49ers’ head-coaching-search live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ search to replace Jim Harbaugh. I will update this as news breaks.

10:20 The 49ers have asked the Broncos’ permission to interview offensive coordinator Adam Gase, according to the Denver Post. Gase worked for the Yorks in 2008 as an offensive assistant under offensive coordinator Mike Martz. Gase is a Martz disciple. Gase was a scouting assistant for the Detroit Lions in 2003 and 2004 when Steve Mariucci was the head coach. Gase worked in college football for three years — as a a graduate assistant and a recruiting assistant at LSU from 2000-2002. He has been a quarterback coach, a wide receiver coach and an offensive coordinator but never a head coach.

10:30 The Niners have asked the Seahawks’ permission to interview defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, according to ESPN. Quinn also worked for the Yorks — he was a defensive quality control coach in 2001 and 2002, and the defensive line coach in 2003 and 2004. Unlike Gase, Quinn has recent ties to college football — he was Florida’s defensive coordinator in 2011 and 2012. Quinn never has been a head coach.

10:35 The Niners have asked the Cardinals’ permission to interview defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, according to ESPN. Bowles coached under Bill Parcells on the Cowboys in 2005 and 2006, and he coached under Parcells on the Dolphins from 2008 to 2010. Both Bowles and Trent Baalke are Parcells disciples.

4:13 The Niners have asked the Patriots permission to interview offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, according to NFL.com. McDaniels was the Broncos’ head coach in 2009 and 2010. His record was 11-17. He had personnel power, and he used it to trade away Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall and to draft Tim Tebow. The NFL fined McDaniels $50,000 in 2010 for allegedly video taping a 49ers’ practice.

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  1. I guess they will interview Pep Hamilton for Rooney Rule purposes but I don’t think Pep would be ready for another 4-5 years to be a HC.

          1. Yes, that Rose Bowl win where Stanford was up 14-0 against the Badgers in the first quarter and then squeaked out a 20-14 win, scoring 3 points in the second half while running for no gain into 8-man boxes.

            Also, Pep has Fiesta (Fiasco) Bowl experience from the previous season where the ball was taken out of Andrew Luck’s hand when the Cardinal was in position to win. Instead the kicker missed a field goal and Stanford lost.

            Even if I ascribe all the offensive mistakes by Stanford under Pep to David Shaw’s decision making, I saw nothing from Pep during his Stanford years that really stood out as signs of an outstanding offensive mind. At best he was a system coach who may have been brought to the Colts as part of a support system for Luck, like Tom Moore for Peyton. He may turn out to be HC material someday, but I haven’t seen anything yet.

            I understand that Gase, Pep and others around successful QBs look attractive. All the more reasons why Ted Thompson’s hiring of Mike McCarthy in 2006 was so insightful despite Niners finishing the season ranked last in the NFL in points scored and yards gained.

              1. @Hammer If Tomsula was picked, would Fangio still be there at the beginning of next season? I would have thought Fangio was more important to the team than Tomsula.

        1. In part, yes. He’s viewed as having helped with Luck’s progression, though certainly Luck was a tremendous talent before entering the NFL. Most of the teams that will be looking for a coach will be particularly concerned with developing young quarterbacks. His offensive is progressive, efficient and pass happy. The latter of course being the trend in the league.

          A little old, you get the idea

          1. Pep’s offense is Harbaugh-David Shaw offense. it’s definitely not pass-happy. The only reason Luck is throwing this many times is that the Colts have had no viable running game — Bradshaw is basically a backup at this stage (and now on IR) and Richardson should not be in the league except maybe as a short-yardage specialist. Pep was probably brought in to develop the run game, but GM Ryan Grigson has done a terrible job with the O line and RB talent.

            I have no real complaints about Pep but no way am I sure about his HC capabilities despite the fun fluff on that BR link.

            1. Somehow you went from debating whether he would be a head coach, to whether he would be a successful head coach.

              The colts had the highest passing ypg in the NFL this year. Sure, they have low grade RBs, but they managed to pass successfully and win. The verbiage may be similar to Roman’s offense given his history with Harbaugh, but the play calling and execution is not.

        2. I’m not very fascinated with guys like Pep, McDaniel, and Gase for the reason that they have been fortunate to play with great QB’s. I call it the Pat Riley effect in that they have great players surrounding them which can cover them.

          The person who impresses me is Bruce Arians. He kept a young Colts team relevant after they lost their headcoach to illness for most of the season and his abilities as a present headcoach have proved to be great.

          I don’t want coaches that come with the Pat Riley effect, I want to find another Bruce Arians.

          1. I just don’t see him as coaching material yet. The defense struggled a little bit down the stretch and I’d like to see if it is a blip on the screen or a sign of things to come.

            1. You. I was pointing out that the 49ers don’t need two “Rooney” interviews and you replied as a GM about your choices for candidates.

              It’s the structure of this blog that causes related posts to go off track so often.

    1. Mood,

      I agree on Hamilton. He has little experience and showed nothing special as the OC while at Stanford. Having said that, he has been impressive with Luck in Indy and there is past examples of young Coaches with little experience being successful like Tomlin Pittsburgh. He’d be far down my list but there is something worth looking at there.

      1. Just think it’s one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen and is applicable regardless of your point of view on what happened.

  2. I guess the live blog idea is a pretty good one; could be a bunch of chapters to it if they keep interviewing guys from playoff teams.

        1. Fangio gets credit for fielding a top defense with back ups at key positions. But Donatell has done a great job coaching up guys like Perrish Cox, Dontae Johnson and even Craig Dahl (in the last game). I mean they gave up lots of yards sometimes but overall I think the secondary did an awesome job under the circumstances.

              1. I have no expectations for Dahl. Never have, never will. Still, in my fondest dreams, I don’t snag any footballs on an NFL field. Do you?

              2. It’s a catch I could make if given the opportunity, whether it was on a NFL field or in your field of dreams….

      1. I second this idea…

        I think the only logical thing for Jed to do here is make Fangio the HC. You do that and you keep the defensive staff intact, then we will continue to have an elite defense that will keep up is every game.

        Vic and Trent will need to bring in an OC with similar traits of Harb’s offense (Power running, game management, minimal turnovers).

        I understand Harbs turned this thing around, and I love him for that and will forever be a Jim fan. But this isn’t the end of the 49ers. Harbs has turn this team around and made it into a competitive team year after year, we still have the talent to compete for a title. And let’s be honest, the defense has held this team together and if we can keep it together and improve on offense I expect us to have a shot next year. Offensively we really can’t get much worse.

        The last thing we should do is clean house.

        1. John York didn’t kill the 49ers for all time. Look great we are now.

          You seem to be looking for a docile Jim Harbaugh. Maybe Baalke is too.

        2. So you hire Fangio as HC and he then has a contract that allows him to pick his staff. Right? If not, does Fangio accept your offer?

          Now, with his new contract in his pocket, Fangio chooses to keep the current offensive staff intact. What next?

    1. I don’t like Mike Smith as an option. Was really a poor decision maker as a HC and his background as a DC sure didn’t show up in Atlanta.

      According to the Cleveland Plains Dealer, Kyle Shanahan is on their list of people to interview. This is my favorite option at the moment.

      1. I agree. None of the candidates look outstanding, but Kyle Shanahan would be the best bet as someone from offense. I’d prefer Fangio overall if the F.O. an live with a defensive coach as HC.

      2. Can I ask why Rocket?

        I like his style of offense, but just too inexperienced and young. Doesn’t seem like he would mesh with our vets and could clash with a few egos. I don’t see us keeping defensive staff together if we go this route either.

        1. Leo,

          Many reasons:

          He has been a successful OC for a number of years now running an offense that incorporates a number of styles and seems to fit any kind of QB judging by the list he’s worked and had success with.

          His father was a very good HC and OC, and he’s worked with him for a long time. He’s also worked with Gary Kubiak for a number of years.

          Unlike some of the other younger options, his time in the league and with his Father and Kubiak, have likely opened up a number of relationships with Coaches around the league. For example, while in Houston, he worked alongside Wade Phillips. Phillips would be a very good DC here if Fangio moved on.

          While in Washington he had a lot of success with RGIII his rookie season. Things didn’t go well in year two but a lot of that was off the field and RGIII wasn’t fully healthy. We’ve also seen that RGIII has not been nearly as good without the Shanahans.

          I just see a young guy with a lot of upside and tremendous experience for a Coach his age. His Playcalling and schemes have been successful at this level and he can incorporate many different things into his system.

          I like that better than retreads or staying in house although I could live with Fangio as HC providing he could bring in and retain a top notch OC.

              1. I don’t think there would be a need to change much. It’s the attitude that changes and the focus becomes on teaching players timing and gap recognition when blitzing. Phillips has a very impressive history as a DC. I really just threw his name out there to illustrate that Shanahan has contacts anyway.

    1. Baalke needs all the help he can get drafting skill players. The coach needs to have a good feel for the college personnel and how they could fit in his offense.

      1. yeah, but the Head Coach isn’t going to be actively scouting players I agree that the scouting department needs to do something about scouting WRs and TEs (they seem to do fine with Running Backs…with the exception of LaMichael James). But I would think that Baalke would want to hire a scout or scouting group under him to supplement and bolster his existing scouting department.

        1. on a further note, I think the GM and Head Coach need to have an agreement and system in place in how to develop talent so that players that the GM wants developed don’t stay buried on depth chart and the Head Coach isn’t forced (or at least strongly pushed) to give reps to a player he thinks isn’t ready or deserving. I think we’ve seen some disconnect between Baalke and Harbaugh in this area.

          1. Would Fangio be any different? I mean he claims he preffers easing in rookies unless they are forced to play because of injuries but he did start both of his first round draft picks the last two years. Could he be a yes man? I doubt it… But I hope he lands the job and promotes Don Don and brings in an offensive guy that has had some success in the leauge. Hopefully the Quinn interview is just to mess with the Seattle front office.

          2. That would be an interesting approach to recruiting a new head coach.

            “Yes Joe, here in 49er land, I’ll pick the 53 players that you’ll have to work with, and in some cases I’ll be telling you who will be playing. All you have to do is avoid Delay of Game penalties and we will rack up several Lombardi trophies.”

          3. Affnp, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of the key issues between Baalke and Harbaugh – not giving the young guys a shot.

      2. I think what he’s asking is, does it matter? I agree with you that Baalke needs the help, but I also agree with KY49er that Baalke doesn’t seem inclined to listen often. He has made some picks that simply weren’t a fit for the roster. The fact that they never saw the field seemed to indicate that Harbaugh didn’t care for them as players. Such blatant mistakes suggest that perhaps Baalke was trying to impose his will on the coaching staff.

          1. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have inside information about how often Baalke’s choices were influenced by him needing to send a massage to Harbaugh.

              1. Maybe I am being naive, but I find it very hard to believe that Baalke went completely against the wishes of Harbaugh in the 2012 draft. I think the plan, in discussion with Harbaugh, was to introduce more spread/ read-option into the game plan with Kaep the future QB. Thus they took LMJ, a specialist spread/ read-option RB, and AJJ as a quicker WR that was envisaged as being able to attack all levels of the field and line up inside or outside. The fact he wasn’t any good was an issue, but I think the type of player was in line with both Baalke and Harbaugh’s wishes.

                There were clear signs the coaching staff tried to install spread/ read-option into the offense in 2012 when Kaep took over, and at the beginning of the 2013 season. However, when it wasn’t working at the start of 2013 (in no small part due to injuries to Kaep and LMJ) they scrapped it.

                Personally I think this was part of the issues between Baalke and Harbaugh. Harbaugh selected a QB that is best running a spread/ read-option offense, and they wanted to surround him with the players to do so. But they didn’t get it to work so they scrapped it rather than fixing it, which made the players Baalke had selected redundant.

        1. He has made some picks that simply weren’t a fit for the roster.

          I have a feeling that the first sign of true discontent between Harbaugh and Baalke started when Baalke had A.J. Jenkins’ name already stuffed in his draft envelope.

          1. On Baalke/Yorks’ end I think the discontent had something to do with Harbaugh lobbying for pay increases for his players and assistants. Money can be a point of dispute.

    1. I love Rathman but he needs some time as an OC IMO to be a head coach canidate. and I have my reservations about a run game coordinator/backs coach being an OC (see: Roman, Greg).

      I’d like to see Rathman prove he can be an OC for someone like Stanford for a few seasons before considering him as an NFL OC.

      But on a positive note, how awesome a job do you think Rathman has done with Bruce Miller? He looked like a really good classic WCO fullback. He’s almost an H-Back now.

  3. I have the feeling that Wonder Boy and Cousin Baalke will hire an a$$ kissing yes man, someone who isn’t going to rock the boat and is will stroke the GM’s massive ego…as much as I love the guy, I think Jimmy Tomsula is that yes man and it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets the nod…

  4. Assuming Payton is not available, I’m starting to lean towards Bevell from Seattle. Kaep will be the QB next year and I think we need a HC who will work with what he has (see Wilson, Russell) rather than force him to be a pocket passer.

      1. Another option I could see is hire Quinn (esp. if Fangio is not selected). Defenses win championships and we want to keep our defense strong, especially in these turbulent times for the organization. Then bring in an OC that will work with Kaep and not try to force him to be a pocket passer.

        1. I agree on what kind of OC Kaep needs and that we should keep our identity as a strong defensive football team. I think Bevell is GR 2.0. I think Kyle Shannahan did a decent job with RGIII and other QB’s too. He loves the power run and contrives a decent running game. I would prefer him over Bevell.

  5. I think it would be in the team’s best interest to hire Chris Ault. There is no question that he understands what we have in our elite talented QB and understands how to run the offense with such a gifted QB. That would be a match made in heaven and instantly makes our offense the most explosive in the NFL. Good riddance coach Harbaugh and your stooge Roman. All we need is a coaching staff that understands vertical offense and the whole world will see Colin is the best QB in football hands down. …

  6. I believe that given its title, this blog entry may result in a record number of comments for Young Iggy.

    I don’t think 1,000 is out of the question.

  7. They will hire a yes man and the Niners will join Atlanta, N.O., the Volts, Chicago and the Bengals as a mediocre almost-good-enough team… I just really hope someone at today’s presser has the nads to ask the really tough questions such as the stupid high price for tickets, the lousy stadium and the overall incompetence of those that draft.

  8. (( BREAKING NEWS ))

    The 49ers have asked permission with Century Village retirement homes in South Fla to interview Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan. Both were quite upset to be bothered because they were playing a intense game of Shuffle board.

  9. I think the favorite right now is Adam Gase. I think the guy is innovative and having Manning didn’t hurt. However, that Dever offense and just the overall mentality of the guy being agressive and versatile is what I like. That Denver offense doesn’t take the pedal off the metal. Just pile on teams and beat people into submission. They had games this year where they featured the running game and the passing game. He’s gonna get a head coaching job this year for sure. He should be the guy we target. I’d love to see Bowles get the job here but we need someone to hold #7’s hand for a while.

    1. You do realize this guy does not call the offense – Peyton Manning does. Not saying he can’t get the job done but I wouldn’t boast about his offensive abilities as long as Peyton manning has more assistants than him. He may be fools gold.

    2. The Denver offense is the Peyton offense. He went to Denver because they let him run the show. Roman would look like a genius if he were coaching Manning because he wouldn’t actually be calling the plays.
      I’m not saying Gase isn’t talented, but I would credit Manning for the offense, without question.

  10. I would also look into what New Orleans might trade Sean Payton for, if for some reason they’re not sold on him. He has 3 years remaining on his contract.

    1. There are two possibilities. The new coach doesn’t want him or he doesn’t want the new coach. That is a lot of room for moving on.

        1. That would be my guess too, but my only really good guess that I take credit for is guessing that we would have a 51st wedding anniversary this past August.

      1. Scooter-
        Trent said at the Presser that he’d like all the existing staff to sit down with the new HC to discuss the potential fit for both. He also said if the coaches get offers that better fit their family and/or professional needs that they’d be allowed to do so.

  11. I liked Harbaugh as our Head Coach, but am not surprised he has left. It would appear he wants the total control over the program he can have in college.
    Harbaugh is a very good coach, but the key to the Niner’s success has been defense which Fangio has run. I think the Niner’s should seriously consider promoting Vic like Eddie did with Seifert and then bring in a new Offensive coordinator. Kap and the entire passing game needs a lot of work and some changes.

        1. York and Baalke just got rid of a wining coach because they couldn’t get along with him during a time in which the coaching candidate pool is terrible and previous NFL history shows that it is beyond a stupid idea doing what they just did. Forgive me, but that isn’t exactly something to toast to.

          1. I know you are firmly in the “Baalke and Jed are idiots” camp, and think they are incompetent. But seriously, Baalke has undertaken one HC search previously and came up with Harbaugh. Just let it play out.

            The unfortunate thing is that no matter who they hire a large section of the fan base won’t be interested in giving them any time. They’ll be a terrible hire from the moment they agree to sign on. Something tells me you will be one of those people, Mid… I hope you aren’t, I hope you will be willing to give whoever they hire a chance, but I sense you are pretty much done with the front office and don’t trust them to find anyone decent.

            1. I don’t Scooter. And how can I? They just let go of a great coach because they couldn’t get along with him. They are also the culprit behind the leaks to the media. That’s a great formula for success there.
              There is no good hire this year. The only ones I might like are Quinn and Hamilton: Quinn because I think he could maintain the team’s level of success if/when Fangio leaves and Hamlton because he might be able to help Kaep realize his potential. But I’m in the tepid region with even those two.

              1. Well, one reason you can is because the great head coach they just let go is also the one they hired in the first place, and is the only HC that Baalke has ever hired. So why not trust him to hire another good coach?

                Just because you don’t think any of the potential candidates are any good does not mean there aren’t any. Unless you firmly believe you know what makes a good coach.

                Also, it is pure speculation that they are the culprits for the leaks.

              2. So why not trust him to hire another good coach?

                I stated why. And there isn’t a coaching candidate even close to the level that Harbaugh was when he was the ho ticket commodity.

                Just because you don’t think any of the potential candidates are any good does not mean there aren’t any. Unless you firmly believe you know what makes a good coach.

                Do you?

                Also, it is pure speculation that they are the culprits for the leaks.

                It was pure speculation that Harbaugh would be let go for the longest time too.

              3. Yes, you stated your reasons as Baalke is incompetent and impossible to work with and you believe there are no good candidates. Except Baalke’s one and only time hiring a HC he landed Harbaugh, so that would seem to refute the incompetence angle. And he’s only ever had one person that he’s been reported as having difficulties working with and that is Harbaugh, who has been reported as being difficult to work with wherever he’s been.

                And please take no offense but I don’t really give two hoots whether you believe any of the candidates are any good. Just like I don’t give two hoots if I think any of the candidates are any good. Because I know that I am not skilled or knowledgeable enough to make such a call with 100% confidence. And that is why, regardless of whether I like whoever they are, I will be willing to give them a chance.

                You are upset that a good coach has been let go. To steal a quote from Jed, “I get it”. But you are letting that cloud your thinking into believing the team is now doomed. I really don’t think they are.

              4. Except Baalke’s one and only time hiring a HC he landed Harbaugh, so that would seem to refute the incompetence angle.

                He was the hot commodity which is why they hired him. It was the same reason York hired Singletary with the difference being that Harbaugh was the real deal.

                And please take no offense but I don’t really give two hoots whether you believe any of the candidates are any good. Just like I don’t give two hoots if I think any of the candidates are any good.

                Then what was up with this:

                The unfortunate thing is that no matter who they hire a large section of the fan base won’t be interested in giving them any time. They’ll be a terrible hire from the moment they agree to sign on. Something tells me you will be one of those people, Mid… I hope you aren’t, I hope you will be willing to give whoever they hire a chance, but I sense you are pretty much done with the front office and don’t trust them to find anyone decent.

                You are upset that a good coach has been let go. To steal a quote from Jed, “I get it”. But you are letting that cloud your thinking into believing the team is now doomed. I really don’t think they are.

                History says otherwise.

              5. Right, so you fall into the camp that Harbaugh doesn’t go down as a great hire by Baalke because he was obviously a great choice. At the time he was hired it was still widely believed that college head coaches with limited NFL coaching experience wouldn’t work in the NFL. History backed that up.

                “Then what was up with this”?

                I’m not really sure how to respond to that. The two comments of mine you reference are in line with each other. I am willing to admit I don’t know how to judge coaching ability, so even if I disagree with who they hire I am willing to give whoever they hire a chance. But I think large sections of the fan base won’t be willing to do that, and will “know” whoever they hire is a bad choice, no matter who it is.

                “History says otherwise”.

                This is the 49er fans’ recurring nightmare. That this is Mariucci all over again. But this team is in a much stronger position roster wise and salary cap wise than it was post Mariucci. And Terry Donahue isn’t the GM.

              6. Mid,

                I think most fans feel the same way you do about losing Harbaugh, but at the same time he’s not the only HC out there that can have success with this team imo.

                How do any of us know how good the candidates are at this point? All you can do is look at the body of work, see what their plan is, and decide who fits the best. Right now no one has any idea how any of these men will do as a HC. You have to give them a chance and see how it plays out.

              7. Right, so you fall into the camp that Harbaugh doesn’t go down as a great hire by Baalke because he was obviously a great choice.

                Being a great choice and a hot commodity are two very different things.

                I’m not really sure how to respond to that. The two comments of mine you reference are in line with each other.

                You claimed that you had no interest in who I thought were good candidates, but that part in your earlier post indicates otherwise.

                This is the 49er fans’ recurring nightmare. That this is Mariucci all over again.

                I’m talking NFL history.

              8. You have to give them a chance and see how it plays out.

                I plan to do so Rocket, but we’re going against a history that shows teams falling on hard times after doing what our team just did. That doesn’t leave me too optimistic right now.

              9. The same suspects as always Jack. Sorry but I don’t have any links backing me up, just what I remember.

              10. “You claimed that you had no interest in who I thought were good candidates, but that part in your earlier post indicates otherwise.”

                No, in my earlier posts I indicated I hoped you would be willing to give whoever they hire a shot, though I don’t believe you will, as you appear to believe you “know” none of the candidates are any good.

                “I’m talking NFL history.”

                Sure, NFL history shows it is hard to replace a successful coach. But it can be done.

              11. History also shows that in the 3 seasons after the Jimmy/Jerry split that the team went to a Championship game, won a Super Bowl, and made it to the divisional round.

                That situation is very similar to this one. The biggest difference is that Johnson built the Cowboys. When he left the talent could not be replenished.

                With the 49ers you still have the architect of the roster in place, and the last two drafts are already starting to pay dividends.

              12. No, in my earlier posts I indicated I hoped you would be willing to give whoever they hire a shot, though I don’t believe you will, as you appear to believe you “know” none of the candidates are any good.

                This indicates both Scooter.

              13. No, it does not. (1) I don’t care if you like or dislike a coaching candidate because you are not an expert in this matter. (2) I hope you are willing to give whoever they hire a chance even though you probably won’t like the choice. Two distinct thoughts that while related, are not the same.

              14. I never claimed to be an expert and I never will, but you did show an interest in the fact that I don’t like the coaching pool ergo you showed an interest in whether I liked or disliked any candidates.

              15. Let’s just agree to disagree here Scooter. You think the team will rebound from this and I think the coaching pool and that the team is heading for some hard times but am hoping the team doesn’t follow previous NFL history. Let’s just leave it at that.

              16. Mid, I suggest you re-read my posts. When you do, I think you’ll see you have connected some dots that weren’t meant to be connected.

                I think it was pretty clear throughout that my “interest” in your thoughts on the capabilities of the coaching candidates stop at simply hoping you would give whoever they hire a chance.

                You were the one saying there are no good candidates. My responses to that were simply that just because you don’t think there are any, doesn’t mean there isn’t.

              17. You need to read my post where I say let’s agree to disagree Scooter. I’d rather not argue on this anymore because neither you or I are willing to budge for the other. Just know that even though I’m not too thrilled with the available coaching candidates and I don’t trust the front office DOES NOT mean that I refuse to give whomever they hire to replace Harbaugh a chance.

              18. Yeah, I was typing when you posted that so didn’t see it until after I posted.

                “Just know that even though I’m not too thrilled with the available coaching candidates and I don’t trust the front office DOES NOT mean that I refuse to give whomever they hire to replace Harbaugh a chance.”

                A lot of this discussion could have been avoided if you just said this in response to my second comment in this chain. :-) Like I said, I feared you would not, but I am glad to hear you will.

            2. Scooter

              I am in that camp. Except, I will give them a shot but what happens when this staff doesn’t win a Super Bowl in 4yrs or less? Do we dump them?

              I do not expect the next coach to have early the success as Harbaugh. If he wins a championship it will be great. History tells me, we are in for darker days.

              1. Do you believe Harbaugh was let go for “philosophical differences” because he didn’t win a SB? I think it is fair to say the main reason for the mutual parting is more about personality conflict than anything else.

                I agree that the new HC is unlikely to see the same early success as Harbaugh had. But for me that is mainly because he won’t be walking into a team that had been drafting near the top of the draft for a number of years, accumulating top young talent. There are quite a few of the key cogs in Harbaugh’s 2011 to 2014 teams that are nearing or at the end of the road now. These types of renewals are part of the NFL in the salary cap era.

              2. According to Jed at his press conference, they dump him. That’s what Superbowl or Bust means.

                If it turns out that the roster isn’t as strong as Jed believes and next year is like this one or worse, then it will probably be one and out. That’s what silly slogans buy you.

            3. In that regard I’m already trying to Pre-program myself to sthu if I hate who they choose. We’ll see how well that goes.

          2. and don’t have to pay JH anymore money…and if JH went to another NFL team they would have not gotten any compensation….

            So JH seems like he doesn’t want to coach in the NFL

    1. That question will be answered.
      The scary thing is going to be the answer. We as fans are in the dark, crossing fingers. I can only hope they know what they’re doing. And after letting this coach go. That’s a huge cloud of hope.

  12. Jed on Tv – saying they need a teacher – means only one thing – We need someone to come in and teach #7 how to play QB

      1. I only heard the end of the session. It sounded like Harbaugh was great at everything football related and the roster, outside police problems or Superbowl wins were not an issue.

        I assume that what went on earlier was much the same. Maybe “philosophical differences” are too complex for outsiders to understand. It also keeps the real issues obscure. I wonder what strong minded candidates will think of that obscurity.

  13. I hate to throw cold water on the Kyle Shanahan interest, but he’s anything like his father then he’ll want nothing to do with Baalke.

    1. Mid,

      I don’t think he’d have a problem working with Baalke. He’s a guy looking for a HC job and if the Niners were to offer it, my guess is he’d take it in a heartbeat.

        1. I don’t see that as an issue for a first time HC Mid. That’s one of the reasons I’m leaning toward a young up and comer as opposed to one of the retreads. I think a young HC could work well with Baalke as opposed to an older one who might be more head strong.

    1. Lmao. I was thinking the same thing listening to it. You can feel the utter lack of national respect for Jed over the air waves. He is such a tool.

        1. Jack,
          Maybe Jed should get the shine box back out that he was standing on in 95′! Reality is now setting in for Jed on just how much heat Harbaugh deflected for him.

    2. I disagree. I don’t like the outcome. I don’t like the series of missteps and miscalculations that lead to a dysfunctional divorce. But given the circumstances as they are, this Presser went as well as could be expected.

    3. At first I brushed the SB or bust stuff off as Jed just playing to the fans, but he kept on going back to it. Could it be that he really was angry at Harbaugh for not winning the SB and that played a big part in this divorce? He went off at one point into some convoluted diatribe about how there were things he wasn’t happy about even when the team was winning the first 3 years, and then got sidetracked. Is he really that naive? If there is even a remote chance that is the case we have bigger problems than we know.

      1. Yeah, if he does truly believe that then there is problems. I’m assuming what he meant was simply the goal every year should be to win the SB.

          1. Reading through Maiocco’s take on that dialogue and it comes across as someone that sees the ultimate goal as SB every year, and that the issues he had in 2011 to 2013 weren’t to do with not winning it so much as other issues, such as letting Aldon play the day after crashing his car while drunk.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if another “issue” was keeping Roman around.

            1. That’s why I think it was a offense issue too..Or Roman problem..”Philosophical differences”??? He let those issues slide..Because we were winning..But when he saw those issues Lose 2nfc championships and a superbowl three years straight..and basically fall off a cliff this yr..Jed knew it wasn’t gonna work..He tried to offer Jim more money and a extension…Jim wanted money as if he was a superbowl winning coach.Nah aint happening.U don’t get rewarded for blowing championships and having a sorry offense..The nerve of Jim,The Nerve of his loyalists,and Jed/Baalkee Haters..Im with Jed and Trent on this one

      2. The word you’re looking for is entitlement. And yes we do. Yes we do. As the bald spot grows bigger or is hidden, the problems with grow at an ever increasing rate.

    1. Maybe they don’t like the fact that he threw out a great coach because of “differences”
      You like him because he got rid of the man who sent your boy packing. Keep it real! Oneflip

  14. We are now the worst team in the NFC west regardless of the HC hire. Right now a possible Super Bowl next year is pretty much out the window.

    If this is my team and we keep CK I go out and get Chris Ault for either HC or better yet OC.

  15. Lmao Grant your dad gave little York a good tongue lashing and class lesson. Hilarious.

    All I heard is blah blah blah… NO MATTER WHAT THIS DIFFERENCES ARE…. You keep a winning head coach! PERIOD the two morons dropped the ball. And to hear him talk about Walsh and ignore the fact his uncle didn’t always get along with him but put the franchise first is sickening. Got a lot to learn young York!

    1. I hope the Niners hire Mike Holmgren offense of minded coach there will be no need for an offense of Cordinator and if he was hired no doubt he would find a back up quarterback that fits is Scheme

      1. I agree four nine.
        And rumor has it he is interested in coaching again.
        We don’t know of Baalke needs to be the main man. If Jed is serious in what he said about winning superbowls I can’t see him letting that get in the way. Holmgren demands respect and with this roster full of talent it shouldn’t be that hard to find some more talent to fill in or cover for injuries. If this was a rebuilding team holmgren might want more power. The power struggle shouldn’t be an issue here.
        I’m all in for holmgren. It’s either is or Oakland. Word is they’re reaching out to him.

  16. Hire fangio! & lightweight pressure him to find an aggressive offensive coordinator who won’t run a ball control offense to rest his D. If he doesn’t capitulate, still hire fangio!!! I love the guy!

  17. When’s the last time a team with this much talent was searching for a head coach???

    The Cards, and Lions come to mind. They turned out okay.

    1. Something to keep in mind: Fangio has never been a HC. He also has had a history of having good defenses early on in his tenure but fading as time went on. Not saying that will happen here, but just something to consider to balance out the Fangio love fest.

  18. Most of you are wrong to blame TB for lack of WR, CB talent….TB is a GM, JH is the one who needs the player…..To be a Great Coach in the NFL you have to know how to acquire talent.

    In 4 years JH could not draft an explosive WR or shutdown corner and he claims to be a Great College coach and a brilliant offensive mind….Give me a break!!!

    John is the smart JH, he was the older one that had to learn those mistakes, he wasn’t the big time QB in college and if I am right was coaching SP before becoming a HC. Just look at the Ravens……

    Jim is a good guy but just too shady and its hard for shady people to be honest with the truth……

    John fired his OC and won the SB because he knows there are no friends in this business, Jim couldn’t because its all about quotes, family, friends…blah blah……

    I liked Jim, but the way he handled the Press and over praising players who are getting paid millions just killed it for me…….

    1. Do you understand Baalke’s contract? As he said today, he has total absolute control of the 53 man roster and the practice squad. That means he makes all, as in every single one, of the roster moves, draft choices, and free agent choices. I’m sorry, maybe you don’t understand.

    2. I liked Jim, but the way he handled the Press and over praising players who are getting paid millions just killed it for me…….oneflip says.

      True meaning. He gave away Alex smith for better talent.
      And I’m still mad about that. I will forever hate harbaugh because in my warped mind he gave a Super Bowl away when trading Alex smith.

    1. Oh, I dunno. Given that at least one out of three phases didn’t come back after Halftime in many games, .500 seems about right for this year. Without whining or making excuses, the injury bug was pretty ferocious too, but they did leave potential wins out there on the field.

        1. San Diego should have been a win too along with Oakland. That’s 11-3. But Chicago and San Diago scored on us so easily, maybe 10-4 is a more reasonable max “what if” season.

          Anyway the river is always moving on.

      1. As much as I try to balance the board hatred toward Kap, there is no doubt he blew two games on his own (Chicago and St. Louis), so the team was capable of more than 8-8 even with all the injuries.

  19. one thing we may be underestimating is whether coaches actually WANT to come to the 49ers. Anybody that comes in must accept the “not-so-quietl” title as “Yes-Man” while also coaching under the pressure of “Super Bowl-or-Bust”! What quality coach in their right mind would agree to that. Every coach in football just witnessed the “firing” of one of the most successful coaches in the history of the league (I know it wax a brief tenure) and definitely one of the best coaches in football, a coach who still had the locker room solidly behind him. That seems like an unrealistic request for any high quality coach (which is why Harbaugh isn’t here).

    1. We have the most talent and best opportunity to win SB now….. the Bucs where in a similar situation their SB yr


      They all know we have it better…..

    2. Exactly. I think we are all over looking that. Yeah someone is going to want to take on that challenge but I don’t see a well respected coach, with a winning track record, jumping for the job. They know you can be fired for anything.

  20. I am surprised I haven’t heard more Norv Turner. Let Ed Donatell Take over the Defense and allow Norv Turner to HC. He’s worked for the York’s before. He did some magic in Minnesotta this year with 2 incapable QBs.

  21. I am surprised I haven’t heard more Norv Turner. Let Ed Donatell Take over the Defense and allow Norv Turner to HC. He’s worked for the York’s before. He did some magic in Minnesotta this year with 2 incapable QBs.
    Forgot to add Doug Pederson as the new OC. He is a Reid disciple. He understands the 49es run first process and has done much the same in KC

    1. There’s an old saying in the business world that says you never hire your best salesman to be your sales manager. First and foremost, you lose your best salesman. Norv Turner is a great OC and I think even he knows now that he wouldn’t want to be HC of a team that just lost its best offensive coordinator.

      1. @Whine Country

        I believe in Norv Turner, and that he is capable of doing the job…but I have a hard time justifying how he left us like a dirty shirt once before…

      1. Well at least compared to JH he does have a SB ring. So he has that going for him. Also one thing he said caught my attention: “Supposed to excel in your fastball lane and for JH that was quarterback play”
        Lets look at this objectively. He did help AS improve by giving him confidence and validating his style of play as a viable one (play it safe don’t make mistakes be a manager) but as many here have stated AS actually started playing better in the tail end of 2010. So its not like JH came in and turned Nate Davis in to Aaron Rogers.
        Same deal for Kaep, In the beginning when the read option was the rage CK excelled but ever since then he has not improved that dramatically. Some argue whether CK has actually regressed. If our QB whispering coach can no longer “whisper” then what good is he?

  22. The good news… the 49ers will have roughly 1800 (standard) draft chart value points.

    The bad news… so many underclassmen declared in 2014, 2015 might be one of the least talented drafts in a decade (except for running back).

    I’ve only reviewed a few highlight clips so far, but this draft doesn’t seem anywhere near as good/deep as 2014. The receiver choices might stink even if Baalke gets scouting help.

    I won’t be surprised if Baalke grabs a running back, a safety and maybe a guard… then spends the rest of the draft trading 2015 picks for 2016 picks.

    1. Year – Chart Value
      2015 – 1,800 (barring no trades, assuming Stevie Johnson only cost a 4th)
      2014 – 1,718
      2013 – 2,041
      2012 – 1,031
      2011 – 2,363
      2010 – 2,800
      2009 – 1,600
      2008 – 1,463

      Note: These points are for draft slots used. They do not include draft slots traded to following season(s).

    2. Brodie- I think you’re correct overall, but the receivers at the top look pretty good; Kiper thinks three will go in the top 15. Nothing like the depth of last year though.
      Precious little at QB. A few edge rushers.

      1. I like Greene too.

        Not a big fan of Jaelen Strong, Sammie Coates or Kevin White, who are all being discussed as potential first rounders.

            1. Beckham has too many character flags. Given the past season’s character issues, I’m willing to bet Baalke has Beckham off his draft board.

              1. I just think the team will be more gun shy in regards to players with major character flags Razor.

              2. Agreed too, but still best talent in draft and best height/speed WR to come out in years. We need, what he has (minus the headache).

              3. There’s a better wr class in FA coming out over the draft.
                They will get a burner this offseason. I’m guessing the “problem” players will be skipped over this time. It’s a shame. Gordon would fit in nice. He will be a restricted FA. And with his troubles I don’t see Cleveland matching an offer of an egg an slice of spam.
                My guy tells me they make a play for Jackson, test the waters for dez. And end up signing that GB receiver. Name has escapeded me right now.

                Keep Johnson to cover for the loss of MC.

                I also think te problems on offense this year and past is a definite must they hire an OC or offensive minded HC. And I hope they do

              4. Baalke doesn’t want someone like him. Sadly this all but assures us he will be the next Randy Moss.

                On a serious note I think Green-Beckham from a pure physical standpoint might be the most talented wide receiver in the draft (Yes that includes Amari Cooper)… sadly his off field problems combined with the niners own issues, basically ensure the niners cant afford to draft him at 15.

            2. Yeah, I still can’t make myself want to take Green-Beckham, razor. I don’t like taking guys with that sort of baggage.

              1. I can respect that, but all you have to do is look at Jeremy Hill-who I took off my board for an egregious conviction as another example. Beckham part two has a trespassing conviction. I know of no other convictions. He is deserving of an opportunity just like anyone else, but it would be up to him to cash in on it, and incumbent on management to give him the best opportunity for that by having a plan in place as soon as he arrives. What if Minnesota had you attitude with Moss? If Baalke can make a fool of himself by putting Jenkins name in a envelope and brag about it, why not roll the dice on a true difference maker?

              2. He’s been arrested and suspended for drug possession, and has also been arrested and investigated a couple of other times for similar offenses without conviction.

                Sorry, any time someone gets dismissed by the school, that is a big red flag for me. For a team that has struggled with off-field incidents in recent past I wouldn’t go there.

              3. It’s commendable Scooter, but unfortunately your trash is another mans treasure. Here in America, you pay your dues and instead of getting thrown away, they give you another chance mate. Trespassing? Meh, 20 year old smoking pot? Surprise, surprise. That’s why they test and institute rehabilitation classes. I’d take him in this draft in a New York minute….

              4. I know this will be an unpopular view, but I don’t think he is as phenomenal a prospect as some believe him to be.

                I’ve only seen film of two games of his, Auburn and Kentucky in 2013. Two of his best career games. He’s a handful because of his size/ speed combo, no doubt, and is worthy of a first round grade for upside alone (excluding baggage issues). But he’s more of an athletic marvel than a great WR. He relies too much on his physical gifts for my liking.

              5. He’s the best prospect in this draft after Cooper, and it would be up to the coaches to give him the best shot at realizing it….

              6. Why in the heck isn’t anyone favoring our own WR’s Stevie Johnson and Brandon LLoyd ? They at least deserve a chance to have an accurate QB throwing to them….They’re not the speediest WR’s on the planet, but they continually create separation, and they both CATCH the ball. I love Anquan, but every year I fear he’s going to finally flame out toward seasons end….there was some dropoff this year, but like Frank, he gives us good value and good example for the rooks to learn from. Draft a couple of blazers, a couple of potential QB’s and let the show begin…..

            1. My only objection to OBJ was that he did 8 reps of bench press same as one AJJ. I was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get off press coverage much like AJJ.
              Glad I don’t work as a WR scout

          1. Yeah, though after how Benjamin turned out this year I’m not sure I’d still say Greene is better than him. But I think he is plenty good.

          2. I was down on Benjamin. Felt like he excelled in college because of his size but would struggle from lack of skill at the next level. Wrongo! It’s OK I have a Baalke track record when it comes to picking receivers.

            I was neutral on OBJ. didn’t love him, didn’t hate him.

        1. I like Coates because of his speed and physicality. He’s a project, but I think he’d be worth the investment, especially if the team decides to keep WR Johnson for another year or two.

          1. I like Coates as a guy that can cause teams headaches with his size and speed, but not in the first round, which is where he’ll likely end up going.

              1. Still early days, but Cooper is my favourite, he’s got a strong all round game. No surprises there though, he’s the consensus top WR in this draft.

                Parker is my second favourite, I really like the way he tracks the football over his shoulder and his ability to go get the ball. Good hands. His route running was much improved this year too, and he’s got very good size with decent speed.

                Rashad Greene is my third favourite, though he looks very thin. He may need to bulk up. But he’s a good route runner, good at getting himself open, pretty good hands, and can make some tough catches.

                After that I’d say Greene-Beckham, though I don’t think I could draft him with his history. Then Sammie Coates, White and Strong, though I think none of them should be any higher than a second round pick. Funchess I’m just not a fan of at all.

              2. I do not think Cooper will be available.

                1. Devante Parker… I live in Louisville. I watched him live a lot. Dude has skill and breakaway speed.

                2. Rashad Greene… I’m a FSU fan. Greene is not better than Benjamin but he’s good. I just don’t know how competitive(intenae) he is.

                3. Sammy Coates… I like his size and speed. But he doesn’t jump off the screen to me. It may be due to the offensive scheme he is in.

          1. He’s had only one good year and plays against relatively weak competition. He’s not as good as his stats suggest.

            Keep in mind that when I say I don’t like these guys I mean it in terms of where they are currently being projected to go. I’ve seen White as high as mid first round. I don’t think he should be a first rounder.

      2. I like Parker’s size and overall game, but the foot injuries are worrisome. Beckham will be a gamble if he declares. Red flags all over the place but a tremendous talent.

          1. I would take him in a NY minute, but doubt they will. I look at it this way, no one would blame Baalke for taking Beckham from a pure talent perspective, unlike his more recent 1st round picks.

        1. The foot injury is a concern, but injuries do happen. As far as I am aware that was his first serious injury, so its not as if he’s injury prone.

          1. The onus would be on DGB and the organization to prevent trouble from derailing Kaepernicks’ new weapon of vertical destruction….

  23. question for Coach Harbaw:

    is it true that no NFL teams are making
    any legitimate, semi-competitive offers
    for you to consider alongside the opening
    at Michigan….? Really…!!!???!!!

    There is one big reason: they are just like me;
    they do not believe you can win the big one.
    No Super Bowl potential – no NFL head coaching
    job interviews. My, my, my…

      1. With his $8 million a year, and the budget for his program in Ann Arbor, Jim can hire a local high school kid with a good arm to handle his kook mail. Enjoy.

  24. Guessing at the turmoil that lead grown men in the FO into a destructive vortex I’m reminded of the Three Levels of Enlisted Men’s (& women’s) Reality in the military. That 3rd Level is a #%^*+¥£!
    1= SNAFU
    2= TARFU
    3= FUBAR

  25. York wants to win a Super Bowl, he fires his coach. Seahawks got serious about winning a Super Bowl, they pretty paid for it. They put their money where their mouths was.

    We’ll see how serious York is.

  26. I believe the 49ers go in-house for their HC. Fangio or Tomsula are the top in-house candidates and either one would be fine with me.

    My biggest concern is who we sign as Offensive Coordinator.

    It will be imperative that the new OC has a keen insight on Kaepernick’ abilities and can work with those abilities rather then looking to make drastic changes.
    Jed York made a statement that I agree with when he said that the QB is the most important position in football. If he truly believes that, then he has to find an OC that can help his QB get to the next level.
    CK has a ton of talent and is a different breed of QB. Time to find an OC who is willing and able to tap into that talent.

    1. We know for sure that Jed Yorks believes that the QB is the most important position in football. His first hire as head coach was Singletary who was famous for his belief that the QB is the most important position in football.

    2. One of the problems with finding an offensive coordinator is that you can’t hire someone else’s OC. You either have to hire a fired OC or someone who hasn’t done the job.

      Fangio or Tomsula will both probably meet Jed’s budget for his next head coach.

  27. Looking back at JH playing career, I can understand why he cuddles #7 so much…..He has the “regress” experience…..Probably wise for him to bolt for Michigan

    1991 season

    Harbaugh passed for a career-high 3,121 yards with Chicago in 1991 and became the first Chicago quarterback since Vince Evans to start all 16 regular season games.[18] He completed 275 of 478 passes for 15 touchdowns and 16 interceptions, was sacked 24 times for a loss of 163 yards, and rushed 338 yards on 70 carries.[11] Chicago finished the season 11-5 like the year before, but in second place in the NFC Central. On December 29, 1991, he made his postseason debut in the NFC Wild Card game, a 17-13 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas defense overwhelmed him throughout the game, sacking him three times; and in the final drive of the game that started from Chicago’s 4-yard line with 1:50 left, he threw an interception to Bill Bates on the fourth play from scrimmage.

    1992 season

    Chicago regressed to a 5-11 record in 1992, and the team fired coach Ditka afterwards.[20] Harbaugh played all 16 games but started only 13 and had a 5-8 record as starter. He completed 202 of 358 passes for 2,486 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions, was sacked 31 times for 167 yards, and rushed 272 yards over 47 carries, including one rushing touchdown.

    1993 season

    In 1993, Chicago went 7-9. Harbaugh played in and started 15 games and completed 200 of 325 passes for 2,002 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. He was sacked 43 times for 210 yards and rushed 277 yards over 60 carries.[22] Harbaugh ended his tenure with Chicago with a 35-30 (.538) record.

  28. Onewhiner Career

    2005-2011 Alex Smith jock strap holder
    2012 Has a melt down when Jim Harbaugh replaces Alex Smith with Kaepernick as the starter
    2013 Seeks counceling in Kansas City
    2014 Vindicated when Harbaugh is fired

    1. Brodie
      Try CSNBayArea. I watched it live at 1:00 today and noted that they reran it on tv at 3:00. They may have a link. 48:00 Presser, but I was glad I watched it and didn’t just read it.

  29. The three top candidates in my opinion for a head coaching position should be Jim Tomsula, Dan Quinn and Gus Malzahn. Jim Tomsula has been a coach for the 49ers for years, has great respect from everyone that’s a player or of the front office, and he’s very effective as a leader and well liked by the players. Dan Quinn in the last two seasons has been a headache for the 49ers and the rest of the NFC in Seattle, so it’ll go back to the saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them!” As a DC in Seattle he’s kept them first place, allowing only 15.9 points per game, and kept the pass defense in first place with two seasons of different players. My ultimate choice if I was Jed York would be to hire Gus Malzahn. In a very gritty SEC Malzahn has kept the Auburn Tigers very relevant and overall one of the best football teams in college football. He is a very tenacious coach similar to Harbaugh. His quarterback development is also unparalleled compared to other college coaches. Look at Cam Newton for example. Kaepernick would truly thrive with a coach like Gus Malzahn. It would be beneficial as well because the 49ers offense has been nothing short of mediocre now for two consecutive seasons. We all know our roster isn’t very orthodox, but neither is how Malzahn calls plays, so that also would reinvent the 49ers offense. I’m campaigning for Malzahn, but Tomsula and Quinn are also good choices too. Go 49ers!

  30. Regarding Jed philosophical issues with Harbaugh we now know two things: 1) Jed really isn’t in the business of winning, or he would have found a way to keep the third best coach in 49er history. 2) Jed’s philosophy is that he values a boot licking coach who will kiss his rear over a winner.

    I hope Fangio, if he can get a good OC, gets the HC job. God save us from the Jim Tomsula madness. And please, no thank you on Kyle Shanahan. He has done a real bang up job on RG3 and Johnny Football. CK needs a coach who commands respect and knows what he is doing.

  31. I want the west coast offense. If that means holmgren, then I’m OK with that although I dream of Sean Payton if he became available. I’d keep fangio but if he left, bring in Ryan. He’s a defensive beast of a coach.

    1. The Ryan’s are garbage. I couldn’t stand looking at any of their faces. Daddy’s old defense has been figured out for decades.

      1. He gives teams headaches and if he only focuses on defense, imagine what he could do with our defense coming back healthy next year. Pretty scary. This defense might actually go after an offensive instead of playing that bend but don’t break style. He confuses quarter backs. Think about how solid his defense was this year considering having no secondary and weak lbs.

  32. I listened to the press conference today. What a joke listening to dumb and dumber. Man up. You couldn’t work with JH and hung him out to dry. He ended up being a bigger man than you both.

    You tried to pawn off the Aldon and Ray McDonald issue on him in a subtle way and btw just who other than the fans hold you accountable?

    For all you Roman haters be happy the M blogs are reporting GRo as OC with DJ Durkin as the DC

    1. It did seem that way. Going back to the 49er way. We’ve heard young, rice and Lott talking about this. It’s a lot easier talking the talk when your not with the organization anymore. Winning is the bottom line in the NFL. Baalke is the GM. He’s more responsible than Harbaugh because he’s the manager in charge. I’m really disliking Baalke more and more as time passes.
      I’m not sure what’s next but it doesn’t look good. Jed and company looked like idiots today. Rambling and making no sense today. Even Baalke on Damon bruce’s show today was horrible giving no substance and refusing to answer questions. This franchise is going down fast. I’m very worried about whom they hire next.

  33. Just listened to Baalke wasting another 25 minutes of his life on The Game. From the catastrophe of an “interview”, a useful tidbit about Odell Beckham emerged.

    Baalke said it would have cost a first, second, third, plus another unspecified pick to move up to where Odell Beckham (might) be available.

    He said scouts and staff loved Beckham, but the trade-up price was just too high… with no guarantees he’d even be available, or turn out to be the WR he did become.

    (As badly as the 49ers need a deep threat, I would have grabbed Aaron Donald at that spot)

    2013 had trade-up bargains, with the 49ers only sacrificing a 3rd rounder to go from 31 to 18 (Reid). The 2014 draft had no such trade-up bargains.

    1. I guess that was a major problem between Harbaugh and baalke. Harbaugh wanted Beckham even though baalke has refuted it. But in baalkes words it would have cost us, ward, boreland, Hyde and another pick. Funny thing is baalke denied any conversation about that Beckham pick, yet responded pretty fast as to what would have been needed to get him. It sounded like it was a real issue.

  34. indisnt catch the Baalke interview but heard Damon Bruce tell a story about the AJ Jenkins name in the envelope pick. Evidently JH would bring it up in front of Baalke when it suited him as a way to get under Baalke’s skin

        1. Is it? Better never bring up another “out of the blue” again. Hammer. The harbaugh and raider talk will always be linked to you. Out of the blue? How about you wishing he would go there so “whiners line me can be upset” talk about out of the blue. Smh

          1. I didn’t bring you up until you asked me why I would want to see him there.

            I also don’t bring you up in comments to others.

    1. Hahaha, I wish someone would make a meme of that so I can clown on the Raider fans that were saying they beat us and we’re going to take our coach too.

  35. Randy Moss had a few issues with dank before his draft also. So despite his 6’4″ frame, 4.2 speed, and supreme ball skills, he went to Minnesota at #21.

    Hey Baalke, take Dorial G-B!!!

      1. No, but Jeremy Hill was convicted of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, which is a misdemeanor. He was originally charged with oral sexual battery. The judge sentenced Hill to two years probation. The only thing DGB has been convicted of is Trespassing….

  36. Chris Ault – Get him now. He is in Kansa City going to the playoffs. He is the perfect fit.to fix our offence. – Good bye to The Roman O – Pistol :is better for Gore and Kaepernick =.:0)

  37. Jed was just on knbr in the morning. He said, and I’m paraphrasing here; a team that has replaced Walsh should be able to replace Harbaugh. We’ll this team hasn’t replaced Walsh and never will replace that legend.
    The obvious thing is Jed knows how to skate around the line of questioning with no real answers. Jed said that Harbaugh wanted to leave and that it was a tough choice for him to come to San Francisco instead of Michigan four years ago. What a crock of ishhhh. He was never leaving Stanford for another college team. It was us or Miami.
    Jed is such a baby. He accused Brian Murphy of giving him a tongue lashing with his questions, what a moron. He had no answers!!! And neither does this team.

  38. I wasn’t paying attention during the last HC search.

    The FO is asking for permission to speak with Gase, Quinn, etc. Will there be a subsequent report that they actually spoke with the candidates or is that something that is not generally reported.

  39. I read on SB that Harbaugh took less money because he wanted more pay for his assistants. Isn’t leading by example something a teacher does? What kind of teacher was York looking for?

    @Grant: why would a really really good coach want to work for this 49er management? It doesn’t seem logical that the cream of the crop would want to work for York/Baalke.

  40. If the 49ers went in house w Fangio or Tomsula, I wonder if Chryst as OC is a viable option? Just curious what the 49ers think of him……….. and if he is responsible for Kap’s lack of dvelopment or did it have more to do w Roman/Harbaugh? I like K Shanahan personally, but don’t like the idea of losing Fangio unless we bring in someone more aggressive w blitz packages.

    My $.02 is that I support the move that the 49ers made and believe that Jed and Baalke made the right move. And when all of the press is slamming the new stadium and its fans, remember the Giants experienced the same thing when they had the “corporate” feel at their new ballpark- let it settle down a bit and we’ll see how it goes ( I will always miss The Stick personally). Winning changes everything………..

  41. I’m not in love with the idea of brining in a DC for HC, any DC. I believe that it is far easier to find a competent DC than it is to find competent OC’s. That being said I believe that Baalke will eventually hire Bowles. The big question then will be, do they bring in a OC who will force CK into being a pocket QB like Roman and Harbaugh did this season or will they bring in a OC who will let CK be CK like Roman and Harbaugh did in 2012 and late 2013?

    1. Old Coach:

      Under the assumption that a former DC is hired as the HC, here’s some speculation on my part:

      It looked to me like in the last few games, they were beginning to let CK be CK, especially in the last game against Arizona. I thought Kaep played well in the last game (but maybe that’s mostly because the OL played very well). If true, then it would appear that the coaching staff finally recognized that forcing CK to be a pocket passer was not fruitful (Harbaugh may have not wanted to further ruin Kaep’s potential career by calling plays with Kaep mostly in the pocket). I’m hoping the FO is in agreement with this “new train” of thought on developing CK. So continuing on with this train of thought, they would ask the new HC his feelings on this topic. I’m assuming the HC will pick the OC and York/Baalke would suggest in no uncertain terms that the OC needs to work with Kaep’s strengths and not force him to mostly be a pocket passer.

      1. Cubus I hope you are right. My fear is that it was little Jed and Baalke who coerced Harbaugh into making CK into a pocket QB in the first place. If they are going to continue forcing CK into becoming a pocket QB they need to draft a potential starting QB this draft if not I believe they can win with CK being CK [as long as they put a better O line in front of him]

        1. After I reread my post, I realized that my argument is somewhat weaker than I originally thought.

          Still, I think if York/Baalke had applied any coercion it would have been focused on playing the younger players more, or removing whatever the problem was that kept yielding delay of game penalties (or timeouts to prevent them). I don’t think they would have been comfortable telling Harbaugh how to coach or use his protege.

          1. Cubus Before this season I would have totally agreed with you but after Little Jeds dumping [with no cause or at least no cause he wanted to defend publicly] of Harbaugh, I just don’t know what little Jed is or is not capable of.

  42. Question: The Niners need a CB, D lineman and a WR (plus a backup QB). Do they draft for need, or, go all in, sign some expensive free agents to fill those positions and try to make another superbowl run? This will make a difference to the next head coach.

    If Jed York does in fact want a teacher for a coach, then it would seem that they plan to draft for need instead of getting free agents. Thus, no superbowl next year….

  43. This is a case of too many roosters in the chicken coup. Harbaugh wanted personnel say why baalke and Jed wanted coaching say.
    Harbaugh’s contract stipulated that he had control over all of the assistant coaches jobs. I believe they tried to get Roman out and he refused.
    Harbaugh also really wanted Odell Beckham and baalked balked, <<(how about that) at trading the picks that netted Ward, Hyde, Boreland and Martin. I can argue it both ways but that's really expensive to give up for one player and hindsight is 20/20.
    philosophical differences were real from that stand point.
    Removing myself from being a fan of the team and loving Harbaugh, he's done a great job as a head coach but an average to below average job at being an offensive mind, clock management, play calling and quarterback development. His Ra Ra attitude burnt out like a candle and only went so far. Some of the players probably felt like his stubbornness to let Roman go cost the team especially during their window of opportunity. In conclusion, Harbaugh is what this team needed at that time. He was the sexy girl that resurrected the 50 year old midlife crisis dude. Now she's not as sexy anymore. In fact, she's annoying as hell and nags too much. Problem is, can the 54 year old strike gold twice while finding substance?

  44. I think this season was perfectly summed up in the JY/TB presser. A total disaster. Now JH was a GREAT COACH. Who is going to replace him? I like DC Vic but have you listened to him at his pressers? I see him as a DC lifer. Jim Tomsula? Can anyone name a d-line coach who ever did anything? OC’s and DC’s from this team or that? God help us. The Mike brothers, Holmgren and Shanahan? I think they are well past their prime. so is Coweher, Billick, and Parcells. You know, JH might have been a pain but is there really anyone better available to replace him? reminds me of that old song: If you can’t be with the one you love, than love the one your with.

  45. I hope Baalke is using these interviews with “hot” candidates to gain insight on who they would choose as their OC that way he can compile a list for Fangio or Tomsula… LOL

  46. Grant you called this a live blog updated whenever there is news. Have you given up on that idea or has there been no news since 4:15 yesterday?

  47. Here’s the full list of candidates Grant meant to post:

    “New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels
    Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn
    Former New York Jets coach Rex Ryan
    Mike Shanahan, a two-time Super Bowl-winning coach and former Niners offensive coordinator
    Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin
    Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles
    49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio
    49ers defensive line coach Jim Tomsula.”

    – ESPN NFC West Blog

  48. Would Jim Harbaugh up by 11 with eleven minutes left in the 4th quarter go for it on 4th and inches at midfield? That’s the difference between winning and losing in big games.

    1. That question speaks to the overall offensive philosophy of, for example Harbaugh vs. Pete Carroll. It seems when Harbaugh is up by a touchdown he’s looking to grind it out and wear down the clock; where as Pete Carroll looks for an opportunity go up by 14…

      1. I was reacting to his brother going for it against Pittsburgh, having killer instincts Jim lacks.
        is it me or has grant not written anything in a while?

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