49ers place Jimmie Ward on Physically-Unable-to-Perform List

The 49ers just announced they have placed free safety Jimmie Ward on the Physically-Unable-to-Perform List. Ward strained his hamstring yesterday during the team’s conditioning test and his status is week to week, according to a team official.

The Niners can activate Ward at any time during training camp.

Stay tuned for more news.

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  1. This could be due to an abundance of caution, and could end up benefiting the team provided Ward doesn’t miss a lot of time. Depth is an issue at FS, so getting Jerome as many reps as possible with first team could be a blessing in disguise.

      1. Solomon Thomas is officially under contract. Your boy got’er done Razor!! Bravo!

        I was a little concerned about the situation, but at the same time I couldn’t understand what could possibly be such a big deal as to cause him to miss the start of camp. I haven’t seen the details broken down, but it’s $28,154,382 , according to Over the Cap, with a $18,615,912 signing bonus and a 2017 salary cap figure of $5,118,978.

        Let’s get it!

    1. I agree that this could be a good break if Ward doesn’t miss a lot of time and Jerome, the Boise State UDFA or both take advantage. Niners need depth here and here is a chance to find it out of the box.

      1. Nonsense Seb. It’s Marathe’s job to negotiate these contracts, and he’s damn good at it. John Lynch isn’t stepping on anyone toes. John Lynch is a stand up guy who doesn’t cross those kinds of lines. Sometimes these negotiations get serious, it’s the nature of the beast. But make no mistake, the 49ers gave Paarag Marathe the title of Chief Strategy Officer/Executive Vice President of Football Operations for a reason! He’s good at it!

      2. Yes Seb. It went down exactly as you say. Lynch slapped Paraag around and Paraag caved. Just like that. Looks like Lynch showed ‘ol wormtongue a thing or two. Do you think there was a physical assault, or was it just verbal?

          1. I heard a 911 call was made from 9ers HQ about an assault–the caller hung up abruptly. When Santa Clara police arrived no one in the building knew anything. To hide Paraag’s swollen face he was put in a 9er uniform and sent out to the practice field where he assumed the role of a discombobulated DB who was roughed up in practice.

            I had no idea Lynch was such a bully. Seb is spooky smart.

  2. I wonder if my last mock that had the Niners drafting Malik Hooker might have been a wise choice, even if he is injured, because MH would fill a bigger long term need.
    Still like King Solomon, but he was redundant with the Niners having bigger needs elsewhere.

      1. Even Razor will admit he was duplicative, with Buckner and Armstead, but the tag team scheme will keep them fresh. The Niners solved the pass rush, so that was also a huge need.
        However, now that the starting FS is down without a hit, maybe depth to the defensive backfield may have been a bigger need. Now that they are switching to the 4-3, they may need an Earl Thomas type of player.

  3. \* puts on Seb hat *\
    Looked like the two parties listened and respected the 80-minute deadline you issued earlier this morning about getting Thomas to sign the contract.
    \* takes off Seb hat *\

    1. Nah, I just listened to what Lynch said, and was confident that he would not be quibbling over offset language.
      However, Razor was prescient to predict that King Solomon would not hold out for TC and the first 4 games like Bosa.

      1. Oh geeze Seb, give me a break! I haven’t seen all the details, but I can guarantee you there’s plenty of offset language in Solomon’s contract Seb. The two sides reached a resolution for 2 reasons. 1) There was some compromise (but probably not much), and 2) It’s time to play some football, and Solomon BLEEDS football!!

        Razor was confident a deal would be reached, and kudos to him for that! Now let’s hope Solomon Thomas lives up to Razor’s lofty expectations on the field!

  4. This is why Marathe ‘s job is secure. He’s a brilliant numbers guy who knows how to negotiate. And kudos to Solomon for getting it done!

    There is a glow of positive energy at 4949 Marie P DeBartolo Way emanating as far as the eye can see!

  5. Kyle Shanahan explains why the 49ers didn’t bring back Colin Kaepernick
    July 27, 2017 at 1:21 PM • 179 comments
    By David Bonilla

    Every fan on this site explained to Seb why Kap will not be a 49er……Shanahan explained twice.

    Yet Seb’s still going down with the HMS Kap:

    Seb’s sinking ‘Kapsized ‘ scene:


  6. Brian Hoyer: “This is my team. This is my offense.”
    Posted By Grant Cohn on July 27, 2017

    Seb, Grant’s posted that this is Hoyer’s team, not Kaps.

    Even Hoyer explains to Seb why this is his team:

    “All I can do is play this season. That’s what we have in front of us, the 2017 season. And I know from being in this league it’s about what have you done lately…

    So what has Kap done lately in the NFL, Seb…..? Exactly, it’s either time to admit Hoyer is the better QB for a WCO offense, or, as Kyle explained, “with Kap , build an offense around one player and have the whole offensive line learn a different system while learning his.”

    Not so hard to comprehend. Seb, not trying to be sarcastic, but did you ride the little yellow bus to school growing up. Everyone has explained Kyles reason–that he’d have to teach two different offenses to his team–the WCO and Read Option–so it was easier just to go with the better player in a WCO—Hoyer.

    1. 49reasons. says:
      Seb, will you come around an apologize to Paraag after the Solomon signing ?

      July 28, 2017 at 11:10 am

      This is why Marathe ‘s job is secure. He’s a brilliant numbers guy who knows how to negotiate. And kudos to Solomon for getting it done!

  7. They’ve got Tartt at FS. That’s interesting. If he could…no, he just hasn’t demonstrated the instincts for that position. He’s got the size and the speed. This is now a competition to keep an eye on.

  8. Kevin Jones‏Verified account @Mr_KevinJones · 2h2 hours ago

    Reuben Foster takes INT to the house to end a 7-on-7 drill

  9. I just hope Solomon is not a tweener and can’t excel at one of the positions…. we hedged and took him over that safety the Jets got…

  10. Didn’t they bring Jairus Byrd in for a workout a couple months back? Wonder how long it will be before he is a 49er…

  11. Grant,
    A question for after the workout. How does Lynch”s weight look and does Foster look especially thin to you?

  12. John Lynch said it’s obvious that RB Carlos Hyde has changed his physique to fit what the 49ers do. “He looks tremendous,” Lynch said.

    11:38 AM – 27 Jul 2017

  13. Ward’s fragility is one of the main reasons my win total predictions have been lower than most. If he can’t play, the secondary will take a beating if we use 8 man fronts.

  14. Cant wait to hear Grant’s take on the first practice. Wonder what he will say about Lynch, Bowman and Hyde.

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