49ers mock re-draft — post Day 1

These are the players I think the 49ers will draft on Days 2 and 3 of the draft, given the players they drafted on Day 1.

Round 3, pick No. 66: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida.  The Niners have to take the best cornerback available with this pick or they’ll be stuck with Dontae Johnson in their starting lineup. Wilson is a big cornerback who allowed a completion percentage of less than 40 on passes thrown his direction in 2016.

Round 3, pick No. 67: DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame. I originally predicted the Niners would draft Kizer in the second round but it seems he may fall to the third round. I still believe he’s the quarterback Kyle Shanahan wants.

Round 4, pick No. 109: Tedric Thompson, FS, Colorado. The Niners need a starting-caliber safety in case Jimmie Ward doesn’t pan out at his new position. Thompson intercepted seven passes in 2016.

Round 4, pick No. 143. Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson. A pass-catching tight end who will drop to the end of the fourth round because he’s a poor blocker.

Round 5, pick No. 146. Joe Williams, RB, Utah. The most explosive running back in the draft. Williams also has the skills to return kicks even though he didn’t return them in college.

Round 5, pick No. 161. Keion Adams, DE, Western Michigan. A former basketball player who has terrific “get off” and “bend” for an edge rusher, as draft experts say.

Round 6, pick No. 198. Brian Allen, CB, Utah. A 6’3″ cornerback who used to play wide receiver — similar to Richard Sherman.

Round 6, pick No. 202. Isaiah McKenzie, WR/PR, Georgia. One of the best punt returners in the draft. McKenzie also fits Shanahan’s physical profile for a small wide receiver (think Taylor Gabriel).

Round 7, pick No. 219. Corey Levin, OG, Chattanooga. A small-school guard who fits Shanahan’s outside-zone-blocking scheme.

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  1. They will make a move to get back into the second round. #66 and #67 get you back into the top of the second round. #67 and a fourth gets you back into the middle to middle late second round.

    They wont take until the third to make their next pick.

      1. They’ve got to grab a CB. There’s going to be a run on them in the second and I expect they will make their move then.

          1. Understand. This is a question that I often have as well. There has to be a sweet spot of how many players you draft (quantity) versus quality of the players you draft.

            1. If you’re truly confident in your scouting then quantity shouldn’t be necessary. Look how many draft picks Baalke has had and where did that get us?

              1. Put it this way, if you believe the drat is nothing more then a crap shoot then your strategy is to get as many picks as possible and just hope you get lucky.

                If you trust and believe in your scouting then you go after the players you want.

            2. What is the sweet spot? it depends on how you define it.

              To me, the sweet spot is the are in the draft where a team can pick up a possible starter. It is a given that every first rounder should be a starter.

              However, this is a deep draft, so my sweet spot are picks from 33 to 100. Past 100, the players chosen may be great back ups and provide depth, and in the 5th and 6th rounds, there may be players who have flaws, but could make the roster. 7th rounders will be lucky to become PS players.

              Of course, drafting is an inexact science, and there could be busts anywhere.

          1. Seattle is taking Obi at 34.

            I really like Moreau but 53 is too high. Fabian is the best choice to still be available at #66.

            1. Seattle has been consistently linked to King. However, you’ve been pretty good at calling the picks that other teams in fact did make. Why don’t you like King?

              1. I like King quite a bit, I’d have no problem for them trading #67 and #109 to go get him.

              2. Seattle really likes Obi and would have taken him last night if they hadn’t had an offer to move back.

              3. Still have #66 and #143 plus one of the better CB prospects in the draft. I’d be ok with that.

            2. With Moreau’s injury, he may fall to the Niners.

              Since it is not an ACL, the risk reward may point in the positive direction.

              1. Griffin seems like a better athlete then player. Guys who were kinda nobody’s before the Combine should be considered very high risk. He’s a 6th round pick in my book.

    1. Funny how Kizer was Round 2 a couple of days ago. It’s even funnier how he craps on the draft because they’re not doing what he wants as opposed to being honest about the picks.

  2. I like most of these picks but unfortunately most of them would be gone by the time Niners’ make the call.

      1. Yeah, me and couple of co-workers drove over at about 4 pm. It was pretty crowded (a few thousand at peak around 5 pm) and they had a party atmosphere going. Ted Robinson was all bug eyed and yelling on the big stadium screens getting the faithful worked about the first round pick. King Solomon’s coronation was received with great enthusiasm.

        This was my first visit to that park and so I spent the first hour doing the tourist thing – posing for photo in front of the 5 Lombardis (and the Vegan Burger and Wine stand signs :). The museum was closed. Dennis Brown and Bubba Paris were there signing autographs along with Bradley Pinion when we ambled by the autograph area. I heard that other players, alums and new FAs were also around. We left after the 20th pick after finishing off our $12 IPAs and $9 garlic fries :) It’s a nice stadium and I’d rather have preferred that the sunny side to have been open since the wind made it chilly on the shaded side where we sat. Of course it would be different in September!

  3. Grant:
    Round 3, pick No. 66: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida?

    ** Currently listed as Rd 2, #46 on CBSSPORTS.COM
    and Rd 1 #17 on DRAFTEK’S draft board.

    Round 3, pick No. 67: DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame.

    **Same with Kizer, listed as Rd 2, #34 on CBSSPORTS.COM
    and Rd 2, #38 on DRAFTEK’S draft board

    What am I missing?

    1. I’d pay a lot of $$ if I never had to read or hear the name Kaepernick ever again. Done with that story, time to move on. Just like the league did.

      1. CFC,

        Alex Smith still comes up as a topic on here 4 years after he was traded. I don’t think it will be any different with Kap. Some fans have OCD when it comes to QB’s even if they are no longer on the team.

        1. Understand what you’re saying Rocket and we all know who you are talking about, but, imo, there’s nothing wrong with mentioning former players now and then when there is something of interest. Unfortunately the OCD fans make it such that you never want to hear the player’s name again.

      2. Well if they draft Kizer he will be compared to Kap his whole career. They are basically the same guy except Kap is faster.

  4. Grant,
    There were rumors all over the NFL network this morn that a # of teams were looking to trade up in the 2nd to draft either Kizer or Webb.

      1. I agree. Kizer will be taken in the second at some point and so will Wilson imo. Hope I’m wrong though. Both of these guys would be excellent 3rd round picks.

      1. I know. And it may be heresy. But when I saw that tape of how Garrett routine fails to hustle, finish plays and even just ****ing stands there sometimes…

        I just kept thinking Aundray Bruce and was glad we didn’t have fall to us.

              1. No worries climb away, I got it. I was looking for an nfl.com prospect listing which is why I asked.

  5. Grant,
    How about a list of 3 or 4 CB’s in case Wilsons gone. I posted a list earlier this morning.
    Chidobe Awuzie
    Jourdan Lewis
    Teez Tabor
    Fabian Moreau
    Cordea Tankersley
    After CB I think they will pick a WR
    Chris Godwin
    Carlos Henderson
    Cooper Kupp
    Then Dobbs in the 4th round.

    1. OldCoach – Familiar with Bucky Hodges? He’s listed as TE but I think he’ll line up as receiver most of the time.

      6-6, 257, 4.57 forty, 39 vrt, 11’2″ brd. Good hands. Can sky for the ball.

      Would be TE but needs to work on blocking. He’s willing to block and get physical. Mainly needs to learn the techniques.

  6. ProFootballTalk‏Verified account @ProFootballTalk 7m
    Chiefs GM John Dorsey sees Patrick Mahomes becoming “one of those truly great players”
    Me too.

    1. Mahomes couldn’t have gone to a better situation. Gets to sit behind a QB who will help him and learn from a great offensive mind in Reid. Perfect fit for him.

      1. It’s a good spot but I for me Pittsburgh was the perfect spot. When he wasn’t a first round consideration I had hoped he would get snagged in the second or third by the Ravens.

        1. I don’t think the Ravens would have drafted him regardless of where he fell. Flacco still has a lot of years left. Pittsburgh would have been good I agree, but Reid is a QB’s dream as a teacher and playcaller and he will be the starter there by 2018 I’m guessing. 2019 at the latest.

      2. At the risk of mentioning for SF QBs, I think many underestimate how much Alex helped Kap that first year when Kap started (sometime in the 2012 season, IIRC).

  7. The top 3 CB’s left on the board will be gone by pick #55. I think at least 4 CB’s go in the second round.

  8. Scooter won’t be fond of this but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steeler’s walked away from today with Kizer.

    1. Love to have Quincy -possible move up for F.Lamp ? Some other faves still available Zay Jones,Cooper Kupp,N Peterman,Kareem Hunt,Tansel Smart,Joe Mathis,the Blair Brown project(beat you to it Razor ?),don’t sleep on Teez or Howard Wilson or Gabe Marks !

  9. R3P66: CB Sidney Jones
    R3P67: CB Quincy Wilson
    R4P109: WR Amara Darboh
    R4P143: RB Jeremy McNichols
    R5P146: TE Jonnu Smith
    R5P161: OLB Joe Mathis
    R6P198: QB Brad Kaaya
    R6P202: FS/NCB Jonathan Ford
    R7P219: OT Jylan Ware

  10. Harsh reality for Trubisquits future:

    Gregg Rosenthal‏Verified account @greggrosenthal 32s
    Hard enough for Tribusky to succeed after 1 year as college starter. Much harder to do it with Fox/Loggains as coaches and Meredith as WR1

    1. What never gets enough press is the amount of pressure on players in Chicago. They always push the NY market as brutal for professional athlete but Chicago is a real close #2. They’re going to eat him alive being a pick that nobody wanted.

    2. The Coaching staff in Chicago is not ideal for Trubisky, but I think everyone is forgetting that this is a talented QB who while only playing one year, was the best in the Country for that year. No way I would have taken him that high, much less trade up, but if the Bears are right, they just landed their franchise QB and nobody will care what they gave up. Way too early to throw dirt on the pick.

        1. Got it. My view is Trubisky is very talented and was the best QB I saw this season. The only knock is the experience and the reason why I wouldn’t have taken him that high. As a player, he has a tremendous amount of potential imo.

          1. It kind of is but the Bears didn’t give up nearly as much. I know you have already made up your mind on Goff, but I still think he has the ability to become a good QB in this league. Getting McVay will really put him in a good spot to achieve what they hoped he could when they traded up for him. The passing talent and pocket presence are top notch and the reason he went #1. They just need to protect him better and get him weapons to throw to.

            1. I already told you that I thought the bust factor for Goff went from 60% to 30% with the hiring of McVay. He’ll have to show something this year….

            2. Watching Goff on hard knocks last year was very telling. He is a moron, an immature moron at that. I doubt he will work hard, or ever be good at reading the game

  11. The Browns buyers market arrogance was annoying. Simply by branding themselves an analytic team, they thought they could demand kings ransom moving back in 2016… but make stingy offers to move up.

    If it wasn’t smoke and mirrors and they Truly liked Trubisky, they could have secured him by spending a few of their extra 2nd rounders in 2017 and 2018.

  12. I hope the Niners manage to trade back and get another pick.

    Bengals could offer pick numbers 73 and 138 for pick number 67.
    Of course, the Bengals need to covet a player out of their reach to make the deal.

    Do not think Kizer will last through the second round. Jets will likely take him.

    Still think Webb may be a good option.

  13. We stil need a CB,S QB,TE and O-line i hope we will keep our good flow going.
    I personally would trade up big for Kizer.

    1. He he. The rematch is on December 3. The other match up of interest is on the opening week — ex-team mates Thomas vs. CMac

  14. I’m hoping the 49ers take advantage of the depth at corner, tight end and edge rusher at 66/67/109.

    I like Derek Rivers, Edge. I think he could be there at 66.

    Also like Bucky Hodges, TE. Think he’ll drop to 109?

  15. I’m with Coffee I would like to see them trade a 3rd and a 4th to move up into the 2nd round to get a CB. Should get us back to the mid 50’s. Hopefully there would be quality candidates left there.

  16. There’s a lot of CB’s still available including Jones who may slide into the 3rd due to the Achilles injury. I would not trade up unless a there is a borderline 1st round caliber player falling. I’d rather see them use the extra picks on a group that is pretty deep well into the 4th round.

    I’m guessing the go CB and QB with the two first round picks. Peterman as the QB unless Kizer somehow slides and Jones or Witherspoon at CB. A surprise pick could be Mixon if he makes it through the second.

    1. “including Jones who may slide into the 3rd due to the Achilles injury.”

      Uh, oh. Baalke hacked Rocket’s avatar!

      1. Jones is expected to be ready by September CFC, and he would be another great steal if the 49ers do take him.

        1. Sorry but is it really too much to ask to draft a CB who’s considered a good prospect that actually has healthy knees?

      2. If it was a knee I’d be right there with you CFC, but Achilles injuries rarely linger or affect players long term. Jones would be a bargain in the 3rd and for a team trying to add the best talent they can in year one of a rebuild, he’s a no brainer to me if he’s there.

            1. …Foster is a triple threat. Character, injury, and drugs. I hope the 9ers were right in there vetting of him. As it stands now he needs to go voulenteer at a hospital for 40 hours if he wants me to root for him.

  17. After looking over the first there are some clear bargains and reaches.

    Bargains: Jamal Adams, Marshon Lattimore, Malik Hooker, Jonathan Allen, OJ Howard, Gareon Conley (if he’s truly innocent) and Rueben Foster.

    Reaches: Mitchell Trubisky, All the WR’s, Mahomes, Watson, Humphrey and Jackson.

    Today will be interesting.

  18. Trade down, because this is a deep draft.

    The practices told us that they were comfortable with Ward at Safety, and seeing Redmond participate lessened the need for a CB. O line and OLB positions look decent, so the Niners should get a QB and TE with their 66th and 67th picks.

    Bears Texans and Chiefs all got QBs, but Jets and Browns still need QBs.

    My guess is Jets go Kizer and Browns go Peterman, with the Broncos, Steelers, Jags and Chargers in the mix.

    1. Did you expect Lamp to fall out of the first round? If anything, you should have learned that this is a crazy draft.

  19. Thomas may have enough strength and explosiveness to overcome his size. My concern is that he is not a hitter. He grabs and tries to drag down the QB or HB leading to broken tackles.

    But sometimes that’s all it takes. Disrupting a QB or slowing down a RB so teammates can get to him. I’m not expecting monster numbers for Thomas, but he could have a huge impact on our D.

    1. It’s been made clear that Saleh’s defense will be a swarming defense. Grant mentioned that, IIRC, in his writeup of the first practice open to beat writers.

      1. Yup, it’s also been mentioned that the lineman are being used up and down the line. This could work out very well for us.

    2. On the plus side, he won’t so likely get unnecessary roughness penalties, which is where the league is aggressively heading … heavier and more touchy feely penalties resulting in 1st downs, heavy yardage, as well as fines and ejections from the game.

  20. Had Budda Backer him on my radar so we could move Ward back to corner. I don’t see Budda Baker falling past Seahawks and Chargers. If some how he does fall to the 50’s I’d pounce.

  21. Grant, I just don’t see the 49ers going nuts over Kizer. Already, we now are learning what a shrewd GM Lynch is. He mentioned that Kizer “blew the doors off” the building with their one-on-one meeting. Seeing that he had no desire to draft Kizer, in either the 1st or 2nd round, clearly his earlier praise was gamesmanship to throw other GMs off his scent. Similarly, he expertly gamed Bears’ GM to trade a bevy of picks just to move up one slot to draft a QB that Lynch (secretly) had no intention of taking. And, he gave up very little to move back into round 1 to select Foster. Just saying, perhaps Lynch also sees in Kizer what a lot of scouts are warning about: he is the ultimate “pure Millennial,” incapable of staying focused, remaining consistent, and being humble enough to learn the basics in footwork and follow-through. You can’t teach Millennials anything when they assume they already know everything.

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