49ers post-first-wave-free-agency mock draft

Now that the first wave of free agency is over, it’s time for another 49ers mock draft.

No. 7. Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota St.

The best quarterback in the draft, Wentz drops to No. 7 after the Niners trade Colin Kaepernick to the Cleveland Browns for a third-round pick.

Compares to: Blake Bortles, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

No. 37. Noah Spence, OLB, Eastern Kentucky

The best pass-rusher in the draft, Spence drops to Round 2 because he got kicked off the Ohio St. football team for failing drug tests.

Compares to: Khalil Mack, DE, Oakland Raiders

No. 65 (from Cleveland, in exchange for QB Colin Kaepernick). Le’Raven Clark, OT, Texas Tech

This left-tackle prospect eventually will allow the Niners to move Joe Staley back to right tackle.

Compares to: Russell Okung, OT, Seattle Seahawks

No. 68. Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio St.

A first-round talent slips to Round 3 due to inexperience at wide receiver. Miller played quarterback until 2015.

Compares to: Percy Harvin, WR, Buffalo Bills

No. 105. Nick Vigil, ILB, Utah St. (No. 41 in the video below)

Extremely productive college player who has every athletic trait Chip Kelly looks for in an inside linebacker.

Compares to: Kiko Alonso, ILB, Miami Dolphins

No. 133. Eric Murray, CB, Minnesota

Compares to: Vontae Davis, CB, Indianapolis Colts

No. 142. Sean Davis, FS, Maryland

Compares to: Eric Rowe, FS, Philadelphia Eagles

No. 145. Josh Ferguson, RB, Illinois

Compares to: LeSean McCoy, RB, Buffalo Bills

No. 174. Romeo Okwara, OLB, Notre Dame

Compares to: Aaron Lynch, OLB, San Francisco 49ers

No. 178. Aziz Shittu, DT, Stanford (No. 7 in the video below)

Compares to: Vinny Curry, DT, Philadelphia Eagles

No. 207. Avery Young, OG, Auburn (RT No. 56 in the video below)

No. 211. DeAndre Elliott, CB, Colorado St. (No. 13 in the video below)

Compares to: Byron Maxwell, CB, Miami Dolphins

No. 213. Dan Vitale, ST, Northwestern

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  1. Two Obvious Complaints Here! But I love the picks if you do get them haha.

    -Noah Spence and Braxton Miller won’t drop that far. Not even close.

    -Also, Jared Goff is way better than Carson. Better passer is Jared Goff and is mobile enough to run. Look at his forty time.

    1. Thanks! Spence’s stock has been falling since the Combine. Did not do well in interviews. He absolutely could fall to Round 2 just like DGB did last year. But if Spence doesn’t fall to Round 2, the Niners could take Kamalei Correa or Shillique Calhoun instead. That’s what I would do.

      Miller is ranked No. 70 overall on CBS.

      Goff is terrific, but Wentz is better, plus he fits Kelly’s offense.

      1. Is Goff going to the Browns at 2? Or do you have them taking a QB later in the draft. I guess it’s just a rumor but aren’t they looking to draft a QB even if they trade for Kap?

        And I guess I need to do my homework on Avery Young I thought he was a top 100 pick?

      2. Jeremiah’s latest mock postulates both Goff and Wentz will be there at seven -I’m a Cal fan so I like Goff there but either player would be fine for me.Agree on Spence drop to the second after combine dud.The only question I have about the pick is whether Kelly would abide by character questions but all in all it would be an exciting pick. Braxton Miller as a fourth rounder works for me-he will need a year of work but lots of ceiling, great character and an emergency QB to boot.Nice .

        1. Don’t be fooled by Wentz. The 49ers already have an older version of Wentz on their roster – his name is Blaine Gabbert.

      3. The topping point for me is Goff is only 21. Even if Goff has no change in his conditioning routine, he should fill out a little and gain a little bit more velocity as his body naturally matures.

        Three years experience vs Pac 12 players, great footwork, quick release at 21 just doesn’t come around very often.

        I like Wentz too. He does fit Kelly’s system nicely.

      4. I think it would be great if we got Miller. He would bring a lot of value. A special athlete who ran 4.3 at his pro day a few days ago, some draftniks think he could also play RB in the League. Although WR is probably where we’d use him, I don’t see why he couldn’t also be our QB3. As you know, he once ran Meyer’s offense. Train him at both positions. It would make him a better WR in Kelly’s system, and eventually it’s possible he’d move up to QB2.

      5. Your best mock to date Grant!

        I have been going back and forth between Wentz and Goff and I simply cannot make up my mind.

    2. From somebody that does not live on the West Coast. Wentz is definitely the better quarterback. And I like this pick so much better than Goff. I think the worst Wentz is going to be is Joe Flacco with more mobility. Not to mention several draft guys have said he’s the best quarterback since Andrew Luck. If they take Goff thinking he’s ARod part 2 it’s going to be a real disappointment.

  2. I would be very happy with that draft, especially the first three picks, but lately the 49ers have done nothing but disappoint, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

  3. but love the miller pick. fastest in the draft. but again no oline on the team. gonna have an alex smith situation again. need an instant starter somewhere

  4. Weird, I don’t actually hate this mock draft…you doing ok Grant? Though I still think the only QB worth top 10 draft pick is Goff.

  5. Grant, is this mock what based on 49ers intentions or your favorites? I think you recently had Lee in the first.

    All 13 picks used. No trade-ups? In light of the light free agency period, that makes sense.

    Spence would be a gamble pick. Except for the thoroughly vetted Lynch, 49ers have been drafting boy scouts since 2013. He can make Baalke look good, or get him fired.

    My gamble pick crush is Chris Jones. At only 21, he’s raw but gifted. Some downgrade him for not having a high motor. Its often motor issues that make high profile D-line picks fail in the NFL, so I get it.

    But I watched three full games of draft breakdowns and didn’t see any obvious loafing. What I did see were teams double teaming him… even when the play was going to the opposite sideline. When that happens, Jones seemed to be guarding his side of the field in case the play reversed directions. It seemed deliberate to me, but maybe some see this as loafing.

    What I saw was a guy that crushed the pocket in the late 4th qtr with good energy. If anyone can get me footage of him with a low motor I’d like to see it. I’m happy to pick another draft crush.

      1. Kaep is going to the Broncos, not Cleveland.
        No QB in his right mind would go to Cleveland with Haslam as the owner and losing 4 starters to free agency.

  6. Grant…by far your best mock so far. That said, I think the odds of Kaepernick getting traded are fading…so, the need to take a QB in the 1st rd is waning accordingly. I really don’t see the Browns drafting anyone but Wentz at #2. So, I see Baalke taking either Buckner or Jack at #7. The latter’s draft position will likely be determined by how he looks at UCLA’s pro day today. Either player would give Kelly/O’Neil a jump start at building a new dominant defense. It’s well documented that it’s easier to build such a defense than a killer offense. I know they just extended Dial, but if Baalke has the opportunity to draft Buckner, he has to take it. A front 3 of Armstead – Williams – Buckner would arguably be the best young DL in the league. That front is the key to the entire defense…the better it is, the better the defense can become. If Spence is off the board in the 2nd, Shallique Calhoun would be a good pick. Overall, I like your mock. I just wouldn’t count on Kap getting traded…

  7. 3 offensive players in the first 4 picks? This must be your idea of what they should do, not what they will do, right?

    Or do you think this is Chip Kelly’s ship now, a la Windbag Radnich?

  8. This would be a amazing draft! My only complaint is Miller and spence might not be there and I don’t want to move Staley to RT…id rather look at westerman at OG but overall is be pumped!

  9. The mock draft I was working on this morning starts similarly given Jeremiah’s projection I’d go :(1)J Goff QB;(2)N.Spence Edge;(3)Christian Westerman OL;(3b trade for Kaep)Karl Joseph DB;(4a)Keyarris Garett WR;(4b)Miles Killebrew OLB/SS;(5)Harlan Miller CB;(5b)Victor Ochi DE/OLB;(5c)Mike Thomas WR (S Miss);(6) Kyle Friend -Center;(6b)Tyrone Holmes DE (Montana);(6c)Marshaun Coprich RB;(6d)Vernon Adams QB.

    1. Nice hightop. Hey, have you checked out Curt Maggitt? I think he’d be a good late round pick on the hope he can stay healthy in the pros. I am also looking forward to Antonio Morrison’s pro day to see how he stacks up athletically. I think he’d be an excellent STs player and back up to Bow for a few years and can likely be had late.

      1. And both of those guys are known for being passionate leaders that play very hard. This team needs more guys like them imo.

      2. Sorry I missed your post Scooter,know Maggit a little bit seems pretty talented but apparently is involved in that lawsuit at school involving a punch up with a vol. and accused rape by team members so problems there but if comes out clean there, might be a good late rounder indeed !Morrison in all honesty I don’t know much about but at quick glance seems like a guy I will check further into -always a pleasure to read your posts my friend!

        1. Oh yeah forgot to ask if you have seen much of Morgan Burns from Kansas St seems like another late round nugget CB and ST

  10. I don’t believe Noah Spence is a good pick. I think we are much better off going with Ogbah if he is there.

    I believe that it is impossible to make a conclusion on Carson Wentz unless you have scouting tape, because his highlights that are available to the public are not quality. You cannot actually identify his level of skill. I think it is fairly obvious that Goff is a bust.

    I don’t think the 49ers intend to ever move Joe Staley back to RT unless Anthony Davis can develop into a LT.

    Here are my picks using the CBS prospect rankings and the Fanspeak.com Mock Draft Simulator tool. Feel free to tear them apart.

    7: R1P7

    37: R2P6

    68: R3P5

    106: R4P7

    133: R4P34

    142: R5P3

    145: R5P6

    174: R5P35

    181: R6P3

    210: R6P32

    211: R6P33

    213: R6P35

    I strongly believe that Lynch, Ogbah, Jones, and Taylor will be the best at their positions from this draft. McGee is an Owen Daniels type whereas Sandland could be a phenom depending on his development. Henry shares the distinction of top interior d-lineman with Sheldon Day and Sheldon Rankins. Joe Dahl will be moved to Guard in the NFL, and I strongly believe he can become a solid starter. Mike Thomas is a potential steal but mostly a value pick. DJ White is the second best corner in the draft outside of Jalen Ramsey who is a no-brainer perennial all-pro. Ron Thompson and Alex McCalister are purely size guys with potential that could be coached up. Just value picks, although I would have actually went with 3-4 DE Giorgio Newberry from Florida State over McCalister, but he was not included in the draft pool for some reason.

          1. Wow yeah looking at just the list of his videos, very impressive. I will be spending a lot of time watching these and getting his thoughts.

    1. I believe that it is impossible to make a conclusion on Carson Wentz unless you have scouting tape, because his highlights that are available to the public are not quality. You cannot actually identify his level of skill. I think it is fairly obvious that Goff is a bust.

      I disagree with this, and see far more questions in Lynch than either of these two guys, but your picks after that were pretty good.especially Deion Jones in the 3rd, although I don’t think he’s going to make it that far.

      1. Yeah, I am extremely surprised to see Deion Jones rated where he is on CBS. I would think he will realistically go somewhere in the mid-to-late second round at the latest. If he does somehow drop to the 3rd, he is a no brainer for us to switch to the middle.

    2. Why not take the tackle from Notre Dame at 7 , we need to address our line or it doesn’t matter who the QB or RB’S are because they will both be unproductive without protection; It starts up front.

  11. Cards trade G Jonathan Cooper + 2nd-rd pick to NE for DE Chandler Jones – Adam Schefter.

    Sounds like NE wants to shore up its inside pass pro (can you blame them?). I’m a big fan of 2nd rounders in this draft.

    1. B2W, exactly. That is why they should trade back to get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. It is also why I have been bundling players to get another second round pick.
      I think there is first round quality in the top 50 picks.

  12. Good draft Grant. I think you did pretty well here both in getting talent and filling needs. I’ve actually been reading and watching stuff on Vigil, and he looks like a guy who could potentially perform at a much higher level than where he’s likely to be drafted.

          1. I had trade-ups going after Lee in the late first, but now I don’t think he’ll fall.

            My new trade up crush is Chris Jones (and not because his pants fell off when he ran the 40). If he falls to the late 20s, 38+105 would do it. But if Spence falls to 37, might as well hang on to pick 105.

            My other trade-ups involve securing targeted players. 145+105 to move back into the 3rd. That was my plan to secure Jeff Driskel.

            13 is alot, but the quiet free agency makes me think the 49ers will have more roster space.

  13. Really nice mock Grant. I especially like the first 4 selections. Nice balance of need and BPA. I would be more than happy if it played out like that. Spence in the second round would be a steal. I’m not sure if Braxton Miller falls that far though. His stock seems to really be rising.

  14. Am I the only one who wasn’t impressed by that tape of Wentz?
    It was obvious in several cases where he was throwing the ball and on almost every route he threw that required the ball to be dropped in the bucket, his receivers had to adjust to the ball by slowing down or crossing the defender. That is fine against small school competition but against quality defenders it looked like that could have been a 4 pick game.

    His ball placement on short or intermediate window throws, and his running ability looked good though. I will need to watch more tape to see if that is a common issue for him or if he was just rusty from his time off.

  15. This is not the year for them to take a qb in the top 10. They must and hopefully will grab a defensive player at 7.
    If they go 3-13 4-12 or worse then they grab a qb with the first pick. Rd 4 is where they grab a qb. They have a new coach and Gabbert on a bit of an upswing. Ride that out a year see how it goes and if it fails and you have a top 3 pick then take a qb.

  16. i dont get how anyone can be obessed with drafting a qb round 1 right now. Gabbert will be injured by week 8 due to only having staley. Davis has not signed so cant count him, and hes coming off the couch. Kilgore still coming back from injury. WE NEED A LINE BEFORE A QB. If we draft wentz or goff they will come in mid season and get carr syndrome

  17. I am a fan of Wentz over Goff, and getting either would make a lot of sense (especially if they do trade Kaep and don’t really replace him in FA). But I am still leaning toward the 49ers going a different position in round 1.

    Spence in round 2 would be excellent if he is available. But waiting until the 4th for a CB… having missed out on Smith and Hayward, do you think they will wait that long to address the position?

    I like Vigil, but it seems to me the 49ers are looking at hybrid guys that excel in coverage. Not sure if Vigil is the type of guy they will look at. I expect they will draft a 4-3 WILL type LB or oversized SS. Deion Jones would be ideal in late 2nd/ early 3rd. And they are of course paying close attention to Jack. De’Vondre Campbell who you mentioned previously could also be an interesting pick up later on. Travis Feeney could be an option in the middle rounds.

    1. If they do wait to draft a CB though, Murray would be an excellent pick. Do you think he lasts until the 4th?

    2. Love the Sean Davis pick btw. If the 49ers needed a true safety he’d be in all my mocks. Though they could decide that Tarrt’s future is closer to the LOS and see Davis as Bethea’s heir.

      1. 49ers were on hand for Zach Sanchez’s pro day, and met with him. But I think Murray might end up going 3rd round, despite where CBS currently rank him.

      2. Personally I would take Fuller in the 2nd round though. I don’t think Spence will be a 49ers pick this year.

          1. Heck yes, and not even close. Correa is decent and looks like he could become a valuable starter as ‘the other guy’ or part of a rotation, but based on 2013 and 2014 Fuller looks like a quality starting CB prospect to me. He actually looks better than Kyle Fuller imo, and if it wasn’t for his knee injury last year I am pretty sure he’d be considered a first round lock.

              1. Scooter_McG March 15, 2016 at 5:38 pm
                But do you think Baalke will take that risk? I don’t.
                If the team had a good conversation with him then I think he would draft him if by some incredible set of circumstances he somehow slid to #37 then yes I think he would. If the 49ers are one of the teams that didn’t like their conversation with him then no. Either way I don’t see Baalke trading to draft him or taking him at #7 and since I very much don’t see him lasting to #37 it’s all probably moot.

              2. So few pass rushers with the type of metrics teams look for this draft and Spence is one of them. A team will pluck in in the latter part of the first round. A team like…Denver.

              3. The group is even enough that teams will pick pass rushers who don’t have character flags over Spence in Round 1.

        1. Excellent athlete for the position, but Fuller is a far more polished prospect and comes with excellent instincts. I prefer Fuller.

          1. I do like Fuller too but I think he will go late 1st round! Burns is bigger with long arms. Team was targeting Sean Smith…Burns give them that big corner

    3. I like Vigil, but it seems to me the 49ers are looking at hybrid guys that excel in coverage. Not sure if Vigil is the type of guy they will look at. I expect they will draft a 4-3 WILL type LB or oversized SS. Deion Jones would be ideal in late 2nd/ early 3rd.

      That’s possible but they drafted Borland two years ago, and Vigil is a bigger and more athletic version of Borland. Tackling machine who is pretty solid in coverage. Needs to get into an NFL weight program to get stronger at the point of attack, but the instincts and ability are there. He actually fits your WILL LB description pretty well.

      It was questionable as to whether Jones would fall into the 3rd round before his pro day. After that 40 time, he’s not getting out of the second round imo. They’d need to take him with their second pick or trade back up into the second if he falls a bit.

      1. I hadn’t seen his pro day results, but yeah, a 4.4 40 will make it unlikely he is available in the 3rd.

        They drafted Borland but that was before the success of guys like Buccannon and Barron at ILB. There is still a role for a guy like Borland, but they already have Bowman, Hodges and Wilhoite. I think they are after more of a coverage guy after they got destroyed in the middle last year. Vigil isn’t that guy, even though he has decent athleticism for an ILB.

        1. Yep you could be right Scooter, but Vigil would be a great pick where Grant has him imo. Really good football player who seems to have a lot of bull dog in him.

          1. Too many other needs to take that type of LB before a coverage guy imo. This is a good LB class though. 49ers should be able to add some decent talent.

              1. He’s ok in coverage. Do you think ok in coverage is what they are after from the LB next to Bowman in base?

              2. I think he has potential to be better than OK in coverage. He’s athletic and posted better agility numbers that Tartt.

              3. “posted better agility numbers that Tartt.”

                I think this, combined with Tartt’s struggles in coverage when he played closer to the LOS last season, is why the team will see Tartt’s long term position as SS where he can play with more range and come down hill in a hurry.

                As for Vigil, he would be a good pick in the 4th round. Just not convinced he is the type of LB the team is looking for.

              4. Vigil is the type of ILB Chip Kelly seems to prefer. Very similar athletically to Kiko Alonso and Jordan Hicks. Tall, agile, heavy enough, fast enough.

              5. #1 and 2 intangibles Baalke needs to look at when drafting all 12 of his picks before skill: competitiveness and meanness!
                Tartt has those and the 49ers would be best served to follow that blue print!

              6. It doesn’t matter what Chip likes in a LB. He will have no voice when it comes to Defensive players. Balke identfies LBs very well. If Jack gets to 7 there is no way they pass him up. Even if Goff or Wentz is there.

              7. Not when it comes to drafting defensive players. Chip will have zero say. The system that is his is on offensive not defense.

              8. I went to Utah state. Love in Utah and love this pick. Vigil replaced Wagner in the middle for the defense. He is not as athletic as Wagner, but he has tremendous instincts. He is a great team leader and a lot more athletic than people give him credit. Think this would be a tremendous pick up.

  18. The 49ers should concentrate on offense in the draft, they have become the new Raiders…so why not bring back, Aldon Smith, and sign Junior Galette and Greg Hardy? What could possibly go wrong?

  19. Nice mock draft, Grant, especially the first five picks. However, with 13 or even 12 picks, I think Baalke should draft Jaylon Smith with one of the mid-round picks (probably 4th round). This assumes, of course, that he is still available.

  20. I still think Goff will be the better QB. That said, if this is the Niners’ draft, I’d say Baalke has done a good job.

  21. From NFL.com:

    The scoop: “I wish somebody would start some rumor to get (Jared) Goff to fall in the draft. Let’s get that small-hand talk going! We would take him tomorrow. He’s the best quarterback in this draft and it’s not as close as the media is making it sound.” — NFC executive on the Cal QB

    The skinny: While this executive was clearly joking about starting a rumor (wasn’t he??), he was very strong in his affinity for the Cal signal-caller. Goff’s hand size (9 inches) was the talk of the NFL Scouting Combine because it’s on the small side for an NFL starter, but I’ve had Goff at the top of the QB pack from the outset because of the entirety of his skill set. While the general consensus in media circles is that Carson Wentz has taken over as the top QB prospect in this draft, that might not be the case in NFL circles.

    How much you wanna bet that NFC Executive is with the Rams?

    1. Could be, although it won’t be very expensive for them to move up to get him if they really do.

    2. While the general consensus in media circles is that Carson Wentz has taken over as the top QB prospect in this draft, that might not be the case in NFL circles.
      I believe this is absolutely the case. The irony with the article above is that what’s most likely is that the hype around Wentz being the #1 QB is likely coming from the team(s) that most want to get Goff.

      Let me start by saying that’s as a prospect, as a player that has the chance to have the most long term success I like Wentz more then Goff.

      Ok with that out of the way I’ll now say that Goff is the most NFL desirable QB in the draft and frankly I don’t think anyone else is close in the eyes of the league. I think we’ll see Goff go top #10 for sure and then a slide by Wentz. Here’s why;

      Snaps. Goff has what NFL teams love, experience under center taking snaps and not snaps but quality ones. He’s faced top competition, that he sometimes didn’t always look his best wont be valued as much as the fact that he simply was in that game taking snaps and getting the experience of it. Wentz lacks quality snaps. I’ve posted these numbers before but in his 3 years as a starter at Cal, Goff attempted 1568 passes. That’s 1568 snaps that just went to passes alone. In 4 years, only 2 as a starter Wentz attempted 612 passes. If Goff looked horrible during his time at Cal and had lousy stats then you could diminish the value of that fact that he has 2.5 times the amount of pass attempts but that’s not the case. And again it’s not sure the shear difference in number but the fact that Goff’s snaps came against ‘tougher’ competition.

      NFL teams value ‘quality’ experience under center almost more then anything else and in this draft no one has more or even comes close to that as Goff. This is why he’ll be the first QB taken in the draft.

      1. And again it’s not just the sheer difference in number but the fact that Goff’s snaps came against ‘tougher’ competition.

      2. When the Browns fail to pull off a trade for Kaepernick I’ll be forced to rewrite this except in the theme of Wentz being drafted first.

      3. Baalke would never take Goff. Baalke is a Parcells guy, and Parcells wanted senior quarterbacks who won at least 23 games in college.

        1. I’m 100% certain that Kelly wants Goff and if the team has plans to draft a QB in the first round I have no question or hesitation that it would be Goff.

        2. One could say that Harbaugh was similar to a Parcells guy. One could say that Tomsula would try to be what ever guy Baalke wanted him to be. One can’t say that Kelly is a Parcells guy.

          At least this guy can’t say that Kelly is a Parcells guy. If there is a difference of opinion between the 49ers guys about QBs, either the coach get his way, or he will have lost his mojo.

            1. Grant Cohn March 15, 2016 at 8:28 pm
              I’d be surprised if Kelly preferred Goff to Wentz.
              No other QB in the draft came close to the amount of production that Kelly’s system demands. No QB in the draft can you say will be as successful throwing the ball 38+ times a game as Goff because he’s the only one that did it in College.

  22. Many signs point to the Eagles trading up to secure a QB.

    – The Eagles recently moved up to pick 8. It’s likely they had someone in mind when they made that trade.

    – They just signed Bradford to a two year contract. The perfect amount of time to groom a young quarterback.

    – They could trade up to 6 (Ravens) with one of their two 3rd rounders. It matches chart.

    – Pick 8 would be an attractive trade-back for the Ravens in the likely event Ramsey is taken before 6. The Ravens need an OT (Stanley). If Baalke took Stanley, that would drop Buckner or Bosa to 8.

    Most mocks have one of Bosa, Buckner or Stanley falling to pick 8.

    If the Ravens value one of (Stanley-Buckner-Bosa) +pick 77 over any of Stanley, Buckner or Bosa alone, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t make that trade.

  23. Matt Waldman RSP Boiler Room Jared Goff & Pocket Presence

    To echo what’s been mentioned earlier today, I think Goff is better, and the gap between Goff and Wentz is bigger than the media buzz indicates. His combination of footwork and quick release can’t be passed up. I’d be surprised if Wentz was the first QB taken.

    Again, one of the tipping points for me is Goff is only 21, two years younger than Wentz, yet he’s the far more polished, experienced quarterback. At that age he should naturally fill out a little.

  24. Sorry, Grant, but you are way off. First of all, I think Cleveland will not get Kaep. Goff and Wentz will be gone by 7, Spence will not make it out of the first round, and Miller’s Pro Day has skyrocketed his stock. The Niners will not select 3 DBs and Ferguson may be as fast as Prosise, but he is 20 pounds lighter.
    I like Nick Vigil and had Shiltu on a previous mock but was banned for the S word.
    Conklin, Decker, Spriggs and Ifedi are superior athletes, and even Colman is a better choice.
    I like some of your previous mocks better.

    1. Seb, the word on the street here is that Denver is willing to wait until Baalke has to decide to cut Kaep and lose trade options or is forced to lower his compensation. I don’t think the Browns are nearly as good an option for Kaep any longer. We’ll have to see if Baalke is willing to pay Kaep his guaranteed salary on April 1. I say he stays here or he goes to Denver. Elway seems to get what he wants. Kaep will have to renegotiate his salary but he’ll be out of SF. I think the worst option for everyone is if he stays. I think I grow less confident that Kelly can turn things around with how the rest of the NFL views the 49ers and its impact on players desire to come here in FA. I forget who was quoting York saying that we’d be active in FA in the winter this year after Tomsula’s firing. But that surely hasn’t happened and its telling.

      1. Wilson

        Did you see what Bill Belichick just got for a guy who: (1) is a decent passrusher, (2) with a somewhat checkered character, and (3) will be a 1-yr rental before he hits FA in 2017 and makes $15M+/yr w/ $40M guaranteed?

        He got a 2nd and a former 1st Rd OL from the Cardinals.

        If Baalke cuts Kaepernick before April 1, it will say more about the ineptitude of this franchise under York/Baalke than anything that has already happened.

        Elway has bungled the Broncos offseason so far. At least that is common perception. If he can fleece Baalke, he will turn it around in an instant.

        1. Sil, I did see Belichick’s great moves.

          I agree on Baalke’s ineptness.

          I actually respect Elway’s decision to not over pay a QB with 7 games experience and declining performance as game film caught up to him and a DE that they can live without. Too many teams have made really stupid moves like the Dolphins, Jaguars and Texans. The CJ Anderson situation is questionable. The guys on the radio pointed out that CJ’s tender was happening while Jackson and Osweiler were still in play and the cap space was needed. The Bronco’s counter offer came after those guys were gone. Jackson is saying that he might have stayed had they offered a deal before training camp. Lets see how the Bronco’s look next season before we decide if Elway botched things.

          I keep wondering if Baalke is really prepared to keep Kaep?

        2. Sil here ya go. Vote for what grade you gave the 49ers in FA. D+ for me. They didn’t over pay for anyone which is a plus, but we didn’t really help ourselves with talent in needed areas. We’ll roll over a ridiculous amount of cap space. I don’t think we build the team through FA, but you certainly augment it with talent. Think Ware, Talib, Ward in Denver.


            1. True, but it doesn’t mean we couldn’t have added talent to this roster. Grant do you think its nobody wants to come here or avoidance of FA by the FO?

          1. Wilson

            I give them a B- because they have so far failed to recoup the loss of Boone with another G. That’s my lone complaint.

            If they trade Kaep for anything less than a 2nd, it will immediately go to an F. It’s one thing for a GM to underestimate the value of the QB position on his own team; it’s an entirely worse thing for that GM to believe that the rest of the league also undervalues the position.

            I cannot see the 49ers releasing Kaep from his contract or trading him before April 1. His salaries this year and moving forward are well below what the market will bear for a guy who has shown such dynamic ability and has actually won as much as he has when given support.

              1. Poor Colin. He’s helpless because the 49ers have that contract hammer.

                Except that now it looks like that team friendly contract is only worth something if the 49ers really want to keep Colin.

                Except they are trying to trade Colin and are getting low balled.

                Except that no one wants that contract.

                Except that Colin can veto a trade that doesn’t include that contract.

                Except that a lot of QB moves are on hold waiting to see what happens to poor Colin.

              2. Nice work HT. I’d add:
                poor back stabbed colin
                poor victim of Maraathe’s leaks
                poor beating colin with a stick
                poor injured colin
                poor good natured colin signing a team friendly deal
                poor benched colin for mr. checkdown

              3. Wilson, I didn’t intend to write more than a “What’s Colin’s Current Status” conjecture as compared to his “hopeless” status a few days ago.

              4. Hmm, he says that Kaep is holding all the cards, but posters are claiming the Niners have all the leverage. Casserly is astute, and sees the deadline as a bludgeon to the Niners, and does not even bring up the possibility of failing the physical because it would mess up the Niners even more.

          2. Wilson I would vote for an F, even with the Williams signing, because that was cancelled out by re- signing Devey.

  25. Grant,
    Really like the first 4 picks. I have been a Wentz fan for awhile and thought that he would go under the radar because of the conference he played in. But the kid looks like a true ball’r.

    I would be happy with Goff as well, but for me what separates the two QB’s are the perennial winning culture.
    Wentz has won in conference over the years whereas Goff has only put up good stats.
    When it come to Wentz, I’ll stand by my ol’ friend Mike Singletary’ moto; “I want winners!”

    If we could get Spence it would bring immediate dividends to our porous pass rush, but I would hope that it doesn’t come with a negative cost of off-field antics.

    Clark and Miller would be good picks as well. Miller could present some additional skills that could help, especially if Chip the mad scientist can work him into the offense on special plays.
    All good.

    The rest of your picks make sense as they like the proverbial BPA.

  26. After watching Kelly for many years my observations bring me to conclude that Kelly’s offense is going to be feast or famine, probably not mediocre. Either way the defense will be on the field lots. I will be addressing the draft with that concept.

    AP – alternate pick

    1. CB Hardgreaves
    AP1 DT Buckner
    AP2 LB Jack

    2. DT Best available pass rusher
    AP 1 CB
    AP 2 LB

    3. OG/Tackle – Best available
    AP 1 LB

    4. C. Nick Martin, can backup/play ALL OL positions.

    5. From here on out – Scratching my head

    I also with a late round pick or even as an FA – Vernon Adams – nothing to lose here and possible something to gain.

  27. Grant… Not to toot my own horn, but I was the 1st to bring up Carson Wentz on this site. The only plus I would give Goff over Wentz is the competition in the PAC 12. I’m not buying the A Rod, Cal angle. Goff isint ready for that. But I will bring up 3 straight championships that Wentz has. That’s what drew me to him. Plus his size and speed. 64% completion, 153 qb rating….. Goff is a good qb, but so is Wentz. So when I see 2 guys pretty much the same stature, I go with system. The Niners system would be for a running threat qb. Wentz gets the nod… Carson Wentz, the prototypical Chip Kelly qb.. Just with big Ben size.. Dangerous

    1. As I’ve stated in past mocks, Chipster does not pass up this special opportunity to get the best speed reader in the draft, who hits his targets in stride. Kap’s not a speed reader, and constantly throws above or behind targets.

      Most mock drafts have the lean Jared Goff as the second quarterback selected in the draft, behind North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz. While Goff has also been inconsistent from time to time, the potential for something special is definitely there. Each year with the Golden Bears, his completion percentage has increased finally landing at 64.5 percent in 2015.
      NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein said that Goff is a “Rhythm passer who benefited from the up­tempo and ‘quick game’ of Cal’s Bear Raid offense.” That is something that could actually intrigue new 49ers head coach Chip Kelly and general manager Trent Baalke.
      “Even if Colin Kaepernick remains at quarterback I don’t know if Goff would be out of the equation here. I think he could develop into something special for Chip Kelly and would provide insurance for Kap,” said ESPN’s Mel Kiper in his mock.

      1. Nope. Scooter mentioned his name and asked if anybody liked Wentz and I responded. If you can find his name coming up before that conversation I’ll be shocked.

        1. There were definitely conversations about him before that. I discussed his merits with Mid and htwaits in early November, and I know I talked about him in late October too. Basically not long after the conversations started in earnest about needing a new QB because Kaep was stinking it up to start the season.

        2. I can’t find the conversation I’m looking for. I see Wentz being mentioned by various people all the way back to around mid November. The discussion with Mid was towards the end of November. I had to have occurred sometime around the beginning of November but I’ve gone through a few times and can’t find it. I’m positive the discussion I’m looking for was the first time there was a conversation about him.

      2. Right after the time it was said that the Niners had the number 7 pick. If someone mentioned him before, then my bad!! But I hadn’t read about anyone on the blog mentioning him with their draft pick at number 7.

  28. A new mock draft posted on NFL.com by analyst Chad Reuter goes four rounds deep and has the San Francisco 49ers finding key pieces for Chip Kelly’s new offense early on.

    It’s no surprise that Rueter tapped Cal’s Jared Goff with San Francisco’s seventh-overall pick. Given the Colin Kaepernick trade scenario, just about every mock draft that has Goff available at seven has him landing with the 49ers


  29. i have a feeling baalke trade down in the first and picks up another 2nd/3rd along the way. Especially if both qb’s are available. Baalke is on a short leash(I really hope so anyway) he needs to kill this draft and win now. I just don’t see him taking a QB that high in the draft to sit for a year while we go 4-12…….

  30. A well-run team like the Broncos would offer their third-round pick for Kaepernick (they said he’s worth a fourth, despite not having a fourth to trade this year) if they knew they wouldn’t be able to attain him otherwise. Starting quarterbacks are the most valuable assets in the NFL.

    Yet Denver’s stinginess in trade discussions indicates they know they won’t have to give up anything significant to get Kaepernick if they wait.

    John Elway sees the writing on the wall: the 49ers are asking for a disastrous outcome if they truly are willing to keep Kaepernick around beyond April 1, when his $11.9 million salary becomes guaranteed, and into the start of the offseason program.

  31. Chip Kelly, 49ers must trade Kaepernick:


    “49ers teammates don’t like or respect Kap.”
    One former teammate questioned his motivation and reporters have called him arrogant on occasion.
    “Kap fractured the locker room (Aldon Smith girlfriend incident)”

    Smith and Nessa apparently had previously broken up amid rumors she was involved with Kaepernick. Kaepernick denied he got into an altercation with Smith. However, what’s interesting is Smith was arrested on hit-and-run, driving under the influence and vandalism charges Aug. 6, just days after the rumored fight with Kaepernick.

    Kaepernick’s relationship with Nessa isn’t the first time he’s been linked to dating another athlete’s girlfriend or wife. NBA player Matt Barnes doesn’t like Kaepernick.

    Kaepernick’s relationship with Nessa isn’t the first time he’s been linked to dating another athlete’s girlfriend or wife. NBA player Matt Barnes doesn’t like Kaepernick.
    He also added a few choice words about the 49ers quarterback:



  32. Grant,
    We are about a week in to the FA signing period, that is right about where I thought Baalke might start signing FA’s. Have you heard any rumors about who he might be interested in? Any visitations planned?

  33. I will reiterate my post about compensation.
    Baake is deathly afraid to give up Kaep so he can go to the Broncos and take the league by storm again, and is also afraid to give him away for next to nothing. Niners made their own bed and need to lie in it, but they were incredibly stupid to send the leaker to the meeting, so it is their own fault.
    Baalke must make the best of the situation by offering Kaep, but with proper compensation. They should offer Kaep and the Niner 4th, 5th and 6th picks for the Denver First Round pick and a conditional 5th next year. The Broncos will be giving their first, which is essentially a high second, so they will be offering up a draft pick worthy of Kaep’s potential. The 3 later picks will be worth a lot to them because they will be able to replenish their roster and lock them down with rookie contracts. The talent level is good in the later rounds because 98 juniors have declared, so essentially there are 3 rounds of good enough junior talent, that they think will be able to be drafted.
    The Niners will save face by being able to say they got a first round pick for Kaep. I personally think he is worth 2 first round picks, but after they benched him and made him a second stringer while denigrating him, the Niners would be lucky to get a third round pick for him.
    The 5th round 2017 conditional pick would be the Niners insurance. If Kaep leads them to the playoffs, it would be elevated to a 4th. If they win a playoff game, it would be elevated to a third. If the Broncos get to the AFCC game, it would be elevated to a second, and if they make it back to the SB, it would become a first round pick for the Niners. Then if the Broncos make it back, it would cost them 2 firsts, but to them it would be worth it, because Kaep would give them an elite QB who could play for years. Maybe Baalke should show an iota of negotiating skill by first offering Kaep and a 5th and 6th. then if Denver counters with wanting a 4th, too, make the deal before they essentially will lose him for no compensation.

      1. Hey, prime, I know you said that Kaep took the league by storm. Guess you are dissing your own football knowledge if you say he cannot do it again.

        1. Hey, prime, I know you said that Kaep took the league by storm.
          Hey, prime, I know you said that Kaep took the league by storm.
          Hey, prime, I know you said that Kaep took the league by storm.
          Hey, prime, I know you said that Kaep took the league by storm.
          Hey, prime, I know you said that Kaep took the league by storm.

          Yes, Seb I said that. I said that in relation to a lot of one hit wonder players in NFL history. You know one trick ponies, flash in the pan, dime a dozen. Good one year or 2 then never to be seen again. That’s your boy, #7 in a nutshell.
          Quote me all you want but make sure you include the reasoning.

          1. And no, I do not have to give context just to clarify your position and to please you. I am doing it to remind you not to say things in a cavalier manner because once said, they will come back to haunt you. Ad infinitum.

    1. Also, if the Niners trade back, with the Denver pick, they could get 4 players in first 2 rounds which is the sweet spot of the draft.

  34. How exactly does Kaepernicks contract work or when a player holds out. I know they can fine them for training camp etc, but how does that work going into the season. If both sides stayed completely strong on their intentions and CK held out all year. What would the 49ers be on the hook for? What would be the max fine etc?

    1. He doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t play Andrew. In fact he would wind up owing money due to the fines he would accumulate. I don’t know what the max fine is, but if Kap showed up for the final 6 games to get an accrued season, he’d be making peanuts due to the fines he would have amassed by that point..

  35. Baalke responsible:

    Some folks will use Chip Kelly’s time in Philly as the reason for why the team can’t land free agents. I don’t think it is all Chip’s fault, in my opinion it is more on the shoulders of 49ers general manager Trent Baalke. It was Baalke who couldn’t play nice with the best head coach we’ve had since Steve Marriucci in Jim Harbaugh. Although Chip might have rubbed some players the wrong way, it’s undeniable that his system can bring out the best in offensive players.
    Baalke on the other hand has come up short in free agency, and most recently in the draft. Since the 2012 draft the 49ers have selected 40 players, and of those 40 players only six have stood out so far. They are Eric Reid, Carlos Hyde, Aaron Lynch, Kenneth Acker, Arik Amstead, and Bradley Pinion. A 15% success rate is not good when the media has labeled you as a general manager that is difficult to get along with.


      1. Trying to roll with what we have. If the 49ers want to give Kelly’s career a chance, draft the best speed reader and accurate QB in the draft.
        Drafting Goff would be a sign the Chipster has learned about offensive predictability, factoring a New England Pats offensive coach he just hired.

              1. Do you think the Eagles trading up to 8 has something to do with securing a QB?

                They could trade up to 6 (Ravens) with one of their two 3rd rounders. It matches chart.

                Most mocks have one of Bosa, Buckner or Stanley falling to pick 8. If the Ravens value one of (Stanley-Buckner-Bosa) +pick 77 over any of the above there’s no reason why they wouldn’t make that trade.

                They just signed Bradford to a two year contract. The perfect amount of time to groom a young quarterback.

            1. Ha. Awesome suggestion Brodie.

              I agree with Grant that Goff would be a better fit in Shanahan’s offense, but I think he could still be good with Chip, albeit not ideal.

          1. I have to respectfully disagree with you on this Grant. As long as Jarred does try to do too much when running the football, and learns to take what the defense gives him, IMO he would be a big enough threat running the football, to make defenses respect him as a runner.

            While Nick Foles and Sam Bradford (post 2 ACL tears) weren’t enough of a running threat to prevent LB’s and DL’s from disregarding the QB as a running threat, Jarred Goff, from what I have seen, and heard, is plenty athletic enough to run the zone-reads effectively.

            Here is the most accurate list, in my opinion, of JARRED GOFF’S attributes that I have found. This list is pulled directly from NFLBREAKDOWNS.COM

            – Amazing footwork in the pocket. Keeps feet moving alternating his steps to give himself the ability to set quickly and throw.
            – Good mechanics on his throws. Smooth throwing motion with a quick release.
            – Shows a great ability to maneuver himself in the pocket. Steps into his throws and shows a good feel for the pocket. Knows when to scramble, but tends to stay in the pocket when under pressure.
            – Good velocity on his throws. Has the arm strength to fit passes into tight windows, but does not display this ability on film often. Tends to rely more on touch and ball placement to complete his passes.
            – Tends to avoid tight windows and instead goes for the open route on quick passes.
            – Has great accuracy on short and intermediate throws and places the ball extremely well on deep passes.


            – Slight frame at only 215 pounds, but has never missed a start due to injury in his 3 year career at Cal behind a weak offensive line.
            – Does not line up under center. Typically takes 3 step drop backs, occasionally does 5 steps, and no 7 step drops. Will need to relearn how to drop back from under center in the NFL.
            – Does not have a lot of experience going through a progression. Makes mostly single read plays, does not freeze the safeties very often, and does not look off defenders.
            – When he does go through a progression he shows a good internal clock and is very good at quickly moving between his reads. Should quickly adjust to the speed of the NFL.
            – Was a team captain as a sophomore.

            NFL Combine:

            40 Yard Dash – 4.82 sec,11th fastest, only 3/100ths of a second slower than Dak Prescott, and faster than both Vernon Adams and Paxton Lynch.

            3 Cone Drill – 7.17 sec, 9th fastest, 2/100ths of a second faster than Jeff Driskel

            And here are a couple videos highlighting Jarred’s athleticism as a runner.

            This first one is Jarred VS Cam Newton, 40 yard dash simulcam. Though Cam eventually pulls away, their 10 yard split is identical:


            This one is VS Ohio State, in 2013. Jarred is fast enough to beat speedy LB Ryan Shazier (Pitt) to the sideline, drawing a personal foul:


            I’m not suggesting Goff is going to break Kap’s rushing records anytime soon, but I think you overestimate how good of a runner a QB has to be to run Chip’s system effectively.

              1. Oops.

                The combine suggest Goff is faster than Adams and more agile than Driskel. So…………?

              2. Goff has no experience running the zone-read and probably would get squashed running that play in the NFL.

              3. Grant Cohn March 16, 2016 at 2:07 pm
                Goff rushed for -114 yards in three seasons at Cal. The zone-read is not his game.

                Grant Cohn March 16, 2016 at 2:20 pm
                Goff has no experience running the zone-read and probably would get squashed running that play in the NFL.

                Fangio figured out the play wasn’t really a “zone-read.” No “reading” occurred. Nick Foles, the Eagles quarterback, didn’t read the defensive end, didn’t look for an opportunity to run when it was available. Foles was bluffing the run. He had zero intention of keeping the ball. He simply wanted to give it to the running back and get out of the way. The play was really a “zone-give.”

                Well I guess it’s a good thing according to you Grant that Kelly’s zone-read doesn’t have any intention of having the QB run, right?

              4. Grant,

                I’ve been doing my best not to give you a hard time, but your “Goff rushed for -144 yards in his career” comment is just so Grant (i.e., disingenuous / misleading) that I can’t help myself.

                As I’m sure you know, in college football, yards lost from sacks count as “rushes” to a passers rushing stats. So, to use Goff’s “rushing” yards to represent his rushing ability, or lack thereof, is dishonest.

                In 2015: Goff “rushed” (including sacks) 57 times for 5 yards, and Cal QB’s were sacked 27 times, for -215 yards. Let’s say Goff was in there for 90% of the sacks and lost yards (24 sacks for -194). So, on plays on which Goff actually running the ball, he was 33 rushes for 199 yards (6.0 yards per rush).

                So, Grant, please explain how a rushing average of 6.0 yards per carry makes him nonfunctional as a runner.

              5. Seb,

                My point isn’t that Goff is or isn’t a good prospect (I do think he’s a very good prospect, btw). My point is, Grant will bolster his position, by any means necessary, including misrepresenting the truth. Acceptable for a lawyer, not for a journalist. He just can’t help himself, it seems pathological with him. Too bad.

            1. correction: As long as jarred DOESN’T try to do too much when running the football.

              In other words, as long as Jarred learns to slide effectively and get out of bounds, and doesn’t pull an RG3 and try to pretend he’s the next Barry Sanders, he’ll do just fine in Chip’s system.

              And his phenomenal “repetitive accuracy” is the key!

              1. For what it’s worth, I think I do like Wentz over Goff if I had to choose one of those 2 to run Chip’s offense. However, I do think that if Chip believes Jarred is a lot more accurate, he would probably go with Goff.

              2. Why would he get hurt? He’s bigger than Russell Wilson.

                Here’s my take on the durability factor;

                I don’t think that QB are that much more likely to get hurt if they are smart about the way they run the football. QB’s get hurt in the pocket, taking blind side hits, and when pass rushers come in low, towards their knees. The QB who get hurt running the football, tends to be the guys that try to fight for the extra yard, or turn upfield as opposed to getting out of bounds. And Jarred Goff is a quick thinker. So, I think he could be very effective because he can make the split second decisions to slide, or get OB. Jarred has certainly proven to be a durable QB. And I am sure he hasn’t completely filled out his physique. Another 10 pounds and I don’t think durability is absolutely a non factor.

              3. He wont get hurt because by Grant’s own reasoning Kelly doesn’t run a zone-read it’s a zone-give and the QB has no intention of keeping the ball.

      2. Nope, but Murray is a 1 back, occasional breather horse. That was his fault chaso g the money. There was nothing on tale of the eagles that could have made him say, that system is right for me. It was all about the dollas and he got burned.

    1. TomD…. Now go do that same draft analysis for all NFL teams since 2012.. And see the percentage. I guarantee none of them will be over 25%.. And even that is a high number. Because why? The NFL DRAFT IS A CRAP SHOOT!!! Rather people like it or not, Balkee was right when he said that.

  36. Karlos Dansby – LB – Free Agent
    Browns released ILB Karlos Dansby.
    Dansby is entering his age-35 season and is happy with the move, as he knew he didn’t have a chance at winning with the rebuilding Browns. The new regime seems to be tearing it all down and starting again from the basement level. Dansby’s play slipped in 2015, but he’s still a quality starter. He graded out as Pro Football Focus’ No. 3 inside linebacker in coverage and is a known playmaker. Dansby will be looking for a contender. The Browns save $3.5 million against the cap with the move.
    Related: Browns
    Source: Pat McManamon on Twitter Mar 16 – 1:19 PM

  37. Bradley Pinion – “Another year of holding this mans (Phil Dawson) balls! Can’t wait to keep learning from a future HOF! Congrats”

  38. The Patriots keep telling everyone that they think of the current draft class by trading away their picks.

      1. Since you took my comment just a bit more seriously then intended I’ll do the same and say that pick #61 is really more of a third.

      2. The Cards sure made some nice moves. They pick up Jones and cast off a 1st round bust G and then they replace him with pro bowler Mathis and in the end all they’ve lost is a 2nd round pick.

          1. Don’t jump the gun. Someone, not The Seb, predicted a 5 and 1 division record for the 49ers in 2016. Maybe their lone loss will be to the Cards.

  39. Titans: Laremy Tunsil
    Browns: Myles Jack
    Chargers: Jalen Ramsey
    Cowboys: Joey Bosa
    Jaguars: Emmanuel Ogbah
    Ravens: Deforest Buckner
    49ers: Carson Wentz
    Eagles: Ronnie Stanley
    Buccaneers: Shaq Lawson
    Giants: Darron Lee
    Bears: Ezekiel Elliott
    Saints: Reggie Ragland
    Dolphins: Vernon Hargreaves
    Raiders: Kendall Fuller
    Rams: Jared Goff

        1. Naw, the Niners need a pass rusher more than a non guaranteed elite QB, and the Niners need to draft an O lineman with one of their first 2 picks or the second coming of Joe Montana would fail behind the present line.
          With Gabbert as the starter, they should wait for Hogan, Adams or Driskel, and let them sit and learn. If they drafted Wentz and threw him into the starting lineup, he will get eaten up, chewed and spit out.
          You know, kinda like Alex Smith.

        2. Sorry, Grant, but I believe Wentz did well against lower division talent, but he did not shine in the Senior Bowl like Adams did in the Shrine game.
          I will not say that Wentz has bust written all over him, but he will be set up for failure if the is thrust into the starting role on this weak 5-11 roster.

          1. Seb,

            Every report I’ve seen about Wentz at the senior bowl said that he had a great week of practices. And the practices are more important than the game, right?

              1. If I’m not mistaken, the senior practices are considered far more important by NFL scouts that the game itself. You can look that up.

              2. Ex, you are correct about the scout evaluations, but I just remember Tomsula saying that Devey had great practices, then we all saw his turnstile play during games.

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