49ers over/under

Jim Harbaugh said yesterday that Alex Smith will play the first two offensive series against the Houston Texans on Saturday, and Colin Kaepernick will replace Smith on the third series. Do you believe him?

On Tuesday he said Alex Smith and the rest of the first stringers would play the whole first half, as is tradition in the third exhibition game.  Just two days before that, Harbaugh said he’d make the fourth exhibition game the dress rehearsal game, not the third. So he’s changed his mind twice.

Will he change his mind a third time? Why not? Perhaps he’s changed his mind twice today already.

Since there’s uncertainty, let’s play the over/under game.

  1. Number of series Alex Smith plays to start the game: over/under 2.5
  2. Number of snaps Alex Smith gets total: over/under 20.5
  3. Number of snaps Colin Kaepernick gets: over/under 30.5
  4. Number of snaps Josh McCown gets: over/under 0.5
  5. Number of TDs thrown by all Niner QBs combined: over/under 1.5
  6. Number of INTs thrown by all Niner QBs: over/under 1.5
  7. Alex Smith’s passer rating at the end of the game: over/under 75
  8. Colin Kaepernick’s rating as the end of the game: over /onder 75

And here are two bonus questions for the Houston game:

  1. Who will lead the Niners in catches?
  2. Who will lead the Niners in tackles?
  3. Who will lead the Niners in rushing yards?

My answers are over, over, over, under, over, under, over, over, Kyle Williams, Patrick Willis, and Kendall Hunter.

What are your clairvoyant thoughts?



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