49ers @ Packers wild card playoff live blog: Third quarter

GREEN BAY — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ wild card playoff game against the Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:21 James returns the kick 11 yards to the 49ers’ 18.

3:22 The 49ers call timeout to avoid a Delay penalty on the first play of the second half. How in the world does that happen?

3:24 Kaepernick throws inaccurate incomplete passes on first and second down, and Mike Daniels sacks Kaepernick for a five-yard loss on third-and-10. Andy Lee punts a wobbler. It’s down at the Packers’ 44.

3:28 James lets the punt hit the ground. 49ers’ ball at their 18.

3:27 James Jones drops a deep pass at the 49ers’ 5 yard line on third-and-8 and the Packers go three-and-out.

3:28 Aldon Smith has cramps and his return is questionable. Sam Shields is out with a knee injury.

3:34 The 49ers move the ball to the Packers’ 30, no problem. On first-and-10 from the 30, Patton runs a fly sweep and loses a yard. Andy Mulumba is down with an injury.

3:37 Kaepernick completes a six-yard pass to McDonald, and then takes a timeout with 7 seconds left on the play clock. The Niners have one timeout left. Third-and-5 from the Packers’ 25.

3:39 Boldin lines up in the backfield and runs downfield against a safety, but the route takes too long to develop and Kaepernick gets sacked for an eight-yard loss, knocking them out of field goal range. The 49ers take a Delay penalty instead of using their final timeout. Andy Lee punts. Mycah Hide makes the fair catch at the Packers’ 16. Remember, the 49ers were at the Packers’ 25 at one point on that drive.

3:46 Rodgers throws deep for Nelson on third-and-22. Brown breaks up the pass. Aldon Smith sacked Rodgers on first down and Brooks sacked Rodgers on second down. Great pass rush on that series.

3:47 James makes the fair catch at the 49ers’ 49.

3:51 Kaepernick throws a ground ball to Crabtree on first down. Hunter gains one yard on second down. And Kaepernick completes a 5-yard pass to Crabtree on third down. Lee punts the ball into the end zone. Touchback. Packers’ ball down three points with 3:19 left in the third quarter.

3:57 The Packers start this drive with four-straight Eddie Lacy runs. He gains 8 yards, 8 yards, 7 yards, 3 yards and two first downs. Next play, Rodgers throws a quick pass to Nelson on a smoke route in front of Brock. Gain of six. Next play, James Starks busts up the middle for 11 yards and the third quarter ends. The Packers face first-and-10 at the 49ers’ 38 when the fourth quarter begins.

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