49ers place Ian Williams on I.R., sign Owen Marecic

The 49ers just announced they’ve placed injured nose tackle Ian Williams on the injured reserve list. To replace his roster spot, the 49ers have signed free agent and former Stanford fullback Owen Marecic.

It’s worth noting 49ers’ starting fullback Bruce Miller has struggled the first two games of this season according to Pro Football Focus. They’ve given him a -2.1 run blocking grade and a -0.8 pass blocking grade through two games. If he continues to struggle, he could lose playing time to Marecic.

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    1. Adam707,

      Ive said it for 2 games now. Miller has been horrible. Ive seen him just missing waaay too many blocks that have led to plays getting blown up before they can get started. Hes also missed guys blitzing as well. He never tried to block Clay Matthews in week 1. He did the same thing in the Seattle game. Guys run right by him into the backfield and he acts like he doesnt see them. Thank God JH noticed it as well. See how long it takes before Miller loses his job.

  1. What we need is Quitton Patton more playing untill Crabtree and Manningham come back, see what the rookie can do against starting CB’s!

      1. That happened on all of one play, which resulted in a penalty against the Seahawks. Patton played a few snaps and did ok. Would have had his first catch if not for a delay of game.

        It appeared later on that Kaep was locking onto his targets, and Patton wasn’t the primary target so didn’t get many looks.

  2. Off topic but I think there is at least one good thing we could take from this Sunday’s lost. Look how well the defense shut down Russell Wilson. He didn’t really beat them with his arm or legs. He had a few plays but he completed less than 50% of his passes, had only 1 TD and threw 1 INT. Their base D stopped the runnnig game too. When Seattle went to 11 personell and ran the ball is when the 49ers couldn’t stop a nose bleed. Also two TDs shouldn’t have happened. They had the 3rd down stop but Aldon shoved the Olineman and gave Seattle a first down which led to a TD. And there was Brooks’ inadvertant facemask which gave Seattle another first down on a 3rd down stop which led to a TD. My biggest concerns are the penalties (what is wrong with the team now, leading the league in penalities) and being absolutely shut down by Seattle D.

  3. Puzzling move to say the least. We are needing a backup DT/NT, not another FB. Bringing in someone to challenge Miller also doesn’t address the pass blocking and run blocking issues that our offense is dealing with.

  4. I like the signing, Bruce miller has not looked amazing the first two games. Dropping some passes that should be caught. Gore seems to be hit behind the line of scrimmage quite a bit. The o line is probably at fault there but maybe Miller is whiffing a bit at the point of attack.

    I’m unfamiliar with Marecic. What are his strengths? Weaknesses? Decent catching balls out of the backfield?

    1. He was released by the Browns about a month ago due to dropping passes that were catchable and doing nothing on special teams.

  5. Hey guys …
    the She-Hawk game is over …
    can we talk about … u-hhhh … I dunno …
    maybe the upcoming Colts game, now ?

    Still yakking about the loss is really close to becoming
    a buzz-kill, now…

    Don’t worry … we’ll get our comeuppance …

    in December

      1. I know ..but … even after a good butt-wuppin’ ..
        (like that one) .. I still gotta believe in G-Ro, and Harbalke …
        and I trust they’ll get it fixed…

        and.. I think you’ll see some of that,
        come this Sunday ..

      1. He’s too much of a troublemaker MWNiner. The last thing our undisciplined team needs is another undisciplined player, no matter what his potential may be.

    1. Grant – I cannot find a SINGLE source reporting that news on Kenny Britt. He is still a Titan. Where are you hearing this from?

  6. We lack a short yardage running threat. Could Marecic be that threat? Re: the penalties, the refs called a lot of bogus penalties. How about that spinning of the football by the Seattle wr,leading to a 15 yard penalty for sf, and still sf could do nothing. Spinning of the football! What’s next?

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