49ers @ Packers wild card playoff live blog: Fourth quarter

GREEN BAY — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ wild card playoff game against the Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

4:01 The Packers are going for it on fourth-and-2 from the 30.

4:02 It looks like Rodgers is getting sacked but somehow he escapes and completes a 26-yard pass to Cobb. First-and-goal at the 4.

4:03 Eddie Lacy gains 3 yards on first and goal and David Bakhtiari is down. Second-and-goal at the 49ers’ 1 when play resumes.

4:05 Kuhn runs up the middle for a touchdown on second-and-goal from the 1. 17-13 Packers with 12:06 left. They ran the ball 9 times on that drive. They’ve run the ball 26 times in this game.

4:09 James returns the kick 37 yards to the 49ers’ 37. Great return.

4:10 Gore gains 7 yards on first down and House knocks away a deep pass to Davis on second down. Third-and-3 and Kaepernick scrambles for 24.

4:12 Next play, House is flagged for holding Crabtree. First-and-10 at the Packers’ 28. House is down but he walks off the field by himself. Bakhtiari is being evaluated for a concussion.

4:15 Davis runs a seam and Kaepernick hits him for a touchdown. 20-17 Niners with 10:31 left.

4:18 Dawson squibs the kick and Bell returns it to the Packers’ 33.

4:23 Perrish Cox blitzes on third-and-5, sprints at Rodgers and whiffs. If Cox had broken down, he would have sacked Rodgers. Instead, Rodgers completes a 25-yard pass to Cobb. First-and-goal at the 9 and the Packers use their first timeout of the second half to avoid a Delay penalty.

4:27 Rodgers scrambles up the middle for 2 yards on third-and-goal from the 8. Mason Crosby makes the 24-yard field goal. 20-20 with 5:06 left.

4:30 The ball bounces through the end zone. Touchback.

4:35 Kaepernick completes a 17-yard pass to Crabtree on third-and-10. A few plays later, Kaepernick completes an 11-yard pass to Gore. First-and-10 at the Packers’ 40 after the two-minute warning. Mycah Hide dropped an interception at the 49ers’ 40 earlier in this drive.

4:39 Kaepernick scrambles for 11 yards on third-and-8. First-and-10 at the Packers’ 27 with 1:07 left.

4:40 Gore runs up the middle for five yards and the Packers call timeout with 1:02 left. Second-and-5 at the Packers’ 22.

4:41 Gore gains 2 yards and the Packers’ take their last timeout. Third-and-3 at the 20.

4:43 Gore runs up the middle for 3 yards and a first down at the 17. 38 seconds left.

4:44 The 49ers take their last timeout with 3 seconds left. Dawson will try a 33-yard field goal.

4:45 It’s good. 49ers win 23-20. Back at you shortly.

    1. Yeah I must admit, they’ve let a lot of blatant holding calls go today. I’ve seen a few guys bear-hugged and no flag.

  1. Agree with the above. While I think we’re better even today, we just don’t have the plays in us in the clutch to grab this victory. They’ve made it easy for us time and time again and we keep blowing it.

  2. what a joke these refs are! clearly Rodgers should of been sacked but hey it’s perfectly fine to be heled and pulled away to let Rodgers run! it’s clear they want packers to win this game

  3. How can you not call holding on that play. The only way Rodgers got away is because his OL tackled the Niner around the neck. Dammm Refs.

  4. The offense needs to step up…they need to worry about themselves and not how the refs are trying to win this game for the Pack

    1. JJJ,

      Kap should’ve taken off again on the pass to Crabs. He has to use his legs. He is our biggest weapon against the Pack. Just like last year. Send everyone down field and cut Kap loose on the linebacker. He wins every time!

  5. Our problem isn’t moving the ball down the field it’s scoring 7s once we get inside the 20. If we settle for another FG try here I’m going to scream. I think if we can’t function well in the red zone we have to take shots one on one from where we’re at now.

  6. Hey Grant you’re so full of poop. The game changing PI calls in the endzone in the 1st Q didn’t garner an honest word from you…

    Same old Grant …

  7. We just saw why Cox bounces around teams. High School level mistake on that embarrassing whiff of a blitz. Ever heard of setting up and making a tackle rather then thinking you’re a freaking cruise missile.

  8. Grant, good point about Cox – if he had slowed down and set himself for the tackle it is a sack. Instead it was oh too easy for Rodgers to step up and make him miss. Poor technique.

  9. Ok Kap. It’s time to put the pack to sleep. 5 minute drive for a game winning field goal!! Pack can’t have the ball back. Our defense is gassed!

  10. This is the Niners Super Bowl. They don’t have enough to get past Carolina and Seattle. It’s obvious watching this one.

    1. A very strong finish. It’s funny, CK doesn’t seem short with words or standoffish with Erin Andrews. He seemed very content to answer her questions.

  11. Did you guys see how close that was to being blocked?
    Next week, revenge game against CAR!
    Who’s got it better than us? NOBODY!

      1. Crab if that was blocked I work have had a heart attack! I’d be in the ambulance as we speak! But it wasn’t so screw cold weather, we are on a mission!

  12. Road Warriors! 49ers should not be scared of Carolina, they can handle them (as long as they score TDs instead of FG).

    1. Through all the hand wringing about the failed expectations of offensive explosion, Kaepernick is developing alot of clutch big game experience.

  13. Kap has to realize that he can be selfish with his legs. We don’t mind. You can’t throw a pick if you don’t throw the ball!!!

  14. I swear when Grant gives his final grades, if he gives any individual or group less than a C+ his daddy should slap him and send him to his room.

    1. Sorry….this should of been a blow out, especially when the packers were dropping like flies with injuries in the second half. I just think some C s were earned today cause this team is so much better.

  15. Are the 49ers the new Giants? Every win is torture like during the Giants World Series run. With Roman holding the team back with his inability to call good plays in the red zone we are always stuck in tight games. But as long as we win at the end that is all that matters.

  16. Great win! For a second I thought the packers had all the momentum but CK came trough again! Awesome! Can’t wait for next week!!

  17. One thing left to say :

    “Quest for Six” !!

    Panthers beat us in our house … now
    it’s time we return the favor …
    (when it really counts)

    1. MWN,

      I really like the matchup against the Carolina. The Niners will open a can of whoop as$ next week. GB was the biggest obstacle to reaching the NFCCG.

      I’ll be the biggest Saints fan next to set up a game at the Stick the week after next.

    2. I actually would have rather seen us go up against Seattle next. The Panthers have a DL that can create pressure and shut down the run game.

      1. I re-watched the Niner game against Carolina. Yes, they have a very good front 7, but execution was not very good in that game. There many missed assignments and opportunities.

  18. Man that was close! Did you see that packers player who nearly blocked the field goal? Went right between his arms. Hope our offense plays a lot better than it did.

  19. Frank Gore’s performance today is the greatest argument against all you stats geeks including Grant. If you look at the numbers alone it looks like a pretty mediocre performance but in reality he was a huge part of this victory especially in that last drive.

    1. Gore is a stud. How many games has he won for us this year with that incredible “4 minute offense?” Gore should get a vote for “defensive” MVP for keeping the ball out of opposing QB’s hands.

  20. Also sweet is the fact that the QB taken right before Kaep, Andy Dalton (who the Niners were rumored to favor), fell flat on his face in the playoffs with two very bad picks, and one ugly, stupid fumble on a forward slide.

    1. PS – a couple hours ago it was reported that Bengals owner Paul Brown actually wanted to draft Kaep, but offensive coordinate Jay Gruden thought that Andy Dalton was a better fit. I think this should disqualify Gruden from any further head coaching interviews!

    1. Good call Hammer. I tip my hat to the Packer defense. That football kissed the elbow as it traveled up between the blockers arms and through the uprights. Phil is a rock….Great effort and toughness. Huge victory. I was a nervous wreck prior and during like never before. Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina Sunday Morning!

      1. In the words of the Nature Boy, “Wooooooooo!!!!” That was crazy Razor. They called House offside so even if he blocked it they would have been given another chance.

  21. To hold Rogers to 20 points is a very good accomplishment. He is a great QB and they restricted him pretty well.
    Crabtree looks awesome.
    Cowboy played great.
    The Defense backs did an excellent job of not getting beat deep.
    McDonald also played well.

  22. I’m feeling good about Carolina. The last time the 49ers were missing key weapons like Crabtree. The next time Roman will have a solution for those nine man boxes.

  23. The 49er D played 61 snaps, with some rotation with TJE and Lemonier. They should be ready for the Panthers.

  24. we own the packers…..after all those painful years……..

    After watching rodgers PC, I am starting to doubt if he is not gay……”not that there is anything wrong with being gay”

  25. question for Mister Harbaw and
    Colin Sack (3) N’ Pick (1):

    will 23 points be enuf to beat Carolina,
    or Seattle or New Orleans…
    any of the top AFC teams… like Denver?

    1. Hooray, the troll is back! Have you accepted your historic defeat yet? The monumental failure? The loss that will define Alex Smith and Andy Reid for posterity?

    2. Tha answer… is “yes.”
      49ers conquer again with Kap
      KC loses again in the playoffs
      no matter what Alex Smith does
      he loses.
      even when he plays great
      which is half the time.
      feels good to still be in the playoffs
      guess i’ll eat well and sleep well tonight
      knowing that kap and harbs and all of the niners
      are healthy and sleeping tight
      Alex Smith is staring out at the moon right now
      wishing he were still in the city by the bay
      the city by the bay.

    3. Alex the one and done the total tool and a complete doosh:

      Did your brain dysfunction again and you conveniently forgot to recognize Colin Kaepernicks had 227 passing and 98 yards running. He had more yards of offense than Aaron Rogers!

      Jim Harbaugh’s team is still alive in the playoffs and your Qb is done.
      Jim Harbaugh has more wins than most NFL coaches in his first three years, so does CK vs Alex in just his third year.

      Go get a life tool.

  26. Great game by both QBs. Still can’t believe those two third-down conversions on the last series, one with Kap’s arm and one with his legs. Absolutely fantastic!

    Still SMH on those wasted time outs. Not sold on those chess moves.

    1. I’m glad they didn’t bite us in the a$$, but it’s only a matter of time before they do…like you, I was shaking my head…

    2. The timeout at the beginning of the 2nd half was 100% on Kaepernick. He forgot his wristband with the plays on it on the sideline.

    1. Crabs ..

      1. Cockroaches
      2. maggots
      3. Trolls who call themselves Alex (blah blah blah)

      There .. I fixed the top 3 for ya


    1. From the Old Folks Home? Oh, no, that’s right, from The Pro Bowl!!!!
      The 2nd Lion of San Francisco. 1st was Leo The Lion Nomellini.

  27. Our secondary today deserves an AA+. We had about 3 coverage sacks and Cobb did nothing special. Perish Cox was a stud today!

      1. He hadn’t played in how many weeks? Outside of that play he was pretty darn good. What else do you want when you hold Rodgers to 157 yards passing?

  28. I’ve got a grade for Ed Hochuli and crew. F
    Finally calling two holding plays at the end of the game, when they held at least six times that I could see on my TV….

  29. This game shouldn’t have been this close. I think of all the penalties that should have been called. ….A lot of holding in the trenches. The blatant PI against Crabtree in the end zone, the push off by Nelson against Brock for that TD, he threw him away.

    1. I agree. The refs did not call so many penalties on the packers! On the the last touch down where Aaron ran free, Ray was going to sack him but the packers OL held Ray M and no call! Karma is a bitch and we still won.

  30. Karma, BigNiner … karma …

    rest assured .. McCarthy & Rogers
    will be watching the Niners from their
    respective couches …

    (and that makes me smile a little)

  31. From the 49ers blog at ESPN: “Timeout trouble: The 49ers blew two timeouts early in each half. The worst was before the first offensive play of the second half. Apparently, Kaepernick forgot his wrist play sheet. Timeouts were an issue all season, but this took it to the next level.”

    Guess that was why the clock management was so horrible?

  32. Congratulation on a huge WIN 49ers faithful! This was just amazing team effort. Man what a great 5 minutes offense to finish the game victorious. GO NINERS

  33. this was a great defensive effort to hold Aaron Rogers to 177 yards at Lambo! Defense played great football with out Carlos

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