49ers-Packers matchups: Anthony Davis vs. Clay Matthews on passing downs

On running downs like first-and-ten, the Packers will line up Clay Matthews on the right side of their defense against Joe Staley.

But on passing downs like third-and-seven or any time Green Bay is in their Nickel defense, it would be logical for them to move Matthews to the left side of their defense and match him up against Anthony Davis.

Matthews has a major quickness advantage over Davis. The 49ers probably would have to help Davis with a chipping running back or tight end.

Advantage: Packers

  1. I could see the Niners lining up Dixon in the backfield
    and pancaking Mathews, effectively taking him out of the play ..

    Hey Grant … what about the matchup depicted on the
    “infographic” (at 49ers.com) ..?

    (AJ Hawk vs Frank) ..

  2. I just hope they use Gore to put that fake a$$ Fabio on his back, enough of the tough talk. Just like you can hit a QB, you can hit a DE or LB. The Packers actually remind me of the Niners of the late 90′s, good because of their QB, but not at the level of the top teams like the Packers at the time. Mathews is acting like a puffer fish after being humiliated during the playoff loss.

  3. If the 49ers win and Matthews has given his best effort without much success, then this would create doubt, lot’s doubt in the Packers mind’s about their chances in January knowing they likely would have to see SF to advance. Of course, they would never admit that and Matthews would have to shut his pie hole about who and what he’s going to do.

  4. We’ll probably never be able to “see” his signature in the Game Plan, but this week is a situation where Mr. Mangini can earn his paycheck. Also, Dom Capers is a Blitzmeister, so I’d like to see Kapernicus & the rest of the offense raise their game against blitzes. With the right execution they can make teams too scared to blitz them.

    1. I wouldn’t trade the farm for him, but if he were to slip out of the top ten, I would trade up for him. Especially if I had the ammo Baalke does…

      1. I’ll wait until the end of the season to make my mind up on what I think he is worth. I just thought it was funny during the off season all that talk about him being the best DL prospect ever and the 49ers should be looking to find a way to get the first pick of the draft to take him. Silly talk even if he does end up being the premier DL available, as giving up all that draft collateral for one player is just dumb (see Williams, Ricky), but it was also way too premature.

    2. When Clowney gets to the NFL his impact will be similar to that of Suh, maybe. Through 2 games it looks like he spent too much time trading his press clippings.

      1. Don’t you think he still projects as a 1st round edge rusher? ( 34Elephant/43RDE). His play will determine what part, top or mid or bottom.

      1. Hm. Right now, with the questions, he’s better than Irvin, IMO. Late 1st is his basement, but he’s no Reggie White or Bruce Smitzh. As of this moment, not even Suh.

  5. This is going to be a Niner blowout. Matthews did nothing but make FAngio unleash the dogs against Rodgers. We win this game by 17 points at least. Rodgers is going to take the beating of his NFL career. Harbaugh is just blowing smoke. He could care less bout this rule. He knows we are about to destroy Green Bay. Matthews comments are just going to make us rub it in!

  6. Surprised pundits aren’t talking about this more: VD and VMAC are serious match up problems for GB in the passing game, as well as at the line of scrimmage. We’ll probably be in 12 personnel a good amount of time. I just don’t see any way we don’t dominate up front, nor do I think anyone on their defense can cover these guys.

    GB doesnt have a terribly disruptive run front that gets push and clogs run lanes. Frank and Kendall are going to be very productive tomorrow. Their defense will be worn down by the mid/late 3rd quarter. 49ers 37 Green Bay 24.

  7. Man, I am surrounded with Packer fans here just like the playoffs and cant wait for the 49ers to show up and silence this crowd. During the playoffs we were in a sport bar in Chicago and the packer fans were going crazy in the first half of the game and by the end of third qt there was only us cheering our hearts out! CK baby please make us proud.

      1. Tuna Always will have faith! Even before JH, during the years of depression i still wore my 49er gear all over the place and people thought i was crazy for doing so. I bleed red and gold for ever, good or bad.

    1. Headed to Chicago for work now. Excited about cheering my 9ers onto victory while in the presence of Green Bay Slackers fans.

  8. Here’s how it will play: Colin is usually overhyped at the beginning of the game and his accuracy blows. We’ll no doubt fall behind by a field goal or two. Middle of the second quarter Niners will pick it up and start to lay wood on the Packer’s OL. by the middle of the third quarter they’ll be up by two touchdowns over the Packers and by the end of the game we’ll have the second string players in on both sides…

  9. Niner fans are idiots! They all talk about how last year they beat packers so that means you’ll beat us this year. We killed niners in 2011 then niners killed us in 2012, quit looking at last year. Packers are going to embarrass crappnicks big nose having ass. And please niner fans talking smack in Clay Matthews! Name one better defensive player better then Clay, nobody! That’s why ur cry baby coach is scared, cause big Clay said he’s gonna smash on crapperbitch

    1. Ain’t nobody scared here, Cheesehead. AR is fab and can be in any game until the last second. Mathews is good, but he ain’t better than Aldon. And yeah, let Clay get some stuff going. CK could whop his axe as necessary.

    2. Name someone better than Matthews. Lets see. Willis, Bowman, the cowboy, and Aldon. There you go. That’s four in case you can’t count.

    3. I’ll name 3 (Niner) defensive players you should watch ..
      1. Justin Smith
      (he’ll be forcing double-teams all day while) ..
      2. Aldon Smith serves some Candlestick turf up
      to Aaron Rogers..
      and while there’s a break in that action ..

      3. Patrick Willis will be shutting down that rookie RB

      and if that’s not enough for you ..
      keep an eye on Navarro Bowman as well !

      (Clay Mathews isn’t good enough to shine Willis and Bowman’s shoes !)

      So ..Erik …tell me ..
      Are you one of those guys who go to other fan’s blogs ..
      just to talk crap ?

  10. L E T’ S G O 4 9 E R S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Did you guys hear Sterling’s break down of the game! He believes 49ers will have a hard time stopping Eddie Lacy since he is a big back therefore he is going to be the game changer! He compared Ed to S. Jackson from the old Rams team.

      1. Jackson ran the ball 50 times in 2 games against the 49ers last year. The 49ers didn’t beat the Rams in either game.

        Sticking with the run even when only averaging 3 yards per carry is key to success against this defense.

      2. Last year, Detroit and Chicago both had over 25 carries vs. 49ers, they didn’t fare so well. Miami had 22 carries. Seattle had 29 carries in October and scored 6 points. I think the “formula” for beating the 49ers D is a little more complicated than just rushing more than 25 times.

      3. “I think the “formula” for beating the 49ers D is a little more complicated than just rushing more than 25 times.”

        You’re right, it is. You also need to have an accurate QB who can convert on 3rd down and receivers who can catch the ball. Detroit and Chicago did not have the QB, and in that first meeting last year the Seahawks receivers dropped some key passes.

        Last year GB had the last two, but not the first.

  12. Ha! Lacey does not acquire 100 yards of real estate today Grant. The best front seven in the league are the kings of pain, and I fully expect them to bring it all day long.

    1. If GB runs the ball 25 times today they win, even if they only gain 50-75 yards on those carries. Question is, does McCarthy have the intestinal fortitude to stick with it?

      1. They won’t have a choice once the Pack is down 2-plus scores. No way they put the clamps on our offense for longer than a couple of series.

  13. 2 scores in the RZ, 2 scores from outside the RZ (Kaep on at least one – despite the bluster Pack won’t have him figured out), add a couple of FGs – 34-21 Niners.

  14. Two words for ya Grant …

    Quinton Patton ..

    (oh and Anquan Boldin .. and lest we forget ..

    V-E-R-N-O-N !!)

    (ok .. I can’t count )

  15. Not going to predict things. The 49ers should prevail, but the idea beating the Packers 3 games in a row is daunting. I keep expecting Rogers to get hot.

    Advantages for the Packers:
    - They don’t need to rack up big running yards. Just running just well enough to keep the 49ers from going nickle will greatly help Rogers.
    - Simply switching coverages from man to man to zone should help cut down scrambling yardages.

    Advantages for the 49ers:
    - The offense doesn’t need lights out. Ball security is key. Avoid mistakes and the 49ers physicality should emerge later. Now that Hunter is back the 49ers can go back to controlling clock.
    - If Ian Williams plays as advertized, expect a monster defense that more resembles the 2011.

    1. Neither Seattle or Carolina has run a lot of read option, but I have noticed that the opposing defensive ends are not taking shots at either Wilson or Newton after they hand off and complete their run fake.

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