49ers post-free-agency mock draft 2.0


Now that I realize the Niners are making a run at the playoffs, these are the picks I think they will make. Remember, this is a fluid process.

Round 1, pick No. 2:  Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State. The best corner to come out of college since Marcus Peters in 2015.

Round 2, pick No. 34: Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt. The most complete linebacker in the draft and the second coming of Derrick Johnson.

Round 3, pick No. 66: Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State. An athletic pass rusher who can stop the run as well and play 6-technique in the base defense if the 49ers need him to.

Round 4, pick No. 109. Joe Williams, RB, Utah. The most explosive and underrated running back in the draft.

Round 4, pick No. 143. Julie’n Davenport, OT, Bucknell. A quick and and agile offensive linemen with long arms who can play right tackle if Trent Brown doesn’t fit Kyle Shanahan’s system.

Round 5, pick No. 146. Eddie Vanderdoes, NT, UCLA. An athletic nose tackle who played well at the Senior Bowl.

Round 5, pick No. 161. Jayon Brown, LB, UCLA. A 230-pound middle linebacker who ran a 4.58 40-yard dash at his Pro Day and recorded 212 tackles in 24 games the past two seasons.

Round 6, pick No. 198. Sam Tevi, G/T, Utah. A quick and agile offensive lineman who can play guard and tackle.

Round 6, pick No. 202. Chad Williams, WR, Grambling State. A 207-pound wide receiver who ran a 4.37 40-yard dash at his Pro Day, caught 90 passes last season and played well at the Senior Bowl.

Round 7, pick No. 219. C.J. Beathard, QB, Iowa. A backup quarterback who can develop into a starter, comes from a pro-style offense and has a strong arm with a quick release.

XWR: Pierre Garcon, Aldrick Robinson
SWR: Jeremy Kerley, Bruce Ellington
ZWR: Marquise Goodwin, Chad Williams
LT: Joe Staley, John Theus
LG: Zane Beadles
C: Jeremy Zuttah, Daniel Kilgore
RG: Joshua Garnett, Sam Tevi
RT: Trent Brown, Julie’n Davenport
TE: Logan Paulsen, Vance McDonald, Blake Bell
QB: Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, C.J. Beathard
FB: Kyle Juszczyk
RB: Carlos Hyde, Joe Williams, Mike Davis

4t (WDE): Arik Armstead, Quinton Dial
1t (NT): Earl Mitchell, Eddie Vanderdoes
3t (DT): DeForest Buckner, Ronald Blair
6t (SDE): Aaron Lynch, Ahmad Brooks, Jordan Willis
Otto (WLB): Malcolm Smith, Brock Coyle, Dekoda Watson
Mike (MLB): NaVorro Bowman (PUP), Jayon Brown
Jack (SLB): Zach Cunnnigham, Ray-Ray Armstrong
LCB: Rashard Robinson, Tramaine Brock
SS: Eric Reid, Jaquiski Tartt
FS: Jimmie Ward, Don Jones
RCB: Marshon Lattimore, Dontae Johnson
NCB: K’Waun Williams, Will Redmond

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    1. Hes everybodys favorite sleeper. Is the guy that everybody thinks nobody knows about. Could end up being the steal of the draft still questionable whether or not he’s really starter material or just a really good backup Prospect

    1. Peters is the best CB in the NFL going into next season, but CBs are like WRs light, they are called on to make a play, what, 7 times a game out of 60 offensive(defensive) plays (the WR they cover, if playing man, gets 7 to 10 targets at best).

      I still say Niners should trade back and grab some more 2s and 3s, that will help this team next year and into the future so much more than a niche position.

  1. We’re here to quibble, right?
    So, I’m wondering about TE. I realize Juice is the 4th TE.
    I don’t have much confidence in Bell, and in a draft said to be deep in TE talent, I’m not sure they’ll pass up a mid to late round guy. Just guessing.
    I do remember that not all holes can be patched in one draft, but might not want to pass up this talent pool. Maybe they’re ok with Bell. Idk.

    So, which choice to replace from Grant’s draft? Ahh, but that’s an open ended speculation.

    1. BrothaTuna… agree about thight end. If I were to take one offensive player in the top 3, it would be TE.

      Draft is rumored to be deep at TE, edge, running back, pretty good at LB too. Time to strike while the iron is hot.

    2. That’s why I solved that problem by drafting Jonnu Smith, TE from FIU. I think he’ll get overlooked and we can scoop him up in the 5th round. Delanie Walker like tight end who was very productive in the passing game, along with the ability to line up anywhere….

  2. Armstead and Buckner will both he traded in the next season or two. Expect them to look at more then just ine DE/Olb in the draft.

      1. I dont think either fit well in the new scheme. Buckner has the best chance if sticking but ultimately I think the team replaces both.

        1. Ur kidding right trade both Buckner will be a pro bowler in the new scheme Armstead can see them trading but not both lmao stay off the internet buddy

          1. Buckner was inconsistent to begin the season and finished strong but according to the Pro Bowl voting he wasn’t even in the conversation so what makes you so certain he’s now a pro bowler? That’s completely forgetting for a moment that I already said that Buckner has the best chance of sticking, did you just happen to ignore that part? Then you go ahead and agree that you could see Armstead getting traded.

            One of us should definitely stay off the internet but I don’t think it’s me.

            1. Buckner and Armstead will not be traded. Buckner had a solid first year and will continue to get better and dominate. Armstead will do the same but at this time, Buckner seems to have much more upside. Armstead’s was injured his second year and while he was not as impressive as Buckner was his first year; Armstead was having a monster preseason before he got injured. Patience will be rewarded with both of these studs. The other part of the equation is both players are outstanding young men of high character.

        2. I think Armstead fits fine. I think he will excel as a pass rusher on third downs especially if Buckner plays inside next to him. Good luck stopping those guys.

          He might have trouble inside on the base packages because of his size, but maybe they find a way to keep him outside.

          1. Playing on the end by himself I expect NFL tackles to have no problem shutting down Armstead who’s 4.5 sacks in two seasons don’t exactly portray a person with mad pass rush skills. If Armstead is going to struggle because of his size inside then I’m not sure why you have such confidence in Buckner who’s the same height and nearly the same weight.

            Neither player fit the mold of the players the DC has been reared with at their positions. Buckner might have enough talent to over come his larger size and make himself viable for the position. He might also only be just OK at the position which would make the team interested in trading him to recoup his first round value and replacing him with someone that better fits what the coordinator is used to working with. Armstead is not talented enough and will be the first to go.

            Now also keep in mind I didn’t say this was happening tomorrow. Unless one or both just stink it up in camp and force the team to make a move I’m certain they’ll be on the roster this season. Next year. we’ll see.

            1. CfC, I see Armstead as being very similar to guys like Jared Odrick and Tyson Alualu as a DE. This scheme has a place for them. Just don’t expect them to be big sack guys from that spot.

              In sub packages he can slide in to DT, something the Jags didn’t really do with Odrick or Alualu.

            2. I’m very certain that they will try to use him that way and possibly a couple other ways as well by the time the season is over I just don’t think that they’ll feel he’s effective enough to justify keeping him around if they feel they can get some decent draft capital for him, same thing goes for Buckner but again I do believe he has a much better chance of being successful then Arik does. We’ll see. I’m well aware it’s not a popular thought and I’m also not going to be upset if I’m wrong.

              1. “I’m also not going to be upset if I’m wrong.”

                Heh, well said. Always better to be a little pessimistic, that way you are more likely to be pleasantly surprised.

              2. What about those comments from Joe Staley last year. Are we to dismiss what Staley (the best offensive lineman on the team) said?


                Armstead has been the 49ers’ best player on defense throughout the early portion of training camp and is working with a new mindset entering his second season. It looks like Armstead knows he can overtake anyone given his immense physical tools.

                Staley said he noticed a significant difference in the 22-year-old.

                “Yeah, 10 times (a different player). He’s amazing,” Staley said of Armstead. “He’s having a really, really great camp. He’s the first guy that jumps out at me on defense.”

              3. “Are we to dismiss what Staley (the best offensive lineman on the team) said?”
                Yes, pretty much. First, add it to the list of coach speak type comments that get said all the time about players, especially in training camp where Staley’s comments were made. Second, do you expect Staley to say the opposite if it’s true, have we ever heard Staley disparage another player? Have there been plenty of defenders he could have made comments about over the years but we’ve never heard a peep about? Third, did Armstead have a great season this year? Not really, sounds like Staley was just being a good teammate. In fact it almost sounds like a comment you make about a guy who isn’t really getting it yet but you want to boost his confidence. That’s the kind of guy Staley is.

              4. To me it seems like over-the-top false praise. It’s possible, but I’ve heard Staley give other interviews and I don’t recall thinking that he is the kind of guy to overly praise someone just to bolster their confidence.

              5. Razoreater March 23, 2017 at 9:08 am
                Staley didn’t have the kindest words for Anthony Davis.
                Who did?

    1. Hoping we get Willis because that means good bye to Tank, Lynch or Brooks..Not to mention it never hurts to get a DPOY!

    2. AA I can see getting traded but not Buckner. He is a beast and will be part of that Defensive front for years to come.

        1. C4C…when the rumors start swirling…what is this if not a rumor ? I watched both of them all the way thru college, and heard the same ‘rumors’ then….They are both exceptional players, …not only tall and strong…I believe that it is you who will be changing your tune….

  3. This draft is deep in CBs, RBs, Safety’s, and TEs.
    weakness of this draft is in QB and OL

    In terms of value picks, you can hit the sweet spots in the 3rd to 4th rounds, and maybe earlier 5th round. That’s where you want to pick your CBs, RBs, Safety’s and TEs. The logic is that picking a mid 2nd rounder CB is not much different than a 3rd or 4th round CB. So you want to pick the skill positions early in the 1st and 2nd rounds.

  4. Solid draft but i would take a QB sooner.
    BTW Lattimore will be a stud and he will be better than Peters and a true shutdown CB.

  5. I’m not too sure this roster is playoff bound yet, unless they make a draft day trade for Kirk Cousins, and/or bring in a significant skill player or two.

    With the new front office, new coaching staff, and a ton of new players, usually it’d take some time for the chemistry to kick in. Unlike the 2011 season where the core players were there under Singletary transitioned to a much more disciplined and better coaching (plus some luck) environment under Harbaugh, this season has way too many changes all around.

  6. “The most complete LB in the draft” as you put it. If he does slip to the 2nd round he can’t possibly be the most complete. He is an undersized chicken legged LB who will get swallowed up at the next level. He is also pretty slow for a guy who is only about 230lbs.

    One of the worst mocks I have seen. You failed to adress our biggest need of pass rusher yet selected a defensive heavy draft.

    Corner is one of our better younger groups but lets just add a corner at #2 anyways?

    Ray ray Armstrong actually played very well down the stretch and he looks like he will be a solid starter. Yet you take Cunningham with 34 and just assume he will beat out Armstrong? Thats a wasted draft pick imo.

    When you have young talent you groom them, not replace them.

    Did you even put any thought into this? Because it doesn’t show.

    1. Wow chill bro. Our DB’s are young and have potential, but with Ward moving to safety, that leaves Brock as a starter and he can be a liability. I really like Will Redmond because he is a good tackler and should be a good cover guy in the slot, that being said he hasn’t played live ball in almost a year. So the CB position definitely needs to be addressed at some point in the draft. I’m not big on Lattimore especially so high in the draft and would prefer someone like Teez Tabor, Quincy Wilson, or Kevin King.

      We have 4 pass rushers for one spot on the defensive line. Lynch, Brooks, Harold, and Carradine. We don’t need pass rushers unless it’s Myles Garrett. We need OLB for the 4-3 base defense. Armstrong was solid last year by we need someone else in that group. I like Anthony Walker in the 3-4th round.

      1. Lynch, Brooks, Harold, and Carradine combined don’t equal one solid pass rusher. I think we will draft one pass rusher early and pick another in FA or after preseason cuts.

        1. Brooks averages 7 sacks a year that’s solid.

          Lynch is in a contract year and is our best pass rusher.

          Carradine is finally back into a system he is excelled at and although unlikely, he could breakout.

          Harold made strides last year after putting on weight. His rookie year should be viewed as a redshirt year.

      2. We might have 4 pass rushers at one position but none of them fit the Leo role.

        Derrick Barnett, Takkarist McKinley, Tim Williams, Charles Harris, Taco Charlton, Carl Lawson and Joe Mathis are all plug and play players at the Leo. Without a presence at Leo the defense doesn’t work. Its a key component and one of the areas that must be addressed to have a successful draft.

        CB can wait, we have huge needs elsewhere. It was our lack of pass rush that hampered our secondary more than anything else. We will instantly improve our secondary with an effective Pass rush, not a non existent one. If you can’t generate pressure Lattimore isn’t going to do you any good.

        This is all day one stuff.

        1. I think the fact that they haven’t released any of four edge rushers, shows you that they have plans in store for them.

          People need to quit reading so many Seahawks articles and assuming we are going to try and find equivalent players at each position for our squad.

          1. We haven’t even made it to training camp yet. Of course they haven’t cut any of them. We need 90 bodies.

            Most of these guys are tweeners that where drafted to play standing up as OLBs. None of them are pure position players except for maybe Tank.

            I don’t have to look at Seattle’s team to tell you we dont have a pass rushing DE on this team. Maybe Tank and thats a huge maybe. Haven’t seen enough of him to say one way or the other.

            We have a huge hole in our defense at the moment and by far our most glaring need on defense.

            1. What about Brooks? And honestly there is a decent chance he finally see Tank breakout. He like Lynch is also in a contract year and is finally in the right system.

          2. I don’t think you can read much into the fact that they haven’t just outright released their last two first round picks.

          3. ok lets get some honesty here. I will hold out hope for Lynch. Tartt, and maybe Harold. (maybe), Jimmy Ward is too small for safety in NFL- hes almost too small for cb. I love Eric Reid but something is wrong with him. We have no pass rush. Zero. Nada, Nyett, And lets not forget we still have two offensive line starters who shouldn’t be starting for anyone. Notice I didn’t mention qb. Let the Jets or Browns have Trabisky and pick up another 2nd rounder, If its the Jets at #5 we can still get Solomon Thomas. Next best pass rusher after Garrett. Doesn’t anyone watch film. then we go Forrest Lamp g Fabian Moreau cb Anthony Walker lb Josh Malone wr Eric Saubert te Elijah McGuire rb Javancy Jones olb CJ Beathard qb. I left out one fourth rounder to trade up for Lamp. Everyone makes the team. First three are straight studs. Check the videos, check the all star games, check the combine. One draft at a time

        2. I have been saying as much for over a year now if we can’t pressure the quarterback then the corners will get roasted.

    2. “Ray ray Armstrong actually played very well down the stretch”

      Huh? Armstrong was put on IR after week 2. Maybe it’s a millennial thing.

      1. It’s like Wonderland lately…………there’s facts and then other facts and those facts over there……but these facts right here, yeah, you need to look at these ones.

          1. Yes, you’re right, Razor. Nunes was way out of line to not brief the House Intelligence Committee before running to the White House and holding a press conference.

    3. “Armstrong played very well down the stretch”
      um, no he didn’t! he was in IR!!!!!!!
      your referring to Armstead!!!

      get a clue bud!

  7. Cunningham maybe the “most complete” LB in the draft only because has the size to cover in coverage. That’s a good way to trick people into thinking he is better overall than Foster, Grant. The problem with Cunningham is his lack of speed and his height which forces him to tackle high. He is gunna have trouble covering and tackling RB’s who run with their pads low.

    I like the Eddie Vanderdoes pick. I would be happy with him, Qualls, or Jaleel Johnson.

    My favorite pick is the Beathard pick especially in the 7th round? Will be available that late though?

    1. I see Cunningham as the only LB who will excel both in the box and in space. These shorter LBs can’t cover big TEs like Gronkowski.

      What’s the highest you’ve seen Beathard projected?

      1. Cunningham would be a good fit and fill an area of need. Your right he can definitely cover TE’s (Graham) and maybe guys like Fitzgerald in the slot. I just think Foster will be a beast causing fumbles and setting the tone for a team on defense. But I guess we have that in Bowman and we need someone that can cover in our LB core and that’s gunna be Bowman.

        And I have seen Beathard go in the 6th round. I just think he has more potential than guys like Josh Dobbs and Peterman

      2. Cunningham is too skinny legged to ever be able to stop run. Might as well put Tartt in there if youre going to do that. Beathard in the 6th or 7th however is a very good idea. I think he is as good as Peterman who everyone is so high on.

  8. First off, nice draft and thanks for including the depth chart. It provides a lot of clarity. I’m going to nitpick, but only because I think looking at the depth chart is a valuable way to examine our needs and probable draft strategy.

    I think your D-line highlights the predicament the 49ers are in if you think Allen and Thomas are the best available at the #2 pick. Neither really fit with the glaring holes in our depth chart. I think your Lattimore pick makes some sense in this context and Adams probably works too, though a trade down is the best outcome.

    You have us drafting 2 O-lineman, both of which you have slotted as backups. At the same time, our primary receiving TE is Vance, who simply isn’t good enough. Atlanta was hitting Toilolo, Hooper, and Tamme last year. Yeah, Juszczyk is a hybrid, but why wouldn’t we draft a TE in this deep class given KS likes to use them.

    We need depth at flanker. Maybe Smelter will develop, but it hasn’t happened yet and the 3 year rule in WR isn’t as true as it once was. Good WR’s usually flash early these days and he may end up in the Baalke ACL trash heap like so many other picks.

    Not sure Cunningham will be there where you have him drafted, but obviously that’s conjecture.

    Still, good food for thought as we await the draft.

  9. 9ers making a playoff push this year? That would be great but to win in 4th Q we will need a legit 4Q quarterback. I don’t see Hoyer doing Carr style heroics late in game. That takes a legit stud “put it on my shoulders” guy. That guy is not here, yet.

    What I do see, though, is that I think we will see football, competitvely, in both the 1st and 2nd half. That would be a big-time step for this squad.

    Lastly, for the draft. We see comments like “draft a backup QB”. But has any guy ever been drafted thinking he is backup material ever stuck in the league? Don’t you really have to be blown away by a college QB, then what happens is these blue-chippers . a few, rise to star and many others do become career backup. Take Gabbert as an example. He was drafted thinking starter, but he is not that. Has any QB ever been drafted thinking “back-up” and stuck in league? I bet most of this type gone by year 2?

      1. Great mock, Grant.

        Sexy first three picks (albeit the players you chose might not be on the board when we pick) and you put the icing on the cake with Joe Williams.

        Not too big on Chad Williams. I’d like to see a modest trade from the top of the 4th to the middle of the 3rd and tab Josh Reynolds with the pick.

            1. Robert Davis tested highest among WR’s with a 98.8 Sparq. One of the reasons I targeted him as the developmental wide receiver in my draft.

              1. I think Shanny will like. Have you compard Davis’ combine numbers to Julio’s? Eerily similar….

              2. You’re right. Intriguing.

                I went with Chad Williams because I figure Aldrick Robinson is the backup X, and Shanahan will look for a receiver with more speed to backup Goodwin at Z.

            2. this has nothing to do with the topic, But I was watching film on Winston Craig a DT from Richmond. you would not believe how much he looks like a young Mike Golic when he has his helmet on

    1. There was a pretty good QB drafted in the 6th a while back. I can’t remember his name, but I recall he had a few of his jerseys stolen.

    2. Beathard has completed only about 30% of his throws beyond 20 yards in last 2 years at Iowa, and only 43% of his throws went beyond the line of scrimmage to his right along the sideline. Shanny won’t like that….

    1. interesting insight on Joe Mixon. Mixon’s physiques is like TEvin Coleman, 6’1″ 200+ lbs.

      Shanahan would look for RBs that fit his schemes… the alfred morris, devonte freeman, tevin coleman, each have their own type of use… all drafted 3rd to 6th rounds…

      with the strength in RBs this year, i’d would not take on until 3rd round or later.

  10. History shows inverse relationship between draft position and success. Given this, maybe Lynch is thinking QB not til Round 6 or hey UFA.

    The jersey stolen guy, in my world of corp unending legal jargon, we call Brady’s situation a “corner case”. But if there is a precedent that his scenario is more rule than exception, Lynch is set up nicely.

  11. This is another dumb draft for the Niners by Grant. Seems to do this every year. You do not take Lattimore over S Thomas. Especially with the emergence of Robinson last year. Donte Johnson could be a very good fit in this defense. The Niners secondary is much better then people think. The Cunningham pick is fine but I don’t see it as a need like a QB prospect like Kizer or Mahomes. Waiting for a QB until the 7th rnd is not gonna happen. While I think Cousins is there target in 2018 you can’t rely on that. Getting a young QB earlier then the 7th rnd makes too much sense. We shall see as the draft gets closer. Corner in the first ain’t happening.

      1. I also agree with that. S Thomas will be the most likely pick if we can’t trade back.That guy will immediately put your defensive front in another category.

        1. Where does he play? Yeah, he has talent, but does it make sense to draft him if he’s only going to play when Armstead is off the field and vice versa? To me it doesn’t. I’d rather have Lattimore, as I think the spread between him and Brock is WAAY bigger than between Amstead and Thomas. Or Adams, as I don’t think Reid is a SS and Ward definitely isn’t.


              1. Against a ZBS you could do it, but against a power running team he’s too light to take on the double teams.

              2. He was facing a guy who’ll be serving beer in his hometown next September. I wouldn’t expect to see him against any NFL centers anytime soon.

      2. there is a possibility you can trade with Jets and still get Thomas and a 2nd round pick.(if they want Trubisky) And why is everyone so high on Cunningham and his skinny legs, Hes tall and fairly fast but he cannot stand his ground . He may cover tall tight ends but that’s it. I watched film on him and he runs around blocks-cant shed. weak hands weak legs. But he is pretty

    1. Given how deep the draft is in CBs, RBs, Safety’s , TEs, I would take a EDGE pass rusher in the 1st, and a QB in 2nd.

      Best scenario would be to trade down in 1st, to acquire additional picks for this year or next.

    2. “The Niners secondary is much better then people think.”

      It is? They ranked 27th in yards allowed per attempt and 26th in passer rating allowed and gave up the 8th most passing TD’s despite facing the 2nd fewest pass attempts in the league.

      1. Your secondary is only as good as your pass rush… The Niners had a pathetic pass rush last year. It wouldn’t of mattered if they had Patrick Peterson… He would of got toasted on the Niners. Thats the point.

        1. That’s true to a point, but there were also plenty of times when the opposing QB would hit his last step and release the ball to a wide open receiver.

          Pass rush would help, but these guys are still deficient.

  12. Interesting Mock Draft.
    The 1st question I have, is Lattimore a true shutdown corner? If the Niners think he is then I agree they should take him. If he isn’t then I would not take him at 2. A true shutdown CB can change the dynamics of a defense almost as much as a stud pass rusher. They can take away the other sides best receiver or take away a large part of the field, either one of which can limit the other teams offense.
    After Garrett there is no clear “great” pass rusher, but if Lattimore is not a shutdown corner I think the Niners should take Thomas in the believe that you cannot have too many pass rushers and lets face it since the Aldon Smith meltdown the pass rush as been anemic.
    The Niners should pick to the strength of the draft; D line, DB’s, TE and RB’s. They should not reach for a player just because of a need. This team is not going to get fixed in a year.
    That being said, it is probably a good approach to pick a QB every year. It maybe in the 1st round, but is more likely to be somewhere between 2-5 most years. I don’t think this is the year to pick a QB in the 1st even if they trade down. There is no QB who is a clear first round choice and the Niners need way too much talent to reach for any player.

    1. Lattimore could eventually be a shut down corner, but I don’t think he is right out of the gate. My concern is his constitution, because he seems like one of those athletes that struggle with the injury bug. I agree with you that King Solomon should be the selection. He will look regal in Scarlet and Gold!

  13. It’s tough to know what this new regime is thinking. In the past two drafts most readily projected that Armstead and Buckner would be the first selection for the 49ers.

    I’m going to take a different approach and assume that the team is trying to build the defense like Carroll did. Although edge rushers are a top need, IIRC Carroll/Schneider did not start with edge rushers and didn’t even get Bennett (the 2nd time around) and Avril until 2013. Instead the first big draft selection I remember is Earl Thomas in the first round of 2010 and Kam Chancellor in the 5th round of 2010. Sherman wasn’t selected until the 5th round of 2011.

    So based on that and what wouldn’t be a negative bias by former safety, Lynch, I think they’ll go safety in the first round. I’d feel strongly about Hooker if he had more film, but he doesn’t so maybe Adams at SS. If not safety, then I agree with Grant that Lattimore will be the pick. Of course like all other bloggers here I can change my mind at a moment’s notice and no one will ever bring up my failed picks or reasoning but only my far and few between successes. :)

      1. I like Jimmy Ward, but he gets injured every year. Reid was great as a rookie, but the concussions have affected how he plays the game and not for the better. When selected I thought Taart would fill that Chancellor role, but so far, he’s been underwhelming.

        Earl Thomas is the main cog in that secondary. Look at how vulnerable the ‘Hags were when he was out.

        1. I think the plan is to rock with Ward/Tartt and roll with Reid in the backup role, and then add another corner somewhere in rounds 2-4.

          1. Reid is the unrestricted free agent (UFA) next year, so depending how he plays this year, it’d determine if he’ll be a future 49er or not.
            I don’t see how Reid would like to be a backup safety.

            with the deep CB and Safety’s in the draft, i’d take one of each somewhere between 3rd to 5th rounds.

  14. I would draft Sol Thomas (assuming Garret is gone) and Ju Ju in the 2nd. Ju Ju is worth moving up into the late 20s to capture.

    I dont think the niners will draft a CB or Safety at pick 2. CB/S have the highest first round bust rate. It would not be wise to take a CB or S at pick 2. Furthermore much of a S/CB success is contingent on pressuring qb and stopping the run. CB/S benefit greatly from setting up clear passing situations.

    Front 7 , front 7 , front 7.

    1. Ju Ju is slow slow slow. I don’t want small receivers and I don’t want slow receivers. If its not Williams or Davis in the first then go for Zay Jones in 2nd or Josh Malone in 4th.

  15. Missing on their first round draft choice would be a set back for the new regime. They really have to be careful here to not only get really good talent, but to set the tone of competence, which the Niners need to reestablish.
    I actually don’t care who they pick (except for a special teams player) so long as he is an excellent-great player who can play for them at a high level for about 10 years. Not much to ask for :)
    From what I read King Solomon appears to have the best chance to fit the above.

  16. Think Lattimore is over his 2015 hammy issues? If so he’d be a good choice.

    Magic “everyone is heathy” draft… Hooker, Allen, Adams, Lattimore, Thomas, Foster, Davis

    Real world draft is Thomas, Adams, Lattimore. Like them all.

    1. you are correct sir. and I say we trade with the Jets and take whichever one falls to #5 because one of them have to if Garrett is #1 and Trubisky is #2. Hopefully its Thomas

  17. Grant, do you think Blake Bell, Mike Davis, John Theus and Bruce Ellington will make the 53 man squad? I can see Kyle and John deciding that all those guys are Baalke busts and replacing them in the draft or with the UDFAs available after draft day.

    Why do you think Kyle and John will keep those guys?

    1. Adasoron

      Theus is a quality developing OT; Blake is finally getting some snaps and is developing better than Celek, Ellington is injury prone, and Mike Davis confuses me….?

  18. I think much of Lynch’s signings were about filling glaring roster holes so he can freely BPA or trade on a draft day. Spend a little capital to buy alot of draft leverage.

    With that in mind, I’m all for overloading positions the draft is deep in. Strike while the iron’s hot. Edge, RB, CB, TE. LB seems to have good depth too.

    We won’t really know which positions are strongest until a few years from now, but if you spend the free agency bux filling holes, might as well grab pure BPA in the draft.

  19. Question for the floor: Is it realistic to think that Solomon Thomas is suited for our LEO role? Is he really a true edge rusher? Otherwise isn’t he potentially doubling up on Armstead/Buckner’s positions, with less height and NFL mass, and shorter arms?

    I like the motor and athleticism that I see on tape, but am nervous about the possibility of a lack of impact and positional redundancy for such a premium pick. I think Armstead and Buckner are going to fit in very well with the new scheme, particularly if Armstead is allowed to 1 gap and attack.

    1. I agree with you Adusoron and that’s why I’m not fully on board with Thomas. Having said that I trust that these guys know what they are doing and if the pick is Thomas, I’m fine with that.

    2. He played plenty of snaps against the OTs in college and was effective. He can play DE. In over fronts he would make a nice 6T.

    3. He tested very close to Khalil Mack’s numbers, and he can line up at Leo when Lynch is too winded. King Solomon has outstanding stamina, and seems to get stronger in the 4th quarter similar to a bruising running back….

      1. I think Soloman is a great player, it’s the redundancy that is of concern on a team that has a lot of holes. As Biderman wrote:

        “The Stanford defensive lineman might be the second best prospect available with Myles Garrett expected to go first to Cleveland. But if San Francisco taps Thomas, it wouldn’t be a seamless fit.

        That’s because the 49ers used first-round selections in the previous two drafts on defensive linemen Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner, who were picked to play in the team’s 3-4 front. San Francisco in 2017 is transitioning to a Seahawks-like 4-3 that uses 3-4 personnel, which Armstead and Buckner should excel in.

        Thomas played in a 3-4 at Stanford, tasked with disrupting opposing offenses from the interior against guards, much like Armstead and Buckner during their college careers at Oregon. Thomas is redundant, which might not necessarily be a bad thing. Depth is good.”


        1. King Solomon would be the immediate starter over Armstead, if and when he’s fully recovered and cleared to play. Making our defensive front stronger in a division where our opponents’ weakness is their offensive line seems filled with prudence….

          1. They used him all over the formation though. On passing downs he most often slid into the middle, but on early downs he would line up anywhere.

              1. Grant,
                Stanford had depth issues with the D line the last two seasons. With Harrison Phillips playing nose tackle in all the base downs (and working thru some injuries), it made sense to move the most talented D linemen in Stanford football history to that position.
                After observing the vast improvement that Thomas made from freshman to sophomore season and considering his athletic talents, I’m pretty confident that he will be able to play at any of the line positions.

            1. Correct. He can play DE in the base defense, but his best spot on third-and-long is DT. Otherwise, Stanford would have used him as an edge rusher.

              1. He is definitely a force. Maybe he’ll lose 10 pounds and become an edge rusher. Risky to draft someone to do something they didn’t do in college, though.

              2. True. But I wouldn’t have a problem using him as an edge guy in base downs, then sliding him up and down the line in sub packages. He can rotate with Armstead and Buckner in sub packages, or they can play all three guys and align them in a variety of ways.

                The Jets received good pass rush from the trio of Wilkerson, Richardson and Williams in 2015. Wasn’t as dominant last year, but there were locker room issues at that club.

              3. Good point. The Jets would be the template. Wilkerson was a monster in the interior — he had 12 sacks. They used a Bear front if I’m not mistaken and Sheldon Richardson was an outside linebacker. He only had 5 sacks, though.

              4. The Bear front was on base downs. They would also have all three guys on the line in sub packages.

              5. Yep. Which is where Thomas himself says he believes he is best suited. Strongside DE. I think he can spend most of his time there, but also slide in closer to give Buckner/ Armstead a breather or perhaps switch things up and have Buckner playing a little wider on occasion.

              6. I thought Thomas said he sees himself as a Michael-Bennett type — a big DE in base who moves inside for passing downs.

              7. He also said that. But he did say he thought his best position was strongside DE.

                Personally I think if the 49ers had him they would play him up and down the line.

            1. He caught the right tackle leaning forward and beat him to the inside.

              How many of Thomas’ 12 collegiate sacks the past two seasons came against offensive tackles?

              1. King Solomon can rush from the Edge from the wide 9 as the chart I posted showed. He just needs to be developed more from that position, and I see no reason to believe he won’t be. Certainly won’t be due to 1/4″ shorter arms….

              2. Can he bend the edge? He looks like a straight bull rusher.

                How many of his sacks in college came against offensive tackles? I’m guessing only a few.

              3. He won with quickness off the edge against North Carolina, not just from the interior. They lined him up everywhere. Against Notre Dame I saw him engage the RG, use the Center as a shield, and loop around to make the sack on Kizer. Sparq score of 121.77 says he’s the most athletic DL in the draft. His time in the short shuttle (4.25 seconds) would’ve been the fourth best time at the 2016 NFL combine for defensive linemen. Only Alex McCalister (4.00), Joey Bosa (4.21) and Shaq Lawson (4.21) ran faster than a 4.25. Thomas’ vertical jump of 36.7 inches would’ve come second only to Dadi Nicolas’ 41 inch effort. The second best effort was Emmanuel Ogbah’s 35.5 inches. The only thing stopping him from an unprecedented Sparq score of +130 is an average forty yard dash of 4.95 seconds. It’s worth pointing out though that Joey Bosa only ran a 4.85. Right now he’s best at rushing from the interior, but nothing I’ve seen would suggest he won’t be effective rushing from the edge given the chance to develop that part of his game….

    4. I can see Thomas playing the 6t position on our base line, instead of Aaron Lynch. This would entail moving Armstead inside, next to Earl Mitchell such that our base line would be: Buckner, Mitchell, Armstead, and Thomas (going across, right to left when facing the offense). Is this optimal? Depends who you ask on this board; most pushing for Thomas as the second pick think Armstead will be fine playing the DT position. I haven’t thought about it enough, mainly because I’ve been centering on trading back to pick up more draft picks. The main question this does raise though is what you do with Lynch; situational pass rusher? Is that all he is now?

  20. Not sure where people are getting the idea Cunningham gets engulfed by OL. He is the best stack and shed LB in this draft. He gives an excellent strike to keep OL off his body, and uses his long arms well to keep OL off his body.

    I agree with Grant, he is the most well rounded LB in the draft. Very instinctive as well, reads the game well. He just needs to learn to tackle front on better. If he is there at 34 he would be a great pick.

    1. Whomever said “engulfed” is a bit over the top. I’ve seen him get caught up in the trash, but not totally obliterated. People gotta remember that he was pretty much void of much assistance from anyone other than Grizzly Adams….

      1. Exactly razor. He was a consistent playmaker on a pretty average D. And he did it by using a lot of NFL calibre skills.

    2. He only put up 15 reps of 225 lbs. He is weak at the point of attack and will struggle at the next level. Meh, he has size but lack strength and speed. He has bust written all over him

      1. +1. I think there are legitimate concerns. He may be good, but I don’t think it’s undisputed.

        Personally, I’ve liked Raekwon McMillan and Jarrad Davis over Cunningham for the inside linebacker position.

      2. Watch him play. He has excellent technique in his initial punch to keep blockers off him.

        Guys with long arms like he has often struggle putting up lots of reps on the bench.

            1. Arm length isn’t a skill though. Strength is… Long arms is just a trait. If you don’t have the speed and strength to go with it its useless. Again, him being in the 4th percentile suggests he will fail in the NFL if you go on analytics. Personally I’d stay away from him until the 3rd or fourth round.

              1. Didn’t say it was a skill. I said there is a strong correlation between arm length and bench press. An inverse correlation. The longer the levers, the harder it is. This doesn’t mean they aren’t as strong as someone with shorter arms, just that the bench press is easier to do for someone with shorter arms.

  21. This Mock not well thought out! The first three rounds are all defense and, despite, no run stopping nose tackle. What about helping a real weak offense?

    1. I call shotgun for Locked On. I pasted links from the last two Locked Ons (Grant and the previous one with the Browns blogger) yesterday.

  22. I wonder what it’d take to trade up from our 2nd overall pick with the Browns for their 1st overall pick.
    Basically saying: Except Garrett, you can have the 2nd overall pick and take whoever you want plus compensation (pending).

    Let say Garrett is the next DeMarcus Ware or Von Miller, you definitely would want to make this move. But what’s the most you’re willing to give up just to move up one spot?

    1. Based on the standard trading value chart, after swapping the #1 and #2 overall picks, we would need to give up this year’s 3rd (66th overall), 4th (109 overall), 4th (143rd overall comp-pick), and the 5th (161th overall from Washington via the Derek Carrier trade).

      I cannot imagine many people here would want to make this trade after hearing these numbers.

      We can thank Kaepernick for going for the 2-pt conversion in that Rams game…

    2. I remember Grant said Arik Armstead, if traded on draft day, is roughly worth a 2nd rounder…
      Let say he’s worth the 50th overall pick, then based on the standard trading value chart, would you package Armstead with our #2 overall pick to move up to the #1 overall spot with the Browns, and draft Garrett?

      I have a feeling more than 60% of you would take this trade. The problem is I don’t think Cleveland would bite.

      1. Browns hired the guy that developed the Harvard chart. That chart gives less value to higher picks, more value to later picks.

        – When Browns trade back they demand Standard chart.
        – When they trade up they go by the Harvard chart.

        Also helped to have Carson Wentz as trade back bait.

        That said, the Browns are drafting Garrett. They are already talking like he’s a member of the team.

    1. Hmmmmm, yes, interested perhaps at the league minimum and to fill that 90 man roster for camp. I can see that possibility, but if they end up making the 53 we most likely had a lousy draft.

  23. Louisiana Tech WR Carlos Henderson meets with 49ers

    March 21, 2017 at 6:39 PM • 16 comments

    Representatives for the 49ers were among those who met with Henderson. “Henderson is catching fire on draft boards,” Pauline continued. “He met with the San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints last night.”

    1. Henderson is one receiver I really like. I have been hoping he would be available in the 4th, but now maybe not. He strikes me as real winner. Would love to see him in 49er uniform and I’m not surprised that Brees and company have their eye on him.

        1. Him too, I like . . . there are some really fine receivers in this drat. Gonna be interesting who they eventually take.

    2. I can understand why the 49ers would be interested. He’s explosive. He’s kind of what the Vikings hoped Percy Harvin would become.

  24. While the search was ongoing, Niner Noised ranked the list of possibilities by preference. Not surprisingly, Shanahan sat atop the list.

    Related Story: Ranking 49ers Head Coaching Candidates by Preference

    Just imagine if, at the 11th hour, Shanahan backed out. What then?

    Just How Bad Things Could Have Been for the 49ers this Offseason
    by Peter Panacy 1 day agoFollow @peterpanacy

    Or what if San Francisco was more keen on luring in New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels? Maybe he would have worked, but I made the argument his offensive efforts with the 49ers would be more like those from his stint with the St. Louis Rams back in 2011.

    Hint: they weren’t good.

    Yeah, we could have seen Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable as head coach in Santa Clara this season.

    1. I think that’s what solidified Shanny as the next head coach of the 49ers. The show his offensive unit put on against the Seahawks. It’s what convinced me….

  25. I love this mock. Everyone is jumping to Soloman Thomas but he played 90% of his snaps inside the tackles. I still think Arsmtead is talented enough to not give up on him yet.

  26. Judging by the wide range of reactions to Grant’s mock draft, no matter who the Niners choose there are going to be a few people who are just furious about it.

  27. I say we draft Hooker, Reid is done, Armstead will be a beast if healthy, we haven’t seen his potential. Buckner makes pro bowl. Tartt and Reid play for their future as SS. Hooker has instincts and ball skills to be special. Solid young corners on the team.

    1. Hip and double sports hernia surgery for a Safety at number two scares the bejesus out of me. Those injuries can affect other parts of the body as well, like the knee. Too risky….

        1. Fast-But-Fragile makes me wonder about Lattimore too. My draft crushes have narrowed to Thomas and Adams (if we fail to trade back).

          In a way, health concerns over Allen, Foster, Hooker, Davis make me feel better about standing pat if we don’t get a good trade back offer.

          If Lynch likes what he sees in Reid or Tartt, its Thomas.
          If Lynch has questions about Reid or Tartt, its Adams.

  28. Niners should trade back. Cleveland could get the first and second picks in the draft, and with Osweiler, they can afford to wait to draft another QB.They should select Garrett and Fournette, the best defensive player and the best offensive player. With the 33rd pick, they could select Watson or Kizer, if they fall out of the first round, or Mahomes, Webb or Kayaa.

    Fournette would not be available at 12, and he could be another Jim Brown type of player.

    Niners would receive the 12th, 52nd, 65th and the Browns 2018 second round pick. Niners would lose out on the draft value chart, but maybe they should make it a conditional second. If the Browns have a winning record, it would convert into a 2018 first round pick.

    Niners should trade back again with Baltimore. Baltimore would trade their first and third round picks to be able to move ahead of Arizona, Philly and Indy, all of whom may want defensive backfield help, and select a player they covet like Peppers. This trade balances out perfectly on the draft value chart.

    Therefor, the Niners would trade back twice and have pick numbers 16, 33, 52, 66, 78, 109, 143, 146, 161, 198, 202, 219.

    Using Draftek and picking within 5 slots of the player ranking, here is my latest mock.

    16- Haason Reddick ILB
    33- Obi Melifonwu S
    52- Dalvin Tomlinson DT
    78- Chris Godwin WR
    109- Aviante Collins G
    143- Derek Rivers EDGE
    146- Jordan Leggett TE
    161- D’Onta Foreman RB
    198- Jerod Evans QB
    202- Chad Williams WR
    219- Ben Boulware ILB

    First 3 picks on defense. Obi Melifonwu is needed because Tartt takes bad angles and they need a Kam Chancellor sized player if they go with the 4-3 Seahawk style defense.

    Godwin is fast and could become the Number one receiver.

    Aviante Collins would fit the new KS offense.

    D’Onta Foreman has a stress fracture, but that is relatively minor, and he should be ready for TC.

    Leggett is a versatile skilled receiver who excels at seam routes, but needs to work on his blocking.

    Jerod Evans is a dual threat QB. Hopefully, Lynch will open the door and sign Kaep, since he is being blackballed by the other teams.

    Ben Boulware will be a sleeper in the draft, and will surprise many people.

    1. Too many mock drafts on Drafteck lol. I like the idea of trading back. You know Obi Melifonwu isn’t a SS hit you in the mouth type Safety. He is more of a rangy lanky guy with ball skills and good athleticism.

      Back to the trading scenario. I’m convinced hat Lynch will trade back and since he is a new GM he won’t get good value like Baalke did. So here is a potential trade I could see.

      The 49ers trade with Titans. The 49ers trade their #2 pick to Titans for TEN #18, #37, and a future 2nd or 3rd round pick.

      49ers select:
      #18 Forrest Lamp
      # 33 Teez Tabor
      # 37 Cooper Kupp

      1. I like both Lamp and Tabor, and I used to mock Cooper Kupp, but he ran a 4.6 forty, so now I like Godwin who ran a 4.42 Forty.

      2. Kam Chancellor is 6’3″ 228 lbs. 4.69- 40 time
        Obi Melifonwu is 6′ 4″ 224 lbs. 4.4- 40 time.

        Both have similar body types, but KC can hit like a ton of bricks. OM is kinda raw, but with good potential.

    2. *66- Taylor Moton OT, Carlos Watkins DT or Patrick Mahomes QB

      If Mahomes, instead of Jerod Evans, substitute in Brendan Langley CB

  29. Everyone is going to call me a moron. But I take take Corey Davis at #2. I feel like this kid is the 2nd coming of TO… just with better hands and attitude. Call me crazy. But at least wait til you see why the kid does as a rookie before doing so. Lol

    1. Maybe if they trade back, get more second round picks, then Corey Davis may be a good target.

      Corey Davis is ranked 13 on the Draftek big board, and 15 on the CBS draft board.

      1. Not me. The lack of running the 40 in the combine was a yellow flag for me. He knew he was not fast, and Williams may have shined because of all the talent around him.

        In the NFL, his lack of speed may hamstring him.

  30. Oh, and I think I disagree with Grant too. On reflection, while I understand his arguement, at the end of the day, I don’t think Lynchahan will go CB.
    But again, what do I know?

    1. The Jaguars spent a top-5 pick on a CB last season, and the 49ers defensive coordinator comes from that team.

      1. Lattimore makes sense if his hammy issues are a thing of the past, and Ward’s body can handle playing shFS.

        I’m still leaning Thomas if we can’t trade back, but I like Lattimore.

      2. Jags also picked Dante Fowler with the third pick in the 2015 draft.

        This draft may be an aberration, because the NFL has not selected DBs high before, and one mock had 5 DBs going in the first 10 picks this year.

  31. I do think the draft will heavily emphasize defense. And a QB, RB with likely WR and TE taken if good ones available. I’m sure Lynch will be keeping an eye on specific players and may pull a few surprises. Shanahan will likely surprise too – who predicted Hoyer?

  32. Grant,
    Nice mock draft. My only pause is the late drafting of a QB. If Chad Kelly is available in the 4th or possibly 5th rd, I would not hesitate in making him our pick.
    Kelly has received some bad ink (deserved) for his tussle outside a night club with bouncers and resisting arrest. Getting into a shouting match with coaches at Clemson (causing his dismissal from the team) and with high school football players at his brother’ high school game was not wise.

    But the kid can play football. How many college QB’ can say that they beat LSU, Auburn and Alabama in the same season?
    Sure, Kelly has shown himself to make some very immature decisions off the field but if he can conquer the immaturity bug he might become the steal of the draft – especially if he’s still on the board in the 4th – 5th.

    1. AES, regarding Chad Kelly, estoy de acuerdo! Which is to say in English, I am in agreement with that assessment. To me, he’s one of the real sleepers of this draft.

      1. Sorry, but Lynch wants high character guys. Kelly is anything but that.

        I expect the Bills will pick him to back up Taylor, because his uncle is a legend there.

        1. Seb

          That’s BS..I agree with AES and Andes 49er…High character is who ? broadway Joe…? Jim Harbaugh…? He’s a football player, and as AES pointed out…How many QBs can say that they beat LSU, Auburn, and Alabama in the same season ? He and Davis Webb are the two best QB prospects behind Trubisky….so he wipes his nose on his sleeve…he’s a baller….

          1. Brawling outside a club is bad enough, but dissing the coaches is a red flag to me.

            I like Davis Webb, too, and being a coach’s son, he probably never raised his voice against a coach.

            I think Mahomes and Kayaa are superior to Kelly, and I would prefer Dobbs, Evans and even Cooper Rush over Kelly.

        2. Seb,
          It wouldn’t surprise me if Joe Mixon is drafted before Kelly. Kelly’ foibles are some bad decisions made by an immature young man.
          IMO, the worse issue was getting dismissed from the Clemson program.
          Again, how many QB’s can say they beat LSU, Auburn and Alabama in the same season?
          When I watch highlights of those wins I see QB who is fiercely competitive, fearless who put the team on his back.
          Oh, and his stats are pretty good as well.
          This kid is going to make whoever drafts him look like genius in 2-3 years.

          1. AES, it helps to have the Clemson Team, a national championship quality team, to help him win those games, and LSU and Auburn have not shined recently.

            Personally, I hope Mixon is undrafted. Let him struggle being an UDFA.

            I expect Kelly to be drafted in the 3rd round by Buffalo, because they are not certain about Tyrod Taylor. It will help to have Jim Kelly, a Buffalo Bills Icon, lobby for him.

            Granted, he does have talent, but his decision making skills need improvement.

            1. Seb,
              Actually Kelly beat Auburn, LSU and Alabama while a QB for Ol’ Miss not Clemson.

              He is perhaps the best QB in the SEC and while he is not receiving much acclaim and print it’s important to note that his college teammates Evan Engram and Damore’ea Stringfellow who are regarded as possible future NFL stars had a pretty good QB throwing the ball to them – Chad Kelly.

              As I said yesterday, there must be something more about Kelly aside from the usual stories that have been posted that have made the NFL blacklist Kelly.
              Kelly may have been dismissed from the Clemson program but he found redemption at a small college (winning a championship) before finding great success at Ol’ Miss.

              I’m not a big fan of Kelly but the kid can play football and if he is on the board from rd 4-5, I would like to see the team take a flier on him.

              1. I am corrected, and it does improve his image.

                Maybe both Kaep and Kelly are guilty of standing up to authoritarian institutions. They are being black listed because the powers that be may want to set an example so others do not get encouraged to do the same.

                Watching his highlight tapes, he does have talent. It also helped having very good receivers to throw to.

                Still think Buffalo will take him in the 3rd or 4th. Jim Kelly will lobby for his nephew, and they need an upgrade to back up Taylor.

      2. 49ers in the Andes,
        Gracias. He is a sleeper who could be a pleasant surprise for the team that drafts him.
        But it seems like the NFL has blackballed him given the fact that was not invited to the Combine. Perhaps there’s more to Kelly’ background that has not been revealed.
        His dismissal from Clemson reportedly had to do with Kelly having a heated verbal confrontation with a coach during practice that wanted to kick a field goal while Kelly wanted to stay in and go for a 1st down. Kelly later apologized for his actions to the Clemson coaching staff and university.
        He played at small college (where he helped win a championship) before going to Ol’ Miss where he began to show his penchant for winning.
        Some would call me blasphemous in saying this, but I see a little bit of Brett Favre in Kelly. Fierce and fearless competitor that has the ability to put the team on his back for the win.

    1. Razor, didn’t you like Kizer at one point? What changed your mind? I’m not sold on Solomon yet. The only ones l like are Williams and Davis all others I’m ok with but not totally on board with.

      1. I liked him too much, because I’m a Notre Dame homer. His slow eyes and accuracy issues have scared me off. King Solomon is the safest pick after Garrett. Got to have a Pro Bowl player with this pick. Wide receiver at 2 is too much of a reach, and I don’t like the odds of one of them being a Pro Bowler. I’m going with best player at a high position of value. I can get a wide receiver with combine numbers similar to Julio Jones in the 5th round by taking Robert Davis, WR, Georgia St.

        1. I agree that #2 is too high for those guys. I’d like to see them trade down. To be honest Kizer reminds me too much of Colin to pick up. I want a Defenfensive line player, a pass rusher, optimally, just don’t know if Solomon Thomas is the guy.

          1. If you’re looking for a relentless wrecking ball that can disrupt up and down the line, and that has the stamina to close out the game in the 4th quarter, I’d be extremely confident that he’s the guy….

            1. Look at how the Falcon’s D line melted in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl. One reason I’m OK with Thomas, even if it means occasional base down rotation for Armstead.

              1. Cowboys and Giants believe you can never have too many defensive lineman, “Two and a spare”. Buckner/Thomas/Armstead is our spare….

              2. 49ers activated nine D linemen for the super bowl vs Miami. Harrased Dan Marino the entire game.

              3. Yea, one of my favorite Super Bowls. All we heard was Dan Marino this and Dan Marino that. Montana shredded them with Tyler/Craig out of the backfield with swing passes.

              4. Where is this talk of trading Armistead originating from? I can’t for the life of me get why the team would move on him.

              5. You can thank me for the suggestion however I was talking about something that could happen in the not so near future and everybody seems to think I’m suggesting it’s happening tomorrow.

                I suppose AA could be bundled in a draft day trade but my thinking is the first opportunity he’ll be offered will be closer to trade deadline in the season when they’ve seen him in the position for 1/2 a season.

              1. Stanford, with their high academic standards, does not get the most talented players, but they are really smart.

                Stanford has produced players like Elway and Luck. They also produced players like Garnett, Hogan and Ty Montgomery. Last 2 Stanford coaches, BW and JH, did pretty well, too.

                King Solomon is not only smart, he is extremely talented.

                If the Niners cannot trade back, King Solomon is the wisest choice.

  33. Grant’s new mock.

    1- Fabian Moreau
    2- Takkarist McKinley
    3- Conor McDermott
    4- Eddie Vanderdoes
    5- Nate Iese
    6- Jayon Brown
    7- Marcus Rios.

  34. Reuben Foster is the most explosive defensive player in this year’s draft. He’ll be rookie of the year, mark it down.

    As CBS Sports puts it, “Foster is a heat-seeking missile hell-bent on destruction”.

    1. I believe they should give Kap another ticket to camp.

      He could storm the castle and their QB nightmares over in one flick of the wrist.

      1. Also,

        Allowing Kap to camp would not be a distraction, but a money maker. Imagine the press conferences after each day of training camp–will Kap make coach ? Or, will Kap kneel Coach.

        And the foreign press from Communist and Socialist countries alone could start a counter culture wave bonanza, the likes this country hasn’t seen since Arlo and Woodie Guthrie wrote folk songs about Joe Hill.

    2. View,
      I love Reuben Foster. He is one of possibly only a handful of players that can have a big impact from day one.
      I like that he is described as a heat seeking missile but that may not bode well because that type of play opens you up for shoulder injuries and concussions.
      Our very own Eric Reid played with fearless abandon until he sustained a couple of bad concussions.

      Reid has had to recreate his style of play in an effort to avoid another possible career ending concussion and his adjustment has not been successful.

      As much as I love Foster I’m concerned about his style of play and that he may be heavily flagged at the next level because of his physicality.

  35. New mock. Trying to find the best team to trade back with.

    Maybe the Niners could trade back with the Saints. Saints could give up their 10th, 32nd and 42nd picks for the Niners Number 2 overall pick and their 161st (5th round). It balances out in the draft value chart. Maybe the Niners could sweeten the deal by giving up additional 6th round pick. That way, the Niners would trade 3 picks for their 3 picks.To sweeten the deal and make it even more feasible, the Niners should trade their first, 4th and 5th round picks (2, 143,161) because the Saints do not have 4th or 5th round picks.

    The Niners should then trade back with Baltimore, and get their first, third and 4th round picks which balances out perfectly with the 11th pick.

    Then Lynch should go bold and trade back with the Raiders. Niners should trade pick number 16, 109 and 219, for the Raiders 24th and 56th pick. That trade balances out almost perfectly.

    By moving back 22 spots, the Niners would have pick numbers 24, 32, 34, 42, 56, 66, 78. 122, 146, 198, 202.

    Using Draftek and trying to pick withing 5 spots of the rankings, the Niners could select-

    24- Christian McCaffrey RB
    32- Taco Charlton EDGE
    34- Obi Melifonwu S
    42- Raekwon McMillen ILB
    56- Ju Ju Smith Schuster WR
    66- Davis Webb QB
    78- Ryan Anderson OLB
    122- Aviante Collins G
    146- Derek Rivers EDGE
    198- Stevie Tuikolovatu NT
    202- Ben Boulware ILB

            1. I think he is superior as a pass catcher, and will help create mismatches.

              His college productivity is undeniable.

              1. College isn’t pros, Seb. He doesn’t have a pro body. May not last as a pro. May need to change position.

              2. With Hyde as the workhorse, he would be a good change of pace back.

                He weighs 202 lbs, so he is not a flyweight. Just needs to add some muscle like all college players do.

              3. That’s strange Sebnnoying cause everything I’ve read and posted on here has to do with performance being the #1 reason no one wants him.
                The storm ain’t happening big mouth!

              4. Your worst nightmare may come true. Kaep, since he is being blackballed by the rest of the league, will have to return to the Niners.

              5. Have to return? Says who? You think the Niners feel sorry for him?

                I love the loyalty Seb but the stupidity and stubbornness is even better!

              6. Kaep chose to leave, but if there are no other teams willing to sign him, he very well may return because he wants to play.

                Believe it or not, Kaep is better than Hoyer or Barkley.

              7. I will believe what Lynch said. While he said that the odds are against him, he still left the door open.

                That is good enough for me. Wish him well where ever he lands.

              8. As the crazy Canuck said, Lynch was simply being diplomatic, just like when he said they had a good conversation.

              9. No, no, Baalke was the one who said they had a good conversation. Kaep disagreed.

                Lynch said they had a great,positive discussion, Kaep left excited and we left excited. Both sides were honest, and planned on keeping their discussion private.

            2. His new QB is Hoyer? Why did they pay him second string money?

              Barkley was so limited, he could not supplant Cutler.

              Wonder who will have the last laugh…….

              1. Oh Seb, when will you learn? Kap is essentially a free agent. He’s not on the team. Lynch also said the window for Kap is closing fast or did you forget that little tid-bit. He is being diplomatic. He is not being hired because of his poor showing on the football field primarily.

              2. “His new QB is Hoyer? Why did they pay him second string money?”

                Because he’s their bridge to the future, not the long time guy and they will need cap space next year if they make their run at Cousins in free agency.

    1. Seb,
      Very interesting. But the Saints are a 8 win team at best with a QB that may have seen his best days behind him.
      If the Saints would go with this scenario we could bring in a nice haul, but the Saints need to build their roster if they want to remain relevant. In a fairly deep draft it would be difficult for them to give up three picks (10, 32, 42) for basically a number 2 overall pick since our number 161 pick is likely more miss than hit.
      But nice work on this just the same.

      1. AES, it depends on what they think Fournette is worth, and since I think that they have gotten a lot of looks while at LSU, they may deem him as a game changer. Getting a running game may make Breeze’s job easier, and since this draft is deep in defense, they could find later round talent.

        Obviously, they never would have traded away Cooks unless they thought they had an adequate replacement in place.

        Maybe the Niners should offer a 4th and 5th round picks, which would be the 146th and 161st picks, along with the number 2 overall pick. That way, they would trade 3 for 3 picks, and get the player they really covet.

        Just trying to cover every possible scenario, which KS said they are trying to do. Trading back, I think, is their best way to improve.

  36. Reading your player descriptions is like listening to Mayock during the draft, each player suddenly becomes the best at their position even when it’s round 5.

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