49ers hire head coach Chip Kelly

The San Francisco 49ers have hired Chip Kelly as their new head coach. CEO Jed York announced the move on Twitter and so did the team. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone, File)
The San Francisco 49ers have hired Chip Kelly as their new head coach. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone, File)

The San Francisco 49ers have hired head coach Chip Kelly, according to team CEO Jed York.

Do you like this hire? If so, why? Would you have preferred Mike Shanahan or someone else? Stay tuned for more news as it develops. Bonus question: Which quarterback do you think Kelly wants to coach, Blaine Gabbert of Colin Kaepernick? Double Bonus question: Is it possible Kelly wants to coach neither quarterback? Is it possible Kelly wants to coach Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin or a rookie? Update:

Another update. This one may answer bonus question No. 1.

Update from John Middlekauf:

Update with statements from Jed York, Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly:

York: “We are thrilled to announce Chip Kelly as the new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Chip has a proven track record at both the college and NFL levels that speaks for itself. We believe strongly that he is the right man to get this team back to competing for championships. I look forward to watching Trent and Chip work closely to build a team that will make us all proud.”

Baalke: “Chip possesses all the qualities we were looking for in our next head coach. He has demonstrated the ability to be innovative everywhere he has coached and has had great success throughout his career. Chip’s passion for the game and vision for the future of this team clearly stood out to us during the search process. He is an extremely driven individual that I look forward to working with.”

Kelly: “I would like to thank Jed, Trent, and the York family for this tremendous opportunity to be the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. As one of the most historic franchises in the National Football League, I realize the high standards and expectations that this position demands and I embrace the challenges ahead. My immediate focus is to build the best coaching staff possible, one that will maximize the abilities of each of our players and put us in the best position to win football games.”

Update from Matt Barrows:

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      1. Leave it to the two remaining stooges to make the wrong choice. Well at least he’ll be an upgrade from the incompetence of Tomsula.

        I have to think he’s looking at Kap to run his system and that is why they hired him. If that’s the case, I think it’s a big mistake. They need to move on, find the next QB and put him in a system that isn’t based on being fast to the LOS.

        1. Move on so we can wait another 20 years for a QB to take us to a superbowl?

          Get over your distaste for Kaepernick he is the best 49err QB since Steve Young

            1. Kaepernick playoff record through 5 seasons: 4-2
              Jeff Garcia playoff record for his career: 2-4

              49er franchise record holder:
              Kaepernick 5 seasons : 1
              Garcia entire career : 0

              TO in his prime >>>>>>>>>>>Boldin at the end of his career

              1. The defense that CK7 had playing around him was infinitely better than Garcia’s. Not sure if you watched Garcia play but as a QB, he was twice the QB that CK7 is.

            2. I beg to differ. Garcia was a good QB, but he never got the Niners into the SB, never almost won it all, and never almost returned. Kaep with his Playoff records and 4-2 road playoff record, did.

              1. It’s difficult to compare the two quarterbacks because so much more goes into the comparison. Garcia didn’t have the Defense. Kaepernick didn’t have the Receivers. Garcia didn’t have the running game, the better coaching, or the benefit of the flag happy refs that make a receiver and a QB untouchable. He also didn’t have as good of a line as Kaepernick had.
                Kaepernick had a terrible ST Coach and a terrible GM who wouldn’t sign a receiver to help the offense. There are just too many variables to make a comparison between the two. Each has their own talents and upsides and well as down sides.
                Full Disclosure, I hated Garcia as the 49ers’ QB.

          1. James,

            I have no distaste for Kaepernick, and have actually been supportive of him while hoping he would develop his game in the pocket. I don’t see that happening after what I witnessed this past season. I don’t think Kap is comfortable playing from the pocket and likely never will be. That is why I think it’s time to move on and try to find a true pocket passer.

            1. Kaepernick has shown numerous times throughout his career he is comfortable making throws from the pocket.

              “I don’t see that happening after what I witnessed this past season”

              Really? Because you watched him look comfortable against the Steelers, Giants, and Ravens.

              Cam Newton and Russell Wilson don’t always look comfortable in the pocket and they are in the playoffs and having success.

              1. Cam Newton is going to be named the MVP of the league because he became a pocket QB James. He still has designed runs, but he has become a very good pocket passer which has made him a legitimate franchise QB. Wilson is the exception; not the norm.

                I hope it works out and Kap excels in this system, I just don’t think it’s smart to put all the eggs in that basket again. They really need to draft a young QB with a first or second day pick imo.

              2. Cam Newton throws to wide open WR’s because CAR was #2 in rushing this year. Their offensive scheme forces defenses to load the box. Newton throws off his backup leg on 75% of his throws. He has become a pocket passer this year, he was the same type of passer when he was a rookie.

                My definition of a pocket passer is someone like Manning either one, Palmer or Brady, someone who stays in the pocket and finds the open guy by making perfect throws. Newton makes passes from the pocket but he isn’t elite from the pocket like the guys I stated above and isn’t going to win the MVP because of what you said “he became a pocket passer”.

              3. Newton has one of the worst receiving corps in the league James and they sure aren’t running wide open all the time. Who cares how he looks while he’s throwing it? He’s become a true pocket passer and that is why he is having so much more success not just in his personal game, but the offense as a whole. The running game is important too, but Newton’s progression is the key to their offense. He is much more comfortable in the pocket than he was even last year, never mind as a rookie. He has done the things you just described Brady and Manning as doing. He’s dropping back, going through his reads and finding the open man. Not sure what it is you think he’s doing differently from the others you mentioned because he’s now playing just like them with the added bonus of being able to become a running back on designed run plays.

              4. I am saying he hardly has to thread the needle to his WR’s because they are wide open, especially Ted Ginn and Greg Olsen. Like seriously no one ever covers Olsen because he is always open on PA passes. The fact that he didn’t even complete 60% of his passes shows he really hasn’t excelled as a pocket passer. I can’t believe your trying to put him into the elite pocket passer positions. This year wasn’t his best for completion % or passing yards. He had so many TD’s because of his defense and running game setting him up.

              5. They also read defenses and throw accurately. Kap does not. Boomer Esiason once said that with Kaps inattention to detail and Quarterback mechanics, he’ll be out of the league in a couple of years.
                Esiason knows more about the QB position than you. Insults dont matter. He STILL knows more than you.

              6. Russell Wilson reminds me of Jeff Garcia. RW just has the benefit of playing for an organization that has molded the offense around his abilities. He resembles what I think Jeff Garcia would have looked like with a defense.

          2. I presume when you say Ck brought us to the SB you mean he was a key contributor .The entire team brought us to the SB including a stout D pro level coaching etc

            1. Obviously there is no such thing as one player leading a team to a super bowl. That’s just a saying associated with QB’s because they are the most important players on the field.

        2. I think the team is stuck with Kaepernick. He had knee surgery and thumb surgery in the past week. His contract is guaranteed for injury. I think optimistic reports have him healed by April 1st.
          However, the timing of these latest surgeries have left me at least wondering if this is a safety feature so he can determine his own fate.
          I am very interested in seeing what personnel choices Kelly is going to be allowed to make when it comes to coaching changes. Sparano is gone as the TE coach. He signed with Minnesota. Does Mangini stay? Chryst? Special teams coach?
          I think there is at least optimistic and cautious hope in this hire.

        3. Remember that keeping CK is not up to chip kelly. The decision is baalke’s and baalke’s alone. I don’t believe TB wants to continue paying CK his enormous salary. One thing to keep in mind is that cleveland’s new coach hue jackson is very high on CK and i see a potential trade scenario involving cleveland’s no. 2. Pick.

          1. I think Kap may end up sticking around and Gabbert. I think they’ll spend a high draft pick on other things than a QB. Look at Foles with Kelly and without Kelly. I think there’s a chance either of these QB’s could perform under his system. I say they’ll keep Kap around through training camp and draft a late round QB. It’s a hard decision because of his guaranted $$ after April 1, but I think he’ll get a shot to beat out BG. If that doesn’t happen they’ll trade him in TC or early season to some team like the Texans that desperately need a QB. Who really knows he could be cut in the offseason too.

            I think this is a decent plan b, would have preferred Hue by a long shot. We won’t be 5-11. I think we’ll be 8-8 to 10-6 with Kelly. Even if he could move offensive production up to middle of the pack we’ll win a few more games.

          2. This is a fantastic point I completely missed. However, it would be my cautious optimism that Baalke would sit with Kelly (during the honey moon period of this relationship and allow Kelly to make the decision on Kaepernick. It will be a 1 year leash.
            Although, I wonder if Gabbert is more capable of running Kelly’s offense than Kaepernick, just because Gabbert can read a defense. Kaepernick obviously couldn’t even read his contract because that scheduled shoulder surgery tantrum cost him 3 million in 2015. I think it is fortuitous now that his agent schedule a knee and thumb tendon surgery with the April 1st deadline. It puts pressure on the 49ers FO. Is Kaepernick tradeable before the April 1 physical?

          3. #7 is cheap

            For 2016, Kaepernick costs $11.9 million. For 2017, he’ll be at $12.5 million. Come 2018, the salary is $13 million. For 2019, it’s $16.8 million. For 2020, it’s $19 million.

            Compared to other teams we have him locked down cheap

    1. Same verbal crap as the Tomsula hire. Don’t think Kaep will work out, he does not have dedication in the class room as Kelly would like, and he lacks football smarts.

      1. I’m really mad at York and I would like to seriously punch out Chip Kelly if I ever saw him. I better see Kap gone. I’m more riled up then Michael Savage right now! 2 things better happen, Donald Trump as our President and Jed York sells this God Forsaken team!

    2. I feel like ending my life right now. I’m going to go all out, all Triple H and I am going to get on every newspaper and tell you 49er fans DO NOT attend the 49ers games. DO NOT support this hire. Jed York, sell the team. I’m not going to rest until I get rid of this young punk that took this team and ruined it. HIring this punk makes me really angry. I better see Kap out the door or I’m going to lose it. I’m serious, I am going to lose it!

  1. Let’s not fool ourselves. They hired Chip Kelly either on the 7th or 8th of this month. Does a guy who is trying to get his next NFL job take time to get give pointers to a College team before it’s championship? I’m sure we’ll say he did that to get credit. He did that because he was killing time while the 49ers continued their info grab. He was never a serious candidate anywhere else and has had almost no interviews.

      1. Here is the original version George:

        Coffee’s for Closers® January 12, 2016 at 4:47 pm
        Chip Kelly’s name has all but disappeared from the talked about candidates and not just for us. Instead of interviewing for NFL teams he’s spending time helping Alabama beat Clemson. The 49ers are reportedly the only team that has officially interviewed him.

        Theory: The 49ers have a verbal deal in place with Kelly but they still wanted to conduct interviews for the sake of gathering information and to keep the appearance that they were actually interviewing coaches and not just hiring the guy that Baalke has wanted. Once Hue has been signed they’ll announce they’ve reached a deal with Kelly because they’ll be taking plenty of flak from the press for losing out on Jackson.

          1. I don’t agree with your overall premise on how it came to be, but you did predict he would be hired and the day it would happen so props to you.

            1. It’s far more likely that i’m wrong then right but I truly feel that this is how it went down and I think these kinds of deals happen more often then we realize/know. Koetter to Tampa I believe is a sure thing and had similar circumstances as with Kelly.

            2. I think the biggest selling point to the theory is this: “The 49ers are reportedly the only team that has officially interviewed him”

              How is that possible if he had any intention of considering other teams or vice-versa?

              1. I just don’t think there was much interest in him to be honest. It makes no sense that Kelly would turn down interviews even if he did have a side deal in place with the 9ers. Why would he do that when the Niners are still interviewing other candidates? Even if they tell him it’s info gathering he has no assurances that they will follow through if they find somebody they like better. If he has interest from other teams and interviews it also drives up his asking price so that doesn’t make sense either.

                My guess is, Kelly is a fall back candidate that they knew would take the job if offered seeing as how he reached out to them, and after they lost out on Jackson it came down to Baalke choosing who he might work with better with Kelly winning after saying he didn’t need any personnel control.

              2. Kelly very recently purchased a house in New Jersey, a nice one with large indoor pool and lots of Sqr’s. The kind you settle down in. How does that square?
                One read from this is that SF was not in his plans a month ago? Maybe this fits the theories over Coffee that he was not getting calls and not the 49er first choice and thus was caught somewhat by surprise – as well.

                I say as well as I am very surprised by this move as he does not seem like a fit for this owner and this manager that clearly seem not to desire independent minded, head strong coaches.

              1. The Seb doesn’t give up. Baalke can trade Chip to Oregon for their head coach. That’s who he really wants.

        1. I agree with the early handshake agreement theory and think Tom Gamble had a lot to do with the decision. IIRC, Kelly went downhill after his buddy Gamble left Philly to return to SF. I think Gamble was a factor in Baalke’s success in the past and they missed him more than is let on.

          1. That actually could be possible given that Kelly had visited with Saban and the University of Alabama last week.

    1. Not sure I agree with you. Both Maiocco and Kawakami reported in recent weeks that all signs pointed towards Jimmy T getting a 2nd year until the Eagles fired Kelly. Then things changed and the 9ers axed Tomsula. This story now comes full circle and I’m guessing you will hear more about it from those reporters. With the Tom Gamble connections I think this was always options 1A, 1B, or 1c.

      1. I agree with you. I think we are in for some creative offense for a change . Balke and him should be a good tandem selecting personnel .Balke can pick defense and listen to Chip on offense since he has struggled with choosing offense

    2. Not sure if Kelly had the job a week ago, but you and I have been saying Kelly would get the job if Jackson signed elsewhere for a while. Not at all surprised by the hire.

      1. I’m willing to bet Kelly had the job the moment he was fired from the Eagles Scooter. I can’t remember who had the comment and the exact wording, but it had said that the team had been planning on bringing back Tomsula, but that idea changed the moment Kelly became available.

        1. You could be right. I genuinely have no idea whether to believe that or not. And that’s the problem with York and Baalke, anything is possible.

          1. If Maiocco is to be believed, Kelly has to be Jeds’ guy. There’s no way in hell firing & paying Jimmy Tom was Baalke’s call….

        2. Yesterday Matt Maiocco said on 95.7 that Tomsula’s job was safe until the last week of the season, when something happened. He alluded to the timing of Kelly’s termination (Dec. 29) possibly persuading the Yorks to fire Tomsula.

    3. From NN: “The 49ers interviewed John DeFilippo last week, which was a curious decision at the time.”


  2. I’m never one to spin any opinion I ever make. Honest to god! ANd, the more I think about this hire, the more I like it! Just keep Chip away from having the final say on personnel, and this could be the start of something special!

  3. Now, how about trading back a few spots and drafting Carson Wentz? He seems like he could really, really be good running Chip’s offense. GOOSEBUMPS!

    1. Torrey Smith reacts: “I guess I better start running now, to get in shape” LOL.

      And let’s be honest. Having Tom Gamble in Baalke’s ear, and Chip Kelly at HC, this has the potential to work well…….VERY WELL!

  4. Is this a massive risk? Sure. But it’s still a very great hire despite all the pessimists in here. Chip had a lot of success before he got personnel control and discarded his best talent, won’t have personnel control here.

    1. It IS a massive risk, T. I’m not sure I understand the optimism. If Kelly discarded his best talent in Philly, why would you have any confidence that he’ll use the best talent WE have? Seems to me our coaches over the past 4 or 5 years have NOT used some of our best guys, and look where it got us…
      I’m not 100% against Kelly, but I do have to admit I’ve got a bad feeling about this. After all, who selected him? ‘Nuff said.

      1. Is there any evidence he doesn’t use his best talent? Used Shady, used D-jax to great success in Philly when he had them. I think he’s a terrible GM as well, but he doesn’t have that power here and likely won’t ever with Gamble and Baalke in the building.

      2. Just to underscore the point, Kelly was, I believe, 26-21 with the Eagles over three seasons. If my math is correct, that’s about a 55% winning record. Five games over .500. I’m just not that impressed. Mr. York sees it differently: “Chip has a proven track record at both the college and NFL levels that speaks for itself,” York said in a statement. For my money, Kelly’s record does NOT speak for itself…at least, not very favorably.

        But who knows? Maybe this is the perfect fit, and things will skyrocket from here. Here’s hoping!

        (Just for a couple of admittedly apples-oranges comparisons, Bilichick is now 110 games over .500. THAT’S impressive! Sean Payton is 144-87 over 9 seasons, a 60% win rate. THOSE are records that speak [well] for themselves.)

  5. By the way, I’m about to wear the hell out of my self patting on the back machine:

    Coffee’s for Closers® January 13, 2016 at 9:57 am
    Expect the announcement that the 49ers are hiring Chip Kelly to come tomorrow.

      1. Sorry that was my saved post from last year.

        Your also right about Singletary. Throw in Erickson and Nolan.

        Fifth Worst coaching hire EVER.
        We are doomed!!!

          1. TV missed out on the epic opportunity of hosting a celebrity death match between the teams of Morbo & Lrrr(of Omicron Persei 8) vs. Kang & Kodos.

            I would have bought pay per view for that :)

      2. He’s not worse then Erickson either..so there’s that.

        Trying to be more positive. The old fake it til you make it approach :)

    1. Both Paxton Lynch and Carson Wentz, in addition to Blaine Gabbert, are very, very goos fits running Kelly’s high tempo, spread offense.

      The 49er gears in my head are spinning faster than they have since Harbaugh’s inaugural season. GOOSEBUMPS!

          1. The winning train. The 49ers hired the best coach available this offseason. He’s going to work well with Baalke/Gamble contrary to what most everyone thinks.

            1. Did you hear Greg Papa discuss his own friendship with Gamble, how they hung out at Gamble’s house in Pleasanton and burned some Gorilla Glue? Greg described how much Tom respected Kelly, and even brought up the possibility that one day he might run the show in Santa Clara….

    2. Can’t say I love the hire, but I agree he may have been one of the best options available. We’re going to find out whether Kelly’s been found out or if last season was an aberration.

  6. 1) No.
    2) He isn’t a good fit for our current players except for maybe Colin Kaepernick.
    3) Whomever Baalke wants.
    4) See Answer 3.

  7. I loathe this hire. I hope to hell I’m wrong.

    Chip Kelly will be blamed for why free agents won’t come and why our draft picks don’t pan out. It won’t be Trent’s fault, it will be Chip’s fault because players don’t want to play for him. That should buy Baalke at least another two years. Smart hire on his part.

    “Gotta get yourself a fall guy”

      1. Rocket, I applaud this hire. They went bold. Kelly is innovative.
        He helped Saben and Kiffin win a national championship. When Alabama went hurry up, i saw Chips fingerprints all over it.
        Chip is a smart man. He will get them organized and prepared. He will not run into the teeth of the defense. He will run them around their strengths and attack the weaknesses. He will install the -4 receiver spread them wide, then gash them up the middle- style of offense that I have been pleading for since 2014.
        Chip is the best coach to resurrect Kaep. He will know how to utilize his skillsets. Cant wait til I hear him talk about accentuating his strengths and avoiding his weaknesses. Kaep is a perfect fit for Chip, because with Kaep and Gabbert, he has 2 mobile QBs with strong arms. Something he did not have in Philly.
        I am jumping for joy.

        1. Is Kaepernick tradeable to Cleveland? Hmmm. I want to be right like CFC, as I called this trade in the beginning of the season, but alas, I have thrown darts all over the board hoping one of them hit something. I couldn’t take nearly as much credit.
          However, that trade would benefit me in a bet I have that Goff doesn’t go top 10. This hire takes SF out of the QB need and that trade would take Cleveland out of the QB market. Two very probably spots for Goff to land. I just need to pray hard 8 other teams don’t see a need to take Goff.
          I am curious to see how this hire affects A Davis. He is lazy. Is he really going to want to get conditioned to run into Kelly’s hurry up? But this hire does finally put an end to all of the delay of game penalties. It took two coaches and 5 years, but they finally solved that problem!!! All optimistic thumbs pointing up on this hire.

            1. I am going to find that little old lady who prayed Seattle would beat Minnesota. If she can pray that the kicker would miss a 30 yarder, she certainly can ruin Goff’s top ten hopes!

      2. Parcell’s mentioned him recently ,the lineage is in tact .Shanny and Holmgren did’t stand a chance with Baalke.so here we go should be entertaining atleast

      1. HT
        Id argue that it was the opposite of the Harbaugh philosophy. He routinely went supper conservative on O and settled for FG instead of trying for TD with the hopes that his D would be the one to finish out the games for him. I know that JH was a “run the ball” advocate but he clearly trusted/preffered that his D be on the field with the game on the line as opposed to having confidence that his offence could drive down the field and get the needed TD to win

        1. You are writing about taking a sure three rather than gamble for seven. I wrote about time of possession. Apples and grapes.

              1. Harbaugh’s approach worked as long as there weren’t small mistakes to throw them off the rails. The need for a time out at the end of the Superbowl against the Ravens was a whopper of a small mistake. Harbaugh never seemed interested or capable, take your choice, of getting his plays off on time consistently.

          1. With AD coming back, and Baalke signing a battle tested veteran FA, and re-signing Boone for unit cohesion, I am thinking pass rusher. Lack of a pass rush doomed the defense.

      1. Goff is passed on by us but goes on to be a perennial pro bowler. Trent drafts a solid but non spectacular olineman.

        Kelly’s offense suffers because his qb’s still cant fit a football through an open barn door… and after 3 losing seasons is shown the door.

      2. It’s the honeymoon period of this relationship between Baalke and Kelly. The first pick will be a speedy receiver to compliment T Smith. Then, the pick acquired from Cleveland for Kaep will be a pass rusher. Manzel will be Dallas bound in a 6th round from Dallas. JJ loves Manzel.

      1. It’s not the system that concerns me. I think Kelly can adjust to the personnel he has and be fine. My concern is the person. When you are fired and your previous owner says he needs someone with more emotional intelligence that’s a red flag. When you have players despising the guy and refusing to shake his hand, that is a red flag. No interest from other teams around the league? Red flag.

        This guy seems to have a short shelf life and rubs players the wrong way. Hmm we had somebody else like that and many used this very reason to justify getting rid of him. Funny how that works. The truth is Kelly seems to have an even shorter shelf life than Harbaugh which is why I think he’s more suited to College. I guess we’re going to find out.

        1. Rocket

          The only player that refused to shake his hand was the wannabe’ gangsta’ Desean who was a FORMER player…The owner you speak of also fired Andy Reid just before Chip…His new team is now in the playoffs…How many Lombardi’s are in Philly ? Jeffrey Lurie just solidified the 49ers for the next 10 years…

          1. Oregon
            The player who refused to shake kellys hand wasn’t MeSean it was LeSean who was salted to be traded for Kiko alonso and probably not too happy about going to play in Buffalo.
            Also it HAS to be a FORMER player since current players dont shake hands with their own head coach after games

            1. BOS9er

              My faux pas…you are correct…same attitude…same cookie cutter…Old LeSean was missing for quite a few snaps this year…I didn’t like it at first, but I came to believe that Chip was right….

        2. Rocket,

          Your remark on emotional intelligence reminded of an incident during Bill Walsh’s second tour at Stanford. The kicker missed a field goal and Stanford lost the game. Walsh said something to kicker to the effect: “Son, you are lucky you are a student here. If you were in the NFL, you’d be out pumping gas tomorrow”. I was surprised at this harsh statement since the kicker was pretty good in general.

          Walsh is dead and gone. The kicker is serving time as a convicted sex offender.

          Emotional intelligence in coaches is overrated. Coach’s instincts that help separate winners from losers is underrated, IMO :)

          1. Mood,

            I agree that instincts are important, but it’s the summary of things I listed that is my concern more than just the comment from Lurie. Maybe Oregon’s right and these are just isolated incidents that aren’t the norm, but there was a lot of unrest by the time Kelly was fired and it concerns me. We don’t exactly have the best duo in regards to handling tough personalities.

  8. I believe Kelly can coach. The big question [Especially for a rebuilding team with plenty of cap room] is will FA’s sign with a Kelly led 49ers?

    1. If they think they can win with the Niners, and they are getting paid at their perceived market value, of course FA’s will sign with the Niners!

      Money talks and winning solves everything!

      Time to start brushing up on my “KAEPERNICKING” pose!

      1. Remember that we gotta pay over market value to compensate for California income tax and Santa Clara county real estate prices. When has Jed paid over market value?

        The combined state and federal taxes in California are second highest in the world. The highest is something like Denmark. Now add in The Chipper’s current reputation. How does that work out?

    2. Of all the coaches to be able to resurrect Kaep’s career, Chip is the guy to do it. Kaep is a perfect fit for Chip, and if he fails, Gabbert showed signs of improvement.

    3. If the 49ers improve, and reports of player moral are positive, the 2017 offseason might be the time aggressively to go after FAs.

      We talk alot of about good and bad draft classes. Another aspect is FA classes.

      Its hard to assess that far because you never know who’s going to get extended contracts, but letting cap space roll to 2017 might be the way to go.

    4. Why not? DeMarco Murray signed, Ryan Mathews signed, Walter Thurmond signed (although in the case of murray and thurmond eagles fans wish they hadn’t)

    1. Coffee,
      Lol, she would cry. If something jumped out, that would be funny. The fashion thing is hilarious to me because there is absolutely no way for a woman to justify the prices for the high end designer crap. They just buy it to compete with other women. When a man sees a beautiful woman, he isn’t looking at her shoes. When a woman sees another woman, it’s like a head to toe fashion/garment scan. They get so worked up over it, it’s the funniest sh#%.

  9. You’re focused on the wrong position. The question is; who is Kelly going to want as his starting RB? Will he love Hyde as much as most of you do or will he see him as a pounder with limited vision and patience like…I do.

    Before Kelly even cares who his QB is he needs to know that his running game works. Look for the OL and run game to get players early on in FA and the draft.

          1. Ok, new Emperor of Chino Hills, so can we count on you to open a water hole next to Levis where we can meet regularly to roast, Jed, Trent, Grant..? Hell, I work a couple of miles from Levis and will drop during lunch for a drink!

          2. Oh, was it in Chino? Damn. Well I did hear that someone in Santa Rosa had a ticket with 5 winning numbers and my wife bought our ticket over there so who knows. I might not be out of it yet!

            1. Our middle son once bought his ticket at the same store, on the same day, and within the same hour, as that weeks winner. Profit zero.

  10. This hire works if he:
    •can hire a quality staff
    •if Tom Gamble approves of this hire and has a say in personnel
    •if he can develop a rookie QB

  11. As to your bonus question..if they pick up Manziel or RGIII, I’m out…both of those guys are a$$ clowns who need to grow up, but show no signs of desire to do so.

    Kaep and Gabbert are a decent combo to start with and would give the team the opportunity to draft a QB they could groom to take over in a year or two.

  12. 49er players quiet. Only Torrey Smith ‏chimed in “Guess I might have to start running right now to get in shape.”

    1. Well, we already know one player that isn’t happy about it. Fine by me, let AD keep his fat ass on the couch and we’ll draft a better replacement. Actually we probably already have a better replacement in Brown so yea, let him keep his fat tweeting ass on the couch.

      1. Oh it does for sure. Yes indeedy it does. Boy does it ever. How will snow plow type OL prospects fit The Chipper’s scheme?

    1. Think about it. Several on this blog were frustrated by Harbaugh’s offense. Have the Niners stumbled into a match made in Heaven?

      1. George: I think those that were frustrated by JH’s offense miss the larger point. He turned this team into a winning team. They became a mentally and physically tough team, and like Walsh’s teams, the team believed they would win every time they played.

  13. Set the Scene:

    Draft Day. 2016. Round 1. Pick 7.

    Roger Goodell steps up to the mike and says, “And with the 7th pick of the first round, the San Francisco 49ers select Paul McRoberts, Wide Receiver, Southeast Missouri State.”

    Camera cuts to Todd McShay, “You know this is a shocker but Trent Baalke told me before the draft this was his guy. In fact he had the envelope filled out yesterday with McRoberts name on it. In terms of ability, McRoberts is slow with average hands. The exact type of pick you expect from Trent Baalke”

    Camera cuts to 49ers draft room. On screen lots of shouting. Looks like a scene from Saving Private Ryan. Chip Kelly can be seen holding Trent Baalke on the ground choking Baalke and intermittently punching Baalke about the head and neck. Jed York is on Chip Kelly’s back like Howard Cosell’s monkey screaming, “No Chip. This wasn’t the deal. Trent gets to do the picks… please no, Chip, stop, you’re going to hurt him.”

  14. Anthony Davis – “I love playing in offenses that are a pain in the ass for teams to prepare for. Once a Defense is questioning if they’re prepared, they’re…”

    “I tweeted that from the treadmill”

  15. While I was not excited by the coaches available, Kelly was high on my list — right after Payton. Kelly has a scheme and he tinkers with new ideas which I really like. Some of this ideas will fail, but many will succeed. Overall I think his tempo-modulating, mismatch-inducing scheme is the logical next step in the evolution of the WCO.

    1. Polian nailed it. Chip fits this organizations current needs like a glove! Baalke is a very good evaluator of DEFENSIVE talent. Kelly and Gamble are great talent evaluators of OFFENSIVE talent, and will get the most out of the offensive roster.It’s a proven formula!

      O + D = C
      Offense + Defense = Championships!

  16. Love the hire but hope that Chip and Baalke don’t put all their eggs into the Colin Kaepernick basket. Chip is probably banking on resurrecting Colin’s career but he needs a backup plan. I’m gonna take a long look at Carson Went in the senior bowl.

    1. It all comes down to Kaepernick’s ability to run Chip’s system. If Kap is a great fit, as some suggest, he’ll have an opportunity to resurrect his career. Assuming Kap is open to it, and can handle what Steve Young calls “reflexive recall”. Chip’s system relies less on a QB’s ability to make complicated reads, and pocket presence, but relies more on making the simple read quickly, without an ounce of hesitation, and then delivering the ball with accuracy, or keeping the ball and picking up yards with his legs.

      It seems to fit Kap’s skillset. However, Blaine’s skillset may be an even better fit. Or, perhaps one of the young gun draft prospects who will be available at #7.

      By the way, I am hoping the 49ers stick with Kap/Gabbert, and draft DeForest Buckner at #7, and pair him with Armstead. That would give the 49ers 2 TRUE 3-4 DE’s/DT’s, something every team running a 3-4 hybrid defense dreams about. They should sign Bruce Irvin away from Seattle and go ILB, hopefully Florida’s JARRAD DAVIS, in round 2.

  17. Kelly might give new life for Kaepernick as a 49er quarterback.

    On the other hand, Kelly’s not shy about attempting sell out trades up for a quarterback he likes. He offered multiple players+picks for the right to pick Mariota.

    Baalke will retain drafting power, but I can see Kelly pushing for a trade-up if he’s in love with Goff.

    1. Agree with the potentiol Goff trade-up, if the personnel department signs off on it and concludes that he might be a franchise type QB. Niners must find a QB. I think Goff has some qualities that Jameis Winston possess’s. Great arm talent especially.

    2. I’m hoping that Hue Jackson tries to bring McCarron over via trade from Cincy. I want all QB options on deck when the Niners pick.

  18. Ok the shock of this news
    has worn off a little (for me) …

    and now I’m hopin’ against hope that he brings
    in a really good OC … and The Geep goes back
    to whatever he was doin’… before
    he joined the Niners staff …

    So … guys ‘n gals …

    WHO will be the next OC ?

      1. Why would Kiffin leave Alabama where he runs the offense and calls the plays, to come to SF where he would do none of that?

  19. In all seriousness, this is a disaster of a head coach hire for Navarro Bowman. Chip Kelly’s offense is not concerned in the least about time of possession. Kelly’s defense consistently spent more time on the field than any other defense in the NFL over the past 3 years and it wasn’t close. For a LB getting up in age with a reconstructed knee that’s a lot of wear and tear a Chip Kelly defense puts on your body.

    1. Houston,

      Actually, if you do your research, you’ll note that the two lowest TOPs of the last 3 years both happened this past season; Phi was the worst, and the 2015 Niners were ther second worst. And it was close. Bowman set career tackling highs this last season as a direct result of this FACT.

    2. Not to mention that as the best player on the 9ers he would be a prime target for chip to trade for one of his old Oregon players (thank god the Chipster doesn’t have final roster say or Bow would be as good as gone)

  20. I’m not thrilled about the choice but I said it from the moment Tomsula was fired, Kelly is very, very well respected by intelligent and tenured football people around the league. Seemingly to a man, they said they truly felt he would be successful in the NFL and had everything it takes to be a great coach. Maybe the second time is the charm for him. Fingers crossed.

        1. It won’t be with Kaep at QB. It didn’t work cause they had a stationary QB like Bradford. No mobility. Kelly needs a mobile QB in his system. Perfect fit.

      1. I don’t think it was a case of the league figuring him out. It’s not a very hard system to decipher. What it is predicated on is catching defenses out of position and wearing them out and that didn’t happen as much this year. His Oline was an issue for a good part of the season and if he isn’t getting good play from the Oline it’s over.

        1. No. Good coaches adapt their system to the talent available. Kelly runs the same system regardless of who he has on the field.

    1. This is true. A friend’s brother is on the Eagles staff and they were all amazed at his program. Chip believes in the science behind everything. From practices, to the amount of sleep players and coaches receive, to supplements, to study habits, to game plans – EVERYTHING is analyzed and decisions made based on data. He is truly a mad scientist. I think he has a guy on staff that does something with the data. He’s not a coach but Chip relies on him heavily. Not sure the story there but I expect this to come out when the media here gets to see it up close. Not sure it translates to success but Chips program is geared to change based on learning so maybe theres hope.

      1. There were stories about this when he first got the job in Philly actually. He’s got some good ideas as far as nutrition and diet and the other areas you mentioned but it still comes down to execution on the field which didn’t happen for them this year.

      2. I had heard similar stories – my question is whether or not millionaire athletes want someone macromanaging them – telling them what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat it, when to go to bed, how long to sleep, what supplements to take, etc. Perhaps, that’s what started his downfall with the players – at some point he has to understand that he’s dealing with grown men who pride themselves on their physical abilities and keeping themselves in the best condition. These are professionals, not college kids.

        If he makes recommendation on how they can improve their performance and gives them the option to take his advice, then that’s great. If he forces it down their throats and comes across as knowing more than they do, it won’t go over so well with this team either.

        That is my number one fear with Kelly – his potential to have a negative impact on player morale, not his offensive strategy.

  21. I think they take shot at Vernon Adams JR at QB with a late round pick. He is Russell Willson 2.0 and ran the Oregon Offense to perfection this season with only a month to learn it. RW did pretty much the same going from North Carolina State to Wisconsin.

      1. Need to see what Adams actually measures at the combine. Wilson measured under 5ft11in but weighed 220LBs. Solid and bulky lower base/platform that makes up for his lack height and gives him great balance when he runs. One of the true secrets of Wilson’s success.

  22. Guys like Aaron Lynch, Carlos Hyde, Tartt were not on Phillys draft board
    Seriously? How would he know who was on their draft board?

  23. Will a Chip failure clear the building of Trent and Parcells? Anyway, I already enjoy operatic tragedies, so lets saddle up and win one for the Duck.

    1. Baalke already has had more lives than a cat. If Chip fails and Baalke isn’t canned, I’m not even sure how to process that thought…

  24. .@MikeMayock on Chip Kelly’s hire for #49ers QB Colin Kaepernick: “One of the best things that’s happened for him.” Totally agree. New life.

    1. Everybody keeps talking about how this is great for Kap, but truthfully the system may fit Gabbert better. The offense calls for a lot of short passes and getting rid of the ball quickly, does that sound like Kap to anyone? He also doesn’t want his QB running a lot, he just wants the threat of it.

      1. Chip will use the QB’s mobility to avoid sacks and present threats, but also exploit the defense with a running game. Every play will have a threat to run or pas, so the defense cannot just stack the box.

        1. If he is using mobility… I would go with Gabbert. Kaep is fast in a straight line but his long body makes it hard for him to change direction.

          1. Cassie, I hope you realize that Chip’s up tempo offense is exactly what I have been calling for since 2014. I am giddy over this choice.
            Chip’s teams did not shoot themselves in the feet with 7 offsides penalties.
            Chip is smart enough to utilize Hayne properly.
            Did not think Jed was smart enough to make a good pick.

            1. I’d expect nothing less from you Seb. Nothing less. Chip’s not accustomed to shooting feet, webbed feet maybe, but not human feet…

      2. I’ve always thought RGIII would be a pretty good fit for Chip Kelly’s offense. Was surprised the Eagles didn’t make a move for him last year.

      1. Garth Brooks? I thought the first one was going to be Krokus, so I looked them up………. wasn’t crazy w Iron Maiden’s last album…..

  25. #49ers GM Trent Baalke sat down with Colin Kaepernick before the season ended. That olive branch may prove incredibly valuable going forward… Per Ian rapport.

  26. Does this hire mean Chip is going to trade away all our good players like he did in Philly? DeSean Jackson, McCoy?
    I actually am a little surprised this hire happened but I guess the 49ers needed a splash hire. Tom Gamble knows Chip Kelly from Philadelphia and now the most important is who will join us from a coaching staff personnel, the draft and free agency.

    1. DeSean Jackson sure was a great player avoiding a touchdown in the Washington playoff game last weekend. Just great! The he went totally missing which is par for his course.

    2. This is a great hire for the simple fact that Kelly is interesting. The team stinks personnel wise and will remain so as long as Baalke is running things. My guess is 4 wins. (I predicted 3-5 wins before 2015 season). But … it will be an interesting team to follow now and really, what more could we have realistically hoped for. *Go Alex and Chiefs!

  27. Far and away the worst part of this hiring is that we’re stuck with cyclops for at least another season or more. Holding on to Colin will hold this team back far more then anything Kelly will do to it.

    1. I think you actually might have meant this:

      “Holding on to Colin will hold this team back far more then anything ELSE Kelly will do to it.”

      What if The Jed-Trent is afraid that Colin’s surgeries put him in a place where they will be force by their “team friendly” contract to pay Colin for 2016. That might have been a factor in selecting Kelly.

      April first and the days leading up to it may be interesting.

  28. Jed is still trying to prove he is his own man and that he is independent of the 49ers legacy.

    This hire still smacks of that arrogant attitude…

    1. I agree. Jed has again missed a golden opportunity to bring back a staple of this teams success and truly tie the organization to the years he professes to respect and care about.

      1. Actions, actions, actions. Only watch the actions.

        On the other hand Parcells doesn’t seem to have any finger prints on this choice. If that’s correct I take it as a positive. The absence of Eddie’s finger prints on anything 49er still looks like a negative.

      1. I dunno. His first tweet was, who’s gonna be the DC? My guess would be he really likes Tim Lewis. I could see some of that defensive staff sticking, even though Pendergast is already out and they granted permission for all to speak to other teams. Kelly likes the 3-4.

  29. I think this is a good hire if you’re looking for a short-term solution. I just don’t think this marriage will last more than 3 years and we’re back searching for another HC. I’m just tired of this head-coaching-search cycle that the Yorks have created since firing Mariucci.

  30. Chip is smart enough to not force Kaep to be only a pocket passer. Chip will have Kaep in a mobile pocket, spread them out and attack the weaknesses. I never saw an Eagle team incur delay of game penalties. Did not see too many wasted time outs.
    Both Kaep and Gabbert are a perfect fit for Chip’s style.
    If they can draft a pass rusher, O lineman and Smelter lives up to his hype, the Niners are back in business.

  31. Why does everyone think Chip will run the same offense as he did in Philly? If he indeed is an a innovator he should adapt a system to the personnel or one that is more NFL capable. This hopefully means no #7. Only reason is #7 has never been able to read a defense and throw with accuracy.
    Chip hopefully has been humbled by being fired. Going with a new QB buys him time. Going with CK makes his job on the hot seat instantly because if can’t resurrect his career, his own career is on jeopardy!

    1. Gabbert has shown to be a decent QB. A serviceable starter and a great backup. He is much better than a unproven rookie from a spread offense. The Niners should draft a QB, but later on. Hogan, Dak Prescott or Jacoby Brissett will be available in the third round. Vernon Adams may be a UDFA.

  32. Matt Barrows ✔ @mattbarrows
    Chip Kelly told #49ers in his interviews (plural) that he likes both Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert. Team, Kelly keeping options open.

        1. Yes for sure he is but similar skill set and intelligence. The best thing to do is start with Gabbert till they (Kelly) can develop another rookie QB. My concern is the style of play/scheme. We have a good defense but does Kelly’s uptempo style make it counterproductive to ball control and field possession?

          1. The Chipper will never do ball control and field position football. What is field possession? My idea of field possession is that you never let the other team inside your forty yard line.

      1. Kaep is untradable. Teams will just wait until he is cut.
        However, Chip is smart enough to fix Kaeps’ problems and will keep him.

  33. It’s an intriguing scientific experiment with the potential of being explosive or an explosion. It will definitely get me to tune in because for the first time in years, I found it extremely difficult watching the 2015 games….

    1. so … Prime …

      do you think Chip will clean house ?

      I mean… much as I hate to admit it ..
      Mangini’s defense showed a little promise..
      right there toward the end ..

      1. Maybe it depends on what The Chipper thinks about the last full year that Harbaugh spent with the 49ers. Does he want his own people or does he mind that some hold overs may have greater loyalty to the Yorks and Trent.

        1. I’ve observed Chip since his first year as HC of Oregon (2008 or 2009). Against Harbaugh’s Stanford, he understood the defensive weaknesses and systematically exploited them. Very clever mind.

    1. Good article and it mentioned my biggest concern with this hire:

      He was clumsy in casting off players. He was arrogant, coarse, and wanted so much control of the lives of his players that they stopped feeling like people.

      If your players ever get the sense you don’t have their best interests in mind or don’t care about them as people, you have no chance. If Kelly has learned in the short time he’s been unemployed, great, but that is easier said than done.

    2. That’s strong stuff. The Chipper has to learn from Chip Kelly, and do it thoroughly and rapidly. No matter what the current future brings, this is going to be an interesting time.


      Sorry. I just needed to add that one more time.

  34. Did anyone see the deep balls to the middle of the field that PHI connected on over the past 3 seasons. I did. Kelly’s system will help utilize Torrey Smith very effectively. He had 3 70+ yard TD’s this year. Bet he has at least 5 next year.

    Also I hope we sign Travis Benjamin. The combo of Smith, Benjamin and Kap on the deep ball could be lethal. Kap has deep ball accuracy issues along the sidelines, but he is much more accurate down the middle and that’s where Kelly’s system attacks.

    1. You need somebody that’s willing to take the hit and hold onto the ball to go over the middle. Not sure Torrey is that guy….

        1. I’d prefer Doctson, but without seeing Smelter in practice, you’d have to find a trade down partner. I still like the defensive player in either Buckner, Jack or Hargreaves III(+22.3 coverage grade in 2014 is the best PFF has had in two years)

            1. I never believed they’d take a quarterback that high in this weak of a draft class. Elite players are very few this year within the top ten, and the strength of this class is clearly defensive imho….

              1. I am still a firm believer the D is not too far away from being very good, just a couple of pieces to add (top notch 3 down DL that stop the run and generate some inside pass rush, a good OLB, and an ILB that can cover and stop the run well). Add those things and I think the D will be pretty set. I believe it was rocket that posted the 49ers were interested in Malik Jackson and Bruce Irvin in FA. They would be excellent additions. Also interested in Myles Jack, who would fill the ILB role nicely.

                If they managed that, the rest of FA and the draft could be pretty much dedicated to offense. At this stage that would be my plan if I was Baalke.

      1. Smelter may have the size to take those big hits. He is a good blocker, too.
        I also like White, he caught everything in TC and preseason.

  35. Had to do it.

    Jeff Deeney @PFF_Jeff
    I would imagine Chip Kelly will be much more receptive to using analytics than Jim Harbaugh or Jim Tomsula. #49ers

  36. Grant and all – Is there truth to the notion that the 49ers were prepared to give Tomsula another season, but decided to fire him when they heard Kelly was fired?

    1. Under Kellys’ Chippervision: “Gentlemen, I Can Rebuild Him. I have the technology. I have the capability to make the world’s best bicep kissing man. Colin Kaepernick will be that man. Better than he was before. Better. Stronger. Faster….”

        1. There’s no way in hell you could expect him to be healthy in time for training camp after undergoing brain surgery….

      1. Razor
        Can he make Kap more accurate? Chip’s system needs a quick-thinking, alert, mobile, and accurate QB — does not need top have the strongest arm.

  37. Hiring a head coach is a lot like dating, you have to stay at your level of worth.
    At Oregon Chip was at a Kate Upton (Rooney/Kraft) level of value. Chip then tumbled after the Eagles gig and was now on par with Rosie O’Donnell (York)…But sloppy-seconds from Philly is better than nothing.

    Sean Payton (if available) was a perfect 10 (young Bo Derek) but Payton was way out of Jed York’s league…A mismatch from hell.

    Everything considered; I still approve of the Chip Kelly hiring.

      1. Hey there hot stuff (9erGirl) :) I see you’re not thrilled with Chip. I’m ok with Chip. I couldn’t stomach Tomsula (as a head coach).
        I’ve been away for a while, thought it was a good day to check in. I see there’s a lot of awesome old timers still in here.
        Happy New Year!

        1. What gave it away – the hair? lol! It’s good to see your name – are you keeping the Crab15 even though he’s a Raider now (and had a great year, too..??)

          I popped back in last week after a year long absence – too upset since the Harbs firing to say anything nice. I’m not thrilled about Kelly – he was at the top of my “do not hire” list because of his personnel issues relating to players. Will hopefully be less irritated tomorrow and will try to find some positives other than “he’s not Tomsula, Erickson, Singletary, etc.”

              1. Yea, you should have seen my wife when she was prego with our daughter. She had Preeclampsia and I could literally push my finger an inch into her ankle. She didn’t have a swell time but I loved the special effect it created….

          1. Md – Hell no bro…No love for the Raidas. Hammer is right, watched a lot of Michigan/Harbaugh this year. I actually got to meet Harbs at a high school football camp in Mission Viejo Ca this past summer. I told him we had the same birthday (Dec 23) & he just said “that’s great” …Dude has a good firm Handshake. My buddy is O-line coach at Mission Viejo H.S. and he got me on the field. They were hosting the camp but it was run by most of the Michigan coaching staff.
            Go Niners!!

      1. With no insight at all, I hope so. Also have hope that the three of them can improve what happens during the draft and free agency.

  38. Niners should trade their #7 pick to the Texans for their first and second pick so they can draft Lynch or Goff which is their biggest need. Niners will get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. They should draft Leonard Floyd or Kevin Dodd, Spriggs and Hogan.

    1. Well, I did mention that they might draft Ezekiel Elliot, but with Hyde healthy and Hayne as his backup, the Niners need to get a pass rusher with their first pick.
      Maybe Chip will Buckner the trend.

      1. So hard to tell where they go, but depth on defense (including pass rusher) should be a priority.

        Remember the 84 Super Bowl when the 49ers 4-3 had nine defensive lineman activated for the game? I think this teams needs similar depth from a 3-4 standpoint… D-line + OLB.

      2. They have so many more needs than a running back. You can get a RB in the 3rd or 4th if you want, why would you think they would draft Elliot…or is this your wish list

    2. I think its good news for Hayne. Fast pace. Swing passes. Hayne tweeted “Happy and excited” about the Kelly hire.

  39. I love how all of the anti-CK tool bags are starting to sweat. Relax, he’s most likely gone. Most likely….. *Jaws theme slowly creeps in.

      1. How about a trade back, #7 & #7 for Clevelands 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Picking in the top 5 usually only guarantees you’ll be picking in the top 5 next season.

  40. “Chip Kelly urine-tested his players every day in Philly” – Katie Dowd

    Distance, velocity, volume or accuracy?

  41. Great move by Baalke/Jed for hiring Chip Kelly. All CK7 haters are feeling miserable today. I say stop crying and give it a chance. Kelly did wonders with Nick Foles. That’s right, Nick freaking Foles. Kelly+CK7 will produce consistent playoff appearances.

    #1 draft priority for the 49ers, strengthen the offensive line. No need to trade the #7 pick or do anything crazy.

              1. I’m also not a fan of Mangini but not Billy Davis either. Can’t believe I’m saying it but how about Mike Nolan,naaaaahhhh!

      1. MWNiner, I love Goff and think he’ll be a solid NFL QB. I’m not biased at all here :) There’s not way Goff slides to #7 and I don’t see Baalke trading up to get him.

        1. Right on all fronts… but Kelly’s tried a blockbuster trade last year (players+picks) for the rights to pick Mariota.

          Baalke retains control of the draft, but its not unusual for GMs to throw first year coaches a bone. Its not out of the question a CK+pick+7 for the first overall.

  42. In 2016, Kaepernick costs $11.9 million. 2017, he’ll be at $12.5 million and by the time 2018 rolls around, it will be $13 million. It stands to reason that he’ll perform better under Chippervision than Tomfoolery….

    1. I heard they can subtract $2m or $3m from CK’s cap hit because he went on IR part of 2015. Can’t remember the source.

  43. Someone should archive this blog and roll it out this time next year. Check all the bold predictions–good and bad. See how they compare.

      1. I didn’t have a win/loss prediction – only that the team will implode.

        I guess if you’re going win/loss I would say 8/8 in 2016, 4/12 in 2017 Chip fired just before last game of 2017 due to irreconcilable differences w/management and players.

  44. Last year with the JimT hire most of us were worried but said; Let’s give the guy a chance. After his first press-conference, that number plummeted dramatically.
    I think this year, most of us have a big chunk optimism back. Let’s see what the man says at his presser. I bet he will win more people over than lose them!

  45. Jack Hammer I always appreciate your view, What do you think of Grants criticism of Kelly and do you have an opinion on who Kelly might bring in as his OC and DC?

    1. Hey OC,

      I love the hire. No comment on Grant’s criticism. Instead I’ll take the opinion of a guy who has covered him for years. John Canzano from the Oregonian opined shortly before the hire was announced that he’d take Kelly over the other alternatives. Kelly was successful when he was “just the coach” and that’s part of why I’m so positive about the hire.

      As far as OC and DC, I have no idea. One report says that the OC may be the guy who was his QB coach in Philly so we will see.

      As for the DC, I would really like to see them go after Mike Nolan if they don’t retain Mangini which looks unlikely.. He has a strong background in the 3-4 and I think he’d do a good job.

      1. Jack Hammer

        Nice to see that you’re also a Chip believer, Jack…I’m dyed in the wool Mallard Green, and I also like your preference in Mike Nolan as a potential DC….Nolan caught blue-blazes as HC, because San Diego and Green Bay stole his OC’s. He wouldn’t have that problem in that Chip calls his own plays…he’s proven as a top D coach.

  46. The positives….
    It’s not tomsula
    His teams were 3rd in scoring and yards
    He’s not making choices for players!
    Banners will flying and seats will be empty!
    Baalke will be fired before game 10!

    It’s chip Kelly
    He’s another desperate yes man to Baalke
    We don’t have the players to work in his system. Not even 2 players!
    Will players like him? Or even want to
    Play for him?
    Our defense will be on the field more than last season..
    We have no qb
    We have a power runner (like Murray) how did that work out?
    Going to waste picks and signings on the offensive side when it should be defense.

    Bottom line…..
    It’s an upgrade from tomsula, but who isn’t?
    Big deal!
    Kelly is another Baalke yes man. Desperate and wasn’t sniffed by another team.
    Shanahan is a champion and would not tolerate Baalke picking for him. He had no chance! Do they hire an offensive mind with ZERO talent on picking offensive players that are any good. (Hyde) that’s it! I can only hope they go all out on the defensive side of the ball and maybe get one receiver. This offense will fail die to incompetence in the gm and his offensive woes and the fact nobody on that team fits this style. They are blue collar maulers on the line, nobody with speed and great route running, no tight end with hands that can stay healthy and first and foremost no qb to run this ship. York put next years failure on Baalke covering his own a**!
    Baalke will not make it through the season. Book it! This may be the worst coach they’ve hired due to the lack of personnel he needs.
    I will roll with the team because I’m a fan, but in NO way will I believe they will win more than 4 games next year. I’m back to the “suprise me” years! Uhg!

    1. Once again why is everyone labelling Chip Kelly as to having one system and one system only. That he will stick his round peg in a square hole?
      What if he develops a scheme that works for the 49ers based on personnel.
      This guy is innovative and smart. Maybe he has learned from his previous stint in Philly.
      Let’s just celebrate this hire as it shows the organization is trying to get better. Next we can critique the coaching staff, draft and free agency. Until then, this is a good day for the 49ers until proven otherwise!
      The final thing is both Baalke and Kelly have a lot to prove. Nothing better than having guys who need to this to work or their careers could change dramatically.

      1. That’s a big what if!
        Seriously do you really have faith in Baalke getting him the pieces he needs offensively?
        This poor guy is another yes man. While the moron up top makes the decisions. I wouldn’t mind the hire if we had a gm who could put the pieces in place for his head coach since he wants total control. This will be the definition of square peg in round hole!

        1. I’m not the biggest Baalke fan but this is a make or break year for him. What will help is that the majority of this draft will be offense. Between the two of them they should get it right. I’m optimistic about this year because when your rock bottom, no where to go but up!
          Tom Gamble will have more input which also makes me confident. Look all Kelly has to do is show he can beat SEA and AZ.

          1. That’s one positive if this fails Baalke is more than likely gone. That’s about all I have right now. The draft and free agency will tell
            Me more. Oh and who the qb is going to be.

        1. And I hope he’d pick Gabbert first. Only because he’s more accurate and is also mobile. And can read past the first read! :-)

    2. Still, it will be a more interesting abysmal failure than last year. There has to be some fun in black comedic tragedy.

      But as the fans vindictive wrath pours down from above Levi’s, will the Yorks have the fortitude to find a high level NFL person to run their football operation? Could they possibly get ahead of the game and hire someone this off season with the charter to plan for 2017? I don’t think so.

  47. Sooooo what’s this “he only runs 8 plays” talk I keep hearing? Is that a quote or joke? I’ve seen a couple of people tweet and post this comment? Anyone have any insight?

  48. You have to give Baalke credit. He’s a man of his word–sticking to the running game to the bitter end, accept this one involves the quarterback…Hope Kap spends the offseason trying on designer flak jackets.

    Good luck Kap–find a good flak jacket.




  49. 49ers stifle Eagles no-huddle attack


    “Chip Kelly didn’t do: score a point, cross their own 43-yard line in the first 55 minutes, rush for more than 22 yards”

    “They had four turnovers, the lowest net-yardage total of the 20-game Kelly era and one play of 20-plus yards after setting an NFL record with 99 such plays in 2013.”

  50. sebnynah

    January 14, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    Winning solves everything….


    January 14, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    Cassie, I hope you realize that Chip’s up tempo offense is exactly what I have been calling for since 2014. I am giddy over this choice.

    Cassie Baalke

    January 14, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Chip will remain clueless until he begins reading Seb’s posts. It’s that simple.

    Carnac-Seb-The Magnificent

    1. TrollD, you are just butt hurt that they did not take your advice. Shanahan and Holmgren were long shots, and your football acumen leaves much to be desired.

  51. Well all I can say is at least its not Tomsula. So anything not Tomsula is an improvement.
    Will wait to see his coaching staff before I decide if I really like Kelly

  52. Steve Marriucci called Kelly’s offense a college offense:

    “I think Chip will have a couple of quarterbacks that are very capable and he’ll have to build up that defense again and be competitive. I think this will excite the fan base, at least pose a real interest and say let’s see what this new offense can do. For years the 49ers were noted for this Bill Walsh West Coast offense and all of a sudden this really deviates from that. Here we go with this college sort of an offense but it has proven at times to be successful in the National Football League.”

    1. Since you continue to address me, I wish to take advantage of this opportunity to repeat a little something I wrote on Dec 31, 2013.SFgate
      10 Ways JH can improve.(and Tomsula could also, but didn’t).( And Chip Kelly).
      1. Read Rudyard Kipling’s poem -IF. Stop being so demonstrative on the side lines. It seems to tick off the refs and is counter productive. Use Biting humor to get your point across. Channel Bill Walsh. Study the game winning drive before-The Catch.
      2. Consider time outs to be precious, and used for (legitimate) challenges and the last 2 minutes (of each half).
      3. Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. tell Kaep he can get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time.
      4. Run the no huddle with quick snaps. This will eliminate delay of game penalties and stop the defense from substituting. (Or catch them with 12 men on the field for a free play).
      5. Expressly forbid Kaep to call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock.
      6. Use players so they can maximize their talents. Stop forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer. Use designed rollouts to fluster the defense.
      7. Establish the running game, then use play action for long strikes down field. (Employ the third down bomb tactic).
      8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint.
      9. Be unpredictable. Use deception. keep them guessing. Put them on their heels.
      10. Niners will win if Kaep gets the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers) hands. Think screens, draws, counters, swing passes, shovel passes and even the Statue of Liberty (plus flea flickers, end arounds, reverses, misdirection and fly sweeps).

  53. Take a look at what ESPN’s Cris Carter said about Kelly back in December:

    Players don’t like him! They can’t say anything. They do not like Chip Kelly. They don’t like playing in his system. Ultimately, the players are going to win out. When you can’t get players to come there. I kind of feel not this year, but next year, Chip Kelly is going to be back in college football.

    1. So, the 49ers solution to the coaching problem when successful NFL coaches ignore their overtures is to hire one that every player hates…I believe we have several test cases about what happens in the NBA when players quit on a coach…Adding Jed and Trent to the mix only means everyone is on the same coaching fraternity hate list.

  54. sebnynah

    January 14, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    TrollD, you are just butt hurt that they did not take your advice. Shanahan and Holmgren were long shots, and your football acumen leaves much to be desired.

    I’m not interviewing for the position so my football acumen is irrelevant.

    1. TrollD, your football acumen is relevant when your spending time on a football blog, and posing as if you know the sport.

      You aren’t even qualified to clean toilets, and washing soiled jock straps in the visiting team’s locker room at LEVI’S Stadium!

    1. What about Steve Marriucci who said it was a college offense in my above post?

      Cassie Baalke–There’s been no salary mention so far.

    1. I, for one, would be completely lost in an vast abyss devoid of any guidance or direction without the shear profit-like figure that is Tim Kawakami.

      1. Surprised they didn’t interview him for the HC job. The man knows everything and isn’t afraid to let you know he does. Would have been a perfect fit.

  55. HT ..

    I hafta agree with TK, on that one …
    Jedster sure looks like he’s admitting
    to being the bumbling idiot, last year …

    Only time will tell, if the same thing holds true
    for this hire ..

    1. Jed promised that this was Baalke’s game to play, but in the end it looks like Jed had a major input into making a choice that I have a hard time believing that Trent would have made on his own. It seems to me that Jed may have set a time limit.

  56. Darkness and the York’s:

    The Seven Dwarfs were marching through the forest one day they fell in a deep, dark ravine. Snow White, who was following along, peered over the edge of the steep chasm and called out to the fallen dwarfs. From the depths of the dark hole a voice returned, “The (insert team) are Super Bowl contenders.”

        1. yeah.. that’s the story goin’ around …

          Ask Grant …

          in “bonehead journalism” … the 2nd rule is :

          One source is an opinion… but two sources ..
          is a story !

  57. It’s probably been discussed but why not trade gabbert and get something before he goes into free agency? Go all in on kap

    1. I may be one of Kaep’s biggest fans, but the NFL mandates that a team better have good backups because QBs get hurt all the time. Look at Dallas and Cincy. Also, if Kaep keeps faltering, Gabbert is a good alternative. It is prudent to have depth.

    2. “Go all in on kap”

      I think that’s what stopping people from talking about it. I think it’s possible but Chip would want to see how Kap looks in full go in his system.

      I wouldn’t be surprised though.

      It’s Alex and Shaun all over again.

  58. This whole – the NFL has caught up with Chip, like the NFL has caught up with the WCO and the RO needs amplification.
    The NFL is constantly changing and evolving. Every system will have initial success. Defenses will respond and devise strategies to counter it. New strategies will need to be created, or the defense will dominate.
    That is the crux of the problem. Chip needs to use new strategies and successful past strategies to give the defense new wrinkles to iron out. He needs to be constantly changing and thinking ahead, so the defense cannot devise strategies to counter the offense.
    Chip needs to incorporate WCO concepts into a Read Option formula. and make it balanced so the defense must defend against the run or pass. The Niners need to shape their opponent, and not be shaped, so weaknesses can be exploited. Then once the defense makes adjustments, the offense must change so the defense must change again. By being constantly changing and totally unpredictable, it will put the defense on its heels, and make them more hesitant and keep them guessing.
    Deception is an integral part of the scheme. Play fakes will freeze the safeties, and the Niners need to practice looking off the safeties. That Stanford Fumblefoolski was a perfect example how deception will allow a player to become wide open for an easy TD.
    I am hopeful. Chip is smart enough to devise a multi option offense. He will install schemes that utilize their strengths and camouflage their weaknesses.
    The Read Option will key on one player. that one defender will be a spy on the QB, so the Niners need to devise plays that make that player ineffective or out of position. With the read Option, the QB must show that he is a threat to run, or it will not fool the defense. Last season, Bradford never was a legitimate threat to run, so his offense struggled. With Kaep or Gabbert, that run option is a major threat, and both QBs have enough speed to out run the LBs, and in Kaep’s case, outrun the safeties.
    Chip finally has QBs that can run his system.

  59. I read Chip’s statement accepting the HC position. Somewhere between the lines, he said that he intends to run the ball… a lot…

      1. true. When Chips and his coaches / Merry Men make their appearance next week, tehy will sing it with Baalke and Jed in 3-part harmony… It’s all about working togetherness

    1. The NFL is evolving into a passing league because of all the rule changes. Ignoring the passing game will just result in stacked boxes.
      Chip needs to be balanced. That will get the best results.

  60. Jimmy T clearly pi$$ed off Joan in payroll, pi$$ed her off bad. I do not think Chip will give a flyig F about Joan. See how long he lasts!

  61. Some posters are saying that Chip will rely on analytics. The problem with analytics is that everyone else is using them, so in the end, many plays will be totally predictable.
    Chip should concentrate on the intangibles. He should recognize the intrinsic values, but then tweak them to become unpredictable and do the unexpected.
    When confronted with second and short, the analytics dictate getting the first down by running the ball in a short yardage situation. Chip should be bold and attack downfield because the defense will be keyed up to stop the run. It would be a great time to do the play action pass. Even if it fails, it will still be third and short.
    When confronted with 4th and a yard within the 10 yard line, analytics say to take the points. Chip should go bold and go for it. Even if it fails, the opponents will start near their goal line.

    1. And, should the QB ‘look off’ the safeties? I wonder how Chip feels about DBs grabbing WR legs and lifting the WRs to carry them out of bounds? Gosh, this is so exciting. And no more foot shooting!

      1. Dont forget putting a man in motion, the third down bomb, Hayne and multiple laterals. Heck, maybe both Kaep and Gabbert can be on the field and attack from both sides of the field. Chip might be intrigued with the possibilities.

  62. “trent and I are thrilled”…what self respecting PR guy would write this kind of stuff. Next up, comparing Chipper to Luke Walton…

    1. “Trent and I are thrilled”…Sounded like they were about to make baby or wedding announcement. Well, guess they kind of did.

    1. I was wondering that too. Rathman’s done a consistently good job, but he’s from old-school running game with FB’s and all. But the basics of running and pass protection does not change with scheme.

  63. My prediction:

    Gabbert will be the starting qb. At the very least he will take over the job by mid season. I do not believe that Collin has the ability to make changes on third down when the defense is shifting. Chip calls for many audibles and route changes with hand signals. As Steve Young has stated Collin has the hardware but he has to show he has the software to be the starting qb in Chips system. I don’t think he has it.

    1. In glimpses Blaine showed that he could read defenses and change plays. He actually had limited success in the abortion of an offense that they ran last year.

    2.  Kaep will never have to audible.
      Ever. The most he might have to do is determine if the D is man or zone. That’s it. He won’t be overthinking things either because he will be moving so fast. He will have to rely heavily on his instincts and ability to get into a rhythm.

      The way Chip teaches instincts is by having really really fast paced practices with distractions and loud music and stuff happening everywhere. If Kaep can shut off his mind and get into a steady rhythm, he can be really really dangerous under Chip.

      “Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.” – R.W. Emerson

      By an Eagles Fan.

      by David_K on 01.14.16 3:09pm
      up reply

  64. I’m a bit concerned that finesse will not get us far in this division… If Kelly can integrate some ball control to his offense and cut our defense a break we stand a chance but if not Kelly and Baalke will both be gone eventually…

      1. A 4 year deal at 6 mill per tells us a couple of things:

        Chip Kelly will be the Coach of this team for at least 3 years. Jed isn’t going to pay two HC’s not to Coach his team.

        Like Tim K said in a recent article, this is a clear admission that Jed and Trent know they F’d up royally when the dumped Harbaugh and went with Tomsula. So much so that they have now committed more money than they did to Harbaugh, at least per season.

    1. Apparently one early play-off exit and a 7-9 season despite being in the weakest league and one of the more talented offenses in the league is worth more than 3 straight NFCCs trips, one trip to the Super Bowl, and only one season that didn’t have a winning record but a .500 one instead.

  65. “Kelly and Balkee will bth be gone eventually”

    People, every coach and GM is replaceable and will be. Jesus Christ, so many opinions and the one truth nobody speaks on is all of these coaches will be replaced. I would guarantee none of them last 5 years. None of them were that good anyhow. The nflis a revolving door that’d keeps chairs hot, for the next hot coordinator on the block. It’s probably 5 or 6 coaches with long tenures in this leauge. The rest are playing duck duck goose. Win or not, its going to take something amazing to be the next bill belichk(spelling). With some fans on here it was a good hire (yippe kye yay) with some fans it was a bad hire( boo freaking hoo). Whichever side wins in 2-3 years, get your I told u so’s ready because shortly after that, barring a miracle, Kelly will be gone..

  66. Coffee- if you are correct and this hire was a done deal around the 7th, one wonders if Kelly’s visit to the Alabama coaching staff (on the 7th) foreshadows staff selection-if so it certainly confirm your assertion.

      1. It’s all about you Seb:

        Q: How many egomaniacs does it take to screw in a light bulb?

        A: One. The egomaniac holds the light bulb while the rest of the world revolves around him.

        1. methinks Seb was neglected as a child.. and
          it seems to manifest itself in his need to
          always be right … and his bigger need
          to always “win” …

          (win what ? … I dunno)

            1. Look, Seb …

              You keep quoting some ninja “war-manifesto” ..
              like it’s gospel …

              Let me tell you something about war …

              There ain’t no “art” in it …
              It’s all about blood… and death !

              If you have EVER actually experienced
              war …

              You’d want nothing to do with it !

              1. Its a game, but it is also about strategies and tactics. I suppose you will be panning Bill Walsh for referring to it. He did it all the time.
                Where do you think he got that -Shape the opposition- quote?
                People who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
                Sun Tzu wrote that treatise 2500 years ago, and it is still relevant.

              2. Though war is sometimes necessary, it’s also something that we should try to avoid at all costs.

              3. Though war is sometimes necessary, it’s also something that we should try to avoid at all costs.

                Agreed, but as long as evil exists here on earth, it must be destroyed when confronted. It cannot be sanctioned, contained or bargained with….

          1. Warning: This post has nothing to do with the Chip Kelly hire (which both intrigues and concerns me) or actual football discussion. It does have to do with understanding the behaviors exhibited and the rationales used by some posters here.

            With regard to posters’ behavior and motivation, this article is quite enlightening: http://www.psmag.com/health-and-behavior/confident-idiots-92793

            The article is written by David Dunning (the lead researcher on the Dunning-Kruger effect, which has been discussed on this blog on more than on occasion) and is a great lay explanation of the Dunning-Kruger effect and its consequences.

            My favorite quote from it is:

            “What’s curious is that, in many cases, incompetence does not leave people disoriented, perplexed, or cautious. Instead, the incompetent are often blessed with an inappropriate confidence, buoyed by something that feels to them like knowledge.”

            1. Thanks for describing seb, I thought he was a troll but it looks like he has a mental illness. We should all be kind to him for we might be his only friends…..

              1. I found this quote very interesting also:

                “Because it’s so easy to judge the idiocy of others, it may be sorely tempting to think this doesn’t apply to you. But the problem of unrecognized ignorance is one that visits us all”.

              1. Thank you, Hightop. However, that does make me all the more ashamed of the glaring typo in my post (‘than on occasion’ should read ‘than one occasion’). ;)

            2. “Instead, the incompetent are often blessed with an inappropriate confidence, buoyed by something that feels to them like knowledge.”

              I say it is wonderfully football relevant to the current situation in a near be front office.

              1. I’m looking for someone to change my life
                I’m looking for a miracle in my life
                And if you could see what it’s done to me
                To lose the love I knew
                Could safely lead me through

            3. The truely powerful rarely explain their actions, or feel compelled to make an eloquent case for their beliefs. The license to discard reason is the ultimate authority.

              Training the powerful in the art of simple-speak is a booming industry. To engage in conversation based on facts and reason is increasingly seen as a subtle status demotion. “Never Apologize, Never Explain.” Its the low status person that has to make a case for their opinions.

              A side affect of all this… its increasingly difficult to tell the difference between those who can’t reason, and those who wont reason.

              I was going to cite facts and events to make a case for what I just said but I think I’ll just stay on message, and let people try to guess whether I’m a soft power savant, or someone who pretends to be.

              1. “its increasingly difficult to tell the difference between those who can’t reason, and those who wont reason.”

                Even absent citation of supporting facts, I concur.

            4. The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure, and the intelligent are full of doubt. “Bertrand Russell”

            5. JPn, you may be describing yourself. I do not think there is a more self confident poster on this site than you. I am filled with doubts.

              1. And thus, my second favorite quote from the article:

                “Because it’s so easy to judge the idiocy of others, it may be sorely tempting to think this doesn’t apply to you. But the problem of unrecognized ignorance is one that visits us all. And over the years, I’ve become convinced of one key, overarching fact about the ignorant mind. One should not think of it as uninformed. Rather, one should think of it as misinformed.” (Emphasis added).

  67. It all comes down to Kaepernick’s ability to run Chip’s system. If Kap is a great fit, as some suggest, he’ll have an opportunity to resurrect his career. Assuming Kap is open to it, and can handle what Steve Young calls “reflexive recall”. Chip’s system relies less on a QB’s ability to make complicated reads, and pocket presence, but relies more on making the simple read quickly, without an ounce of hesitation, and then delivering the ball with accuracy, or keeping the ball and picking up yards with his legs.

    It seems to fit Kap’s skillset. However, Blaine’s skillset may be an even better fit. Or, perhaps one of the young gun draft prospects who will be available at #7.

    By the way, I am hoping the 49ers stick with Kap/Gabbert, and draft DeForest Buckner at #7, and pair him with Armstead. That would give the 49ers 2 TRUE 3-4 DE’s/DT’s, something every team running a 3-4 hybrid defense dreams about. They should sign Bruce Irvin away from Seattle and go ILB, hopefully Florida’s JARRAD DAVIS, in round 2.

    1. Putting it another way: Chip Kelly’s system fits best, not necessarily with a RUNNING QB, but more of a MOBILE QB. And the QB needs to be able to make quick decisions and deliver an accurate pass.

      Who fits that system best? Colin or Blaine, or perhaps one of the top 3 NFL QB prospects?

      I’m leaning towards Blaine, but perhaps Kaepernick will take to Chip and his system. If Kaepernick can’t beat out Blaine, or simply wants to move on, the 49ers should trade back a few spots and take Wentz, IMO, or Lynch, and give them a season to learn behind Gabbert, and set up an EPIC QB battle for year 2, which would set the 49ers up incredibly well for a deep post season run in 2017-18.

      1. Oh, and I forgot to mention, they should try and trade Kap, or release him if he’s able to convince Chip he can beat out Blaine, or healthy enough by April 1st to release. If he isn’t healthy enough to release, and they cannot trade Kap, they should try and come up with a fair injury settlement with Colin.

    2. Jarrad Davis, IMO, projects better at ILB, but would be a very nice OLB/ILB hybrid chess piece for whomever Chip hires to run his defense!

    3. I like your idea for the D. But I’m hoping in addition to Bruce Irvin they sign a DL like Mo Williams or Malik Jackson, then draft Myles Jack. That would give the D two additional pass rushers and a fast ILB.

      The rest of FA and the draft can focus on offense.

    1. My favourites;
      Doctor’s note that says “Jim cannot come to work today because he’s wedged between two sports cars in my parking lot.”
      Presumptive Coach of the Year acceptance speech scribbled in nougat on backside of a Chevy Astro Van owners manual.
      Plastic bin labeled “swear jar” filled with $687,010 USD.

  68. “So York has thrown together two individuals whose defining weaknesses are an inability to recognize their own limitations and an inability to work well with others, probably because he also shares those weaknesses. ” … Mike Tanier

            1. I’ll make my prediction, where it will be too difficult to find when the time comes to hold me accountable. Kaepernick will win the job and thrive under Chippervision. Chip Kelly used to study a lot of The Wolfpack’s game tape with Colin as the Alpha Wolf. According to sources, he loved their “Horny” play, an erogenous Outside Zone. I’m pushing in all my Chips, because if he can win 26 games with Foles, Sanchez and Bradford as his quarterback, he’ll implant Kap with a new MicroChip….


    1. Seb, Davis tore his Meniscus midway through the 2014 season. Not an ACL. He came back 100% for 2015 and had a great season. He is fully healthy, but sadly, he has stated he is returning to Florida for his senior season.

  69. Seb exhibits the classic symptoms of the arm chair narcissist.

    This is the person who quotes war or football strategies, while others do the fighting…Unfortunately we are witness to the side effects of this psychosis as it’s wearing thin on our armed forces vetrans like MWniner.

    Seb, show some respect.

    1. TrollD, you seem to want to engage me no matter what. While I have been fortunate to be able to avoid fighting in a war, my family has experienced the horrors. In Korea, my uncle crawled over unexploded shells to re-establish communications while under direct fire. He helped turn the tide of battle and received a bronze star. I honored his heroic actions by naming my son after him. That is how I showed respect.

      1. Seb ..

        your fascination with war.. is unhealthy..
        and, frankly … very annoying !

        I’m almost tempted to start up a collection
        to send you to one of the various conflicts
        around the world …

        Trust me … you’d learn what
        it’s really all about !

        I have all the respect in the world
        for those who served in “The Forgotten War” ..
        and also those of us who served during the war
        that came after that one

        1. MW, you should take my advice. I heartily invite anyone and everyone to ignore my posts if they want to.
          Sounds like you will be better off if you did that. Others have done that, and I have never been happier.
          My sons, girlfriend had her brother over, and he described how they would go on patrol to try and engage the enemy in Iraq. He was deathly afraid of IEDs. I asked him- so essentially, they used you for cannon fodder? After he thought about it, he finally whispered -Yes. Maybe the generals should have read the Art of War, too.

          1. Seb …

            When you go off the deep end..
            (which is most of the time).. I do ..
            in fact .. ignore you …but..
            when you start quoting your (apparent) bible …
            you become just like that fly on the wall ..

            ya know .. the one I just gotta swat !

            I repeat … (in case you didn’t get it the first time)

            There AIN’T .. no “art” ..
            in war !

            1. MW, I saw a picture of Bill Walsh and his office, and laying on his desk was the book-The Art of War. If it was good enough for Bill Walsh, It is good enough for me.
              I give attribution to it because I like to cite sources. I guess that I could say things and do not give credit, but would just be slammed for not doing that.
              Maybe you should take exception with the author, he was the one that wrote the title. however, since he lived 2500 years ago, he may be unavailable.
              You are right, War is Hell. Avoiding even the mention of it or adjectives to describe strategies and tactics, is problematic. I am not denigrating the service of others, and do not think that I am forbidden mentioning the subject because I have not heard a bullet whizz by my head. If so, this site should be reserved for former players. However, this is a blog site and everyone is welcome to respectfully and civilly discuss sports. Sometimes it devolves into petty insults and invective, but I try to never sink to that level except when confronted with exceptions like TrollD who delights in schadenfreude.
              Everything I say is just my opinion. Attacking me does no harm to me and makes you look bad. Maybe I am provocative, but at least I SAY something. Once again, I heartily invite you to ignore my posts, but I will not be held responsible for posters losing their cool. Maybe you consider it a form of venting, but in the end, I see masochistic tendencies.
              I thought you were better than pulling rank. Obviously I was wrong. You are not a better American because you served in the armed forces. Maybe my service is peaceful. When one helps build a school, he feels like he has done more than someone who invades another country that eventually destabilizes a whole region.

              1. “Maybe you should take exception with the author, he was the one that wrote the title.”

                If memory serves, the literal translation of the ‘title’ is something along the lines of The Rules of War of Master Sun. It is also worth noting that our modern western concept of entitling literary works is less fluidic than in the past and/or than in other cultures, and that we cannot be certain if the title given to this work is a creation of the author, an editor (later or contemporaneous), or a translator.

                By the way, I suspect MW’s objection is not so much to the title itself but to the nature of the reverence in which you hold it.

      2. Seb,

        There’s been so many coincidences I find your posts much like an acquaintance of ours who was an MD, Dentist, worked for the FBI, was special forces member, and flew on the Space Shuttle to our Space Station and repaired it before it crashed into the stratosphere, spreading plutonium around the globe…If this is not you I aplolgize in advance—TD

          1. He picks up a bus and he throws it back down, as he wades through the buildings toward the center of town. Oh no, there goes Tokyo!

            1. Godzilla has turned
              central Tokyo into a sea of flames.
              It’s proceeding
              from Ueno to Asakusa,
              possibly heading for the sea.
              Damned beast!
              Damned beast!
              It’s running away!
              It’ll be back! What can we do?
              Damn it!

              1. Just change Godzilla to Jed, central Tokyo to 49ers, and the other locations…from San Jose to SF.