0 14 2.1 79T 69 11 24 158 110.6
            2010 New Orleans Saints 16 658 448 68.1 41.1 4,620 7.0 288.8 33 5.0 22 3.3 80T 47 10 25 185 90.9
            2009 New Orleans Saints 15 514 363 70.6 34.3 4,388 8.5 292.5 34 6.6 11 2.1 75T 58 11 20 135 109.6
            2008 New Orleans Saints 16 635 413 65.0 39.7 5,069 8.0 316.8 34 5.4 17 2.7 84T 66 16 13 92 96.2
            2007 New Orleans Saints 16 652 440 67.5 40.8 4,423 6.8 276.4 28 4.3 18 2.8 58 47 8 16 109 89.4
            2006 New Orleans Saints 16 554 356 64.3 34.6 4,418 8.0 276.1 26 4.7 11 2.0 86T 61 18 18 105 96.2
            2005 San Diego Chargers 16 500 323 64.6 31.2 3,576 7.2 223.5 24 4.8 15 3.0 54 46 4 27 223 89.2
            2004 San Diego Chargers 15 400 262 65.5 26.7 3,159 7.9 210.6 27 6.8 7 1.8 79T 40 9 18 131 104.8
            2003 San Diego Chargers 11 356 205 57.6 32.4 2,108 5.9 191.6 11 3.1 15 4.2 68T 28 5 21 178 67.5
            2002 San Diego Chargers 16 526 320 60.8 32.9 3,284 6.2 205.2 17 3.2 16 3.0 52T 40 4 24 180 76.9
            2001 San Diego Chargers 1 27 15 55.6 27.0 221 8.2 221.0 1 3.7 0 0.0 40 4 1 2 12 94.8
            TOTAL 230 8,626 5,747 66.6 37.5 65,073 7.5 282.9 458 5.3 219 2.5 98 814 154 351 2,502 96.2

      1. So, Grant if the Falcons beat the 49ers, will it be the first win since 2013 I believe? 2014, we played Saints and 2015, we played Bucs. 2016, played all NFC South teams. I bet Falcons are happy to have this in Georgia.

      2. Grant-
        Why should they? As things are currently set up, what would be their incentive to change anything? So what if people bitch…………..?

    1. I think there’s merit to it (where there’s smoke….) but to what extent who knows. I think Momma and Papa York know they need to do something but are probably trying to be very careful/sensitive with their favorite son… Denise would be smart to get with her brother on this vs John/Jed but that is probably just wishful thinking.

      1. I could see them demoting him behind the scenes and letting him step down on his own, sometime in the future, to save face. There’s no way they put this on Jed – even though he deserves all of the blame.

  2. Beautiful baby, I am so happy today my fellow 49er fans. Merry Christmas. Trump is our president. If only we can vote for York to sell this team.

    1. I demonstrated the other day that based on snaps Harold makes the same about of tackles per play that Brooks does. A peak at the debateable PFF site shows that he grades out well against the run. He does stink as a pass rusher though, no question.

      1. I may be off base on this but it appears as of year to date Brooks as 39 tackles to Harold’s 30. Both of them seem to be low-energy.

        1. Those numbers are correct but Brooks before today had been in on over 150 more snaps then Harold. They have the same tackle/snap ratio.

  3. I swear, the Falcons remember 2012 and 2013: dropping that playoff game to the 49ers, dropping the rematch to the 49ers. Falcons have had 3 years to think what the 49ers did. AFC South CLEAN SWEEP over the 49ers like the AFC East, CLEAN SWEEP. That’s how you wind up 1 and 15, CLEAN SWEEP loses.

    1. Atlanta is scoring at will not becuase of history, but because then can and its easy. This is larglry due to a poory led team (York / Balky), with no coaching (Kelley) and players thtat don’t care (Kaepernick).

    1. Good point, Cassie. But I think the York’s somehow have the “accountability” thing beat. How else can one explain their decision making. I believe they don’t care because they don’t have to.

  4. Bears took Green Bay to the wire that was a good game they should’ve won last week against the Lions if it weren’t for those bogus holding calls.

    Hey Grant I would take the Bears backups over our so called starters any day of the week

    1. Aw man, was hoping the Bears would’ve won but oh well, 49ers still losing. Good thing too, Jax came close to winning, but lost so 49ers got to lose badly to Falcons.

  5. Has a coach ever been fired during a game? Maybe it’s time to clean house now. #fireBaalke #fireKelly #takeawayoperationsfromJedDork

  6. Sad state of affairs, 9ers alrady down 14 points and less than 8 minutes into first quater.

    We have:

    QB – who cares about activism first
    Coaching – that can plan, execute or motivate
    Owner – no ability to lead

    Poor passes, fumbled runs and dropped passes

    Put in Ponder and lets move foraward.

  7. The plan for this game is to converse energy and exploded in the second half. I know this to be true because Chip is not reading his play sheet but snoozing. Leadership by example.

    1. Hey MWNiner, in the words of Jimmy Johnson:
      How about them Niners?
      In the words of AL Davis:
      Just LOSE baby.

      Wow, 111 to 12 yards, 49ers look great today. Too bad the NFL didn’t have them at 10am today, man they seriously got to flex these 1:05 games like that.

  8. MW NIner
    Trump is OUR president.
    Kaepernick and Hillary Clinton got one thing in common:
    they keep losing baby.
    Go Falcons.
    I still hope we lose to the Rams, but maybe not.

  9. There has to be a complete overhaul of this organization! This is beyond embarrassing… The players have quit and it’s obvious. Chip has to go too. There’s no way you can bring this guy back either no matter how one tries to reason it.

  10. So far, Pitt stuck it to the 49ers last year, Buffalo stuck it to us, Falcons are in a kick butt type of mood. Jim Harbaugh has to be laughing right now in seeing how the 49ers have fallen off the ladder.

    1. There is no other organization in the NFL that would have kept Baalke this long. He should have been gone 2 years ago……………

      1. MWNiner, I’m already covering your computer and i just scored a touchdown. Look, I’ll be serious: you fire Kelly, you fire Baalke, you get rid of the GOOF, you sell the team, I’ll leave, OK? Right now, has Kelly been fired? Has the GOOF been removed from the 49ers? No I see the GOOF making SILLY PLAYS to Patton that shouldn’t be on the team along with Kerley and along with Torrie. This is not the 49ers I once knew. The 49ers I knew was a crisp effective team. You my friend are a liberal with a mental disorder.

        1. Hi MWNiner, OK if it’ll make you happy, Kap had a great play just now to his 4th or 5th TE whatever and the guy just got his BELL rung.

        2. Did you catch the shot of the 49ers coaches up in the booth?
          Those guys looked like they had already received their pink slips.
          Imo, they should have never been hired, but they will officially be dismissed on black Monday (day after the season ends).

        1. MWNiner, better then being a liberal with a mental disorder that you are as a 49er fan. You like:
          INeffective QB
          Bad coach
          Bad players
          Horrible stadium
          The new look of the 49ers

      1. Hey Darren…I’m looking to stomp on your double-wide…the one with the rusted out 72 Pontiac wagon out front on blocks…

        1. Cassie, I drive a Buick, try again. bTW, another 49er player just got his ‘BELL’ rung. Ha hahahahaha, make a good play and Falcons SMACK ya for it.

  11. We’ve talked about the lack of half time adjustments this year…Here’s the best halftime adjustment this team could make: DON’T COME OUT FOR THE SECOND HALF. PLEASE. Just slink off to the bus. This is embarrassing.

  12. Eric Branch
    #49ers have lost Kilgore, Smith, McDonald, Bellore, Patton and Bell to injuries in past 5-plus quarters.

  13. Not buying the argument that there is no time to teach tackling skills because of the CBA. Seattle works on it constantly and you don’t see abysmal tackling from them.

    Maybe those coaches that feel there isn’t enough time should simplify their defenses and work on tackling skills.

  14. I got a jingle:
    Colin will stink it up
    Kerley will not catch the ball
    Joe Staley will not play
    49ers falling like flies
    Kelly might not coach next year

    And that was Nationwide is on your side

    1. Colin and Chip could both be out of the NFL next year… Chip belongs in college and who really wants the distraction of Kaput – even as a backup?

  15. Either these aren’t option runs or Kaeperncik doesn’t like Hyde. The QB is supposed to read the line and if there isn’t a hole he’s supposed to keep it himself. There were no holes the past two hand offs and it looked in fact like Colin had room to run if he kept it.

    1. I think he is told just to hand it off, no matter what.

      Glad to see Kaep throw 2 TD passes. He seemed to have good touch, but it is hitting his receivers in the worst possible spot; in both their hands.

    1. Should have saved their time outs for the last 2 minutes, but when they let the clock run out in the first quarter, and before the 2 minute warning, it sure looked like they are mailing this one in.

        1. Prime,
          Kap reminds of the movie “Rocky III.” He became an overnight sensation and lost his hunger and fire. I remember a game (believe his very first start against the Bears) in which he was called for an unsportsman like conduct penalty for standing over a defender that he had run over.
          It was that type of fire that won me over, but that player is now only a shell of guy that once played with a fierce edge.
          I for one don’t believe that Kap will ever recapture the once fiery competitive spirit he had his first two seasons.

  16. That 3rd down pass by Kap was awful…no touch and leading his WR into getting his head knocked off. Classic example of why this guy is hated and not fit to be an NFL QB.

  17. If Jed had any clue he would have made a point and fired someone for this travesty… Would love to punch that fat boy in the face.

    1. His garbage time started the second week of the season… However, Ponder seeing the field seems impossible with this stubborn organization. Most teams would want to see if Ponder’s a serviceable backup… The Niners are that other team.

      1. Red since Ponder didn’t have a job most teams already know Ponder isn’t a serviceable back up. Another stellar Baalke move.

    1. That is simply because he doesn’t care. Although he does care about kneeling the the nataional anthem, getting his pay check and his protest activism.

      At least with Eddie D, our team lost with class and he cared about making corrections.

    1. Nay, I was watching a real football team in the Raiders that NEVER QUIT baby. 2 minutes, up 19 to 16, 2 more down to MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, win and CLINCH a playoff that the 49ers can’t do under JED YORK. Carr is a man’s man and a QB’s QB out there. Maybe he doesn’t have the big gamemanship quite yet, but I like him more the the Kapper.

        1. OK Wilson, why should I love the 49ers? What is there to love about them? The QB is a communist Fidel supporter. Hyde has potential, but not ready to call him the team player. We got no WRs since Owens, since Crabtree, since Rice, since Taylor, the list goes on and on, nobody to like on offense, except for Staley, he’s OK, nobody good on D or secondary, Special Teams is like leaving a movie theater. I never wanted Chip Kelly hired because I know what he did to the Eagles. Oh wait, maybe I’m an Eagles fan since I read into what he did to them in selling out the good players.

          I wasn’t around for the Joe Thomas era, my bad, maybe it was worse then this era, I don’t know. But I see nothing to like about this team.

          Fire Kelly
          Fire Baalke
          Fire the Kap
          Gut the team
          draft a Qb

          Assume whatever you want, Wilson. I am like the talk show host that analyzes a situation and this team is rotten.

          1. Darren, you’re exactly like a talk show host who spouts meaningless drivel all the time. It’s called being a fan even when your team is bad. You don’t cheer for other teams or
            Celebrate your team losing. We all are pretty disappointed with this leadership, coaching and players. We all want to see change. None of the rest of us are cheering for our team to lose though.

            If I remember correctly you hated this team when we were winning as well. What kind of fan hates when his team wins?

    2. Hi Cassie, that was a great game as we are still 2nd in the draft behind Cleveland. Still got hope the Browns can win at least 1 game and then we can get no. 1 in the draft.

    1. And it should start with your hero and your hero alone.
      I guess now this just means we can all admit that Kap and Kelly was never a good fit!

  18. I think Baalke told Kaep that they would cut him at the end of the year. Kaep did not impress me. His lackadaisical manner just told me he was mailing it in.

    Another second half meltdown. Grant was right to focus on the problem.

  19. Hi everybody, did the 49ers lose big again? I was busy watching a real team, though SD is playing tougher then the 49ers for a last place team.

      1. OK, these are legit question?
        Fire Kelly?
        Fire Baalke?
        |Get rid of Kap?
        Draft a QB?
        Sell the team?
        Move the 49ers to Oakland if the Raiders move to Las Vegas?

  20. Does anybody know if Chip Kelly has been fired yet? that was the worse game he ever coached, even Phil Eagles should be getting a real laugh out of this. That was just terrible, it’s like watching Oprah talking to Michelle Obama, God I hope nobody watches that.

  21. While the 49ers are clinching last place, the Oakland Raiders just clinched a playoff in their last year of staying in Oakland as next year, Las Vegas bound. We should be happy though, 49ers fans as that means we’ll finally get Fox and CBS double headers at long last, finally, to see a 1:25 contest instead of Raiders invading the 1:25 hour.

  22. What am I happy about? I think the Falcons looked at these blogs because they used Freeman exactly how I said the Niners should use Hyde. Deep in the I so he can build up a head of steam running downhill. He would attack the weak point, but was far enough behind the line to shift and find the open gap.

    I am most happy seeing Cromartie on the field.

    The rest of the game. not so much.

      1. I suppose I could rip this team from Jed to Joan in accounting, but wanted to be positive.

        They are 1-13, which makes them certifiable excrement.

  23. So typical of the Yorks…. They come out right after the game and staunchly defend their son/family but could care less about the state of the football team and their fans…. Where’s the accountability????? What a bunch of losers those Yorks are!!

    1. I mean, it only took an internet rumor regarding the great Jed York being removed from power to break their year-long silence….

  24. In SF and have the opportunity to listen to Bubba Paris. He just called out Bethea for Bethea’s after-game comment that losing is like having a bad day at the office. At the end of the day he goes home to his wife and kids. If that’s the kind of veteran leadership the team has, it’s a no wonder the team can’t win. Seems like few care and no accountability.

    1. Thats very surprising. But then again this organization needs a complete culture change. It has to begin from the CEO on down. Unfortunately what adversity has Jed ever faced or company has he had to retool?

  25. I think just the opposite. Kaencerprick is trying his best. You are seeing his best. Mailing it in? Hardly. Just another excuse. He is nothing more than a below average quarterback. He just doesn’t have the “skill set” to be a successful quarterback, let alone a champion in this league. Thank God we only have to put up with this piece of garbage for two more games. See ya Colon. Not just from this team but from the league. He’ll go down in NFL history as a flash in the pan player who ultimately turned out to be a lousy quarterback and teammate.

          1. You admitted Kaep took the league by storm, but said he could not do it again. With a team like the Niners, you may be right, but I think he will take the league by storm, again, because he can make those throws like he did to Celek. Give him a decent defense, a Jerry Rice type to throw to, coaches who will utilize him properly, and Kaep will redeem himself.

            In the game, I saw when he rolled out and threw on the move, making that third down play. I saw him throw against the grain while deftly avoiding the rush to make a great throw.

            I also saw receivers catch the ball with 2 hands and drop it at least 6 times. Several times, I saw the receiver be too passive. They should have attacked the ball and snatch it away from the defender.

            Sure, go ahead and hate Kaep some more, while blithely ignoring the elephant in the room.

              1. Prime, to counter your lack of knowledge with enlightenment? To counter your bombastic belligerent bloviating and vitriolic screeds?

    1. Yes I agree Colin needs to go and I bet he wants to go too because this team overall is horrible but if you think he’s the only problem or the real problems will go away then your in for a treat next season.

      This team needs everything top to bottom and until that happens nothing will change

  26. It is clear the York’s do not have a clue how to run a winning football organization. The real questions are do they care? I think to the extent it effects the bottom line they do. Do they know how to fix the problem? No.

    1. They don’t know how to fix it nor are they open to bringing in “outsiders” or even former team greats for consultation (I’m looking at you Steve Young). We’re doomed.

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