49ers final 2015 mock draft

This is my final attempt to predict which picks the 49ers will make in the upcoming draft.

Round 1, pick No. 15: Malcom Brown, DT, Texas

The Niners have had at least one great defensive tackle for the past 22 years.

They drafted Dana Stubblefield with the 26th pick in 1993. He made three Pro Bowls and one All-Pro team in five seasons with the Niners.

The Niners drafted Bryant Young with the 7th pick in 1994. He made four Pro Bowls and one All-Pro team in 14 seasons with the Niners.

When Young retired in 2008, the 49ers gave a $45 million contract to former No.4 pick Justin Smith. He made five Pro Bowls and one All-Pro team in seven season with San Francisco.

To replace Smith, one of the best players in franchise history, the 49ers will draft one of the best defensive tackles available this year – Malcom Brown.

The Niners do not skimp on defensive tackles.

Round 2, pick No. 46: Jalen Collins, CB, LSU

The 49ers like big corners, and Collins is one of the biggest in the draft. He has the size and speed to cover big receivers like Calvin Johnson and tight ends like Jimmy Graham.

Round 3, pick No. 79: Devin Funchess, WR/TE, Michigan

The Niners also like big receivers. Funchess is 6’4”, 232 pounds and he runs a 4.47-second 40-yard dash. Funchess has a lot in common with Alshon Jeffery, the wide receiver the Niners should have drafted with their first round pick in 2012.

Round 4, pick No. 127: Taiwan Jones, ILB, Michigan State

A strong run defender from the Big 10 to replace Chris Borland.

Round 4, pick No. 132 (comp.): Obum Gwacham, OLB/DE, Oregon State

Former third-round pick Corey Lemonier is a terrible pass rusher, a bust. The Niners replace him with someone who has potential.

Round 5, pick No. 151: Matt Jones, RB, Florida

Jones will be Carlos Hyde’s big, bruising backup.

Round 6, pick No. 189: Mario Alford, WR, West Virginia

One of the best kick returners in the draft. Averaged 28.6 yards per kick return in 2014. Also led the Big 12 in receiving touchdowns with 11. Last season was only his second season playing wide receiver.

Round 7, pick No. 246: Blake Sims, QB, Alabama

The 49ers draft an athletic quarterback who played in a pro-style offense in college.

Round 7, pick No. 254 (comp.): Jermaine Barton, OT, Illinois State

A 6’7” tackle with 36-inch arms. Barton falls to Round 7 because he had knee surgery in February.

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      1. i have not seen that justin smith has retired, so please inform me…has he or is it something you think he will????

      2. And your Mock Drafts continue to get more absurd as we go along.

        So BPA at #15 for the 49ers is DT Malcom Brown?Troubled

        And a Very Troubled Individual in Collins (CB) in the 2nd Round?

        Can Thursday come soon enough!

      3. I would be happy with your draft Grant. Now we have to hope the niners can come up with an equivalent draft…I hope they don’t trade up for a wide receiver, because, unlike Bill Walsh, who trade up (in front of the Cowboys) to #19, this regime has given me no reason to trust their WR talent evaluations….Rather see them trade down, acquire more picks, patch some holes (in other words, rebuild) so next year they can focus on best available players.

          1. Jerry Rice was chosen at #16. If you believe Sam Wyche, Walsh wanted Eddie Brown instead but Wyche took him at #13 after a failed trade up attempt by Walsh.

            1. Excuse me, I forgot, he’s not the genius, and he did not want Dwight Clark, Freddy Solomon, Trade for Steve Young, he did not want joe Montana, and was not responsible for two 2 of the greatest trades (one trade ranked #1 all time by NFL Network), and he was not responsible for the 86 draft.

              Also he was not responsible for the Team of the Decade, and somebody else coached those superbowl victories

              1. You get insulted by being corrected for a minor error on your part? You think Jack pointing out your mistake, then adding some true info for amplification is an attack on Bill Walsh’s exalted legacy?

              2. It was Jack who made the mistake, and now you by pointing out that Jack was in the right. So I now am put in the position of correcting two ignoramuses. Jerry Rice was Bill Walsh/s pick from the start. I was watching television when he Walsh said he was sitting in his hotel room and saw a highlight of rice while sipping on a cocktail. Walsh said at that point he had to have him. Running the organization as he was at the time he allowed the 49ers to trade up for Rice. Nobody else traded up, he held the power and made the pick. Get your facts right

              3. TomD,

                What mistake did I make? Rice was chosen at #16, you said it was #19.

                I guess you don’t believe what Wyche said on the “Caught In The Draft ’85” show on NFL Network.

      4. Hi Grant,

        I think you owe to all of us one more updated Mock Draft of the players “you” would draft in with the 49ers picks. Just saying

  1. That’s a good looking mock. I’m probably a season early on this thinking but for me Hayne is our return specialist so I’m not sure I’d pick Alford for the reasons you give.

    1. Take out Alford and replace him with Georgia Tech’s Deandre Smelter (11″ hands), who can redshirt 2015. Absolutely LOVE the Taiwan Jones pick!

  2. Malcom Brown had seven sacks, but none of them came against offensive linemen ranked in the top 50 at their position. So what makes you think he will be as good as Young or Stubblefield if he could only play well against junk O-linemen in college?

      1. 27 tackles for loss against inferior competition. Take a look for yourself and while your at it take a look at his first half stats vs 2nd half stats. He disappears in the 2nd half. Or are you counting on Tomsula coaching him up to play minutes?

        1. He was the first DT to lead Texas in sacks and tackles for loss since 1984. Rare combination of quickness and power for a kid his size.

          1. I think you’re going by how he played against your Bruins, lol. He had a pretty good game against them, but were there any top 50 OL he was going against in that game?

              1. C’mon, Grant, being a prospect and having done it on the field are two very different things. Weak sauce as they say. 49ers won’t be drafting Brown at #15 so it won’t matter in a few days. If they go DL it won’t be Brown or Armstead that early. Now trading back into the 20’s for either might make it plausible . . . but I’m not expecting that to happen, either.

    1. Brown would be a nice fit in a 4-3 because he quickly hits gaps. As Grant pointed out before, the 49ers often shift to an under front.

      Ray Mac would remain a classic 2-gapper.
      The NT also (sometimes) 2-gaps, but is shaded over the centers shoulder.
      But Justin one gapped, playing closer to the guard.

      Brown has the size, quickness good hand technique to play Justin’s spot. Needs some strength training. At only 20, he will get stronger.

  3. Just about every team needs a CB, I don’t see Collins lasting that long. Stranger things have happened so…..

        1. I think on the PFF podcast they stated that this was a terrible draft for db’s and they were not sure any of them should have first round grades… that gives Grant’s choice some credence.

            1. I don’t think it is a blah year for CBs. I agree with tkamb that the strength of the position is rounds 2 to 4 – quite a lot of guys in that tier. Some CBs will likely get over drafted in the first round though.

  4. What happened to the Andrus Peat prediction? Except for un-predictable trades, I think the following would happen:

    1R15, Scenario #1 OL – If the top 3 WRs are gone and Brandon Scherff is still around, they go OL with a solid backup G/OT and future starter

    1R15, Scenario #2 WR – if Scherff is gone and one of the top 3 wide receivers are still there (D. Parker), they go WR

    1R15, Scenario #3 CB/DL – if Scherff and top 3 WRs gone, they go best player available for either CB (Trae Waynes if he falls to #15), or A. Armstead or M. Brown…..go with Brown.

  5. With respect to Mr. Brown, if you plan on using him as the run plugging NT, who’s there to take on double teams, then I don’t think he’ll be very successful in the NFL. He’s a dancing bear, and it would be a waste of his talent. 5 tech or penetrating DT in a 4-3 is where his success lies.

    I could actually see Collins lasting due to his foot issue and the THC problems.

    Funchess in the third round is risky, trade up to the top end perhaps.

    No problem with those fourth round picks, and the running back in the 5th is fine, although I might take Karlos Williams instead. Instead of Alford, I’d probably go with Helter Smelter. All in all, not a bad draft Mr. Cohn….

    1. I can understand what Grant sees in Malcom Brown. He’s a backfield penetrator and stout and strong enough to stack and hold the point as both a 3 tech and a 5 tech (if we’re going to go with positions to inaccurately define player’s roles in the defense). Which would be the type of versatility the Niners have looked for from Justin Smith. He has experience being responsible for 2 gaps in college but would excel as a penetrator.

      But he’s phone booth quick and explosive. He tends to break down in space and the Niners defense will have him (in either DE role) move out from to the 3 tech to the 5 tech or wider sometimes and he will have to play with more space than he’s comfortable as an interior defender. And even though he’s a penetrator, he’s not a pass rushing sack machine…which is usually what Baalke looks for first and foremost; a strong power guy that can get after the QB. Justin Smith was a 4-3 End who was brought to the Niners to get after the QB (they even considered moving him OLB when he first came to the Niners). Carradine is another power rushing 4-3 End that was thought to have the traits to be able to quickly get after the QB. Both of them are much quicker and faster (having played on the edge) than Brown.

      But I think Grant in earlier comments about Brown, compared him to Ray McDonald another versatile college D-lineman (he played Nose and penetrating End) that excelled at getting into the backfield but was also strong enough to hold the point (remember he used to sub in the Nickel package as a pass rushing DT before he moved into a starting End spot on in the base defense?). So Baalke has some precedent for drafting and develping this type of D-lineman traits. If he goes first round to get this type of player is the big question.

  6. I like this draft better than your last one, but I’m still not on board with Brown in round 1, and Jalen Collins gives me the heebie jeebies as a prospect – I can see the physical skills but he’s never been a full time starter and he comes with some off field concerns.

    I also still think Gwacham in the 4th round is way too early for a guy that was just a role player in his one year playing D. He’s the epitome of a developmental prospect that has good athletic talent but has shown next to nothing on the field.

      1. Yeah, I saw that. I think Jones will go a lot earlier than that, and I rate him a lot higher than the 11th best CB. Collins has talent, but he scares me as a prospect. He’s a guy I hope someone else takes the risk on.

      2. They’re my rankings, I did all the scouting. I know Jones will go higher, Collins as well, but I think both need a lot of work. Think Jones is a better fit at safety too.

        1. Tkamb, good work mate.

          When you see Jones, do you see a guy that plays similarly to Culliver, but with better athleticism? That’s what I see.

          1. Thanks man.

            Yeah I was going to compare him to Culliver actually but I felt like I was using too many former and current niners in my comparisons. They do have similar issues in that they do somethings really well but the things they do well aren’t integrated well, if that makes sense. I don’t really know how to use Jones early in his career because he seems to have a real flaw that will get highlighted by whatever coverage scheme you’re playing him in. Not to say his flaws aren’t fixable or anything but I just don’t see a year one starter out of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he develops into a really good corner though, and the difference between him at 11 and Rowe at 7 is pretty negligible. Jones is probably the guy I feel most unsure of though honestly.

            1. The main issue I have with Jones is the same issue I had with Culliver – he can struggle turning his head and locating the ball. However, he’s a superior athlete to Culliver, and unlike Culliver is a good locker room guy.

              To me Jones is the highest upside CB in this draft, but he is a bit raw. He’s got superior athletic skills and also reads the play well. He just needs to learn to play with better balance and more composure down field.

              1. Scooter:

                What would you say the odds are that Peters will start for 49ers, if he is selected (or any CB for that matter selected by Baalke).

              2. The chances of a first round pick CB starting I think are pretty good. They’ll certainly be given a chance to win the job.

              3. Jones definitely has a high upside, but like you mentioned his balance and weak jam make me hesitant to put him in press, his impatience, wasted steps, and high pedal make me hesitant to put him in off-man, and his ball locating affects his ability for bump and run. I’m also of the opinion that once you get to a certain point, greater athleticism becomes pretty negligible, and Culliver is a pretty great athlete in his own right. I think if Jones as merely a great athlete and not an outstanding athlete, more people would have him in the 2nd-3rd round, but then again in his sportscenter interview he said he expected to go in that range anyway.

  7. I actually like this mock Grant. Your last one was pretty good as well, but I like this one a little more. Seems to fit what Baalke would go for. Bob Sturm has similar sentiments regarding Brown. He says “he can fit in any scheme and has a great makeup. A sure first-round pick and difference-maker”. He also noted his strength, quickness, and 21.5 explosive plays as pluses. I know some wouldn’t be as excited with that pick, but if they do decide to go d-line with the first pick, he would be a much better option than a guy like Armstead.

    Instead of Jalen Collins, what about Eric Rowe in the second? He’s another big body CB, but also has the versatility that Baalke likes with his ability to play safety.

  8. Not a bad mock….I do like Brown over Goldman. Not sure we go DL in the 1st though. I don’t think we need a NT. I’d prefer Anderson/Hardison/or Richardson which can be had from the 2nd–4th round.

    Collins has failed a bunch of drug tests and didn’t really play much this past year, there’s upside (not much production), but I’d rather go WR in the 2nd. I wouldn’t touch Funchess with a 10 foot poll, he’s too slow and drops way to many catches, I’d prefer if we drafted a WR that had some production in college.

    How many RB’s would we have active? I’m guessing Hunter get’s cut if we draft Jones? hate to put Jones on the practice squad, just to lose him.

    overall not bad, give it a 6.5 lol.

  9. Here is my final mock draft.

    Round 1. Marcus Peters, CB, Washington. Just when I was thinking DeVante Parker might fall to #15, the latest rumours I’ve seen are suggesting teams are very high on Parker and believe in most drafts he’d be the first WR off the board. If the top 3 WRs are gone, I still think Peters is the guy the 49ers will go for this year. He’d be a great fit for the way the 49ers like their CBs to play. However, there are rumours that a few teams have taken Peters off their board, and if the 49ers are one of them then I think Byron Jones would be the pick.

    Round 2. I’m predicting a trade back here, maybe 10 or so spots to pick up an extra 4th rounder. With the later pick, I think Paul Dawson and Eric Kendricks will be gone, but Stephone Anthony, ILB, Clemson, may still be available. He’s a great athlete for the position, that can hold up against the run and pass. And he makes a lot of splash plays. If Anthony is gone, Perryman could be the pick.

    Round 3. Tre McBride, WR, William & Mary. Not exceptional in any one area, but a good all round WR with decent size and speed, good hands, nice route running skills, and high football IQ. Could be the #3 or #4 this year, and slide into a starting role in 2016.

    Round 4. Bundling the 4th rounder they received earlier with their existing 4th, I see the 49ers moving up to the top of round 4 to take one of the top players that fell out of day 2. And that player is MyCole Pruitt, TE, Southern Illinois. Highly productive in college and a great athlete for the position. He’s a receiving TE but also shows some ability as a blocker.

    Round 4 (comp). Mitch Morse, OG, Missouri. A tough and savvy OL that will need to make the transition from OT to OG or OC in the pros as he lacks the length and feet to stay outside. But he’s smart and he’s strong, and he does have some experience inside.

    Round 5. Matt Jones, RB, Florida. Big and powerful RB that moves well for his size and will carry defenders to pick up extra yards. Never put up big stats, but was somewhat hampered by a torn meniscus in his knee in 2013 which required clean up in 2014. If healthy, could be a steal.

    Round 6. Kyle Emanuel, ILB/OLB/DE, North Dakota State. Emanuel could fit not only at OLB, but also as a strongside ILB in their 3-4. He’s a small school prospect with impressive but inflated pass rush stats. Short arms, but has a very high work ethic and displays good quickness and strength at the point of attack. Great hustle. Could be a nice replacement for Dan Skuta.

    Round 7. Tory Slater, DT/DE, West Georgia. DII prospect with nice size (6’5″, 290lbs) that is very strong and explosive. Had 31 reps in bench press at pro day, as well as 35″ vertical and 10’3″ broad, very good marks for a DL. Had 10 sacks last year and 16.5 TFL. Former high school WR.

    Round 7 (comp). Chris Bonner, QB, Colarado State-Pueblo. Big time project with great height, strong arm, and nice pocket instincts.

    1. I’ll take this one over Grant’s, very well done Scooter. Do you expect Anthony earns a starting role in training camp? What went into the thought process of taking a G over OT given the need for an upgrade at the backup position?

      1. Thanks razor.

        I don’t know if Anthony would earn a starting role, but he’d be in the mix for sure. Morse played OT in college and would provide some capability as a swing tackle. You then also have Pears, Boone and Thomas that can all play OT as well. I don’t think the need for a swing tackle is that great. However, there is an opening at LG, and next year there could be an opening at RG. So I think interior OL is more of a need.

          1. I don’t think so. Staley and Davis are both fine starting OTs and locked up long term. Maybe if Davis continues to suffer from the injury bug this year they may see it as more of a need next year. But my tip is they both bounce back strong this season.

      1. Both. And I’m not even sure ILB is McKinney’s best position. My hope would be another team takes him over the other ILBs, thus pushing guys down to the 49ers.

        1. Scooter, If Baalke does not trade down in the second, do you think Dupree is still
          there at 46, and if so, will he be the pick?

          1. 49ers will be lucky to get a chance at Dupree at #15. And I see no way he makes it past the top 25 picks. If by some miracle he is there at #46, I say pass on him because he clearly has some serious issue we haven’t heard about.

    2. I like seeing McBride in your final mock. I’ve gone away from him not from lack of personal preference but felt they would go with other players in the same range that McBride is likely to go.

      Nice work.

  10. I like it, all except Funchess…has bust written all over him…but hope I am wrong if we do take him…what do you think about Jesse James? Gotta love the name…

    1. Nice work Scooter- Emmanuel and McBride would be great additions to our squad! Reminder fellas that Grant’s mock is a an an attempt to compose a Baalke draft (a daunting task!) not his fav’s necessarily.

    1. George

      Great compilation of WR’s and their possibilities at the next level….interesting that several of the receivers discussed on here were rated so low, while others were in the 70-90 range and barely mentioned on here…It’s a great WR crop !

  11. wrong like usually grant, whats next luke kuechly isnt a 1st round pick, turns out his the best mlb in the game.

  12. I think both Grant’s and Scooter’s mocks are pretty good. The key is finding the best talent you can in every round and I think both of you have done that pretty well. I’m going to post one soon, but I’m still torn on a few picks.

  13. This is the toughest year to predict.

    49er Variables: They can have dire needs in 9 positions or moderate needs in only a few. Can Thomas can play swing tackle? How’s VMac’s back?

    Talent Variables: Too many players that can get a GM fired for drafting or skipping him mocked from 13-25. Armstead, Gurley, DGB, Peters, Gregory.

    Position Variables: We’ve seen Baalke operate with high draft position 2010-2011 and late draft position 2012-2014. Pick 15 is new territory.
    To make it more fun, the talent peaks and valleys are said to be different this year.

    Hats off to anyone that gets even a few picks right.

  14. are you serious? we are already deep at DL and you would have baalke waste the 15 pick on an average DL? and then the best receiver you can come up with for us in a very deep receiver draft is a tweener in devin funchess who no one is even sure what position he’ll play? give me a break dude. the pick at 15 should be dorial green beckham who will be the most talented player left at 15 that we could use. the kid is a beast and would make an immediate impact especially in the red zone where we desperately need help.

    1. Can someone please explain why we would take a dt in the first round? He won’t even play if we do pick one. Right end Dorsey, tje, nose tackle dial, williams left end Dockett, tank. Where exactly is this rookie gonna play won’t start over any body I listed.

    2. The Niners have numbers at the Dline position, but not necessarily good depth or starters for that matter.

      Last year at this time the starting 3 were: Smith, Dorsey and McDonald. This year, 2 out of those 3 will likely not be with the team, and Dorsey is coming off of injury. So what we have currently as a likely starting trio is: Dockett – who is well past 30 and coming off of a serious knee injury, Ian Williams or Glen Dorsey – who are both coming off of injury, and one of Jerod-Eddie, Dial or Carradine.

      I see a lot of question marks and unproven commodities here. They are not set at Dline by any means. They will be drafting a Dlineman at some point, just a matter of where.

      1. Rocket:

        Maybe you know the answer to this off of the top of your head. How many DL have been first round draft picks for the 49ers since Justin Smith came on board? My unresearched thought is none.

          1. Thanks rocket, could we use more depth in the dline sure but at 15 I would imagine you want a starter or that someone that could start in my opinion you can find depth in later rounds at dline

            1. I think the plan will be to rotate the Dlline more this year so a rookie will get playing time. You also have to think about BPA and the future. If a Dlineman is the best available, you take him knowing you have some question marks, age and expiring contracts in the next year or two.

      2. I agree and disagree. I think the 49ers have “good” defensive line depth. Look how quickly 3rd stringer Dobbs was snapped up by the Seahawks.

        I also think we got to used to non-rotations under Fangio. The starter designation might not have the same meaning under Mangini.

        But I agree they don’t have any star defensive linemen in their prime. That’s why I’d be OK with a Malcom Brown pick. He fits Justin’s spot better then current 49er linemen.

        The 49ers already lost the 2011 version of Justin Smith that roller skated guards into the quarterback. They only have to replace the 2014 Justin. (still a good player to be sure).

        The line will still be very good without Brown. Even better with Brown.

  15. Grant, I’m liking this mock. The defensive line is deep and solid, but has no stars. Here comes Malcom in the Middle (well, 3-tech actually).

    I like Collins at 46. I have a feeling alot of good players will fall to 46.

    Funchess wasn’t really on my radar, but at 79 I like Funchess a bunchess.

    Obum Gwacham… I’m afraid your right about Lemonier. Beware of one trick pony speed rushers. To crow a bit, the day after he was picked I was torched when I posted a link to a game where the OT dominated him. All he had to do was ride Lemonier to the outside.

    While his pass rush gets a raspberry, I hold out hope Lemonier can be a good generalist vs the run and dropping into coverage.

    Don’t know about Matt Jones, but the 49ers need a durable bruiser behind him Hyde. We don’t know what’s going on with Ajayi’s knee.

    Mario Alford at 189 if Smelter’s gone.

    1. MWN,

      He’ll likely be gone before round 7, and I wouldn’t use a higher pick on any QB in this draft after the first 2 are off the board. After Winston and Mariota, I don’t see a potential starting QB left in this draft. Just a terrible year for the position.

      1. rocket …

        I agree .. he’ll probably be gone by the 7th.. so ..
        why not take him earlier ? …

        I mean .. how many guys drafted in the later rounds
        actually make the team, anyway ? .. so-o-o..
        with that in mind … Sean Mannion looks like
        someone who actually could
        make the team …

        (Think of who’s the second stringer —
        and you’ll see where I’m com in from)

        Check out his youtube =>


        1. MWN,

          I don’t disagree with you on what we have. I just don’t like the options in this class enough to use a pick before the 7th round on one. Mannion is a decent passer, but doesn’t move well and doesn’t fare well with pressure. Other than Winston and Mariota, every QB I’ve looked at in this draft makes me think backup at best. If we’re going to draft a backup, better to do it later rather than sooner.

      2. Rocket….

        What do you think of Grayson from CSU as far as a complete QB with all of the throws ? I’m still not convinced that Kaep can develop the shorted check-downs accurately, and we haven’t even seen Gabbert yet.

        1. OREGONINER,

          You’re not sold on Kap? Just kidding and I understand the concern. I have zero confidence in Gabbert so agree with you that we do need another option. The problem is I don’t see one in this draft. Grayson played in a scheme that worked for him because he is fairly accurate on short to intermediate passes and rarely had to look past his first option. The problem is, he has a really slow delivery and a mediocre arm. If you watch him he rarely threw outside the numbers effectively, and that is a problem if he can’t do it in the NFL. I just don’t see a future starter in him and if that’s the case, no way I use a higher pick on him.

          1. Rocket…

            You say that you don’t have confidence in Gabbert, what, if any fresh info have you found that causes you to feel that way ? I haven’t found diddely on him to guage by….All I know is that he was a first rounder, taken by a lousy team (scourge of high ranked draftees) got the crap kicked out of him for lack of a decent oline (more scourge) and was picked up by the niners…extended, and now lives in the bowels of Levi’s Stadium. With that pedigree, surely there must be some new info on him….

            1. Oregon,

              Gabbert was terrible in Jax and it wasn’t just because of the team around him. People questioned his courage to stand and deliver in the pocket and those questions were answered by his inability to do it. We all want Kap to be a better QB in the pocket, and yet he is superior to Gabbert in this area. Gabbert reminds me of a guy you know pretty well, Joey Harrington in that he was a pretty good College QB that everyone wanted to like at the NFL level, but he didn’t have it mentally, and was out of the league after a few disappointing years.

              1. @Rocket

                I think that we are on the same track….equating Gabbert’s experience with Joey Harrington’s is right on the money in my opinion. Both went to teams that were close to the worst the previous year (second worst in Joeys case)…not unlike Alex Smith when the niners were in the dumps. Joey had 5 years playing for Matt Millen who famously drafted WR’s year after year in the first round, instead of an Oline to protect his franchise QB. BTW, Joey had several productive years in Detroit before being traded. I had a friend who was on the Jags (didn’t stick) and he couldn’t believe the punishment that Gabbert took there “like a shooting gallery” If it’s true that his courage is in question, why did the niners pick him up for 2 zillion$, and then re-up him for 2 zillion more ? I realize that Kaep was Harbaugh’s choice, so now that JH is gone, will we see what Gabbert has left that the FO feels is so worthwhile ?

                Rocket, thanks for going over this with me, in that it has bothered me for ever since Joey played. Perhaps it’s not the QB’s we should be rating, but the FO’s who make them rich .

    1. Baalke seems pretty adamant that the Niners are set at this position. I have a feeling he won’t draft a guard even though he probably should.

      1. Didn’t Tomsula seem pretty adamant that the 49ers have the deepest DL they’ve had during his tenure. While deep doesn’t necessarily mean talented, the way he answered the question implies he considers the DL talented.

  16. the last 300 lb penetrating pass rushing Defensive Tackle they took in the first round?

    Kentwan Balmer. (I got sick just typing that).

    I remember he was graded by various scouting services as anywhere from a mid 2nd rounder to a 5th rounder. some said he was the best interior pass rusher in the draft. which is probably why he was drafted by the Niners. I wonder if anyone else wanted him higher than the 4th round?

  17. The possibility of trading for Mychal Kendricks was brought on NN. My knowledge on him is limited (I do know he’s a bit undersized), but for anyone who knows more, would he be a good fit for the 49ers? And were would he play (MIKE or JACK)?

    1. He’s a young, productive starting calibre ILB with experience in a 3-4, with great athleticism and similar size to Bowman. If you compared him to this years crop of ILBs he’d be right up there. The only think he has going against him is you only get him for one year if you can’t sign him to an extension, and that has to be factored into what you’d be willing to offer for him.

      Hard to imagine the 49ers wouldn’t at least consider a trade.

    1. I am starting to warm up to this Bryon Jones. I don’t have the time or the desire to do in depth analysis as needed. What’s the projection for a full recovery with this guy?

    2. I agree re drafting a guard high for the very reason you spelled out. Baalke sets a price in his head for the guards, and won’t budge above it.

      I don’t totally agree with Baalke. If its a HOF guard that can road grade, pull and pass pro, I’d have no problem going above the virtual salary line.

      1. I believe Baalke’s opinion is you can replace pretty good interior OL fairly easily and cheaply. Not necessarily a great interior OL. I’d be interested to see what the 49ers would be willing to pay to re-sign an interior OL that they drafted that was very good in all phases. Iupati isn’t a good benchmark as while he was excellent in the running game he was less than stellar in pass pro.

      1. I have no idea Cubus. I’m just along for the ride. That’s why i don’t talk smack about other people’s mocks(well, except for the so-called experts).

  18. Funchess looks to me more of a Combine-stats guy than an intimidating WR, e.g. Darius Heyward-Bey. From the NFL.com draft profile: Pass-catching is labored. Allows throws into his frame and catches back half of football at times. Tagged with 20 drops over last three seasons. Isn’t a lock to high-point a throw and doesn’t attack throws. Won’t win enough 50/50 throws.

    Now let’s look at another prospect: Imposing physical specimen with outstanding height, weight and speed numbers. Smooth, effortless strides to chomp up cushion and blow by overconfident corners. Long-strider with vertical ability to change a game and the catch radius and body control to make the difficult look easy. Ability to pluck would-be interceptions and turn them into catches. He can routinely win 50-50 balls.

    The prospect: Dorial Green-Beckham. I’ve seen all the overblown hype about what happened at Missouri. READ THE ACTUAL POLICE REPORTS. Yes, he was wrong and admitted it without any excuses, but it’s not nearly as bad as the sensationalist headlines would have you believe.

    The 49ers need an absolute stud at WR who can terrorize opposing DB’s, most notably Richard Sherman. Dez Bryant made Sherman look ridiculous, and only by holding and interfering with Bryant did Sherman keep from being made a complete fool. But then they don’t call that stuff in Seattle against the Seahawks.

    Baalke conveniently had Harbaugh as his scapegoat last season. The clock is now ticking on him to produce a Super Bowl champion, especially after he was instrumental in running Harbaugh out of the building. Baalke has no more excuses now that he has his hand-picked head coach and has run off virtually all of the Harbaugh era assistant coaches.

    The 49ers biggest problem on offense over the last 10+ years has been scoring TD’s in the redzone. Torre Smith and Jerome Simpson are NOT the answer at WR, otherwise the Ravens would have never let them go. The last stud WR like that on the 49ers roster was Terrell Owens. It’s far past time to replace him. DGB is the answer, not Funchess.

  19. I hope Baalke does not chicken out and does not draft a wide receiver in the first round. After the huge miss last year this year’s miss will be a disaster

  20. “This is my final attempt to predict which picks the 49ers will make…”

    Grant, do you plan on making a mock based on picks you think the 49ers [should] make?

    1. cubus – Gurley’s optimistic knee report increased the value of pick 15.

      The not so good news – Randy Gregory and Shane Ray might drop out of the top half of the draft, increasing the chance Gurley will go before 15.

      I’m crossing my fingers.

  21. from PFT; a quote from Steelers GM Kevin Colbert:
    “….we don’t really pay attention to it. We don’t believe in mock drafts and what people say about other teams because so much of it is disinformation.You’d just lose your mind trying to figure out what everyone’s going to do.”
    LOL! Too late for me! I’ve gone all gonzo trying to guess. I’ve said I stopped, but like spinner wheels, my brain just keeps whirling along.

  22. Hey guys, it’s been a looooong time since I posted on here! Looking forward to the draft though!

    I haven’t had a chance to finish my complete mock, but basically I think the Baalke should take the risk on Green-Beckham in the first round. We know that Baalke isn’t going to trade up for any of the other top receivers, so instead he should trade back, get DGB as well as a extra 2nd and/or 3rd rounder. There’s a lot of questions all over the place, but to pass on getting real talent at WR two years in a row despite have deep classes is insane.

  23. Brad Biggs ‏@BradBiggs 18m18 minutes ago
    #Bears DC Vic Fangio says he did a lot of work on Kyle Fuller before draft last year hoping to get him in SF.

    Knew the 49ers would be high on him, was my top ranked corner for us last year. Also shows that the 49ers are willing to take a corner high in the draft.

    1. Yeah, I’ve said a few times I think the 49ers had Beckham and Fuller as their two trade up targets, but they went too early for a trade up to work.

      Its been reported the Steelers had Beckham, then Fuller, then Shazier as their targets. Obviously a lot of teams were pretty high on those two guys.

      1. This Armstead thing is a head scratcher to me. A first round pick should be capable of starting in his first year. That’s how Baalke does business, and rightfully so. For us, Armstead probably wouldn’t even see the field.

      1. Agree re Armstead. He could turn out to be really good, but at this point he’s a project. If they traded back to the 20’s for an extra 2nd rounder, I’d feel a little better about Armstead.

    1. Eight of them are a defensive players, and the other two are WR. I do believe it will be a defensive player taken with the 15th, and that pleases me.

  24. Interesting retrospective on NFL net on the ’85 draft. Walsh ‘hunting’ a Blue Chip WR and trading up. Made an offer for Eddie Brown slot”to Cinci, but they took Brown and BW settled for JR.
    Analysts Zimmerman and McGuire ridiculing Bills for taking “fat” Bruce Smith and Jim Kelly (USFL) in the 1st. Also much fussing that day as the three top WRs all slipped below their projected spots; those darned GMs weren’t paying attention to what the writers were saying.
    Homeboy Jets and Giants fans wailing over their teams choices in boisterous agony; too funny. One Jets fan on camera almost at a loss for words:
    “That’s the worst choice since……since…..last year!”

    1. Dr. Z really was lousy at analyzing the draft. It became a running joke to read his predictions in SI and see how far off they were from the real thing. Good writer though and I miss his quirky articles.

  25. My final shot at a mock with no trades because they are impossible to predict:

    1) Marcus Peters CB Washington
    2) Mario Edwards Jr. DE FSU
    3) Tyler Lockett WR KSU
    4) Taiwan Jones ILB MSU
    4B) Mike Davis RB South Carolina
    5) DeAndre Smelter WR Georgia Tech
    6) Kyle Emanuel OLB/ILB North Dakota State
    7) Cedric Reed OLB Texas
    7B) Connor Halliday QB WSU

    1. Peters’ problem with authority concerns me. I realize the new set of Washington coaches were real sticklers, but even so you have to get along. But I trust Baalke if he picks him, and of the rest, the ones I know I like.

      1. Thanks Grant. Yes on Davis as I’ve seen him mocked in the 4th and 5th for the most part and he is around the same in most of the ratings. If by some chance he’s not there, a number of other options exist at RB.

    2. Love that draft-Tyler Lockett is going to be a star-also on board with Smelter agree with both you and Scooter on Emanuel the more I look at his work the more I like! We have discussed Halliday. Great work! Kudos to you Scooter and all the rest our draftheads here(Razor,Brodie,Cubus,George,Iron,etc,) Grant thanks for proving all the springboards for discussion!

    3. Nice one razor, I like it! Lockett could easily fall to the 3rd round and I think he’d be excellent value there, and you still get the big WR to replace Boldin in 2016 in Smelter.

      1. No problem Scooter and thanks for the comments. That was the plan in regards to Smelter and Lockett. Lockett would be an immediate contributor, while Smelter would sit for the year and be a possible replacement for Boldin in 2016. Baalke likes taking players a year early for potential needs so that fits the bill.

        I’ve become a big fan of Lockett especially. Nothing this kid can’t do, and if he were 3 inches taller, we’d be talking about him in the same class as Cooper imo.

    4. All good rocket.
      I do have some reservations regarding Peters (which I expressed a couple of weeks ago), but if he’s our 1st pick I can live with that.

      I especially like Edwards, Lockett, Jones, Smelter and Halliday. Very strong mock over all bud.

      1. AES,

        Thanks I appreciate the feedback. Peters is the best CB in the draft for me and I think the issues with the new Coaching staff were probably vetted by the Niners to a point they will be satisfied with his character.

  26. I would like to see SF trade Kaepernick away. San Diego or NY Giants are options. Then you have the plethora of bottom feeding teams who you could throw into the mix, but those two options would produce a starter in a trade.
    I see SF trading back though and picking up more draft picks just move back up in the second and third rounds. The Kaepernick trade signifies the end of a Harbaugh guy and allows the organization to move forward. It would explain Staley’s about face. He wants to stay on the team.

      1. I think the answer might be “Who cares, they are going to run the ball in a one back set with nine offensive linemen up front.”

      2. I think Rivers or Manning with Manning being a better fit, because as was already mentioned, you just need a game manager in this system. That opens the door to just about anyone “Trent Dilferisk”. If the team went with Manning, he has a 17 million dollar contract this year and is a FA next season. Team could draft replacement in the third or fourth round this year knowing they are stocked with Draft picks next season.

        1. So you think SD or NY would be willing to trade their franchise/SB winning QB’s straight up for Kap? You also think trading for QB’s with one year left on their deal is a good idea? Matt, those trades wouldn’t happen because it really wouldn’t make much sense for either side.

          1. Here is why SD would trade away Rivers:
            Latest news out of that camp is that Rivers wants out so badly he’ll walk away from NFL.
            I remind you Brett Favre was traded away with an unknown in Rodgers behind him. The Chargers know what Kaepernick is capable of and the 49ers can use the Franchise tag on Rivers.

            Here is the Eli Manning Story:

            I personally think Eli is the better deal. Kaepernick would do well in NY and Eli could use the run first offense here in SF with the WR vets he has in Boldin and Smith.

          2. Rocket the post with the news links is awaiting moderation. So here it is without the links:
            Latest new out of the Rivers camp is that he wants out so bad he is willing to walk away from the NFL.
            SB nation wrote an article of the pros and cons of a Rivers Trade.
            Brett Favre was traded away with an unknown in Rodgers behind him. The chargers in this case know what Kaepernick is capable of. Plus SF could just use the Franchise tag on either Manning or Rivers.

            The Eli Manning story written by nfl dot com talks about how NY hasn’t offered Manning an extension. His salary is almost identical to Kaepernicks. Eli could use the run first offense here in SF with his vet WR in Boldin and Smith. NY would be facing teams that struggled in the conference to beat Kaepernick two times a year. Philly, Dallas, and Washington.

            While it isn’t 100%, I think it is a plausible option in a league where anything goes.

            1. So I ask you – why would we trade away an ascending, relatively contract friendly QB for Eli (heavily overrated in my view, and aging), or Rivers (still good, but will want a big deal for his age in a year)?

              Asked another way, if SD or NY saw Kaepernick as an upgrade over Eli or Rivers (who did good things for both of those franchises), shouldn’t SF similarly view Kaepernick that way? Why is Kaepernick so great for those teams, and at the same time so equally undesirable in SF?

              1. Well said Adusoron. It really doesn’t make sense from any teams view imo.


                I don’t mean to criticize too harshly. I know you are just floating scenario’s. This just doesn’t make much sense to me is all.

              2. We had the exact quarterback that Matt is looking for, only the coaching staff his first six years we had him was brain dead. Now we’ve got a QB with a gigantic upside, and Matt want’s to trade him for a dream, and we don’t have any idea how the current coaching staff is going to do.

                It’s the right time of the year for pipe dreams. Go for it.

    1. Matt,
      Kaep is much more important to the team than is Staley. If trading CK for the simple reasons of exorcizing anything attached to Harbaugh or appeasing Staley is the answer, than the FO is beyond incompetent – it is moronic!

      BTW, in this scenario who is our QB starter post Kaep?

  27. Lazy Mans Mock

    15 Todd Gurley
    – Hands down the best remaining player.
    – Running back is a absolutely need pick. Bush is a rental. Hunter is fragile.
    – All check boxes complete. “Win the middle”, physical, athletically unique.”
    – Baalke likes to draft for the year after next.
    – Baalke’s been yacking about a running back rotation for years.
    – If Brown was the player that was “off many fans radar, but should have been on their radar”, Gurley is another.

    – Risks include knee, major bruised egos in both Hyde and Gurley (even though it would extend careers and garner bigger 2nd contracts if they rotated)

    46, 79 Your Favorite Receiver or Linebacker.
    – Maybe trade back into round one. Maybe not.

    Day 3 Sean Mannion or Connor Halliday, DeAndre Smelter
    – Of the three, Smelter is the main redshirt target.

      1. If Baalke makes that pick, the draft could break this way:

        Round 1: Todd Gurley
        Round 2: Michael Bennett
        Round 3: Alex Carter
        Round 4: Justin Hardy

        1. I had confidence Gurley would be at 15, but Shane Ray’s recent bust shrinks the “elite” player range down a notch. What are the chances Gurley fall to 15?

            1. Atalanta would have a heck of an offense with Gurley.

              If Cooper falls to Atlanta, maybe they’d be interested in trading down to 15, expecting Gurley to still be there.

              Despite all the needs, I’m not ruling out major trade-ups for Cooper, or modest trade-ups for Parker.

              1. Name a season in the past decade that they haven’t. I did say defense was more likely but theyre the first RB needy team to get a chance at him.

            2. I can’t help but suspect all this talk about Gurley is an attempt by a number of teams to push him up so others will fall. He’s a very good player, don’t get me wrong, but a RB’s value in today’s game has diminished to the point you don’t see many going in the first at all, never mind in the top 10, and then there’s the fact that he is coming off of a serious knee injury. It sounds like misdirection to me.

        2. Replace Bennett with Edwards Jr or Cooper and you may well have what ends up being the 49ers first four picks…

      1. If both Parker and Gurley were on the board, I’d lean towards Parker.

        If both Parker Gurley were off, I have many scenarios. Brown… or trade back for an extra 3rd choosing either DGB or Peters. Gamble picks. The extra 3rd rounder as a consolation prize of they flop.

  28. I’ll take another shot at a mock. I used the following methodology:
    1. No trades
    2. I used CBS’s ranking today for each player.
    3. For each Niner pick, I chose from the players ranked from where the Niners have that pick to anywhere above. Because there were no trades, I had to reach on some picks.

    15-La’el Collins, OT
    46-Stephone Anthony, ILB
    79-Mike Davis, RB
    126-Josue Matias, OG
    132-Darryl Roberts, CB
    151-Darren Waller, WR
    189-Kyle Emanuel, OLB/ILB
    246-DeAndre Smelter, WR
    254-John Timu, ILB

      1. Because this is considered a weak QB class, I didn’t pick one. My thinking is that if there is someone they like, maybe they’ll draft him at 254.

        1. ok, that’s a fair assessment. With your scenario eliminating trades, I withdraw my objection. I think the scenario will play out with a trade allowing them to draft a QB in the 4th.

      1. I did too, Scooter. The problem was CBS ranks Dupree at 13, so I couldn’t take him with 15. Guys like Perriman, Peters, and Green-Beckham were available, but I opted for a swing tackle instead. We do need a successor to Boldin, but I knew I’d be able to pick Waller and Smelter, which I later did. And Peters’ emotional control problem scares me. Dorsett wasn’t available at 46, nor was Smith, although in his case I didn’t need him anymore. Sambrailo was ranked at 100, but I took Davis (ranked 121) instead because I really like him. He was ranked 121, so I couldn’t have gotten him in the fourth round. I was able to finish up with the same last for guys.

        I enjoyed subjecting myself to the CBS rankings because it made “drafting” seem “real.” My first mock was a mix of this and that.

        1. Take all the rankings with a grain of salt George. Rule of thumb is you can usually rank players in tiers and then get a broad idea of where they will be drafted, but more often than not, most of the rankings will look a little silly after the real thing takes place.

  29. Ok I’ll bite if Gurley is there cant pass him,I have mocked him as my number one before(tried to get comfortable with DGB yesterday and can’t) so here is my final stab.(1) Todd Gurley RB outstanding talent who has healed quickly and provides deadly force in combo with Hyde for our running game;(2)Paul Dawson ILB great fit in pon :(3)Henry Anderson DE a disruptive force who could turn out to be Cowboys true heir apparent;(4)Kyle Emanuel OLB rising up the ranks love to get him here !;(4b)Bobby Richardson DL/DE true sleeper ;(5)Darren Waller WR big good hands raw like DGB good value here;(6)Deandre Smelter WR another long rec, with a high ceiling(7)Imoan Claiborne CB -sleeper small school standout;(7b) Connor Halliday QB

    1. hightop, that is a fantastic draft!

      I’ll look up Henry Anderson, Kyle Emanuel, Bobby Richardson and Darren Waller when I get a chance.

      Deandre Smelter and Connor Halliday are a good red shirt squad. Current over/under on number of redshirts Baalke drafts is 1.5

    2. Great mock hightop. The only player there I wouldn’t be happy with is Waller.

      Question though – given the 49ers do have a fair bit of DL depth, do you think they’d take 2 DL?

    3. hightop,

      You know my thoughts on a RB with the first pick already, but you come away with some clear starters and high quality players in this scenario. I like Anderson a lot and I think we are all on the same page as far as Smelter goes. Nice job.

    4. Nice mock hightop, but I still don’t see Gurley as our first round pick because that would more or less be cutting Hydes’ legs out from underneath of him before he even has a chance to prove their usefulness.

    1. Can one of you guys with knowledge of the trade position chart tell us what it would cost to move from 15 to 11?

      1. Bar None,

        It would take a 3rd rounder under the old value chart. We’ve seen some instances where the old chart doesn’t apply anymore though.

        1. Baalke’s mentioned teams customize their charts. He tries to recreate other teams charts based on past trade behavior. Cuts out time wasted making offers other teams are sure to refuse.

          Its my experience charts are least accurate at the very top of the draft. In middle rounds, the varying charts are most similar.

      2. If for some crazy reason Cooper or White fell to 11, the Vikings could demand well above chart for a trade back.

        There could also be teams that think Parker is the cats meow and offer over chart. If the 49ers traded up to secure Parker (a typical Baalke move), I’d be cranky about losing 79, but not too cranky.

        1. I agree Brodie. It is a sellers market when good players drop. I could live with giving up a 3rd if it meant getting one of the top 3 WR’s. Baalke could always trade back in the second to recoup a 4th if he wanted the extra pick back.

  30. Planning for Draft Day is all about details and keeping your priorities straight. My personal area of responsibility will be as Director of Food & Beverage at my house.
    Thursday – Fish Tacos, Avocado Salad, Gewürztraminer (easy prep, easy clean up and Niners will be picking after)
    Friday- burgers, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, Scrimshaw beer (even distracted, pretty hard to screw up)
    Saturday- lunch at Dempsey’s & dinner at Central Market (gotta get out of the house and pay attention to my wife at some point.)
    PS – An arguement can be made for plain water as the beverage of choice for all three days. That way if you spray your drink on the tv or computer or floor in response to an SF draft choice, the clean up is a little easier.

    1. Wifi setup to watch on laptop outside. Humidor all stocked up and ready to go.

      Thursday – La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero maduro. Been aging in my humidor for a few extra years. Has that nice white “bloom” (not mold) on it. I’ll fire it up around pick 7. Should last well past the mid first.

      Friday – CAO. Camaroon wrapper.

      Friday – Depends on mood. Likely a small ring smoke. Connecticut wrapper.

      Beverage: A really nice “Monkey Picked” or Imperial Ti Quan Yin Oolong.

    2. BT,

      You are the man. Talk about organization. I’m in the opposite corner as the guy who realizes he didn’t plan ahead, orders a pizza after things get under way, then misses the Niners pick while paying the delivery guy.

    3. Water is a fine drink Brotha ,I do partake of the grape occasionally and a cold beer on a hot day is nice, made possible ofcourse
      by our friend H2O. Nice menu my friend -enjoy!

  31. How about trading the 2015 1,2 and 3 round picks and 2016 1,3 and 4 to the Vikings for A. Pederson and their #1 this year? If Trent has to get the team to the Super Bowl this year or he will be gone he might go for broke. But I doubt it. It would also blow the Salary Cap completely apart.
    This will never happen, nor should it, but it would be fun to have this offensive team pounding on the Seahawks.

    1. This is the kind of move that would get Baalke fired. No way it happens even though AP is a great, but aging player.

      Wouldn’t it be better to just draft Gurley and save the other draft capital? Gurley may not be AP (but who knows, he could be great in his own right?) but the value compared to opportunity cost is much, much better.

  32. I agree it shouldn’t happen, but I have to admit having an angry A.P. running against the Hawks with Kap having the option to keep the ball, combined with having a better passing attack does make me happy to think how this could mess with their defense.
    Also if pick 11 gets you Parker the Niner’s now have a very powerful offense.

  33. Maiocco’s mock – Its the worse case scenario.


    Ray and Gregory ganja’d themselves out of the top 15, removing any chance of Gurley or Parker falling to the 49ers.

    The Niners are in the “no mans land” Barrows referred to last week. With no sexy picks to entice teams to trade up, the 49ers select Byron Jones. He could very well be a spiffy CB, but it seems like he could be had much later.

    1. I think the more important thing that Maiocco was saying is that Jones really ticks all the boxes you can imagine Baalke wanting ticked. It may be a bit of a reach for Jones at #15, but as I’ve said a few times, he’s exactly the type of uber athletic CB/S hybrid that Baalke loves, and as a bonus he comes with great leadership and intangibles.

      1. If Baalke’s targeted Byron Jones he won’t give a hoot about “reach.” Its been his MO in every first round since 2010.

      2. Scooter:

        Define reach in this case. If the niners stick with pick 15 and don’t take him, they won’t really have another opportunity until the 2nd round (even if they do trade up in that 2nd round). I guess they could trade back in the first, but that would be under the assumption that he is still available at the new position. If he isn’t they have to have an immediate backup plan. At least for players projected to be taken within the same round (or perhaps within the range up to the next team’s pick), it would seem that the term “reach” is at least somewhat relative to each NFL team.

        1. Relative because of need. If teams were to truly select BPA, then I think the term “reach” could be used more universally.

          1. The thing about BPA is, it’s subjective. Plus nobody really knows who the actual BPA is until 3 years after.

        2. Cubus, I simply mean that some people will likely say #15 is too high for him and he could have been available later. Personally I have him as a top 25 pick, so for me taking him at #15 would be fine.

  34. Not sure how locked in Matt Miller is with his contacts, but he’s saying Armstead will be the Niners pick if he’s there at #15. Combine that with all the people mocking him to us and you get the feeling somebody has leaked info. I hope it’s a smokescreen because if Armstead is the pick I’ll be less than enthused.

    1. That’s my concern too rocket. I fear people know something we do not about the 49ers interest in Armstead.

      I wouldn’t be less than enthused. I’d be annoyed. He’s a run stuffing 5-tech. If they want one of those, they can find them later in the draft.

        1. Do you think the 49ers were the ones leaking they were really high on Eric Reid a couple of months out from the 2013 draft?

      1. I’m trying to think through scenarios in which Baalke would want to create a smokescreen that we are selecting Armstead. I can’t seem to come up with any reason to create the smokescreen. What other team would want him at so badly that they would trade with us to move up?

        1. A team that covets Gurley will be less inclined to leapfrog pick 15. For example, in 6 out of 8 mocks on nfl.com, San Diego at 17 takes a running back.

          1. So let me see if I understand what you’re saying. By leaking that we want Armstead, we disguise who we really want and therefore make it look like a Gurley or DGB or Parker (assuming we want one of those players) will be available to teams who pick after us. The idea is to bluff them into holding onto their draft position and not try to move ahead of us.

            Okay, that makes sense to me. Thanks.

            1. During FA Baalke was talking about using free agency to reduce roster holes. He said teams can “leapfrog” your pick if there’s an obvious need spot.

        2. The media has created this smokescreen for him. If he wants anyone besides Armstead this is good for the 49ers.

        3. Also, if the 49ers (appear) to really like a player, teams will be less likely to lowball them for trade-up offers. Its in the 49ers interest to promote the perception that the “elite” range extends down to 15.

            1. So if the Niners DO select Arik, we’re all going to have turn in our badges. I even heard one veiled reference to a complaint about his work habits. It was from a supposedly neutral retired GM, but I don’t recall which one. That would really turn me off further.

      2. Quinton Dial 6′ 5″, Tony Jerod-Eddie 6′ 5″, Lawrence Okoye 6 ‘6″. Why should the 49ers get another tall guy in Arik Armstead 6’ 7″?

        Tomsula’s said the 49ers aren’t changing their front. Justin’s spot will stay the same. They need a quick guy the can hit gaps.

              1. I wonder how Colin’s workouts went with DGB. If they were in in sync I’m sure he communicated that to staff.

      3. Less than enthused? I’ll put my foot through my big screen TV! That would absolutely suck and I’ll despise Baalke forever!

    2. Combine that with all the people mocking him to us and you get the feeling somebody has leaked info.

      The last time anyone in the media or of the draft experts correctly predicted the first round pick was when we had two and selected the duo of Iupati and Davis.

      1. Actually Matt Miller nailed the Ward pick last year which is why I’m concerned. Reid was also rumored to be the object of Baalke’s eye the year he was drafted.

  35. All the experts (minus Grant) mocking Arik Armstead to us kind of reminds me of a couple years ago when so many of them were sure we’d draft Margus Hunt, although it seems there’s even more agreement on Armstead. Just like then, I’m very much hoping they’re wrong.

    This is Baalke, so whatever happens, I don’t doubt it will be a surprise. I’m just hoping it’s the good kind of surprise.

    1. If the draft fell that way through 10, I’d give the Vikes a call.
      No trade and falls that way through 14, I’d be thinking Perriman or one of the CBs. I’m still a little hesitant on DGB.

      1. By chart 15+79 would fetch the Vikings 11. They would demand over chart for White. Sweeten the pot with a day 3 pick?

    2. At least Gurley and Waynes falls out of the top 14. Grab one or use for trade back bait. The 49ers could shakedown a nervous San Diego for over chart value.

  36. If anyone is interested I’d be willing to host an all 32-mock contest. I’d like to get an idea of who might be interested before going into details but essentially you’ll get up to 5 points for how close you come to guessing the player to the spot plus extra points for correctly guessing team and trades.

    Reply below if interested.

    1. To be clear, we’d all be submitting an all 32 mock either with or without trades that choice is up to the person making it.

  37. From Maiocco’s chat today – http://www.csnbayarea.com/49ers/matt-maioccos-49ers-chat-transcript-42815

    @Schiloda Matt! Here in Brasil we don’t have a lot of college games on tv, but i think the 9ers need to trade down because this draft is strong in the late first, Am i wrong?

    MM: That’s the beauty of the draft, my friend. Nobody is wrong. And by the time it’s proven whether you’re right or wrong, nobody remembers or cares. (That is, unless you’re a general manager of a losing team and then you’re out looking for a new job.) Your point is well-reasoned. The 49ers are situated in the middle of the first round. Let’s say they have 22 players listed on their board as first-round values. If there’s no clear-cut player rated higher than the rest, they can afford to trade back and get some picks. Then, they can use a pick a little later to go up and get somebody they have targeted for the second or third round.

  38. Maiocco response when asked why so many mocks have us taking Armstead. I think he’s spot on and that’s why I’m not mocking a DL in the first round.

    MM: You’ll have to check my mock. I have not called others to ask that question. I don’t know if Tomsula speaks to Peter King. But I feel very confident in saying this: Jim Tomsula loves every defensive lineman. Heck, Jim Tomsula loves just about everybody. To me, if the 49ers believe Tomsula is such a great coach of defensive linemen, then that’s one area they should have confidence that he can help coach up. Therefore, they should look to other positions. The 49ers already have a bunch of young D-linemen, I’m not sure they need another player who is going to be a project.

  39. I think we could see 4 receivers off the board before the 49ers pick Thursday. If the Jags take Cooper and Oakland takes White you could see teams move to get Parker and Perrimann.

      1. The highest I’ve seen Agholor was pick 16, but who knows. If a team falls in love with DGB he could also go before pick #15.

    1. Not impossible but 5 or more WR’s would be pushing down some very highly rated players. Hard to imagine the 5th or 6th rated WR going before a 3rd rated pass rusher or the 2nd rated offensive tackle.

    1. That’s funny. How can a team “guarantee” a pick? Arik’s a Sacramento kid. I wonder if he (or his dad) reads these blogs.

      1. I think not going is a smart move. You don’t want to be that guy sitting in the green room pouting cause you weren’t picked in the first.

        Because he won’t be picked in the first.

  40. Here you go CfC, my mock first round for all teams, including trades:

    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston, QB
    2. Tennessee Titans: Leonard Williams, DL
    3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Amari Cooper, WR

    TRADE: Atlanta move up to #4 in trade with Oakland for #8 and 3rd round pick.

    4. Atlanta Falcons: Dante Fowler Jr, OLB/DE

    TRADE: Cleveland move up to #5 in trade with Washington for #12 and 2nd round pick.

    5. Cleveland Browns: Marcus Mariota, QB (this could later be turned around in a trade with the Eagles including Sam Bradford)

    6. New York Jets: Vic Beasley, OLB/DE
    7. Chicago Bears: Danny Shelton, NT
    8. Oakland Raiders: Kevin White, WR
    9. New York Giants: Brandon Scherff, OG/OT
    10. St Louis Rams: Andrus Peat, OT
    11. Minnesota Vikings: Trae Waynes, CB
    12. Washington Redskins: Randy Gregory, OLB
    13. New Orleans Saints: Alvin “Bud” Dupree, OLB/DE
    14. Miami Dolphins: Todd Gurley, RB

    TRADE: Kansas City move up to #15 in trade with the 49ers for pick #18 and 3rd round pick.

    15. Kansas City Chiefs: DeVante Parker, WR
    16. Houston Texans: Nelson Agholor, WR
    17. San Diego Chargers: La’el Collins, OT/OG
    18. San Francisco 49ers: Marcus Peters, CB
    19. Cleveland Browns: Breshad Perriman, WR
    20. Philadelphia Eagles: Byron Jones, CB/S

    TRADE: Cowboys move up to #21 in trade with Bengals for pick #27, 4th round pick and 2016 4th round pick.

    21. Dallas Cowboys: Melvin Gordon, RB
    22. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kevin Johnson, CB
    23. Detroit Lions: Cameron Erving, OC/OG
    24. Arizona Cardinals: Shane Ray, OLB/DE
    25. Carolina Panthers: Ereck Flowers, OT

    TRADE: Saints move up to #26 in trade with Ravens for pick #31, plus swap of 3rd rounder for Ravens 4th rounder.

    26. New Orleans Saints: Malcom Brown, DL
    27. Cincinnati Bengals: Jake Fisher, OT
    28. Denver Broncos: DJ Humphries, OT
    29. Indianpolis Colts: Landon Collins, SS
    30. Green Bay Packers: Eric Kendricks, ILB
    31. Baltimore Ravens: Jaelen Strong, WR
    32. New England Patriots: Eric Rowe, CB

    1. Good morning to you Scooter. Well done mate! I’d love taking that 3rd round pick out of Andy’s back pocket for moving down a few spots. You think Trent could use it to move up in the second?

        1. Thought so, it heartens my soul knowing an average mind such as my own is thinking along the same line as your great one….

      1. Peters with the first pick and then a trade up for DGB. Could you imagine the media daggers flying the Niners way if that ever happened? I love it, make it so.

      1. Baalke was highly tempted to take Parker but I feel he might not have much difference in grade between Parker, Perriman, Peters and Jones. With all four of those players still on the board at #15, he was happy to move back and get the extra 3rd.

    2. @Scooter

      Boy! I love this mock….other than I’d rather see Perriman or Jones in place of Peters. I’d venture to guess that many of your picks (including trades ) will happen….my head is still spinning…

      1. Thanks Oregon, glad you enjoyed it. The most fun was definitely coming up with trade scenarios… no idea how realistic they are though!

    3. Nice work Scooter. I’ll cull this one with BT’s and mine along with anyone else that wants to join the all 32 first round contest.

  41. Here’s my fifth and final mock draft before the real deal. However, I’m going to try and put myself on Baalke’s wavelength (scary thought I know) and choose the players that he will take.

    Trade 15th pick to Denver for 29th, 59th, and 92nd pick. (I know it may not happen this way, but this is the result from using a trade value chart.) Select WR Phillip Dorsett.
    I still believe that CB Marcus Peters will the pick at 15, but there’s a strong possibility that a team like the Steelers or Eagles could trade up ahead of us and select him instead. I’m leaning more toward that scenario happening now, so Baalke will choose to trade down with a team that is not only wanting to trade up but take one of the top OL in the draft because he knows that one of his targets will still be there at 29. Dorsett will bring more speed and playmaking ability to the position and give Kaep two deep threats, something that has been missing from the WR corps for a long time. This in turn will open things up underneath for the run game plus Davis and Boldin. Not exactly a bad consolation prize if the 49ers do indeed miss out on drafting Peters.

    Trade 46th and 126th pick to Washington for 38th pick. Select CB Byron Jones.
    Will Jones still be available here? It’s hard to say, but picking him will give Mangini his #1 CB and a team leader in one fell swoop. Jones brings athleticism and ball-hawking skills to what is expected to be a more aggressive pass defense. The plus is that Jones can slide over to safety if he can’t find his groove at CB or is needed to fill in because of injury.

    PICK 59. Select TE Clive Walford
    Okay, I’m not to lie here. I HATE THIS PICK and the entire TE class because there’s no true difference maker in the lot. However, Walford would be an upgrade over McDonald and I see Baalke thinking the same way. He’s one of the better versatile TEs in this draft and (though nothing special) can be a factor in the passing game as he can line up inline or in the slot. This is probably Davis’ last season with the 49ers whether he rebounds or not and Baalke will want his heir apparent on the roster, something that Mcdonald was once believed to have been.

    PICK 79. Select ILB Paul Dawson.
    There seems to be this belief that the 49ers need to grab an ILB with “length” in order to challenge Jimmy Graham. Please. A physical thumper is all that is needed, and Dawson would fit the bill here. In fact, he could potentially be the steal of the draft. His stock will slide not only because of his poor showing at the Combine and then the average Pro Day followup but also of the question of where his true position is. OLB or ILB? That’s the main question NFL GMs will ask themselves, and Baalke will answer that by selecting a difference maker against the run and pass. At worst, the 49ers can utilize Dawson on STs while he adapts to the NFL level.

    PICK 92. Select OLB Lorenzo Mauldin
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Baalke read Mauldin’s backstory and thought that he was an impressive kid to have gone through all of what he did in childhood yet shown the maturity that he has. Then he turned on Mauldin’s tape, slammed his hand on the table, and proclaimed, “That kid is exactly what we thought Lemonier was going to be!” And he’d be right. Mauldin is a menace against both the run and the pass. He’s raw, but the upside can’t be ignored here, and drafting Mauldin could give the 49ers reason to say goodbye to Brooks.

    PICK 132. Select OT T.J. Clemmings
    I watch his tape and I see project that I can’t for the life of me figure out why he was rated as a 1-2 pick before his injury. Baalke however probably sees that project as either the successor to Staley or an excellent backup swing tackle. Clemmings needs serious work on his pass blocking, but he’s absolute beast in the run game that could be clearing a path for Kaep and Hyde in the near future. Plus this is also a comp pick, and Baalke loves to use those to draft injured sliders, and Clemmings is just that.

    PICK 151. Select DT/DE Bobby Richardson
    Richardson hasn’t been one of the prospects that I know of the 49ers having met, but if I’m Tomsula I would be pounding on the table and demanding that Ballke select him. He’s this far in the draft because of his height and his injury history. If not for those two areas of concerns, he’d be a 1-2 option. He’s relentless as a pass rusher and shows the ability to be a hindrance against the run too. There’s no reason that Baalke should pass over this guy, and I believe Tomsula will convice Baalke to take a chance on him. Trust me Baalke, you’ll be thanking Tomsula sooner than later.

    PICK 190. Select WR DeAndre Smelter
    Smelter is clearly a low-risk/high-reward type of player. He has a lot of potential, but he needs to stay healthy long enough to realize it. Baalke is almost certainly drooling over Smelter’s long arms and huge hands. He’s also physical and a fighter until the bell rings, which is perfect for the 49ers offense. He will be put on IR in the hopes that he can in a year or two show teams what they missed by passing over him.

    PICK 246. Select QB Jerry Lovelocke
    Baalke will choose a QB from a small school that most probably haven’t heard of, but in no way should anybody be upset with Lovelocke being taken over Holliday, Bridge, or Bennett. Lovelocke is a big man with a big cannon for an arm that can also run. He is very raw and will need a few years to develop, but the potential is certainly there. QB coach Logan will more or less be a kid in a candy store when Lovelocke is brought aboard for him to mold.

    PICK 254. Select FS/CB/QB Nick Marshall
    Baalke loves versatility and nobody coming out of this draft is more versatile than Marshall. He’s relatively new to the position, but he has the frame, length, and athleticism needed to adapt to it in a couple of years. His time at QB will also help out in an emergency situation. It wouldn’t surprise if Baalke drafts him with the intention of playing him on both sides of the ball and on STs as well.

    Well there you have it: my final mock Baalke-style. I’m so positive that this is the way Baalke will go in the draft that I have a Sharpie on hand to mark off each pick that I miss.

    1. Nice going, MWN. Very well thought-out. If we got Dorsett, Jones and another pick in the first two rounds, I’d be pleased. Re the Walford pick, which you said you hated, did you consider any of the running backs? Just a question. I understand why you went TE. Getting Clemmings in the fourth would be a steal. I like the rest of your picks but am concerned about Dawson’s personality and weight, since he’d have to add 20 pounds, which would slow him down to some extent. He’s just adequately fast now, don’t you think?

      1. I did George, but I was trying to channel Baalke in this version and I don’t see him drafting a RB unless he falls and would be a steal.
        I also agree about Dawson, but the team is trying to work out a multi-year extension with Wilhoite so it could be just an investment in the future if Baalke does draft Dawson. But I also think Dawson could add on the necessary weight and still be very effective. He’s not fast, but neither was Borland. Both have the trait of being very instinctive and following through, so I don’t see Dawson’s lack of speed as a real concern.

      2. Nice one Mid, a lot of guys in there I think Baalke will like. I’d probably flip Dawson and Walford around, or take Funchess instead of Walford if he was still available. Clemmings in the fourth I think is probably wishful thinking to still be available, but a good spot for an OL. Like the Mauldin pick in round 3, he’s off most people’s radars, but could be a guy the 49ers take.

    2. Not bad overall Mid, but there are a few players that won’t fall where you have them imo. Jones, Dawson and Clemmings will be gone a round earlier than you have them at minimum.

      Not a fan of Dorsett in the first either. Good player but not a first round talent imo.

      Richardson, Smelter and Marshall are all pretty good choices though.

      1. I agree on Jones and that is more based on my belief that there will be some good prospects unexpectedly falling mainly due to teams having a higher priority position needing to be dressed. However, I do see Dawson and Clemmings falling for the reasons I listed.
        Dorsett is a huge wilcard right now. He’s done everything right since the end of his collegiate career and has been rumored as a first round favorite on a sizeable number of teams’ radars I have also seen Dorsett mocked as high as 16 in a couple of mocks so it wouldn’t surprise me if he is selected in the late first round area.

        1. Anything is possible Mid, and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Dorsett is taken at the end of the first; I just don’t think he should be.

          I’d be stoked if the Niners got Dawson in the third as well. I just don’t see the best ILB in the draft imo, dropping that far.

          At the end of the day it’s all opinions based on what we think we know, and that usually turns out to be not much. When it comes to the NFL Draft, expect the unexpected.

          1. When it comes to the NFL Draft, expect the unexpected.

            Yep, and I’m anticipating thatcto be even more so this time around.

    1. Last installment of small school kid trying to go big time: QB(UDFA)https://beyondsportsnetwork.com/national-scouting-combine-spotlight-nash-nance/

    1. Bar None,

      You are dead set against Peters because of his problems with the Coaching staff at Washington, but you’re pushing for a guy who was kicked off his team at Missouri, has failed drug tests and was accused of pushing a woman down the stairs? How do you reconcile that?

  42. My second greatest fear in this draft is that Baalke lets DGB go and instead picks a player (Armstead?)that doesn’t end up starting this year because he can’t beat out the competition that’s already here.

    My greatest fear is that after Baalke makes the mistake of passing up DGB, Seattle somehow maneuvers back into the first round and drafts DGB, who will then go on to torment us twice a year for the next 10 years for passing him over…

    1. Only if he falls further like I have been predicting. Seattle doesn’t choose until near the end of the second round due to trading for Jimmy Graham. They also don’t have enough capitol to trade back up into the first round without sacrificing future first and second round picks.

  43. Well done to Razor, MWN, Scooter, George, Brodie, Rocket, Grant. Your mocks have been well thought out and reaffirms why I come to this blog. Jack, where you at, you did one mock that I saw and a few comments then nothing, that’s not the Jack I know! CB with the first round pick!!!

  44. As long as the CB isn’t this guy…

    Multiple NFL personnel men expressed serious concerns about Washington CB Marcus Peters’ off-field behavior.
    “What a joke,” said one personnel man. “He’s going to have inconsistency on the field and off the field. I don’t know if it’s an authority complex, a trust level. But what he does isn’t what everybody else is doing.” Another scout went on to say he’s “worried about [Peters] as a person.” Peters, one of the top corners in the draft, was kicked off the Washington team. He’s Marshawn Lynch’s cousin.
    Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Apr 28 – 9:49 PM

    1. Bar None,

      A lot of things are said by unidentified sources this time of year. What it comes down to is how the individual team views the player. The Niners have met with Peters, worked him out, talked to people who have known him since he was a child and will make a decision based on their own investigation. Peters has an attitude, no question about it, but if that attitude can be adapted and focused onto the football field, it’s a big advantage for him. The same things were being said about the CB he is most compared too – Aquib Talib – and he turned out ok. If I’m looking at taking the best players, I’m including Peters in the list. It’s that simple.

    1. A great example of why I once subscribed to ESPN the Mag. It nailed almost everything I have said about why he could fall to the third round despite his enormous potential.

          1. ; > )

            True story. One time at O’Hare airport, I found a $20 dollar bill back in ’75 I believe, while my mom caught Ali coming out of the men’s room and got his autograph….

            1. Last year I found two twenties just lying in the gutter by themselves. Didn’t know whose they were, but I knew that they weren’t mine, so I kept walking and handed them to a homeless guy who’s been around for years and never bothers anybody. Pennies from Heaven should end up in the right place.

            2. Good stories Brotha and Razor. My friend took that $100 bill and gave it to cashier to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network.

  45. I’m going to stick with my original mock of March 9. The 9ers trade #15 for N.O. #31 and #44. Then trade #46 to Seattle for #63, #95 and #130.
    Rd1 #31 Marcus Peters Wash. or Jalen Collins LSU
    Rd2 #44 Stephone Anthony ILB Clem.
    Rd 2 #63 D.J. Humphries OT Fla.
    Rd 3 #79 Mario Edwards DT\DE Fla. St.
    Rd 3 #95 Mike Davis RB S. Car.
    Rd 4 #126 Mycole Pruitt TE S. Ill.
    Rd 4 #130 Davis Tull OLB Chatt.
    Rd 4 #132 Ben Heeney ILB Kan.
    Rd 5 #151 Darren Waller WR G. Tech
    Rd 6 #190 Adrian Amos S Penn St.
    Rd 7 #247 Corey Grant RB Auburn
    Rd 7 #255 Julian Wilson CB OK.
    If they don’t trade back they take Peters with pick #15

    1. OC:

      Nice draft. A couple of things:

      1) I know football is a business, but I’m not sure the 49ers would trade draft picks with Seattle.
      2) You don’t include a QB selection. Do you see the niners picking up an undrafted rookie?

      1. Cubus yes I do, I don’t think there is that big of a difference between a late rd QB pick and a udfa this year. Also keep an eye on the waiver wire if G.B. releases Jeff Janis at any time look for the 9ers to pick him up.

      1. Too obvious, and I’m not sure he’s got a healthy attitude. Sounds like he may be a head case. Jones meshes perfectly with what Baalke looks for in a DB….

        1. There are several head cases in this draft, but how exactly that will affect their position in the draft remains to be seen.
          An argument could also be made that Jones is too obvious of a choice as well. Both I think are perfect fits for not only what Baalke looks for in a DB but also the type of #1 CB in a Mangini defense.

          1. I agree you have to be a real nut to be removed from draft boards given it takes a screw loose to play the game. Jones is hardly an obvious choice, because he’s only mocked as high as 16 in one draft board. Maiocco is the only one that I know picking him except for the few in here like Scooter who have been talking about him as a possiblity the last 5 days….

            1. His stock has been rising rapidly since the Combine, so I’m actually not surprised by Jones being mocked by some to the 49ers at 15. Jones is a more obvious choice than first thought because “he checks all the boxes” which is something that I have seen attached to him here.

    1. What I found interesting is that in the 32 team mock draft I did I hadn’t planned to have DGB fall out of the first round, but of the WR needy teams I found it hard to find one after the 49ers that would be likely to take a guy with his off field issues. If he gets past the 49ers I think he lasts until the 2nd round unless a team moves up from round 2.

      1. Same thing with me Scooter. I also couldn’t really find a spot for Gregory. And how in the heck did I manage to put four RBs in the first round?

  46. I was reading an article on Mariotta over on PFT.


    One of the commenters asked an interesting question:

    “(Assuming Marriota wants to play in Philly) – Why can’t/don’t players like him forego the draft and just go to The team they want to play for via tryouts and sign as a FA?”

    Anybody know the answer to this question. I suppose the NFL has some way of preventing this or, if not, perhaps it’s a question of money. In other words the CBA would prevent an undrafted rookie (even if it was Mariotta) from getting 1st round money.

    1. A player can’t declare himself a FA coming out of College without being eligible for the draft. If you forego the draft, you aren’t eligible to be drafted or signed. It’s in the CBA and the owners will never allow complete FA because it tilts the competition edge to the teams that make the most money outside of shared revenue.

      1. Thanks, Rocket. But I don’t understand the last sentence. Wouldn’t the salary cap negate what you stated in the last sentence?

        1. To a degree the salary cap would stop a team from signing everybody, but it wouldn’t stop certain teams from having their pick of the top of the litter every year, and giving huge cash signing bonuses that smaller markets couldn’t. One of the problems some teams have is the rule that says the team must put guarantees into an escrow account, and if these guarantees get too high, the divide between the richer teams and the rest gets bigger. This doesn’t take into account the fact the players could then pull an NBA style coup, deciding they want to play on a dream team with other starts and taking less to make it happen.

          Just way too many negatives competition wise for the league to get rid of the draft and make the system complete FA.

    1. I don’t like the Coates and Mauldin picks in 2 and 3. I think there will be better options available at both slots. Wilson is interesting and Yeldon was a guy I looked at with Davis for possible RB options in the 4th round.

      He took Grant’s guy in the 7th.

        1. Same here Rocket. He’d be an immediate upgrade over Lemonier and could be the potential successor to Brooks.

        2. I’m not against selecting Mauldin; I just wouldn’t take him in the 3rd. I’d be all for it if he fell to the 4th though. He’s a good hard working player that isn’t great as a pass rusher or against the run imo. He’s a solid backup and possible starter to me and that is too high to take a player of that caliber.

  47. Hey Coffee, here’s my attempt that’s doomed to failure. In a year when I forecast a lot of trades, I can’t predict any of them, so this is a no trade mock. For the record, there are likely trades at 2,4,5, 6,8, & 11. Eagles, Browns, Jets and possibly Falcons May to look to go up. Anyway:
    1/ Winston
    2/ Leonard Williams
    3/ Fowler
    4/ Cooper
    5/ Shelton
    6/ Mariota
    7/ Dupree
    8/ Beasley
    9/ Sherff
    10/ Flowers
    11/ Parker
    12/ White
    13/ Waynes
    14/ Landon Collins
    15/ SF: Marcus Peters
    16/ Perriman
    17/ Gurley
    18/ Strong
    19/ La’el Collins
    20/ Jordan Phillips
    21/ Danielle Hunter
    22/ T.J. Flemings
    23/ M. Bennett
    24/ Orchard
    25/ Peat
    26/ Devin Smith
    27/ Gordon
    28/ Donovon Smith
    29/ Eli Harold
    30/ Armstead
    31/ Mario Edwards
    32/ Cam Erving

  48. Re DGB, someone here pointed this out a while back: DGB and Waller have similar measurables. Regarding the measurables, Waller is taller, has longer arms, a better vertical jump, and a better broad jump. Plus Waller is coming from an offense where he learned to block downfield. I think he’s highly underrated and will go early. I hope it’s us who gets him.

    1. I am very much in the minority here, but I really hope the 49ers let some other team take that risk. Aside from his measurables, I find very little to like about him as a player. I was actually disappointed to see he came in for an official visit.

      1. Baalke loves measureables, but I highly doubt they draft him. Coach Henry said he ain’t no miracle worker….

        1. I’d be happy with Perriman or Parker. I’d also be happy with Peters, Jones, Dupree and Shelton. Chances are none of them are the pick because I like them.

          1. I agree with that. Any of those prospects would be fine for me too. I would include Waynes in there as well, but he’ll likely be long gone.

        2. Perriman is one of the guys I profiled a few weeks back as a potentially elite prospect the 49ers could take at #15. I like him.

      2. @Scoot…

        I disagree to a point; SOME risk has to be taken, because there are 31 other teams who are hoping for the same measurables with boy scout badges and medals to boot, and I don’t want to be the one with the empty basket standing around wondering what happened….it’s a rough neighborhood these guys are hoping to move into, so don’t be afraid to show your scars, scrapes, and bruises….they’ve all got ’em some didn’t get caught….

            1. We must be seeing different things in regards to Waller. I don’t see a guy with consistently goods hands, or a guy that maximises his frame to provide a big catch radius for his QB. To me all of his best attributes stem from being huge and fast.

            2. @Scooter..mea culpa…if you look back, your last post before my previous one was about Perriman…which is what I commented on…….On Waller, BIG hands, speed, and great size…whatever is left can be coached


    1. Its been an ongoing discussion along those lines for months… that after picks 13 or 14, the talent levels off… with the exception of some gamble picks that could star or flop like Peters, DGB, Ray etc. I say its a…

      50% chance a player like Parker or Gurley fall to 15. They can pick him or use him as great trade bait.

      50% chance the only remaining picks Baalke sees as a fit are players mocked from mid first to mid second. Teams won’t want to trade up for them.

      The good news…

      – Pick 46 has pretty good value relative to the spot.

      – There’s a good chance in the chaos of the draft there will be a “faller” at 15.

      – Baalke secures a player that’s a great fit. Who cares where they were mocked.

    1. tkamB,

      Looks good to me. You are in lock step with a few of us around here in your affinity for Peters and Smelter. I really like Anderson too, and the 3rd would be a great spot for him. Not sure about Bell but then again I haven’t watched much of him so I can’t really comment on it.

      Great draft.

      1. Thanks, I’m a big fan of Bell. Has some problems with drops, but I’ve heard him called a better Kenny Stills and I like that comp. I watched 4 games of him and I rarely saw him miss a block too.

  50. “we’re introducing a new scheme, new coaches, and everything…” Bowman via Maiocco

    I’ll be very curious to see how that works. Tomsula said last month the defensive line fronts will not change. So what’s changing? I’m sure there’s some Mangini experts here that have an idea. I heard more blitzing. Someones leaving the corner on an island.

      1. Exactly. If there’s merely a good (but not really shut) corner, I’m not expecting big chances in scheme. A bit more zone blitzing. I’m really hoping for more line rotation.

    1. He’s going to the Bilichick Hybrid defense, which is pretty complicated. Key to it is high football intelligence level for each defensive player….

      1. Reid and Bethea fit that bill. So does Bowman.

        So what draft prospects have a “high football intelligence level” and fit a hybrid scheme?

        Malcom Brown is a candidate.
        NFL website says Byron Jones is “Extremely smart and instinctive on the field.”

      2. Most NFL defenses run a “hybrid” of some sort. Fangio’s defense was a “hybrid” which used 3-4 personnel to both run 3-4 and 4-3 schemes to varying degrees. And what I mean is the use of over/under fronts for fill and spill run defense and more straight up force and containment run defense. Both schemes would mix in single and 2 gap responsibilities for the front 7 from varying fronts (meaning they could still run a force and containment scheme from and under front and have the under tackle 2 gap or send him to penetrate while having the other End 2 gap or one gap read. All of the linemen had to be able to read plays and blocks as even if they had one gap assignments they often had to still control their blockers and read the play. Rarely were they ever told to just penetrate.

        Belicheck and later Romeo Crennel came from a more classic Bullough-Fairbanks classic D-line 2 gap 3-4 system. But it evolved over time; especially once Crennel left. At some point the Patriots were forced to play an over 4-3 scheme that mixes some of the 3-4 elements (somewhat similar to the Seahawk’s hybrid UNDER scheme). Basically you have 1 gappers on the right side of the defense and 2 gappers on the left. (for more info google “ode to the war daddies”).

        The coverage the Niners ran was a mix of quad coverage, 2 man under and robber 1 coverage usually tied together with a 2 read coverage scheme. 2 read required the secondary to diagnose offensive formations and plays, split the field and then read route stems and determine to cover man vertical or zone horizontal (another scheme that uses pattern matching is Rip/Liz cover 3/1..which I think may be what Seahawks run). This is called pattern matching which is something Mangini should be intimately familiar with from his time as the secondary coach for Belichek. Belicheck and Sabean pretty much invented “pattern matching” back in the day when they coached the Browns. Sabean still runs the rip/liz scheme at Alabama. So how Mangini addresses the secondary and makes any changes to the scheme will be interesting.

        1. Yea, I couldn’t have explained it that thoroughly, but I thank you. I agree, it will be very interesting. I’ve been reading up on it since February just in case my hunch was correct….

          1. to run that Patriot’s Over scheme, the Niners would have to have a massive run plugger in the middle. Their equivalent to Wilfork. The Niner’s Nose Tackles have not been the big 2 gapper types (Sopoaga was big but he was also quick into the backfield…a problem when he played for Nolan and also got him moved to End for a while). Sopoaga, Williams and Dorsey were asked to mostly read and penetrate the right gap. Which was to stack (control their blocker), read and then penetrate the right gap. They weren’t asked to be man mountains that held up blockers and drove them back into the backfield the entire time. Dial is a big guy but I’m not sure if he’s up for intentionally mixing it up with blockers, wrestling with them and driving them backward.

              1. Goldman is a big run plugger. I suppose he could potentially be a poorman’s Willfork (remember Willfork can drive his blockers back and get into the backfield). But it would go against Baalke’s type. He’s always liked explosive penetrating and strong players. Ones that can or potentially could get after the QB. McDonald, Justin Smith, Carradine…even Dorsey and Williams are versatile enough to play as penetrating Ends to a limited degree.

                I’ve wondered if Baalke has a physical “mold” for which he drafts Dline to have coaches’ schemes fit or if he drafts to fit the coaches’ schemes.

            1. Always interesting AFFP, I wanted to add that Tarver was announced as LB coach and Senior Defensive Assistant with input in gamplanning/playcalling. Throw in Tomsula’s expertise with the DL and I think it’s pretty difficult to predict exactly how the Niners will play their front 7 in 2015. Bowman did mention in his interview that they were learning a new system, but I don’t know how much to read into that. I suspect we may get some more insight into the defensive system as the spring wears on. I am really interested to see how the new CS uses whatever DL end up on the team in September.

        2. Thanks for the detailed breakdown.

          I noted above [April 27, 2015 at 2:54 pm]
          “Brown would be a nice fit in a 4-3 because he quickly hits gaps. As Grant pointed out before, the 49ers often shift to an under front.

          Ray Mac would remain a classic 2-gapper.
          The NT also (sometimes) 2-gaps, but is shaded over the centers shoulder.
          But Justin one gapped, playing closer to the guard.

          Brown has the size, quickness good hand technique to play Justin’s spot. Needs some strength training. At only 20-21, he will get stronger.”

          1. @Brodie2Washington

            there’s a few points that I differ on concerning your interpretation of Fangio’s defense.

            First let’s clear up something that even professional analysts and even coaches and scouts sometimes confuse. The difference between roles and positions. For the longest time offenses and defenses were pretty static. If you ran a particular scheme which had a specific formation/front a player’s role was mostly defined by his position (ie…where he lined up pretty much told you what his responsibilities/role was). So far example, Justin Smith may line up at the 3 technique but he may still be defending 2 gaps or he may penetrate like an Under Tackle (the role that Warren Sapp played in the 4-3 Under). If you look up grantland articles on the pats defense and the seahawk’s defense you’ll see 4-3 schemes where the techniques/positions would normally indicate single gap responsibility but they actually have 2 gap responsibility. It’s the same for the Niner’s defense, it’s just manned as a 3-4 scheme. And what do I mean by “scheme”? Most of those 4-3 Over and Under schemes seek to have the front 7 penetrate to make the tackle in the backfield and push the ball carrier to the SAM or Will backer (fill and spill). So the d-line will make a fair number of backfield tackles or get the SAM or WILL backer to make the tackle. In a 3-4 the front 3 clog up the inside gaps and the OLBs play containment and push the ball carrier to the middle for the ILBs to make most of the tackles (force and contain). The Niner’s d-line does not make that many tackles. Who makes most of the tackles? the ILBs? So they do play lots of force and contain. Which indicates a 3-4 scheme. But that’s not to say they won’t mix things up and push ball carriers outside and implement some fill and spill run defense schemes.

            “Last year we were a traditional 3-4, but this year it’s a multiple look (3-4). We’re going to have some times where we look like a true one, but most of the other times we’re going to have multiple looks – shades, three ends, we’re going to have more looks than just one.” Ricky Jean-Francois in 2011 learning Fangio’s Defense.

            “We’re a 3-4 base. We personnel it as a 3-4 but we’ll do a lot of things out of it that will look, to the visual eye, like a 4-3, if that makes any sense to you. I like to say that we’re a 3-4-3, a 3-4 that does 4-3 things also.” -Fangio


            “I’ve used the 3-4 and the 4-3 and right now the 3-4 allows us to be more flexible with the increase in formations, sets and offensive approaches,” Fangio said.

            “In the 3-4 you have two outside linebackers who are half linebackers and half defensive ends,” Fangio said. “They have to be able to rush the passer and set that edge of the defense. But they also have to be athletic enough to defend within the passing game.”

            Ray McDonald was also a penetrator. Sure like all of the D-linemen he was asked to 2 gap at times but he was a penetrator too. In fact before Fangio’s defense, McDonald didn’t start (Sopoaga played left End and Franklin was the Nose). Back then McDonald was brought in as an interior pass rushing specialist in the Nickel package because he was such a good pass rusher and penetrator.

            Justin Smith did not just penetrate despite the fact that he often lined up at the 3 technique. Often he was asked to control his blocker and sometimes 2 gap. In fact it’s often hard to tell if the linemen were 1 or 2 gapping because they would often 1 gap read. Which is somewhat similar to 2 gapping, where the D-lineman engaged and controlled his blocker, read the play and then chose a gap to penetrate.

            “You wanted to penetrate, but not penetrate through gaps,” Fua said. “You wanted to knock your guy back and get penetration pressing your man into the backfield. We played a 3-4 hybrid where I was playing both a shaded nose (tackle) and knock guys back one way, play head up and also as a three-technique. I’ve had experience all across the line.” -Sione Fua on playing Nose at Stanford under Fangio.

            “The ends have a big responsibility to contain but the nose just tries to get pressure in the middle to try and free up Pat (Willis) and NaVorro (Bowman).” Ricky Jean-Franois on playing a containment Defense.

  51. If I read the report correctly, it looks as though Bowman will be experiencing pain from his injury all year long, but it’s progressing and holding up as planned. From my layman’s point of view, they can’t ask him to initially assume a full workload. He’ll need to be managed incrementally throughout the season, with the idea of finishing the season at maybe 85 percent of what he was accustomed to. Perhaps part of Manginis’ plan will work towards that end with different packages….

  52. Posted on the wrong page.

    Here you go Coffee. There are trades involving picks 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15, 19, 23, 26, 27, 28, 31, and 32 with both Baltimore and New England trading out of the first round.

    1. Tampa Bay – QB Jamesis Winston
    2. Atlanta(from Tennessee) – OLB Dante Fowler
    3. Jacksonville – DT Leonard Williams
    4. Oakland – WR Amari Cooper
    5. Cleveland(from Washington) – QB Marcus Mariota
    6. New Orleans(from New York Jets) – OLB Vic Beasley
    7. Chicago – WR Kevin White
    8. Tennessee(from Atlanta) – CB Trae Waynes
    9. New York Giants – OT Andrus Peat
    10. St. Louis – WR DeVante Parker
    11. Pittsburgh(from Minnesota) – CB Marcus Peters
    12. Washington(from Cleveland) – OT/OG Brandon Scherff
    13. New York Jets(from New Orleans) – OLB Bud Dupree
    14. Miami Dolphins – WR Breshad Perriman
    15. Denver(from San Francisco) – OT La’el Collins
    16. Houston – OLB Shane Ray
    17. San Diego – RB Todd Gurley
    18. Kansas City – DT/NT Danny Shelton
    19. Washington(from Cleveland) – ILB Eric Kendricks
    20. Philadelphia – SS Landon Collins
    21. Cincinnati – OT Ereck Flowers
    22. Minnesota(from Pittsburgh) – CB Kevin Johnson
    23. Dallas(from Detroit) – RB Melvin Gordon
    24. Arizona – DT Malcom Brown
    25. Carolina – CB Jalen Collins
    26. Tennessee(from Baltimore) – OT Jake Fisher
    27. Detroit(from Dallas) – OT D.J. Humphries
    28. San Francisco(from Denver) – WR Phillip Dorsett
    29. Indianapolis – RB Duke Johnson
    30. Green Bay – ILB Bernardrick McKinney
    31. New York Jets(from New Orleans) – RB Tevin Coleman
    32. Kansas City(from New England) – WR Nelson Agholor

        1. Baalke should draft a swing tackle so I wouldn’t be too concerned about that. And I think the bigger question is what are we going to with Boone.

          1. He could draft The Sherrif in the 1st ..
            and then wa-la ! .. problem solved ..

            (and I’d be real happy about that, too)

            1. He’d have to trade up and before the Giants pick and I don’t see that happening. Scherff is a good prospect, but’s he’s not an immediate need or someone that can be classified as the missing piece.

  53. Ok, Matt, I’m with ya. We need to get the QB right first, then proceed. I haven’t been around since the Great Overhaul because I’m still ticked; but I would instead of getting your upgrades in EM and PR; would just make the Great Overhaul very complete and push in the chips and get Mariota. Forget you Eagles and Browns, we’re in!…lol. Seriously, the reason the 49ers can’t move the ball is because Kaep can’t do anything well but throw the ball down field and occasionally get up a head of steam when everything breaks down. I love the fast tempo, dink-em-to-death capabilities of Mariota and would forsake ALL your well thought-out draft scenarios and needs at so many positions; for this basic need and change in the system. I don’t think a 7th round QB find is going to be the answer. Anyway, with all these great mindsets and possibilites, it’s been nice catching up; and tonite and the weekend will be a much more pleasurable ESPN experience for me.

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