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  1. They most assuredly are. Not in and of themselves but in totality. It’s like a drive by squirt of lighter fluid on a dumpster fire….

  2. Gotta think at the owners meetings with billionaires, football dignitaries , self made tycoons, their isn’t a giggle when lil Jed enters the room. They all may have enemies, but they never had a fan base so disgusted that they flew signs over 3 games mocking him. Baahaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Or 49er fans are the joke of other fans as being soft after one losing season crying like babies. This is what I hear from other fans not the embarrassment of an owner. 49er fans don’t know what bad ownership is.

      1. Really? Not letting your ownership get away with sucking is something to criticize?? What annually terrible team do you support? Are we really competing for most pathetic franchise here?

      2. No you’re wrong…our ownership has been a joke since Steve Marriucci was let go…it’s been bad decision after bad decision…Erickson, Donahue, Nolan, Singletary, letting Harbaugh go, the Tomsula…not to mention all their cheap ways…anyone who thinks our ownership has been decent in anyway hasn’t been paying attention…

  3. I feel bad for tomsula and the coaches. Just like singletary, they didn’t have a good plan going in to the season. That was probably the thing that made all the difference for harbaugh each year. I was disappointed in him at times but at least he had a plan each season instead of shooting from the hip. Tomsula was setup to fail because he really wasn’t ready just like singletary.

    1. I am not sure why anybody would feel sorry for Tomsula. He will end up making around $14 million over 4 years even though he was totally incompetent. Without this gig he would have made around a $100K a year. Moreover he can get that money without doing anything for the next 3 years. He will be laughing all the way to the bank….

      Now is that a guy you would feel sorry for???

  4. Trent baalke has to be on his last leg though. Maybe there was grace if the rumors are true that tomsula was the owners pick. He seems to be great at roster management and gaining picks but hopefully he can do some good with them this year.

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