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  1. We need to draft his replacement. He wont be in shape for a year and will demand a a trade at the end of the year.

      1. I am with high top! Fun read and awesome points! Like I tell my little league team” a lot less talking and a lot more action” boy does davis like to text but no action. Like the Ivanhoe tale davis “will continue to wait for another day to joust!” He will just continue to eat,drink and talk!

      2. idk, when did trent get a free pass? what short memories you ppl have. it was only a year ago trent had a hand in chasing off the best coach weve had in 20 years, winning the power struggle even though the guy has a poor track record. The men in that locker room held trent and jedork accountable………and bailed on the franchise! period!

    1. You have no basis for your reasoning, he coud very well be in the best shape of his life (year off, only had to work out, no contact or injuries). Hes going to be 25, which is extremely young for olinemen, hes just beginning to enter the early part of his prime and he already has 5 years in the league. There is no reason to draft his backup. Hea still got 5 more years on his contract, he can demand trades all he wants, niners dont have to deal with it and its quite possible that after he gets into the clubhouse he’ll like the coaches, team, whatever and everything will be ok.

    2. So true. And he’s a tumor. He ripped his very tough college coach in both 2009 & 2012 including putting him down when he was fired from Tampa (he’d moved on from Rutgers by then). He ripped Harbaugh and/or Roman (couldn’t tell for sure because it was so passive aggressive) in 2014. In 2015 he ripped Staley (as if Davis had an inch of room) for being soft and weak. He also ripped the rest of the oline. All while sitting on his *** in retirement.

  2. Solid article Grant. I agree with many points. What do you think the chances are they deal him to another team? Does he even fit in Chip’s system? Does Brown for that matter?

    1. TomD

      49er Webzone quote below:
      Baalke drafted Davis, 2010, tired of defending Baalke’s head case draftees…TomD

      While he sat out the year, he had no problem calling out the best player on the 49ers’ offense, left tackle Joe Staley, going as far as posting a gif of Staley being blown up by Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor and providing critical commentary. While Davis might have felt he was within his rights as a teammate to hold a peer

      Staley had numerous opportunities to blast Davis in the media and never took a shot. The quick pressures, QB hits, and sacks given up by Davis to edge rushers (particularly Cliff Avril in big games) during pivotal moments killed offensive momentum, yet we never saw a 49er throw Davis under the bus for those. In fact, Staley was even kind enough to state that the team would welcome Davis back if he returned in shape and ready to go.


    1. Thanks for posting that. Found it interesting that there was no explicit mention of Kap’s agents also being at the meeting.

      1. No problem. Ya that’s interesting Cubus. I was a supporter of Kaep trying out Chips system for 1 year but I’m ready for him to leave now.. I believe he gets traded very soon. It’s time for a new direction.

        1. If the agents weren’t there, then that clearly favors Elway, imo. Just two football quarterbacks talking about how nice it would be to work together without pesky agents/attorneys around and getting in the way. Elway giving Kap the “pitch” about how he’s built a SB winner and Baalke has destroyed a SB ready team. Kap agreeing because he took a team-friendly deal with the understanding that Baalke would use the money saved to keep the important players on the team. Elway convincing Kap that if he did the same thing for the Broncos, Elway would “guarantee” that he’d keep the team together. Further, his door would always be open for Kap and as an ex-QB he’d be glad to provide any advice he could.

          That Kap accepted this situation, if he did, would seem to suggest a willingness to make something work out.

    2. TomD

      April 2, 2016 at 8:37 am

      A good plan would have been to address the offense, especially the offensive line, in free agency and then the defense in the draft. Now the 49ers are forced to look solely at the draft to begin their rebuild, a philosophy that they would love fans to believe was the plan all along. The problem is that they have drafted poorly in recent years, further accelerating the team’s demise.

      Despite a desperate need to infuse the roster with talent, Baalke reverted back to his old ways with his refusal to overspend on a single player. He either really believes in his system, feels that he has a good deal of job security, or both.
      One has to wonder if the 49ers get it. Does Baalke get it? Does Jed York not recognize that Baalke may be part of the problem? If Chip Kelly fails in San Francisco, which I truly hope he does not, then Baalke may quickly become the newest scapegoat and eventually find himself on the outside looking in.

        1. croll half way down to see Wilkerson—Baalke needs to do his job and get him.

          NinerFans Sakamoto
          If the Jets and 49ers can somehow iron out a Kaepernick for Wilkerson deal, that would do wonders from not only the team’s four-technique pass-rushing standpoint (that hasn’t been seen since DE Justin Smith retired), but for the 49ers to finally move on from Kaepernick, while letting him thrive somewhere else. A win-win for both sides.

    3. RAW,
      Caught that this morning. My take is if Elway really wants Kap he will work out a deal within the next couple of weeks leading into the draft to acquire him.

      If 49ers gave Broncos permission to meet with CK it takes the mystery out of the equation – Kap is heading to Denver.

      I believe that Denver is willing to part with their number 3 pick with a future draft pick if CK meets certain criteria and if the 49ers are willing to absorb the bulk of CK’ contract. The Broncos have less then 2mil. of cap space while the 49ers have about 50mil.
      All that’s left is hashing out the details.
      C’ya, CK!

      1. Ya problem we have let’s say the Niners want Goff(for example), it would be beneficial for the Niners to trade Kaep during the draft. Have the details ironed out. At that point other teams don’t know what there going to do. Let teams like the Eagles, Rams etc believe that the Niners are keeping Kaep. Kaep is gone its just a matter of when. Could be Monday if he pushes for closure. I think the common ground is a third. If I’m Balke I push for there 2nd!

  3. Excellent article.. Again I have no problem with any player leaving the game especially for concussive issues. But be forthright, be fair to your teammates, be professional about it. Using Twitter to handle what should be private business is about as dumb as it gets. It’s “social media” not business media.. I am very disappointed in Anthony.. His actions from the time he retired show little concern for anyone but himself. Add the fact that a number of his tweets come off sounding sixth grade you wonder if the guy should even return to the football field or if there is some ulterior motive..

  4. 49ers mgmt insists they want Kaepernick on their 2016 roster… and yet just allowed him to meet with Denver’s top exec. Ohh kay.

    10:15 AM – 2 Apr 2016
    T. Kawakami

      1. Yes, the 49ers gave him permission to seek a trade weeks ago. This is nothing new. Kawakami is a little slow on the uptake here I think. Plus, does anyone truly believe anything that comes out of the mouths of anyone in the 49ers FO, or any NFL FO for that matter?

        1. My question was more general than that Jack. How can the team stop Kap from meeting with anyone at all? I can’t stop my employees from “getting together” with my competition; I’ve been poached a few times. Is there something in the players agreement with the NFL where these types of meetings can be prohibited?

          1. Poached? Hmm, you never seem scrambled in your posting, or fried by the posters. I bet you were not taken over easy, and your sunny side up demeanor probably got you a big raise since you are not the hard boiled type.
            Sorry, could not refrain. ;p

          2. In the NFL you can’t talk to a player without permission unless they’re a free agent. Otherwise it’s tampering.

            1. Thanks, Jack. I don’t know why I forgot about that. Probably because I was only looking at it from Kap’s perspective. So the onus is on coaches and front office people. In other words, if the niners hadn’t given permission, Elway is the one that would be reprimanded (or whatever the penalty is) and not Kap.

        2. My perspective is that Kaeps’ agents asked permission to talk to other teams, minutes after the combine negotiations, and that the Niners did not grant permission. Only recently have I heard that the Niners have granted permission, and that was after the owners meeting with Elway rubbing elbows with Baalke.

          1. Man, I can’t keep up with the leaks. I never heard that the 49ers granted permission to talk about trades. Is there a place I can send my email address to so I can keep up with leaks?

      2. If this is true then the Broncos and Niners must have come to an agreement on compensation or are close. That would mean all that’s left is working out a new deal for Kap. Maybe there will be a deal worked out that allows Kap to take a lower base salary, but features incentives that would allow him to make as much or more than he is guaranteed under the terms of his current deal.

  5. AD is just perpetuating the narrative that players do not like Baalke, and Baalke is the problem. ‘Baalke is giving me a headache’ does not mean the literal truth, but figuratively, Baalke obviously has not assured AD that he will regain his starting job, and AD probably thinks that he will get the Alex Boone treatment from Baalke.
    Baalke should have been communicating better with AD, and never should have been blindsided by his retirement. Baalke is the one who is being emotional , mean and vindictive. He, along with Chip, should work harder on their people skills.
    Obviously, this is another case of a disgruntled player, and Baalke just looks bad holding him hostage, instead of letting him go so AD can play for whoever wants and appreciates him. Maybe Baalke should facilitate a trade, but no team will give the Niners a tenth of what his potential is. AD was the 11th player drafted in the first round, and would have been the starting LT on most other teams. He was RT because Staley was and is the LT.
    AD just fears that Baalke will put him at Guard and not pay him for his signing bonus that he paid back when he retired. Baalke should stop letting his emotions dictate his actions. Baalke should swallow his pride and welcome AD back with open arms, instead of having a snit and angering AD with his mean spirited communications.
    Again, I will say that Baalke is the problem, and his actions are hurting the team. AD may be fearful that he will be cut on the team bus, because Baalke likes to do that sort of thing.

    1. Seb my man, here we go again. “Balkee and Chip need to work on their people skills”? You know I like to friendly disagree with you… What kind of GM would Balkee be if he just gave every player ” what they want “. No Balkee isn’t the problem, the problem is players wanting their way, and when they don’t get it, they cry and complain, want a trade, and blame the GM.. Listen seb, this is where we will forever disagree, if fans were in charge of teams, every year teams would be broke, trying to fill teams with guys that aren’t worth what they want, just becayse they have the cap room.No draft picks would be able to be signed, and every year teams would be in salary cap hell! Your boy Tomsula was giving players what they wanted last year. I’m sorry but how well did that work out. Now I’m not happy with the teams current title hopes, but I am a believer that Trent is doing the right thing with this organizations current situation. Ladies and gentlemen, this isint a quick fix. Trent put a hell of a team together from 2007 to 2013. Actually McClughan had some of that as well, but still, this team had a window and its now over. He started not resigning players to get the team back to a good salary cap position. Now he’s letting the ” draft and development ” of his plan begin. I’m not saying it will work, but I am saying it’s a good plan. So in my eyes, his people skills are fine. No GM in this leauge is going to kiss a non superstars butt!! Would you write all 32 of them as well and say, “you guys need to work on your people skills”? I don’t think so. It’s Balkee you don’t like. Plain and simple. A lot of people feel that way. I’m not one of them but, I’m just a fan.

      1. I don’t mean to speak for Seb, but maybe he is like a lot of us who remember how Eddie D treated his players. I can’t recall how many times I heard stories about how he really cared about the players as people and went out of his way to help them in ways that were not just bidness. And as far as the fans were concerned, during the glory years, one of my clients saw Eddie D at the Palm Grill in Burlingame. He went over to talk to him and Eddie was genuinely pleased to converse with one of the fans. My client told him that he was a long time season ticket holder but did not get picked for SB tickets that year. Eddie D took his contact info and shortly after he received three tickets to the NO Super Dome in the mail. Yeah Baalke is a Pacells man. And the Big Tuna from New Yawk probably taught him that the players are nothing more than chess pieces. If Eddie D could act with class, then some of us can still hold out hope for a return to that kind of management. I will always root for the 49ers but I will never root for Baalke. Send him back to New Yawk where he belongs.

  6. All parties in this conflict are deliberately opaque. When they do communicate publicly, its cryptic and very brief. Whether discussing Kaepernick or Davis (or sometimes Baalke), speculation is all the remains.

    It’s not fair to withhold information, then complain if the puzzled masses have the wrong idea.

    I prefer to discuss hard football. Football plays. Football games. Football facts. But when it comes to Kaep, Dave and sometimes Trent, all the remains is speculation.

    Below is speculation about the intentions between various parties in a work conflict. Some of this speculation will be off the mark.

    – The tweets about un-retiring might have something to do with prorated signing bonus money. Whether its returning, keeping or getting back… who knows.

    The pattern seems to be (1) tweet about intentions to return, (2) insult at a 49er fan-teammate-manager-coach. Repeat.

    Reading AD’s tweets about #Golfclaps (I agree actually), Staley or headaches… he doesn’t sound like a guy intending to return. AD’s tweeted lots of crazy stuff before, but 49er fans, teammates and management weren’t his primary targets.

    – The timing if his retirement was clearly aimed at messing up the 49ers season. With most free agents gone, and the draft over with, the 49ers were caught without a RT.

    Pears was meant to be a backup. Rookie Trent Brown underwent such a massive physical change (losing around 45 lbs in a few months) it might not have been safe to play him before his body had time to adjust.

    – It seems like Davis is trying to do the triple wammy.
    Prevent the 49ers from (seriously) addressing RT in the 2015 offseason.
    Keep some of the 2015-16 signing bonus.
    Prevent the 49ers from (seriously) addressing RT in the 2016 offseason.

    What I want? I’m hoping this is all AD just being nutty old AD, and that his barbs are just the usual AD barbs we’ve all come to enjoy. That he’s had a nice trip to Prague. That he’s ready to return, in great shape. In 2014 the run game was so much better when AD played. I’d love to see him suit up, and hear his honest, unvarnished comments for years to come.

    But I don’t think it will happen.

    1. Well I’m ready for some hard football from Davis, if he can’t provide that then I don’t want his botheration .

    2. Good points Brodie. What I have always wondered about Davis is if he was actually trying to get out of training camp last year and when he found out was going to cost him a lot, he said OK, I’ll just retire. It seems like we may have a guy who is so bent on protecting his body and, as Grant seems to indicate, skip the rigors of training camp, that he may be trying the same thing this year. I doubt he is the only veteran who thinks he could skip right to the season and be ready to go. Pure speculation, but he has handled the situation very strangely IMHO. Hard to understand his reasoning other than he really does not want to compete for his position.

  7. They should treat this as though he isn’t coming back and if he does then they have a good candidate to play RT. I disagree on trading him as they won’t get much if anything, and head case or not, he’s a far better option than anybody else on the roster to play RT.

    1. Aren’t you concerned about how he’ll be perceived in the locker room. He called Staley out last year. Joe’s professional enough to not respond on Twitter, but I’ll bet they’ll be words once the two are in the locker room. Joe’s a leader and I also suspect most of the locker room will back him up. Baalke said there would be issues, which I posted yesterday:

      “General manager Trent Baalke has mostly withheld comment on Davis’ possible return this offseason because the paperwork for reinstatement has not been filed. But he said if Davis does return, the timing of his announcement last year and his relationships with teammates would be discussed.

      “I do think that it’s something that is going to be addressed,” Baalke said last week at the NFL owners meetings. “(But) by having a coaching staff that’s new, everyone is starting on a clean slate. And anything that’s a hangover from the previous stuff gets dealt with a little differently.”

    2. At this point I think it is clear he’s not fully on board. No room for guys that aren’t fully on board. If he wants back in the NFL, 49ers should let him go. However, they should not be on the hook for the remainder of his signing bonus. That may he the point that is giving Davis a headache.

  8. Grant…when I first heard AD was sounding serious about coming back, I was excited. But, that excitement’s really been waning recently. There’s no reason to bash Baalke…there’s a specific reinstatement process he has to follow if he really wants to come back. He needs to put his big boy panties on and get it done or forget about coming back. The Niners own his rights if he does return, but at this point I’m not sure I want him back. Kelly’s got a ton of work to do to get to know his players and their capabilities. He has no time for malcontents…so AD, you need to zip your lip and put your money where your mouth is…otherwise, don’t bother.

  9. Grant, your column is great.

    You chew Bam’s character, and rightly so, but I tend to accept his assessment; there is truth in lunacy. It’s got to be tough as an NFL player to watch the GM and CEO of your team mutually part with a Head Coach that many believe to be legendary.
    There has been the escape in free agency, a trade request, a “year to heal,” and even hanging them up permanently.

    Here, we have two potentially foundational players forcing their ways out of SF. Kap will be with Elway soon enough, and Bam is sure to cause problems if he’s retained.

    But at least with Bam, we get a peek behind the curtain; Baalke is the problem. He always has been, and he always will be. Bill Parcells curses this organization.

    Evidence of Baalke’s ineptitude continues to build; there will come a moment at which Jed sees past Baalke’s salesmanship, sees clearly the steaming pile of excrement his team has become, and Baalke will be fired. That time cannot come quickly enough. Can’t blame Kaep or Bam for wanting out immediately.

    1. Well, it is hard to blame both guys for wanting out. They are spoiled athletes who aren’t getting their way, so they want out. Even with Harbagh, Kap regressed, now he’s mad, that the team wants him to earn things, things he rightfully and competitively lost. Screw that. Im was a kap supporter, but now let his behind bounce. So as much as Harbagh says he will go to bat for Kap, so what. He regressed with him, since him, and not looking like he’s getting better. If your Almighty Harbagh couldn’t keep him on the right track, what makes people think Elway can!!! Just sayin

      1. Steele

        I’m a strident Harbaugh antagonist, think he’s way overrated and not even a little bit a QB whisperer, but I’m not going to pretend my view is the prevailing one.

        So, like I said, the perception by players is pretty clear: Baalke and Jed are not worth playing for. Evidence?

        Justin Smith
        Patrick Willis
        Vernon Davis
        Frank Gore
        Colin Kaepernick
        Alex Boone
        Anthony Davis

        All agree. 49ers are stuck with Jed, and Baalke is not equipped to be Jed’s Carmen Policy anyway, so he ought to be canned. He is the problem. At least the one whose absence can be expedited.

        1. That’s nuts. Willis and Smith career ending injuries, gore was told he would be a backup and be paid back up money. Trent did not want to resign boone, Vernon is a complete laugher, Colin doesn’t want to compete he wants the starting job!!! So all those occurances are moot. If Trent wanted the non injury retirements at their cost, he could have had them. He made art choices. Like I said if fans were gm’s we would bebon Kap hell and unable to compete

          1. Steele usually you write so clearly and legibly, but your latest post is hard to decipher.
            One point I would like to make is that Gore was shunted aside, and he went on to run for almost 1000 yards, while Hyde tried to get an extra yard and got injured. In hindsight, it would have been much better to retain veteran leadership, and Frank Gore was the heart and soul of the Niner offense.

    2. Silicon Chip

      I can….

      I don’t think that Baalke is that much of a problem…he scouts, tapes, he does decide who he wants to offer, he has his own (believe it ) system of red-shirting certain players that he deems to be worth the 2-year gamble on knee injuries, he defends his GM territory from poachers like Harbaugh …JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER gm IN THE NFL. Every team has it’s malcontents or those who want to be coddled. We (bloggers) sit in judgement of the GM who’s swatting his ass off trying to keep his sheep going the same direction. Imagine 53 separate arrogant egos shouting “It’s not my fault !” when a play falls apart ? Does that sound like fun ?

      Unlike my younger days, i no longer think that I could do the job better….Trent Baalke and ‘Chip’ Kelly are in charge…and I , for one am damned happy about it….GO NINERS

      1. Oregon, make your case for Baalke for us. I am not trying to be antagonizing rather understand what you see in him. I don’t even need to respond to it. You’re one of the few Baalke supporters on the board and I am curious. I think its a hard job and don’t question what you posted above, but good GM’s have deep wining talented rosters that manage cap and contracts well. Not sure I see those things here.

        1. Wilson 73

          Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not a total ‘Baalke-backer’….and I’m sure that he is well compensated for the job he does…but no matter if it comes from the staff below (players and coaches), or the FO staff above , he has to answer to everyone from Jed on down. I’d guess that most of us have worked in middle management at some time or other, and knows what an ulcer factory it can be…Now imagine TB’s situation plus the millions of fans who want his head every time a player catches a fingernail, and he has to find (manufacture ?) a replacement out of thin air NOW!

          You say that ‘good’ GMs have deep, winning, talented rosters….how long does it take to build them ? I tjhink that it takes at least a couple of ‘golden’ drafts, and that we are coming into one now with both cap space and draft counts….TB was Manager of the year in 2011, and may be again this coming season ….I( believe that the stars are aligned….

          1. Oregon, thanks I appreciate it. Seems like a minimum of 3 years drafting to rebuild after the loss of talent we had last year. I am sure working for Jed has its challenges. We heard last year that Baalke wanted Gase and Jed wanted JT. If that’s the case things clearly went the wrong way there. It will be interesting to see how Baalke and Kelly work together.

            You’re right some fans whine over everything and have unrealistic expectations. I think others here question his overall strategy in acquiring talent. Like in those seasons where we went to 3 NFCCG’s and a SB. He could have done a better job bringing in WR talent. We had the cap room for it. It could have been the difference between winning and losing. Instead we got Edwards, Moss, S. Smith, Moore, Lloyd and other no names like Chuck Jacobs. People don’t get that. Its pretty much the same now with WR’s.

            He seems adept at DB’s, safeties and OLB’s. Hopefully Kelly can help him on the offensive side of the ball. The team is clearly his now. JH isn’t here to blame and everyone on this roster for the most part he brought here. So lets hope you’re right on his draft this year.

      2. That is the problem. Baalke gets bent out of shape when coaches give their input, then encroaches on the coaching by imposing his will on the roster. Forcing Boone to LG, benching Hayne, and making them play cut couch potato RBs just exemplified how Baalke meddled too much.
        Maybe instead of fighting over control, both sides should have put aside their egos for the good of the team. They should have worked together and focused on winning games instead of protecting their turf.
        Baalke, with his whiff on an entire draft class, last years FA disappearing act and this years FA ineptitude, just proves to me that he is a big part of the problem.

    1. Then we’ll have two ex QBs to root for while the Santa Clara 49ers stink up an empty Levi’s stadium.

  10. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet · 1h1 hour ago

    #Broncos GM John Elway & #49ers QB Colin Kaepernick got to know each other better, talked contract. But obstacles remain, nothing imminent

    1. Barrows mentions the three injuries, two of which will require about another month before fully cleared. That would be around the time of the draft. I would think Denver would want a physical at that time to make sure there are no issues. They could get all of the contract and trade details completed prior to the draft with consummation of the deal dependent upon Kap’s physical (similar to buying a house where the deal is dependent upon the outcome of the home inspection).

  11. well, here we are….

    now we have TWO starters from our SB team who want to test their popularity against the GM….what a boondoggle…I hope for the best, and for me that would be that neither Kaep nor Davis is ever again allowed to wear 49er colors. Trade them to a CFL team, or just cut them…just get the losers off the roster before the new draftees arrive. Davis was never as good as anyone had hoped for, and he gave up too many QB hits and illegal motion and holding penalties. Yeah, I was hopeful, but I knew when he retired, he wasn’t coming back….good riddance….

  12. Ya our line was so much better without him. God that guy sucked! Our line is so stout now. I hope Davis never wears a Niner uniform again. What an upgrade Pears was..

    1. As talented as CK and AD are, they both have the wrong attitude in all this. Maybe it’s a maturity thing or surrounded by a bad supporting cast, in either case, rid the drama. Neither guy is a difference maker so it does not really matter!

      1. Grant

        Both CK and AD have long exhibited independent thinking. Neither is a follow (or lead) the herd kind of guy, and each wants to be an individual, rather than an anonymous team player.

        These are common traits between these two, but Baalke seems to be just as repellant to guys who epitomize team players, Smith and Willis. Hmmm.

        Is there more here for you to explore? Can you please revitalize the Baalke Personality Disorder chapter of this saga?

      1. No not really Oregon. He ended contributing to Kaep having 3 surgeries. Now we are getting close to dumping our once franchise QB. So I’d rather not have a guy show up to work and being a bigger problem then if he was to stay home.

        1. CK=elite

          Look, I wasn’t his biggest supporter either, but Pears was better than AD who didn’t even have the grit to retire until after the draft…and if you intend to blame him for all of the missed blocks, whiffs, and penalties, you’re just wrong…that was everyone on the Offensive side of the ball…mostly Kaep who ran into more sacks than the line missed.

  13. If AD doesn’t show up 4/4 for work, the team should make plans to move on from him permanently. They can deal his contract rights at their leisure if he applies for reinstatement later.
    You’re either on the bus…..or you’re Off The Bus.

  14. Who is leaking the info to Schefter that the 49ers and Broncos have a trade set up but Kaepernick reworking his deal is holding it up?

    1. That would be Kaepernick’s agent because Jed has made it clear that no leaks in his organization. Then there is the other leak, probably from Denver, that none of the three parties are close to closing a deal. Drip, drip, drip, etc.

  15. To borrow a quote from the movie, “The Right Stuff”, “F%ck an A Bubba!” But Grant, you forgot that Davis is also a world class prick. Time for him to go. Don’t go away mad Anthony, just go away.

  16. See ya later Kaep. It was only a matter of time once the trade deadline past that these two teams would hammer out a deal. But Broncos had to do the smart thing and just check to see if the 49ers would blink before Kaep’s contract became guaranteed.

    Kaep and Broncos will come to an agreement on compensation too in time. It is the best move for Kaep, and the best move for the Broncos. Stubbornly clinging to his full salary will only do Kaep longer term harm, and he is smart enough to know it. He is unlikely to get as good an opportunity as this next year. Plus his agents want another pay day.

      1. Whine
        CK’s agents got paid big $ when he signed through 2020. They’ll be getting a cut of whatever he signs in a new deal too, big or small. It’s all just gravy for them.

  17. 49ers need to move on from Bam. If he hasn’t filed for reinstatement by now, he is clearly not in it for the right reasons. Let him be someone else’s problem.

  18. As good as the 49ers like to say they feel about Gabbert, with the impending trade of Kaep and dried up FA market at QB I think this puts the odds of the 49ers taking a QB in the first round very high if Goff or Wentz are available. I wouldn’t rule out a trade up either.

    Of course, there is also a possibility that Johnny Football now becomes a 49er… scary thought.

    1. Very scary. With the recent report that he was already seen again partying in Vegas I don’t think he’s going to get his next shot this year. Fine by me.

      With everybody thinking that the 49ers are going to draft a QB with their first pick how much more likely does it make it for a team that really want’s Goff to try and trade in front of us? Quite a bit I’d say. Baltimore benefits from the 49ers trading Kaepernick.

      If Baalke is set on drafting Cook then maybe it won’t matter because he can likely grab him in the 2nd or use a later pick to move up and get him.

      Im really not high on Cook at all. Can’t say that Im’ going to be terribly excited about anyone outside of Goff, Wentz or Prescott at this point. Although I do have a UFA that I might add to that list.

      1. I find it odd that a rumour the 49ers like Cook made it into the public eye if he really is the guy they like. I don’t think it is just for window dressing that they are meeting privately with Goff, Wentz and Cook. To me Cook looks like the fall back option if they are unable to secure one of Goff or Wentz.

        The 49ers are in a better position to trade up than the teams behind them such as the Rams. The Ravens for instance could quite happily trade back one spot safe in the knowledge the player they want will still be available, while also picking up an extra pick. The Eagles are a worry, but really not convinced they make a trade up after giving Bradford $18M a year and Daniel $7M.

        1. I don’t know Scooter. Armstead was rumored to be the apple of Baalke’s eye early on last year and that is how it turned out. Maybe Baalke just can’t help but tell his thoughts to people who repeat them.

          I hope this isn’t the case though as I’d much rather see them take one of the top two options if they fall.

          1. I know just about every mock had the 49ers taking Armstead, but I don’t recall seeing any reports saying the 49ers really liked him. Just that it was a union that made a lot of sense.

    2. Any thoughts on Fitzpatrick? Jets have cap issues. Seems like we’re farther away from being a playoff team than the Jets. Or would they just go with Thad, Dylan, Blaine and a rookie?

      1. Really don’t see Chip being interested in Fitz.

        At this point I think the most likely scenario is replacing Kaep with a high draft pick.

      2. Fitzpatrick may be one of those legendary guys that play just well enough for you to get beat when the pressure is at it’s greatest. Or, something like that.

  19. This article was spot on Grant, and well put together.

    I suspect Davis is going to try and delay his reinstatement long enough to avoid most of the 49ers off-season program. And yes, this guy is a head case.

    I have a feeling that Trent is going to try and trade Davis. I don’t think he is built for zone blocking. He seems better suited for a power blocking scheme. While I respect his decision to retire based on health concerns, I don’t trust that he’ll come back fully committed, and that’s a problem. Add to this the fact that he can’t seem to refrain from making stupid statements via Twitter and Instagram, and you have a player that doesn’t fit into the direction the 49ers are moving.

    He’s clearly got trade value, and I suspect Trent Baalke is trying to figure out how to make it happen.

  20. Scooter McG

    Funny thoughts there…maybe take turns following Johnny Football around with a bucket of Snickers

  21. “Been told it’s not imminent. 1. Kap, Broncos must agree on contract. 2. 49ers, Broncos then work on compensation.” – Barrows

    1. You think Ryan Clady might be part of the compensation package? Too old? They have to get rid of him or no cap room for Kaep.

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