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  1. I like the commentary but why throw this line in there when football players are obviously saying what is in their heart and not what they’re told to say? I think it diminishes your point when you engage in such antagonist commentary.

    “Football players say what they’re told to say.”

    1. Grant, I think the Niners have a legitimate chance at making the playoffs. The team is well coached, they have more talent on both lines, and they’re not asking too much of Gabbert. I had them at 7-9 before the season started. Seattle looks vulnerable and I expect the Niners to finish ahead of them this year. Hopefully that will be enough for a wild card.

        1. Brotha, I don’t think they will beat Carolina but I don’t expect a blowout either. I think we will beat Seattle next week and be 2-1. I’m sticking with my 7-9 prediction. If the ball bounces our way, or if we get a couple of calls, they could win 9 or 10 games.

              1. Prime. I hope you’re right. If the Niners can hold the Panthers to FGs they will have a chance. I worry about Benjaman in the red zone.

              2. #80 the only way the 49ers have a chance is to win the field position battle and force the Panthers to settle for FG’s. Hope that Cam is still woozy and the young guys don’t let the travel and fatigue overwhelm them?

                Grant are you going to be at the game? I’m going to be there! Would love to meet ya!

              3. Please remember one thing that Benjamin shares with another one of our receivers (Ellington) they are both brittle.

              4. Benjamin is a beast but yes, he had that injury but looks to be coming around. He is the type of WR that can change the game.

  2. Trent Dilfer tried to tap dance around his comments during a knbr interview. Dilfer was especially incensed with being characterized as a Baalke mouthpiece. What’s the real storythere?

    1. He didn’t dance around. He made his position perfectly clear: He made it clear that his earlier statements were based on what was coming out of the locker room when the story first broke. After the meeting with Kaepernick and the team had time to digest the issue, solidarity within the organization developed, which Dilfer acknowledged and supported, and things obviously changed.

      It was clear the interviewers didn’t get what Dilfer was saying and it’s clear some here don’t get it either. Put simply, early on some players were not happy about Kaepernick’s behavior. Later on that changed.

  3. “In a sense, the media enables Kapernick.” Yes.
    I’m envisioning that scene Grant painted, and I’m imaging the swarm of reporters approaching him and surrounding him, breathlessly looking for a quote, any quote.
    “The game started later than usual.” National news! It’s not like we heard that he called anybody over, they came sniffing around.
    There were other storylines. Defense pitched a shutout. Offense scored more than 17 points (gasp!) against an ostensibly good defense. So, yeah, a bit of blame and also a shrug of inevitability in regards to the media.
    Grant went to some time and trouble researching a second hand scene and probably thinking about ways to make his point without writing an assassination piece. I appreciate that and suspect he may be correct that it’s all a distraction. I’ve felt that reading between the lines of Bowman’s statements throughout.
    So I’ll throw,out my two metaphors that I think apply to post-sit Kap:-
    1/ (I used this one previously) CK is a surfer who dropped in on a monster wave (international media spotlight)’that is orders of magnitude above his skill level. Once committed, there’s no retreat, just ride it out and survive it. Or not. At the moment he’s trying to stay on his board.
    2/ Having the intense glare of the media focused on you gives you a broad audience. It’s like walking around on permanent speaker phone. It’s great when you think of something to say, but not so great when everybody can hear you farting in the toilet.

  4. Grant,
    Is CK saying what he is told to say? Is E. Reid saying what he is told to say? Is E. Harold saying what he is told to say? Are all the 49ers who have spoken out in favor of what CK is doing saying what they are told to say? Are those who have reserved comment doing what they were told to do\say? I believe your article shows your unconscious bias.

    1. This is a ridiculous comment from a “journalist” who is not a fan of Kaep and now has a chance to bash him, yet again. The media is as complicit as anyone.
      Very telling that he went out of his way to get info from other sources to write this.
      I support Kaep message. I respect him for taking a risky and controversial stand.
      It’s time for football and football news Grant.

      1. One CK hater (Grant) referencing another CK hater (Larry Kruger) makes for a very legitimate story :)

        If only the media could focus on football …

        1. Grant thinks he has a lot of good words.

          Grant thinks his words are fantastic.

          Grant thinks his words are loved.

          … and Grant is not running for the office of President of the United States.

  5. This distraction is going to grow bigger and bigger and cause issues from top to bottom of the organization, no doubt. Its going to be a weekly ordeal now and resentment will grow

    Remember when Colin hated talking to reporters?… That sure changed when the attention shifted to others. Now he talks to reporters eagerly and he is not even playing. Pathetic

      1. Seb, come on, you can hardly call that playing time!

        Imagine if this were Gabbert as the backup, you’d be howling about what a bad teammate he was taking the spotlight away from CK! And you’d be right. Either way, I don’t care, but c’mon man!

        1. He did play, and I am confident he will play more. Chip said that every season, he played more than one QB, and I will believe Chip over all the pundits and the peanut gallery.

          Before the game, I hoped that the Niners would get up by 3 scores and Kaep would be able to play in the 4th quarter. Looks like my wish came true.

          If the roles were reversed, I would not be howling at Gabbert for playing. I would be congratulating the coaches for saving the starting QB from possible injury when the game was essentially over, and giving the backup valuable playing time.

            1. I agree it was not starting and playing the whole game. It was mop up duty, and he did not throw or run with the ball.

              Still, he did play, no matter what others try to say.

              1. Seb………..

                “Still he did play, no matter……blah blah blah blah blah”.

                That’s true, Seb. he played. He contributed nothing to their victory!!
                This idolatry of yours for Kap is not healthy.

              2. Saw, Kaep did play when all his detractors wanted him to sit on the bench and do nothing. In fact, they are calling for him to be cut, and Baalke wants to get rid of him, but Chip is keeping Kaep, and allowed him to play.

                I bet you, and all the Kaep haters were grinding your teeth when Kaep trotted out to play, and that made me even happier.

          1. Colin is not even the person being used to play Cam Newton, to prepare the defense during the week

            They think Ponder is more like Cam?! Ponder must be proving to be the better arm, which is more important than running ability.

            Is a demotion coming?… before the eventual trade/release? Are the Browns calling yet?

          1. Back in the ’80s when I had Warriors season tix, they had a backup center Chris Engler, who rode the pine except for the closing moments of blowouts (Warriors of that era were always on the short end of those). There was a fan who paraded around the upper reaches of the Coliseum with a big banner “Engler Fever, Catch it!”. Was that guy you Seb? :)

              1. >>a storm is coming

                Seb, think about what you are saying. For that to happen it means either:

                A. The team is struggling mightily (see 2015 and cellar dwelling teams everywhere)


                B. The starting QB is injured (see 2012)

                What kind of fan hopes for A? Unless you are more of a fan of a player than the team? Or you are in the same category as your buddy Tom.

                What kind of fan hopes for B? Unless you are some kind of ghoul which puts you in a despicable category of one.

                Which one are you?

              2. I am C- Neither. I am just a fan that wants the Niners to win it all.

                Rib, Prime once admitted that Kaep took the league by storm. I want Kaep to do that AGAIN.

                I have never called for Gabbert to be injured. I hope Chip goes bold and plays both QBs.

                Gabbert, with his accuracy issues, may bench himself, but I want both QBs to do well.

                Football is a game of attrition, and players get injured all the time, without having anyone calling for him to be injured. Kaep is one play from starting, so I hope he is prepared to play at a moment’s notice.

              3. Rib for the sanity of the blog, keep the bum rash (SEB) down. He is an attention seeker looking for people to address his CK only love. He is not concerned with the team, only if Kap plays and if he does play, its for all the wrong reason you mentioned.

              4. Prime, were you grinding your teeth when Kaep trotted out to play? You wanted him cut on the team bus, but Chip played Kaep despite all your screeds against him.

                Hmm, maybe your football acumen is lacking.

              5. Seb I’ve respectable asked you to avoid my posts to save the blog from seeing me pulverize you in football debating. Ive beat you so many times I feel sorry for you.
                I have not addressed you directly till now because you seem to not learn the lesson. Go find someone else to try and listen to you. You are no match for me then now or ever. Please accept my request, thank you!

              6. Prime, do not ever mention my name if you want to be left alone.

                I frighten you so much you have to declare victory, when in actuality you are the loser again.

                I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but will refrain because I do not like to fight against an unarmed foe.

                I see that all your pre game predictions fell flat. If you looked at what I said before the game, I mentioned that Chip should show the players all the blunders the other teams did, and exhort his team to reduce the unforced errors. Mission Accomplished.

                A storm is coming, start gnashing your teeth.

              7. Oh, and please stop talking gibberish.

                ‘I’ve respectable asked you…….’

                I have upset you so much, you forget how to spell.

          2. Seb

            That’s like saying Alex played in the SB for his advising, instructing, and encouraging Kaep even while in uniform…but on the field.

              1. Seb–
                What can Kap do that Gabbert cant? or vice versa? Kap starts, he runs—so does Gabbert-pretty good, too. Kap throws the ball–with no touch and inaccurate-Gabbert does that too!
                Whatever screw-up Gabbert does, Kap has PROVEN to be capable of doing the same screw up. Kaps certainly not as good in the pocket, and does not read defenses as well. Certainly doesn’t hit the books as well.
                Seb-ster my man, with respect to Kap-you are being irrational!

  6. Sorry Grant, I disagree with your premise. Sensationalism has become the driving force of the media in the USA. Look no further than Donald Trump.

    I actually initially felt like it wasn’t fair for Colin to to make such a personal political statement, when he plays with 53 other teammates, on possibly the world’s most galvanized TEAM SPORT!

    However, I think those linemen understand the way our media operate in this country these days. This subject has now become a league wide story. And you can bet we’ll see more when the NBA comes back from their offseason. And while I do believe they would have preferred the media focussed less on Kaepernick, and more on the rest of the team, I don’t think they placing the blame on Kap, or building much animosity towards him. I think most of the players, who happen to have grown up surrounded by African Americans, thanks to football, understand that this conversation is slightly bigger than sports, and needed to take place.

    At some point in the near future, this story will no longer be front and center, as it will have run it’s course. I do believe that Colin has made his point, and after next weekend, I think it’s time for him to start standing for the national anthem once again.

    1. In line with the Washington Post and their -Pinocchio award, I’m nominating Seb’s comments about Kaepernick’s playing time One Trump. In the spirit of the award, I’m giving Grant a Two Trump award for this column.

  7. Blame Kaep for a swarm of reporters surrounding him after the Niners just slaughtered the Lambs? I blame the reporters.

    It would be a distraction if it distracted the team enough to lose. Since they won convincingly, it was not a distraction at all.

    Grant is trying to brew a tempest in a teapot. Hope he does not become a mouthpiece to sow discord and division. All leaks, even from Grant, are needed like the Niners need another hole in their head.

    1. I agree Seb. Ever since Grant wrote how Anthony Davis squealed with glee over a TD in practice it has been all downhill for AD.

    2. Kaep keeps feeding them the headlines, via his actions, twitter, interviews, etc… He WANTS the attention, per his own claims. Its how he is promoting the issue.

      No doubt his PR consultants are on the same page and will keep it active. He has made this a BIG part of who he wants to be going forward. His girlfriend is pushing him as well, no doubt.

      1. Of course the media wanted to talk to him. Post game on Minday was their first chance to get his reaction to Dilfer’s comments.

  8. So it seems that the Dilfer comments might not have been so far fetched and that of a mouthpeice for the organization (and why would Dilfer really owe the 49ers anything anyway?).

    1. Doofus is good buddies with Baalke. and leaks and smears are his modus operandi.

      Doofus is so mentally a lightweight, he cannot conjure up an original thought. Baalke is feeding him with a spoon.

      1. The game was unwatchable as soon as CK7 came in. Just hand it off, run toward the sideline while going away from the line of scrimmage, faking a fake handoff. He didn’t even try to fake a keeper; and was less effective than a practice rep to make sure nobody had an excuse to hit him.

        so, really, he did not “play.” It was worse than mop up; it was mop up with a dry mop.

        P.S. I wish this site had a “mute” button for serial posters. I could cut the search for valid posts in 1/2 just by muting one person.

        1. Why risk injury to the QB when the game was over? You did watch since you commented on his play, and it lasted only a few minutes.

          If Kaep had kept the ball and scored a TD, you would have berated him for doing that, too.

    2. Really, you think? Dilfer has been out of the league for a while now and has no feel for a locker room from which he has no access to. Even if he’s close pals with Baalke means nothing. Jesse Ventura was suppose to be close friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger until Arnold ran for governor, then Jesse slammed him in the media. Even Tim Kawakami is saying the team is closer now. I don’t agree with Kap’s argument, but seems he’s gaining support every day and his teammates, coaches, and team have all publicly shown support for Kap’s rights. I believe, Grant is speculating what he thinks should be obvious, but isn’t.

      1. At some point the 9ers are going to dump KC7. They just can’t afford to keep him no matter what Chip thinks. they will either trade him or drop him probably before the 5 game. Just a guesstimate. It appears from what I have seen that ponder is a far better QB than Ck7 at this time. Everyone talks about CK7 taking us to the SB and yet it was Alex that won most of the games and CK7 blew the SB win.

        1. With 49 mil in cap space, why do you think they cannot afford him?

          And no, Kaep won those playoff games, so he won more games than AS.

  9. The article is hot garbage. You speak for no one in that locker room grant but keep on with your “i believe” and attributing it to the players. I guess you like some don’t care for your entertainment to have a voice. You are on the wrong side of history Grant and your advice for Kaep to go to the side with his “little” rant shows you have no perspective. Athletes are constantly told to be role models and use their podium for advancement of values but when they speak and address issues that make you uncomfortable you want them silenced. the most salient point you admitted was buried in the middle of your article “In the grand scheme of things, football might be trivial and beside the point”. Not to say Keap is Ali but reporters like you excoriate him for taking a principled stance and only now is he applauded for his profile in courage. I guess by your standards he should’ve had his press conferences on Wednesdays in the some obscure hotel to be attended by as little press as possible because he’s being a distraction to the sport.

    1. Its not about the issue, its how he choose to promote it…. He make 8 figures and is living the dream, while disrespecting the country. These game are suppose to be about FOOTBALL, not politics. We have enough politics in every other aspect of our lives. Football is a time for many to escape it for a few hours.

      There are many ways to take a stand, this is the wrong way. Its too controversial, which actually distorts his massage.

      How exactly does he expect this to change anything? What changes to the laws is he or anyone else associated with BLM proposing? Ya cant just protest forever without offering solutions.

      Maybe the black community is to blame for pushing hateful music, which anti gay, degrades women, pro gangs/violence, pro drugs, etc on to impressionable children… Many of these issues start in the household. Do you ever hear of Asians having these problems? They aren’t considered white, right?

      Millions of people still think M Brown had his hands up and was executed, which was a blatant lie told by his friend. If they cant promote the TRUTH, fair minded Americans will never support them.

      1. TT, The recording industry is to blame for pushing hateful music. During the 80s, or “back in the day” rap brought up social injustice and was generally positive. Reagans’ war on drugs and the Clinton crime bill were racially biased. The recording industry had an agenda to fill prisons with young black men and squash socially active acts like KRS-1 and Public Enemy.

        1. How was the war on drugs racially biased? More whites used drugs back then. It wasnt targeted at blacks.

          It wasnt until the recent incarceration rate of blacks that made it seem racially biased.

          1. Harsher sentences for crack and racial profiling. It didn’t help when the recording industry made it “cool” to dress like a criminal.

            1. Im more concerned with their actions, not how they dress

              Did the recording industry created gangs, drug dealers, pimps, thieves, etc? Many of these kids were criminals long before they made records.
              In fact, many recordings were payed for with criminal $$$. They openly sing about it and have the criminal records to support it.

              Music has a big effect on kids and what they perceive as being cool. Only the naive cant see the effects it has in the black community. Look at Chicago and how many children are being gunned down? Its an epidemic. Why is this not a major issue in the black community?!

              Can you imagine being a cop in these places? Its scary, you want to make it home to your family at night and will be more defensive when the likelihood of being shot is higher. All it takes is for one felon to not want to go back to jail and gunning you down is the only way out. Its a tough situation for both sides, but it all starts in the home. Good parenting is the HEART of the issue and MOST (70%+) black youth are born without fathers playing an active roll in their life. Why doesn’t Colin bring this VERY IMPORTANT issue up?

              1. Oh BS. You sound like Tipper Gore. Rap music has a much wider audience among white suburban boys than innercity blacks. Is this music driving those white kids to crime? Does death metal turn its fans into nihilists?

              2. Rib, its not whites killing each other in large numbers all over this country and there are more whites in the population. Blacks only make up 13% of the population, yet commit 50% of the violent crime…. Black gang bangers are the issue here, lets not divert the blame.

                The problem starts with people like you who are always trying to divert the blame instead of being honest/realistic. If people continue to avoid the facts, these problems will never improve.

                Most of those “white suburban boys” have active parents that lay the pressure to keep them on the right track, which is why they can listen to hateful music and not get sucked into the negativity it promotes. Sure, there are a lot of white screwups who do drugs, etc, but they dont kill each other in large numbers. Black on black death is an epidemic and instead the media, BLM, etc focus on the small amount of cop killings instead…

                This subject is reaching epic stupidity and i think all these protests are going to influence the opposite of what they desire, until they stop avoiding the HEART of the issue.

                It all starts in the home… Time and time again you hear black athletes talk about their parents and how they would have followed the wrong path if it wasn’t for them.

      2. TT75 You just told a politically in-correct truth, although there are 2 sides to this. And because you told the truth, you are going to catch 7 different kinds of hell for it.

      3. >>Do you ever hear of Asians having these problems? They aren’t considered white, right?

        Wah Ching. Triad. Black Dragons. Careful when pitting one ethnic group as squeaky clean.

        1. Again, Rib, its not Asians all over the news every day killing each other… they dont have the problems with cops like blacks do. These problems will never be solved if people like you continue to divert and make excuses for the inexcusable.

          If you are defensive and act aggressively towards a cop during each encounter, the probability of getting shot is higher. Its simple math.

  10. I believed in a lot of things too when I was young; Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy… What I learned after growing up was that no matter how hard I hoped it was true, doesn’t mean it is. Seriously though, I understand your thought process and maybe you’re right, but everybody else is saying the complete opposite. With all due respect, I really think you’re doing a lot more hoping than reporting here.

  11. Ali didn’t play a team sport Playaze. Kaep does. Of course these guys will resent Kaep for this sideshow.

    Vernon Davis didn’t bring the Jamba Juice blenders or his post-modern art in the locker room.

    +1 for Davis.

  12. Look I’m no fan of the media and agree that Grant’s premises are wrong. The blame and media frenzy do lie on the media (Nightcrawler anyone?).

    Nevertheless, the comment made by the anonymous lineman does indicate a certain level of frustration and exhaustion with the attention the story has gotten which is now starting to be expressed publicly. If that continues, it will fray team unity. This may be why there is behind the scenes action by the FO.

    I was never convinced this was wholly a noble action on CKs part. It was ennobled by Eric Reid and took on a different dynamic. In any case, as it goes along we’ll see how it develops.

      1. I heard that behind the scenes they are trying to trade him. That is what I am referring to, it may be nothing more than whispers, but at least it salient given the present story line (for whatever rumors are worth which is garbage).

        1. East, please do not perpetuate more leaks and smears.

          Kaep, with his controversial NA protest, is radioactive, and no competent GM would stir up a hornets nest by trading for Kaep.

          I am just happy that Chip likes him, and Chip would be the first person to squash any trade rumors.

          1. And you know this how? Who is perpetuating rumors and smears? Seb you should read your posts. They are filled with innuendo and rumors without any basis whatsoever. I clearly stated mine was a rumor and it was as good as any (which is garbage). Nevertheless, CK continues to be somewhat of a distraction. He isn’t the starter. Grant’s point that he could have deflected the attention is salient. He didn’t. Remember when he shunned the media? He’s basking in its glow now? What’s changed? They adore him for his social bravery! Before he was a poor QB who couldn’t make reads with a bad attitude. Now, he’s socially conscious!

            1. East, being just a die hard faithful fan, I do not have FO status or access. Sure, I speculate all the time, but you seem to put my statements on par with Baalke.

              Grant and others say that Kaep is a distraction. If the Niners can keep scoring 4 TDs and shutting out their opponents, I hope Kaep keeps distracting them.

              1. I don’t Seb. I know you’re a fan! Just want to make sure if you remember you are. All of us are diehard fans. Remember that. Just because we don’t agree with each other’s views or strategies does not imply that we wish to see the 49ers fail.

              2. East, no worries, mate. Er … I mean no problemo. ;p

                Believe me, I am just hungry for another ring. I have not called for Gabbert to be cut on the team bus, and hopes he leads the Niners to more victories.

                That will not stop me from criticizing him when he does not throw accurately, but I just want him to improve, become more accurate, and hit his receivers in stride.

                GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX !!!!!!

          2. I agree that Kaepernick is not desired by any GM right now. There is no trade eminent. But, I think Baalke is intent on ditching Kaepernick in some manner and has wanted to ever since he was benched last season. Any other player would have been sidelined with a press release that said “knee, thumb and shoulder surgery” were required.

            And, I think Kaepernick is still a 49ers because Chip Kelly sees potential in Colin to make Chip’s reputation better. Let’s face it, Chip is in rehab … he left Philadelphia under bad terms and with a bad reputation among many black players. If he can re-establish Kaepernick as a franchise QB, Kelly will be elevated to elite status among the coaching ranks. He would leapfrog Baalke in pecking order in the front office.

            1. There is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Chip.

              Baalke has lost power after having his fingerprints all over a 5-11 season. The draft showed how much power he lost, and the AD situation shows that Gamble is taking over some GM duties.

              Chip put his foot down, and now Devey and Pears are gone. He has communicated well with AD, so now AD is still on the team, even after the turmoil of last weekend.

              Chip is the sole reason why Kaep is still on the team, and the sole reason why Kaep played last game. Chip is smart.

              1. You do realize he didn’t pass last game either and there’s an Internet meme that CK did what he does best, kneel down. And that’s what Chip asked him to do. You see the logic.

            2. Perhaps, but would anyone want Chip to be GM – I wouldn’t. I don’t think Chip would. For all Baalke’s faults and they are legion, he does have some talent.

              1. East, my solution is to kick Baalke upstairs to handle the financials, and let Gamble handle the players. Chip should just coach.

                Then everyone could be happy.

              2. And what gives you the idea that Gamble is a competent GM? Not saying he isn’t but I have no clue as to whether he can be a competent GM anymore than we had of Trent Baalke before he took the job. Everyone looks good prior to having to take the reins.

              3. Gamble is not Baalke. Just like Tiller is not Devey.

                ANYONE would be an improvement over Baalke and Devey. I have seen enough of those 2 to form that opinion.

                Remember, the day Gamble was promoted, AD came back.

        2. Chip is not stupid to trade CK with the way Gabbert’s playing. His yards per attempt (4.9 yards) are 31st in the league – barely beating out Case Keenum.

          You’re using $$ for your avatar. I’ll bet you some of that cash that CK takes over the starting job this year – most likely after the Panther’s game when Gabbert lays an egg.

    1. A disgruntled offensive lineman jealous of not getting the press at his locker after the game…must be a rookie. Offensive linemen are not the typical newsworthy person on any week. I doubt Anthony Davis, Marcus Martin, Trent Brown, Joshua Garnett or Andrew Tiller wanted to talk to the press. This is Joe Staley’s 10th season and he has been quoted more the past month than his entire career, so what could he be whining about after one game. So, we are down to Zane Beadles and Kilgore…two of the lowest PFF graded linemen after the game, so who cares? We can talk about how they underperformed the rest of the week, or after the Carolina game.

  13. I tend to agree with Grant on this one. Sure you can blame the reporters for going to the backup QB to talk about something that had nothing to do with football. However, the player bears some responsibility in shutting that down so the focus could be on his teammates. I thought Grant laid out a cogent argument on what the appropriate response should have been from CK when the media approached him. He seemed to play into the media frenzy and I can’t imagine that sits well with some of his teammates. I’m sure some players appreciate they don’t have to deal with media. Others may want the attention. There’s really no way to know if there is division in the locker room. The only thing we can say with certainty is CK”s anthem protest is absolutely a distraction for the team.

    1. What about Eric Reid? Is he garbing the spotlight taking a knee right next to Kaepernick, appearing in every photo? Where was the media at Reid’s locker? This is entirely an editorial choice by the media to focus on Kaepernick. I did not hear Trent Dilfer address Reid in his comments prior to the game. I didn’t hear Dilfer mention the other two dozen players who took a knee or raised a fist around the league in support of perceived injustices in communities around the country.

      Nothing is preventing Grant Cohn from talking about Eric Reid’s taking a knee becoming a distraction, or the fact that Antione Bethea and Eli Harold raised a clinched fist (an actual new development)…but Grant is focused on Kaepernick, which is the same story it was a month ago. Grant Cohn and people like him control the spotlight.

      As long as teammates and the head coach are NOT complaining, Grant is merely projecting his own thoughts, like Trent(s)…

      1. And how do you know the media did not approach Reid, Bethea, and Harold with questions but they did exactly what Grant suggested? Maybe they did approach them and all those guys said they were only going to talk football. Also, it’s obvious why everyone is approaching Kaepernick. He is the ember that started the fire. Obviously, media is going to go to Kaepernick first.

        1. Houston,
          I believe that if the media had approached those other players and were told : “no comment” that they would have reported that.

          1. Perhaps. But to say “Where was the media at Reid’s locker? This is entirely an editorial choice by the media to focus on Kaepernick,” assumes all kinds of things that FCadimus has no way of knowing. How does he know those players were not asked? If I were guessing I would think it is probably an editorial choice but it’s a choice that makes sense. Kaepernick is much higher profile than the other guys, even if he is now a backup, given his prior celebrity status. Plus he is the guy who started the entire thing. I’m reading a bit into FCadmus comment but his comment appears to be a Blame the Media strategy where he is saying the media is out to get Kaep and they are intentionally trying to cause a division in the locker room. I don’t buy that but thats my impression of FCadmus’ comment. My reply to that is, Kaepernick should have thought about that before putting himself in the spotlight and becoming a distraction.

    1. TomD,
      3rd string QB’s run the scout team. 2nd string QB’s continue preparing for their next opponents defense in case of injury.

      1. No, second team QBs do. Peyton Manning did it when first coming back from his injury but wasn’t quite ready to play. Aaron Rodgers has done the same thing while working back to form after an injury. Smith did it behind Hill and Hill behind Smith depending on Singletary’s whims.

        3rd team QBs play safety on the scout-team defense or some other pointless role that needs a body. Like RGIII did last year for the Redskins. Like Jameill Showers did for the Cowboys last year. LIke Cody Pickett did for the 49ers all those years ago.

  14. The media has a notoriously short attention span. They will move on to the next sensational story before you can say Adrian Peterson or Deflategate. In the (short) meantime, I’d much rather have Kaep’s “distraction” than those raised by Aldon Smith’s or Ray MacDonald’s behavior.

  15. “Grant Cohn September 14, 2016 at 11:53 am Who are you talking to?”

    As it turns out both of us are basing our opinions on what we are hearing from others.

  16. Move on, Kap’s a bust:

    Playing quarterback in a pro-style NFL offense might be the hardest job in sports. There are maybe 10 guys on the planet at any one time who can do it to a really high level. There are another 10 who can get by or do it at that level for stretches, and then there are a bunch more guys who need a bit of help to get things done. Kaepernick falls into that last category. He can’t play the game like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, or even Russell Wilson, but he can still be an effective force if he has the right coach to construct an offense around him as a kind of support structure.

  17. This article reeks of confirmation bias to me Grant. You’ve been pushing the locker room distraction/divide angle since this began and there has been zero evidence to make that conclusion. Now you are basing an entire article on what somebody else heard from one player in passing?

    A player or players shaking their head in bemusement at the medias continuing fascination with this is not proof of a divided locker room imo. If we start to hear players criticizing or seeing issues on the field, then there will something to talk about, but right now this is a non issue from what I’ve seen. Kap seems to have a lot of support from his teammates and they played well, so this seems to me to be an attempt to stir up drama that doesn’t exist.

  18. If you’re upset with the attention the backup is getting, quit crying about it and continue to win. Beat the Panthers, and that’s a story. Beat the Seahawks, and there’s your glory. Continue to keep your nose to the grindstone, do your job, win, cash your paychecks and have a cup of Rocket’s stfu. Winning is the ultimate distraction, and it’s one the press can’t ignore….

    1. Razor,
      You are so right. If Gabbert was to lead the 49ers to wins in the next 2 games I guarantee The media would not be surrounding CK anymore.

  19. The definition of Journalism .. is ..

    the “who” .. the “what” .. the “where” .. the “when”
    the “how” and the “why” …

    anything else inserted into the “story” ..
    makes it an “opinion” piece …

    Grant ..
    what say you.. on this piece ?

  20. Why is everyone so surprised that this could actually cause an issue?

    Yes, we can all point to the win and say ” See, everything is fine.” But that is a poor litmus test… How is the team going to handle repeatedly being asked about this? What happens after a loss or two? These are the things that will give you a better indication on how the team is holding together.

    Dilfer, Boone, Ray Lewis, and Rodney Harrison all seemed to indicate it could be divisive in the locker room. Even if they would not be said to be brilliant minds or are respected by us, they were all in NFL locker rooms and understand that these are things that can cause division and wear on a team. All it takes are a few members out of 53 to really be upset by it and like it or not you have a divided locker room.

    1. Shoup,

      There is always a possibility of it causing an issue, but Grant has already decided it is with little evidence to support it.

  21. It’s funny how some have problems with Grant writing what others are “really thinking” when they disagree with the topic of the article, yet have little trouble with it when they agree.

  22. Insider Buzz: 49ers GM Wants Kap Out, Chip Kelly Believes He Can Develop
    By Team Stream Now , B/R Video Sep 14, 2016

    ****Jason Cole reports on Trent Baalke, Chip Kelly disagreement about Colin Kaepernick

    Trent Baalke wants Kap out, + Kelly wants to develop him= Another Baalke power struggle.

    ****Of course there are going to be reports….

    By • David Fucillo • @davidfucillo •Sep 15, 2016, 5:20a

  23. Fans, this is real.

    It’s another Baalke power struggle with a coach. Get used to it. Deal with it. Don’t blame Grant when it’s all over the internet, including the above article by reporter Jason Cole.

  24. The Constitution absolutely guarantees Kaepernick’s right to express his opinion.

    But Kaepernick, you’re on company time. Take it somewhere else.

      1. And his “company” are currently incapable of filling the stadium for a Monday night home opener with a brand new coaching staff…………That indicates large parts of the population are tired of this sewage.

        This used to be a football blog, but the NAZI brown shirt thought police have commandered it….with their righteousness and tolerance.

  25. San Francisco 49ers GM Trent Baalke wants to cut Colin Kaepernick

    Colin Kaepernick has drawn attention for his national anthem protest, and he’s also creating a difference of opinion within the San Francisco 49ers.

    “He’s carrying Baalke’s water, and Baalke is increasingly alone in that franchise, so maybe Baalke’s people are getting more desperate,” Kawakami writes, pointing out that Dilfer and Baalke have gone to at least one San Jose Sharks game together and that they are long-time friends.

  26. ‏@timkawakami
    One view is that the “friction” Dilfer is talking about is between Baalke and Kelly. NOT locker-room friction, which Dilfer wouldn’t know

    Hugh Tomasello ‏@hughtomasello · 19h19 hours ago

    @49ersfangirl @timkawakami Baalke having friction with the head coach?? Never!!!

  27. I think “The Catch” gets too much of the spotlight. I was thrilled when “The Catch” happened, but history implies the 49ers were lucky. In reality the 49ers kicked the Cowboys all over the field. The game was only close because the refs phantom PI flags, and some fluky turnovers.

  28. Prime Time

    September 14, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    With every post you can see Seb and Razor naw their teeth knowing Blaine Gabbert beat out their idol Colin Kaepernick. Its plain as dayas the bias is oozing out of every vowel!

    Seb and Prime realizing the 49er team they have built resembles, this, so are angry at Prime for reminding both that they are the football dunzes of this site any chance Prime gets.

  29. Fans, Seb and Razor use subterfuge in hopes of persuading us that they are 49er fans, when in reality, they want us to remain like them—Losers

    I’ve been trying to get a Gamble type GM here while Seb and Razor continue to force their bad roster talent on us.

    So if you don’t believe me, believe Prime, and I Quote Prime in Seb’s and Razors desire to harm the 49ers with their LOSER ROSTER PICKS.

    Think about it. They really are 49er haters if they want to force Kap on us after all the damage:

    Prime Time

    September 14, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    With every post you can see Seb and Razor naw their teeth knowing Blaine Gabbert beat out their idol Colin Kaepernick. Its plain as dayas the bias is oozing out of every vowel!

  30. As far as I know, the only Niner player to have gone on record in disagreeing with Kap’s sociopolitical statements has been Daniel Kilgore. Unless otherwise specified, I will assume that it was Kilgore’s muttering that Krueger overheard.

  31. If I look into my crystal ball I may predict the future. Colin Kaepernick will get cut or traded from the 49ers prior to the end of the 2016 season. Colin and his apologists will paint him as a social justice martyr who gave up a promising career to speak out against injustice in our society. They will all forget about Colin’s poor play, or his request to be traded, or that Jed York and the NFL actually publicly supported him in this debacle. Colin will become that guy who cared more about his fellow man than his own football career. He will be lifted up as a hero in the same line as DeRay Mckesson or Shaun King. Journalists will switch from talking about the distraction/division to start talking about how the 49ers and the NFL oppressed a man for speaking out, even though that is obviously false. His destiny will be warped from a flash in the pan QB who had promise but didn’t pan out into a man who was oppressed for his beliefs. That’s just how history works. I’m not sure if Colin is that smart but that may have been the end game all along. Get Colin out of SF with all his guaranteed money and let him ride off into the sunset as a hero rather than a QB who never fulfilled his potential.


    So, your friend, TomD who understood who Seb was last year, and even pointed out he really hates the 49ers, is now supported by 2 more poster–Prime and ribico

    September 15, 2016 at 10:04 am

    >>a storm is coming

    Seb, think about what you are saying. For that to happen it means either:


    September 15, 2016 at 10:04 am

    >>a storm is coming

    Seb, think about what you are saying. For that to happen it

    >>a storm is coming

    Seb, think about what you are saying. For that to happen it means either:

    A. The team is struggling mightily (see 2015 and cellar dwelling teams everywhere)


    B. The starting QB is injured (see 2012)

    What kind of fan hopes for A? Unless you are more of a fan of a player than the team? .

    What kind of fan hopes for B? Unless you are some kind of ghoul which puts you in a despicable category of one.

    Which one are you?

  33. San Francisco 49ers Verified account 
    Update on Glenn Dorsey: He’s been a full participant at practice. We’re hopeful we’ll have him this week.

    It will really nice having Dorsey out there, especially against CAR and Seattle. We have a very good rotation on the DL, I hope Armstead plays more this game.

    1. If we can apply pressure to the opposing QB and contro the Line of Scrimmage this is a big thing. One of the best take aways from the game the othe day was the swarm of players near the ball carrier.

  34. The best thing that happened (besides the win) was Kelly quoting Theodore Roosevelt’s “comparison is the thief of joy.”

    I wish I had that quote ready to use 20 years ago.

    1. Brodie – You’re a savvy guy when it comes to 49er football, but if you didn’t see that Chip’s usage of that quote was not just a FY to the questioner I have a bone to pick. The comparison that is referred to in that quote is like someone who is bent on keeping up with the Joneses next door. It has absolutely nothing to do with comparing things that are easily comparable, like who a particular player compares to. If you read virtually every scouting report about a player you will see that the writer says, this player compares to so and so. My bet is that you have known for over 20 years that comparing YOURSELF to someone who has a better car or a membership at the country club is a losing proposition and is stupid, and that is what the quote refers to. That leads me to conclude that Chip was either not very smart or was just trying to bust some balls.

      1. Whine Country – Sorry for the late response. I didn’t pay that much attention to the context of Kelly’s statement. I agree your example of when the phrase is typically (and most appropriately) used is correct.

        I intend to use it not just for the interpersonal too. I have great regular chats with a really smart 49er fan. Whenever I say anything good about a young player, he asks/responds “is he as good as (Justin Smith, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, etc.)?”

        Drives me crazy. The constant “utopian comparison” makes it impossible to celebrate a solid game by a young player. Takes the pleasure out of seeing a young team develop.

  35. The next time I hear a player openly say another player on his team is causing a distraction (mid season), will be the first.
    I hope some other Ryan lochte event happens and all this gets buried on the back pages so the players don’t hAve to hear about it from the national media. But you already have the likes of Steven A smith stating that Kelly may not be starting CK because of this.
    We all know this not to be true, but I could these type of questions coming.

    1. For self-centered leaders:

      There once was a leader named Kap,

      Who thought it all was about him, what a sap,

      He took all the glory

      From everyone’s story.

      Eventually bcoming noir mor ‘e.


    2. I wouldn’t count on that. The coach won’t allow that to happen. Unless Blaine improves over these next 2 weeks. It’s going to be fascinating to watch!

      1. You are telling me you would not take a 2nd or 3rd or 4th for that matter for old wind up?
        Like everyone keeps hoping this team isn’t going anywhere so if Gabbert faulters, go with a cheap Ponder and finish 1-15. Why do we need Kaepernick when he will be gone anyways next year? Take the pick(s) and scream Alleluia!

        1. I agree Prime. Trade A Davis as well. I personally think Gabbert will start all 16, barring injury. That makes Kap useless. Getting two picks for Kap and A Davis could be used to draft extra WRs or to trade up and get a potential stud WR.

        2. I agree prime if you can get a decent pick for him I would do it as well. If Gabbert doesn’t develop then bombing out would be the best option for the future.

  36. I believe Grant has nailed it. A struggling young NFL football team who some say will win from none to maybe 4 games works incredibly hard to play in front of the entire league. Despite being expected to lose, they get a respectable win and the only player the media wants to talk to is a back up player about his personal opinion about an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with football. And yes, you shouldn’t blame the press, you most certainly should blame Kaepernick.

    I’m betting the offensive lineman was Joe Staley. He has saved kaepernick’s a** from serious demise many times over the past several years. And what Kaepernick gives in return is a failed QB performance and a completely unnecessary distraction from the hard work of this team. Tell it like it is, Joe. I’d rather listen to you any day.

    1. You just created your own scenario, went so far as to name a player, and convinced yourself it was all true in one post. If you don’t like the truth then make up your own. Just a sign of the times I guess, and a reason why a failed businessman and former reality tv star can somehow be on the verge of being elected President.

  37. I literally agree with everything you wrote on this Grant. Which is a first. Nice job setting the imagery and offering your supporting commentary.

    1. Trent Dilbert reminds me of that little ‘ole lady at your
      back fence who has nothin’ better to do but
      to gossip …

      Seems their entire live revolve around .. what
      those “other people” do !

  38. The reason for the Kap protest has already been explained ad-nauseam by Colin. The attention being given to this is provided by your colleagues in the media that want to keep this story in the public eye and bypass the game on the field.

    I’m not so sure that Kap purposely set himself up for a press conference. But even if he did, why would the media talking heads continue to give him a platform since we all already know his message?

    Why did the tv networks focus in on Kap and Reid during the NA on Monday? Because they want to sensationalize and frankly, milk a story for their own ulterior motives.
    While you put the blame on Kaepernick, I say that the media is laying in the same bed with him.

  39. With a game in what is everyone’s assessment of the offense? Will Gabbert be able to hold onto the #1 job or will he have a slide. While he was unimpressive, he was also not infuriating. Those errant throws however were a bit worrisome and reminded me too much of CK. I liked what I saw of the OL the run game the TEs and some of the WRs (Smith being the exception).

    1. I think Gabbert will hold on to the job. He plays too safe to have a game like Kap had against Arizona last year. The O line looks great. I expect the Niners to be a top three rushing team all year. Gabbert might not have a 300 Yd game, but he doesn’t need to if the defense is for real.

      1. I think the key is the OL and the play and health Kilgore. If he can maintain high caliber play and health the entire line will be stable. Without him the line becomes shaky and the QB will be in trouble.

  40. Objection, hearsay!!!

    So, yeah, Grant, I heard that radio broadcast, too, but Kreuger’s word was not “angrily,” so if he then changed it to that word in your subsequent Twitter exchange, one might imagine Kreuger was simply expanding his own “narrative.” And that’s what this is about. This is what the media chooses to focus on, and that’s why Kap’s chosen method was the best possible choice for getting his message across.

    The media is clamoring for more from him. He didn’t seek out media attention, never once alerted the media, never asked for this attention, didn’t request a crowd around his locker on Monday night. But thankfully, this is what the media wants to address.

    As has been said about this whole event by numerous media heads, even if the issues aren’t yet being discussed (they will), at the very least Kap’s actions and the resulting media frenzy have outed certain big personalities, Dabo Swinney, Trent Dilfer, and Tony LaRussa for instance, as being (kindly) out of touch or (realistically) steeped in old-world, institutional racist beliefs.

    You’re not a racist, clearly, Grant, but you have decided to side with guys like Trents, Tony, and Dabo. How does that make you feel? You’re a youngish lad from a progressive land, and yet you’re fighting with gritted teeth to this idea that Kap is doing something other than the right thing. I find it odd, yet you often choose odd battles to fight.

    What do you think this member of the OL was thinking? Think he was more resentful of Kap or the media?

    How about you? Have you chosen a side? Do you think athletes should just shut up? If so, then who do you think rightfully ought carry the burden of addressing the ills in society that Kap has addressed? Perhaps you, with your mighty pen, might contribute something to the discussion other than criticism and allegations of divisiveness that you (here, and generally) attribute to pretty much anybody other than members of the 49ers team.

    1. “What do you think this member of the OL was thinking? Think he was more resentful of Kap or the media?”

      That’s a poignant comment. Grant’s take is that it is Kaep’s fault the media are all gaga over him. That the media doesn’t make the news, they just report it. But it is still the media’s decision to focus on reporting about Kaep and the social issue he wants to discuss rather than the game just played, because that is what they believe the bigger story is. And they are right. Who really cares outside of 49ers and Rams fans that the 49ers won? Neither team is expected to be any good this season.

      Kaep is promoting change regarding a social issue, and the reality is that after a game is a time where national media are there to help promote his agenda. If he said no to making time to discuss the issue it would be counter productive. If he said he’ll give a press conference on Wednesday he might not have as much media available to him.

      Basically, its a story of interest atm. Its going to generate media interest. I can understand it may be frustrating for some players that they didn’t get the media attention they believe the win deserved. But them’s the breaks. And I imagine much of the frustration, if any, of players about the lack of media attention was directed at the media more than Kaep.

      1. ” But it is still the media’s decision to focus on reporting about Kaep and the social issue he wants to discuss rather than the game just played,”

        This is exactly what I said to him and his response was that I didn’t understand journalism.

        1. I think Grant’s point is that its not the media’s fault that Kaepernick’s stance on this issue is of more national interest than the result of the 49ers vs Rams game. The media goes where the interest is, because that is what makes them money. Can’t really fault them for that, because the media is a business that needs to make money.

          Its easy to blame Kaepernick for the sideshow, but as I pointed out, this was a great opportunity to advocate in front of national media. It would be counter productive for a cause he clearly feels strongly about to not use the opportunity.

          Really its up to the 49ers to make themselves relevant again, so the team is more important than Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem.

          1. It was your quote, all I was doing was pointing out how I had said the same thing and his response was to become dismissive about it.

            I certainly understand that the Press Democrat needs to sell newspapers and get people to click on their webpages.

            Now, I don’t know what happens in Grant’s interactions with his editor. Does he tell Grant what topics to write about? Does he question Grant if he isn’t writing about certain topics? If it’s the first then well I guess there’s nothing he can do, he can either write about the topic or find a new job. If it’s the second then he needs to do a better job of explaining why the topic he chose to write about is more important/interesting/poignant then the whatever ‘flavor of the month’ story everybody else is mailing it in with.

            If it’s neither of those and he can simply write about what he wants and submit freely without control from above then it’s clearly all on him.

            I know nobody around here would think any less of him if he wrote an article about it and then moved on. I doubt that people would be asking him why he doesn’t spend more time posting or writing articles on the subject especially since it seems like many are asking him not to post or write articles on the subject at the moment. :)

    1. Good article Razor. Makes perfect sense. CK was Harbaughs pick, don’t think he wanted to draft him but here he is. Another power struggle between coach and GM. Here is hoping a high pick trade to Cleveland changes Charlie’s mind!

    2. Inside the 49ers … From a New York tabloid scribe.

      Next I’ll check in with Grant for in depth reporting on the Jets front office shenanigans.

    3. Baalke wants Kaep gone, and yet he is still a Niner and got to play last game. Sounds like Baalke is up to his old tricks with the leaks, but he is powerless against Chip. I could not be happier.

      1. Seb–Kap is just a millstone around the 9ers.

        The league adapted to Kap-Kap never countered, or grew as a QB. He’s dead weight.

  41. Kaep loves the attention. What is his end game? To stop a person ever being shot again by a cop? To pass a new law? To stop all inequality? Then he’ll stand for the flag or what?
    — it’s about him being the center of attention for this movement.
    All I know is it’s fake. Before the game he signing autographs because he loves his new found celebrity. He holds press conferences because he likes taking the attention away from others, which is what he really wants and desires. When he was put to the test to really do something and show up at a local community church no less than one week ago –he skipped out. One thing I know for sure is as Niner fan that if you depend on this guy for whatever your movement is at in the end he will only disappoint you. –Only time will show you this , so I understand if you’re a new Kaep fan this statement pisses you off right now. But just wait and see –he will disappoint you & Grant will write about it.

    Kaep is about Kaep – not studying or respect!

  42. Arik Armstead was ranked #3 in Pass Rush Productivity week 1 for 3-4 DEs (PRP of 13.0). Buckner was #4, with a PRP of 10.7. Both players generated 4 pressures each, but Buckner had 3 more pass rush snaps.

    Quinton Dial meantime had the highest run stop % of 3-4 DEs, at 21.4%.

    That’s excellent production from the 49ers DEs.

      1. Scooter …

        Thanx, for trying to change the focus
        of this thread …but .. alas ..
        I fear your efforts may go astray ..

        Mostly because of those who exhibit the
        kind of hate .. Kap’s social issue stand.. cries
        for a mature discussion of …

        But to those .. I say this ..

        If you’re really interested in finding what’s
        in a man’s heart …
        … walk a mile in his shoes

          1. I’ve stayed away from the subject for a week or so. By critcizing both parties I was trying to move the conversation outside of the left right paradigm. It backfired. It seems everyone has made up their minds on the subject so I’m ready to move on to strictly football. Go Niners!

  43. Why shouldn’t Grant write this stuff. Its not the reporters fault to write stuff like this, he only writes what you guys want to read. He had a football related article prior to this one and basically none of you even responded to it. The soap opera part of the game seems to be more appealing to some.

  44. Took the Jets and ran an errand to find myself down 4 from a 10 point lead w only 4 1/2 minutes gone into the half- ?!

    Can we move on and discuss how to beat Carolina………..

    I think we need to get the TE’s into the middle of the field. I know Kuechly and Davis are good, but we can’t allow them to squeeze the field by stacking the box- albeit, I think CAR typically plays pretty straight up, correct…….

    I am taking the 49ers and the spread….

    Dare we blitz Cam? I think I would………… what is the book on beating CAR? Aside from hitting Cam a lot.

      1. I think you’re right Razor. We gave up some plays over the middle during the preseason. One option would be to put Reid on Olsen for most of th game.

      2. I guess we’ll see how RayRay does in coverage…… maybe Tartt will be used to spy on him.
        Can Brock cover Benjamin? ….. maybe Robinson to use press and try and get pressure on Cam.

      3. They should put Ray Ray or Tartt on Olsen

        Cant stack the box, the just need to play fundamental football.

        Bow delayed blitzes up the middle.

        1. All good ideas guys. Carolinas’ offense can beat you in many different ways so you’re kind of damned if you do anything. Chip and O’Neill will have to make constant adjustments.

          1. I hope the Niners learn from last year, and do something totally different next game. Panthers will have dissected the Rams game, so they should do more Zone Read, and attack the edges. Do not run into the teeth of the defense.

  45. Oh yeah of course Grant Cohn would write this garbage, the 49ers won lol The Cohns along with that idiot Ann Killion are the biggest 9er haters in the Bay Area.

    1. Every season I have a bet with my colleague at work about the likely final record of the Niners. This season we both agreed to hold off until the first 4 games of the season are over.

  46. Kaepernick is up there with the Kardashians as far as attention seeking for its own sake goes. I doubt he’s ever been profiled like a lot of other black men have been. I don’t blame the players who are sick of his preening and hogging the lime light. I also agree with La Russa that he’s not sincere about 90% of the crap he spouts off about. I’m a white female who grew up in SF’s Bernal Heights back in the day. I went to Paul Revere (by Bayshore) for kindergarten… then bussed to Hunters Point for 1-2nd grade. I spent my time playing with blacks, Hispanics, Filipinos and whites. My favorite music is R&B…a gift given to me by the black kids in my circle…Not really a stretch to say that I grew up more black than Kaep. LMAO.

    1. Kaep, without saying a word, has spoken volumes. The firestorm of talk from all sides has accelerated the debate. I wonder how many tragedies have been averted because of his principled stand. Dont see too many unarmed killings lately. The spotlight has exposed the raw reality, and it is not pretty.

      Kaep has silently and non violently exercised his right to protest, and his actions were a unifier, not a divider. The Niners shut out the Rams and scored 4 times in the red Zone.

      With results like that, I hope Kaep protests some more.

      1. Seb, do you have any original ideas. Every day you brow beat the entire blog with the same rhetoric. Saying it louder doesn’t make it a new point. We all know your stance on Kaepernick and the FO.
        Your agenda is old and tired. Why not just discuss the match up this week. You certainly have interesting ideas but those are muffled and drown by your redundant agenda.
        Match up this week is Carolina. What would you do as an NFL defensive mind to contain him as the NFL did in 2014.

        1. Matt, I am just countering the hate and disinformation. You have read all the screeds, and I am just responding to them. Maybe if they stop the same old screeds, I may not need to respond at all.

          Of course, I would be happy to talk football, and do it all the time.

          Carolina will be a daunting opponent. The first thing that I have said is that the Niners need to be adaptable. They will not be able to stack the box and dare Cam to pass , because he has Benjamin and Olsen. Niners should just follow the Bronco’s game plan because it worked twice for them.

          Niners should also continue to play smart and avoid shooting themselves in the foot.

          Finally, Chip should go bold and play Kaep. If Chip sheathes his most effective weapon, he may lose. Gabbert can start, but inserting Kaep in the game will throw the defense a curve ball, and hopefully, they can befuddle the defense with new looks and schemes.

          1. I think Carolina is over rated. Defenses did not play disciplined football. In 2014 Cam was completely shut down. This is a good warm up game for Seattle. SF is also benefiting from Cam taking a beating in Denver. That historically has shell shocked QB’s and I expect Cam to hear a rush that isn’t there as a result if SF can hit him early after he throws the ball.
            Carolina’s defense is completely dismantled. A no name QB in Denver was able to hang several TDs on this defense. I am not at all concerned. I expect SF to use the rope they have in Kaepernick as well. I think it will play out slightly differently though. I believe Kaepernick enters the game after a Gabbert run and when he is put into concussion protocol. Referees will be hypersensitive this week with QB hits and the entire nation will be watching how the medical staff address hits to the QB.
            There will be plenty of false alarms but I suspect both QBs rush for a TD. Final score sf 24 Carolina 17

      2. Kaepernick did not raise awareness of anything. This country has been intensely focused on racial issues for the past 3-4 years. All he did was capitalize on it for his own publicity. If anything, he helped make the situation worse by escalating racial tensions. Good job, Kaep!

        1. Right, and there was no firestorm of controversy, the blogs did not light up with comment, Mainstream media ignored Kaep totally, Trump did not insult Kaep, and Obama did not comment on the situation.

          How many unjustified police killings have taken place since Kaep has protested?

          Escalating tensions? No, he has peeled off the cover, and exposed the ugly wound. He has generated more debate, so they cannot sweep the issue under the rug anymore.

          Kaep has protested against injustices, and the Niners went out and shut out their first opponent. I hope Kaep keeps protesting. Good job Kaep.

          1. The only firestorm is the one you create on this blog, Seb, with your repetition of the same “Kap-Storm” posts.

            Please seek help for your turrets syndrome, Seb.

    1. Gabbert is a more effective scrambler for a couple reasons, but one is how he climbs the pocket instead of trying to go back and around the ends.

      This gets him up passed the D Line and into the void where the linebackers have dropped from.

          1. You’re the one who said Gabbert is more effective. Effectiveness results in production, and Gabbert has a lot of work to do before he becomes more productive in the rushing game than Kaepernick….

            1. I said more effective scrambler, which isn’t just running.

              And like I said, this isn’t 2012 anymore. Please answer the question, which of the two was more productive last year?

              1. Look, Hammer. I could care less to be honest, but when you make statements like that about a guy who hasn’t done diddly poo in the league, his entire career, let alone for the 49ers, I gotta call you out on it. Now you can cling to your assertion that Gabbert established himself last year as being the better “scrambler” if it makes you feel better, but I would warn you that the Panthers hit a little harder than the Rams….

              2. I don’t see anything “bad” about it. I’ve always said, if he can’t beat out Gabbert, it’s time to retire….

              1. 6’5 235 means he can withstand it. I think this is why his teammates play better around him, he is willing to take the punishment!

            2. Kap runs better than: Montana, Unitas, Marino, Kosar, Elway, Jurgenson, Moon, Simms, etc, etc,

              He just can’t play consistent, effective QB in the NFL.

          2. Hmmm. I’d like to see what Gabbert’s numbers would be if Marcus Martin was his center. I’d bet the house that would end his ability to climb the pocket as you say.

  47. Back to football now…

    There was an interesting article on Blaine getting rid of the ball quickly and his throwing the ball short of the sticks. Based on the way he defended throwing the ball short, it makes me wonder if this is not something he is being coached to do in addition to his own tentative low risk nature. I am postulating here but the way he openly stated that often the smart play is to throw short and let the play makers make the play, leads me to believe that is the case.

    If it is indeed a coaching issue… I would argue that they should encourage him to be a bit more aggressive.

  48. Kut-kap!!

    Let gabbert, ponder and driskel be our qbs.

    Oops forgot the Niners kept 3 failed Qbs from 2011 instead of one with potential.

    actually cut all or any these guys. They are all the same.

    In five years gabbert or ponder have the chance to become Alex smith! If everything goes perfectly for them.

    I wish a player would stand up straight in a post game interview and say. I’m still young, I have some skills but I have weaknesses. And I don’t yet have wisdom. I hope to be a better quarterback as I grow. I’m not there yet but this is the best you got.

    1. ok, maybe not evolving… better rivals podcast talked about some evolved concepts to eliminate the flaws. I got them mixed up a bit.

  49. hope the niners show out.need to be tough in the trenches and stop the run.make cam beat you with his arm,bring some heat but we got to get him on the ground.stick to the game plan control the clock, limit turnovers,expose their rookie dbs. i will be at the game with 5 panther fans hope we make it a game. Niners till the end!!! 21-20 niners with a late td.

  50. Seb,

    When are you, Chilo, Hayne and Kap leaving for that Hawaiian Vaca so you can catch videos of that storm you’ve been bragging about.

    These were your roster picks….Why throw them under the bus now*

    *Chilo Rachal.

  51. Could it be that unnamed 49ers o-lineman was upset with the media for focusing Kaep’s protest rather than the 49ers win? Nah. He must have been mad at his teammate for standing up in the face of social injustice. That’s the ticket!

      1. This will be a much tougher test for the 49ers secondary. Carolina actually has playmakers outside and are tough up the middle with Olsen and the running game.

        The 49ers will need a flawless game to have a chance.

  52. Kap will be a victim of Gabbert’s learning curve, because without reps (being on the field) Kap falls further and further behind.

    Kelly and Baalke will pull a Walsh, and trade Kap at midseason as Gabbert gets comfortable with the system and they realize a draft pick can be had adding more draft day ammo in acquiring Clemson’s, Deshaun Watson, a 70% passer, not seen since Steve Young.

    Reporter: Steve, Gabbert missed some throws, especially that deep one. Is this something can improve, or is this what he is after 7 years?

    Steve Young: It’s more of an abused QB syndrome. System (learning a new system), blockers–offensive personnel play a part in the trajectory, so that at year’s end you will know if his trajectory has been reached.

    Chip Kelly: Yes, a lot of positives with Gabbert’s play. He had around 25 preseason snaps, 70 in reg. season, (so there’s growing pains), but we like how he’s progressing.

    Summary: Gabbert, with good coaching will improve

  53. 49ers Coach, Chip Kelly applauds Gabby, Crickets on Kaepernick:

    “First game in our system, there were some real things we can build on,” 49ers coach Chip Kelly said of Gabbert and the offense. “I see him getting better. He kept plays alive. He kept drives alive with his feet. We’re pleased with where he is right now.”

    Kelly, in his first season with San Francisco, figures there could be some growing pains ahead, but he likes the direction.

  54. September 15, 2016

    San Francisco Could Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

    “Chip Kelly will likely want to find an upgrade (at QB) at some point…Garoppolo has the invaluable experience of sitting behind Brady for the first two seasons of his career.

    Expect to see the 49ers checking in on quarterbacks in 2017”

  55. Matt + 100,000,000 vs. Seb:

    I’ve been saying this for a year now, but Matt sums up Seb’s constant repetition of the same tired song best:


    September 16, 2016 at 8:19 am

    Seb, do you have any original ideas. Every day you brow beat the entire blog with the same rhetoric. Saying it louder doesn’t make it a new point. We all know your stance on Kaepernick and the FO.
    Your agenda is old and tired. Why not just discuss the match up this week. You certainly have interesting ideas but those are muffled and drown by your redundant agenda.
    Match up this week is Carolina. What would you do as an NFL defensive mind to contain him as the NFL did in 2014.


    1. Matt,

      Please DO NOT fall for the Sebster Subterfuge—He posts the only screeds you’ll find on this site…He’s not really a 49er fan either as he thinks Chilo Rachal, Jarryd Hayne, and Kap should be starters.

      A true fan would not want loser players infecting the 49er roster!


      September 16, 2016 at 9:49 am

      Matt, I am just countering the hate and disinformation. You have read all the screeds,

  56. I too believe out of respect that Colin should designate times to speak about the subject. Don’t take away from a team victory. But I also believe in his stance.

    Grant you seem like an entitled guy. How many of your black and latin friends agree with your position? Your stance?

    I think the mothers of Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tanisha Anderson, Walter Scott, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling like the fact that someone is fighting for change and bringing a very real issue to light. If one of my children died in an unjust way, I would be fortunate if someone famous took up my cause.

    Progress will be made when we ALL feel outrage over witnessing a murder by either a bad cop or a poorly trained cop. Right now we ALL don’t feel outrage.

    Respectfully, you are also doing what the reporters who were seven deep are doing. We have a game against the Panthers and instead you choose to write an article about Colin and the attention his cause is getting him.

      1. Good question. I don’t think Roman is a good OC, but he is taking the fall for what’s going on in Buffalo. Isn’t Rex Ryan supposed to be a top defensive mind? But his brother not so much. Rob is probably the guy they should have fired. Nepotism?

      2. Rex knows he’s a dead man walking. He might be fired after the next couple of games; he certainly deserves to be. The offense scored 37 points and he fires the O.C. after an offseason of declarations about his defense. He just isn’t a good head coach and he continues to embarrass himself.

    1. They may have fired the wrong Coordinator, but admittedly, I was never a fan of Roman, so I am not surprised.

      I hear Chryst may be available…..

    2. Roman and Ryan may have had deeper differences that may be apparent to the public.

      This is why, as a rule, I do not care for defensive coordinators as HCs (there are exceptions who do not disprove he rule, though). Defensive-minded coaches do not care for imaginative offenses and like to dictate how the offense should just focus on ball control and keeping the D off the field (recall Young talking to KNBR about shooing out Seifert from offense game planning meetings). OCs-turned HCs tend to give full control of D to the DCs.

      I wonder if Chip and Gamble would do a Saban-like move and hire Roman as a consultant for the season. Combining Chip’s tempo offense with some of Roman’s imaginative running game designs would be very interesting. Not sure if Modkins would like that, though.

  57. First of all no way new England’s trades jimmy. Brady has a couple years left after this year.

    Sad for Roman. Went from people
    almost saying he could get some head coaching gigs to fired twice in 3 years. And two games into season in buffalo is hard core.

    1. And yet his disgustingly fat brother who’s defenses have NEVER been close to thier dads is sitting pretty after his unit gave up booty to the jets. Go figure. I wouldn’t feel
      Bad if the Ryan’s were out of this league. Overrated crapbags IMO!

  58. So I listened to the Better Rivals podcast which has been posted by others. David Neumann and sidekick didn’t think the OL played that well. He did not believe that they stymied Aaron Donald. The fact that Gabbert got the ball out fairly quickly made the OL look better than they were. In the comments on that NN thread, jacob.lundeen posted the following PFF grades for the OL:

    Staley: 83.6
    Beadles: 30.6
    Kilgore: 36.1
    Tiller: 54.4
    Brown: 42.4

    So Staley was really the only one that graded out well.

    1. When asked about the O-line, Geg Cosell mentioned that the tempo really aided in controlling the Rams D-line.

      I’m listening to that BR pod right now.

      1. Grimey… Heard that on Wednesday if you’re talking the murph and Mac show. What alarmed me as far as the game and the one coming up is when he said it really wasn’t special and the Rams had all summer to prepare.. Kind of saying it was the Rams bad coaching more than chips hurry up. I took it as cossell isn’t impressed with the offense in SF.

        And he stated Carolina lines up and plays defense most of the time which may not hurt them like LA. I agree. I don’t have much faith in scoring more than 10 points on Sunday.

        Gabbert will have to play the game of his life to have a chance. This will also be a better test on how the O-line has improved. I don’t expect a win. But not getting blown out and actually having a serious chance to win in the fourth would be huge for them and this fan.

    2. So is everyone that piled in on Grant and I for not thinking they deserved an A now willing to accept maybe they weren’t quite as good as first thought?

        1. Dang, I’m not sure if you are being funny or not!

          Regardless, I expect most people that had a kneejerk reaction after seeing 150 yards rushing and no sacks and taking that to mean the OL was excellent will continue to believe it.

          In reality, and as shown in PFFs stats and on the Better Rivals podcast, the OL really struggled creating holes for the running game and much of the credit for 0 sacks goes to Gabbert and the game plan for getting rid of the ball fast.

          1. Scooter,

            Just messing with you. I agreed with both of you originally and still do.

            I’d expect to see the pass blocking about the same all year because Kelly wants to get the ball out quick. Even on the deeper throws the receivers are getting open right away.

          2. So shouldn’t Gabbert get a small bump in grade to account for his contribution in getting the ball out relatively fast?

            Also, if Gabbert getting the ball out was as important as touted (and I’m not saying it isn’t), it makes me wonder how Kap would have fared (read: he wouldn’t have fared very well).

            1. In retrospect there were some good things Gabbert did that perhaps weren’t as evident on first viewing. He did a good job getting the ball out quickly to neutralise the pass rush, made good decisions for the most part, and did a good job of getting yards with his legs when there wasn’t anything open.

              He also still had a lot of bad parts to his game too though. Inaccuracy being the main thing.

              If Kaep had been at QB I don’t think the 49ers have a sackless game. Quick decision making and getting the ball out fast are not his strengths. But he may have done a better job hitting his receivers in stride. Hard to say.

              1. Scooter, I just hope it was first game jitters, and he has settled down. His last few throws were on the money.

                I still think the O line deserves a A instead of an A-, because they played exponentially better than last year’s squad.

              2. If the bar to get an A for the OL is to be better than last year, they should get As every week. Its a very low bar you set. Forgive me, but I have higher standards.

              3. It was just going from an A- to an A. The O line did well. They sustained drives, did not allow a sack and blocked for 150 yards rushing.

                The only knock I saw was the third quarter play, but the coaching may have been more responsible for their lack of production.

                Considering that they went against a D line filled with first round picks and all pro players, the Niner O line deserves an A.

                I know you have high standards, but this is just my opinion.

              4. That’s fair enough. But as you’ll see from my earlier posts in this thread you are basically just making my point Seb.

              5. Yes, I will agree that they went conservative with a big lead, and the O line did not open up big holes for the RB to run through. However, The O line play was so much better than last year, and the coaches had a lot to do with the scheme.

                I will respectfully continue to quibble about the difference between an A- and an A. I may have echoed some of your comments, but the O line did well, even with the low grades.

                A dispute between an A- and an A is no big deal. The wide variation in the QB grades is more salient. Some think Gabbert did great, I agree with Grant and his assessment.

              6. Where are you getting A- compared to an A from? Grant’s grade was a B+. Many argued it should be an A. In retrospect, a B+ was probably generous.

                The OL wasn’t just an issue in the 3rd qtr. It was an issue right throughout the game. The issues in the 3rd qtr were the RBs weren’t able to bounce it outside like they had earlier in the game and the passing game was off.

              7. Scooter, you are correct. Grant did give the O line a B+, which makes my case even stronger. The O line played well enough to deserve an A,because the team won in a blowout 28 point differential, helped score 4 TDs in the red zone, blocked for 150 yards rushing and did not allow a sack against all those first round picks.

              8. All your doing is proving my point that people will see the results and assume it means the OL played really well. Unbiased and objective review of the game by PFF and the guys on Better Rivals backs up what I saw, which was an OL that was ok, but not great, and was helped out quite a bit by the RBs, QB and game plan.

                One thing I will definitely agree on is the OL was considerably improved from last year.

    1. I remember calling him out on his half a year concussion symptoms. He shortly retired and got paid. I’ll say it again like I said it before. He’s a quitter and a pu**y!

      1. Good call nine. I wanted to trade Davis as soon as he came back. He is unreliable and doesn’t want to be here. And yes he is a quitter and a pu””y.

    2. What a disappointment. Man I was so excited of the potential of the Oline. Though they are much improved from last year’s debacle I can’t help but think of what could have been with AD at guard and big T Brown at RT. Why can’t this team just be normal for once.

  59. I just read some comments and an article that say..
    1 the media isn’t at fault at all!
    2 and happiness that Kaepernick played a couple of snaps Ina blowout?

    Where has this page gone? ??

          1. There’s only a story if the media decides there is.
            The day I can see football highlights on the nightly prime time news is the day I might by your outlook. A second string qb sitting while the anthem is playing. He was doing it all
            Pre season. So tell me again how he made it this big? Nobody cared or noticed until the lamestream media took it and made it their agenda. Now ESPN and every other wanna be politician is talking about it.
            Yeah the media made this story!

              1. Well I must have missed the part where kaepernick came out and asked for an interview about his protest. He must have been mad by pre season game 3 when nobody talked about it or even noticed. Here’s a good question. In a country where we were afforded the right to protest why is this even a story? Let me guess. It’s because CK “created” this story, and plastered it throughout every station known to man.
                “Created” is a very loose term in this case!
                By him doing nothing to break the law or violate policy. He didn’t create anything but doing what he’s allowed to do!

          2. Kaep did not call on the media to stand 7 deep around him. Kaep protested for 2 games without saying a word. Once the media got hold of the story, then it took off.

            Right now, the media is pushing the story. Kaep is just responding to questions.

            The talking heads are the ones talking about it ad nauseum, not Kaep.

              1. Yep, Baalke should not have told Kaep to be only concentrate on football, because a backup who he wants to cut on the team bus should not be uppity.

                Yup, that ‘Good’ conversation spoke volumes, and Kaep’s response spoke volumes, too.

    1. md,

      It was a big media story due to Dilfer’s comments and wanting to get a reaction from Kaepernick. It’ll start to fade away slowly as the season moves along unless there’s another goofy take.

      1. I couldn’t turn to a channel without seeing this story before Dillfer Dumbutt opened his mouth. He just extended this story. It’s sad we can’t escape the real world for a bit with our sports anymore.

          1. Bro…. I can’t click any news source, turn on any channel or get my fricking scores without something on this story staring me in the face. I know it will go away sooner or later, but damn I would like to escape the real
            World again and get my mind on something besides presidential races, war, taxes, protesting, rioting, murder and so on! Can’t even do that anymore. I gues when every sports station is owned by bigger news corporations you have no choice. Look I can’t even come here anymore without politics… :-)

  60. ESPN going overboard with the ‘demise’ of Revis’ game. It seems to me that Revis just needs to adjust his game and the DC to adjust his coverages. Rod Woodson is an example of a guy who changed how he played as he got older. He was very productive late in his career.

    1. He can’t run with elite receivers anymore. Rod Woodson became a safety and extended his career. Revise could probably do the same but the Revis Island days are over. He has lost his athletic edge and isn’t the same player. The fact that he didn’t know Goodwin was a track star showed a lack of preparation, in my opinion.

  61. Tiller is “questionable.” If he can’t play, I assume Garnett does on the right. Hopefully he’s ready to go against that Panther front. That said, I don’t think Carolina’s front will do a lot for Gabbert’s confidence, whether Tiller plays or not. If we win, it will be thanks to our defense and one hell of an upset.

    1. George,

      The NFL changed the injury designations this year and eliminated “probable”. It’s now only questionable, doubtful, or out.

      All reports point to Tiller playing on Sunday.

      1. Thanks, Jack, I did miss the change in designations. But my point was that, whether he plays or not, we don’t have much of a chance unless our defense shuts them down. This could be one of those games where a young defense shocks the world, but seeing is believing.


      Projections & Rankings

      Mock Draft ADP: 54.31 Walt CBS
      Projected Round:
      Overall Rank: n/a
      Position Rank: OG 1 2
      4/9/16: I sampled a variety of teams, and overall, Garnett came back the most as the top guard in the 2016 NFL Draft, thoguh it varied from franchise to franchise. On the whole, teams felt that this was a weak guard class and there wasn’t much talent at the position.

      Last season, Garnett blocked well for Stanford, being well-balanced in the ground game and with the passing attack. He is good at pulling and has nice technique for the NFL. Garnett has the potential to add strength and could be a difference-maker as a run blocker at the next level. He needs to build up his upper body, but he did well on the combine bench press, so it seems he has some natural strength to him. At the Senior Bowl, Garnett was decent. He was better at the combine with his impressive workout.

    1. The PD sports dept is split. The only way to fix this is a celebrity tag team death match. In one corner, The Cohn Zone and in the other corner the dynamic duo of Barber and Fournier. LET’S GET IT ON!

      1. I didn’t realize we were split. Phil and I sit next to each other at every game and I haven’t noticed any suspicious glances from him yet.

        1. See, the key word is “yet”. These vets are sneaky Grant. I’d watch out if I were you. The next time you leave your plate unattended from the press box buffet you may come back to a missing muffin or two.

    2. Good morning class of 2036. Time for your history quiz. Have your #2 laser beam markers ready? You have 33 minutes to take this test.

      1. Did Colin Kaepernick tear apart the fabric of

      A) The British Empire?
      B) The Dewey Decimal System?
      C) Jerry Jones, the Emperor of Greater Texas?
      D) The carbon fiber industry?
      E) The 1968 Olympic Track Team?
      F) The Louisiana Purchase?

  62. Fans,

    Gabbert has lots of pressure. An away game, hostile crowd and NFL schedule-makers did him no favors scheduling the NFL Superbowl Carolina Panthers while trying to guide a new offense.
    Toss this salad with new receivers like kerney and a starting guard out, vs. a seasoned top NFL defense and we have the makings of a disaster.

    If Gabs can pull this one out I’d have to say the QB controversy is over and a trade will definitely occur.

    Traditional football teams, from the front office, to the team itself like all hands on deck pulling in the same direction.

    Because Kap is trying to pull in a different direction while Gabby is trying to pull the team in another is where the locker room divide will occur, and this alone is reason for trade, let alone his talent deficiencies.

  63. So not only did Armstead and Buckner rank 3 and 4 in pass rush productivity for 3-4 DEs in week 1, they ranked 1 and 2 in pass rush grade. I think they did alright…

    1. I’m really excited about the BuckSteads. If Dorsey is good to go, all the better.

      We may not have the classic elite edge rusher, but (a slimmed down?) Lynch combined with an interior pass rush of Armstead, Buckner could be a quarterback terror.

  64. I find it pretty funny how after 1 decent game people are now talking about spending a 1st round pick to acquire Garoppolo at the end of the season. Lets see how he performs the next 3 weeks.

    Personally I am a big fan – I really liked him as a draft prospect and it looked in week 1 that he has gotten up to speed with the NFL. So I would be happy to have him. But talk of a 1st round pick seems premature. Also not sure he brings the athleticism Kelly wants to the position.

      1. Well Razor if we want any shot at Kizer we might need a top 3 pick. Most so called experts expect him selected before Watson now. The guy looks like Cam Newton but a more natural thrower.

        1. The only flaw I see, and it’s correctable, is when throwing from the pocket, his right leg flares out to the right, causing his passes to dip at the target. When he’s on the run and throws, it’s a thing of beauty….

    1. I agree Scooter. It’s too early to tell about Garoppolo. Garoppolo could be a franchise QB or the next Cassel. Or maybe somewhere in between. It’s too early to give up on Gabbert as well.

  65. Communism spreads across what was once the USA!
    These people are a disgrace and should be deported!! Both promoted to their level of incompetence!! Both given great opportunities and both spit on the Americans that died for their rights to openly protest.
    Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest has started a ripple effect across the sports spectrum, reaching other NFL players, soccer stars and even high school student athletes. On Wednesday, his protest trickled into the Missouri Legislature.
    Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, chose to remain seated as the Pledge of Allegiance was recited Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016, in the Missouri Senate chambers. (Julie Smith/News Tribune via AP)

    1. >>Communism spreads across what was once the USA!

      Yes, Imagine a Republican presidential candidate praising a Soviet strongman. That he prefers the ex-leader of the KGB over our own President. It boggles the mind, right Jim?

  66. Niners should channel Bill Walsh. He said that the Niners should beat them to the punch. It is a boxing term that meant that the boxer who lands the blow before the opponent will have the opponent’s blow weakened, and less effective.

    Niners should challenge the rookie DBs, especially down the right side.

    Chip should keep them guessing by passing when they expect the run, and run when they expect the pass.

    Cam is big, so they should send Bow instead of Reid.

    Chip got the Niners to reduce the unforced errors. That was a big reason why they won.

    Carolina, being the past SB participant, has a SB quality squad. The Niners can beat a superior opponent by out thinking them. Coaching is crucial.

  67. Maybe this has united the majority of the locker room in their grumbling of Kaep. I’ve seen many roommates, teams, departments, and workplaces united by vitriol pointed at a particular person..

  68. I’m not sure why you people don’t have talk show yet…I really enjoyed reading the comments. Maybe a podcast? You guys can be rich and famous!!!!!

  69. I’m not sure why you people don’t have a talk show yet…I really enjoyed reading the comments. Maybe a podcast? You guys can be rich and famous!!!!!

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