49ers @ Patriots live blog: Second quarter

FOXBORO, Ma. — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers Week 15 game against the New England Patriots. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

6:13 The 49ers lead 7-0, and they face fourth and one at the Patriots’ 25 yard line.

6:15 The 49ers are going for it, as they should.

6:16 Roman goes ultra conservative again, calls a Kaepernick sneak, and Kaepernick loses a yard. He fumbled the snap again. Patriots ball at their 25 yard line. Kaepernick has fumbled three snaps.

6:22 Brady slowly drives the Patriots over 9 plays down to the 49ers’ 32 yard line. It’s fourth and four and they’re going for it.

6:23 Brady’s QB rating in the first quarter was 26.4. Kaepernick’s was 110.9.

6:25 Brady hits a wide open Deion Branch on a slant for a 10-yard gain. First and 10 at the SF 23. Next play, Woodhead gains nine yards up the middle.

6:27 On second and goal from the seven, Rogers blitzes and hits Brady, forcing him to throw it away.

6:27 On third and goal, Ray McDonald beats his man and sacks Brady for a loss of six. Gostkowski makes the 32-yard field goal. 7-3 49ers. 16 play drive, 62 yards, six minutes and 24 seconds.

6:33 First play of the drive, Crabtree gets open down the left sideline on a double move. Talib catches up and knocks the pass away, but he’s flagged for face guarding. 35-yard penalty. Fist and 10 at the Patriots 45.

6:35 Kaepernick looks left, then look back to his right and hits Delanie Walker in the end zone for a 34-yard touchdown. Walker was running a wheel route. He beat Alfonzo Dennard. 14-3 49ers with eight minutes left in the second quarter. The Patriots are lucky the game is this close.

6:42 The Patriots go three-and-out again. Brandon Lloyd dropped first down passes on second and third down.

6:43 The Patriots kick a low line drive punt. Ted Ginn Jr. lets it bounce, and the ball comes close to hitting him in the shin. The refs are reviewing the play to see if the ball did indeed hit Ginn.

6:45 Belichick is challenging.

6:49 The refs say Ginn did not touch the ball. The 49ers will start at their 22 yard line.

6:54 Gore gains seven yards up the middle on second and 10, and Iupati is hurt. Now he walks off the field under his own power.

7:00 Two minute warning. The Niners face third and eight from the Patriots 34 yard line.

7:01 Mike Iupati has a shoulder injury and his return is questionable.

7:03 Kaepernick steps up in the pocket and scrambles for 19 yards. First and ten at the Patriots 15 yard line.

7:04 Kaepernick throws to Moss in the end zone, and Dennard knocks it away.

7:06 The 49ers call timeout. They face third and six from the Patriots 11 yard line. 25 seconds left in the first half.

7:06 Gore gains seven yards up the middle on a zone read handoff. The 49ers call another timeout.

7:08 Kaepernick throws a fade to Moss in the end zone on first and goal. Moss pushes off and still can’t catch it. Moss gets flagged. First and goal from the 14.

7:09 Kaepernick runs a called sweep around the left end gains 10 yards before going out of bounds. Second and goal from the four with eight seconds left.

7:11 Roman goes conservative, calls a zone read handoff from the diamond formation. Gore gains just two yards. He should have let Kaepernick throw it into the end zone. Now Akers will attempt a short field goal.

7:11 He makes it. 17-3 at halftime, and the 49ers get the ball first in the second half. The 49ers absolutely dominated the Patriots in the first half, but it’s still a game.

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