49ers @ Falcons NFC Championship live blog: Third quarter

ATLANTA — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and the Falcons. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the Georgia Dome press box.

1:44 Scott Shanle just tweeted this: “Matt ryan is identifying man or zone pre snap every time. knows right where he needs 2 go w/ ball. Need 2 mix it up or this will continue.”

1:45 On the kick return, James gets tackled at the SF 18 yard line.

1:46 From the pistol, Kaepernick play fakes and hits a wide open Moss for 21 yards.

1:46 From the Diamond, Kaepernick hands off to Gore, who gains six yards up the middle. Second and four from the SF 45.

1:47 On a read option, Gore runs up the middle for 11. First and 10 from the ATL 44.

1:47 Gore runs off left tackle and gets tackled after a two-yard gain. Second and eight.

1:49 Kaepernick drops back and hits Delanie Walker for 20 yards. First and 10 at the ATL 22. Dunta Robinson made the tackle and got shaken up. He’s down on the field.

1:50 It seems Roman has adjusted to Nolan, and Nolan has not readjusted.

1:52 The Falcons play a soft zone and Kaepernick hits Moss over the middle for 17 yards. First and goal from the five.

1:53 On a read option, Gore runs up the middle and scores easily. The 49ers have moved the ball at will on the Falcons defense since the second quarter. 24-21 Falcons with 10:47 left in the third quarter.

1:56 Touchback Akers.

1:57 On a draw, Turner runs up the middle for three yards.

1:58 Ryan drops back and hits Gonzalez for 14 yards. Rodgers took Aldon Smith out on that play.

1:58 Rodgers rushed for two yards. Second and eight from the ATL 39.

1:59 Ryan burns a timeout before the play clock expires.

2:00 Michael Turner has an ankle injury and his return is questionable.

2:01 Ryan easily hits Gonzalez over the  middle for 14 yards. First and 10 at the SF 47.

2:02 Ryan drops back, steps up and tries to scramble but gets sacked by Isaac Sopoaga for no loss. Second and 10.

2:02 White slips and Culliver picks it off. 49ers ball at their 44 yard line.

2:05 From under center, Kaepernick drops back and hits Vernon Davis for 31 yards. First and 10 at the ATL 25.

2:06 Kaepernick keeps it on a read option and loses two yards.

2:06 James runs a sweep around the left end and gains seven yards. Third and five from the ATL 20.

2:07 Kaepernick’s pass gets tipped and Chad Hall drops it.

2:08 Akers attempts a 38-yard field goal. He misses off the top of the left upright. Whatever problem he has must be in his head. He cannot kick any more field goals in this game. Falcons ball at their 28 yard line.

2:10 Rodgers gains seven yards on first down.

2:11 Ryan hands off to Jason Snelling, who gains 12 yards. Bowman missed a tackle at the line of scrimmage.

2:12 Rodgers runs off left tackle for nine yards.

2:12 Rodgers runs around the right end for two yards. First and 10 at the SF 42.

2:13 Ryan throws deep for White and Carlos Rogers breaks it up. Good coverage.

2:14 Snelling runs up the middle and Sopoaga tackles him for no gain. Third and 10.

2:14 Ryan completes a pass over the middle to Jones for 14 yards and a first down.

2:15 Rodgers runs up the middle and Justin Smith tackles him after a gain of one.

2:16 From the shotgun, Ryan fumbles the snap and Aldon Smith recovers. It was a good snap, Ryan just dropped it. He’s melting. First and 10 at the SF 37.

2:17 Gore up the middle for three.

2:17 Kaepernick misses Walker on a seam deep down the middle of the field. Third and seven.

2:18 Vernon Davis runs the crossing route again, he’s wide open again, and Kaepernick throws behind him. Incomplete. But the Falcons are flagged for hitting Kaepernick in the face. Rinky dink call. First and 10 from the ATL 45.

2:19 Gore runs up the middle for two yards, and that’s the end of the third quarter. It looked like the play clock expired before Kaepernick snapped it.

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