49ers @ Falcons NFC Championship live blog: Pregame

ATLANTA — This is the live blog for the pregame of the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and the Falcons. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the Georgia Dome press box.

10:16 The 49ers’ first offensive play last week was a pass to Michael Crabtree. What do you think their first offensive play will be today, pass or run?

10:18 The Falcons’ first offensive play last week was an incomplete deep pass to Julio Jones. What do you think their first offensive play will be today, pass or run?

10:20 Colin Kaepernick is taking his first warmup throws. He’s throwing to A.J. Jenkins.

10:37 The 49ers inactives are Scott Tolzien, Trenton Robinson, Jewel Hampton, Cam Johnson, Tony Jerod-Eddie, Joe Looney and Ian Williams. WR Chad Hall is active. His number is 14.

10:39 Blog quiz: Who will play more snaps in this game, Chad Hall or A.J. Jenkins?

10:41 The Falcons inactives are QB Dominique Davis, WR Tim Toone, G Phillipkeith Manley, G Harland Gunn, T Lamar Holmes, DE Lawrence Sidbury and DT Travian Robertson.

10:46 Falcons’ kicker Matt Bryant just made a 58-yard field goal in warmups.

10:52 David Akers just made a 55-yard field goal from the left hash.

10:52 Next kick, he makes a 60-yard field goal.

10:54 Tony Gonzalez has been catching passes since I arrived in the press box about an hour ago. Vernon Davis has been warming up his legs.

11:20  Randy Moss just made all of the 49ers wide receivers huddle up and listen to him. He held his hand up and made each of them give him a high five.

11:25 Crabtree is warming up on the field. He’s dancing before and after running routes. He looks as relaxed and confident as can be. ESPN reports the 49ers highly doubt Crabtree will be charged for sexual assault.

11:27 Eddie DeBartolo Jr. just told Tim Kawakami this is a warmup game for the 49ers.

11:37 The 49ers just huddled up in the middle of the field and the whole crowd is booing them.

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