49ers NFC Championship grades: Coaching

ATLANTA – The 49ers beat the Falcons 28-24. The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl. Here are the grades for the 49ers coaches.

Coaching: A-. These guys had an “F” after the first quarter. The offensive game plan was bad, the defensive game plan was bad, and the team was flat. It looked like the 49ers were going to fall victim to Third Game Syndrome for the sixth time this season.

Greg Roman started the first two drives with passes, and both drives went three-and-out. Vic Fangio started the game rushing just four defenders, and they could not get to Matt Ryan, who completed 10-of-13 for 162 yards and a touchdown in the first quarter.

Then the second quarter started, and the 49ers made adjustments. Roman started the first offensive drive with four straight runs to Frank Gore. Even though he was down by 17 points, he wasn’t afraid to establish the running game, which was key. Later on the drive, Roman called a pass to Vernon Davis. The Falcons didn’t cover him. He caught it and gained 27 yards. The 49ers scored two plays later. Once Roman got Gore and Davis going, the Falcons could not stop the 49ers’ offense.

On defense, Fangio started calling some blitzes in the second half, and the 49ers started bothering Ryan. That’s all it took to completely negate the Falcons offense, which scored no points in the second half.

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