49ers GM challenge

If the 49ers were to fire Trent  Baalke this offseason and hire you to be the general manager, whom would you target to be the head coach, and whom would you target to be the quarterback? Please explain your choices.

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  1. Please hire homgren as coach and let him pick everything going forward, all the way from GM to cheerleader. He is the closest living disciple of bill walsh and can turn the franchise around quickly

    1. If Cassie’s Dad were to finally get
      his dream opportunity to become the
      proprietor of his bait shop.. and it were up to me ..

      I’d first …hire Eddie Debartalo as
      my assistant GM … then ..
      fire myself …

      and sit back and
      watch the fireworks !

      (got the popcorn in the microwave as we speak ! )

        1. The Yorks, especially John “the Dork” York, would never let Eddie back in. Eddie was suspended from the NFL for one year. If he wants to be an owner again, of course, the league would have to approve it.

          1. I guess you don’t know the story. Eddie D. was suspended for 1 year for bribery. His sister told then commissioner Paul Taglibue of other illegal things that Eddie had done. So Taglibue made Eddie’s suspension permanent. This is how Eddie lost his team. She and husband crafted this scheme to steel Eddie’s team from under him. Their plan was to sale team and make a profit.

            1. It was officially a one year ban. I can’t find anything about a permanent ban. He might would have to apply for reinstatement like Vick.

  2. Holmgren as GM. Shanahan as coach. Why? Because they are the only people willing to work for Jed.

    Trade for Garoppolo. If that isn’t possibe take Kizer or Trubisky or hope you can get Faik in the 2nd round. If all else fails, hold your nose and take Kaaya.

    If we can get Garrett and Garoppolo I would be happy.

    1. Oops, I read the question wrong. If I were GM I would still hire Shanahan because he would be respected by our young team and he is actually willing to work for Jed and with a fan that has no GM experience.

      I would still try to trade for Garoppolo. If Shanahan had a QB crush in the draft I would defer to him. In part because he has way more football knowledge than I. And if his QB failed he would be fired, not me.

  3. Good for him. It’s about time some had some guts to tell it like it is. The League should have done it first.
    Clark Hunt, CEO and Owner of the Kansas City #Chiefs

    Clark Hunt, CEO and Owner of the Kansas City #Chiefs called a meeting with all of his Coaches, Players and field staff and firmly told them,
    “You are all simply paid performers on a stage and that field is my stage!
    You will stand, with your hand over your heart and with respect, when our Country’s National Anthem is being played or you will no longer be a Kansas City Chief, a Coach for the Kansas City Chiefs or have any association with the Chiefs Organization!
    I will immediately fire you, no matter who you are!” You can make your political statements off the field, but when you’re employed by me and I’m signing your check…
    I demand that you make our fans proud and not embarrass them.

      1. How so? You pick up a check from me, your on my time-I’m not on yours. You can have all the tantrums you want when your off the clock……………

    1. This is not real they also have one almost word to word like this by Jerry Jones.Also I don’t like how Kaepernick is handling the National Anthem but he does have freedom of speech and can do what he wants so kudos to our ownership for handling the way they are.

      1. Actually he has freedom of speech when representing himself,but when he is at work using that as a forum is very self indulgent. Our county has seriously let their sense of propriety erode.

        1. As many would remember- I defended Kaeps right to do what he wanted on his own personal time. The private individual is different than the player. But using that same criteria is what makes what he is doing wrong. He is not making a personal protest but using the venue provided by the event in which his role is purely a player and employee. You an not have it both ways. Again it is a breach of propriety. Of course our society is filled with self absorbed individuals who do not even understand the concept.

  4. You guys are morons thinking Shannhan or Holmgren belong in this league.. I would grab Khan from Pitt or someone from their staff.

    1. vik,

      I suggested Holmgren and Shanahan because they would actually take the jobs. If Shanahan would have gotten his way in Washington they would have never traded for RG3 and Mike would probably still be coach. Also, Shanahan wanted to get rid of Kap. That would have been the right move.

      You say you would grab Kahn. Why would Kahn leave the Rooney family to work for the freaking York family?


  5. Seriously Jed needs to bring Eddie as his special assistant to help in the hiring of a GM. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bruce Arians available this offseason also.

  6. The 49er’s willy be for sale after the season ends according to reliable sources in side the NFL. The main suitor for the team is Larry Ellison (he owns Oracle) who tried to purchase the team in 2010. If he were to buy the team there certainly would be wholesale changes in the front office and coaching staff. .

    1. Cassie …

      Sh-hhh .. he hasn’t spotted this thread … yet .. ;-}

      BTW … has your Dad found a nice lake
      for his bait shop yet ?

      1. MW, just got back from meeting my daughter’s boyfriend. Seems like a good guy.

        I have been laughing at some of the ideas.;p

  7. Plan A – Keep Kelly draft Watson
    Plan B – Keep Kelly draft Mccafery target Lamar Jackson Next year
    Plan C – Offer Pats a deal for Mcdaniels/Patricia and Garappolo

    1. Nice plan. I like going after Lamar Jackson. Draft Leonard fournette this year and trade down for Jackson next year, pick up Alshon Jeffery via free agency and keep Torrey smith. With a big physical receiver on the other side Torrey can stretch the defense

  8. Ted Thompson’s head of scouting as GM
    Josh McDaniels head coach.
    Get out of their way and tell Jeb to do the same.
    Need to look to the future and not to past.

  9. I would first consult people with experience such as Ron Wolf (former GB GM), Tim McVey (former 9er GM) talk with Mclaughlin (former 9er GM) and NFL front office types on who is respected around the league to get an understanding of how to draft talent and what makes a great GM. Then talk with Jed York to get his vision of where he wants the team to go, type of offensive scheme: such as a west coast offense and type defense. Then look at salary cap and get an idea of what we can spend on talent. Based on his (Jed York) vision look for head coach and talent scout who share the same concepts of talent and would work together to build a roster.

    I would be looking for a new coach already established breaking into his first job as HC as there will be motivation to mentor, win and succeed. Maybe someone from the college ranks.

    Then I would work on expectations: code of conduct and rules to sustain a winning behavior amongst all 9er employees.

    1. Yes, people some executives from around the league will talk to you and give you advice but we need someone who already knows how to do it. Screw asking Jed about his concepts about talent, what systems to run and building a roster. Jed is not qualified to do that because he is not a football person.We already know about Jed’s vision and it’s not very good. We need a strong leader and Jed just needs to get out of the way. I vote for Nick Caserio from the Patriots. He’s #2 on the Patriots, right behind Belichick. Make him executive VP and then bring in Brian Gaine from Houston as GM. If not that, then Caserio for GM. They can decide who they want as the coach. Names I would consider would be Anthony Lynn, OC of Buffalo (he used to be an assistant with the 49ers) and Edgar Bennett, Green Bay’s OC. I know that McCarthy calls the plays but Bennett is considered by many as an even better HC prospect than Ben McAdoo, HC of the Giants. If we were to get Caserio from New England, then I suspect that he would want to get Josh McDaniels as HC. it’s probably all mental masturbation, though because Jed will screw it up and hire another yes man. If he fires Baalke, he’d better keep Tom Gamble in the pipeline. It’s possible that no one would want to work for the Yorks.

      1. A non football person could run the organization as long as they knew their own limitations and surrounded them selves with competent football people and took their advice. What you don’t know will not hurt you. What will hurt you is what you think you know that you actually don’t.

  10. Head coach: Harold Goodwin. Arizona had the #1 ranked offense in 2015 and are #10 so far this year. Reports are that Arians has been giving Goodwin extra responsibility to prepare him for the jump to HC. If the Cardinals go deep in the playoff expect Goodwin to be one of the hotter candidates for 2017.

    QB: Deshan Watson/Pat Mahomes. I put two names because it just seems like most new head coaches are compelled to use their first draft pick on a QB so if they take one in the first round I’d trade down into the middle or end of the round and take Watson. If the new coach can wait until Friday to take a QB then I’d go with Mahomes. I’m not a huge fan of any of the top 3 QB’s but Watson can be had for the cheapest it seems and if we can trade down later in the first and still get him while picking up some nice compensation then I’d consider that a win/win.

    1. The cardinals going deep in the playoffs? The just lost to Carolina and tied Seattle a week ago. The Cardinals are awful, and won’t be in the playoffs.

      1. They’re 3-4 with 8 games left, have the #10 ranked offense and the #2 rank defense and can still very easily win this division. If that’s your version of awful I’d hate to think of what you call our team.

        1. I think what Paul is saying, is that if the Cardinals don’t decide whether they want to push the ball down the field or run Johnson down your throat, they’ll continue to suffer from identity crisis….

        2. Don’t regurgitate SportsCenter recaps, it’s beneath you. Right now the Cards have just as much of a chance to win this division as Seattle. Don’t forget what happened the last time the Cards slipped into the playoffs at 9-7.

          1. Facts are not something to be ashamed of when stating them. If the Cardinals don’t decide who they are, they’ll end up MIA….

          1. They want to throw down field yet they added Iupati whose weakness is pass pro. They also happen to have the best running back in the NFL. They need to decide to run the ball more and throw down field less….

      1. Coffee’s for Closers® October 30, 2016 at 7:03 pm
        They’re 3-4 with 8 games left, have the #10 ranked offense and the #2 rank defense

  11. Dak isn’t looking too sharp yet but this Dal/Phi game has carried my interest more then any 49er game this season by far. Hope we have some decent prospects in the near future, watching other teams get better sucks balls.

      1. It’s more plausible if the Patriots win the super bowl this season. What left does he have to prove with an aging Brady? GM is the next obvious step in his legacy in my opinion.
        Garropolo could be added to the roster and he’d also be getting early draft picks to build his team the way he wants. Might make too much sense.
        Just my idea, I don’t pretend to be any sort of football guru. Thanks though.

    1. Parcels is good for taking a bad team and making it average. The last team he coached the Cowgirls went from 5-11 to 10-6 and then two 9-7 seasons. His Jets went from 1-15 to 12-4 but then back to 8-8.

      If you want to have one good year followed by two or three average years then Parcels is your guy.

      1. Parcels is over rated in today’s NFL. See Sean Peyton. Man the league is evolving you have to find some one that cant evol with it, not dumb it down to to the 90’s. Like Parcell’s, Shanhan, or Mike Holmgren.

    1. You really think York would rehire Harbaugh and Harbaugh would work for York? If we had a new owner and Harbaugh wins the College Championship this year, it’s a remote possibility. Harbaugh and his family love the Bay area. If he wins the College Championship, he’ll be a hot commodity for the NFL again. He’d be the 1st NFL HC to get $10 million or more a season.

  12. I would hire Kyle Shanahan as the new head coach. We need a capable offense, and he is showing that he is capable of delivering one.
    I would then aim to acquire Garoppolo in a trade if the price to get him is not ridiculous. If it is, then my backup option would be to find a stopgap option that won’t hurt the offense and focus on the QBs in the 2018 draft.

  13. GM Nick Caserio
    HC Josh McDaniels

    Browns select Kizer number one

    49ers select:

    2)Myles Garrett OLB/DE Texas A&M

    That evening, Caserio does a deal for Garoppolo costing him his 2nd round pick and Arik Armstead.

    66) Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson
    98) Azeem Victor, ILB, WA
    130) Montravius Adams, DT, Auburn
    162) James Conner, RB, Pitt

    McDaniels hires Vrabel as DC who adds Jamie Collins in Free Agency, while Alshon Jeffery, WR is also added.

    Like the Cowboys did back in the ’80s, the 49ers should turn to a proven franchise that knows how to develop a winning culture and win consistently. Both Caserio and McDaniels are ready to do just that….

    1. Are you sure you don’t want to invent reanimation goo and just bring back Bill Walsh from the dead, it’s just as likely to happen as this set of moves is.

  14. Alright here is the most likely Scenario. Chip returns for another season. Jed will not pay 3 coaches at once. Kelly is owed ALOT of money and College will always be there so he chooses to stay. Balke gets fired! Gamble gets promoted because he can co exist with Chip. Plus Gamble is respected around the NFL. With the second pick in the draft the Niners select Deshawn Watson. Fits Chips system perfect and knows how to win. At 20 years old Watson will need time to develop to a consistent QB in the pocket. But one thing you can’t teach is a QBs mental toughness. Watson has that! Watson the new face of the Niners!

  15. Firstly, I’d like to thank the York’s for hiring me, and giving me this huge guaranteed contract. Offset language? That’s OK. If I get fired I plan on kicking back for several years. ooops, was I supposed to say that?

    My first order of business is to live-stream all scouting meetings. The war room too. How does “big board cam” sound? Fans can text in suggestions during round one.

    Then we’re replacing the rooftop gardens with rooftop livestock pens. Seems more “footbally”, ya know?

    I’d also like to introduce rubber band fights between coaches and the press pool. The coach would be outnumbered, but would have the advantage of higher ground. Winner gets a “who farted” autographed by Jimmy T himself.

      1. I accept your nomination.

        Rubber bands don’t put eyes out. Only people put your eyes out. And if you outlaw rubber bands, only outlaws will own rubber bands.

        I’m also implementing a strict, no-nonsense crackdown on players videotaping themselves smoking weed when they happen to be suspended for substance related issues.

          1. Liked it.. Vote early, vote often as they say. Makes me wonder that would happen if candidates actually spoke English.

  16. Start by doing all you can to draft Myles Garrett. No sense in drafting two 6’8 guys and have no one who can turn the corner on the edge.

  17. Grant,

    I dunno how you have so many informative and unknowledgeable follwers. Man you guys are horrible, Grant on the other hand makes some good points. When people want to hire coaches from the 80’s, or GM’s that have failed its pathetic, get up on your knowledge folks.

  18. Vik,

    Not one of your genius posts state who you would like to see running this team. All your posts seem to do is shoot down other peoples ideas. Come on now, show off your football prowess.

  19. Joan in freakin payroll would be an upgrade from where we are right now. Because Joan would !! Own It, Fix It, Move On !! while getting your 401K deduction sorted out. She’s amazing, and she knows 3-technique.

  20. Tie games are boring, besides that they’re fascist. Time to let games play out. If the tv network wants to cut to their regular programming then go for it, they might get a few angry calls but it’ll be their choice. Even if the coverage ends the game shouldn’t. Ties hurt the league. As mentioned, they are boring plus they’re a terrible way to end a game as the fans have no idea how they’re supposed to feel. Am I excited we didn’t lose or am I po’d that we didn’t win, I just don’t know!! Not to mention the complete anarchy the standings are thrown into when teams are left in this nether void of neither defeat nor victory. How should that count versus teams that did completed their games to a resolution? Shouldn’t they get some extra credit for having actually finished the game versus the teams that simply give up in a tie? With such complicated questions who knows if an answer can be found maybe the subject is better left with sages and philosophers. Whatever the answer is, there needs to be something done about tie NFL games.

  21. Razor’s choice of Caserio, McDaniel and Garoppolo is the way I’d go too, but as a backup plan:

    GM: Marty Hurney. Former Panthers GM that was at the helm when they went to their first Super Bowl in 2003, was responsible for putting many of the pieces together for their Super Bowl roster last year, and was also instrumental in hiring John Fox then Ron Rivera as HC.

    HC: Whoever Hurney selects, to be quite honest. He’s got a pretty good track record there. Though worth noting he has so far tended towards defensive HCs, so I would imagine that is where he’d go again. Sean McDermott would seem to be a logical candidate.

    QB: Luke Falk, though would also want to bring in an experienced guy as a stop gap/ competition guy. Falk I think is really underrated. Won’t find a mentally tougher QB. And he is exceptionally accurate and smart, and quickly goes through his reads.

      1. But if you are wondering what I am basing that (admittedly hyperbolic) statement on, it is because:

        – He takes an absolute pounding every week but he will continue to hang tough in the pocket and play through injury… and play at a high level.
        – He stays cool under pressure, including big moment pressure, which is why he has been able to steer quite a few game winning drives in his college career already.
        – While he plays in an offense that focuses on a lot of short passes, he isn’t afraid to try and make a play downfield when he sees an opportunity.
        – He doesn’t let setbacks linger and affect his next play. Very quick to shake off bad plays and get straight back to work.

        1. “He takes an absolute pounding every week but he will continue to hang tough in the pocket and play through injury… and play at a high level.”

          Sounds like how you spin a player that takes too many sacks.

          “He stays cool under pressure, including big moment pressure, which is why he has been able to steer quite a few game winning drives in his college career already.”

          Is there a database that lists how many GWD’s the current list of prospects have? I’d like to see how he compares to his peers in that department.

          “While he plays in an offense that focuses on a lot of short passes, he isn’t afraid to try and make a play downfield when he sees an opportunity.”

          That’s not mental toughness that’s a QB doing his job, in any system.

          “He doesn’t let setbacks linger and affect his next play. Very quick to shake off bad plays and get straight back to work.”

          Most if not all of the players that are being considered for NFL teams display this characteristic otherwise what kind of prospect would they really be?

          1. “Sounds like how you spin a player that takes too many sacks.”

            He does take more sacks than you like. But you can’t question his toughness, which was my point.

            “Is there a database that lists how many GWD’s the current list of prospects have? I’d like to see how he compares to his peers in that department.”

            Can’t help you in that department. But Falk has led a few now. Feel free to do the research if you want.

            “That’s not mental toughness that’s a QB doing his job, in any system.”

            Yet not every QB does.

            “Most if not all of the players that are being considered for NFL teams display this characteristic otherwise what kind of prospect would they really be?”

            Again, not every QB prospect does. Heck, not even every starting QB in the NFL does.

            All of these attributes go to display his mental toughness. Feel free to dismiss them if you please, that’s entirely up to you.

              1. And therein lies the difference between saying “you won’t find a mentally tougher QB” and “Falk’s more mentally tough than anyone else”. There may well be other options that are as mentally tough as Falk. But you’ll struggle to find someone you can point to and say they are more mentally tough than Falk.

              2. So saying wont find a mentally tougher QB just means he’s as tough as the next toughest but not really tougher then anybody else? Does that comment really distinguish him in any meaningful way?

              3. How about this – I really like the toughness the guy displays. To me his toughness is top notch. And yes, I think he comes across as more mentally tough than many other prospects, based on what I have seen of him and read about him. Is that acceptable, or do I need to try and quantify an intangible trait?

              4. Fair enough. Guess I just didn’t really understand the reason for challenging what I thought was clearly a bit of hyperbole on my part (which I even acknowledged), and dismissing each of the items I listed. And while you say you weren’t dismissing them, that is exactly how comments like “sounds like how you spin a player that takes too many sacks” comes across.

              5. “Guess I just didn’t really understand the reason for challenging what I thought was clearly a bit of hyperbole on my part”

                Scooter, your initial response to my initial question on the statement was suffice for the topic. I didn’t challenge anything except the fact that it was a subjective statement that lacked that ability to be quantified, you agreed and I left it at that. YOU are the one that continued expanding and explaining. Why didn’t you just stop when I did?

                The only reason this conversation was taken to the point it was was because you took it there, I was done with it after I put the :) response. If this was just about hyperbole as you say then there was no reason for you to continue explaining yourself was there?

              6. I was in the process of responding prior to seeing your :)

                Anyway, this has most definitely been taken much further than it ever should have been. I like the player. A lot. Let’s leave it at that.

  22. Well each side will have their take and I’m certainly biased but I think Prescott ‘won’ the battle tonight. He wasn’t as clean statistically but his drive to tie and win the game are what NFL legends are made of.

      1. You think Romo might be available for a trade. I forget, how’d we do the last time we had an Italian quarterback?


    1. Dick Vermeil took over his dad’s auto repair shop on Piner Rd. in Santa Rosa and is busy working on Seb’s tank. AND YOU DON’T NEED TO SHOUT!

  24. Does anyone out there realize that we already are on 3 head coaches in 3 years and you all want to make it 4 in 4 years? If I was GM, which is one of the rules of this exercise, I would KEEP Kelly. I would tell him to tell me which QB he wants to run his team, pro or college, within reason, and it would b my job to get him. I would study film of Kelly’s teams, college and pro, to see what type of recievers that were successful in his system. I would find one in free agency, draft one in the first 3 rounds and one in the later rounds. I would trade Torry Smith and Trumane Brock to get a few more picks in the draft. In free agency if D. Poe, B. Williams, or S. Williams made it to free agency, I would not let them leave the building without a signed contract. My first 3 rounds in the draft would b a qb, a wr, and Ilb, not necessarily in that order. My mid rounds would b a nt type D-lineman and a G/C, Martin has to go. My later rounds would include another Ilb and another wr. This teams problem is not the talent level, it is how the talent is being used. That being said, nt, Ilb and qb have to b addressed sooner then later.

  25. I would make an attempt at trying to hire Eliot Wolff from Green Bay…he’s being groomed to take over the GM job in Green Bay by Ted Thompson and his father.


    I would attempt to get Ted Thompson by making him President of Football Operations and full autonomy over the franchise. Right now he still works under Mark Murphy. I would offer him a stake in ownership to convince him to leave GB.

    After those two I’d stick with Tom Gamble since he’s considered a scouting expert and has a relationship with Chip.

    Sure makes you miss Scot Mcloughan.

    I would try to trade out of the top in a year where no amazing QB options are available. It seems like a Winston/Mariota/Bortles year. It will be hard because there is no one worth trading up for. I’d focus on LB and WR and wait to draft a QB in the 3rd-5th.

    There is a lot of young talent on this team and our defense will greatly improve in a year or two. We made good investments in armstead and Buckner and they will get the technique down with some more time. Garnett will be a stud and Brandon Thomas is still very young.

    Biggest needs IMO: MLB,OLB,WR,QB

    Obviously QB is the biggest need but there is no homerun candidate. My perfect college QB is one that has 68%completion percentage of above, 3500yds passing, with a 4:1 TD:INT ratio…and on visualizing you can see him make tough defended throws in the pocket and his head plays the field like its a swivel.

    Doubt anyone reads this cause it’s long winded lol

    1. Actually, compared to mine, it was short and concise.;p

      BTW, Brandon Thomas was traded to the Lions for Kerley, and was cut. I think he went on their PS.

      I like your ideas about Wolfe, but think he is too smart to come here.

      Still would like to resurrect Kaep, because he is adequate, and the biggest need is for the defense to improve enough to not give up 1000 yards in 2 games.

      Position player-wise, the biggest need is DT, then ILBs. Multiple ILBs. They do need upgrades in the OLB, WR and Safety.

  26. get rid of the Yorks and rest will take care of itself. If the Yorks are in control it won’t matter who they hire for GM or HC?

    They find bottom feeders keep the payroll at a minimum and keep stuffing their pockets.
    Also on the Belichick disciples – very few of them if any have proven successful whether as GM or HC. Because the magic is all Belichik.

    So I would not get anyone from the Belichik tree.

  27. Gee, Grant, this is like a homework assignment.

    How to Fix the Niner Malaise.

    First, recognize that the problem starts at the top. Jed has had his chances, and has failed miserably. He has brought shame and humiliation to a once proud franchise, and has made the Niners, the laughingstock of the NFL. Jed and Baalke should both get kicked upstairs and let them deal with the financial sector of the Debartolo corporation. To me, those leaks about Staley and Torrey may have seemed like business as usual, but they are the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Niners may not win another game with them in charge.

    The smoothest transition may be to get Denise to deal with Jed and Baalke, then she should appoint Tony York as CEO. He may be totally unprepared to take over a team, but he would be better than Jed no matter what he does. Just get him to be invisible, and never let him hold a PC. He should let the GM manage.

    They should try to retain personnel to provide continuity. Promote Gamble, keep Chip, and beg Tomsula to come back as the DC. However, they needed to fire O’Neil 2 weeks ago, and Modkins makes Tomsula sound erudite. Maybe release Modkins, and hire Greg Olson.

    If Chip bails and lands well at Oregon, the Niners should hire Anthony Lynn, Peterson at Washington, or David Shaw as the new HC.

  28. No GM wants to work for Jed, he doesn’t spend and the leaks are unacceptable. The only choices are to promote Gamble or hire Holmgren.

    No coach wants to work for Jed, for the same reasons I listed above. That leaves Shanahan.

    As long as the Yorks are in control we will not be able to get elite level GMs, coaches, and free agents unless the Yorks overpay. That is not going to happen. It will either be Shanahan or someone that has no business being a NFL head coach like Tomsula or Kelly.

    1. Absolutely true.

      It is the Yorks and their judgements, their decision making that have put the 9ers at the bottom of all professional sports teams. No one worthwhile is coming here while they own the team.

  29. Easy, yet I must add ridiculous.
    Re-hire Jim Harbaugh as headcoach/GM and re-hire Tomsula (he is still on the payroll) as defensive coordinator.

    I know it will never happen, but let’s face it, it’s an open end question.

  30. As a GM, I would go out and get Sean McVay. Bright young offensive mind who runs a Pro-Style offense that works in the NFL. Also him being the Grandson of John McVay who was the GM/VP of the 49ers during it’s 5 Superbowl wins would bring in an instant positive buzz. So while it would, in my mind be a good football move, it would also be a great PR move, for a team that badly needs some good PR.

    As for QB, it would definitely be DeShone Kizer if he declares. Kizer can play in any system, under center and in shotgun, can make every throw, can fire it, put some air under it, accurate, mobile and athletic, goes through progressions and can improvise when the pocket breaks down.

    However, I hope guys like Kizer and Watson stay one more year. That would make next years QB class very elite and plentiful. And this year grab my defensive star/game changer, Miles Garrett, grab another running back and then next year, grab either DeShone Kizer or Jake Browning.. Because this thing won’t get built in a year.

    But on the real. York should dump Baalke and go after Eliot Wolf or Nick Casario as GM, throw as much money at them as he can and get out of the way. But, neither of those guys will probably want to work under the York’s. I think from here on out as long as the York’s own the team, we Niner fans are in for 2002 to 2010 all over again…

      1. My opinion, he’s the most accurate quarterback in this draft. Any accuracy issues are due to the way he sometimes turns his right foot when he throws. Easily correctable….

              1. Grant, there’s not a throw he can’t make. However, like I said, he has technique issues with his right foot/leg. Look at this image, http://cdn.insidethepylon.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/KizerStill2.jpg. Notice the leg, making him an upper body passer instead of syncing up with the hips, robbing torque and velocity. This is correctable by competent coaching. The back leg should be driving toward the target. The upper body and hips then stay in sync, and open just prior to releasing the football. They open too soon and you’ve just erased any torque your hips could have provided. Brady’s leg flares out SLIGHTLY to the right as well, but it’s also moving forward. Kizer has it all, but this is an area in which he needs refinement….

              2. Kizer has a strong arm, but he primarily throws curls, comebacks and go routes outside the numbers. Very rarely does he throw the out.

              3. Grant, I’ve seen him throw from the opposite hash, a 15 yard out route on the money and on time, hitting the receiver in stride. Just to be clear, it was 15 yards plus 45 yards diagonally on the money. I doubt there’s more than a few quarterbacks that can do that….

          1. Definitely disagree about Trubisky being more accurate. Falk is pretty accurate but I still think Kizer is more accurate. Kizer is a top ten pick. Is Falk? I don’t think so, but that’s just me….

            1. Falk is more accurate than Kizer. Definitely. Kizer has a bigger arm.

              I agree with Grant and have question marks over his accuracy. Its ok, not great. Not consistent.

  31. If I was the 49ers GM first couldn’t agree more get Mr E. Dbarto as my Cosultant and personnel director (incase he can’t be owner) second I will make everything possible to bring back Jim Harbaugh and will keep Kaepernick but bring in Deshawn Watson as well and overhaul our defense and bring in top notch DB and NT to began with and couple of veteran receivers and drag a few young ones too and guaranty you we will be Super Bowl contenders right away.

  32. JH will never never ever return with Jed leading the Niners.

    Since Eddie has been enshrined in the HOF, that sanitizes him for more involvement in the NFL. However, the Niners need youth and dynamism.

    Maybe Lisa should become CEO after Eddie buys back half of the Niners. I would even like Nikki, along with her husband Chad.

    The most important thing is to get rid of Baalke, and since Jed is keeping him, getting rid of Jed is necessary, too.

  33. Let’s see, If I were GM……

    I would have picked Watt instead of Aldon.

    I would have selected Alshon Jeffrey instead of AJ Jenkins.

    I would have selected Roby, who was picked just after Ward.

    I may have selected Marcus Peters instead of Armstead, since he was the DROY,and was selected just after Armstead.

    I would have outbid the Raiders for Sean Smith, then I could have taken Yannick Ngakoue instead of ACL Redmond, and Dak was taken 2 picks after Robinson. I also would have drafted Prosise, instead of waiting until the 6th round to pick Taylor. I thought Kevin Hogan was superior to Driskel. I also would have retained Garrison Smith and had let go Burbridge.

    I would never have used an ACL pick strategy, because so far, it has been counter productive.

    I never, ever would have cut a player on the team bus, and would have respected players, instead of viewing them as a piece of meat.

    Above all, I would never use leaks as a business tool.

  34. In the search for a GM they need to consider more than that persons football knowledge They run prospective recruits through psychological evaluations before they commit to them. They might do the same to a prospective GM who has no resume in that position. That was the mistake they made with their last hire. He personality made him totally unsuited to the job.

  35. I hire Steve Young as my boss, President of Football Operations, Kyle Shanahan as my HC, Gus Bradley as my DC, and Mike Shanahan as my OC.

    I also ask Tomsula to come back as a highly paid assistant HC/DL coach, and poach from the Pittsburgh Steelers scouting department to find WR talent.

    I keep Kap, trade for Romo, and wait until 2018 to draft Lamar Jackson.

  36. If I were GM I would go after Jon Gruden and Bill Cohwer. Which ever one signed first would be my head coach. The qb I would let them get the guy they need to run their system.

  37. I’d hire Chris Ballard from the Chiefs. He has an outstanding track record as a talent evaluator and scout, stemming back from his days with the Bears. He was responsible for the drafting of Marcus Peters and the signing of Tyreek Hill.

    I’d let him get Chip Kelly talent for two seasons and that’s what Chip gets, which is the extent of his contract.

    Guys that I would for on the horizon would be young coaches like Kyle Shanahan, or Norv Turner’s son, Scott. They have loads of energy and enthusiasm to put into a job.

  38. Poach a Gm off the Steelers,patriots or Seahawks
    Mike Shanahan as headcoach
    His son Kyle as a coordinator waiting in the wings to take over..Mike gets kicked upstairs in the front office..
    Gus Bradley as Dc…if we cant get Fangio back..

    Second choice

    Mike Lombardi Gm
    Josh McDaniels as Head coach
    Garoppolo as Qb
    Matt Patricia as Dc

    I like Garoppolo as Shanahans possible Qb too…

  39. “whom would you target to be the head coach, and whom would you target to be the quarterback? Please explain your choices.”

    Grant, do we get Press Democrat coffee mugs for doing your job for you? Btw, I disagree with your recent conclusion Saban more accommplished than Harbaugh. In college Saban had an enormous talent pool to dip into. Harbaugh had to work within the limitations of Stanford academic requirements. In NFL, Harbaugh took bad team to the NFC championship game in year 1. Saban floundered at Miami.

    Also, who do I send my resume to at Press Democrat

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