49ers @ Giants live blog: First quarter

East Rutherford, NJ — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers’ Week 11 game against the Giants. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

9:59 Eli Manning’s career record against the 49ers (including playoffs) is 5-1.

10:01 The 49ers call heads. It’s tails. The Giants defer.

10:03 Carlos Hyde returns the opening kickoff to the 49ers’ 31 but Craig Dahl is flagged for holding. First and 10 at the 15.

10:11 Frank Gore fumbles the exchange on first-and-10 at the Giants’ 16-yard line. The Giants’ recover at their 37. Greg Roman called two counter runs for Gore on that drive. Gore fumbled both times. He was ruled down by contact the first time.

10:13 Carlos Hyde rushed two times for 9 yards on that drive.

10:16 Michael Wilhoite bites on a play fake and gives up a 19-yard touchdown catch to tight end Larry Donnell. 7-0 Giants. Five-play, 63-yard, two-minute-and-1-second drive. Eli Manning used a no huddle hurry up offense, just like his brother did against the Niners a few weeks ago.  Eli completed three passes for 57 yards on that drive.

10:19 Touchback.

10:29 Kaepernick throws a ground ball to Boldin near the 5-yard line on third-and-goal from the 13. Phil Dawson makes a 31-yard field goal and the score is 7-3 Giants. Kaepernick lost 7 yards on a read-option play on first-and-goal from the 10.

10:29 Roman called one counter for Gore on that drive, and Gore gained 17 yards.

10:31 All four of Hyde’s carries have been outside runs.

10:32 Preston Parker returns the kick to the Giants’ 22.

10:36 Ray McDonald pressures Manning and forces him to throw the ball away on third-and-8, and the Giants go three-and-out. For some reason, the Giants didn’t use their no-huddle hurry-up offense that series. It worked so well their first series.

10:36 Aldon Smith has not played yet.

10:36 Perrish Cox returns the punt to the 49ers’ 39 and the first quarter ends.

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  1. Kap rushed that last throw. He had plenty of time. I guess that’s a product of being the most sacked QB in football. You start hearing footsteps.

    1. Let me see qb read option was a bad play call… Making it second and long. Then they call a run for a few yards. The last play was on Kaepernick but not the previous 2.

    2. No, why get cute and run Kap on a sweep inside the 10 when it already failed earlier?
      NY has that play sniffed out rom the start.
      Stick to our strength in that situation- power run!

  2. We should be able to beat this team with a straight (vanilla) power run game. Why get cute in the redzone?
    Once again, Roman is overthinking in the redzone, sheesh!

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I don’t mind that zone read call; the Giants struggled against it last week, and they needed to test them on it. Kap has scored on similar calls from that position many times over the last couple years.

    But calling a run on 2nd and goal from the 18? Terrible decision.

  4. The fumble from Gore was Roman’s fault because apparently all turnovers are because of the play calling and not just bad execution.

    1. Come on. No one states that. The niners red zone woes go back to Alex smith. In fact Jimmie Raye had more success in the red zone than roman has from a percentage stand point but hey let’s ignore the common denominator.

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