49ers @ Giants live blog: Second quarter

East Rutherford, NJ — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 11 game against the Giants. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

10:42 Greg Roman calls a read-option run for Vernon Davis — not a typo — on third-and-2, and Stevie Johnson is flagged for holding.

10:43 Kaepernick completes a pass over the middle to Crabtree on third-and-8.  First and 10 at the 23.

10:45 Crabtree drops a pass near the goal line on second-and-11 from the Giants’ 24. He saw the safety running toward him and braced for the hit. Two plays later, Dawson makes a 42-yard field goal. 7-6 Giants.

10:48 Preston Parker returns the kickoff to the Giants’ 25.

10:49 Giants’ RT Justin Pugh has a strained quad and his return is questionable.

10:52 On first-and-10 from the Giants’ 38, Chris Borland intercepts a short pass intended for Odell Beckham. 49ers’ ball at the Giants’ 29. Great play. Borland was covering Beckham man to man.

10:55 The 49ers’ call a 30-second timeout to avoid a delay penalty on third-and-7 from the Giants’ 26.

10:56 Kaepernick throws behind Crabtree on third down. Incomplete. Crabtree pouts as he walks off the field. Dawson makes a 44-yard field goal and the score is 9-7 Niners.

10:59 Parker returns the kickoff to the Giants’ 30.

11:01 Larry Donnell jumps and catches a 29-yard pass over Michael Wilhoite’s head on third-and-4 from the 36.

11:03 Aldon Smith has had zero impact on this game so far.

11:03 As I type that, Smith hits Manning as he throws into the end zone. Incomplete.

11:04 Manning throws a pass right to Michael Wilhoite on third-and-7. Interception. Niners’ ball at their 15. Bad Eli seems to have showed up today.

11:11 Kaepernick’s pass to Crabtree is broken up on third-and-12. Beckham returns the punt 4 yards to the Giants’ 19. Damontre Moore is flagged for a blindside block, so the Giants start at their 9 after the two-minute warning.

11:24 Beckham drops a first-down catch at midfield on third-and-12 from the Giants’ 34. The Giants down the punt at the 49ers’ 31.

11:25 Kaepernick kneels and the first half ends.

11:25 Kaepernick threw 7 passes to Crabtree, four to Boldin and none to Stevie Johnson or Brandon Lloyd in the first half. It’s clear the 49ers are trying to placate Crabtree’s complaints about being just a third option.

11:35 The 49ers averaged 4.5 yards per play in the first half. The Giants averaged 5.8 yards per play. Manning’s two interceptions are the difference in this game.

11:36 Curious to see if Roman saved anything for the second half. He better have.

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    1. Jordo

      You’re hard on the Kaep-Bashing Wagon now. Nice, but that pass to Crab was right there and Crab T-Rex’d it because he didn’t want to get hurt by the safety. If he had extended his arms, he would have caught it, and then gotten drilled, but it would have been a TD. Crabtree is a b*tch.

  1. After this game the niners need take the offense and make them tackling dummies for the defense. From the coaches to the ball boys.

      1. Fan77,
        Yup, CK is off on his play today. He has the 2nd half to redeem himself. Some bad offensive playcalls, and some bad (CK) player execution made for a lackluster first half.

        1. But that’s always the issue with CK AES, it’s always an uphill climb to redemption. We need consistency at the QB position. It’s do or die and against good teams, playoff teams, you can’t keep rolling the dice with 1 good play for every 3 bad.

    1. With our offense that may not matter. This is one of those games where it’s highly likey we dominate and win the turnover battle but still lose.

  2. It’s clear to me that no matter what stats say, Kap is not getting any better. The kid has no pocket awareness. He’s got happy feet because of the sacks. He’s all over the place now.

    1. Seriously, when I saw Dahl out there, I thought the 49ers were running “big nickle” scheme with Dahl in the Jeff Fuller role… but then I couldn’t find Bethea.

      This is a big deal. The 49ers are on fumes with healthy DBs.

  3. I missed the first half because I was grocery shopping. Smh. But I see we have 3 field goals and made it to the red zone at least twice. Are we running there or are we going shotgun and trying to throw it in?

    1. I missed the first half because I was clearing out my wife’s nail polish drawer for her while she was out golfing with the girls. SMH.

    2. Several trips to the red zone.
      – A freak fumble (Miller’s heal hit the football after Gore slipped)
      – Several of those idiotic red zone fade passes that haven’t worked for years.
      – Cutesy, slow developing option plays resulting in negative yardage plays. (never seem to work in the red zone)

      The 49ers are dominating 25 to 25, then flop.

    3. KY

      Penalties against the Niners in the RZ have hurt (also a Gore fumble) and Kaep has been off-target on his throws from unfavorable down/distance. G-RO should be calling runs to Hyde in the RZ. He hasn’t yet.

  4. Y’all are nuts. Just be thankful we don’t have Eli, RGIII, Russell Wilson, Alex Smith, etc…

    I’d rather have Brady and Luck. Other than that, I’ll take Kaep over every other QB in the league.

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