49ers @ Giants live blog

This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 5 road game against the New York Giants. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

4:00 The 49ers’ inactives are:
Vernon Davis
Ahmad Brooks
Gerald Hodges
Mike Davis
DeAndrew White
Ian Silberman
Mike Purcell

4:02 The Giants’ inactives are:
Devon Kennard
Jonathan Casillas
Bobby Hart
Victor Cruz
Jerome Cunningham
Robert Ayers
George Selvie

4:05 The Niners just announced Vance McDonald will start for Vernon Davis at tight end, and Corey Lemonier will start for Ahmad Brooks at outside linebacker.

4:06 The Niners apparently did not make any changes to their starting offensive line.

4:44 If the Niners win, they will have the same record as the Seahawks and Rams.

4:48 Crazy to think the Seahawks should be 1-4.

5:10 The Giants have the worst pass defense in the NFL. If Colin Kaepernick struggles tonight, the Niners have to bench him at halftime. No choice.

5:28 The Niners win the toss and defer, clearly trying to avoid another early deficit.

5:31 Touchback.

5:38 Chryst’s adjustment seems to be throwing to Bruce Ellington. Kaepernick completed two passes on the opening drive, both to Ellington, both on screen passes. The first one gained 31 yards, and the second one gained nine.

5:44 Tramaine Brock bites on a play-action fake and gives up a 49-yard catch to Odell Beckham. Three  plays later on third-and-goal from the 3, Ian Williams stops running back Andre Williams for no gain. The field goal is good, and the score is tied at 3.

5:54 On third-and-7 from the 22, Kaepernick scrambles and picks up nine. On third-and-8 from the 33, Kaepernick scrambles and gets sacked.

5:56 Carlos Hyde has 18 rushing yards on six carried through the first two drives.

6:01 The 49ers are flagged for having 12 men on the field before the end of the first quarter. New York faces third-and-six from their 48 when the second quarter begins.

6:03 On the previous third down, the Giants went after NaVorro Bowman, and Manning completed a five-yard pass to tight end Larry Donnel to move the chains.

6:07 On third-and-goal from the one, Manning throws a touchdown pass to Shane Vereen, who beats Bowman on an out route. 10-3 Giants.

6:08 On that drive, Odell Beckham made four catches, including a 31-yard catch over the middle. Jaquiski Tartt was the closest defender.

6:10 Giants linebacker Jon Beason is out with a concussion. Carlos Hyde hit him in the side of the helmet.

6:16 On third-and-14 from the Niners’ 27, Geep Chryst calls a screen pass for Garrett Celek. Ugh! Niners punt.

6:19 Kaepernick hasn’t thrown a pass more than eight yards downfield.

6:25 Dwayne Harris beats Jimmie Ward with a slant route on third-and-4 from the Niners’ 23, but Harris drops the ball. Josh Brown makes a 41-yard field goal, and the score is 13-3 Giants.

6:26 New York’s offense is 5-for-7 on third down.

6:27 Manning’s passer rating is 113.4. The Niners’ outside cornerbacks can’t cover the Giants’ outside receivers man to man.

6:30 The Niners’ running game won’t work if Geep Chryst never calls a shot downfield.

6:40 On third-and-1 from the Giants’ 5, Kaepernick rolls right and overthrows Boldin in the end zone. Phil Dawson makes the field goal, and the score is 13-6 Giants. Chryst called zero runs on that drive.

6:47 Jimmie Ward gives up an 18-yard catch to Dwayne Harris on first-and-10 from the Niners’ 32. Giants face first-and-10 from the 14 with 11 seconds left in the half after a 49ers timeout.

6:48 Tramaine Brock picks off a pass intended for Beckham in the end zone.

6:49 The Niners are still in this game. Can they score a touchdown?

7:08 Manning throws a grounder on third-and-3 from the Niners’ 47. Hayne makes a fair catch at his 12-yard line.

7:11 Chance for the Niners to tie the game.

7:18 Kaepernick throws a touchdown pass to Boldin on second-and-goal from the three. An 88-yard drive. Score is 13-13.

7:25 Right tackle Marshall Newhouse is flagged for holding on first down, and the Giants go three-and-out. The Niners have all the momentum. Time for them to take the lead.

7:31 The Niners go three-and-out after back-to-back incomplete passes to Carlos Hyde, who seems injured.

7:31 On first-and-10 from the Niners’ 17, Manning throws a short pass to Beckham, who jukes Kenneth Acker and beats Michael Wilhoite in a race to the end zone. 20-13 Giants.

7:42 Colin Kaepernick wastes a timeout right before the end of the third quarter.

7:43 Kaepernick completes a seven-yard pass over the middle to Boldin on third-and-four, and the third quarter ends.

7:51 On third-and-goal from the 5, Kaepernick throws a touchdown pass over the middle to Garrett Celek.  Great throw. Game tied at 20.

7:55 Giants start from their 21-yard line with 11:44 left.

7:57 Beckham has a hamstring injury and is questionable.

8:05 The Giants kick a field goal on fourth-and-1 from the 5. 23-20 Giants, 4:29 left in the fourth quarter.

8:17 Landon Collins drops an interception on first-and-goal, and Carlos Hyde bursts into the end zone on second-and-goal. 27-23 with 1:45 left.

8:18 Chryst and Mangini have been fantastic tonight.

8:22 Manning completes a 16-yard pass over the middle to Vereen, and the Giants call their second timeout. First-and-10 at the Niners’ 44 with 50 seconds left.

8:24 Brock intercepts Manning for the second time, but the ball appears to have hit the ground. The officials are reviewing the play.

8:26 They change their ruling to incomplete pass.

8:27 Beckham is back.

8:28 On third-and-10, Manning completes a screen pass to Vereen who runs for 25 yards.

8:30 Manning completes a 12-yard touchdown pass to tight end Larry Donnell, who caught the ball over Bowman. 30-27 Giants with 21 seconds left.

8:32 Vereen: 8 catches for 86 yards and 1 touchdown.

8:34 Kaepernick throws the ball away on first down. 11 seconds left.

8:35 Kaepernick runs out of bounds for a two-yard loss on second down. Four seconds left.

8:35 Kaepernick completes a seven-yard pass to Boldin with the game on the line. Giants win. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. – Vance McDonald will start for Vernon Davis
    – Corey Lemonier will start for Ahmad Brooks
    – The Niners did not make any changes to their starting offensive line

    Is there such a thing as “un-music to my ears?”

      1. Lots of rumors about changes on the O-line for this game. Anyone know the sources?

        One O-Line changes I’ve been expecting has little to do with which lineman’s starting. I keep thinking they will surprise defenses by running more gap scheme to the left with Miller in the game. Not replacing zone, just folding in more gap runs then they do now to change things up.

  2. Grant its not hard to believe. Lynch isint there. Wilson is having to carry more of the load. In my opinion, he’s not built that way. Yes he can make plays.. But when he’s the focus of the offense, those plays he makes isint enough sometimes. He needs Lynch

  3. [shudders]

    Chris Biderman @ChrisBiderman
    Really important O-line news: RG Jordan Devey is snapping the ball in warm ups, indicating he’d back up Marcus Martin at center.

  4. The Lions have given Tomsula no other option if Kaepernick struggles today. If he doesn’t pull him he’ll have to answer a hundred questions about why Stafford can be pulled but not Kaepernick.

  5. I can understand trying Devey and Pears on the offensive line. O.K. you tired it and it did not work, time to move on. So try the rookies, see what Thomas and Brown can do. It is not as if they could be worse. It has been a pattern with the niners that they have a plan, put it into motion, and then stick with it even when it doesn’t work. There is not much flexibility in this organization. Organizations, football and non-football, can be flexible and adaptable when there is no blame casting and persons at the top of the organization are personally secure. I do not think that is the case with the niners, unfortunately. I wonder how much autonomy the coaches have to make personnel changes. I suspect everything has to go through Baalke. I saw a photo this week of Baalke observing the offensive line practice, he was not in the stands watching from a GM perspective, rather he appeared to be very close to the action in a position of a coach. I find this very concerning. Who tells him when he is wrong, who stands up to him when his personnel decisions blow-up. I don’t think it is Tomsula, I don’t think it is anybody. Organizational health starts at the top and I think our niners are an unhealthy organization.

    I continue to root for my team. But I am fearful for the future. One of my fears is that we will win a few games and think everything is fixed. It ain’t.

    Go Niners!

  6. This is going be interesting Personally, I hope the “major” offensive alternations benefit QB7. The defense should be okay. Good Luck team.


    I am smarter than all the 49ers coaches. How fkn hard was it to figure out that Bruce Ellington needed early and often touches?


    The pass to Ellington wasn’t working? Kaep couldn’t pass for 3 yards? Why do I keep having this nightmare?!!!

  9. Man in motion? That is the major change to the offense. Well, they are trying. Roman relied heavily on motion. Remember those days? All those players presnap running around leaving one second on the clock. Tom Landry was the Master of Motion (MOM).

  10. this team cannot be afraid to throw the ball downfield. this is the NFL – play like you’re part of the league and you have a chance

    1. You mean to tell me he learned how to throw the ball away in practice this week? Well looking at that last play, I guess it’s still a work in progress!

  11. Every time Manning wants to move the sticks, he just throws to a man guarded by an MLB.

    Can’t get Hodges up to speed fast enough.

  12. Manning: 11 for 13 (125 passing yards)
    one TD… no sacks and no interceptions.
    Is Kaep paying attention to this…??
    He is gonna get schooled tonight, hmm?

    early Christmas present for the boy:
    a laser so he can clean up his dermis. Yup.

  13. Well, Fellas, I think we need to accept that we’ve already won this game!

    We got some points in the first quarter, so that’s a win. Now we can just hand it off another 35-50 times and gain another 100-150 yards and watch the Giants put up 35 points.

    35-3, Giants.

    But at least Kaep showed he can pass the ball to Ellington. We can employ that game plan next season.

  14. Let’s make one thing clear. Hyde is not one of the best running backs in the NFC and it has nothing to do with the offensive line.

    1. What games have you been watching? He gets hit in the backfield EVERY play.. No one can block. It’s embarrassing. Hyde is Elite but his team is awful.

      1. The same ones you are but without the rose tinted glasses. He has poor vision and gives up and tries to change direction too soon. He has no patience no timing.

  15. Thats beyond sad.
    Kap finishes his drop and keep going backwards until throwing from his back foot. And he doesnt even look beyond 5 yards.

  16. I think we would be better served to play without a right guard than to play with Devey. Did you see him wiff then get picked up and thrown aside by the defensive end?

        1. He’s going to keep getting better. If/when he becomes a ballhawk people will understand. But that can only happen if/when they(the whole defensive unit) really get the hang of Mangini’s defense.

  17. There’s a need for some serious talent on this offense but the play calling is horrible. Absolutely horrible. Half of the drives stall because of bad calling. They had 2nd and short on the first drive in the Giants side of the field and ran both times.

  18. Offensively, this game’s magical work around is leading to he same result. My boss told me consistency is a virtue…

  19. somebody tell Colin:
    four minutes should be plenty of time
    to put up seven. Not three, not zero…
    SEVEN POINTS. Get us back in the game.

  20. Has Hyde wide open on the dump off, hesitates. Has the middle of the field wide open to scramble, hesitates. End result, throws the ball out of bounds. Draft can’t come soon enough.

  21. Wow. Vance caught a pass! This might be our night. Tiller looks good, but anybody looks better than what wasout there.

    1. Pears or the TE got beat badly on that play. Man that was off the finger tips of Boldin too. Tiny bit better throw and that’s a TD

  22. Colin..!!!
    We talked about this…!!!
    Another first half with no
    The Niner fans are “restive”.
    Hint to #7… that means unhappy, okay?

    1. This coaching is SO bad! You blitz everyone when there trying to get in FG range? What kind of an idiot is this guy. We have a third 1 and we are getting better push with Tiller and we don’t give it to Hyde????

  23. INT keeps us in the game… but Manigini has to find a solution for all those short passes over the middle where MLBs usually are.

  24. I’m gonna stay positive. We’re still in the game. I think Kap has regained some confidence and who knows, maybe Eli will gift us the game.

  25. I am looking forward to half time adjustments. Kaep’s lack of skills makes game planning difficult. The offense is improved, but not difficult to achieve eight first downs is the team gold standard.

  26. This staff doesn’t adjust well, we’re down by 7. Nothing will change in the second half but the lead for NY.
    Sorry I’m seeing the same qb, the same non existent running game, the same hobbled Bowman, the same scrub in wilhoite, the same picked up blitzes with lb in coverage, the same fast receiver torching the secondary, the same holes on the o-line.
    Seriously what will it hurt to put Gabbert in. In fact it juuuust might give a spark to the offense AND defense. We ran more complex offensive plays in my high school days.

    1. Only needed them to win the east because I hate the Yankees. I hate the Rangers too, but I’m seriously pulling for those lovable losers from the north side. Maybe a chi vs Toronto WS. I wouldn’t mind that

  27. The defense can get off the field at all.
    And the offense still look inept.

    On the bright side, Tiller is looking much better than Devey, and he and Pears might be ok enough to start.
    Problem is Martin still really bad.
    If Kilgore can come back and be effective than the Oline might be serviceable for the second half of the season.

    But, baby steps…

  28. That’s about as good of a drive as you can have, maybe the best of the year considering the circumstances. The problem is consistency.

  29. I don’t know who makes returns up the sideline better than Hayne. You wouldn’t think he could make 18 yards out of that.

  30. For Chryst sake keep throwing the ball. Its loosening up the D and the runs are now working. Do not go into a shell.

  31. There it is. The offense finally gets a rhythm down and dropped passes, penalty, and a missed block! Boldin I don’t want to hear any complaints for tonight’s game.

  32. Ha. Grat cant get anything right.
    When he criticizes the offense, they score.
    When he says its time to take the lead, they sink.
    That’s some powerful jinx.

    1. Yep, Collinsworth called it. He said that ball needs to be thrown earlier and not wait for Boldin to establish that he can get behind the defender.

  33. @GrantCohn, Kaep did actually throw a pass longer than 8yrs…he had the 37 pass to Anquan Boldin (against Craig Dahl none-the-less)

    1. Yes, against the worst pass defense in league he is all world. We need him like this every week. That he has yet to prove he is capable of doing. Even when we had a D and Oline, he suffered with consistency. We will see where he is next week. That will be more telling than one bounce back game.

        1. True, but so does any qb. You have to be able to make plays under duress. Eli has been harassed by Lynch all night and has still made plays. He has two sb trophies because of it. We need kaep to operate under pressure too.

  34. So my assessment is a) we have played well enough to hang around b) Giants played poor enough early to let us c) Giants aren’t very good.

    Kaepernick rebounded as he eventually does. That’s what keeps you on the hook…and leads leads to the consistency issues again later. Next game He is lost again. In fact, he and Stafford are starting to look quite similar.

      1. I got pissed one day golfing,took my driver on a par 3 178 yard hole swung as hard as I could f..king around and didn’t hit clean but go a hole in one

  35. Wow, came back from the store and the Niners have turned this around. They might just win this. 20-23 at the 2:00 mark…

  36. You can’t say you’re still not bitter when bringing up two super bowl loses to a franchise decades ago. Shut your face collinsworth we know you hate us!

  37. And the 49ers get screwed on the grounding no-call, the hold VS pass interference, and then the ball was moving when the receiver was going down. Just wow.

      1. A grounding call around mid-field sure would have been huge. This drive gifted to the NYG courtesy of a few timely calls.

        1. Don’t be that fan who cries about the refs. We should have run time out during our TD drive or caught that floating pass from Eli. Or not let Vereen run free. Any of those things would have won the game. Depending on the refs is not how it’s done.

          1. Just frustrating to see them this close for the win. Yes, this is on the 49ers. Played the old prevent defense and Eli chewed them up. Lousy team. I should be happy they lost. It means another nail in the coffin for the current coaching regime which is not ready for prime time, and keeps pressure on the Yorks to make changes.

    1. It wasn’t grounding and the pass interference amounted to 8 yards. The D just could not stop them from driving down the field without their starting wideouts. That’s inexcusable.

    1. Sure and next week it will be the offense. The fact is, we are not good enough in all areas of the game. You have to be consistent and we are not. The Giants are not very good.

  38. That’s got to be the worst play I have ever witnessed to end a game. Go for hail mary or something that was just giving up.

  39. Almost the entire Giant offense was throwing the ball over the short middle over and over again… you would think Mangini could make an adjustment.

    Also stupid game management for Chryst (or CK) throwing the ball away down on the goal line. If he can instead, that would eat more clock.

    Stupid coaching and a huge problem with ILBs trying to cover.

  40. Well it sucks to say this but play better and lose might be a best bet at this point. Nice job Kaep! O line played better and he looked better. Go figure. Our Defense sucks!!!!!! Missed INTS to seal the game twice and we fell to capitalize. This is on Bowman and company tonight. Just an awful performance… Letting vereen catch pass after pass!!!! Terrible

    1. Really, the blame alternates every week. We play the Hawks in two weeks, anyone really want to bet whether leap plays well. Doubt it.

  41. Heartbreaking, but not embarrassing. I guess that will have to do for now.

    How long will Tomsula be able to keep the locker room? Will they continue to play hard?

  42. Tough way to lose but it was good to see Kap have a solid game, something he can build on. From where he was a week ago, this has to be a boost.

  43. Mangini is doing a pretty lame job so far.
    The defense is not playing well any games (aside from the opener), especially the roadies.

    The middle of the field passes are always open.
    Our MLBs are playing poorly. And Tartt and Reaser weren’t much better in nickel and/or dime.
    The DBs are in their first season, so maybe they improve along the year.

    But we desperately need better play from MLBs and some pass rush other than Lynch.
    Hope that hat Hodges guy is better than Wilhoite/Bowman (this year’s version), but I have no hopes for a better pass rush this year.

    All in all it was a game that was an upgrade over what they were doing.
    But we have to keep in mind that the Giants pass defense is atrocious.

    Prior to the start of the season I thought that the only games we had a shot winning before the bye were MIN, NYG and BAL.
    We got the first and almost got this one. But since we came up short, next week is a must win for this CS.

      1. The scheme is definitely flawed (or the players are executing it badly – probably a combination of both).

        But the MLBs plays has been terrible.
        I focused on them tonight and did not like what I saw.

        1. I think there’s lots of reasons for their play. I am not ready to throw them out yet. Could be the d line protected them for years, could be like our OLB’s in Mangini’s scheme are out of position before tonight, could be decline in their ability. Hodges is a good ILB. There’s so much space in the middle of the field. I don’t get why they’re letting WR’s, TE’s and RB’s nearly run free.

  44. 262 total yards passing by Kaep
    two sacks and two touchdowns…
    Eli Manning spanked you, fella.
    Alex Smith (also 1 and 4 ) sez:
    Yes, I feel your pain.

    1. Giants are worst 3-2 team in league. Horrible defense. Made a QB with zero confidence look otherworldly. Seriously, if I were a giant fan I wouldn’t get too excited. Not going far this year with that D.

  45. I’m absolutely flabbergasted at our Defensive Coordinator, if you want to call him that. Mangini has to go. It’s been a long time since I have seen a defensive scheme that is this soft. And honestly, I don’t believe I have ever seen a DC be so inept, that his defense cannot even take away a single player when most of the opposing teams best players are hobbled, or barely capable.

    I have never seen a defense that is this confused about their assignments this far into the season. I honestly do not think Mangini is a capable DC. I am not using exaggerations. I never do. eric Mangini is not an NFL caliber defensive coordinator. Yes, the 49ers have a weakness at linebacker. I get that. But Mangini’s scheme only magnifies the weakness. A decent coordinator would try to mask the weakness.

    I am angry for the first time this season. I am angry because the 49ers brass wasn’t smart enough to realize mangini is a charlotin. He is a farce. A fake. A fraud. Mangini is a phony. He is playing dress-up as a pretend DC. He is make-believe. And he is a sham!

    Shame on the 49ers for hiring this guy. He is not worthy of being an equipmkent manager let alone defensive coordinator.

    And if the team doesn’t replace Mangini tomorrow, I am boycotting until they do!

    Good night!

    1. Yeah he’s bad, but it two weeks from now it will be our offense. The reality. None of it is good. It’s a b movie, with b actors and b directors. That’s the truth. If we win 3 games it will be a miracle…and frankly I would rather not win three games. Meaningless.

  46. Man our lb crew went from being the best into this…..how sad!!!!
    I don’t see the point in winning the rest of the year. We need high picks!

    1. God point.
      Totally forgot about him.
      Should have included him on my upgrades expected for next weeks.

      VD could be one too, but I don’t know if we can count on him being healthy anymore.
      We sure can’t count on Bush.

  47. You know your offensive line is horrible when they can’t even give your QB enough time to throw a Hail Mary with 20 second left in the game.

    1. I don’t know about that 23. They had pretty good pass protection through most of the game. But I agree in that I’d like to know why Kap didn’t have more time at the end. Looking forward to some film review on that.

              1. If they didn’t kick Chryst to the curb they’ll stick with Mangini for a while. I did like the safeties jumping routes, leaving the OLB’s in to rush, the run d mostly, and some of the coverages. I didn’t like the coverages on the middle of the field, TE’s and RB’s. They killed us. I didn’t like them leaving Acker on Beckham. It also didn’t seem like they were double covering Odell.

    1. When I was a kid we had a kissing fish like that. I can’t tell you how many times we came home and found that fish stiff as a board on the floor. Just tossed it back into the tank and with 5 minutes it was swimming around again. Unbelievable.

  48. Kaep had a nice game tonight. The seam pass to Boldin was his best past this year.

    There are no moral victories. Defense looked great last week but they had problems slowing down Shane Vareen? Come on now.

    1. This team just couldn’t play good in all phases at the same time. Last week, the D played good and the offense didn’t show up. Tonight, it was the reverse. Maybe, next week the whole team will show up.

    2. They did not look so great to me.

      GB was on a short week and long flight.
      We needed a missed FG to keep things close in the first half.

      And after they got to 17-3 they pretty much controlled the clock and let their defense finish the game. If they needed more points, I have no faith we could have stopped them.

      Mangini’s defense is playing really bad and atrocious on the road.
      They need to make some major changes on that side of the ball.

    3. Fan77,
      I will take the liberty to apologize to you on behalf of Kaep. I mean, how dare he not give you anything to belly-ache about! (lol).

      Just one posts in the over 400 hundred on this thread? C’mon Fan, where’s your resolve, bud?
      Btw, to add to your disappointment, Kap will be starting the next game.

  49. Grant: “5:10 The Giants have the worst pass defense in the NFL. If Colin Kaepernick struggles tonight, the Niners have to bench him at halftime. No choice.”

    He didn’t get benched. Hardly CK’s fault, the offensive play-calling was downright offensive: the plan was to run the ball and run the ball on the worst pass D in the league. I am puzzled.

    The Niners defense allowed over 500 yards to a team with a single offensive weapon: no Cruz, no Fells, no real threat at RB, and lost Odell at the halfway mark. I am puzzled as to why the plan didn’t include constant pressure from all sides on Manning.

  50. I’m looking for upgrades in the form of Tiller (really liked him tonight), Simpson and Hodges (don’t know him, but hopeful that he’s an upgrade from what we’ve got).

    If we can get Kilgore back and effective that would be huge. But for now I think it’s doubtful for this season.

    With those upgrades, some seasoning from the first year players, and the team getting used to the offensive and defensive system, my hopes for the near future are:

    – A win againt BAL
    – 4 wins after the bye against DET, at CHI, STL and at CLE

    That would leave us with a 6-10 record that, all things considered, would be not embarassing and something we could build upon.

    If we are looking for best case scenarios, maybe we can sneak a game up from ATL or CIN at home.

    7-9 looks to me as our ceiling, and would not surprise me at all to finish the year 5-11 or 4-12.

  51. 262 total yards passing, two sacks & two TDs
    Eli Manning spanked you.
    (and set a new record with 54 attempts).
    You knew, when you saw that last Giant TD,
    that it was ‘ova’….. Yes, you still had a minute
    and some change. But you knew it was OVA.!!!
    Next week: the Ravens (also 1 and 4).
    They will hand you another home loss, fella.

    1. 3-5 sounds about right. IMO the underclassmen are better prospects. Bosa, Nkemdiche, Treadwell, etc. I think Treadwell is my draft crush.

    2. Likely, most of top 10 will be underclass men. Usually are. Next, I see us picking top 3. I don’t see more than two wins on our schedule. Goff will be pick at 1 regardless of Kaepernick. You have got to have an option B with someone as inconsistent as he is. Next, Weill take either top WR, DE, or OL. If Davis comes back, we won’t take top OL. We won’t draft G or C that high.

  52. I think the offense played well, but I’m gonna review that last scoring drive. There was simply too much time left on the clock for the Giants. I want to see if some smarter things could have been done to take more time off the clock. OTOH, it’s not like we have Brady or Rodgers as our QB. I should probably just be happy that we scored.

    1. Yes @ too much time left on the clock. But, you have to look at where Kap was before the game. I realize there are no moral victories but one has to start somewhere.

        1. Frustrating loss. The Niners had the lead with less than 2 minutes to play. Gotta blame Mangini for this loss. Over 400 yards passing? Did not make adjustments that he was talking about before the game. He should not have blitzed so much and he should not have played deep zone. Mangini should have instructed his pass rushers to get a hand up to distract Eli and make it harder to throw over. Many times Eli threw over their head , but the defender had his head down, and did not see the ball.
          At least this will put to rest the Gabbert starting talk. Kaep was much improved and did not throw an interception. Niners still need to address the clock management issues. The last second changes let the play clock bleed to 1 or 2 seconds left. Niners should have just lined up and run the play, and stop reading the defense and what their shifts are, because many many times, they would shift with 5 seconds left, so Kaep would change with too little time left.
          Coach Tomsula should have dialed up an explosion play when he had second and short. He should learn that settling for field goals when it is 4th and short is a good way to lose games. Wasting time outs is still not a good practice.
          Coach Tomsula was presented with a first and goal from the 2. He should have run the ball straight ahead, but tell his players not to score too early, so they have to burn time outs.
          I am happy, because they did bubble SCREENS, slants and swing passes. Kaep got the ball out of his hands quickly to his playmakers. Hayne made another player miss on his 16 yard return. They scored 27 points. They had the lead.
          But most important of all, I am happy because they rotated O linemen in.

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