49ers mock draft No.1

Let’s do a mock draft. I’m sticking to the first-three rounds this time.

Round 1, Pick 30: Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State. With so many juniors declaring for the draft this year, next year’s wide receiver class probably will be lean. The 49ers better grab a WR now. There’s a chance eight will get drafted in the first round this year — Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee, Odell Beckham, Brandin Cooks, and Adams.

Round 2, Pick 24: Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington State. Donte Whitner had a good season and is a free agent. He’s going to want a pay increase. He’s a big hitter, but a liability in coverage. So the 49ers replace him with the best strong safety prospect in the draft — Bucannon.

Round 2, Pick 30: Victor Hampton, CB, South Carolina. The 49ers could lose Carlos Rogers and Tarell Brown this offseason. So the Niners need to draft a couple of cornerbacks, and Hampton seems to fit the profile of cornerbacks the 49ers like — fast, quick and stout. About 200 pounds.

Round 3, Pick 13: David Fales, QB, San Jose State. The 49ers take their backup QB who can compete for the starting job in 2015 if Kaepernick does not improve next season.

Round 3, Pick 30: Tyler Larsen, C, Utah State. Jonathan Goodwin is a free agent and probably will retire. The only other center on the roster is Daniel Kilgore, a former fifth-round pick who never has started a game in the NFL and is a free agent after next season. Larsen is big, strong and agile, like the other 49ers offensive linemen.

Round 3, Comp: Chris Davis, CB, Auburn. The 49ers draft a second cornerback to compete with Tramaine Brock and Chris Culliver.

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  1. My pre-combine WR rankings:

    1. Sammy Watkins – Clemson
    2. Mike Evans – Tex A&M
    3. Kelvin Benjamin – FSU
    4. Allen Robinson – Penn State
    5. Marqise Lee – USC
    6. Odell Beckham – LSU
    7. Brandin Cooks – Oregon State
    8. Davante Adams – Fresno State
    9. Jordan Matthews – Vandy
    10. Jarvis Landry – LSU
    11. Paul Richardson – UCLA/Colorado
    12. Jared Abbrederis – Wisconsin

      1. Not bad Grant, but I see no way they take a QB in the 3rd round.

        That’s also a round or two high for Hampton according to most of the draft sites I’ve looked at.

      2. If by some unlikely set of circumstances we don’t make any trades through the first three rounds we could take a QB by then simply because it will be our 5th or 6th pick by that point.

      3. CFC,

        I think one of those picks will be traded for one in next years draft personally. As I said, I could be reading it wrong, but I don’t see them taking a guy who likely won’t play for the duration of his rookie deal with a pick in the first 3 rounds.

        It’s happened before like NE taking Mallett in the 3rd a couple of years ago, but with a young QB like Kap really just getting started, I think it would be a waste to take a QB that high unless they feel like some on here about his future not being assured.

      4. I completely agree with you on this one Rocket. I think we’ll trade picks and wont likely pick up a signal caller until the 5th round but I was just throwing it out there how we could take a QB in the third but it would be with our 6th pick so it’s sort of like a 5th rounder.

      5. It would be smart move for the 49ers to draft a QB in 2nd or 3rd round. That should give 49ers some option comes 2015. Our defense isn’t getting any younger and we’re wasting the good talents that we have in the team.

      1. His slower time is going to push him into the 4th round(maybe!) which is fine. We don’t need him to sprint down the sideline, Colin will just under throw it to the CB anyway, we need him to run back and forth behind the goal line when we’re in the red zone and use his height and soft hands to snare the ball out of the air.

    1. First of all, my rule of thumb is I am not going for anyone smaller than 6’3″. I have seen the Legion of Boom tossed Patton around like a rag doll. But, I will make an exception for Davante Adams at 6’2″ cos I like his hands and how he high-points the ball. Other than that, I am also OK with Jordan Matthews (that is if we don’t trade up). But, if we did trade up, I would pick Mike Evans any day.

    2. Grant- PLEASE look at Brandin Cook’s tape again. Never missed a game, great on end arounds, can return, and has lightning in his legs. He’s also a natural pass catcher who can work the back of the end zone in the RED ZONE like absolutely no one’s business. He is the number 2 wr in the draft; please remember I said it first!

      1. Brandin Cooks is just too small. If Tavon Austin couldn’t get going last year, don’t except Cooks to light it up neither.

    3. It’s far more likely the 49ers will trade up to get a big WR, assuming one of Evans or Benjamin falls to the late teens; it’s insane to draft the 8th best WR with the 30th pick, particularly one which doesn’t add a unique skill (elite size or speed). Baalke will draft for needs in 2015/2016, so don’t be surprised if we’re taking a T/G. Not much room on roster for DL, and CB may be taken care of through resignings and Culliver returning. SS will depend on Hitner signing or not. Agree on QB as a need. MLB, Skov? Other than that, so many picks means capital to trade up or for 2015 picks.

  2. Grant its too soon to make draft guesses. Once the FA signing period is up then mock drafts can start. I would rather read an article where you guess who the 9ers won’t resign or who they will release along with which FA’s they might sign. A piece of advice don’t fall in love with Fales too soon let him get through the combine, we will learn there for sure whether or not he has an NFL arm.

  3. Crap, put this in the previous thread – is better here.

    I’m assuming they will sign at least one CB in FA to compete for a starting job, and they receive a 3rd round compensatory pick.

    1. Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU
    2a. Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood (may need to trade up to get him after a very impressive Senior Bowl, this year’s Jon Cyprien – I’ll assume they use the 4th rounder)
    2b. Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington State
    3a. Weston Richburg, C, Colorado State (I’ll assume they use a 7th rounder to trade up into the early third round for Richburg)
    3b. Jared Abbrederis, WR, Wisconsin (again, they use another 7th rounder to move up a few spots for him)
    3c. Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU (David Fales would also be a good pick here IMO, but for the sake of conversation I’ll go Mettenberger)
    5. James Morris, ILB, Iowa
    6. Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma (will be on IR for the year)
    7a. OL or DL developmental player, or trade for 2015 pick
    7b. OL or DL developmental player, or trade for 2015 pick

    No doubt this will be knocked for not having a really big, physical WR. I’m not convinced that the way to beat the Seahawks physical DBs is to play them at their own game. Beckham Jr is a very good WR that will add a legitimate deep threat and playmaker to the offense. He’s also surprisingly good at beating the jam and press coverage. Abbrederis reminds me of Brian Hartline – a better WR and athlete than he gets credit for. Very reliable but also finds his way past DBs surprisingly often.

    Desir is the type of big, long CB that Baalke loves, and was outstanding at the Senior Bowl. He played against weak competition at College, but I’ve read he had 4 INTs and 8 pass break-ups last year… while being thrown at just 14 times. Yep, that’s right, in 14 targets against him he intercepted or broke-up the pass 12 times. Not surprising teams started looking the other way. If he keeps his upward progress he might not be available mid-2nd round.

    1. “I’m not convinced that the way to beat the Seahawks physical DBs is to play them at their own game.”

      Good call Scoot. If you look at the guys who had big days against Seattle the last couple seasons they were mid-size quick guys.

      Richburg received some good reviews at the Sr Bowl so no arguments there.

      Interesting mock though. Wouldn’t complain with either yours or Grants.

      1. Thanks Jack. The Seahawks DBs are big and physical and love it when you try to beat them by being physical back. They match up well against any big WR – even the great Calvin Johnson only had 3 catches against them in 2012 and neither Evans or Benjamin are the next Calvin Johnson.

    2. I don’t watch enough college football to come up with a decent mock draft, but couldn’t we use both a big bodied AND a midsized fast receiver…basically a Calvin Johnson AND a TY Hilton type receiver? I do agree we need a big, physical cover corner and a safety that can not only lay the wood but one that isn’t a liability in coverage…

      Just my two cents…

    3. Some good players there Scooter but like I said about Grant’s, I can’t see them using a prime pick on a QB. I could be reading the situation completely wrong, but I don’t see it.

      Desir is interesting in that before the Sr. bowl he’s likely a 3rd day pick at best. Now who knows?

    4. I am afraid I am going to knock you for exactly the reason you mentioned. We all saw how Patton got knocked around, be it by the Seahawks or the Panthers. For me, my general rule of thumb is 6″3″ and above.

      1. Yep, figured somebody would. The old ‘if you guys are big, we’re going to be bigger’ strategy. Sadly it isn’t as simple as that as to who wins on the football field.

        Being 6’3″ or above doesn’t mean you won’t get knocked around by the Seahawks. Guys at that height don’t have the speed and agility to create separation, and the Seahawks DBs don’t let you use your body to shield the pass in, no matter how big you are. Who was the last big-bodied WR to have a big game against the Seahawks? Brandon Marshall I think had a big game against them, but that’s the only one that comes to mind. By contrast Victor Cruz and TY Hilton both did well against them. Trying to beat the Seahawks at their own game doesn’t work very often.

        That’s why a guy like Beckham can be good. He’s shown he can beat press coverage with really quick feet and acceleration.

      2. Right On. No more smurfs. The picture from the last play of the game says it all, good big guys beat good little
        guys most of the time.

      3. @ Scooter – No offense, but your reasoning all sounds good on paper, but I would say not so much in reality. Just look at the best receivers in the league, how many of them are 5’11″ or smaller ? Tavon Austin is lightning fast, I don’t see him making a mark. The truth of the matter is the NFL is a lot faster than college football and more than often the DBs can jam you up man-to-man which at that point you will need height, size and physicality to compete for the ball to make the play possible.

      4. @ Scooter – Crab has good hands, but if I am being honest, I wouldn’t categorise him as one of the top receivers in the league. The top guys to me are folks like Meagatron, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Brandon Marshall with Alshon Jeffrey and Josh Gordon being the up and coming ones.

      5. So Antonio Brown, Wes Welker, Victor Cruz, Steve Smith, TY Hilton, Kendall Wright, DeSean Jackson, Percy Harvin, Julian Edelman, Harry Douglas, etc., etc., are all rubbish receivers because they are too small?

        I think you would be surprised to learn that around one third of the WRs with 70 or more catches in 2013 were 5’11″ or less.

  4. Grant, I like your mock too. Davante Adams is a WR I’d be happy the 49ers taking. I prefer Beckham Jr, but not by much.

    Hampton is a guy I had on my shortlist too but went with Desir instead. I think Desir more closely matches the type of CB Baalke looks for, in terms of size, length and speed.

    I’d prefer Richburg to Larsen, but Larsen is also an interesting prospect. He has short arms though and we know Baalke loves taking guys with long levers.

    1. I prefer Beckham over Adams, too. I think Beckham gets picked the early 20s.

      And I think Desir’s stock will jump big time after the senior bowl. He could be the third CB taken behind Dennard and Gilbert.

      1. If that many WRs are taken in the first round then some other position has fallen. There are a lot of good OL and DL available this year, as well as pass rushing LBs. Also a few good DBs. I dare say a few QBs will go 1st round also. If there is a run on WRs the 49ers should go another direction first pick, as the value won’t be there at WR. They can pick up a decent WR in the 2nd, even if a bunch go in the 1st.

        I don’t think there will be as big a run as that, and unless Beckham completely lights up the combine I think he’ll be available after 25, and possibly at 30. 49ers have the ammo to move up a few spots to get him if they feel they need to.

        Desir may well move himself up to the bottom of the 1st round if he has a great combine. But I think it is more likely he’ll go early to mid 2nd, once the dust settles and teams remember he’s a DII kid. Unless Dennard, Gilbert and Verrett stink up the combine he’ll go after them, and probably Roberson and Roby too.

      2. Yes, all those teams could take a WR, but it is unlikely all of those teams will. Beckham Jr to the Chiefs would make sense though.

        I would take Verrett over Cooks or Adams – he’s the best cover CB in the draft. Not sure if he’s Baalke’s sort of CB though. But Cooks and Adams both look like good prospects too. I’d be content with either guy in the first round.

      3. Verrett would be a great choice in the first round, but something is telling me that he will go higher when it is all said and done. If Jordan Matthews or Davante Adams are availale, I would take them over any of the current available CBs at that time, but my first choice would be Verrett.

      4. The only concerns with Verrett are his size. He’s not very tall or strong, but good coverage guy in the slot at worst and a #2 CB possibility.

      5. Verrett seems to fit the attitude profile that the FO like; a guy who has overcome some things. He might be a matchup asset against some teams.

      6. More study for me to do, but I like either Beckham or Adams at #30 unless there’s a worthy DB that fits the scheme. I did see a number of mocks with SF grabbing Truitt as BPA @#30. Those mockers may be forgetting I.Wms, Dial, Carradine and Okoye.

      7. I wouldn’t be against taking Truitt at #30. I’m always a big believer in drafting pass rush. Truitt would be a great addition to the DL rotation, and take over from McDonald down the track.

      8. Scooter, are you talking about Stephon Tuitt out of ND? I highly doubt he lasts to 20 let alone 30….,but if he did, I’d race to the podium.

      9. Yeah Tuitt, not Truitt, my bad. And you’re right, he should go well before the 49ers pick. But if he is there they should definitely look at taking him.

      10. Grant Cohn says:
        January 26, 2014 at 8:57 pm
        Teams that could draft a WR in Round 1: …Patriots…
        You can take the Pats off that list, Belichick doesn’t draft receivers in the first round.

  5. Personally I like
    1. Benjamin ( we need size at wr)
    2a Pierre desire ( we need size and speed at cb)
    2b Stanley jean Baptiste draft for ss ( need safety with ball skills)
    And for a quick receiver I would like us to
    Address that with Emmanuel sanders if
    He is available for “reasonable” amount and I think
    He can do everything so trade lmj for 4th or 5th next year
    years draft

  6. 1) Jason Verrett, CB, TCU
    2) Deone Bucannon, SS, WSU
    2) Donte Moncreif, WR, Ole Miss
    3) Brett Smith, QB, Wyoming
    3) Tyler Lawson, C, Utah St

    1. I think Verrett is the best CB in the draft, I really like the way he plays, but not sure Baalke would take him as he is a bit of a midget. Would be more than happy if they do take him though.

      1. Ricardo
        I’m brain farting his name, but the Alabama CB. He had a rocky start for the Jets, but I think he got a little smoother towards the end of the season.

      2. thanks guys! Is there any CB this year that can compare to this guy? I’m asking because it seems like we either drafting a CB, WR or Safety in the first round. Reid looks like a good draft and Jenkins was a disaster. I’m trying to gauge how high should we go if we wanted a 1st round CB talent.

    2. LOVE the Moncrief pick there…put on his tape and you’ll see how much better he looks than a bunch of the guys who will go before him (see Mike Evans). He’s Josh Gordon part 2.

  7. I don’t envy GMs. I’d be on pins and needles drafting corners while the league waivers about enforcing PI and Holding calls. It would suck to draft a big, tall CB only to have the refs go back to the old way to call PIs.

    1. Bay,
      I love Watkins, but VD is a top tier TE and perhaps one of the best blockers in the league.

      Sammy Watkins has leapfrogged Evans as the best WR in the draft
      which means that he will likely go in the top 5-10 picks. I’m not giving VD away at this stage especially given the fact that we have no other established TE to fall back on.
      VMac did show enough this season to warrant trading VD.

      The WR that I like is Benjamin of FSU. I have been making a case for a large WR type for a couple of drafts now because if we are going to get past Seattle it’s going to because we have tall/physical WR’s that can’t be pushed around by their mugging DB’s.

      I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to check out K.Benjamin, but he reminds me of another receiver I was hoping we would draft in the not to distant past: Alshon Jeffery of the Bears.
      KB has size, speed, and the ability to make the catch at it’s highest peak. And he will be within reach for us to make a reasonable deal to acquire if he goes anywhere between 15-25.

      Sorry Bay, but I’m keeping VD (lol).

      1. Sokay. I just think that VD is getting older. Watkins is DANGEROUS! We can always get a blocking Tight end. We need a guy on the outside with blazing speed and an attitude.

      2. You do realize that Vernon had 13…THIRTEEN!!! TD’s this year? Thats a monster season for any Wr or TE. I don’t see Vernon slowing down at all. He’s good for atleast 5 more years at this level, especially if they get a QB who can put up 30+ passing TDs.

      3. We should draft a good smart young QB in the 2nd or 3rd round in the draft to back up Kaep. The 49ers need a young QB in the draft that is smart and a good pocket passer to back up Kaep. By drafting a younger QB in the draft, it gives the 49ers some option at the end of this season and 2015 moving forward, if Kaep doesn’t become the QB that all expected him to be. Furthermore, he might test the FA in 2015 if the 49ers don’t give him big contract extension in 2014 season. It’s good for the 49ers to have some kind of insurance in case it doesn’t work out with Kaep.

    2. Bay,
      VD is getting older, but he may still be our fastest player on offense.
      Also, I would challenge anyone to find a player from the state of Florida that does not have an attitude (lol).

      I would go after Benjamin in a heartbeat if he is within reach. With DB’s getting more leniency from the ref’s to play physical, teams will need to counter on offense with large/fast WR’s that won’t be manhandled downfield.

      Watkins is an incredible talent, but I think he is too far out of our reach to take a shot, but crazier things have happened.

      I remember us trading up back in 95 for JJ Stokes. He was a beast in college and was drafted as the heir-apparent to Jerry Rice.
      Stokes never came close to resembling Rice.
      But a year later we drafted Terrell Owens in the 3rd rd who put together a very decent career as a 49er.

      Point: The scouts need to do their due diligence in finding the right WR that fits our offense and who also makes a big difference in our division i.e. Seattle.

      1. Bay,
        I agree with you that Watkins is a huge talent and could be a game-changer.
        And I would be turning back flips if we could pick him, but not at the risk of giving up VD.

        We have a slew of picks that we could package (along with our #1 pick) to a team that is more in need of quantity than quality.
        But because Watkins is such a talent, the team that drafts him may ask for the farm in terms of a trade.

        Sammy Watkins is the cream of the crop coming out of college but there are other WR’s who could fit in our offense that could help right away as well.

    3. bay, we need Davis while CK is developing. Their chemistry together really got better starting at last year play off, and the last thing we want to do is remove him from CK. Our offense without him was pedestrian at best. But then again, I don’t really watch college football so I wouldn’t know how good that Watkins kid is.

      1. I think Watkins is a baller and he is going to be unreal….. I love VD, but he is not a good route runner. He is a one trick pony. Straight line speed. But I don’t want my vertical guy to be my tight end. Is he a good blocker? Yes.
        Grant may want to do a top five mistakes that Harbaugh made this season article. For me one of those mistakes was giving a roster spot to Williams or Jenkins instead of Moss. The lack of speed outside made it ten times more difficult to execute our scheme. I believe it even had an effect on our running game.
        The way to beat the Seahawks isn’t by going big. Take a page from Don Nelson. When playing against bigs, go small. Seattle out bigged us. We needed more Patton, more Hunter and even some LMJ to beat Seattle. The past is the past but hopefully next season Jim “stubborn” Harbaugh will allow his system to evolve a bit.

      2. Please show us all where Moss stated he wanted to return to the 49ers during the offseason.

        From the article linked below:

        Veteran wide receiver Randy Moss said Tuesday that he wants to return for another season. He won’t commit to the 49ers, though.

        “I’ve thought about it,” Moss said at the main media day in the run up to the Super Bowl. “I really want to play another year.”

        When asked if he wanted to re-sign with the 49ers, Moss said: “I don’t know about that.”


        Moss made it no secret during the week leading up the the Super Bowl that he wasn’t happy with his role on the 49ers. Generally when guys are unhappy they don’t want to return unless they have to.

      3. Jack,
        Do you think Randy didn’t get enough opportunities because Kaep was always going to favor Crabtree?
        Randy was supposed to be pretty bright, so maybe he didn’t care for the pre-read snap offense, because rarely would he get his number called.

      4. Fan,
        since you are not a Niner fan I guess you don’t follow the intricacies of our offense. Throwing to Randy was not up to Kaepernick. Randy’s dissatisfaction with our offense had to do with the fact that he was mostly utilized as a decoy.
        Jack thanks for providing that info. I had forgotten that.

  8. Only two 3rd round picks. Are you expecting the compensatory to get bumped down to a 4th rounder? I’d be bummed.

    Boldin was a trade deal, not an FA so his signing should have no affect on the compensatory pick.

    The secret formula for awarding compensatory picks is a little too secret.

  9. There IS something a little desperate in going to a team Mock BEFORE the SB is played, LOL. I don’t have much arguement with the names suggested. I guess, just for the purpose of discussion there is another side to the point Grant made about this year’s underclassmen. While it may thin out the WR choices for ’15, it means some talent will be available into days 2/3 in ’14. Of course the best ones go early. I was impressed with McGill at DB, and I liked what I saw of Sanders and Beckham and Mathews. Adams of Fresno State is quick, agile and explosive, but possibly mercurial emotionally. Combine interviews will be important for Davonte.
    Now what should we do for SB week? I’ll be sending Slowsky Turtle Juju on the Seattle DBs in the hopes Peyton lights them up.

    1. Adams played his high school ball at Palo Alto High. His head coach there was Earl Hansen who also coached Harbaugh. I would bet that Harbaugh also spent some time recruiting him during his senior year.

  10. That’s right…. the Super Bowl monkey.
    See Jim spin. Spin, Jim, spin. Getting dizzy yet?

    We can draft the sun, the moon, and the stars…
    but as long as we have Mister Harbaw patrolling
    the sidelines, throwing away winnable games, then
    we will probably not go far in the playoffs next year.

    The NFL defenses are gonna deliver more ‘messages’ to
    Mr. Sack ‘N Pick … better draft another QB
    if there is any doubt about Colt McCoy stepping up.

  11. I’d like to see a trade up for Evans. Adams was very productive, but you have to wonder about strength of competition. It would be typical Baalke to take the 8th ranked WR as the 3rd or 4th one off the board. I LOVE the Buchanon pick, although I would take Pryor or Reynolds. They are like Whitner, with good size and speed, but with better coverage skills. We need to save money, and this is an area of need. We can’t have Dahl starting. A safety is arguably a more pressing need than corner. CB is deep this draft and we can pick one up later. Baalke has done a good job identifying talent at that position.
    A center is an interesting pick, Larson and Stork being equivilant talents. I would be a bit concerned with starting a rookie at center though. We need to draft a better swing tackle. Snyder isn’t going to cut it.

    1. The 49ers may have a tough time finding a trading partner in the first round. Which team would want to trade down? And why would any NFC team want to help the 49ers?

      1. Dallas worked with them last year so you never know. I wonder how badly Washington wants to get back into the 1st round.

      2. They did pretty good with Ozzie & JohnH last year. They should at least send them a ‘Howdy!’ The thing is these speculations are a tad premature given looming free agency movement.

      3. The Raiders? They have needs at multiple positions. I like what I see in Watkins.

        The 49ers would have to trade the store to move to #5. On the other hand, Oakland traded the #3 to Miami for #12 and #42 last year.

        I’m not expecting such a good deal to be made this draft. The Rams and Browns have extra round 1 picks and could pump up the price to move to #5.

      4. Al Davis has left the building. The Raiders will not go with a play maker first. They will rebuild their offensive and defensive lines first.

      5. bayareafanatic you are right. Crazy Al went permanent nighty-night. On the other hand, last year’s trade-down was in the post Crazy Al era.

        And what better way to re-build their lines then trade back with a WR needy 49er team?

        Still, my heads in the clouds. The 49ers would have to sell the store to get up to #5.

      6. Grant Cohn says:
        And why would any NFC team want to help the 49ers?
        Grant it’s been asked but you didn’t reply so I’ll ask again, why would you say that after the Cowboys made a first round trade with us just this past draft? The Packers then traded with us as well although for lower picks but still.

        I can see a team inside the NFCW that wouldn’t want to work with us but even still, with the crap shoot that the draft is, unless the other team thinks you want the same player that they want I don’t even know if teams really care about giving up a pick to a rival as long as they like the compensation for it.

        I think Dallas proved that somewhat last spring.

        1. So which team wants to trade down with the 49ers in the first round this season? Not Dallas. Not Atlanta. Not Green Bay.

      7. Cardinals, Packers or Eagles would listen to our offer if they player they targeted was no longer available.

        1. The Eagles need DBs, too. Why would they trade down so the Niners could get the better DB? The Packers probably will not trade down. They will take the best DT or pass rusher available.

      8. Cardinals is probably pushing it but the other two would definitely take our call if they missed out on their player.

      9. Some teams only assign a few players first round grades, I know you know this, and if a team like the Eagles or GB miss out they will be willing to pick up a draft pick or two rather then reach. We’re talking hypothetically here and under these circumstances an NFC team would be willing to trade with us which is the crux of the debate to begin with.

        1. The Rams won’t help the 49ers. The Lions need a CB. They probably will take Dennard or Gilbert. The Saints and Panthers need WRs and CBs, too. Also, I doubt the Saints or Panthers would want to help the 49ers this offseason.

      10. It all depends on how the board falls. If a team feels like there are a few similar caliber players on the board then they look to trade down no matter who it’s with. I actually don’t think the Niners will trade up this year unless somebody falls into the 20′s. I think this is a year they may trade out of the first with all the talent that will be available at the top of the second.

      11. Never underestimate the bargaining power of multiple high draft picks with your current impending free agents.

      12. Trading back would not be a bad option. They could be looking at a cap crunch and moving back to the second and stockpiling future picks may be the better way to go.

        There may be 8 WR’s with 1st round talent, but I don’t see 1/4 of the league going that way.

        1. Watkins will go top-10. Evans and Benjamin probably will go in the teens — the Ravens will get one of them. Lee and Robinson could go in the teens, too. Beckham and Cooks very well could go in the 20s. Why would the Chiefs not want Beckham? Why would the Patriots not want Cooks? Why would the Jets or Panthers pass up a wide receiver in the first round? The Seahwaks could use a receiver like Davante Adams or Jordan Matthews.

      13. Grant:

        The Eagles need DBs, too. Why would they trade down so the Niners could get the better DB?

        Your question assumes that the Eagles will be locked into taking a DB in the first round and that they will value the DBs available at 22 and 30 the same way the 49ers value them.

        As for your larger question – why would any team help the 49ers? – I don’t think the teams look at trading down that way. I think each team places a value on its pick, and if another team offers something of greater value (to the team with the higher pick), they make the trade.

        1. It very well could shake out like this:

          Bucs – Watkins
          Rams – Evans
          Ravens – Benjamin
          Jets – Robinson
          Chiefs – Lee
          Panthers – Beckham
          Patriots – Cooks
          49ers – Adams

          The Saints and Seahawks might take receivers. And the Raiders need everything, so they might take a WR, too.

      14. The Rams would help the Niners if the it nets them an extra second round pick to help them address their needs.
        The Lions need a CB and a WR, but this upcoming draft is rich in those two positions, so they could easily still get some quality playmakers later on.
        Never rule out rivals trading with each other Grant. After all, wasn’t it the Packers and Cowboys that traded picks with us recently?

        1. This draft is rich at WR, poor at CB. The Lions could take Dennard or Gilbert at No.10 and still get Jarvis Landry in the second round. That’s better than taking Marqise Lee or Mike Evans in the first and Desir or Roby or Roberson or some other CB in the second.

      15. That mock I just did had Adams gone before SF picked and Benjamin lasting into the top of the second. Not definitive, just interesting. Ratings will change with Combine results.

      16. Grant,

        Anything’s possible, but not likely. If that many WR’s are taken before the Niners pick, they won’t be taking a WR. They will take the CB, S, or DL that is ranked higher on their board and available due to the run on WR’s.

        1. I doubt there will be a cornerback or strong safety available worth the No.30 pick. I think the 49ers need OL more than DL. Carradine and Dial should help the DL.

          If Adams is gone, the 49ers best move may be to trade down a few spots and take Jordan Matthews or Jarvis Landry. Having to settle for Richardson or Abbrederis or someone worse would not be ideal.

      17. That didn’t bother Dallas last year. I’m sure we can find trade partner in the first two days for sure. I’m even inclined to think that Baalke could trade back for another 1st next year and still get his man. For me, I want Nix and Richburg. Then, I would love Bucannon the SS and a WR who can become our RZ target. This is a very deep WR class so we could find one later or jump a bit forward in the first for an Evans or Benjamin.

        No matter what, I WANT Richburg!!!!!

      18. Grant,

        I doubt there will be a cornerback or strong safety available worth the No.30 pick. I think the 49ers need OL more than DL. Carradine and Dial should help the DL.

        You can’t base the pick on need. If that many WR’s actually go before the Niners pick, somebody like Clinton-Dix, Pryor, Gilbert or Tuitt will drop and be higher on the board than the 8th WR imo.

        If Adams is gone, the 49ers best move may be to trade down a few spots and take Jordan Matthews or Jarvis Landry. Having to settle for Richardson or Abbrederis or someone worse would not be ideal.

        Not ideal at all, but there will be some good WR options still around in the second and third rounds with the depth the position has.

        As I said earlier, I can see a trade down more than I can see a trade up with the depth this draft has at the bottom of the first and into the second.

        1. I agree, more likely they can trade down than up. But if I were the 49ers’ GM, I would want one of the top-8 receivers in this draft. I wouldn’t want to miss out on all of those talented underclassmen.

    2. I think the Chiefs will pick a CB first and a WR later. I really don’t see the need for the Patriots to draft a WR until later.

  12. Whitner was outstanding in coverage this year… Like the draft though, Adams is one of my favorite prospects and Bucannon is going to be a beast. Not the biggest Hampton fan though, better prospects can be had at that spot imo

  13. Anthony Davis at right guard was beat all year. We need a good replacement for him. Another tight end to compliment Davis who can catch as well as block. A big running back who can move the pile a few yards when needed, (good bye Dixon you’ve been a good sport)

  14. Developmental project:
    Our OL has been susceptible to quick penetrators in disrupting the running game and pass protection. THIS needs to be addressed. We have big, strong, talented guys. We need to improve efficiency. It’s do-able.

  15. Anybody know much about Martavis Byrant (WR)? This kid between 6’4″ nd 6’5″, 200lbs. and runs a 4.38. Could be available in the second or third round…

  16. Northbay Anthony Davis probably always got beat at Right Guard considering he plays Right Tackle and just got an extension cuz he’s an elite RT. I like Buchanan, but what about moving Reid to SS, cuz he was mentored by Whitner and drafting Ed Reynolds? That back end could hit and play great coverage.

  17. Can we ever dispel the notion that “trading up” is this brilliant, no fail idea? Why is it every year I see countless posts of people saying “we should trade to get into the top 10″, hasn’t the countless picks of guys in the late 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round shown that you can get pro bowl, even hall of fame level talent, outside of the top 10? And even though it is no longer as huge a hit against the cap as it had been, it doesn’t bode well on the cap to get the most expensive rookies each and every year. Everyone seems to claim NE as THE organization in the NFL the last decade +… can anyone remind us of the last time they had a top 10 pick, traded up to get one…hell, the last time they didn’t trade back out of the 1st round? Point is, stop the talk that in order to get an impact player, even as a rookie, that one must pick in the top 10 because Joe Staley, Mike Iupati, Alex Boone, Frank Gore, Pat Willis, T Brown, Culliver, Hunter, Kaep, Bowman, and countless others might just have something to say to you about that.

    1. While I agree trading the farm to move up to the top 10 for one player is a bad strategy, last year’s trade-up from 31 to 18 to take Eric Reid didn’t cost much (31 + a 3rd rounder, which given they had a lot of draft picks wasn’t much to give up) and netted them the perfect safety for the 49ers D.

      If it is for the right player, and doesn’t involve giving up massive draft capital, trading up in the first round is a fine strategy. I’d have no problem with the 49ers looking to make a similar trade this year to the late teens or early 20s to make sure they get the right player/ the guy they want.

      1. A trade like that is perfectly acceptable, moving a few spots to get the right player, not giving up much and not having to pay a lot more. But I read, and maybe its just misinformed fans or people caught up in the ESPNesque hype, all these comments talking about how the niners should trade this person and these picks to get into the top 10, when its just ridiculous really. I realize that fan talk will never play an impact in it, but if I can educate some of them while also making it so that I don’t see this insanity anymore, I’ll be that much happier.

      2. MJ
        Mayo was a top 10 pick for the Pats and they moved up in the 1st round to draft Chandler jones and donta hightower. And if you look at their last 10 years worth of drafts you will see bust city all over the place from such gems as 2rd ras I dowling, darius butler, ron brace, chad Jackson, patric chung , tavon Wilson, and they got those picks by trading back and bypassing dez Bryant clay Mathews etc. The reason for the pats success the last 10 years (success being a relative term as theyre still waiting for a SB win) is Tom Brady and Bill Bellicheat. Truth be told the “value” drafting of the pats drives people here crazy except for the Pats fanboys for whom BB can do no wrong

    2. The Rams are still benefiting from an apparent bad trade-up by Washington for RG3.

      The good ones trade both up and down. BW nailed the 86 draft trading down, but also traded up for Rice.

      Baalke’s recent draft personality is to “reach” (stand pat or trade up a little) to nail down the biggest need. Once the need is out of the way, he has the flexibility to maneuver for BPA or trade for picks next year. Last year…
      - Traded a 3rd to move up for Reid
      - Traded back for Tank and the Titans 2014 3rd rounder
      - Traded up for McDonald
      - Traded back for Lemonier
      - Said he tried to trade the late picks up on day 3 but “the phone was not ringing”

  18. If Justin Gilbert or Marquis Lee are available at #30, I wouldn’t hesitate to draft those guys. This is what I think will be available.

    1 WR Kelvin Benjamin
    2a S Deon Bucannon
    2b Injured DT Dominique Easley
    3a C Weston Richburg
    3b CB Pierre Desir
    3c WR Josh Huff
    4 Injured CB Aaron Colvin
    5 Injured QB Aaron Murray
    6 LB Jeremiah George
    7 a TE Gator Hoskins
    7 b Injured OG Spencer Long
    7 c Injured FB Trey Millard

    FA QB signing: Athletic, Mobile QB’s with at least 60% completion in college. Harbaugh type QB
    Denarius McGhee: http://stats.washingtonpost.com/cfb/players.asp?id=185973
    Jordan Lynch: http://stats.washingtonpost.com/cfb/players.asp?id=181386

    5- 2014 Injured Redshirt players: QB, OG, FB, DE and CB

    The 2013 Redshirts were the reason for not drafting an RB, OT, DE or DT.






  19. Trade Round 1, Pick 30 & Round 2, Pick 30 with the Pittsburgh Steelers round 1, Pick 15 and Take Marquese Dennard CB Michigan State
    real stud!!
    Round 2, Pick 24: Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington State.
    best ss in the draft
    Round 3, Pick 13: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt
    if still on the board: a steal!!
    Round 3, Pick 30: Bryan Stork, C , Florida State
    a beast
    Round 3, Comp: Keith McGill, CB, Utah
    6-3 cb really underrated

  20. After reading everyone’s thoughts and seeing who grant thinks we should draft I agree with some thoughts and disagree with some. I think we need to be aggressive and trade up to get a big target. Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, Brandon Coleman, Devin Street, or a Martavious Bryant – tall, big, targets. While I agree with Jack about the types of WR’s beat the Seahawks, I feel we need someone to stretch the field, open up the underneath routes. Right now everyone just packs it in to shut down the run and everything underneath. A tall WR will also give us a legit target in the redzone to throw jump balls to.

    Next I cometely agree that DB’s are next. Discipline DB’s. Seattle Defense is good because they do not give up too many big plays. If we could have forced Seattle to drive the ball down the field, we win that game. But we didn’t. They had a few big plays that changed the game. I don’t necessarily say get the biggest DB’s but the most discipline.

  21. Do any of these wide receivers or secondary players return punts or kickoffs? I see Lamichael James in a trade, we never used him properly and perhaps we trade him to Phil and Chip Kelly, his college coach may want him.

    1. Around here Jack you kind of need to be slightly more specific when you throw out the name Harbaugh as to which one you are speaking about ;)

      1. Maybe with the way he’s taking control of it, but unlike Jerry, he’s hiring a guy with a proven track record. Jerry hired a novice play caller who apparently was going to run a more balanced attack, yet called a more pass happy scheme than the HC did.

        JJ doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing; Bisciotti if this is true, obviously does.

      2. Yeah, he’ll try Scott in ’14 then bring in Peewee Herman to call plays in 2015. Then he’ll call in the plays himself from the owners box in 2016.

  22. We may have some very defensive players from last season that red-shirted. So, except for a need at DB I don’t feel the need to use a high pick for D-lineman.

    I do feel that we may need to draft another RB (3r rd) that can be groomed to be a 3 down back like F.Gore.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it again. I’m just not sold on M.Lattimore as our future RB.
    Obviously, I hope I eat some very tough crow on this because I really like Lattimore’ grit, effort and attitude, but I still would like some insurance behind ML.

    There are some good RB’ who could be available with one of our 3rd rd picks. My choice would be Bishop Sankey from Washington. Good size, exceptional speed and lateral movement. Also, great receiver out of the backfield.

    1. I just went through SB Nation’s recent early mocks which split between CB/WR/DL for SF 1st round choices. The DL choices may be BPA in the mockers’ minds. Its still a little loose in the mocks, much variation on most players.

    1. Good question, my guess is that he says yes since you might have to prepare for the loss of crabtree in FA in another season and he already pointed out that next year’s WR draft class will be marginal.

    2. Yes, unless the 49ers can trade up in the first round for Justin Gilbert or Darqueze Denard. I don’t think the Niners will be able to trade up in the first round. And I think Gilbert and Dennard are the only CBs in this draft who are worth first round picks. Some gurus think there is more than meets the eye with some other cornerbacks like Verrett and Roberson, but it seems like they’re trying to manufacture first-round grades for CBs because a lot of teams need CBs.

      But there are about 8 WRs who are worth first rounders this year.

      1. Packers could use help a lot of places, including OL. Moving back for more choices is not out of the question depending who/what position they’re targeting. Jerry Jones wouldn’t be afraid to move back a few spots, imo.
        Not an NFC team as discussed earlier, but the Browns at #26 could be a trade partner if Baalke sees someone he likes dropping into range; those types of trades tend to help both teams. I have no idea what the Bears have in mind at #14, but Baalke is in love with someone, the Bears would at least take the call.
        I just don’t think anything can be ruled out for swaps.

        1. Beckham had 118 receiving yards against TCU. Caught two balls on Verrett and beat him more times than that. Beat him in the end zone for what would have been a touchdown if Verrett didn’t interfere. Beat him deep, but Mettenberger underthrew the pass.

      2. Earlier this season, Verrett held Texas Tech’s Eric Ward, who has 72 receptions, without a catch for the entire game. Goodley and Ward are two of the Big 12′s top-five receivers. When lined up against LSU’s Odell Beckham Jr., Verrett allowed just one reception. He totaled seven stops, including a sack, while adding three pass breakups versus LSU. Despite not many balls being thrown his way this season, Verrett is second in the Big 12 and tied for seventh nationally with 1.5 passes defended per game (two interceptions, 14 pass breakups). Since the start of the 2012 season, he tops the nation with 38 passes defended (eight interceptions, 30 pass breakups). – TCU football

      3. “Beat him deep, but Mettenberger underthrew the pass.”

        I think you could make this exact same comment about Crabtree over Sherman.

    1. We need access to a site like that when we do the blog draft. If Grant could assign each blog member a team to draft with that would be awesome and it would go so much easier.

    2. Thanks for the link. That’s a good tool. It will be helpful with some of the Day#3 pick guesses in particular. My first pass on 3 rounds came up with:
      Justin Gilbert CB / Travis Swanson OC & D. Buchanon S / Abbredaris WR & Fales QB.

    3. Here’s what I ended up with:


    4. I only went 5 rounds but I totally nailed it with the first pick:


      #56 S DION BAILEY


      #77 DE BEN GARDNER

      #94 G JON HALAPIO

      #125 WR DEVIN STREET

      #158 DE JAMES GAYLE

      1. In reality I like everyone I picked but would probably shuffle the order and even pick some of them after the 5th.

    5. rocket:

      You can go straight to He|| for introducing me to that website. I’m not going to get anything done anytime soon.

      Actually, that won’t be true until April. I don’t know know very much yet about this year’s draft class. Here’s my completely uninformed draft.








      When will they modify the site to allow us to trade up and down?

      1. I signed up for a mock, the draft page came up, but it’s been a while and it appears that no picks have been made. How long is it typically before the 49ers’ first pick?

      2. ex,

        It shouldn’t take very long until the Niner pick comes up and you should see the picks for each team being made on the left hand side.

      3. Rocket,

        Thx. I figured that’s how it should work, given the program generates the picks for the other teams. The server must’ve been overloaded or something. I never did get a prompt to make a pick. It does seem like fun, though. A toothless, crack addled kind of fun, but fun, nonetheless.

      1. They update them regularly and nothing is really out of line from what I can see. Everybody has their own view of the players value right now. Things will clear up a bit after the combine and personal workouts.

      2. Well yeah its early but I can assure you Cyril Richardson will not go in the top 10, likely not even the 1st round and there is no way that Pierre Desir lasts til pick 222. Kony Ealy falling out of the 1st to the mid-2nd would be shocking as well.

  23. Here’s a 5 rounder I just did. I went back and added the compensatory pick they are likely to get at #99 (just guessing their might be a couple of other teams that get a comp 3rd as well).

















    DT Dequan Jones

    Penn State







    1. I’d have to break out the Montrachet 1978 if Dix fell into our lap! Boy, are the TV announcers going to have a field day with this kids name. Can’t wait to see what Berman does with it…..

    2. Clinton-Dix is a FS, so does that mean that you would be sliding Eric Reid to the SS position?
      I love the Jean-Baptiste pick.

      1. Not too many Safeties can go toe to toe with Lynch. The one guy who can is on their team. A combo of Clinton-Dix and Reid would be arguably the best in the league within in a couple of years. Calvin Pryor could be an option if Clinton-Dix is gone too. Another good Safety with size.

        1. Clinton-Dix’s weakness is tackling. You’re going to put him at SS? Or you’re going to move Reid after a pro bowl rookie season at free safety?

          Pryor might work at SS. He probably will get picked in the early 20s, though.

      2. I don’t think Clinton-Dix is a poor tackler. He needs to improve but has the size and athleticism to do so.

        Pryor is actually the better alternative if he does make it to 30.

      3. The question you have to ask about Clinton-Dix is how much can he improve? If Saban couldn’t coach him up to it maybe it’s a situation where what you see is what you get.

        This also could be part of why the 49ers have stayed away from Stanford guys so far.

      4. Jack
        I think thats an issue with all Bama guys. aside from Julio Jones and Marcel Dareaus there arn’t that many impact NFL players from bama despite a ton of them getting drafted in the past 5 years. I heard a theory floated that Saban is such a taskmaster and practices so hard that he squezez almost every ounce of ability from his players while theyre there and thus there is not much room for improvement once they reach the next level. Im not sure if it holds up to greater scrutiny but at first glance it makes sense. just look at the highly touted bama defenders, kirkpatric barron, milner, hightower they have all performed much lover than their draft position would imply they would

      5. Clinton-Dix will improve with pro Coaching and an NFL workout regimen. The only thing that keeps these guys from getting better is themselves. If they don’t have the passion for it they don’t make it, and it’s like that with every School not just Alabama.

  24. Yup. Razor just went full monty (7 rds).
    But I like his picks.
    Moncrief is interesting. I thought he regressed this past season. But I like his size and potential.

  25. I’ve only watched one game from Roberson so far but it was the most underwhelming tape by a corner I’ve seen. Bad tackler, bad effort at times, not physical at the line of scrimmage, doesn’t seem like a player the 49ers would want. Optimum scouting has a 7th round grade on him and while I think hes a better prospect than that I think its closer to his true value than those that have him as a fringe 1st rounder

      1. Purifoy actually underachieved more than any CB in the draft this year imo. He didn’t have a good year and will likely slide because of it. I’d have no problem with him though because I think he’s got it physically. Just needs his head straightened out and good coaching.

      2. Grant,

        Not at CB. I don’t think you can look at any CB on the roster right now and call them physical. Brock is at times but Brown and Rogers are not even close to physical. Culliver will likely be more along those lines.

      3. Not so sure on Brown being out Grant. The fact that he played injured and was the starter over Wright during the playoffs is telling.

    1. He’s a 2nd round caliber player at worst. This season was pretty much a write off with the knee injury and suspension, but he’s got good size and coverage ability. Getting him at the end of the second would be a great pick for the Niners imo.

      1. Exactly rocket – Roberson has prototypical size and decent speed. If you put on film for him this season you get a mixed bag, but his season was heavily disrupted. After combine and pro days I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up at the bottom of the first or early second.

  26. What scares me is the Rams will end up with Watkins and a more seasoned Austin. If Bradford pulls his head out of his arse, that offense will play really fast. Especially on turf…..

    1. Bay,

      There’s only one football. You also need the QB to get the ball to them. If they take Watkins, it just means another good young WR they have on the roster doesn’t play. It would actually be a bad pick for the Rams honestly. They need to improve their Oline first and foremost. I think they’ll go OT and/or trade down.

      1. Too soon to declare Quick a bust. They’ve also got Givens, Pettis and Bailey sitting there as well who have barely had a chance to show what they can do, never mind Austin.

        It would be a mistake to take a WR over one of the OT’s with the #2 overall imo. With their second pick maybe, but not the 2nd overall.

  27. CB wise, not a big fan of Victor Hampton, no to menton his small size. My pick would be Stanley Jean-Baptiste hands down, the kid is a beast.

    1. I think Jean Baptiste and Desir will get picked at the beginning of the second round because there aren’t that many good CBs in this class.

  28. Nice draft Grant.I like Davante Adams as well,however think he will be available with our first pick in the second. I’ll throw this out knowing my first pick will be poo pooed but feel low first round pick with our current poster can be best player available.So here goes (1)Travis Swanson, Center Ark.-the best center in the draft who we would plug and play from the get go and is projected at this slot;(2)Davante Adams WR(presuming Marqise doesn’t fall at our first selection slot);(2b)Louchiez Purifoy CB love this guys aggressive play;(3a)Jimmy Garoppolo QB this guy is special and if we get him here would be very happy(3b)Ahmad Dixon SS-hitman!;(3c)Donte Moncrief WR if he fullfills his potential could be a massive addition!

  29. 1a) Odell Beckham Jr. WR
    2a) Kyle Fuller CB
    2b) Charles Sims RB
    3a) Jimmie Ward S
    3b) Jared Abrederis WR
    3c) Telvin Smith LB
    4a) Brandon Thomas G/C
    5a) Cody Latimer WR
    6a) Aaron Colvin CB
    7a) Larry Webster DE
    7b) Trey Millard FB
    7c) Spencer Long G
    7d) Connor Shaw QB

  30. You know Grant,you and Justin Beiber seem to be soul brothers, He has a woman of color GF, and has many black close friends. You sort of resemble each other?
    Any comments? Insights to what the Beeb’s is going through?

  31. Agree it’s way too early to even get semi-serious WRT mocks. Too many unknowns yet. If we re-sign Boldin, taking a WR in 1st rd seems unlikely. Even though he didn’t get much PT, I’m not sure Harbaugh’s given up on Baldwin yet, either. Guys his size with speed don’t grow on trees. Same deal w/Whitner…he could be re-signed depending on what he’s willing to take and what happens to Gore, Goodwin, et al. He and Reid form a very good S tandem…Eric gave major props to Donte for helping him develop. If he does walk, agree, Bucannon would be an excellent pick. I like Fales as a b/u QB, but agree 3rd rd’s probably too early for Baalke, although he could surprise us. Let’s revisit your mock after FA’s over…

  32. I really don’t like taking bottom of the 1st round WR’s. I don’t have specific evidence but I like top of the 1st Round WR’s or later round WR’s. This is such an unpredictable bunch and so much of their success depends on the QB. I want O-line or D-line help when drafting at the end of the 1st round. Either move up for an impact skill player, or stay put and draft line help. Otherwise you end up writing the name AJ Jenkins on an envelope and your credibility takes a long walk off a short pier.

    1. I agree Houston! Everyone is so focused on drafting a wr or a corner where we are picking.. If we stand pat at 30 take the best available player even if that’s another D lineman to pair with tank in a couple years… Don’t reach for a wr or corner… I don’t see the niners taking a corner in round one cause of balkes success with undrafted corners or late rnd corners he has found. Ie, Brock, cooper, culliver in the third..

    2. Houston it does’nt make any sense but i know what you are talking about and not Just WR’s but it seems like there are alot more busts in the late first rd then there are in the early second rd. I wonder if there is’nt a different mind set among GM’s when it comes to choosing late rd 1 rather than early rd 2.

  33. I would rather take a defensive stud than the 8th best WR in round 1. I highly doubt 8 WR’s go in round 1, anyway, probably closer to 4.

    1. PFF you are correct. If you are picking #30 in the first rd you ca’nt fall in love with a position, you either have to take the best player on the board or trade back.

  34. No matter who we pick I just have 1 request. Stop drafting redshirts. I get it we are stacked and its tough to break in to our lineup. but the surest way to fall from grace is to not have a viable CHEAP backup ready to step in once other teams start overpaying our good players. Our 3 NFCCG appearances aside we cant afford to get 0 contribution from half of our draft class. Im all for getting value and tank and latimore are sure to help us but so would having a player who contributes and steps in at a fraction of the cost. Seattle has 8 starters making a combined 5 mil allowing them to splurge on avril and bennet and to overpay harvin. They have that because thay have young draft picks stepping in and playing key roles. No more drafting people who will help us in 3 years because by that time it could already be too late

    1. Bos,

      The redshirts didn’t hurt the Niners though. Carradine would have been nice to have, but They had good depth on the Dline already with Jerrod-Eddie and Dobbs who both did a nice job this year.

      Lattimore was a good gamble because he wasn’t needed this past season. That’s why picking good players who have dropped works for teams like the Niners because otherwise they couldn’t keep everybody. It’s just another reserve list to keep talent on when you really look at it.

      If Aaron Colvin is sitting there in the 4th round due to the injury he suffered last week, I hope they do it again.

    1. Stan, I think that would be a reach pick. With all that player data now in electronic paperless form, scouts don’t have to bend over the pages.

      1. Politics asside, really Cracker Bill? JFK is boinking Marilyn Monroe, and you’re cigaring Monica Lewinski? C’mon, man.

    1. How big is Cooks? I hear the Percy Harvin comparisons but what has Harvin really done in the Pros? He’s a flashy player that can make some plays but he’s never been a 1,000 yard receiver. He can rush the ball but he’s been inconsistent with that. I hear all the hype from Harvin and LaMichael James and a few other small guys but they don’t ever seem to do anything in the pros. I don’t want a Percy Harvin clone. How about we find an Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald clone. That would help the 9ers more than a speedy guy that doesn’t produce all that much.

      1. Operative words, “when healthy”, his Burst is what makes him a special player. Let’s see how long he lasts in this game, and what he contributes…..

      2. Grant,

        I totally disagree with you on Harvin. He is certainly a dynamic playmaker that occassionally makes great plays. His very best year was in 2011 when he was #21 in receiving yards. Last year (2012) that you quote his YAC, he was #60 in receiving yards. He’s a great returner on special teams so that makes him more valuable.

        In my opinion your confusing flash with actual production. You could argue that the QB situation hurt him but you also have to consider every team he played was totally devoted to stopping Adrian Peterson so Harvin should have had even more opportunities. He’s often injured so he’s unreliable. This will seem like a bizarre comparison but I think it fits. You may be too young to remember Jeff George but he had amazing talent. In my opinion George had maybe the most talented arm to ever play the game. He had a few good years where people thought he was better than he really was. His 2 cent brain kept him from achieving true greatness. Harvin has special talent but his injury situation limits his production. He will never be one of the best WR’s in the league. Take the names off the stat lines over the past 4 years and judge all players by actual production. Harvin won’t make your top 10.

        1. Ok. We were originally talking about Brandin Cooks. I think a better comparison for him is T.Y. Hilton, although Cooks has better hands and may be faster.

      3. TY Hilton had 5 receptions for 140 yards and 2 TD’s against the Seahawks so I guess I would take that if I were forced into it.

    2. Beckham is a much better option than Cooks in my opinion. Beckham played in a pro style offense and made catches on short, intermediate and deep routes. Cooks made most of his catches on screens and short passes. Not saying Cooks isn’t good – I think he is – but if the option is one or the other I’d take Beckham in a heartbeat.

      1. I’d love to keep Boldin razor. If he’ll accept a 1 or 2-year contract for $5-$6 million a year I’d suggest it would be worth it. It would mean they would probably only be able to sign/ re-sign cheap FAs in other positions though.

    3. Grant i posted the day after the 9ers last game that this team only had to improve in one area, that being winning in Seattle. I like Cooks i’ve probably watched him 10 times over the last 2 yrs. His only weakness seems to be beating press coverage vs bigger CB’s. i think he could be a good rookie WR for the 9ers except in 2 games Seattle at SF and more importantly Seattle at Seattle and those 2 games once again next year could be the difference between the 9ers being in the SB or coming up one game short.

      1. I would draft a receiver specifically for the match up against Seattle. That’s why I like Moncrief, but Beckham Junior would work too….

    4. For the next few years the NFC is going through Seattle, San Fran, & possibly Carolina. We need a WR who can beat press coverage. I don’t want to depend on the league to have to change the rules. We also need someone who can go up and get the ball over the Db’s of Seattle. Although I am comfortable with Boldin(let sign him ASAP), we still need another big receiver. If you had trouble beating a press coverage in college, you’re most definitely going to struggle in the NFL. We can get the 6’5 receiver from Clemson. we just need a big target to stretch the field. That will open everything underneath for Crab, Boldin, & Gore. No team respects us as a deep threat causing major issues underneath.

      1. KY9er problem with that logic is usually the bigger WR’s can beat press coverage but do’nt have the speed to get deep. If you can find a WR who can do both he will probably be gone by pick 10.

  35. somebody advise Colin of that fact that
    Richard Sherman is on his way to the Super Bowl
    (wearing his earphones and looking stylish…)

    If Kaep made proper use of that final 3.5 minutes,
    the Niners would be getting another shot at
    bringing home Lombardi trophy #6.

    Colin thot he was hot, and now…. he is not.
    Should we start calling him “Almost” …
    like that character in the film Apocalypto???

    1. Lol. It’s becoming amusing how you conyinuously go after Colin and “Harbaw”. But in reality Alex smith and Andy Reid’s choke was one for the history books. While you’re worrying about what the niners are doing you should worry about the monumental collapse that happened in KC. We all know Reid’s coaching history is laced with chokes. Reid may never see the SB again. Same for your boy Alex

  36. while picking big fast WRs is every team’s criteria, how about having the right CBs to defend the types WRs that’s your division?
    Here’s who we need to defend:
    Cardinals: larry fitzgerald, michael floyd; both are 6’3″ and had success against the Niners’ secondary this season.
    Seahawks: sidney rice & percy harvin, golden tate 6’4″, 5″11″, 5’10″. Either big or quick; they all had success against the Niners.
    Rams: tavon austin chris givens; 5’7″ and 6′. Quick and fast.

    Not an obvious recipe for drafting CBs, so the Niners’ personnel will need to have a combo of good pass rush up front, and solid coverage in the backfield. Is there a Richard Sherman type (6’3″, 195 lbs) of CB that’s fast and plays aggressive in the draft this year? maybe…

    1. I’d prefer DB’s who can cover man to man and make tackles. As long as you can eliminate big plays from happening we’ll be good. If the receiver you’re covering catches a pass, just tackle him, and live to play another down. We rarely go “Man Zero” so our CB’s usually have help over the top

  37. Mario Manningham was supposely the deep threat, but he was oft-injured, and didn’t provide the impact the team had hoped for. If the team can keep Boldin and Crabtree, then the targeted in WRs drafted would either be a deep threat or a quick Wes-Welker type of receiver (probably available later in the 2nd to 4th rounds. Sure, you can always draft a #1 featured type of WR like Sammy Watkins, but that’d be a top 10 pick. Or hope for a big WR be available in the teens or late 1st round like Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans, both at 6’5″, to potentially catch those laser high passes from Kaep…

  38. Seattle’s Earl Thomas on Kaepernick:

    That was the first time Colin Kaepernick ever ran wild on us like that. Watching tape of him, we’d always see these explosive plays that he was getting against other teams.

    It never really happened to us until last week.

    He’s a fast guy as it is, but he seemed even faster when you take into account the game plan they ran against us. It was unusual. They really seemed to want to keep the ball in his hands.

    They were running phantom routes like they were trying to get open, but they were just decoys so Kaepernick could run, almost like it was a draw. It makes it tougher to get to him because you have to deal with blockers already down the field. It’s always going to be a mismatch. When he gets into that second level with the linebackers, he’s going to out run them nine times out of 10.

    Sometimes, he can even separate from players in the secondary.

    One of his strengths as a runner is his height. He has such long strides, it causes you to misjudge his speed. It doesn’t look like he’s running that fast. But once you get close to him, his stride is so long, he’s just running away from you.

    To watch that guy take over the game — he did a hell of a job of making play after play. That’s a special player right there. He plays for the 49ers, one of our biggest rivals, but I have to take my hat off to him. He played a hell of a game.

    He also throws one of the hardest balls in the league, almost like a baseball player, and it comes out like a fastball. Hot. The play I had against Boldin in the end zone, Kaepernick was jumping up in mid-air as he threw. That was a dime. I was kind of surprised he even threw it. They usually don’t when I’m that close in the area.

    Thomas termed the Kaepernick-to-Boldin touchdown “… good offense vs. good defense and as a defender, I just think it was better offense.”

    Of course, Thomas – not Kaepernick – is preparing for the Super Bowl because the quarterback attempted a similar risky throw against Sherman in the final minute.

    In the aftermath, Sherman directed a choke sign at Kaepernick, while Thomas, presumably, exhaled.

    “It feels great to know that we own the NFC,” he wrote, “but the 49ers made us earn it.”

    1. That’s class. I wonder if Sherman’s teammates get sick of his constant trash talking. It makes everyone around him look bad also b/c most just assume his teammates are just as cocky and classless.

      This was good. I would almost like to say I’m pulling for them but I’m really not.

  39. I did a 7 rounder. I like this one.








































    1. Wow – if they came away with that draft I’d be pretty darn happy!

      I see Ron Powell is listed as a DE but he’d play OLB for the 49ers I assume.

      1. Scooter,

        Yes he’d be moved to OLB with us. Good developmental guy.

        What I’ve discovered since I started doing this is this draft is extremely deep due to all the underclassmen that declared, and while it seems too good to be true to get some of these guys, the Niners are going to be in position to draft good players into round 4 and 5 because some good talent is going to get pushed down due to all the depth in this draft.

        Keith McGill in the 5th round is a great example.

    2. I would agree this would be a fantastic draft. Only comment (which has nothing to do with your selections), is that I would like to draft more WR’s as Baalke seems to have a blind spot to the position and we’ll need more spaghetti to throw at the wall. We do need a burner to stretch the field and Boldin, Crabtree, and Patton aren’t the answer. Davis stretches the field because he’s matched up against a LB or is bigger than a safety.

      1. As long as the ratings on the players evolve as we move towards the draft, that site can be somewhere between amusing and useful. For instance, McGill absolutely will not last until Rd#5. As long as they keep updating player ratings and their subsequent likely draft tiers they’ll be fine. After the Combine we’ll see.
        As to the drafts we can produce from that site today: let the buyer beware. If it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true. It’s entertaining though.

  40. Im not sure the Niners would draft Davante Adams he seems like the same guy that the niners have a Crabtree, Bolden type. A good route runner who doesn’t create a lot of separation but can out muscle defenders for the ball.

    This doesn’t take the top off the defense and its two hard to march down the field with no running game against teams like Seattle. The truth is we need a game breaker… Seattle has Lynch and next year Percy Harvin, while we have Vernon Davis. Neither Crabtree, Bolden or Gore can run away from defenders or beat defenders to the edge, its our biggest weakness.

      1. They need somebody that can run downfield with Kaep’s arm. I always feel bad for A.J. Greene when I watch him play because there seems to be at least two or three times a game where he blows past the entire secondary and Dalton severely under throws him. Kaep would benefit from a true deep threat.

  41. Was not having a guy that could “take the top off the defense” the reason the 49ers didn’t reach the Super Bowl?

      1. I just see a difference between Davis and a receiver. Receivers in general track the ball better, are more fluid and are better against corners. What would happen to this offense if Davis was injured? As good as Crabtree and Boldin are, they don’t scare defenses. I think they need a deep threat in the receiving corps.

      2. “What would happen to this offense if Davis was injured?”

        We saw that this year and it’s not good, but that was also when Crabtree and Patton were both out.

      3. Jack,
        I feel like a true deep threat at the receiver position would really benefit this team. They don’t have that type of player. The only guy on the offense that freaks out defensive coordinators is Kaepernick. If he had a receiver that could blow past people it would open up opportunities for Crabs, Boldin, Patton and Davis.
        I don’t expect this rookie to be a huge contributor, but look at what Cordarrelle Patterson did for the Vikings. He made a huge impact in the return game and made defenses account for him in the passing game because of his speed. If he continues to develop, he should be an explosive player. This offense needs somebody like that.
        I don’t mean that in a Tecmo Bowl, chuck it 60 yards downfield on every play type of way, but the addition of that type of player would make everybody else’s job a little bit easier. Think of the impact Randy Moss would have had on this offense if he could still run like he used to.

    1. In game poor situation decisions are what cost them this year and the year before that, and the year before that…..

    2. I would argue it was certainly a contributing factor the Seahawks repeatedly loaded the box to stop the run. When teams do that you have to be able force them out of it. I believe the team that had the most success against Seattle in the past 2 years offensively was probably Atlanta because Julio Jones was able to beat Sherman deep… and Seattle wasn’t loading the box against them.

      1. The 49ers invite loaded boxes due to personnel and tendency. They run more 22 and 21 than any team in the league so teams react accordingly.

      2. That is true Jack, but the fact remains we need someone who can beat man coverage and make Seattle pay. Atlanta did that without having a running game, if we could do that then we might be able to get our running game going because their safeties would have to stay deep to protect the back end. Speed isnt as important as seperation but we need someone that can shake free of their db’s and hurt them with some chunk plays.

      3. Julio Jones didn’t have a single catch against Sherman in that playoff game. In fact, Sherman gave up only 2 catches that entire game.

        The 49ers had a good number of chunk plays the last 2 games against Seattle, but only 1 against Sherman. A 27 yard completion to Boldin in the 2nd qtr of the game at the Stick.

    3. The 49ers not having a true deep threat isn’t the reason for them now going to the superbowl but from a basic schematic standpoint it would help every thing underneath. Right now safeties have no real fear of having a receiver run past them. So not only do teams load the box, which makes it harder to run the ball and run dig, slants, and comebacks. But you have safeties who are playing downhill the entire game. We run the football a lot, but our playaction passes are terrible. You have a receiver that can go deep, safeties have to respect him. Whether he gets the ball or not, they can’t play downhill. If they bite on a playaction fake, you have a WR run a fade or a skinny post and they are toast. The problem with VD his people are getting hands on him to slow him down, plus he’s running a seam dead into the safeties. If you have someone else who can go deep you’re going to get more one on one opportunities for VD. The safety will have to pick someone. Having a deep threat opens up our offense a lot

      1. A WR has more deception in his routes to go deep. A TE you know is limited in the amount of times he can run by the safeties. SF needs a deep threat outside the numbers. Numbers/stats lie in this situation.

      2. I’m a Vernon Davis fan. Although he kind of disappeared toward the end of the season, I’m sure many different things factored into that. But if you put someone outside the numbers, VD’s stats will go up. You can’t double and bracket both players. I wish the 49ers would have used him outside of the numbers more this year. He’s a definite mismatch for anyone.

      3. Davis had the same number of 25+ yard receptions on about 1/3 as many targets.

        Davis had big plays lined up out wide, from an inline TE position with his hand down and a stand up TE/slot position. That doesn’t sound too limited to me.

        Harbaugh’s offense has always utilized the TE for it’s shot plays going back to his Stanford days. That’s what made guys like Fleener and Ertz both be top 35 picks.

      4. Jack Hammer said we didn’t need to make a trade for Josh Gordon. The NFC Championship game said Jack was wrong. Jack won’t admit he that though.

      5. Jack, I stand corrected it looks like Atlanta primarily matched Roddy White against Richard Sherman. Sherman broke up 2 touchdowns (one was due to a bad throw by Ryan). White had 5 Receptions for 76 yrds and 1 Td.

      6. Let’s review Davis’ last 5 games, including the playoffs.
        @Seattle 2 catches 18yds 0TD
        @Carolina 1 catch 1 yd 1TD
        @GB 2 catch 37yds 1TD
        @ARI 3 catches 45yds 1TD
        @ATL 0 catches 0 YDS

        He could benefit from another person running down the field.

      7. Only 2 receptions, one a 47 yrd touchdown pass… but this wasnt the point. The point was Atlanta made them have to cover the whole field they were able to stretch them out.

      8. A true deep threat would help no question, but adding a WR like that will not change the ideology of the offense which is what I believe many of you are taking exception to.

        For 3 years this has been a running oriented offensive system with the passing game built on playaction. That is not going to change no matter who they bring in because that is the offense Harbaugh runs and believes in.

        We can sit here and grumble about Greg Roman, or Kap, or whoever else you want to direct your scorn at, but at the end of the day this is Jim Harbaugh’s offense and as long as he’s HC this is what we will see. There will be subtle changes here and there I would guess but ultimately what we see is what we get.

  42. Trade out of the 1st rd. get a second and fourth. Combine your two 4th Rd picks and jump into the 3rd rd.trade away the rest for next year. That way we’ll have 3 twos, and 4 3rds. If your second pick you’d like doesn’t fall to you, trade for a one next year. time to revamp this team with 2 cbs, a safety, center, two wr’s and a qb.

  43. If it’s possible, can we trade some draft choices for someone that has some offensive ingenuity in the Red Zone??? The 9er’s can draft all of the players they want, but until some creativity inside the 20 yd. line becomes evident, I fear that we’ll fall short again next season..

    1. I do realize this is total fantasy but I’d love for the 9ers to trade for Andre Johnson. Johnson has great football in him but he’s at the tail end of a HOF career. Johnson has consistently been one of the best WR’s in the game even when he suffered through horrendous QB play. Richard Sherman was Johnson’s B when the Seahawks came to H0uston. Johnson totally embarrassed Sherman – throwing him around like a rag doll. Johnson desperately wants to play for a winner and the likelihood that the Texans will be very good in the next few years is remote. Johnson must want 0ut of Houston. Bill O’Brien wants to build his type of team. Bob McNair is really a players owner who wants to do right by Johnson. If Johnson asked, McNair would approve a trade. The 9ers have bookoo picks and some talent they could trade. Let’s make a deal!

      1. Interesting idea. When I first saw the lead to your post I clicked just to see who was making the suggestion because I was skeptical. You make interesting arguements that show it’s somewhat plausible, even if a longshot. Next question, would he choose the Niners? The Texans would probably prefer an NFC team, but BB would likely be sniffing around.
        By the way, is bookoo the Canadian spelling of beaucoup? Not French Canadian anyway.

      2. “Bookoo” is Cajun my friend. French etymology with a little swamp dialect mixed in for effect. I came here for the business but stayed for the gumbo.

  44. Whatever WR they draft better have great body control, catching ability, and the willingness to fight for all the inaccurate balls that get tossed their way. Spending 2 draft picks on WR’s might be a waste, as GRo only uses 3-WR rarely, and Osgood is always active.

  45. Smurf speedsters worry me. Some kick axe. Some don’t.
    The kid from LSU jukes the PressBump decently and runs maybe 4.4. If that holds up at Combine, I’m seriously interested. He ain’t huge, and can he block?

  46. Of the Wr’s that might be available or within reasonable trade distance I would like Marquise Lee of USC because of speed and ability to separate. Although I am admittedly frightened of him being a USC receiver, I have to hope that its just an odd fluke. Kelvins frame and Wingspan would be nice in the Red Zone.

    What I like most about these two is that they both show up in the big games and in crucial moments.

  47. That site is fun. Did a quick and stupid 3 rounder:
    Rd 1
    Jordan Matthews WR- there was a run on WR’s. I wanted Allen Robinson here, but he went earlier. Decided to go with size
    Rd 2
    Deone Buchanan SS- Whitner is going to be too expensive and the phase “Craig Dahl, starter” strikes fear into every Niner fan. Baalke will sign a veteran CB on the cheap and Buchanan can cover a bit.
    Davonte Adams WR – never gonna happen, but if he falls this far, You gotta take him and see if you can develop these prospects. Boldin might be too expensive and you have to look at life without Crabtree. Baldwin gets cut.
    Rd 3
    Weston Richburg C – Goodwin might not be resigned and interior OL competition is needed.
    Stanley Jean-Baptist CB – again, doubt he drops this far. Draft this big fella and hope he doesn’t turn into Mike Rumph.

    It this is what we end with, good luck.

  48. They need to package picks and go up and make a Julio Jones type of move. WR WR WR. They need to take two WRs, one that can potentially start day one. And another that can compete for #3 and for PR/KR duties (I’m done with LMJ and most of the 2012 draft).

    Surprised to see M. Lee (USC) ranked at 5 on Grants board. That would be a steal. The kid from FSU is raw but can be the big WR we need. Evans seems inconsistent, but I don’t watch much A&M games.

    1. Atlanta gave up a lot to get Julio. He turned out to be the guy they thought he was, so it was successful in that sense. Matching him with Gonzales and White challenged defenses. But the Falcons have other needs that weren’t addressed because of the expenditures for Jones, so a team has to think it through.

  49. From CBS Sports on Tyler Larsen, “COMPARES TO: Jonathan Goodwin, 49ers: Like the 49ers’ standout, Larsen is a physical, battle-tested pivot with the size and light feet to handle playing guard in a pinch.”

  50. bayareafanatic says:
    January 26, 2014 at 6:00 pm
    Trade our #1 pick and Vernon Davis to get Sammy Watkins…..


    It most definitely won’t happen but you gotta think it would be a huge ballsy move.

    You can think of it from another way too.

    Trading VD not only would get a great prospect in Watkins but also would help a lot in the cap.

    If trading VD would be enough to get Watkins and resign Crabtree and Aldon Smith (Kaep will be resigned no matter what), would you do it?

    1. Why all the VD hate? Don’t worry about the cap, he only counts around 5 million, was the second best WR on the team, and is one of the top TE in The NFL. You guys comfortable with McDonald starting? That’s a big step back. If you want to move up, just package draft picks. Our one, a three and next year’s 2 should get into the 11-15 range.

      1. No hate.
        I didn’t said I would do it.
        Actually I said it mostdefinitely won’t happen.

        I just included the cap in the analisys and asked if you would do it.

      2. Here is my problem with Vernon on the Niners. When you have a great tight end like Gonzalez or Gates, they showed up every week because they built them into the game plan weekly.
        Vernon shows up to play every week, but Rom/Harb inexplicably have periods where they don’t utilize him for the dangerous weapon that he is.

  51. nice piece Grant, thank you. if i followed college football more closely, i might have relevant comments!

    on my wish list for the Niners: a big/fast/strong WR, help in the secondary, and a NT/DT who can disrupt/play on 3 downs. we probably wont find studs at all these positions, but it’s Jan and we can dream. Go Niners!

  52. January mock draft’s are nothing more then Christmas wish lists built on the personal whims of it’s designer and lacking any real objectivity.

    You can’t have a true picture of what your team might be planning until after free agency starts.

    1. That’s why the draft site I posted is fun. You can’t just pick and choose who you want and make them available to you. You can argue with their rankings but right now the rankings are all over the place no matter what site you go to.

      I agree nothing is meaningful until we get an idea of what the team will do in FA, but as football and more directly the 49ers are a passion for most of us, we have to have something interesting to do while bidding our time for the next few months.

      1. rocket,

        That is a good site. They made some updates to the player rankings today so it changed things up. Will be interesting to follow it as the evaluations move on.

      2. They do that regularly Jack. The rankings are constantly in a state of flux but will become more stable once the Combine and workouts take place.

        It is a lot of fun for us novice GM’s.

  53. I was going to ask “Does anyone like Media Day?”, but then I realized that the Media does, and fans of the two clubs do, they’re wallowing in it, absorbing everything they can. The rest of us just get sour grapes. Maybe I’ll start on my taxes.

  54. Grant,

    How is it that you like Cooks? I read the scouting report on the guy and his weaknesses include:

    “Struggles with physical defenders and doesn’t have ideal body strength – will be overwhelmed in man coverage. Looks to avoid contact and would much rather escape out of bounds or go around defenses.”

    How does that fit in with the defenses in the NFC West? I understand that he was a very good college WR but the NFC West is full of huge DB’s that love to press.

    1. Cooks is at a 4.49 so your comparison to TY Hilton might be off. Hilton is a 4.34 guy. That’s a significant difference.

      1. Yeah I guess. After the LMJ lack of production and seeing Tavon Austin in St Louis I’m a little hesitant on smaller receivers. I like TY Hilton but he seems like the exception to the rule.

      2. Jack,

        What am I missing here? I see absolutely nothing to be excited about on those Stanford and Oregon draft tapes. He looks absolutely ordinary. The Fly Sweep against Oregon gained maybe 2 yards. He ran backwards and lost 10 yards on a WR screen against Stanford. It looked like he didn’t even compete for the ball against Oregon when he was double covered in the endzone. I saw one nice route where he turned the DB around against Stanford but it was still an incompletion. And his blocking was nothing special. I saw the man he was trying to block make multiple tackles on his tape. He did have one nice punt return so he might be a little shifty but that was about it. I certainly don’t see what you see in this guy.

      3. He has a very quick first step. The Oregon DB’s could barely get a hand on him in press coverage. His downfield block against Oregon sprung a teammate for a touchdown. Against ASU he makes a big play off a play action wheel route, a staple of the 49ers offense.

        I dont see the first round value, but a mid to late second wouldn’t be bad.

      4. Jack he can beat the U of Ore DB”s in press coverage but can he beat the Seattle Seahawks DB’s in press coverage. We beat Seattle at home during the regular season this yr we are likely in the SB and health concerns aside we beat Seattle at home in the regular season next year we are likey to be in the SB. My question is does Cooks give us a much better chance of beating Seattle?

      5. Jack,

        Let me ask you… Don’t you think the NFL is littered with guys just as good as Cooks? Doug Baldwin immediately comes to mind. He’s comparable in size and speed. Baldwin was an Undrafted Free Agent. Cooks is definitely worthy of a draft pick as was Baldwin, but there are so many guys out there matching Cooks description that I wouldn’t use a 1st or even a 2nd round pick on him. You can go out to the Free Agent market and get someone just as good as Cooks for alot less expensive.

      6. Grant you are correct Cooks is a talent but my question is will he give the 9ers a weapon they can use VS Seattle’s press coverage that will make the 9ers more likely to beat Seattle?

      7. Cooks looks pretty versatile to me. They could use him in a lot of ways which is the key. I’d be fine with him in 2nd if that is how it fell.

      8. Grant,

        I agree that he’s talented. I just don’t like him in the first round and maybe not the 2nd. Not for nothing but the last Belitnikoff award winner from Oregon St was Mike Hass. I really don’t like judging NFL talent based on college awards.

      9. All these people saying we need to draft players specifically to beat Seattle… at this rate we’ll have a team capable of winning two games a year! Taking less talented players simply because they might be better against a specific opponent isn’t a smart draft strategy.

        Cooks looks like a talented WR and would bring to the 49ers something they don’t already have – a sudden and explosive WR. If the 49ers bring back Boldin do they really need a 3rd big-bodied WR? I think a quick-footed speedster would be a better option to provide a new dimension to the offense. If they also really want a big WR they can take one later in the draft.

      10. Scooter,

        I agree. A lot of focus on WR’s right now.

        The 49ers have 3 receivers on the field about 15 times per game on average. If they are able to bring back Boldin who would the rookie knock off the field? Boldin, no. Crabtree, no. Patton, maybe but he showed a lot of promise down the stretch.

        The bigger need for this team to stay on top my be CB and Safety.


        1. The 49ers have one wide receiver signed beyond next season, Patton.

          CB and S are big needs, too, maybe bigger than WR. But this year, I think there’s better value at 30 drafting a WR than a CB or S.

      11. Scooter
        I’m half with you on that, but there is an historical precedent. Back in his lucid days Al Davis drafted Gene Upshaw for the specific purpose of matching up against Buck Buchanon of the Chiefs. Now Upshaw was second to no one as a talent, so Al didn’t settle in any way for lesser talent, and a Blue Chip OG is always an advantage to building a roster.
        In support of what you said, Baalke did not go out and grab a speedy midget slot cover guy to matchup with Austin and Harvin, despite the protestations of a few on this blog.

      12. Well said Scooter. Couldn’t agree more. I also agree with Jack’s belief that CB and S are the more important positions to be focusing on as those positions could feature the highest amount of turnover.

        I may be wrong, but I don’t see them resigning Whitner after letting Goldson go in a similar situation last year. If that’s the case then drafting a Safety that can come in and play right away becomes a priority.

        Same thing with Brown unless he really doesn’t have much interest in which case they may be able to retain him, but I doubt it. Rogers will not be brought back at that price, so that is both starting CB’s that will need to be replaced.

        It’s hard to predict what a team will do in the draft quite often, but suffice to say the Niners will be looking at CB and S in the first 3 rounds at the very least.

      13. Well, I’m always a believer that the draft is about future years, not next year. Yes, in this day and age some of these draft picks will need to contribute and possibly start straight away, and CB and S are two positions that currently have openings (as does WR if Boldin isn’t retained). But WR has a lot of question marks moving forward. And as Grant correctly points out this year has a lot of top end talent at WR, and it would be a shame to miss out on a highly talented player just to fill an immediate need.

        They should definitely be taking a WR in the first two rounds, and if the big run on WRs that Grant is predicting doesn’t occur then I imagine WR is where the best value will lie at #30.

      14. We have five, possibly six picks in the first two days of the draft…we can address the secondary issues and get a receiver or two in those two days…if we need to move up we have multiple picks in the later rounds to do that…we can address all of our needs…it’s not like we can use all 13 of those picks because a good chunk of those picks wouldn’t make the team anyway…

      15. Grant, if there is a run on WRs Baalke should trade up to grab the guy he wants, not sit at #30 and take what is left. They have the ammo, they should use it. Someone will be willing to trade.

      16. KC don’t have a 2nd rounder and have a few positions they could fill. Moving down 7 spots to pick up an extra 3rd or 4th rounder could make sense

        1. That’s true, they could trade up with the Raiders for Sammy Watkins. It would cost the Niners a first this year and a first next year, both seconds this year and a third.

      17. We only need 5 players out of this draft. Remember we also had the equivalent of two first round picks sitting this year in Tank and Lattimore.
        WR, CB, SS, OL, QB

  55. What are expectations of VMac next year? I mean you don’t draft a guy in the 2nd just to be an inline blocker do you?

    The guy is such a physical specimen, has the height and athelticism to become a legitimate redzone threat. I really hope his concentration this offseason is developing those hands. I expect a big jump next year.

    1. I think he’ll become a bigger part of the offense like Walker was eventually Leo. Being a rookie from Rice who didn’t block very much, meant the learning curve was going to be steep. It takes time before some young players are comfortable and understand what they are doing on every snap.

    2. I expect VMac to have a HUGE jump next year. His rookie season, while disappointing, really shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

    3. I was never really supirised by his lack of production this year. His role (Walker’s role) is multi-dimensional and I figured the curve would be big. I agree that he will be a Walker-like contributor, however, Walker was never a real redzone threat and I believe VMac can be. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    4. Leo on a Harbaugh\Roman team yes you do draft a TE in the 2nd rd to be a blocker but now that he is comfortable with blocking at the NFL level i see VMac improving as a receiver.

  56. I just want our offense to put up points. If we could score 3-5 touchdowns a game we’d be unstoppable. I personally believe if we could score 3-4 it would be hard to beat us. Whether it be adding players or changing some of the offensive coaching philosophy we have to do something to enable us to drive down the field and score TD’s in the redzone.

    1. No I like him and what he’s done. I get the feeling I’m probably one of the younger niner fans here. I just HATE with a passion how inconsistent the offense looks. There’s never been a real flow to it. I feel there’s no real combination of plays that set each other up. When Alex was the QB, it was smooth. I don’t know why the philosophies changed just because of the QB. I think they need to figure our how to score touchdowns instead of field goals. To me, that should be the biggest concern this off season. Getting the ball into the endzone.

      1. OMG KY49er you must be new here complimenting A. Smith and saying part of our O looks better with him will get you the title of Troll around here but you are correct Smith did look smoother presnap during his Harbaugh years than CK has.

    2. If we could score 3-5 touchdowns a game we’d be unstoppable.

      Is there anything else you’d like? Maybe the defense could force 3-5 turnovers a game.

    3. KY49er,

      What you just posted here does sound like it comes from a young fan no doubt about it. I don’t mean that as an insult, just that it fits the mold of instant gratification that many young fans have because of what they have seen the past few years and the explosion in popularity of Fantasy football.

      All I can say is there is no fool proof formula to winning a Football game. Ultimately you have to score more than your opponent no matter how many points that is and there are countless ways to do it.

      The Harbaugh method is to play good defense, run the football and capitalize on play action. The fact he’s had this team in 3 straight NFC Championship games is proof that this method is solid and wins games. If you look at Seattle who along with the Niners were considered 1-2 in the league, they play the exact same way.

      I love watching good passing offenses as much as the next guy, and sometimes get frustrated with the Niners style, but when you step back and look at the results, it’s hard to argue with it.

      1. I’m young but not that young. I’ve been a fan since end of Montana’s days. I flew out to San Fran for my first trip to the west coast to watch the niners play against the Seahawks in candlestick. I’m perfectly fine with smash mouth football. As my football coaches used to say, “3 yards and a cloud of dust will get the job done.” And coming from where we are I’m very happy. The frustration sets in when we struggle to put together a fluid drive. It gets even worse when we reach the redzone and can’t score a touchdown. I will argue with anyone that if we put up 21 points, more than likely we are winning. Now this is where I do expect more from an offense with as many weapons as we have. I don’t know feel it should be as hard as we make it to score. We get to the redzone often.

      2. Yep, the key to an offense like the 49ers is those big chunk plays in the passing game, generally off the play-action. That is why I would like them to draft a WR capable of getting behind a defense, and capable of creating some separation. They don’t really have that at the moment outside of Vernon. They don’t need another guy that would then just be in a jump-ball situation on such a play, no matter how big they are.

        1. I agree with this. I think Davante Adams has enough size and speed to be a deep threat, like Terrance Williams. But I think Cooks would be a better pick for the Niners than Adams.

      3. KY49er, the 49ers averaged 25.4 points per game during the regular season, that’s 3 TD’s (in point value), an FG and some change. That was good enough for a 12-4 winnng season.

        Sounds like you want the Bronco’s offense when you start wanting up to 5 TD’s. Not going to happen with the 49er offense.

        1. Not necessarily. I think Adams is faster than Crabtree, more of a deep threat. Adams mostly played the X receiver for Fresno State.

  57. KY,

    I meant no offense with labeling you as a young fan. You are obviously not of the current “young generation” of fans my bad.

    Would it surprise you to learn the Niners have been 11th overall in points scored every season under Harbaugh? It would me if I didn’t post the number. As I said, once you step back and look at it without preconceived notions, you realize that what they do works quite well most of the time.

    1. Funny thing Jack.
      Peyton is basically the offensive coordinator and I don’t think for a second that Roman would have any influence on Peyton play calling. What is your take?

      1. Manning would not have been running things as much as he is now. That’s part of why Denver was the better move for him.

      2. Too bad because I don’t think Harbaugh has a great offensive mind and certainly not Roman. Peyton can read defenses, something that Roman and Harbaugh struggle with.

      3. Funny, I didn’t notice Harbaugh or Roman on the field reading defenses. Fool that I am, I thought that was the QB’s job.

      4. Someone call plays , because of the way the defense has lined up in certain situations. If Kaep is having a problem, Roman and Harbaugh too. How many plays did we waste on 1 yard runs by Gore.?

  58. Check this out Ladies and Gents. MM column on Comcast
    991 (100%) – G Alex Boone
    976 (98.49%) – T Anthony Davis
    971 (97.985) – C Jonathan Goodwin
    969 (97.78%) – QB Colin Kaepernick
    930 (93.84%) – T Joe Staley
    811 (81.84%) – TE Vernon Davis
    804 (81.13%) – WR Anquan Boldin
    744 (75.08%) – RB Frank Gore
    694 (70.03%) — G Mike Iupati
    520 (52.47%) – FB Bruce Miller
    479 (48.34%) – TE Vance McDonald
    363 (36.63%) – OL Adam Snyder
    237 (23.92%) – WR Michael Crabtree
    190 (19.17%) – RB Kendall Hunter
    148 (14.93%) – WR Mario Manningham
    123 (12.41%) – TE Garrett Celek
    104 (10.49%) – WR Jon Baldwin
    84 (8.48%) – OL Daniel Kilgore
    80 (8.07%) – FB Anthony Dixon
    69 (6.96%) – OL Joe Looney
    60 (6.05%) – WR Quinton Patton
    43 (4.34%) – WR Kassim Osgood
    40 (4.04%) – TE Derek Carrier
    28 (2.83%) – RB LaMichael James
    24 (2.42%) – FB Will Tukuafu
    22 (2.22%) – QB Colt McCoy
    1 (0.1%) – FB Ian Williams

    1. Considering the amount of time he missed with injuries in the first half of the season it is safe to assume that V Davis would have been up around 95%.

  59. The 49ers have 3 7th round picks in the 2014 draft. I would like to see the team trade everyone one of those picks for 3 6th rounders in the 2015 draft. Then 3 5th rounders in the 2016 draft. and so on. I’d like to see those picks become the bedrock of future multiple top 3 round picks so the team has a constant influx of top end draft talent to replenish the roster.

    1. Houston:

      For two years, I have been asking for Baalke to turn 7th round picks into 1st round picks six years in the future. The farging bastage never listens to me.

    1. Interesting read, thanks.

      I tend to side with you on this one. It seems like more and more that the successful WR picks are in the 2nd-3rd rounds. I wonder why that is. Look at guys like Keenan Allen, TY Hilton, Desean Jackson. They also tend to be the smaller guys. I think teams tend to fall in love with Physique and atheleticism rather than production, IMO.

      Maybe im wrong.

      Hopefully our very own Patton works out really well for us.

      1. To chime in on this. I think the schemes the coaches make helps benefit the players. For the life of me I can not understand how we went the entire season and never lined LaMichael James up as a slot or motioned him out of the backfield to get a mismatch on a LB. I think Patton needs to get more touches as well. I hope Kap, Boldin, Patton, & Crab get together this offseason to run routes. Kap has to get comfortable throwing to others. It needs to happen for us to be successful.

      2. Leo,
        I always thought that Keenan Allen was in the 6’1-2″ and 210-15 lbs range.

        I do know that DeSean and TY are smaller type WR’s. DeSean has missed some time during his career because of injury’s resulting in hard hits.
        That’s my concern regarding small type receivers.

  60. A case could be made for drafting a smaller/quicker type WR because they seem to do well against the c-hawks big physical DB’s.
    I personally prefer the bigger/physical type WR because not only could they hold up against the c-hawks mugging DB style but they will also hold up against the other 14 games (plus playoffs?) during the season.

    Bigger WR’s just have the physical size to withstand the rigors of the NFL more than a smaller WR.
    The law of physics will likely have a high percentage that shows the bigger WR having more longevity in the NFL than a smaller WR.

    I shudder at the thought at what may have happened to a smaller WR had they taken the shot that Boldin took against the Jets in the endzone when his jaw was broken or the shot that VD took from Cam Chanceller two years ago on the sideline.

    Fast/quick smaller WR’s can be exciting and even successful, but now with the inception of the larger and equally fast DB’s the smaller WR is one good hit from going on the injury list for a considerable amount of time.

    1. I think the bigger issue is their muscle mass/ weight. Thin and spindly guys tend to struggle with injury, no matter how tall they are. Short but well built guys are ok.

    2. AES as always i agree with your comment. I have no problem for us to draft a blazing fast WR with very good hands and route running ability. However we still need a very big and physical WR to compliment him. In the NFL having a big target WR that is physical is always helpful. Look at Chicago and their two WR.

      1. I want size and speed. Donte Moncrief has both. He’s 6’3 225. Dude recorded a 39 inch vertical and an 11 foot broad jump last spring. If accurate, those numbers would have been top 3 for WRs in the last combine. He is reported to run in the neighborhood of a 4.5 40, so again, in the top 15 from last year. Could be had in the second round….

  61. Baalke likes physical specimens with long arms. What the Niners need is a guy that runs precise routes, catches the football and runs away from people. There is no breakaway threat on offense. Gore gets caught every time, Boldin and crabs out muscle or start and stop, and VD outruns some poor LB before plowing into a DB. Bring back the days of Rice and Taylor, when they caught the ball 10 yards out and never stopped running. Those guys weren’t 6’4″, 225.

  62. 1. Round Odell Beckham wr LSU with one of the 2 Second round picks Jarvis Landry wr LSU with one of the 3. round picks Brandon Coleman wr Rutgers 6’6 red zone beast. Time to draft playmakers cash in on deep wr draft.

  63. Note to Coach Harbaw:
    ” Hey, Jimbo; I’m headed for the Super Bowl…”
    (Coach Pete Carroll)
    …and you opened the door, fella.

    If the Seahawks somehow manage to win, then
    the offseason will be haunted by two questions:
    why did we lose in the NFC Championship? and
    could the Niners have beaten the Denver Broncos?

    3 minutes 37 seconds…. that was a winnable game.

    1. Hey Alex Stalker, your bs rant is getting really boring man or it! Do you realize Jim H could give a $hit about your opinion. If the Seahawks beat the Broncos that’s even more proof that they have an elite defense that can beat any team including the top rated offense that has put up historical numbers in the NFL! Jim does not have to worry about his accomplishments with setting NFL record of Ws and 3 NFC championship appearances. Can you say the same about your 9 year veteran crush! Dude please go take your anti anxiety medications and move to KC so you can stalker the home boy and search the trash after he throws away his junk for your memorable collection.

      1. Chi,
        It’s DS. Just ignore her. She’s the same person she was last year, just angrier now that the Milky Blues was Fed-Exed to K.C.

  64. Before discussing what they’re going to do in May we should be more focused on what they’re going to do or not going to do for that matter leading up to and after March 11th.

    How they address their own free agents as well as any potential new ones will lead the discussion towards what they might do a couple months later. All this draft talk is just putting the cart before the horse.

  65. We do need to get a top receiver in the draft. The top 10 receivers make between 9.4 to 18 million per season in the NFL this past season. Don’t see the Niners spending that amount of jack on Crabs.

    1. I agree Neal. We need to draft a very good prospect however my fear is due to Trent ability to find good receivers! I hope we can bring back Boldin at least for another two years.

      1. You know that I love Boldin Chicago 49ers, he is on my profile pic. I don’t think Boldin will take a price cut, but two years at $12 million total would sound ok with me. Plus they will probably cut Carlos Rogers in June, and he is making the same amount as Boldin in the 6 mill range.

  66. Baalke should make almost the exact same move as last year. Trade up above the Packers with the Dolphins and take Calvin Pryor S Louisville. Reid/Pryor would be formidable for years….

    Calvin Pryor S Louisville
    Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraska
    Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss
    Traded one 3rd Rounder to Miami
    Weston Richberg C Colorado

    1. The Packers has some glaring needs at safety, tight end, and on the defensive line Razor. I don’t think they will be trading back in this draft.

      1. I don’t think the Dolphins would either because they need to rebuild their offensive line.
        The Ravens could be an option because they have the least amount of picks with five.

      2. Not really if you are referring to the Dolphins Razor. The first round currently has 5-6 OT options available and they will probably go after a guard in free agency. Depending on how the draft goes, these are the teams that the Niners could trade up with: Titans, Bears, Ravens, Cowboys, Chiefs, Chargers, Browns (with their second 1st round pick) and the Saints.

      3. Something tells me they might like a guy like Brandon Linder, G, Miami in the 3rd Round….but of course they could always use it to move up for someone they covet.

  67. I’m sorry but a C+ at your most important position is not going to cut it. First concern, a top, top QB. We didn’t have to worry when we had Montana and Young, mostly because of their outstanding instints and the ability to mix plays and do things spontaneously. I know Kaepernick can throw bullets in tight coverages downfield, and can run like a deer, but the game and the ability to spread the field takes much more than that. I believe if the Niners kept AS they would have two more SB titles. Worst case scenario is you have two elite QB’s battling for #1, and one surely would be learning from the others’ better qualities. I love Manziel as he has great instincts and makes decisions quickly. Bridgewater shows me a lot too, and the Clemson guy had one heckuva game in the Bowl game to impress me. Here’s Walter’s List. I hope we can pick up a real good B+-A- QB. http://walterfootball.com/draft2014QB.php

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