49ers NFC Championship grades: Kaepernick

ATLANTA – The 49ers beat the Falcons 28-24. The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl. Here are the grades for Colin Kaepernick.

Quarterbacks: A. The Falcons forced him to stay in the pocket and beat them with his arm, and that’s what he did.

From the second quarter on, Kaepernick completed 15-of-18 passes (83 percent) for 232 yards. That’s 12.9 yards per attempt. That’s astronomical.

He was flagged for one delay of game penalty, but the way he handled the deafening crowd noise for most of the game was impressive. Kaepernick was able to communicate with his players at the line of scrimmage, change plays and put guys in motion, all before the play clock expired.

He is clearly the most exciting young quarterback in the league, Andrew Luck included.

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