49ers free-agency challenge

The 49ers could have roughly $100 million in cap space this offseason if Colin Kaepernick opts out of his contract or gets cut. Name five free agents you think the 49ers will sign and explain why each of those five players will choose to come here. Be realistic.

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  1. 1.Melvin Ingram: OLB: pretty close to SD, wont have to uproot too far.

    2.Calais Campbell/Donatari POE:DE/NT: this would be huge, doubtful, but maybe money persuades one of these guys.

    3. Matt Barkely:QB: might be given an opportunity to start the first 8 games or more till Trubisky is ready.

    4. Jacuzzi Rodgers:RB: Shanny likes to use pass catching backs and he is a tough runner.

    5. Robert Woods:WR: tough, makes tight catches in toght spaces and can run.

    1. I’d like to see free agency money used wisely go after young players who are too at positions n fit type of player we are looking to build team culture
      It allows us to fill position n upgrade an lock up young player

      So we can focus in on draft for best player available n use part of money to lock up our own proven players longterm
      Building culture where players feel team looks out for there own
      N use the mix of this formula
      Over next 3 yrs to build championship playoff contender
      Also use management to look for any value priced free agents to constantly upgrade roster
      Ballet made a few of those choices with Carlos Rogers
      I don’t want Cousins or Gaparao
      I feel Cousins isn’t worth his price n Gaparao isn’t durable

    2. I like the idea of hooking up Barkley and Wood again, We need everything, OL, TEs, LBs (inside & outside), CBs, WRs, NT, & a Safety. I think the niner have the money to go after the three best FA available at any position.

      1. I don’t know what Shanahan is going to do about the QB position , but he has already said that he doesn’t want a short termed QB, he wants one that will be around for the long haul, so I think Kap is out also. But I don’t see them drafting a QB and throw him in right away.

    3. I usually agree with most of your assesments Prime, but I am not a fan of Jacquizz Rodgers, at all. 3.8 YPC, 1.2 TD’s per season. Wouldn’t it make more sense to sign DuJuan Harris to a long term contract. He’s averaged 4.6 YPC in 4 of his 5 seasons, and was flat out electric at times last season. He also compliments Hyde very well.

      And wouldn’t Campbell be a derivative choice given he’s in almost the exact same mold as the bookends the 49ers have recently spent a ton of draft Capitol on?

      However, Ingram makes a ton of sense, as does Poe. I’m on the fence about Barkley, but I think I could get on board with him as a short term option under your scenario.

      My top 5:

      #1) CB Trumaine Johnson, and I’d release Brock.

      #2) OLB Melvin Ingram. A definate position of need.

      #3) DT/NT Brandon Williams. I like Poe, but I like Williams better.

      #4) WR Terrelle Pryor. Dynamic talent, getting better every season, and could really excel with a good QB delivering the goods.

      #5a) OLB Gerald Hodges
      #5b) RB DuJuan Harris

      1. Rodgers seems to be a better pass catcher than Harris for me. Harris has never really been able to be consistent while Rodgers seemed to carry the load last year while Martin was out.
        The only free agent I don’t like on your list is Pryor. Otherwise I like all the guys in your list.

          1. Also, back to the draft.

            Anyone here concerned about RB Dalvin Cook’s off filed issues, particularly the animal abuse? That’s a HUGE red flag for me!

              1. “debunked”? I think not. He was absolutely cited for animal cruelty, chaining young (pit bull) dogs together by the neck!

                “Cook had three pit bull puppies—the officer estimated one to be eight months old and two to be two months old—chained together. ‘The dogs were tethered directly around the neck by a heavy chain.” They were unable to move and the smaller dogs were choking” Said the officers report!

              2. No pictures and Cook was probably raised to keep his dogs in that fashion. Mountain out of mole hill….

              3. Mountain out of a mole hill Razor? Studies have shown a strong correlation between animal cruelty and abuse, and other crimes, including domestic abuse. Adults don’t get to use the “that’s the way I was raised” excuse, in the court of law or public opinion.

                There is no excuse for domestic violence, and there is no excuse for animal cruelty.

                I don’t care how talented Falcon Cook is as a runner, if he doesn’t have enough sense not to chain multiple puppies together with a heavy chain, by the neck, especially after the Michael Vick trajedy, he’s absolutely not someone I would trust, or would want to root for on Sundays. In fact, I wouldn’t feel any sympathy for him if he tore every ligiment in both knees, during the combine.

                Karma is not the revenge of those effected, it’s a reflections of ones own actions. As the seeds of Karma are planted in the hollow, neither a mighty flood nor the parchest drought, can stop the harvest, which soon will follow.

              4. Call my reaction whatever you want Razor, and you go ahead and defend an animal abuser with that sorry excuse. Your true colors are shining brightly Razor!

                I don’t take offense to the way you characterize my defense of defenseless animals. In fact, I consider “overreaction” to be a compliment in regards to this subject.

                You on the other hand, may not even be aware that your attitude only works to enable this kind abhorrent behavior. In fact, I hope this type of mentality is simply ignorance on your part, and not actually who you are.

              5. I agree 49reasons.
                Only a piece of **+^ would do that to dogs.
                If he didn’t know any better than I hope he knows now. But it is basic common sense. And if he doesn’t have that, then I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my team.

              1. I do?

                It’s not rocket science View. Let me explain it a little more clearly for you. Try to keep up.

                In Dalvin’s mind, it’s OK to chain 3 young dogs together by the neck with a heavy chain, essentially completely restricting any kind of movement, thereby causing the 2 youngest (8 weeks of age) to choke, is what modern humans call a CRIME. Restricting dogs in this manner is a) BARBARIC, b) INHUMANE, and c) CRUEL.

              1. http: // chopchal. com / 2017 / 02 / 12 / fsu – football – writer – questions – dalvin – cooks – character / is where you can get the truth without the hyperbole. For some reason this website will not allow me to post the actual link, so you’ll need to do it yourselves if you want actual context….

            1. I am…anybody that would do to dogs what this guy did has emotional and mental issues….can’t be trusted to do what’s right…all the dog want is to be cared for and loved, the same way they love and care….unconditionally….this guy has a red flag on his back…he’s a loser

            2. honestly, I worry about it, but if the 49ers can trade down and still get cook, I would DEFINITELY get Cook. He would give the 49ers a good vision, speed, and power back. I’m not too fond of any of the 49ers running backs right now.

  2. Donta Hightower, Alshon Jeffrey, possibly Kirk Cousins. DON’T sell the farm over any free agents!! Resign Kerley his positive attitude is infectious. Hit the Draft hard with either top end Defensive pick or top end WR /TE/RB, in the early rounds. Build a future, don’t buy a future in free agency!

    1. Agree with part of your seeminhly contradictory statement: not in favor of selling the farm for 1 or 2 players, since they are not that close. That said, I think you named 2 of the players (Jeffrey and Cousins) that are most likely to get WAY overpaid (assuming in this scenario Cousins hits FA)

  3. What about Desean Jackson? He is from the Bay Area and Philly is no great shakes. The Niners have a ton of cap room and need receivers.

  4. 1. Melvin Ingram – because money
    2. Brandon Williams – because money
    3. Kenny Stills – because money
    4. Kevin Zeitler – because money
    5. Zach Brown – because money

    1. Scott,
      Very nice!
      Love me some Brandon Williams. BW would finally give us the stability at the NT spot we’ve been missing for years (since Isaiah Sopoaga). I like all the players you listed above, but if we could only obtain one it would be Brandon Williams for me.

        1. To Fender Super;
          This is a post from one of our distinguished bloggers.
          “A lot of times jobs are promised for loyalties in the future, as was the case with Wrathman. I respect Shanny keeping his word, even though it’s a bit of buyers remorse….”

          As you can see, the name Rathman was misspelled. But we all know who Tom Rathman is.
          Point being, if you are going to take on the job as the blog english police then you should caught this.
          As a person once said; “Please do your due diligence.”

          1. I’ve always spelled Wrathman like the Iron Maiden song, because that’s how he played! I know how it’s spelled, but thanks AES!

  5. Dont’a Hightower, Alshon Jeffrey, Tyler Gabriel, Chandler Jones, Dontari Poe. Seeing that our new HC likes getting everyone involved offensively, I think it’ll make people want to come here. Especially if we can get a trade for Garoppolo. Give up a 3rd this year and a third next year that could become a 2nd if he takes us to 8-8.

  6. Mike Glennon: Will come for opportunity to be starting QB. 1-2 year bridge as team searches for franchise QB.

    Patrick DiMarco: FB for Shanahan last year, no FB on 49er roster. Due to current roster, opportunity to be much larger contributor in SF.

    Taylor Gabriel: System fit, team desperate for WR help. Comes to continue to develop under Shanahan.

    Melvin Ingram: First big ticket FA for Lynch. Comes as 49ers offer most money. Fills major need, and willing to spend more because of age.

    Logan Ryan: 49ers offer largest contract, acquire long term starter at CB opposite Robinson. Ward moves to FS, with Redman taking over nickel spot.

    1. I like your assessment but have just one question. If Ward moves to FS what happens to Reid/Tartt? Reid is a proven vet and pretty decent safety. Tartt, while not as proven, shows big upside and hits like a freight train (minus the concussions Reid endures). Who sits?

      1. Would hope to see Ward play as more of a single high safety with Tart/Reid competing for in the box safety. Ideal scenario would be Tart (as he seems suited for this role), with Reid as primary backup at both spots. Have to figure Bethea is released.

      2. I like Cromartie. He has thump. Maybe they could move Tartt to nickle LB. Put in Reid on first and second downs, let Ward be a third down player. Keep them all fresh by rotating.

      3. Reid can’t cover and even though the Niners d-line and LB’s couldn’t stop the run, when Reid was brought down he didn’t show any flashes of helping to stop the run.

  7. Lynch should target Zach Brown, Dontari Poe, Melvin Ingram and Brandon Williams. Any one of these players would immensely help the defense.

    Lynch needs to sign a FA WR. He should target Cordarrelle Patterson, but Pierre Garcon, Kendall Wright, Brian Quick, Kenny Stills and Taylor Gabriel may also be decent players to target.

    Alshon Jeffrey should be avoided due to his high cost and red flags.

      1. Prime, with Kaep as the QB, the Niners are set. They can spend cap money on bigger needs, and concentrate on the defense with the draft. You keep forgetting that Kaep, as of this moment, is the only QB on the team.

        Lynch should target Shaub or Hoyer to back up Kaep. Both those players played for KS, and he may want them.

        Even with Kaep as the starting QB, I do think they should draft a QB. Glad to see you being a sucker for Trubisky. That will be the easiest 200 bucks Razor has ever made. Since this QB class is so weak, the Niners should wait until the 4th round to select Davis Webb, Joshua Dobbs in the 5th, Jerod Evans in the 6th or Cooper Rush in the 7th round.

        Some day, you will learn to stop leading with your chin. Thanks for giving me another opportunity to outline my QB strategy for this team.

          1. Prime, you are going cray cray. Razor is not me. He is moving on from Kaep, while I still hold out hope.

            Guess the prospect of losing 200 bucks is rattling you.

            1. Naming Kap the starting QB with a new staff in place and eligible to become a FA, yeah whose going looney?
              Keep it up Sebnnoying/Razor

              1. Kyle Shanahan will control the 53 man roster. If he believes Kaep can play in his offense then he will be on the team. On the other hand, if KS doesn’t see Kaep as a good fit CK7 will be gone.
                My sense is that the team will release Kaep from his current contract than sign him at a much reasonable contract. But of course all this changes if JL and KS sign a FA QB.

                Point being; we just don’t know how it’s going to shake out this early in the process.

              2. Check my latest post below Prime. Trubisky is ascending fast in the NFL scouting community!

                Multiple scouts, and even a recent comment by one GM ““[Trubisky] is a top-five lock,” he said. “A top-five lock!”, are beginning to elevate Trubisky’s stock. If he comes in anywhere near 6’3″ 215-225 lbs at the combine, he’ll get the draft party started very early in the evening of April 27th!

                My question to you Prime Time is: How many bone-in rib-eye steak dinners prepared by a Michelin Star owned chef can $200 buy in your area?

              3. Primitive/49reasons,

                Wow, this is getting really weird. Having a conversation with yourself so to create the impression that you are two different people?

            2. At first I thought your posts were satire, but now I realize that you’re just that dumb. No malice, just stop embarrasing yourself.

        1. I agree. Kap threw for 16TDs with only 4 INTs on a terrible team. He’s meeting with Shanahan this week and keeping him enables them to go after the guy they really want — Christian McCaffrey. He’ll be the next Edelman and fill a bunch of holes such as PR, KR, WR, RB. His versatility will allow them to load up on the defense and at WR.

        2. With Kaep as the QB they will lose. He drops his eyes every time he is under a LITTLE pressure and loses the recievers. That will never work in this offense. Passing is more important than running… Running is better as a secondary skill, not primary

          1. No. If they roll Kaep out, he will buy time with his legs, and the DBs will become discombobulated because they will worry about Kaep’s threat to run, so they will leave receivers wide open. That has happened many times before, so the mantra that Kaep will abandon the pass is just not accurate.

            1. Oh, Seb, when will you learn…
              Kap has been responsible for running 3 coaches out of town. I doubt KS will hitch his ride to that sad waste talent.

              1. “Kap has been responsible for running 3 coaches out of town”

                You’re either a Kaep hater or severely misinformed. So Kaep was responsible for poor coaching, bad o-line play, bottom dwelling defense, and incompetent front office? I guess Kaep fired Harbaugh and Jed York/Paraag had nothing to do with it, right?

              2. Nick,

                Perhaps you haven’t kept up with current events. If you read Seb’s posts he champions Kap as if he is the second coming of Christ himself. Fact is Kap has always been a very limited what which is why Greg Roman put in specialized packages for him. This is why he was run out of town. Neither he nor any of the subsequent OC or head coaches could do anything with him because he is a one dimensional qb, just like Gabbert, but only slightly better.

                Sorry but the team needs to move on from him.

              3. East, I wish to strongly differ from you.

                If you cannot see that Baakle was the one to run 3 HCs out of town, I will question your football judgement.

                Repeating that screed against Kaep is ridiculous.

                I bet JH would agree with me. Kaep did not play for half a year with Tomsula, so Gabbert would have to receive half the blame. Chip liked kaep, and if there was a player who may have been the most responsible for their collapse, it would have to be Bellore, who not only jumped out of the hole the RB would run through, he would block out one of his own players.

                Still, it was all Baalke’s fault, especially for JH. He was the one who would not hire Fangio, or Gase, but chose some one who had not even been an NFL coordinator before, because he could dominate him.

                Chip stood up to Baalke, so he made sure that they would both go down with the ship.

                Yes, I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness, with the wolves howling for blood. I admit I am a fan of the only QB the Niners have right now. Obviously, they are being prudent to make sure that they do not make a mistake. All his detractors assumed he would be gone the day after the SB, but lo and behold, he is still here. And i could not be happier.

                Despite all his detractors, Kaep did play well at times. I admit he did not play well at times, but you cannot seem to admit he is capable of racking up 400 yard games with his arm and his legs.

                No, I do not think he walks on water, I have seen his shortcomings, but I have also seen him doing what he is capable of. Leading this team from down 2 scores, to willing himself over the goal line for that 2 point play to win the game by being clutch. You seem to dismiss that game as insignificant, but KS will watch that game, and see a QB with a winning attitude.

              4. Sebnnoying’s answer to everything. Blame Baalke or question the posters football intellect when they call out Kap.
                Yeah Niner Nation laughs at all of us!

              5. NN is a wasteland of cogent thought. Just a lot of back and forth among themselves with very little to say.

            2. Seb……
              I feel very poetic right now……must I?

              I used to tease you about crawling out of your old bar, Reds Recovery Room. Clearly, I was wrong. You need to bust thru the old 2 by 4’s and crawl back in!! And finish off that “Old Crow” rotgutt!
              Because your opinions of Krap are not unlike a NAZI in ’39-fanatical!
              You just keep talking about the past, as if time is static. Delusional.

              1. There once was a poet named Saw,
                Who had him one terrible flaw

                He thought he was punny
                he was not very funny

                And everything stuck in his craw.

              2. LMAO! Red’s Recovery Room on highway 116 in Rohnert Park? I used to pass that when I visited my sister in Sebastopol.

        3. Hoyer and Shaub no more about running Kyles offense than Kap but Kap is going to start? LOL Not a chance. Kyle’s offense is not a one read offense. Kaepernick’s DNA is not about to be applicable to Kyle Shanahan’s system.You do know that Kyle left Washington because the Skins tried to force him to use RG3 don’t you?

        4. Um, no. The 49ers are not “set” with Colin Kaepernick. Kyle’s offense is far too sophisticated for Colin. Trying to fit Colin Kaepernick into Kyle’s offense is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

          “There are so many ways to be successful (at QB), but for the most part you want a guy who’s a pure thrower. Smart enough to handle it all and to keep his eyes downfield and a guy who is tough and hangs in the pocket and is really fearless” – Kyle Shanahan

          I’ll give Colin credit for being a fearless competitor, but is he a “pure thrower”? No. Does he hang tough in the pocket? No. Does Colin keep his eyes downfield? Absolutely not!

          The purest thrower in this class in Mitch Trubisky, hands down. Let me let everyone in on a little secret. Professional Scouting typically changes gears at this time of the year. “You’re gonna see the ascension of the Carolina quarterback.

          Here is the very latest buzz:

          “Statistics are overwhelmingly against one-year starters in college making it in the NFL. But the AFC scout told MMQB, “I’ll be shocked if Trubisky’s not the first one (QB) off the board.”

          In fact, more than one prominant NFL scout believes North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky “could be selected No. 2 or 3 overall..” Then a scout for another NFL team (AFC) added: “He’s the guy, a top-two or -three pick. He’s the guy. A lot of teams like him up there.”

          In fact, as the 2017 NFL draft class moves closer and closer to the end of this month, the evaluations will continue to evolve.

          Bleacher Report’s MATT MILLER: “Deshaun Watson throws too many interceptions. DeShone Kizer got benched on a bad Notre Dame team. Patrick Mahomes is two or more years away from being ready to handle the intricacies of an NFL offense.

          And Mitch Trubisky ………. who only started one year in college. Does that matter, though? MILLER: “Not to one NFL general manager I spoke with last week”. “[Trubisky] is a top-five lock,” he said. “A top-five lock? Sounds like a franchise quarterback, right? Most in the NFL are starting to agree”.

          Ohio’s Mr. Football as a high school quarterback, Trubisky had to wait his turn upon arriving in NC. That, wide receiver Ryan Switzer says, helped make him who he is today: “In terms of his work ethic, I think his persistence over the course of our college years speaks for itself. The reason he had the season he had this year is because of the work he put in the previous three years. It would’ve been easy for him to pack up and go elsewhere. There were plenty of conversations we had together about what he should do, but he stayed true to the course and prepped every rep in practice or OTAs like it was a game.”

          Switzer says it’s not just Trubisky’s arm that makes him special, but his “anticipation and knack for knowing how things are going to unfold”

          So what are scouts saying about this North Carolina quarterback today?

          “Smart. Accurate. Poised. Athletic. Smooth.” That’s what one area scout sent back when I asked him to describe Trubisky in five words. In a year when there are no Andrew Lucks or Jameis Winstons, accuracy and upside are the calling cards Trubisky can hang his hat on. But one thing a scout pointed out to me is where Trubisky can place himself above the competition: “Not enough people are giving him credit for having an amazing year as a first-year starter. And by the way, he threw almost as many passes in college as Carson Wentz did (As well as first round pick, Alex Smith).”

          That last bit is IMPORTANT! Wentz threw 612 passes in college, and Trubisky tossed 572.

          “The likeliest landing spot for Trubisky appears to be San Francisco”, says yet another prominant scout. “New head coach Kyle Shanahan will favor a smart, accurate quarterback who can run his zone scheme with bootlegs and play-action passes. Trubisky’s mobility is a major plus there, as is his skill set as a thrower on the move”.

          Trubisky’s arm strength and ability to handle cold weather will intrigue the Bears, but all signs point to a serious interest in New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, with CBSSports.com’s Jason La Canfora reporting that the Bears are ready “to make a real run” for him. Should that fall through, Trubisky to Chicago is in play.

          Where are you going to spend the easiest $200 greenbacks you’ve ever made Prime? lol

          1. Two words on Trubisky: sample size

            Two more words on Trubisky: potential bust

            There is a lot of deception this time of year. I’m sure front office people will spill the beans and tell everyone what they really think about players, right? Don’t believe everything you hear/read.

            1. Nick, I just touched on sample size.

              College career passing attempts:

              Trubisky – 572
              Alex Smith: 587 Draft – Draft Selection: #1 Overall
              Carson Wentz: 612 – Draft Selection: #1 Overall
              Sam Bradford: 604 – Draft Selection: #1 Overall

              I like to use Wentz as a barometer because the Eagles used far more draft capitol to select him #2 overall, the number of pass attempts was so similar, and given the fact that he was drafted just last year,

              As we know, Philly used a lot of draft capitol in order to acquire the #2 pick in last years draft. They traded the No. 8 pick in the first round of last year’s draft along with their third and fourth-round picks in 2016 (77 and 100), their first-round pick in 2017 and their second-round pick in 2018. As part of the trade, the Eagles also acquired a fourth-rounder in 2017 along with a second-round pick, as well.

              Much of the cost to acquire Wentz was made up for by Roseman netting a 2017 first-round and a conditional fourth-round pick from the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for Sam Bradford.

              As a matter of fact, Carson Wentz’s threw barely 1 full game’s worth of passes in his college career than Trubisky, while facing a lower level of competition throughout his college career than Trubisky.

              Trubisky completed 67% of his passes, 41 TD -10 INT
              Wentz completed 64%, 45 TD -14 INT

              Trubisky was more accurate on his intermediate throws and his 62.1 completion percentage than Wentz, an EXTREMELY important number in the eyes of scouts, easily outpacing the top quarterbacks in this draft. Just as important at the next level, Mitch is always in ready-to-rip throwing posture, and his delivery is crisp and efficient (a strikingly different skill set than Kaepernick). He locates safeties and reads their intentions immediately after the snap. Quick through his progressions and will double back to targets if his protection allows him time.

              Believe me Nick, I am absolutely not believing everything I read and hear this time of year. I am, however, believing that Trubisky’s stock is currently on the rise, in the eyes of scouts, coaches and GM’s, an I expect his ascension to continue throughout the process.

              The next big event in the process will be, of course, the Scouting Combine. All eyes will be on this kid. Don’t be surprised if Trubisky “closes the deal” during combine week.

              1. MITCH TRUBISKY is absolutely a FULL-FIELD READER!

                As Klump says …. “the eye in the sky doesn’t lie”, digging into TRUBISKY’S game film shows the rare spread system QB who actually consistently moves through multiple progressions,. He’s also very good at locating LB’s and safeties very early.

                He’s not a finished product, but he’s a high floor, high ceiling prospect, and he’s a fantastic fit for Kyle’s system!

                NFL.COM, BOTTOM LINE Trubisky is a high-end quarterback prospect who possesses NFL size, a big arm and the ability to throw with accuracy from the pocket or on the move. DESPITE PLAYING IN A SPREAD OFFENSE, TRUBISKY IS A FULL-FIELD READER who does a very good job of getting an early read on the safeties before crafting his course of action. Trubisky will have to become much more pocket aware and do a better job of recognizing and attacking blitzes to back NFL defensive coordinators off. He hasn’t put all the pieces together yet, but the puzzle is all right in front. Trubisky projects as a good starting quarterback with a high floor and the potential to be great.
                -Lance Zierlein

                NFLSPINZONE.COM: Trubisky is DEFINITELY A FIRST-ROUND QUARTERBACK, and I think he will be taken within the first 15 picks. His third down ability is ridiculously good and that is my favorite aspect of his game. I think his third down ability, matched with his elite pocket awareness and mobility, will give him the foundation to a solid NFL career. If your favorite team needs a quarterback, they should pull the trigger on Trubisky.

                And remember:“The eye in the sky doesn’t lie.”
                – Jeremy Klump

            2. I agree with you Nick. I think that the 49ers should attempt to bring in Watson for his strong arm and pass accuracy. He does make some bad decisions at time, but he is confident and composed which is a good sign. Also, if they can still somehow pick up cook, this is the duo that you want to bring in together. cook would be an immediate 1000 yard rusher with an average offensive line because of his speed and power. I believe this is attainable because of the amount of picks the 49ers have along with a couple of players they can attach to the picks to get both of these players like smith and hyde. Both of these players would thrive in shanahans system.

          2. Brilliant post 49!
            People are gonna realize that Trubisky is everything Shanny looks for in a QB.
            The biggest of those is he is a book worm. Skill wise he is accurate and has that flick of the wrist and the ball is placed beautifully!
            He’s the real deal!

            1. I hope they get Trubisky, I think he is the best of the QB crop. if they could make a trade say with Tenn. and get 2 first rd. picks, they could get both of those guys, it’s just a dream, you know that won’t happen.

            1. Watch Trubisky throw the ball. Especially his footwork and touch. Every throw is off his front foot and and all his passes are in stride to his WR’s. Intangibles are unreal

              1. I watched his draft breakdown highlights, and I was not impressed. He appears to struggle getting past his first read if it is taken away, tends to hear footsteps in his head that leads to bad throws, and does not have very good pocket presence. I also did not see Trubisky throw passes that were where only his WR could get it and, on top of it, does not appear to have the cerebral instinct needed to make up for his lack of arm strength. This does not even take into consideration that Trubisky only has one year of starting experience under his belt.
                Overall, I see Trubisky as a late first round pick that is really is an overvalued second round pick.

              2. Wow! I’m not sure I agree with any of that.
                From what I’ve read and seen his pocket awareness and ability to deliver accurately is what he is known for.
                There is still another month to dissect him and the combine so I guess we’ll see what he ends up doing.

              3. The bounce in his step when he throws. He has really good foot work but I’d like to see him under centre more. But he has that natural spring in his feet.
                He also has a calmness to him. Looks to get his teammates fired up when needed and settled in and out of the huddle.
                I like he will stand in the pocket and deliver while taking a shot.
                He makes all the throws look easy.
                I don’t know, I just see a good player

              4. I’ve heard he is a really quiet and reserved kid. He certainly doesn’t seem afraid in the pocket, which is good, and you don’t have to be vocal to be a leader, but it does raise some question marks.

              5. Scooter I don’t think he is a week one starter. I think he will have to sit and learn at least the first 6-8 games.
                Not a project but with the sophistication of Shanahans offense he will need to watch and learn.

              6. No but he will mature around quality veterans and good coaching and he will learn to lead in his own way.

              7. I believe Watson is better. I think that he is a new age Donavan Mcnabb. Very good passer and mobile when needs to be. Strong arm and places the ball to where only his receiver can get it. Great at back shoulder throws. Does make some bad decisions, but his composure and confidence makes up for that. As far as Trubisky, I think that he is a bust. In order for him to do well, he will have to play for the patriots system. Their system is made to make you look good to sell you off and then you get a big contract with another team and become a bust. Look at the history. Cassel is a good example.

          3. 49, there you go again. You conveniently left out the rest of the comment. KS likes pure passers, but they are very rare, so then he mentions how mobility can be an important factor. That is one of Kaep’s strengths.

            Now you are blathering about Trubisky, just like you did with Cook. Trubisky has more chance of ending up like Cook than he does Prescott, especially behind the Niner O line.

            Hmm, sounds like you want to get in on the action. Razor would probably be happy to bet you about Trubisky being the number 2 pick for the Niners.

            Although, it sounds like he likes to bet a grand, not some chump change.

            1. You mean yourself? Why don’t you get in on the action?
              With that all flooding in Cali, the ditch digging business is gonna BOOM!

              1. Would someone tell me what Kap has done the last few years? What is a QB responsible for-if it’s ALWAYS the fault of the O-line, the receivers, the running backs, the tight ends, the weatherman, the garbage collector, etc., etc., etc. on infinity………..
                No accountability for Kap, Seb??

                Forget the name calling for once, Seb-what has Kap EVER done wrong??

              2. Sigh, since you want me to tell you what Kaep has done wrong, I will just enumerate ways that Kaep can improve.

                I have been saying these same things for years, so I have been critical of Kaep.

                Here is something I wrote 1-17-14.

                !0 Things Kaep should do on Sunday

                1, Run the no huddle with quick snaps to negate the crowd noise.

                2. Always put a man in motion to read the defense’s reaction.

                3. Fake a hand off or pitch, and roll out the other way to befuddle the defense.

                4.Take advantage of the defense’s speed by doing counters, misdirections and reverses.

                5. Invite the blitz, and roll away from the blitz, or complete quick slant (or pass to the flat to the RB.)

                6. Look off the safeties by facing one way while looking in the other direction.

                7. Consider time outs to be precious and saved (for legitimate challenges and) for the last 2 minutes (of each half).

                8. Shake hands, win or lose. Read IF by RK.

                9. After the game, go to the Niner fans in the stands and hand out autographed hats.

                10. Get the ball into the hands of Frank Gore (playmakers) as much as possible.

          4. Ok.. all you are doing is reading other people’s opinions on Mitch.. have you actually watched some of his games?? Have you watched the way the offense is ran? Look for yourself instead of reading other people’s opinions

        5. Sebnynah is Sackorpick’s agent….jeez…he’s a has been that never quite was…time to move foreword man! You can root for Sackorpick when does mop up time for his next employer

    1. I agree. That should solidify are D and a better scheming D coordinator! Williams or Poe at NT will go along way in improving are line. Zach Brown and Ingram will instantly improve are thin LB group. I would like to get JC Tretter at center from GB or G Zeitler to improve our OL to protect our new franchise QB (?). Also like the FB from Atlanta and Shaub or Hoyer as mentor/bridge QB. The rest come from the draft.

        1. Maybe the Niners should go the college route.

          Don Brown could be lured by doubling his salary, and the job Brent Venables did against Alabama ensures him to be a strong candidate for a promotion.

          1. Won’t be necessary. They’ll get a placeholder and then they get Fangio next year. Bears’ spite gets them a lame duck DC, plus it’s not like they need him with a defensive HC. Just dumb!

        2. I don’t understand why Fangio, would come back to the Niners. He should of have been the head coach after Harbaugh, but Jed took the manager from Little Caesars instead. Unless it’s for more money or he likes the area, or he has a relationship with the head coach we won’t be winning a Super Bowl any soon.

          1. Wrong, Baalke chose Tomsula. Even if Jed had a say in it, Baalke is the official scapegoat. Fangio could potentially come back because he will have have full control over defense and a GM who understands defense. I think both Lynch and Fangio like coachable players who can exploit offense’s weaknesses using their smarts and knowledge more than just athleticism. It’s all a big “if” whether he wants to return.

        3. That would be great, I would like them to bring back Fangio, and Kyle did ask
          for him apparently , but the Bears wouldn’t release him. I wonder if Fangio wants to come back.

        4. Given the clown KS hired to replace Woody (KS is already a GDFSOB for firing Rathman) is 67, Rathman may just sit out the season and be brought back when the Atlanta guy fails, which he will.

    2. I can see us getting Ingram as the big signing. Given his age, it’s worth it to pay the money. I say sign Mitchell, the DT from Miami, who should come cheaper than Poe. The FB from the Falcons should come cheap. Signing Garcon would be big but I’m not sure if they will want to sign 3 high priced FA.

      In the draft, grab Myles Garrett if he’s there (he won’t be) otherwise trade back to #6 if we can still get Reuben Foster. We should be able to get another 2nd and 4th rounder this year and a 2nd rounder next year. On offense, Garcon would be a great compliment to Torrey Smith, with Kerley as the slot receiver. Who knows, maybe one or two of Baalke’s ACL gimp receivers will actually break through in 2017. You call that Karma!

      In the draft, after picking Foster at 6, we’ll have the 34th, 38th, 66th, 98th and 102nd picks. That is 6 of the 1st 102 picks. (not counting possible compensatory or extra picks we have).Unless our front office completely blows it, we should be a hell of a lot more competitive next year. Plus, we will have another 2nd round pick in 2018.

      If we can do all of that, we’ve added Mitchell at DT/NT, Melvin Ingram as a pass rusher and Reuben Foster at LB. With Armstead being healthy and Buckner, our run and pass defense looks a whole lot better. We might even be a contender in 2018!

  8. There are plenty of guys out there who could help this club (2-14!).
    It’s hard to guess on defense w/o knowing the D.C. & scheme. Help needed everywhere.
    They better have a plan at QB if they want to attract FA wrs. SF is wideout Siberia; a major hard sell. So Jeffrey, Garçon and Gabriel could help, but very unlikely to sign.

    1. I agree with that assessment. In order to attract quality WR they must first establish QB credibility. No one wants to come to passing-yardage graveyard, nor to play for a slinger who can’t throw his man open or consistently hit tight windows or make the deep sideline pass. The word is out and bogus stats don’t camouflage CK’s recurrent and dismal mediocrity. The same applies to Gabbert, goes without saying. Do they even know what they have in Ponder? He might make a decent and intelligent backup at a bargain price. One thing is certain, though. In order to change the vibe of this franchise they have to change the lack of credibility on the field of play — dumping another 15 to 19 mil into the current impostor would literally be throwing good money after bad.

      1. Kaep always does good at the END of the season and everyone starts thinking he has a chnace… Then he sucks again the next year and/or when it matters. Its better for the team and him to move on. He is not cool under pressure

        1. He”s a deer in the headlights under relentless pressure and always has been. Seattle created the blueprint on how to undo CK7 and keep him undone, the rest of the league paid attention. Kaep was a fabulous flash in the pan, then steadily disintegrated to his present chronic state, fool’s gold. The 49ers need a major upgrade at the QB position and the longer they hold onto that fool’s gold, the frustration will only deepen. Go for the Real Deal and don’t waste anymore money or time.

          1. If all that was true, KS and Lynch would have cut Kaep already. Since they will study the film, they will see what a dual threat he can be.

            Sure am glad that KS will make the call and not the emo fanbase.

            1. Seb those comments by Lynch and KS are just a smoke screen, they will cut Kaep first chance they get….gotta put on the show so the kneeler whackos don’t have a cow.

            2. “If all that was true, KS and Lynch would have cut Kaep already.”

              They will do so when its advantageous. Once they ditch him, other teams will know they are even more desperate for a QB and the trades will get more expensive. This is business

              Kaep is also a political risk now. When he gets cut there is going to be another round of media BS, so they have to do it smartly, when the timing is right.

              The NFL has figured out kaep and can intercept him all day. He was only good when he was unknown and/or when the opponent got too cocky about how easy of a win the 49ers were.

              They need to rebuild with another. Its not worth the risk wasting another year on a run first QB, esp with the system they will be using.

              For someone to support him no matter what he does, when he has never really done much, makes me wonder if they are related to him somehow.

              1. 16 TDs, only 4 picks. One interception hit the receiver in both his hand, and it bounced off his hands for a pick.

              2. And how many games has Kaep won in hiis last 19 starts Seb?

                3 – Wins
                16 – Losses

                = Not good enough!

              3. Does not matter who the QB is when the defense gives up 200 yards rushing.

                Niners did not lose because of Kaep. They lost because the defense was a sieve.

              4. Stop your snivelling already. Who you trying to convince Kap is a good QB? Yourself or the blog? Move on!

              5. Prime, I am only responding to other poster’s comments. Maybe you should be yelling at them.

                You really need to get over this juvenile fantasy that you will make me do something you want me to do.

                Since you do not want me to talk about Kaep, I think I will do the opposite.

                Kaep is a far superior QB to most of the FA candidates, since they are are not starters, and Kaep is a starter.

                Now that Baalke is gone, Kaep will be given a pat on the back, instead of a knife in the back.

                I am supremely confident that KS wants to win so badly, he will take Kaep, warts and all, and make him into a true dual threat QB who will keep up DCs at night trying to figure out ways not to be embarrassed. If KS can make both Hoyer and Shaub perform well, I can only imagine what he could do with Kaep. I am thinking of a more mobile Ryan, so instead of taking sacks like Ryan did in the SB, he will be using his mobility to elude the pass rushers, so he can buy time, and let his receivers get open.

                I envision KS utilizing Kaep to his maximum potential, playing to his strengths while disguising his weaknesses. More controlled roll outs with a mobile pocket.

                So far, you have been totally and consistently wrong about Kaep staying, and I could not be happier.

                With Kaep as the QB, the Niners can concentrate on fixing the defense. Of course, they should sign a veteran FA WR, but other than that, the Niners do not need too much to get the offense humming.

                Niners did have the 4th best rushing attack, so having a mobile elusive QB did help. Hyde is fine, especially if he does not struggle for every inch, and just goes down so they cannot strip the ball. Vance did reduce his drops, and he does create mismatches, so he should figure prominently in the offense, both blocking and receiving.

                I think the O line improved greatly from the year before, but I also thought players were playing out of position.

                All in all, the offense is the least of their problems.

                The defense needs a major overhaul. Lynch must sign impactful free agents without breaking the bank, and he should trade back to garner more second round picks.

                There will be change, just not as much as some think. Certainly not at QB where Kaep is the best player on the team.

                Thanks again for the opportunity to talk about Kaep. look forward to your next screed so I can refute it in detail.

              6. Prime, thanks again for the opportunity to talk about Kaep.

                The problem with the Niners was that Baalke insisted that Kaep should be forced to be only a pocket passer. However, if you study the films, Kaep is most deadly while on the run. Rolling him out in a controlled manner will protect him, by allowing him to use his speed to elude the pass rushers.

                What was truly obtuse was forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer while the O linemen acted as turnstiles. In a season and a half, Kaep was sacked 80 times, and it might have been double that if Kaep did not use his mobility to elude the pass rush.

                Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer was like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

              7. Prime, you are a gift that keeps giving.

                Since many have accused me of hero worship, I wish to talk about ways that Kaep can improve. This means that I acknowledge that Kaep has flaws, and what he does is not always perfect.

                10 ways Kaep can improve.

                1. Kaep should read IF, by Rudyard Kipling.

                2. Kaep should practice the same pass play over and over until he can do it in his sleep. He should practice releasing the ball sooner and sooner until he can throw it before the player makes his cut.

                3. Kaep should realize that he can get at least 2 more sets of downs if he just stops wasting time. 2 more opportunities to score.

                4. He should never call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock. running the no huddle with quick snaps will solve this problem.

                5. Kaep should become the field general and have the ability to call plays on the field so the other side cannot steal the signals from the side lines. he should have at least 10 scripted plays at his command.

                6. Kaep should work on his deception. Pump fakes, faked handoffs with naked bootlegs, screens, draws, misdirections

                7. Kaep should look off the safeties by facing one way, while looking in another direction.

                8. He should not worry about the score. He should just concentrate on scoring at least 7 times per game, preferably TDs instead of FGs. If he scores enough, winning will follow.

                9. Kaep needs to be more unpredictable. Run more Read option and Pistol so the defense must guard against both the run or pass.

                10. Kaep should roll out more, but roll out to both the left and the right. Design the roll outs to have safety valve options. The threat to run will discombobulate the DBs, so they will leave receivers wide open.

                Thanks again, I could not do this without you.

              8. He has the 2nd lowest career TD-INT ratio in the NFL. That’s how much they’ve been intercepting him all day. Try again.

  9. Free Agent Acquisitions-

    Schaub, QB, He’ll come because of Shanny
    Brandon Williams, NT, Money talks
    Hightower, ILB, Check please
    Ingram, OLB, $$ & Location
    Bouye, CB, $$
    Warford, OG, $$
    Gabriel, WR, Shanny & more $$ than the Falcons can muster
    Kenny Britt, WR, straight cash homie
    Juszczyk, FB, Shanny offense & $$
    Hauschka, K, A chance to kick against the Seahawks

    Browns take Garrett, Jets trade their 6th+39th+70th to the 49ers-

    6th) Dalvin Cook RB, FSU
    34th) Garrett Bolles OT Utah
    39th) *Trade to Patriots for Garoppolo + Conditional 3rd in 2018*
    66th) Tarell Basham, DE/OLB, Miami
    70th) Pat Eflein, C, Ohio St
    98th) Marcus Williams, FS, Utah
    129) Chad Kelly, QB, Miss
    160) Cole Hikutini, TE, Louisville
    190) Josh Harvey-Clemons, SS, Louisville

    Starting Line Ups-


    OL) Staley/Warford/Kilgore/Garnett/Bolles
    RB) Cook/Hyde
    TE) VMac/Hicky
    FB) Juszczyk
    QB) Garoppolo/Schaub/Kelly[PUP]



      1. Prime, disagree with them all you want, but please, they are two different guys. Razor is in Elkhart, IN, and Seb is in Sebastopol, CA. They can correct me if I have their towns wrong.

          1. Seb-

            “Putting an Abrams tank in a pit”…?????

            A horrible comparison, since Abram tanks are notorious for being deadly accurate. Kap? He couldn’t see a wide open Torrey Smith some time ago, let alone boinking the ball off of somebody’s head on the sidelines…….. I know, the O-line did it.

          2. Is that possible?
            Isn’t it funny that the one person who was caught using two handles is now accusing others of doing the same? Especially when one just advocated for a trade for Jimmy G. and the other wants to hold off on a qb and roll with Kaep. :/

          1. I kinda like it. When ever I see it, I am just reminded about how good a sportsman George is. I admire him even more.

            It is also a good lesson for this blog, me included, that we should not take things too seriously.

              1. Prime, you are trying too hard. You really must be butt hurt because they did not declare openly that they were moving on from Kaep.

                I let others tell about you being banned, because it just makes your screeds all the more ridiculous.

                Grasping at straws just shows how desperate you are, and I am proud of being banned for saying that a true fan should not want the Niners to lose every game.

          2. I said I’d do it for a month and started on 2/1. Febs a short month, so pretty soon I’m free. But thanks for your dispensation, Razorbishop.

    1. I think your trade for Garropolo is unrealistic. Browns have 2 firsts and the first pick in the second round, so they can gamble more than the Niners.

      I also do not like your Chad Kelly pick. While talented, he tore both his ACL and meniscus.That is a huge red flag to me. Glad you did not include Mixon in the mix. Another red flag player.

      I sure wish Hightower would come here, but the Pats will hold onto him, and they will whisper in his ear about how horrible the Niners are.

      Think you are smart to have the Niners draft a center, but what about Beadles?

      1. I think the Browns go after Taylor
        Kelly will study and learn while he’s on PUP, we will only carry 2 QB’s on the 53
        Beadles is a backup

        1. I think Chicago may go after Taylor, so they can save their third pick for a defender.

          Do not see the need for letting Kelly heal and sit if they want to target a 2018 QB.

          I thought Beadles did a good job at center, but think Kilgore may be expendable, so they need to draft a center.

          1. Taylor knows Hue he wants to play for.

            Schaub will be released in 2018 so, Garropolupe/Kelly/2018 QB

            Kilgore will not be resigned next year and that’s why I drafted Elflein in the 3rd round. He will be ready to take over the starting role in 2018.

        2. I like your draft overall but I wouldn’t take Cook at 6. I would lean towards a wr, mlb or edge rusher at the 6 pick. Additionally, I prefer Fornett, he is not all around the back that Cook is but his pure running ability is the best I have seen since AP.

          I like the risk with Kelly. I don’t care so much about a qb tearing up his knee. He just needs to be able to slide in the pocket and make the proper reads ala Brady, Manning, Marino etc. He has a good arm and is a bit of a gun slinger but I believe he is one of the few prospects that has the ability to be trained to make NFL reads fairly quickly.

      2. I love Mixon and think he’s the 3rd best back in this deep class, but I do not think this regime will draft questionable character players….

    2. These are some interesting moves. I agree to go after Ingram as a free agent and then i would either go after Glennon or aj mcharron . And joeckel for right tackle . I would draft foster at linebacker with 3rd pick and get a stud TE like howard with my second round pick. I would also sign GArcon and Gabriel. I would pick up Dobbs as my later round QB

    3. Brian Hoyer, QB
      Kenny Britt, WR
      Kevin Zeitler, OG
      Kyle Juszczyk, FB
      Brandon Williams, NT
      John Simon, OLB
      AJ Bouye, CB

      Resign : Glenn Dorsey, Ray Ray Armstrong, Phil Dawson and Shaun Draughn

      Keep some cash in the bank for next year…

      Trade back and draft R1.7 – Reuben Foster ILB;
      R2.34 – David Njoku, TE;
      R2.41 – Hassan Reddick, OLB;
      trade up and draft R2.54 – Cooper Krupp;
      R3.70 – D’Onta Foreman, RB;

      On third day of draft, QB Davis Webb; find another WR like Goodwin, Stringfellow, Switzer, Hansen, etc., and a DL like Vanderdoes or Qualls.

    4. Razor,

      If the 49ers are able to pull that off – your proposed trade with the Jets – that would be awesome. They’ll end up with a game changing RB (Dalvin Cook), QB Garoppolo, and Pat Eflein or whomever they select with the 70th pick.

    5. OK Razor, you’re starting to redeem yourself.

      However, I’d rather draft Fournette, (not just because of Cook’s character issues) and utilize him as a FB/HB hybrid. Fournette’s combination of speed, power and explosiveness is arguably the best in NFL draft history. At his size, it’s incredible how quickly he can accelerate and explode into the secondary, leaving defenders grasping for air in his wake. He puts his well-stocked frame to good use between the tackles, and he can punish smaller would-be tacklers if they’re brave enough to challenge him in the open field. With a Hyde – Fournette Duo, the 49ers could simply punish and pound defenses into oblivion by midway through the 3rd QTR.

  10. 1. Keep Kaep. The 49ers will not be able to find a better bridge QB. They can get a developmental QB in the third round like Davis Webb or Chad Kelly.

    2. Sign CB Boyle from the texans.

    3. Sign Melvin Ingram or Nick Perry

    4. Trade down in the draft to five or six. Draft Corey Davis or Mike Williams.

  11. 1. Ingram if he isn’t tagged.
    J.Pierre-Paul, if can’t get Ingram
    2. Jeffrey, need a #1 receiver
    3. Schaub need a bridge QB

    I would not try to sign 5 free agents now, after the draft I would sign a few more as fill ins.
    The reason they would sign with the Niners: MONEY and hope the team can turn it around.

  12. Biggest need is someone that can lead and inspire and Is On The Field. It is not Navarro, he is on the back-end, can’t. stay on tne field and his performance does not set tje “high bar”. Love Bo, but he is not equipped any longer to be this leader. It for sure is not Kaep, don’t even go there. It cannot come from the Coach or GM, although tney can. help. Any great team has this guy or better group of guys that set the tone on thefield and by extension in the locker room. If the roster had this , we would have seen it begin to emerge last season. Nothing emerged, and for us Bowman fans, it cannot be done on the sideline if there is not a corresponding leader on the field.

    Who will it be? Is there a FA willing that maybe KS is already thinking of?

  13. Grant:
    I think he is a 1.b on most teams. On the Niners he is a 1+. At least the other team as to game plan against him. At worst he is a bridge until a true #1 can be found.

    I forgot one free agent. Steven Hauschka. Niners need a kicker, he is good and it hurts the Seahawks. Doesn’t get better than that. Again the reason he would come; Money.

    1. To say a #2 would be the #1 on this team speaks volumes, but the solution is not to get a #2. It would be to get a true #1 in this draft. There are at least two receivers who probably fit that bill, and for a change the Niners should spend a first round pick on a #1. If not this year then next.

  14. I don’t think free agents will avoid the team specifically. If the 49ers are bidding on the same player as say, the Patriots then they’ll likely lose out on that player but I don’t see players not wanting to come here.

    1) Matt Schaub QB – Makes too much sense for KS. Gives him a security blanket at the QB position. A veteran who knows the offense and can fill in the ‘bridge’ QB role for a year while the rookie learns.

    2) Jacob Tamme TE – KS reaches once more to the ATL free agent pool for another player that he’s familiar with and is familiar with the offense. Tamme is a good blocking TE. He finished 2016 on IR but should be ready to resume playing by May’ish.

    3) Chance Warmack G – Chance had a bad 2016, he struggled and then ended up on IR with a hand injury. He’s shown flashes in his early career of having the potential to be pretty good. He’s still young and if he’s looking for a chance to prove himself a fresh start on a new team is the perfect way to do it. If given the chance to compete I like his chances of earning a starting spot on this team.

    4) Demarcus Ware OLB – I really don’t think he has anything left in the tank but he’ll only cost about $6m a year and he’ll provide a great veteran presence for the defense. If he can manage a sack or two then great but his experience will be more useful to the team then his production ultimately will.

    5) Gerald Hodges ILB – He’s shown to be consistently inconsistent but when he’s hot he’s hot. Hodges wont be expensive to keep around and he provides solid production at the position until something better can be found in the draft.

    1. Patriots, being the SB winner, will have a very hard time keeping all their players because they will all want major pay increases.

      Sure helps when Brady is playing for only a million bucks.

    2. C4C

      You and I see Hodges the same’ hasn’t been given a real chance …yet
      I’liked Schaub, but he’s a long way from his best…I’d rather get Mike Glennon…better skills…

  15. 1 Brandon Williams
    prob will have to pay a little extra
    2 JC Tretter
    He is a young center and after he got hurt his back up played well in Green Bay
    3 Hightower
    New England doesn’t pay defensive players and we can
    4 Pryor
    He would instantly be our number 1 and we can over pay
    5 Gabriel
    Follows shanahan here

  16. I don’t know what FAs the 49ers will sign. Would like to see…

    1) Cousins.
    [Inflated QB Market Value] – [Cousin’s Actual Value] = X
    [Draft Freedom Picks 2+34] > X

    Basically concert cap capital into draft capital and flexibility.

    2) Jeffery. Leverages the talents of Cousins and Shanahan.

    3) Dorsey. “Bridge NT” if still running 3-4. Won’t have to “reach” for NT in the draft. Provides draft flexibility.

    4) Kerley. Would do well in WCO.

    I’m hoping since the roster is so far away they will avoid older free agents, except for short contracts. I’m fine with carrying over cap space until we are close to contending. Not burning a hole in my pocket.

    1. I would be very disappointed to see Kerley go. He’s said he wants to return, but that quote was just before they fired Kelly. I envision a strong market for him. Watch, if New England signs him, he becomes the Second Coming. I’d like to see Streater and Ponder stay too. Also Dorsey, Draughn, and Harris.

  17. 1. QB Schaub – As a bridge or decent backup. Because of KS
    2. FB Dimarco – Because of KS
    3. WR Gabriel – Because of KS
    4. WR Alshon – Because of $$
    5. G Chester – Because of KS

    1. # 80
      G Chester: 34 Y/O and coming off Knee surgery.
      Because of KS? Or because he’s beat out by Wes Schweitzer, or Tom Compton?
      Can he beat out Beadles, or is he a backup?

      1. Even if he doesn’t win the starting job, he would provide depth and be able to teach Garnett how to be effective in Kyle’s system.

      1. Thanks for the kind words. You wouldn’t take Dimarco over who? We don’t have a FB. Did you read the column? It asked what the “49ers” will do, not me. Shanahan will want his guys to help implement his offense.

  18. Another factor that needs to be considered is the uncertainty surrounding all the injured players.

    Wonder which ones will be coming back, or if any are career threatening.

    Redmond is an intriguing possibility, and hopefully Smelter can come back strong. Bow is a huge question mark, but if he can make it back, the defense will improve dramatically. Wonder if LJ McCray will come back.

    1. Bethea, released
      Bowman, mid season return/possible injury settlement/retirement
      Armstead, set to be ready
      Kilgore, set to be ready
      Hyde, set to be ready
      Armstrong, set to be ready
      Martin, released
      Brock, released
      Bellore, released
      Wilhoite, released
      Purcell, released
      Balducci, released
      Brooks, released
      Carradine, released
      Dawson, released
      Skov, released

      FA Losses


      1. Ouch. That is a thorough house cleaning.

        I would hope they use Bethea, Brooks and Tank as trade possibilities for either players or draft picks.

          1. Yet Lynch mentioned that the team had more talent than the 2-14 record would indicate. I think it could go either way, especially with them seeing players playing out of position.

          2. Cowboy said that the 49ers shouldn’t spend a high draft choice on the D line after the past two drafts. He also said that the 90% turn over was after two seasons.

            1. 11 backups and the starting quarterback gone, and I’ve replaced them with 10 young and up and coming F/A’s along with a new starting quarterback….

        1. Seriously, not bong pipe speculation, but seriously — Bethea is at the end of his string, Brooks may have a year or so left of diminishing returns, and Tank, despite the high hopes, has shown nothing but bust. What team in the NFL is going to trade worthwhile players or valuable picks for these wild cards?

          1. I want to bundle Bethea, Brooks and Mike Davis, and trade all 3 for Frank Gore. They may want to move on from Gore, but I want Gore for his leadership alone. Colts need to improve the defense, and Bethea used to play for them.

            Tank is another player who I think they played out of position. He may thrive in another system, so he does have potential. Maybe bundle him with another player to get a third or 4th round pick.

        1. I signed Warford, OG, Lions and drafted Eflein, C, Ohio State in the 3rd round. Beadles is retained as the “Snyder” of the OL. See my original post for the break down….

      2. Interesting little fact from PFF – only five CBs that played 300 snaps last season allowed under 50% of passes in their coverage to be caught. Brock and Robinson were two of the five.

        I wouldn’t be letting any of the 49ers CBs leave. That’s the one position on D I feel they have covered pretty well.

          1. Most times when Brock gets burned he’s left on an island and he actually maintains good coverage, just fails to stop the completion.

            Sure, the way Bouye played this past season he would seem an upgrade. Different scheme’s they were asked to play in though. Wonder how Brock would have gone playing for the Texans last season? Wonder how Bouye would have gone playing for the 49ers?

            1. Looking at Brock’s contract, cap hit is 4 mill with 750 grand in dead money. Probably not worth cutting him at 3.5 mill base salary. Bouye did play well, and he’s bigger and younger….

              1. I agree with Scooter. The Niners should keep their DBs, but I think they should move them around.

                Redmond may also be in the mix.

                Niners need to concentrate on NTs and LBs, both ILB and OLB. If Armstead can come back strong, and they can plug the holes, the DBs will not have to cover for over 4 seconds.

  19. “WEAKNESSES Doesn’t always sell his vertical routes aggressively enough to make cornerbacks open their hips. Drifts, at times, on in-breaking routes, allowing defenders to squeeze the route. Needs to improve quickness into and out of his breaks underneath. Elongated into breaks when working from slot. Has had some issues with focus drops on throws outside of his frame. Had 16 drops over last three years at Western. Free releases into his routes in college will turn into stern press challenges in the pros. Wasn’t asked to do much meaningful blocking.”


    He has also had concussions and now has an ankle injury.

  20. Seb,

    Revelation to Seb:

    Because you’ve assured Prime that you’re alter-ego, Razor, has moved on is the sort of asylum logic used to fool your interns into releasing you from Happy Acres, doesn’t make it so.


    February 12, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Prime, you are going cray cray. Razor is not me. He is moving on from Kaep, while I still hold out hope.

    Prime Time

    February 12, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Keep it up Sebnnoying/Razor

    Seb’s Group Therapy Poetry Class at Happy Acres Asylum,
    By Sebnynah

    Group Therapy

    I’ve started a support group for my personalities.
    We go around the room and share with all the other me’s.
    I’ve numbered them from 1 through 10 so I can keep them straight.
    But 4 eloped with 7, so for now I’m down to eight.

    Number 9 is suing me, she claims she’s been abused,
    Because I never let her out, her self esteem is bruised.
    Number 3’s a lawyer and she took 9’s case for gratis.
    8 and 6 agree with 9 and want class action status.

    10 approached me yesterday…could she live on her own?
    She’s found a job but needs a car…would I co-sign a loan?
    I’ve been told that number 1 revealed in therapy
    That she has several egos too, and one of them is me.

    Number 5 just cracks me up. I love her sense of humor.
    3 tells me that 5 is gay, but 8 says that’s just rumor.
    The strangest one is number 2. I think her brain is fried.
    She’s always playing with her guns and speaks of homicide.

    I’ve talked about each one of them with my psychiatrist.
    They won’t come to his office so he thinks they don’t exist.
    He says that I’m just paranoid and schizophrenic too.
    But they all think that he’s a quack who doesn’t have a clue.

    So I began my little group so they could be involved
    In helping one another see their issues get resolved.
    Although there are a bunch of me’s who feel the need to share,
    They’re easy to accomodate…we only need one chair.

    1. Stop it. I’m pretty sure razor has been on this blog longer than Seb.
      The only person caught using two id’s was prime who was caught responding to his alter ego as the alter ego.

      1. You’re correct, Shoup. I started on here just as Branch was handing it over to Maiocco! Ignore the troll! For all we know, TomD is really Prime!

    1. I could live with that, perhaps it’s enough for KS to work with in the short term, better fit for his system than Kaep…..and definitely put a 3rd or 4th round QB like Mahomes into the mix as well..

    2. Glennon or Hoyer could play the Steve DeBerg role until there’s a QB Shanahan feels is worth drafting. Even if it takes another year or two.

  21. 1. Alshon Jeffery: Wants to be next Julio Jones

    2. Danta Hightower: Chance to play along side a legend, already has rings, now he wants money

    3. Melvin Ingram: Money

    4. J. C. Tretter: Chance to be 49ers starting center for the next 7 years

    5. Kenny Stills: plays the Gabriel role (I 49ers can’t sign Gabriel)

    6. Keep Kap around for one more year at a lower price if GM/HC don’t believe they have a potential franchise QB available.

    1. “Alshon Jeffery: Wants to be next Julio Jones”

      I want to be the next Warren Buffett. But I have as much chance of that as Jeffery has of being Jones. Closest he’ll get is to hand-wash his jock strap.

  22. Brandon Williams – 4 tha chedda!!!

    Anyone who doesn’t view him as the absolute #1 priority in FA (if he gets there…) is misinformed

  23. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000748406/article/dare-to-compare-nfl-comp-for-clemson-wr-mike-williams

    Williams could have a hard time beating press coverage. He struggles to disengage quickly once a strong jam lands on his chest and rides into the route with him. Despite being a natural hands-catcher, Williams has struggled with focus issues at times.

    While Williams puts together solid vertical and short routes, it’s his intermediate routes that need improvement. Williams is upright into his breaks and lacks sharp cuts at the top of his stems. On tape, it’s clear that he has build-up speed downfield, but lacks the big second gear to run under the long ball.

    While he was given medical clearance to return and has shown no ill effects from his 2015 neck injury, teams will want to see him check out as healthy at the NFL Scouting Combine before they get too excited about his talent.”

    Yes, his neck is a concern. He is a hit away from being Sterling Sharpe.

  24. 1. Brandon Spikes- He would help stop the run and would pair nicely with Bowman on 1st and 2nd down. Obviously get him the hell off the field and sub with Armstrong on base downs. You can give him an incentive type deal. He might just be a camp body but he is low cost and could actually be an asset for us

    Prince Amukamura- we could give him the money no other team is willing to pay him. He would bring some talent and experience to a CB group that is fairly young. Ward, Robinson, Brock, and Amukamura would be a good group competing in camp.

    Peko- If CIN doesn’t resign him. Another player similar to Spikes that would be fairly cheap and would help our run defense. Not a long term option but would help our defense at an area of need.

    Cordarrelle Patterson- Shanahan might be able to make him valuable in the passing game. Probably not though which means he would mostly be used as a kick returner. This would fill an area of need, has the potential for upside, and is affordable.

    Andre Holmes- I am thinking Kaepernick ends up as the QB next year. Every year since 2013 people have been saying he will be long gone and that it is a forgone conclusion, yet every year he ends up being the starter. Holmes would be a great target for Kaepernick in the end zone and would make Kaepernick look accurate because of his big catch radius.

    All my free agents would cost less than a combined 20-25 million of this years cap. Which is good because we don’t want to just blow all our cap space because we can. Each player would help improve the team a little bit in areas of need, who he would make us a 5-7 win team.

  25. TomD’s Background Info. on the (2) 4-3 coaches from the NYG’s:

    San Francisco 49ers poach former Giants staffers

    BY Pat Leonard follow


    Updated: Saturday, February 11, 2017, 1:47 AM

    Mayhew, 51, worked for one year with the Giants on all aspects of the salary cap, CBA compliance and player contract negotiations. Prior to that, the nine-year NFL veteran and former Washington Super Bowl champion (1991) had spent 15 years with the Detroit Lions, including the final seven as the club’s general manager.

    Zgonina, 46, played 17 years in the NFL and won the Super Bowl in 2000 with the St. Louis Rams. He also previously had been the assistant defensive line coach for the Houston Texans and J.J. Watt.

    Zgonina coached Jason Pierre-Paul, Johnathan Hankins (2nd Rd., 206), Owamagbe Ohdighizuwa and Damon Harrison last year.


    1. Mayhew, a GM, selected players for the 4-3, including Ndamukong Sue and Matthew Stafford:

      Database: Lions GM Martin Mayhew’s draft history

      Dave Birkett , Detroit Free Press Published 1:23 p.m. ET April 16, 2015 | Updated 1:56 p.m. ET Nov. 5, 2015

      Database: Lions GM Martin Mayhew’s draft history

      Dave Birkett , Detroit Free Press Published 1:23 p.m. ET April 16, 2015 | Updated 1:56 p.m. ET Nov. 5, 2015

    1. # 80,

      Some sources say the 49ers would only have to deal their 2nd Rd pick (# 34), unless Cleveland or the Titans get involved.

    2. Absolutely he was a second round pick to begin with so he had talent. Now he has experience in an NFL offense to go along with it.

  26. I’ve gone through potential names before and most have been said already above, so I won’t go through it again. But I think general strategy should be to sign guys going on second contracts, with maybe one or two older guys that can help install a culture.

    In terms of positions, FA should be used to address NT and interior OL as priorities. Obviously other positions as well, but those as priorities.

          1. Yeah. All I know is that the Falcons offense looked a lot better this year with Mack at centre. A good centre is an important get for the 49ers.

            1. Preaching to the choir, Scooter. I’ve wanted a nasty Center and NT for years. I truly believe in owning the middle rather than just giving it lip service like he who shall not be named…;>)

              1. I had hoped Kilgore might develop into a decent centre, but unfortunately he’s a below average starter. Good guy to have as a backup at OG/OC, but not a guy you want starting.

              2. That’s the problem. Most of this team is backups. I think we’re on the same page as far as rebuilding this offensive line as quickly as possible….

      1. I forgot to give the why.

        – Abry Jones: 49ers need a NT, and I think Poe and Williams could be too expensive. Jones is younger than those two and played well for the Jags this season. He offers a little bit of a pass rush from the NT spot to go along with his run stopping duties. He can team with Dorsey (who I think they should retain) as part of a NT/DL rotation. And he’ll come to the 49ers because the Jags have already invested a bit of money on the DL, so the 49ers can probably offer more.

        – JC Tretter: 49ers need an upgrade at centre, and Tretter is probably the best one on the market heading into his second contract. Packers have a few guys off contract and probably won’t be able to invest the same money into the position as the 49ers can. Working with a proven high quality OC like Shanahan will also be attractive.

        – John Simon: Solid all round OLB than is reportedly a very hard worker and good leader. Has experience in coverage, rushing the passer and playing the run, so could play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 (or hybrid of the two), likely as the SAM. He could come to the 49ers for the same reason as many – money – but also as a chance to be a leader of the team. At the Texans he is something of an afterthought behind guys like Watt, Clowney and Mercilus.

        – Kyle Juzsczyk: In my opinion one of the best all round FBs in the NFL. Good fit for Shanahan’s offense as a lead blocker as well as an option as a receiver, and can occasionally be given the ball on a run. Very smart guy as well, coming from the Ivy League. 49ers can likely offer him more than anywhere else, at a position that is often neglected these days.

        – Brandon LaFell: Solid pro that can team with Smith and Kerley (who they should re-sign) for a year or two until the 49ers find a true #1 WR. This addition will depend on what they intend to do in the draft – if they intend to draft a WR early, then probably pass on LaFell. The only real question mark I have is whether LaFell wants to play for a rebuilding team. He got spoiled at the Patriots, and I think he only comes to the 49ers if he can’t get interest from a contender.

  27. # 80,

    Predicting What a Trade for Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo Would Cost the 49ers

    by Peter Panacy 1 day agoFollow @peterpanacy

    Late last year, ESPN’s Adam Schefter (h/t WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan Show) reported the Pats were asking for a first- and a fourth-round pick as compensation.

    That’s an awfully steep price, especially considering Garoppolo has started just two games in his three-year career…

    1. Above Source:
      Fans will recall the 2013 trade that sent former quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs — a second-round pick (No. 34 overall) and a conditional third-round pick in 2014, which was upgraded to a Round 2 selection (No. 56 overall) when the Chiefs won more than eight games in 2013.

      If Clayton is right, the Niners could feasibly ship off their second-round pick from the 2017 draft (No. 34 overall) and a conditional third-round selection — perhaps from this year or next.

    2. You can’t always get what you want. Baalke wanted a 1st round pick for Staley. Speaking of Staley, he could be used in a potential Garoppolo trade.

      1. I drafted Bolles, OT, Utah to replace Brown at RT. Staley will need to be retained for at least another year, because I’m not sure Brown is anything more than a backup in this offense….

            1. Giants would make some sense. Basically any team that runs more of a power scheme. Not sure what sort of compensation they could get for him. Starting calibre OTs don’t usually come cheap. Especially ones that are young and still have two years on their first contract.

              1. Not following you guys. Brown did okay in Kelly’s zone scheme, so why would he necessarily be a bad fit for Shanahan’s scheme?

              2. Cubus, this OL line needs to be rebuilt. Athletic guys that can block on the move. Like Scooter said, Browns strength is Pass Pro and his limitations in movement in the running game are problematic….

              3. Well, I guess I’m a bit surprised because Kelly’s offense was run heavy and Brown beat out Anthony Davis for RT. I’m not so sure he isn’t worth another year.

                With regards to center, I agree 100%. The loss of Goodwin turned out to have a much bigger impact than I realized at the time, imo.

  28. San Francisco 49ers: De’Vondre Campbell, LB, Minnesota

    142. The 49ers still haven’t recovered from losing Patrick Willis and Chris Borland, so an inside linebacker is an option for them in any round.

  29. 1. AJ McCarron (trade not free agency) i think AJ could be a perfect QB in shanny’so offense.

    2. Pierre Garcon- could reunite with Shanny. Basically fazed out in DC. Could still be our #1.

    3. Robert Woods- Garcon woods and Kerley would be a more than adequate trio.

    4. Matt Schaub- could follow shanny and help tutor AJ

    5. best offensive lineman that fits Shanny’s scheme and is an upgrade for us.

    1. Sorry to see him go. A true 49er.

      I’m puzzled at replacing the fitness staff and equipment manager. Firing the equipment manager could be a strategic “get more of my people in the building” move.

      1. A lot of times jobs are promised for loyalties in the future, as was the case with Wrathman. I respect Shanny keeping his word, even though it’s a bit of buyers remorse….

  30. 1. Kirk Cousins if not franchised, if so then OLB C. Jones from Cardinals. Leg up he is a Divison player
    2. A.J. Bouye CB which will hold down our secondary for years as the green horns learn
    3. C. Campbell DE from Cards, it takes years to develope true 3-4 DE and he will add leadership, example and at least 2 years strength… O yeah, he nasty too, we need that badly.
    4. Kevin Zeitler Guard, Bangles if we get the QB we want this off season in Cousin or Garrapolo then we need insurance players.
    5. K. Shorts DT Panthers or D. Poe Cheifs, We where the saddest Run stuffing Defence in the NFL. They are a true 3-4 DT
    6. T. Pryor WR, better depth
    7. R. Wagner OT Ravens, we badly need depth

    if we have a first round pick then Draft MLB Frost

    1. Carrucci confirmed that it is indeed a popularity contest so the entire process is flawed. That’s why we have players like Jerome Bettis in the hall while true difference makers get left out. They really should clean out some of these bitter old guys who have lost touch with what the HOF is supposed to be for.

        1. You’re too funny. Now that the T.O. was a bad teammate idea is being beaten down as more and more players come out in his defense you’re changing your tune. Just give it up, you know he’s going to be inducted they’re only delaying it because they want to punish him.

              1. It’s Owen’s fault that McNabb choked in the SuperBowl? Owens production each season more then shows he did his part, you can’t win the games by yourself.

              2. No he should make the HOF because he was usually the best player on the field regardless of opponent or result.

              3. “he almost won a non-Wild-Card playoff game? Ha!”
                Receivers can’t win games by themselves. They can only catch the passes thrown their way and get as many yards after doing so and that’s exactly what Owens did for every team he played for and he did it better then almost every other receiver that’s ever played the game.

              4. The Eagles were 38-25-1 and never returned to the Superbowl for the 4 years McNabb was with them after dumping Owens but keep telling yourself he wasn’t a difference maker.

              5. The Eagles went to three straight NFC Championship games before he got there and made it to the Super Bowl without him in 2004. Not a difference maker.

              6. “and made it to the Super Bowl without him in 2004”

                WTF are you talking about? He played in 14 games that year put up 1200 yards and 14 freaking TD’s before breaking his leg and then still returned to play in the game and caught 9 balls for 122 yards. It’s one of his most amazing achievements, nice example.

              7. That team won 12 games the season before he got there. Then they won 13 games with TO the next season. Big improvement. Then they won their playoff games without him.

              8. “Grant Cohn February 12, 2017 at 5:29 pm
                The Eagles went to three straight NFC Championship games before he got there”

                So what you’re saying is that they couldn’t make it to the SuperBowl until he got to the them. Nope, you’re right, not a difference maker.

              9. But they did make it to the Super Bowl without him. He was injured in the playoffs. He never won a playoff game in Philly.

            1. Grant Cohn February 12, 2017 at 4:29 pm
              He will not be inducted.
              How do you like your crow? I’ll have it waiting for you.

              1. Wait until next year. If they let Moss in before Owens people will demand the system be changed.

              2. The longer T.O. is kept out the longer the attention will focus on the system and why he isn’t in. If less deserving or equally disruptive players especially of the same position are allowed in then there will be even louder protest. If they continue to act like children you’ll see the media call for boycotts of the HoF. Attendance will eventually start to drop off as people become disenchanted and have less respect for what the Hall of Fame is supposed to be, a collection of the best players to play the game. It could even get to the point that future wide receiver inductees choose not to receive the award until Owens is given his own bust. You’re being naive if you truly believe that fans and players are going to allow Owens to not be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Might as well just throw the whole thing away if you’re going to deny a player of his caliber.

                Even if Owens does eventually get in It’s only a matter of time before people get tired of hearing about stories of personal grudges and feelings coming into the process and demand that something new is created. It’s never made a shred of sense to have journalists have anything to do with selecting which players deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Giving the power to fans would be just as much of a popularity contest so give it to the people with the best point of view for deciding who belongs; current Hall of Famers. They should create a committee with current inductees representing their positions. Create one spot for each position. I think if they want to continue having a local journalist present the nominee then that actually makes a lot of sense. Just keep those guys out of the voting because clearly it’s nothing more then a power trip for them.

              3. “It’s never made a shred of sense to have journalists have anything to do with selecting which players deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.”


              4. An opinion on TO from a HOF voter Paul Domowitch) and somebody who actually covered him, which most of the voters can’t claim:

                “I understand people’s reservations about his disruptive behavior. Totally understand. No one disputes he had his disruptive moments. But being second all-time in receiving yards and third in receiving touchdowns—those are Ruthian numbers. We’re keeping him out of the Hall of Fame because of some disruptive incidents with teammates? Most of the people keeping him out of the Hall didn’t cover him. I did. What he did most often was hardly the work of a person who doesn’t care. I don’t think you play the Super Bowl with a broken bone in your leg, and you catch nine balls for over 100 yards … I mean, that’s not something you do if you don’t care. Now what concerns me is how entrenched some people seem.”

                From Peter King (also a HOF voter):

                The man who presented T.O.’s case in front of the Hall’s 47 other selectors, Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News, was befuddled (as was I) at the overwhelming importance apparently placed on his behavior versus his performance. Owens is second all-time in receiving yardage in NFL history, and third in receiving touchdowns.

                The next 49 weeks will have a way of calming some troubled waters. I still don’t think it’ll be enough to get Owens in next year in a starry class, but I hope I’m wrong.


                Two voters befuddled over the inability of other voters to get past disruptive behavior and induct a clear HOF talent. Nothing but preconceived bias from people who didn’t even cover the guy while he was playing and are ignoring the opinions of those who both did cover him and played with him. Shameful and flawed process that needs to be revamped.

        2. Yeah, I remember that win. He caught the game winning TD from Young. Young, a guy who said TO should be in the HOF.

          I still remember him crying because he loved the game and he wanted to win as much as anybody.

          I also remember TO busting his azz to play in the SB. He would have been SB MVP if he had a QB that didn’t puke due to nerves. And of course the Patriots cheated.

            1. My bad. You were talking about this win.


              “But as the Giants collapsed around them, Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens measured up to their franchise’s greats in one of the most
              exciting episodes in the 49ers’ long playoff history.”

              “Garcia was incredible, but Owens was just as good. He caught TD

              1. That was the one win. And it was in the Wild Card round. He never won a divisional or championship playoff game as a No. 1 WR even though he played for good teams. Not a difference maker.

        3. I checked the thread and I think I’m in context this time….., and I have to disagree. I think TO was a difference maker. A major threat to every defense. Who matched up with him? Too big, too strong too fast.

          1. He played for good teams and won just one playoff game as a No. 1 receiver. He got a ton of targets and dropped a lot of passes. Like a high-volume low-percentage shooter in basketball.

            1. You seem really fixed on the WR2 aspect.
              John Stallworth WR2 Hall of Fame
              Who was 1 and who was 2 with Branch and Belinikoff? And how do you quantify that? Catches? Targets? Yards? TDs?
              Holt or Bruce?
              My eyeball test tells me Owens kept DCs up at night.

              1. Trying to tie HOF worthiness to how well a players team did in the playoffs is weak Grant. Again the HOF has a lot of players who didn’t win much but their ability as individuals was HOF worthy. Football is a team sport and many great players in league history didn’t win a SB or Championship game. Owens was a dynamic player who forced defenses to change their game to deal with him and still put up astronomical numbers. He is a no doubt HOF.

        4. I didn’t realize football was no longer a team sport Grant. We are talking about one of the best WR’s in the history of football. He forced defenses to account for him and they still couldn’t stop him. Cut out all the BS being thrown out there like: teams didn’t want him, he was a bad teammate, didn’t win a SB etc. If you look at the HOF it’s filled with players who weren’t half the player TO was, and many who had a lot of problems both on the field and off. There is no justifiable argument that can be made against TO the player.

          The story voters are hiding behind is that teams wanted to get rid of him and it’s simply not true. The Niners didn’t want to get rid of him. He voided his contract and forced his way out. The Eagles didn’t want to get rid of him. They just didn’t want to pay him what his production dictated he should be paid and eventually gave up and moved on. Jerry Jones has said TO is a HOF. Steve Young has said TO is a HOF. Both are men who were close to these situations in which Owens was supposedly a bad teammate and cancer, and yet here they are telling you he is a HOF.

          This is nothing but the personal feelings of disgruntled voters who don’t like the guy and are incapable of separating the off field behavior from the play on it.

            1. They don’t like him personally. The only silliness here is trying to argue that the WR who is second in yardage and TD’s in the history of the game was not a difference maker.

              1. How do I know? They have kept a no doubt HOF talent out of the hall because they can’t past his disruptive behavior. That is focusing on the person; not the player.

              2. Rice was a winner. TO was a loser who caught only 57 percent of his targets during his career. Bad hands.

              3. His behavior should not supersede his on field accomplishments, especially when former teammates and an owner are saying he should be in. The hall is full of players with issues and much lesser talent than Owens. Trying to argue the WR with the second most yardage and TD’s in the history of the game doesn’t belong in the HOF is ludicrous. It’s personal feelings getting in the way of common sense.

              4. Rice was on some of the greatest teams of all time. He also Joe and Steve for most of his career. Oh, and having Taylor and Jones helped.

              5. He wasn’t a loser. His teams made the playoff 8 times. Many of those teams in SF were also not very good.

              6. How did they do in the playoffs when he was the No. 1 receiver? The SF teams were not bad.

                Having a great WR won’t overcome a better team in the playoffs. The SF teams were not overly talented and over achieved which is why the entire thing was gutted not long after Owens left.

              7. The 2001 49ers’ defense ranked 13th and that team lost in the first round of the playoffs after their offense scored 15 points and Owens gained 40 yards. Not a difference maker.

              1. Really? Lowell hasn’t weighed in on this at all? I find that surprising and would be really surprised if he didn’t share the same view as his good friend Ira who can’t stand Owens.

              2. I know my dad always liked what TO did on the star in Dallas, though.
                Trust me, we all did. :)

              3. “See, the worst crime an athlete can commit is to get in the way of a sportswriter and his God-given right to a good quote. From John Taylor to Barry Bonds, the media reserve their highest level of savagery for those players who don’t provide them with instant access to the depths of their psyches — on demand and before deadline.”



      1. I get what you are saying, but Bettis isn’t in the HOF just because it is a popularity contest. He earned it. Heck of a player.

        1. I have to disagree Scooter. Bettis was a good solid player. He also was a compiler who finished with a 3.9 ypc. He belongs in the Hall of very good, not the Hall of fame imo, but then again there are a lot of players that fit that description which is part of the problem with the NFL HOF.

          1. People that think Bettis was only very good often cite his 3.9 ypc. But they forget Bettis was a consistent 3.9 ypc getter. He wasn’t flashy, and didn’t rattle off many 10+ yard gainers, but he consistently helped move the chains. He was a great bell cow RB, which is why he is ranked #6 all time in rushing yards.

            1. No argument with that but to me the HOF should be reserved for the truly elite talents that have come through the league. Bettis was a good player who did his job, but his best trait was his longevity that allowed him to keep compiling yards long after he was past his prime. He’s certainly not the only one I would put in this category. There are a lot of players in the hall who really don’t belong but were memorable enough in some way to have voters put them in.

              1. His longevity was partly a factor of his ability to avoid taking big hits using his light feet (for his size) and by making himself skinny when he needed to.

                I also think you should look back at who the QBs were on those Steelers teams he played in. He was the offense. Defenses knew the Steelers would ride Bettis all day long. And he still consistently produced. He actually was a playmaker for the Steelers. Its just his playmaking came in small yardage chunks.

    2. Roger Craig deserves to be in the HOF before Owens. Roger Craig was the first player to rush for 1000 yards and receive 1000 yards. He was a 4 time Pro bowler in 2 different positions which showed his versatility. He is not in because Rice, Montana and others captured the limelight, but he also has 3 rings and helped win those SBs with dazzling performances.

      Roger Craig has also behaved like a HOFer, both on and off the field. That is something TO cannot claim.

      I suppose TO will get in on the last year of eligibility, but Roger Craig deserves to be in next year.

  31. Any other gamers on here? Just tried out the For Honor Beta and before I knew it, 2 hours flew by. Pretty fun, but I suspect it will grow repetitive after a couple of weeks….

    1. I used to play Madden. I still play some of the new games with my nephews. They smoke me in shooter games, but I beat them 90% of the time at sports games.

      1. I haven’t played a new Madden in years. I keep waiting for the 49ers to win a Super Bowl, and then getting the following year Madden. With Shanny’s new offense, I might get the new one if we grab Garropolupe!

        1. Yeah, I’d probably get that one too. I used to play the MUT mode. In MUT you get to pick your own players and offensive and defensive playbooks. You can buy them with coins you earn from playing head to head or completing solo challenges. It’s a fun game mode for an arm chair GM like myself.

    2. I’m a gamer. My Afternoon Bocce Ball club is my game. We call ourselves that so we can occaisionally include a Nebbiolo or Montipulciano with our efforts (not appropriate before lunch were told.)

        1. If you haven’t played the xcom games you should give them a go. Good turn-based strategy games. Xcom 2 really ramped up the difficulty from the first game, its quite challenging.

  32. Lots of names that have been said previously but in the spirit of the topic:

    1) JC Tretter – C
    2) Johnathan Hankins – DT
    3) Mike Glennon – QB
    4) Zach Brown – LB
    5) Melvin Ingram – LB

    1. Rocket

      The ‘Sharpie’ incident was both funny and tragic….HOF voters stopped looking at him as a serious candidate….TO’s numbers make the HOF a virtual travesty….VOTE HIM IN ! He earned it !

  33. http://www.49erswebzone.com/commentary/1656-making-up-for-lost-time/

    “More importantly, he’d done so by taking the West Coast Offense—the Niners’ glorious identity—to heights that Bill Walsh would’ve never imagined. He thus was the perfect choice to lead the Niners into the future. He’d stand on the shoulders of his predecessors, but with the innovative vision he’d need to surpass them.”

    “With all due respect to head coach George Seifert, it was Mike Shanahan who’d led the Niners to their fifth Super Bowl title, a league record to that point. Shanahan’s offensive chops had been proven long before; the Niners had led the league in points and yards in each of his first two seasons. But it was in ’94 that the offense reached historic heights. The Niners scored 505 points, another league record to that point.”

  34. Simple: No ACL’s, poor character guys or criminals with a focus on quality skill position players. Just about any free agent will help this team it is in need of serious competition.

  35. Okay, but you should have begun with trades. This is based on not giving up major draft capital for a player who couldn’t stay healthy for two games. 5 isn’t enough.

    1. Taylor Gabriel, WR, Atalanta Falcons. RFA Only if the tag is not too high. Knows
    system, ranks with Jefferey. Makes things possible for T. Smith.

    1a Adam Thielen, WR, Minnesota Vikings. Cheaper, about to be a Jordy Nelson.

    2. Chris Baker, DT, Washington Redskins. $3mm last year, due a raise, no injuries. 29,
    long term deal. 3-4 or 4-3 clogger, who can sack too. Poe will stay in KC.

    3. Zach Brown, ILB, Buffalo Bills. Slightly better stats than Hightower, less money in
    2016 than Michael Wilhoite. Pats will keep Hightower. Makes the draft much more
    selective. Bowman is the best but those injuries just can’t be trusted. Bowman could
    take some snaps off, share with a rookie. Ray Ray Armstrong backs up as well.

    4. James Develin, FB, New England Patriots. Converted DE. Played 30% of the snaps.
    0 yards rushing, -18 yards receiving. Incentive to be more involved, better than a
    rookie. Likes to win.

    5. Jeremy Kerley, WR, SF 49ers. See stats 2016. Compliments Gabriel / Thielen and
    Smith. Ellington just can’t cut it. Patton is intriguing but so far a fizzle. Need the
    slot guy.

    6. Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Cincinnati Bengals. Good size, good value, consistent, 3 picks.

    7. Christian Ponder, QB, SF 49ers. Gonna surprise, smart, accurate, quick release.
    Fit TBD.

    8. Matt Schaub, QB, Atlanta Falcons. Gotta have someone who knows the system. Fit

    1. Pity but this might be best. Clear the building and start fresh.Its important Shanny has his guys leading the way. One new voice, no carry over.

    2. What a classy individual. Wanted to do the best thing for the team.

      I wish him well and bet he does not stay unemployed long.

      Niners were ranked 4th in rushing last season.

            1. I also farted 10 minutes ago, what’s your point?
              Somehow you think by me saying that many moons ago shames me.
              Why you are so stupid is that it means he is a has been, a flash in the pan!
              But keep trying to use my words against me, it only shows how you got no come back or facts to prove anything about old wind up!

              1. You are so predictable. As soon as Shanny cuts old wind up loose, your tune will instantly change to a)it was best for Kap to move on or b)Shanny will regret cutting Kap. He’s gonna haunt the Niners, blah, blah, cry boo hoo!
                I can’t wait to stuff you full of crow when Kap gets the pink slip!
                Make sure you are around, don’t be getting banned!

      1. Tom R stated the last two tumultuous offseason that he had no interest I. Any co-ordinator position, he only wanted to coach RBs. Now one narrative has it he’d rather shop around than coach a different position group. That’s ok. No taint on his rep or resume.

  36. would like to see Shanahan bring with him some of his players. Fb dim arco, WRs garçon and Gabriel , backup qb Hoyer, and let the niners then trade whatever is asked to get a franchise qb. Either Garrapolo or Cousins. Then the niners need to realistically evaluate declining players like Reid and Brock, and go get there replacements in the draft.

  37. Seb… Quit wasting 02…Kap will be gone by Apr at the latest, would never fit in KS offense. He’d be smart to move along and get his career started as a perennial back up somewhere else…

    1. Sorry, but I am optimistic that KS will finally be able to utilize Kaep properly, since he likes mobility. Mobility entails escapability, to extend plays and avid sacks, so the receivers get open. The threat to run will allow Kaep to convert third downs with his legs, something he did a lot last season, despite the score.

      I actually think that Kaep will be an ideal fit with KS’s system.

      No, Kaep is presently the starter, and once they watch ALL of his film, they will see a QB who can make jaw dropping throws that very few Qbs would even attempt, much less make.

      Kaep throwing for 400 yards destroyed the narrative that he is inaccurate, and that game against the Rams showed them a player who has a strong will to win. Kaep displayed leadership, and was clutch.

      With a better team around him, he will do even better. Now that Baalke is gone, Kaep will feel wanted and appreciated. Constant change of the coaches will not help build continuity, and changing QBs will just mean starting all over again.

        1. Maybe Seb and prime are the same? Instead of seb and razor.

          What feeds the ego more? Having your comment start a thread and then someone keeps it going or someone agrees. If someone agrees it feels good but your point is over. If someone validates you by going back and forth with you. It makes you feel as though your point was really important. That’s kinda what we all do for grant by arguing his points.

          Sorry for detour. I will miss rathman as a Coach. It’s awesome to hear that he as a coach is striving to win a super bowl. He is still yearning for another taste. I also don’t mind Shanahan bringing in his own guy if he is better. I don’t know much about turner. Some others might have a stronger opinion about him. But he is 67 years old. That’s retirement age. I want someone around for 5-10 years. Not 5-10 months.

      1. Yeah you said the exact same thing about Kelly and Kap. Look how that turned out. Keep the optimism up, its gonna crash you hard son in about 1 month or less!

        1. Kelly actually had Kaep playing well. The problem was that Baalke did not give him enough talented players, and it showed, especially on defense.

          No, I am not going to get all emo like you do. I will just wish him well and move on.

          So according to you, I am not allowed to want the Niners to do well? Some fan you are.

          1. But now with a rebuilt roster suddenly Kap will be better under Shanny with less talent?
            You’ll wish him well after you’ve basically harped daily how they would be foolish to not bring him back?
            Just be around to eat your crow Sebnnoying!

            1. Prime, now that Baalke is gone, Lynch has the opportunity to sign decent free agents.That, coupled with a strong draft position, gives me hope.

              Keep raging. I will just be cheering for the Niners to start winning games. I also think Kaep is the best quarterback to do the job, but keep posting. Cant wait to use your own words against you.

              Remember, Kaep once took the league by storm.

      2. Your predictable screed of seb-n-yawn words and worn-out ideas are transparent nonsense, even though you confuse them for reality itself.They are merely the wall paper of your silly world.I think that you are profoundly delusional and I say that with concern, because it’s clear you are so wrapped up in the fictions of your ego-persona and in defending those dunce-cap projections that you can’t even see out the windows of your own room. The compulsive repetition of the same cliched formulas do not give you authenticity. In fact, just the opposite. That echoing blather just reveals the speaker to be a kind of demented narcissist who cannot bear to have his narrative exposed for what it is — adolescent hero worship — and whose primary relationship with others is always an antagonistic one. That is why you have no credibility, and no, no one is trolling you, you are a self-made clown.

  38. You know, I was thinking that Waldorf was full of it when stating that he attended games during the “Glory years”. My bet would be that he’s never seen the inside of the ‘Stick. Then I thought about this guy that sat a few rows behind my seats, the seats I sat in for 39 years, Section 27 Lower East, row 38, seats 1 and 2. Real weirdo. Hippyish. So this guy held up a sign during the 1980 season that said “Bring back McCulley and DeBerg”. I swear. He held up and yelled other idiotic things during the “Glory years”. He yelled that Joe was a bum and Walsh didn’t know what he was doing. He constantly yelled for Steve DeBerg, who was in essence an early day Kraep. He yelled bring back Pete!!! I swear. It’s true. So similar to the yelling for Chip and Kraep. Wally, was that you? It’s too weird to be a coincidence. I think you were sitting right behind me. My God, you were wrong then, and behold, you are wrong now. Either that, or like I originally thought, and am probably correct in my belief that you have never seen the inside of the ‘Stick. Yea, that’s it. Can’t wait to sing “Ding Dong, the witch is dead” out there in Sebpotstoseed! It’s gonna be great. Like Joe and Bill, not Pete and Steve!! LOL

    1. Gnomo, I think you are going off the deep end. I consider myself very fortunate to have witnessed those Glory Years, and I was there when they sucked and the Stick was almost empty in the late ’70s. I saw the inception, and saw the end.

      I also consider myself fortunate to have been able to watch the master at work, and took Binoculars just to watch him spin his magic. I certainly was not calling for Walsh to be replaced by the old coaches like O’Connor. I was very pleased to see the improvement in the offense, but was frustrated by the way the defense would always give up the lead at the end of the games. I was there in section 10, thankful to be under the overhang, watching the poor fans on the east side get soaked while I stayed high and dry.

      I really started believing when the Niners played the Saints, and came back from being down 35-7. Back then, the beer hawkers would walk the aisles, so when the Niners scored I would ask for another beer. Eventually, he just camped out at the end of my row and kept them coming. Joe kept scoring so fast, I had to chug my beers. Thank God I was not the designated driver that day.

      So no, I was not that guy behind you. I was happy that Walsh was the coach, and thought that Montana was the real deal. I was also at the Stick when the Joe Versus Steve turmoil was going on. The biggest fights happened when the Raiders came to play.

      Sounds like you are raving. You must have been severely disappointed when you expected Lynch and KS to declare they were moving on from Kaep, but actually heard that they would study film and make a football decision. It must have been a real kick in the teeth to hear KS talk about Kaep being a Super Bowl Quarterback and mention mobility, and I could not be happier.

      I was there, when we finally beat the dreaded Cowboys and thought that they would mount a last second comeback, but failed. My wife said that I could hardly speak for 2 days after, because I yelled my lungs out cheering for my team.

      As a fan, I feel very fortunate to have witnessed in person ‘The Catch’., and also ‘The Play’ when Cal beat Stanford and ruined John Elway’s last game. Not many can make that claim.

      Believe what you will. I cannot make you see the truth when you turn a blind eye to it. Be a belligerent ignorant bloviator. Hate everything because your life sucks and you want to make others as miserable as you are. Hate Kaep, but your hate just defines you. Name callers think they are smart, but give a very different impression.

      1. I was there for those rain soaked games in 77-78-79 also. My seats were nosebleeds in section 55, but we’d just go down to the 50 yard line and sit wherever we liked, and I never left until the game was over. Didn’t miss many games through the 80’s, by then we were in section 30, UR, loved those seats, just about the 5 yard line. Not many bad seats in the house, except behind the pillars in the top of LR. I miss the Stick.

        1. Our first year as season ticket holders was 1978. Upper deck Section 38. My one memory from 1978 is the time when some fans unfurled a large banner saying “Blame Joe Thomas” towards the end of that 2-14 season. Luckily Eddie agreed with those fans and booted Thomas out after the season.

          Beginning in 1979 (Walsh’s first year) We moved to what were our seats for the next 30 years. Upper Deck Section 14. Third row from the top. Under the candlestick overhang so we never needed to worry about rain for the next 30 years. We got to know a bunch of other season ticket holders around us and enjoyed watching the great Walsh and Siefert teams from those seats. Loved those seats. There was never any question of moving from those seats because in those days there was a 30,000 seat strong waiting list for season tickets.

          After the York family took over ownership and destroyed the great franchise, we started getting offers of better seats. We finally decided to move to section 22. Just under the press box. That where we were when the stick era came to an end on December 23 2013. Navorro Bowman returned a kick 90 yards to seal a win and bring down the curtain on the Stick.

          1. I became a season ticket holder because my bro in law could not find anyone else to go to the games. Boy, back then, you knew the Niners were going to lose before you got out of the car. I took them over when my sister got them in the divorce. Too bad we lost them during one of the last recessions, but I had to think of paying for college for my 3 kids.

            Have not stepped into Levi’s, and do not plan to.

            I sure miss the Stick, too. We would go all out with the tail gating. Fired up the barbie with mouth watering sumptuous feats, and plenty of liquid refreshments. Many times, we would not fight the traffic, fire up the barbie again, drink sodas if you were the designated driver, and toss the football around for about an hour after the game.

  39. Rex Burkhead – Good situational back that can add some good depth at RB.

    Brian Schwenke – Young and capable center lost to injury in 2016 could come at a bargain.

    *Melvin Ingram – Up and coming pass force who would be a great fit in a 3-4.

    **Kawaan Short – One of the best options at DT on the market and a good 4-3 fit.

    Logan Ryan – Physical CB that had 11 Pdef in 2016.

    Kyle Juszczyk- Easily the best FB on the market and would add a dimension to the new offense.

    * contingent on a 3-4 defense; cancels out the signing of Short

    1. A month or two ago Scooter mentioned an OLB that the 49ers could target in the mid rounds of the upcoming draft…

      Does anybody recall who not was that he mentioned? I wanted to watch his film again. I’m also putting together a “wish list” for the draft and I’d like to add him to it

      1. That was either Joe Mathis from Washington or Jordan Willis from Kansas State. Both will be good value in the mid rounds.

        1. Joe Mathis, that’s the one.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if his combine numbers bump him up to having a third round grade. Though, having only 6 games for scouts to watch (injury) I would think drafting him any higher than that would be too great a risk

        1. Is Ingram really “up and coming”? He’ll be 28 at the start of the season and in his sixth year he is already a pretty well established pass rusher. Not sure there is much improvement left in him.

          1. True. I was trying to point out that he is a player most fans may have not really known about before 2016.

  40. LOL! Sure you did! And I was sitting right next to Neil Armstrong on Apollo 11! Like that great scene in Animal House when they had the student court, I’ll sneeze “bull….! ” on that one! Don’t believe it!

    1. Worst thing that can happen for him is to go that high, it’ll mean he ends up on a QB needy team and will have to start sooner then he should.

      Still he is the best QB prospect in this draft.

      1. I shouldn’t say QB needy team is the problem, but instead getting drafted that high means the team will likely want to recoup that cost sooner then later.

      1. Won’t surprise me if Mahomes is taken in the first round, along with 3 other QB’s. But you’re right, the hype on him in the top 3 is something the 49ers hope will manifest itself on draft day. We’re open for trades…;>)

      2. Not really, he probably wont be the third QB taken but will be the 4th and it’s very possible that he doesn’t make it past Houston in the first round, that ‘s not the first time I’ve heard they are very interested in him.

        1. If I lean over and ask you if you’d like me to get on the phone with the Raiders, and attempt to trade up from pick 34 to procure Mahomes, what would your answer be?

          1. Nope, I’m sticking to not using anything higher then pick #60 on him. In terms of this year the highest draft pick I would use on a QB would be to trade #34 for Garappolo. For Mahomes I’d either take him with our natural 3rd round pick or trade our 3rd and 6th to get up to around #60 to get him. If we were a balanced team looking for a QB prospect to groom and didn’t have any major needs I might be willing to reach a little bit for him but that’s not who we are this year.

      1. Actually they have a need for DL and it’s a problem that they’ll ignore the need simply because of recent draft history from the former regime.

        1. The need is amplified due to the injury of Armstead, which I believe was a similar injury that Cowboy experienced against the Patriots. He might be ready by September, but chances are his strength is nowhere near where it was in training camp last year. He was freakin’ ripped!

    1. Do you not understand that the only job in football that Rathman wants is to coach running backs. Respect Rathman for who is says that he is.

      1. htwaits: I have not discussed Rathman’s ambitions with him personally so I can’t shed light on that part of your comment. What I will tell you is I believe Rathman has more overall experience in the NFL than Lynch, has played on championship teams as well, and is of great character. I do most certainly respect Rathman as a person and secondly as a former player. For you to assume I do not is irrational and uninformed. More than once I expressed interest in the possibility Rathman might make a good Head Coach for the 49ers.

  41. Everyone loves Rathman, but why? He was never a guy “out front”, clearly a solid guy but don’t forget “everyone to the parking lot”. Rathman allowed the ping-pong table, he wasn’t in there setting the tone.

    You’re gone Bro.

    1. I thought he did a masterful job when they gave him cut couch potatoes and he actually had them playing decently well. I do not blame him for the Hayne cutting and benching, that was all Baalke.

  42. This is, of course, without franchise tag considerations, and is in no particular order.

    1) Terrelle Pryor – 78.6 PFF rating, could be that premier X receiver KS loves
    1a) If not Pryor, Patterson, Quick, Floyd or Hunter as low cost options who at least fit the mold of KS premier X receiver.
    2) Trade 6th rounder for Mychal Kendrick – would be a great compliment to Bowman
    3) Brian Hoyer – Comparable career starting stats to Cutler, would come much cheaper, better guy and has history with KS.
    4) If 3-4 defense, spend big on Ingram, if not, go with Trumaine Johnson.
    5) Don’t spend big on a NT. Good NT can be found often in the mid rounds of the draft.

  43. I know how go get past this hullaballoo of whether or not TO is a Hall of Famer.

    Give Trent Baalke a call. Ask for his opinions about which WR’s are HOF material.

    (Top 5) FA list for 49ers.

    1.DeShean Jackson, Wash.
    2 Le’Veon Bell, Pitt. (Hyde’s Mr. Crystal–fragile–Handle with Care)
    3.Melvin Ingram (SD) Sack Artist–Want Brady to get rid of the football on checdowns, hire this guy.
    4.Sebastian Vollmer (If you can’t trust Baalke’s Skill position breakdowns, how can you trust the guys he drafted to protect them ?
    5. Guard: J.C. Tretter Free Agency: Re-sign the oft-injured center?…TomD’s Answer to this is a R-e-s-o-u-n-d-I-n-g NO !!!
    49ers rid yourself of the Baalke ACL stategy and sign Kevin Zeitler, one of the top G’s in the NFL.



    February 12, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    You know, I was thinking that Waldorf was full of it when stating that he attended games during the “Glory years”. My bet would be that he’s never seen the inside of the ‘Stick. Then I thought about this guy that sat a few rows behind my seats, the seats I sat in for 39 years, Section 27 Lower East, row 38, seats 1 and 2. Real weirdo. Hippyish. So this guy held up a sign during the 1980 season that said “Bring back McCulley and DeBerg”. I swear. He held up and yelled other idiotic things during the “Glory years”. He yelled that Joe was a bum and Walsh didn’t know what he was doing. He constantly yelled for Steve DeBerg, who was in essence an early day Kraep. He yelled bring back Pete!!! I swear. It’s true. So similar to the yelling for Chip and Kraep. Wally, was that you? It’s too weird to be a coincidence. I think you were sitting right behind me. My God, you were wrong then, and behold, you are wrong now. Either that, or like I originally thought, and am probably correct in my belief that you have never seen the inside of the ‘Stick. Yea, that’s it. Can’t wait to sing “Ding Dong, the witch is dead” out there in Sebpotstoseed! It’s gonna be great. Like Joe and Bill, not Pete and Steve!! LOL

    1. Juanhunglo:

      Not sure if you remember Seb groveling with Grant for more favorable Jarryd Hayne articles. He was let go under some false Olympic tryout scenario–a CYA move by Baalke– no one resigned this sorry Baalke FA either and he never qualified for the Olympics either. Like Kraep, any perceived negativity toward his other idol was met with the worst kind of vitriol.
      Of course, Seb champions himself for his lack of profane language. If you had met the hypocrite before this year you would have met Seb’s evil twin–Mr. Profane himself.
      And Seb has 3 or 4 alteregos on this site who all chime in on the vitriol feeding frenzy when one of his idols ( past, present or future draftees) is called out…

  45. I saw my share of games at Candlestick, but I wasn’t a Season Ticket holder. I wasn’t at the stick for The Catch game, so I can’t say who was and wasn’t, but if everybody who claims to have been there actually was there, the crowd would’ve been a quarter million or so.

    1. I saw a few as well and while I appreciate the history at the stick, the place was a dump and a pain in the ass to get in an out of. I had the misfortune of going to a game and getting stuck in a flood one year.

      1. R.

        Some one in my family has had season tickets from the beginning. First my uncle, then they became mine in 1978 until 2001 when they became my nephews. Everyone has their own expereinces, for me and my family nothing beats Candelstick for being a great place to watch football, to say nothing about what great to tailgate . It was a place where the team had a real home field advantage, other teams did not want to play there, to damp, to windy etc.
        I for one miss it a lot.

        1. hacksaw,

          It’s the memories that make it special and your personal experiences. The Stadium itself was really poor and in a less than ideal location imo. I enjoyed the games I went to because I was watching my Niners play, but I would get that feeling anywhere I watched them.

    2. Easily a quarter million. I missed that one, but caught many good ones as the 80s unfolded. Was at the Raiders/Dolphins ‘Sea of Hands’ playoff game in 1974. Was seated in the end zone where the catch was made.

  46. He’d just finished directing one of the greatest offenses in the history of the game, taking it all the way to the Super Bowl. More importantly, he’d done so by taking the West Coast Offense—the Niners’ glorious identity—to heights that Bill Walsh would’ve never imagined. He thus was the perfect choice to lead the Niners into the future. He’d stand on the shoulders of his predecessors, but with the innovative vision he’d need to surpass them.

    He was the perfect choice to lead the Niners.

    But Shanahan got away, and the Niners were never the same again.

    With all due respect to head coach George Seifert, it was Shanahan who’d led the Niners to their fifth Super Bowl title, a league record to that point. Shanahan’s offensive chops had been proven long before…

    Contrary to popular belief, Walsh didn’t invent the pass-first offense; Sid Gillman had done that 20 years earlier. What Walsh invented was the pass-first, ball-control offense. Whereas Gillman had stretched the field vertically with a high-risk, high-reward passing game, Walsh stretched it horizontally, replacing “safe” runs with passes that were equally safe, but more effective…

    It was Shanahan who made it lethal.

    Years of failure until….

    Now, at last, the Niners have hired Shanahan


    1. *The parallels are downright spooky. He just finished directing one of the greatest offenses in the history of the game; the Falcons scored 540 points, seventh-most all-time. More importantly, he did so with the most innovative WCO since Walsh’s original. He’s kept the vertical stretch and zone rushing attack, but he’s added a dizzying assortment of formations and alignments, none of which provides the slightest hint as to whether the play is run or pass. It’s the WCO, but make no mistake: this is the scheme in its highest form yet.

  47. LOL! Thanks Tommy! I like to have fun with the little man. I just laugh every time I read his ridiculous, factless justifications for keeping Kraep. “Lynch had a meeting with him”. Thats a biggie! I would venture to guess that Lynch meets with all players under contract. “Kyle is going to watch film on Kraep”. That ought to take about 5 minutes! Our little friend better hope that the film is lost! And on and on! Look, everyone knows the Niners are literally praying on their knees that Kraep ops out of his contract at the beginning of March. That alleviates the entire headache of Kraep immediately and John and Kyle can move on without having to cut him, which they will do before April anyway so they don’t get stuck with a lousy QB with a huge contract. They’ll eat the 3-4 million Kraep will get. Worth it to get rid of the headache. Kyle wants his guy in there. Whether it’s Cousins, or Schaub, or pretty much anyone else. I’ve stated many times that the latter is the most probable because NOBODY wants to deal with the headache and baggage that comes with Kraep. He’s not anywhere in the vicinity of being good enough. Therefore, the Niners will have him under contract and will cut him before April so not to get stuck with a Kraeppy QB with a 14-15 million dollar contract. In the meantime, their going to do all the politically correct things and meet with the players, say their going to study film before they make their decisions concerning players, Kraep include. He will be gone, one way or the other. As Paul Zimmer would say, “I guarantee it”!!

    1. Careful…I hear footsteps…I think one of Seb’s alteregos–Razor is about to attack you. Seb thinks he’s sly. This way, Seb can ask Grant to ban you by using one of his many alteregos, so he doesn’t get blamed !

  48. LOL! No worries TommyD! Anybody nutty enough to use multiple names on a sports blog should be the one who gets banned, and more importantly get some good professional mental health help as well. I think, in fact I know Grant is smart enough to decipher what’s going on.

    1. New 49ers Running Backs Coach Has Successful Record

      Veteran Bobby Turner has coached strong running teams in Denver and Atlanta and will take over for the departing Tom Rathman

      By Doug Williams

      Exemplary Jon Embree to advise Kyle Shanahan as the assistant head coach

      With people like Embree in the building, the 49ers can’t help but put together a decent coaching staff.
      By Kevin Lynch on February 13, 2017 at 4:28 AM

    2. Gnomo, if you can find some one else who writes like I do, I would like to know,but I find it ironic that the trolls use multiple accounts to attack me, but now accuse me of doing what they do.

      I am verbose, and unique.

  49. As the Giants make cuts today I’m reminded of why Mid February is still a bit too early to be making Free Agent/Draft prognostications. What a team looks like today isn’t what they’ll look like next week.

      1. We’re all just trying to get through that football jones, and this is the time of year where it gets tough. Some take it rougher than others, like Prime and go off the deep end. It’s exercises like these that prevent him, and others like him from having their mugshot ran on Channel 7 news….

          1. “My point is a team can change its look at any given time.”

            And my point is that’s obvious to the point of not being necessary to mention and at the same time everybody knows this is the time of year that teams experience the most flux.

  50. It is interesting to see all the Free agent candidates, but it might be unrealistic to target the top 15.

    Niners should look down further on the list, and even plumb the depths of that list. That way, the players will be less expensive, with high potential for improvement. They should look at players from 10 or more loss teams, and try to find that diamond in the rough.

    They should look for players who under achieved, and may have been a bad fit for their offensive or defensive schemes or systems, but may thrive in the new Niner system.

    However, Lynch should be aggressive, and try to land at least one big name player, just to show everyone he is serious about rebuilding the team. If he does not spend at least 80 mil, I will accuse him of being content to lose.

    Cowboy mentioned that the team has turned over 80 to 90% of the team. Actually, if you look at the Super bowl squad, only 3 active players are from that team. Kaep, Staley and Brooks. That is about 95%. I sure hope they move back to accumulate picks, because I agree that they should not pick another DL with the second overall pick.

  51. I’m willing to bet he’ll act as his own agent, because he’s gotten word that most of the owners will not even consider him for praying during the anthem…;>)

          1. Thanks, which player are you leaning towards with the 2nd pick? No trades, you have to pick, and Garrett is off the board. P.S. We got second tier F/A’s at the need positions….

            1. Hmm, that’s a tough one. With the hiring of Saleh as DC, the defense is probably going to shift to a 4-3. That would make Allen an ideal fit, but I am not sure I would go that route. Cook would be a great choice, but his character issues probably makes him a no-go with Shanahan and Lynch.
              I think I would go with Corey Davis or Jamal Adams, with consideration to Marshon Lattimore.

              1. Interesting and thoughtful answer, MWD. Thank you. I would be happy with Allen or Cook(who I have zero character concerns with). I’m leaning towards Cook because I think he could be a generational talent in Shanny’s offense. You make a good point about Allen, though. If indeed they do plan on switching, he would be make sense. My question is, if they were planning on going to a 4-3, why try to procure Fangio?

              2. Razor:

                Where did you hear that the 49ers were trying to procure Fangio? I think I heard that Fangio was interested, but not necessarily that the 49ers are. And I believe this interest by Fangio was mentioned before KS was actually hired, so it’s possible that KS never was interested.

              3. My guess is because Shanahan wanted a DC who, regardless of scheme implementation, incorporated a fast and physical defense that bends but does not break.

              4. Cubus, it was reported the 49ers requested to interview Fangio, but the Bears denied the request, which makes sense since the Bearst defense was middle of the pack despite the level of injuries it dealt with.

    1. Yep, reckon he got that injury in the final against Clemson. He came out of a tackle looking like he hurt his shoulder.

      This is something we both mentioned the other day – his play style isn’t conducive to a long career.

      If Cunningham had proper tackling technique he’d have been the #1 ILB prospect regardless. And technique is something that can be taught.

    1. At first look, I don’t like this hire. Especially since I didn’t see anything special or proven with jaguars linebackers. Must be something underneath.

        1. I wondered if part of the reason it was taking so long to find a DC was because they couldn’t find anyone that was going to be willing to give up the job title in a year.

      1. Steel it looks to be a pretty unknown staff. Guys that can teach and develop young talent. I like how all these guys are hand chosen by Shanahan.

        1. Prime,

          Seb would disagree with you.

          He’s still hoping for the return of Tomsula. Jarryd Hayne on offense taking the league by storm, and Kraepernick knocking out coaches on the sideline with his overthrown rocket balls.

      2. Yeah definitely not a “hot” name to bring in but what other options do they have this late in the game…

        While I’m not sold that Fangio makes grand return, I do think this is a interim hire until they can hit the coaching market early and hard next year, so I guess I’m okay with it for now. We’re in it for the long haul.

    2. This is their consolation prize for missing out on Bradley. They want to run that type of D, and need someone with a background in it.

      1. Yep. They were trying to get Bradley and when that fell through they moved on to people who Coached under him and/or Dan Quinn. What this means is they are likely going to be primarily a 4-3 under defense. This now makes the drafting of one of the FS prospects with the first pick a possibility imo.

          1. I think it does. Now the question is if Tartt is the right option at SS, or should they go after someone like Budda Baker or Jamal Adams.

              1. Not sure Lynch and Shanahan draft a SS late if they do not see Tartt as the right choice.

              1. Not sure Reid fits either. He has not been the same physical presence in the secondary since his string of concussions.

              2. I wouldn’t go that far. It needs to be shored up, but I think the 49ers are better than the 2-14 team of 2016.

              3. Yep, too many holes to fix in one go. So I think the areas that are ‘good enough for now’ won’t be tinkered with too much.

                Reid at SS I think will be good enough for now. Or Tartt. Or even Bethea.

              4. “I wouldn’t go that far. It needs to be shored up, but I think the 49ers are better than the 2-14 team of 2016.”

                I agree Mid. Injuries and poor coaching really hurt the D.

          2. Scooter,

            I don’t know if Ward fits the single high Safety needed for this type of system. He’s probably the best option we have currently, but the importance of that spot leads me to believe they may use a high pick on it or look in FA.

            Reid will be the SS and play closer to the LOS which will fit his skill set pretty well imo.

            1. We won’t know until he is given a chance. Ward has plenty enough speed for the spot, the question is whether he has the instincts. One thing I do like about him is he is a reliable tackler. That is good for a last line of defense.

              1. Good points Scooter. I just don’t see Ward as that type of player. I think he’s best as a slot CB personally.

              2. This is what Mike Mayock said about Ward when he was drafted:

                “He’s a true free safety. The concern is frame (5-foot-11, 193 pounds) and durability is an issue. He can play strong safety, but I worry about his frame over a 16-game season. This is a kid who’s a natural center fielder, but he’ll move up to make a play (against the run).”

      1. Kerley is going to be a good fit if the Niners can find that go to WR. I would have no problem with the 49ers going Corey Davis at #2 overall. I prefer Trubisky but with a WR core consisting of Torrey Smith, Kerley and Davis, that would be a good WR unit.

          1. Pocket presence, accuracy, intelligence, size, arm strength.
            All the makings of a WCO type QB.
            I know his lack of experience has people questioning him, but with a year watching and learning Shanny’s system, I think he could be a really good QB.

            We have to leave this offseason with the new triplets!

  52. Prime: If the 49ers pass up Mike Williams at #2, they will regret it. Other than Williams there is no wide receiver coming out I would take at #2.

    Why do you like Corey Davis better than Williams?

    1. Davis has more size on Williams I believe. He also runs a 4.4.
      And by all accounts scouts say Davis is the hardest working guy in the draft this year. I hope he does all the drills at the combine.

  53. Now that we have a general idea that the defense will be going to a 4-3 scheme, what players currently on the roster fit that scheme, and where will they be playing?

    1. Its worth noting the 4-3 scheme Bradley implements is a 4-3 under. Very similar to the 3-4 under Fangio ran with the 49ers.

      I expect the base DL will look like this:

      – RDE (7-tech): Lynch
      – RDT (3-tech): Buckner
      – LDT (1-tech): Whichever NT they bring in (Abry Jones is my guess)
      – LDE (5-tech): Armstead

      Bowman will be the Mike, Armstrong the Will, and they will likely bring in a SAM (John Simon is my guess). I expect they will draft a LB for competition and to hopefully beat out Armstrong. May also bring Hodges back for depth.

            1. Yep. Basically the same scheme, except in one the RDE has his hand in the ground and in the other he stands up.

              There is of course more to it than that, and Bradley’s scheme does mix things up, but in general very similar.

        1. See my response below to Mid. Don’t think of it as a true 4-3 DE role. Its more like the position Ray McDonald used to play under Fangio.

    2. Armstead/Buckner/*Allen*/Lynch is how I see the defensive front four on game day, with Dial where Allen is with what we have now….

      1. There was a lot of talk previously by fans saying Armstead would not fit a 4-3. Does the similarity of the 4-3 Saleh was in to Fangio’s 3-4 make Armstead a better fit?

          1. Razor,

            It’s flexible and you can give different looks obviously, but typically it is played with a cover 3 on the back end.

            1. 4/3 with Cover 3 back end bode well for an Allen or Hooker draft choice?

              I still like Buckner/Armstead over OT in base, inside on pass downs. Would it. be a waste of draft capital to move one or both 0 or 1 tech?

        1. Yes. He’d be playing as a 5-tech. Not a wide DE. Basically the same role he was brought in to play.

          However it wouldn’t surprise me if Dial beat him out for the role in the base D. He’s a good fit for that position.

              1. Not sure if I like Lynch as our “Freeney”. At times it seems he does not leave it all on the field.

              2. I think they’ll sign a SAM backer and draft a pass rusher in the mid rounds (really like Joe Mathis as a mid round pick). May also sign a relatively low cost vet pass rusher to rotate in. But Lynch will probably be the starter.

              3. I highly doubt the Patriots will let him walk Razor. They have the third most salary cap room and can use the franchise tag on Hightower if they are unable to agree on a new contract.

              4. Yea, I expect the Patriots to tag Hightower. I would be a bit surprised if they sign him to a long term deal, especially if they get another 2nd round pick for Garoppolupe….

              5. Mid, I think they will sign John Simon to play the SAM backer spot.

                As for vet pass rusher, I don’t know.

          1. If their foundation is a one gap where each man of that seven front is responsible for a gap, they better have a beast of a weak side linebacker….

            1. Don’t underestimate Ray Ray at the Will. He’s a solid tackler and can cover a lot of ground. He’s a converted safety that can run with WRs and can bang with TEs. Last year could have been a breakout year for him if he hadn’t got injured.

  54. The hiring of Saleh just reminds me of last year. Meh.

    If KS just concentrates on being the OC, he will be neglecting the defense.

    If the Niners had snagged Phillips or Bradley, they may have been OK, but grabbing an untested DC does not inspire confidence, just like O’Neil last year.

    KS should learn from history so he is not doomed to repeat it. If KS pulls another Chip, just expect another 2-14 record.

    KS is the HEAD COACH. He needs to focus on all phases of the game. KS needs to be intimately involved on solving the defensive woes. He needs to find an OC and delegate authority. Heck, maybe he should ask Chip to come back, because if he neglects the defense, Jed may fire him if they do not win a game next season.

    If KS wants to be the OC, he should have just stayed in Atlanta. However, he is now the HC, and he should realize that defense wins championships.

    1. Most agree that for 2017 Trubisky is a top 10 talent.

      The 49ers are switching to a 4-3 defense, hence their hiring of 17 year D-Lineman and NYG ex D-Line Coach, Jeff Zgonina.

      If the 49ers strike out on Cutler or Garoppolo, they would consider Trubisky.

      Otherwise, they draft Alabama D-Lineman, Johnathan Allen

      1. I don’t like the idea of drafting another defensive tackle in round 1. Especially Allen. That type of talent can be found in rounds 4-6.
        The first 2 days of the draft we need to leave with a combination of QB via trade or pick, WR, OLB or RB.

          1. BT and Tom I agree with both your posts.
            The current personnel could easily transition into the 4-3 so not sure why Allen is a day one need.
            Free agency should address more the defensive side of the ball as there is more pieces there that address our needs on defense.

            1. Prime
              I’m still rebooting and waiting for info on the D. Improving the middle and getting interior pressure is a goal. Is it NG? If it’s 4-3 they need speed at Mike that Bowman might not have.
              So: Poe, BWilliams, Hightower, Ingram, Eric Berry can play cover 1.
              They don’t have to be superstars to be upgrades. Zeitler on offense, but I don’t watch that much film.
              Again, when we look at it, they need help everywhere. Jack Hammer’s list looked pretty good, although not sold his WR. I’d be interested in Gabriel or Garçon if they’d accept Shanny’s QB room.
              Kyle and JL watching tape and going ‘Wow, really?’

              1. BT

                I don’t think that we need a center what with Kilgore, Beadles, and Balducci already on the roster…. Beadles and Balducci also depth at Guard….Zach Brown at ILB, w/Hodges, Melvin Ingram at OLB, Mike Glennon at QB,….I think he has better skills than Hoyer, Eric Berry all-time safety to work with Tarrtt when we waive or trade both Reid and Bethea

      1. Another IQ deficient delinguent Seb idolizer, how many accounts do they have, and when does their little yellow bus arrive for their medical appoinments ?

  55. Andes,

    Why have you come down from that altitude.

    Perhaps your brain’s in need of oxygen. Well, as you can see, this website is bursting with the wisdom of the ages. Perhaps you would be better served residing in Machu Piccu, only a short distance from you, and your ancestors could introduce you to Pizzaro again.

  56. Personal life[edit]

    Saleh and his wife, Sanaa, have four sons and one daughter.[2] Following the Super Bowl Victory Saleh’s hometown of Dearborn honored him with a key to the city and a proclamation for his achievements.[3]

    1. Jacksonville operated in a 4-3 base defense last season, so it’s feasible Saleh implements the same scheme with the 49ers this season.

      1. * In addition, I’ve mentioned the hiring of another knowledgeable 4-3 assistant coach in Jeff Zgonina. It’s no coincidence that Shanahan’s top (2) defensive assistants are experts in a 4-3 defense.

  57. Our last SB experience magnifies the fact that you need ALL phases of the game to win it all, and proof that a great defense is not enough, especially when your team is hampered by a mediocre quarterback on otherwise was a great running offense. When the time came to claim the trophy, we had an inferior QB who couldn’t bring it home. Is there any doubt that if Joe or Steve had been at the helm that sad Sunday that they would have been hoisting the Lombardi trophy? Not in my mind. He couldn’t do it at his so-called best. No, defense doesn’t win championships, but rather total teams with great, clutch QB’s, great offenses and great special teams win NFL championships. John and Kyle know this, as most knowledgeable fans do.

    1. While the Jaguars defense was disappointing overall, the linebackers were probably the one unit that performed well overall consistently in Saleh’s four years at the helm. Developing Telvin Smith into a Pro Bowl-caliber player and getting the most out of an aging Paul Posluszny looks good on anyone’s resume. If he had just gotten some more time with Myles Jack, this would look even better on paper.


  58. Making the statement that “defense” wins championships is pretty narrow minded and is most likely coming from someone who has never coached so much as a checkers team and read that outdated slogan in a book somewhere. Meh…….

  59. # 80,

    Another excellent post. I’ve copied some of it for all to read :

    “I had such a great conversation with him (John McVay) ,” Lynch said. “We’re going to invite him down. He’s going to spend a day with us because there’s something that we can gain out of respect to what he built here.”

  60. Of the five free agents you want Grant I’d say at least 2 have to be free agent QB’s because they will be starting fresh once Kraep either ops out or is cut so they’ll need at least two plus a draft pick, 2-3 round (Mahomes) a speed wide receiver, and two linebackers. Spend most of the draft picks on defense other than the QB and another running back to back up our often injured Hyde. So, QB, QB, SWR, LB, LB. thru the free agent market. I’m not presumptuous enough to throw out a bunch of names I researched on google repeat a bunch of actual scouts opinions to sound like I know what the hell I’m talking about like some on this site. “You know Jones would be a great pickup but he’s gotta work on his interior rush and Smith is fast but he can’t catch crossing the field”. Bla bla bla! Give me a break.

    1. “I’m not presumptuous enough to throw out a bunch of names I researched on google repeat a bunch of actual scouts opinions to sound like I know what the hell I’m talking about like some on this site.”

      What is wrong with doing research on a subject that one is interested in?

  61. 1.Melvin Ingram. We need a pass rusher bad. He will be the best on the open market and is in the prime of his career. Can be an elephant in the 4-3. I think he is even better than Oliver Vernon and look at Vernon did for the Giants D. Will have to overpay for him like the Giants did with Vernon but I would do it.

    2. Pierre Garcon: Solid, SOLID veteran WR who had his best year under Kyle Shanahan in Washington. We need a solid veteran WR like Garcon.

    3.Taylor Gabriel: Makes a lot of sense

    4.Joe DeMarco: see above

    5. Sign Matt Schaub and trade for Jay Cutler

  62. Maybe a surprise FA QB is Landry Jones. He actually has more starting experience than Jimmy G.

    His draft analysis:

    “Prototypical pocket passer with NFL size. Extremely productive. Can stretch the field with his arm and shows good zip on passes to all parts of the field when his feet are set. Quick release makes him very effective in the short to intermediate passing game. Challenging throws in every start, whether threading the ball versus cover-two or connecting on a back-shoulder pattern.”


    Maybe it would be smart for the team to target him instead of Jimmy G. Wouldn’t require a draft pick since he is a FA and he should come at a reasonable price. However, I don’t know how the Steelers feel about him.

    1. Funny you mention that Cubus. ESPN is reporting the Steelers might be interested in improving their backup position and might consider old wind up

      1. Using the phrase “improving their backup” tends to imply that he hasn’t been very good for the Steelers. Coupled with what Scooter says below, maybe not a good idea. But who knows what KS will do?

    1. Garoppolo showed potential to be a quality starter, albeit in limited action. Jones had his moments the past couple of years, but generally has looked like a backup calibre QB. In saying that, I don’t think Osweiler was that much more impressive in his opportunities at the Broncos than Landry was with the Steelers. So Landry might generate some interest.

  63. Yea your right 80. I guess it boils down to the amount of time one has to research information put forth by seasoned professionals and regurgitating them back on this site like it’s one’s own opinion. So here goes. I spent 2 minutes researching backup info for my own preferences for the free agent signings. Two quarterbacks, one top flight speed receiver, and two linebackers.

    1,2. 2 QB’s: Cousins, Schaub, Ortin, Hoyer, Fitzpatrick, Glennon, (any two of those 6)
    3. Reciever: Jeffery or Jackson
    4,5. Linebackers: Hightower and Perry

    That took two minutes. Ok, let the experts speak…………………