49ers post-minicamp depth-chart prediction

49ers post-minicamp depth-chart prediction:


Quarterback: Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, C.J. Beathard.

Analysis: Barkley and Beathard won’t play unless the 49ers tank the season.

Wide receiver: Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin, Jeremy Kerley, Aldrick Robinson, Trent Taylor.

Analysis: The Niners will keep five wide receivers instead of six because the offense needs an extra running back.

Tight end: Logan Paulsen, George Kittle, Cole Hikutini.

Analysis: The Niners will cut Vance McDonald and keep Hikutini to prevent someone from signing the undrafted rookie from their practice squad. Kittle will be the team’s second-leading receiver, but Paulsen will be the starter just like 2013 when he started over Jordan Reed during Kyle Shanahan’s final season as the Redskins offensive coordinator.

Fullback: Kyle Juszczyk.

Analysis: Juszczyk will be the starting fullback and the fourth tight end if the Niners need one.

Running back: Joe Williams, Tim Hightower, Kapri Bibbs, Matt Breida.

Analysis: The Niners will trade Carlos Hyde for a draft pick during the preseason.

Left Tackle: Joe Staley, Trent Brown.

Analysis: If Staley gets hurt, the Niners will move Brown from right tackle to left tackle.

Left guard: Zane Beadles, Joshua Garnett.

Analysis: Beadles will stay at left guard because that’s the position he has played for most of his career.

Center: Jeremy Zuttah, Daniel Kilgore, Tim Barnes.

Analysis: Kilgore is the only offensive lineman from last season who will lose his starting job.

Right guard: Joshua Garnett, Brandon Fusco, Tim Barnes.

Analysis: Garnett will move from right guard to left guard if Beadles gets hurt. Fusco and Barnes will be inactive for games.

Right tackle: Trent Brown, Garry Gilliam.

Analysis: Gilliam will make the team over John Theus, last year’s fifth-round pick.


Leo: Arik Armstead, Elvis Dumervil, Pita Taumoepenu.

Analysis: Armstead will play on first and second down. Dumervill will play on third down. And rookie sixth-round pick Taumoepenu will make the team over Aaron Lynch because the new regime is invested in Taumoepenu.

Defensive tackle: DeForest Buckner, Ronald Blair.

Analysis: Blair will make the team over Quinton Dial because Blair is a better fit in the 49ers’ new 4-3 defensive scheme.

Nose tackle: Earl Mitchell, D.J. Jones.

Analysis: Jones will make the team over Dial for the same reason Taumoepenu will make it over Lynch.

Big defensive end: Solomon Thomas, Tank Caradine.

Analysis: Thomas will split time with Buckner and Armstead at defensive tackle on third down.

Strongside linebacker: Ahmad Brooks, Eli Harold.

Analysis: Harold will make the team over Lynch because Harold can play linebacker in the Niners’ new 4-3 defensive scheme and Lynch can’t.

Middle linebacker: Rueben Foster, Brock Coyle.

Analysis: The Niners will cut NaVorro Bowman if Foster doesn’t re-injure his shoulder during the preseason.

Weakside linebacker: Malcolm Smith, Ray Ray Armstrong.

Analysis: The Niners didn’t spend all that money on Malcolm Smith to keep him on the bench.

Strong safety: Eric Reid, Jaquiski Tartt.

Analysis: Tartt can’t start until he learns to diagnose the difference between runs and passes, but he can replace Reid on third down as a man-to-man coverage specialist.

Free safety: Jimmie Ward, Don Jones.

Analysis: Jones will make the final roster because he excels on special teams.

Left cornerback: Rashard Robinson, Ahkello Witherspoon.

Analysis: Witherspoon will sit on the bench his entire rookie season.

Right cornerback: Keith Reaser, Dontae Johnson.

Analysis: The Niners will play Reaser against small receivers and Johnson against big receivers.

Nickel cornerback: K’Waun Williams, Will Redmond.

Analysis: Redmond will play a lot because Williams can’t stay healthy.


Punt returner: Trent Taylor, Jeremy Kerley.

Analysis: Taylor may become an effective slot receiver for the Niners one day, but they drafted him to return punts next season.

Kick returner: Matt Breida, Kapri Bibbs.

Analysis: The backup running backs will be the primary kick returners.

Kicker: Robbie Gould.

Punter: Bradley Pinion.

Long snapper: Kyle Nelson.

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  1. We shall see what we shall see. So many young guys look good during the swimsuit competition. But once they get to the talent part of the show, No Miss America for them…

    1. But, hey, at least you put it out there. Unlike the cowards who do nothing then rip others for their choices.

        1. Grant, I love these daring reports, predictions, even your most flawed projections. Still, I just have to say, your writing is crippled by your hubris. You are too emotional and too prideful. Earlier, you took a wild leap to say pro bowler Bowman would get cut, and even as NaVorro demonstrates in leaps and bounds he his rehabbing his Achilles and knee, you remained locked in that he will get cut. Same goes for your other long-term whipping boys: Aaron Lynch, Vance McDonald, and now Carlos Hyde. Those men are too good to give away, let alone to outright waive. Won’t happen. But, I guess I should be impressed that Ahmad Brooks is no long on your Sh!t List. Nonetheless, please explain why you have a hard-on for Vance and Aaron? In particular, McDonald remains quite the physical specimen: of all his 49er TE peers, he is the fastest, strongest, and best blocker. His only downfall was having to catch wayward laser passes from Kaepernick. Even Michael Crabtree (“best hands Jim Harbaugh ever saw) ended up moving across the Bay for less money just to play with a QB who can get him the ball. Imagine if Vance had a QB capable of delivering his passes. That QB might turn out to be Hoyer.

          1. Wrong . Vance dropped passes from Gabbert, too. His only downfall is why they are not giving him the first team reps. They cannot afford a TE dropping the ball for no apparent reason. Crabtree still has one of the worst drop rates in the league, and he is doing well because he is the number 2 WR, and Amari Cooper gets the double teams, so he is faced with single coverage most of the time.
            Believe it or not, Kaep had a 90.7 QBR, even with 18 documented drops when the ball hit the receiver in both his hands.
            Imagine Hoyer throwing the ball so the receivers, not the DBs, are the intended receivers? He had only a 50% completion percentage with interceptions almost every practice. The QB who delivers the ball may certainly not be Hoyer. Barkley may out compete him.
            I think the Niners now have enough film on the present QBs. I wonder if they are waiting to see how the Cousins situation pans out. That is less than a month away.

              1. 2015, he had Gabbert for half the season. I remember he had balls bounce off his hands for picks.
                One of 5 passes thrown his way were drops. That is why they have Kittle running with the first team.
                Good for him to reduce the number of drops in 2016, but the first 5 games he still had Gabbert. Still, the drop rate is still way too high, especially when they have Kittle, who dropped one pass his entire college career.

      1. I’m good… Will be interesting to see what additions and lossess come about after the final preseason game.

              1. Maybe you should not respond to a comment talking about cowards who do nothing, but rip others.
                East, you are trying to pile on, but that makes you look desperate. Try being less emo.

            1. Always a pleasure reading your comments, Cassie. Thank you. And, please don’t let antagonism from the bitter losers bring you down. You are always welcome here.

  2. Nicely thought-out and explained.

    I’ll go out on a limb and say Bell will make it over Hikutini.

    Also: On paper this is a pretty good team.

      1. Balthazar B, well, he hasn’t shined during OTAs, and they really wanted Hikutini as an UDFA, so Bell very well might be headed off the team. I’ll trust their judgement of course.

      2. Why not? Despite people playing games with the stats and using just one year on Bell and his drops, in his career (short as it has been) he’s had the lowest drop rate of the three hold-overs.

        Personally I think Hikutini is destined for the PS since he’s weak and one-dimensional and needs a year to get ready to compete in the NFL. That leaves room for Bell (or McDonald or Celek).

        But Shanahan may feel Hikutini can fill in as the #3 TE (plus play STs) and keep him, so we’ll see.

    1. Don’t go too far out on that limb George, it’s gonna break lol, I don’t see Bell over Hiki, Hiki’s hasn’t played a down yet in the NFL and He’s twice the receiver Bell is, which is why Shanny’s gonna keep him over Bell. And yes we look good on paper, 9-7 isn’t out of the question.

    2. George

      I’m with you on the Bell over Hikutini…could see Hikutini on the PS for maybe a year to put ‘some meat on them bones’….I have been a strong advocate for Bell since he arrived. I hope he gets a good look in training camp…I can’t see Paulsen ahead of VMac or Bell

  3. You are such an idiot, always posing as someone who can assess talent like the most experienced football people. Do you do this for attention or just to be controversial or contrary? Your assessments as amateurish and in so many ways, arrogant.

  4. So you think Williams will be #1 on the depth chart? I think Hightower would be HB1 if Hyde is traded. I also think they will go with 6 WRs, but I’m not ready to predict the 6th one yet.

    Pita over Lynch? Maybe, I hope Lynch is committed, but they signed Elvis for a reason. You could be right on this one.

    Bowman will not be cut and he’ll be starting in Week 1.

  5. Why does it feel like you hate the niners any time I read one of your articles? An are you really dumb enough to think the niners will get rid of Bowman??? He is still one of the better mlb in the league. Worst case he is a great leader and teacher for Foster. Tired of all your nine hate talk…..

    1. Great Cohn gives his opinion whether the fans like it or not. I appreciate that. I’d take Great over a delusional fanboy any day.

          1. No her takes a slot in the dark on roomies so he can say I told you so later. An of he is wrong he says it’s because that player was an unknown….

              1. OMG, he discusses rookies that have not played a snap in the NFL?
                Guess what, we ALL have done the same thing, even the experts. No one knows how they will turn out, and everyone speculates about the possibilities.
                Maybe you should quit while behind, and go crawl back under your rock. Your name defines you as a fool, and a hate filled troll.

    2. Every great Niner has been cut, retired or been traded away, It is just a fact of life, and nothing stays the same forever.
      Bowman will eventually retire, He has had 2 major surgeries, so that might accelerate the process.
      It is not hate, or even personal, it is just life, and reality.

      1. Wait a minute, Sebs…………….

        I-even I……..am the “hater” on this blog, and don’t you forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I agree with Great is a fool. I have been Reading these posts for about a year now and it seems to always go directly against what our regime is trying to do from a club and football standpoint. Why would we get rid of Bowman’s leadership on d. I know we picked up talent but with overturning most of the roster why lose a player who lives 49er Defense and teamwork. At worst he will share reps until the relationship with the add ons is bridged

    1. I’d think C.Jones could be in an even three way comp with Dial and Blair for one position on the 53. The rookie nose guard will have to impress to let Dial go.
      CJ could probably fill in at Big End as well as Blair could, if needed.

      1. Yeah, I agree. He plays hard and was one of the few Niners to get a new contract this year. They see something in C Jones and Saleh wants a large rotation.

    2. Blair was injured during minicamp. I doubt they will keep 10 D-linemen, but it’s possible Jones will beat out Blair.

      1. Chris Jones reminds me of the Kurt Rambis of the DL. Don’t know if that metaphor would work for others. Blue collar, hard hat guy.

  6. Way to go out on a limb and make some bold decisions.I personally don’t agree but that’s cool,to many rookies for my taste.I agree with what Moses said about swimsuits being on.Once pads come on whole new ball game I’ll wait till then to put these rookies in starting roles.no way on Bowman or Hyde and I say just a slight chance on VMac.

  7. The coaches need to see the guys in pads, especially at OL, DL, & RB.
    There’s a young safety and a young corner who they may have to risk waiving to get to the PS, but somebody has to be risked. I wonder if Jerome can show enough on live action ST to unseat Jones at backup FS.
    Dial vs Blair. Maybe.I want to like Blair but haven’t seen that much from him yet.
    Pita vs A.Lynch. Maybe, let’s see them rumble.
    Can Gilbert unseat Harold? Idk, probably long shot.
    Hyde? Show me; believe it when I see it.
    Is Gilliam a better pass blocker than Theus? Tbd
    I’ve read two other places that ‘Shanny kinda likes Celek.’ Coach’s courtesy, or something?
    Finally, there’s a troublesome crow that likes to sit on the overhead lights at Petaluma Market and poop on cars. He’s hoping Garnt’s wrong about Bow being cut, cuz if it happens I’m gonna have to put that sucka in the microwave for my dinner.
    (Attn PETA: you have little to be concerned about imo)

  8. Hmm, Hyde, Bowman, MacDonald, Dial, Lynch.
    Bowman will make the team because Foster will not have recovered fully from his surgery, and the smart, conservative thing to do is put him on IR with a designation to return midseason.
    Same thing with Elvis. Put him on IR, and also designate him to return mid season . I think the league is now allowing 2 players to come back. Lynch could make the 53, then.
    Niners need to trade away players, but if they do it separately, they will only garner 6th or 7th round picks. Maybe they should offer Macdonald, Brooks and Dial to the Bears for their second round draft pick. Bears would improve their team with starters from the Niners, and the Niners would be making room on their roster so they can poach a cut player from a playoff team. Bears might like the trade because they would be getting 3 players for one draft pick. It would be a win/win for both sides.Brooks and Dial might want to play for Fangio, and VM’s blocking skills would help their offense.
    If the Niners want to trade away Hyde, they should offer Hyde to the Colts for Frank Gore and a third or 4th round pick.

        1. Imagine? Sure. Let’s clear the board, package our best 5 players–along with the next 3 years of first round picks–and go fishing this summer. What could we get? Hmm…

          1. Imagine-
            ‘You may say that I’m a dreamer.
            but I am not the only one.
            I hope someday you’ll join us,
            and the world will live as one.’

            1. See Cassie………………….?

              You’ve been hoarding your poetry, not letting it bloom……and Seb-skov poaches something from John Lennon and throws it in your face….all of our faces, really!!!!!!
              Is John Lennon………no, couldnt be…….it is!!!!!!!! Seb-skov and Lennon are one and the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              1. Just funnin you, Sebs………you going to be in the crowd for the Russian River Jazz Festival?

    1. Jeez, Seb. I wish other teams would make the trades that you suggest. Since the Bears already traded us their 3rd round pick in 2018, I don’t see them trading us their 2nd rounder. I’d be happy for a 4th rounder for those 3. The Colts won’t trade Gore and a 3rd or 4th for Hyde, either. The next question is, does Gore fit in Shanahan’s system any more than Hyde does? Probably not.

      1. kt, the Bears have traded with the Niners, and both teams improved, so they may want to do it again.
        I think Ballard may want to get rid of Grigson choices, and Gore may be old, but Hyde has many years left.
        I want Gore for his leadership, and then he could retire as a Niner.

        1. Yeah, Seb, we’ve had this conversation about Frank Gore. Frank won’t want to be here to sit on the bench and it makes no sense to give him reps over the younger guys that the 49ers are trying to develop. I think Frank gets one more year with the Colts, sharing the rock quite a bit. I wouldn’t rule your idea out completely because stranger things have happened. I could see Frank being unsigned in 2018 or 2019, the 49ers get a rash of RB injuries and out of desperation, sign Frank. Frank steps in and saves the day? (I’ll refer you back to “Imagine.”

          As far as the Bears, their GM took a lot of heat for the 1st round trade. They already sent the 49ers their 3rd rounder next year. so they won’t be sending us their 2nd rounder for 3 marginal players. I’d be happy to see McDonald go for a 6th rounder and Brooks for a 5th or 6th rounder. Dial probably won’t draw much interest for a trade, but who knows?

          1. kt, thank you for being civil, instead of blowing up like some other posters did when I mentioned trying to obtain Frank Gore. I still think he can contribute, and he would be the best blocking RB on the team.
            Bears are in a world of hurt, and all the injuries meant that they have a dearth of talent. Those 3 players used to be starters on the Niners, so they might possibly start for the Bears. I bet Fangio would jump at the chance to get those 2 defenders, since he coached them before. Zach Miller still has foot issues, so VM could easily supplant him, and he is a better blocker than Miller, which is important for protecting their new QBs.
            You may be right, and they could only manage to get a 4th for those players, but that would be better than a 6th or 7th for them individually. Maybe make it a conditional 4th, which would be upgraded to a second if they have a winning season.

              1. It would be inherently advantageous for the Bears. They could get 3 battle hardened and battle tested veterans who used to start for the Niners, for one draft pick. 3 for one is a good deal, and it would benefit both teams.
                I want the Niners to get something for them, now, before TC. If they delay, other teams will just wait until the cuts, and possibly pick them up for free.
                I also think it is important to create space on the roster, so they can poach a player from a playoff team.
                Sure, I admit that it is a long shot, but I want the Niners to think outside the box.

            1. Dude you are what i call a 49ers Blindful. You are probably one of those guys that swore that we were stack at CB, WR and OL last year. You most likely had a fit when we traded K. Acker to the Chiefs. The guy was complete garbage and a lot of people here were upset about him getting traded. I don’t think Bowman gets cut, Lynch will make the team and Hyde will also make the team. I don’t think we can get anything better than a 6 rounder for McD and if we trade Carlos it won’t be any higher than a 5th rounder as this point unless a starting RB gets injure in pre season.

              1. Maybe you have not read my posts, but I was howling at the fact that Baalke sat on his hands and did nothing to help the team. In fact, his only decent FA signing was Beadles, but that was offset by his signing of DEVEY.
                No, I was very upset about the dearth in talent on the O line. Of all the draft picks in 2016, in which I mocked 3 that the Niners picked, I chose Joshua Garnett and Fahn Cooper, so I really wanted the Niners to upgrade the O line. I was more upset that the Niners cut Cooper, who was picked up quickly by another team. I was even upset they cut Joe Looney, who went on to start for the Cowboys.
                I certainly did not say that the CBs and WRs were stacked, and their play last season was proof of my pessimism.
                I must admit that I was optimistic about Chip, but Baalke stabbed him in the back by insisting they play players out of position and Baalke’s insistence to play his favorites. I was glad that Chip finally benched Gabbert, Baalke’s pet, but Baalke intentionally tanked by sitting on his hands and doing nothing to even try to improve the team.
                Baalke was a dead man walking, so he decided to make a parting shot by signing Vance MacDonald, which made him untradeable.
                Yes, I will blindly support the Niners, and root for them to win more rings, but I will also criticize them for making poor decisions. Keeping a suit over a coach was just being brain dead.

          2. Colts signed Robert Turbin and drafted Marlon Mack, so they may be phasing out FG. He may be sitting on the bench a lot anyways. Frank Gore still bleeds red and gold, especially after reading about how upset he was at the Niner situation last season.
            I also think that Frank Gore is the type of player John Lynch likes.

    2. dude this isn’t a video game…. plus you are making it seem like Dial . McD and Brooks would be an instant starter on any team in the league…. smh

      1. Wasting your time Omar…he’s beyond reason. Lives in a fantasy world of his own making.

        It’s best to laugh and move along…

  9. Bowman has to really show that he can’t play anymore before the team would cut him this year. Not only do they expose themselves at the position but they risk damaging the positive energy in the locker room. Not a smart move for a first year coaching staff.

  10. most of it is reasonable, and it is only post Mini-Camp.

    The Bowman call is a tough one, but it could happen. Dial is a tough call too.

    Kio – How else is a beat writer supposed to write? He’s supposed to do “all of the above”, even if guys like you go off the deep end.

      1. How can he use facts in this case? Did you read the title of this article? It says “Depth Chart Prediction.” Grant can only use his opinion, based on what he’s seen at the OTA. There are no facts here unless the 49ers announce a depth chart, which is unlikely. I’m sure that he will update it after training camp. Grant does this to get the discussion going. Did Grant p*** in your cornflakes? If you really dislike him as much as you seem to, why come here at all?

  11. All looks pretty good. My only quibble would be I think they can get Breida onto the practice squad. Which inside zone running team is going to trade for a mediocre, often injured running back that’s gonna be a free agent next year?

    1. They may be able to get Breida onto the PS during the final cuts, but he’ll be the first one snatched up, and likely early, because:

      1) RBs have the shortest learning curve and can step right in and be productive;
      2) RBs have one of the highest rates of attrition due to injury in the NFL. Almost certain 3 or 4 of them across the leaguee will be dinged and out for a while/for the season within the first two weeks of play.

      1. 3. Breida is very fast and gifted and has too much potential to be a superstar in this league. He’ll either make the team or be put on IR.

  12. There are plenty of reporters who cover the 49ers who report on their practices and personnel moves without any bias or analysis. That’s not what Grant does. He gives a view of the team through his POV and from discussions he has with people around the league. He writes to generate discussions. He writes to cause us to question. He is a purposeful journalist who has an opinion. Of course everything he says will not come to be – he’s not omniscient. And yes sometimes he comes across like he is, but hey that’s called having an opinion and he knows enough about football to make a good case. Love him or hate him, he makes for an interesting read. Grant, on behalf of the people like myself (who have never posted but keep reading for the reasons stated – thanks for being your informative, polarizing but entertaining self.

      1. Last time I looked he wasn’t the only person who covers this team. Shop around for someone who is more in line with your point of view or don’t read his posts for the sake of your own sanity.

        1. B7s… I take in all the input I can get–I don’t settle on like-minded writers. I read the range to gain a variety of perspectives.

    1. He is a journalist. He sold be writing in facts. Not opinion. And good opinion is always negative. It’s like he is a cowboys fan….

        1. There are many types of journalists ranging from the kind who lay out just the facts, to people who do opinion pieces. He’s a sports journalist. There are plenty of people who write just the facts about the team. Matt Maiocco does a fine job of this. I find Grants stuff often to land somewhere a little more skewed towards opinion, but again as I said it’s more colorful and inherently charged – for good or for bad depending on people’s personal opinions, I don’t always agree but I appreciate the work he does.

          1. So far there are no facts, just opinions. some are more accurate than others, but they are still opinions. That is what you are giving an opinion of what you think of Grant. Others have a different opinion as stated above. I give him credit for sticking his neck out and telling us what he thinks and how he feels. He was all for getting rid of Smith and putting in Kap. He was wrong on both counts. That is my opinion. Smith has proven to be a winning QB and Kap. a bust so far. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, right or wrong, and I give Grant credit for expressing his and for the very thick skin he must have developed to put up with some of the sh*t put out on this blog.

      1. Grant is not a reporter, who focuses on just the facts. He is an opinion writer, and writes for a blog, and states clearly that one should agree with him, or argue against him. He espouses his opinion, and expects posters to engage in polite and civil dialogue, so others may gain knowledge and understanding.
        Personally, I like his observations, and am tired of being rosily scenarioed.. He provides insights that the average Joe does not have access to, and many times, i feel like I am standing next to him covering the practices.
        Sure, he writes with an edge, but I much prefer that to the same old, same old. I am sick of the trite pablum from the toadies that writes tomes, but says little.

        1. Yeah Seb, all those other writers–as you’ve noted a number of times in the past–are shills for 9er interests. Simple as that. Pablum spewing shills. You’ve said it.

          1. Yup, that is why I like this site so much, and do not bother commenting on the other sites, because their posters are about as bad as the writers.
            However, I do peruse the other sites, just to get alternative points of view.
            Pablum spewing shills? Cassie, you just defined yourself.
            Sure wish the stench of Baalke would dissipate, but with you lingering, it wont go away.

              1. ChattyKathy
                Pull the ring:
                Stabbed in the back
                Shot in the foot
                Tank in a pit
                I formation
                Trent Baalk is Satan!
                Roll out pass
                Take the league by storm
                Lynch adopted the draft blueprint from him
                Shanny BETTER take his advice since he doesn’t have an OC!
                The door is open
                Paraag! Paraag! Paraag!
                ‘So maybe you think…’
                More laterals
                Bring back Kap
                Bring back Chip
                Bring back Tomsula
                Bring back Rathman
                Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

              2. East, you should listen to what Lebron James said. He said that he was glad that of all the chatter, they were still obsessing about him.
                Glad I am dominating your thoughts. It gives me more power over you.

              3. Speaking of Kaep, Goodell says that he is not being blackballed.
                Goodell is also the tool that said that concussions were not a problem.
                Then Goodell said that the league was taking concussions seriously, then scheduled Thursday Night Games with only 3 days rest.

              4. BT, looks like I have you so well trained, you can parrot me. The reason why I repeat many posts is because I want to imprint those images on your psyche.
                Mission accomplished.

              5. Maybe Garoppolo, McCarron, Foles and Landry Jones, but all those other QBs have done absolutely nothing in the league. Geno Smith? LOLOLOLOL. Osweiler? That is delusional.
                How many of those QBs have led their team to a SB in only 10 games? How many have set QB rushing records in the playoffs?

            1. So what about the points he made in the article about his lack of pocket presence? He predicted that both RG3 and Kap would be out of the league and they are. You just don’t want to see that Kap could not adjust after defenses adjusted to him…

              1. Blah blah blah. Same old screeds. I said that they were not utilizing him optimally, and forcing him to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.
                He predicted that they would be out of the league, but Kaep is also at the top of the list of unsigned FAs. Due to attrition, there will be opportunities for Kaep, and some teams will be excoriated for not picking him up when they had the opportunity, especially if Kaep does start, and takes the league by storm, again.
                Adjustments? EVERY QB must make adjustments. No news to me. Sure am glad that KS has the QBs roll out and throw on the run. Kaep can do that in his sleep. Sure, the Read option has been countered, but it still can be very effective, because it has the option to run or pass, so the defense cannot key on only one aspect.

            2. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….Cassie, how do you do it? I cant get Sebs to cuss me out or insult me anymore………..

              Seb-old-bean……………………you missed your calling! You think I’m being sarcastic, but you just don’t know how funny you are! Long ago, I used to pay $20 bucks cover and 2-drink minimum to see guys do your schtick and weren’t any better than you!!!! A bit of training, and you could have been the next Don Rickles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Bob, Well there we agree on something. Everyone has an opinion and isn’t life more interesting for it. I’m not defending all of Grants opinions and never said I agree with all of them, but he does a solid job of reporting and I like hearing detailed reporting about the team that I’ve watched since I was a kid. I appreciate what he does. But here you are with your little comment representing a fine example of our new reality – people hiding behind their anonymity and taking ridiculous personal shots at everyone else to make themselves feel better about their lives. The truth is Bob, you’ll keep reading his blog, you’ll keep trolling, and you’ll stay busy being miserable.

        1. And no Bo is not being cut. Too good a presence, and still good enough on the field if he can get back to where he was before the Achilles.

    2. Have you ever noticed that the best showmen talk or write as if they’re omniscient? It’s part of their draw or pull, if you will.

  13. I agree that Brock Coyle will make the team over Watson, Gilbert or Newsom.
    I think they keep Breida and Bibbs is expendable, or a PS candidate.

  14. Some bold cuts/ trades in there, but could happen. I think Bowman is the least likely of big names to get moved on. Even if he has a reduced role this year I think they keep him for at least one more year.

    Sounds like Lynch has been performing pretty well in the OTAs and minicamp despite weighty issues. If he gets to TC in decent enough shape I think he sticks. If he doesn’t, or gets an injury that hampers him during TC, then yeah I think he’s gone.

    Hyde I am on the fence with. Your comments on his ability to find the right holes during OTAs and minicamp makes me think he has more value as trade bait. Yet he is a decent RB, and the team needs decent RBs. The first few weeks of camp/ preseason will be big for him.

    Dial is an interesting one. His versatility should be an asset, but in this instance it could be to his detriment. They already have an abundance of versatile DL that are more talented than him. What sets him apart from the others is he can play 1T, but it isn’t his best position. It really comes down to how much the coaches like DJ Jones.

    Chris Jones could also be an odd man out for similar reasons. He and Blair will likely be battling out for a spot.

    McDonald is a goner. Agree with that.

      1. I think Roger Craig only caught 7 balls while at Nebraska, yet turned into an elite pass catcher in the NFL.
        Vance- Stone hands- MacDonald is the antithesis of OBJ.

  15. Free safety depth will be a pickle. If the 49ers want more than 4 wins Ward better stay healthy.

    Roster cuts at D-lines, TE, RB will be painfull unless some trades happen.

    1. Aside from depth, both safety positions are relatively weak/risky, manned with players who are learning new assignments and responsibilities. Even if Ward stays healthy, there’s a good chance he won’t be up to the single high role. Reid is maybe a concussion away from forced retirement. While Tartt is an imposing physical specimen, he hasn’t shown that he has the instincts to be successful. It could be when all is said and done, that Jerome, the UDFA, may demonstrate he’s the best of the bunch.

      While I understand the Niners affection for Solomon, I think Adams would have filled a bigger and more strategic need for them if they’d chosen him instead.

  16. “Analysis: If Staley gets hurt, the Niners will move Brown from right tackle to left tackle.”

    If Staley gets hurt, the season is over, and the Niners may as well angle for the first pick in the 2018 draft by playing Witherspoon at LT.

  17. Whether Foster is healthy or not, they won’t cut Bowman. For several reasons:

    1. He is the defense’s leader, and the defense has some young guys who can learn a lot from him (including and especially Foster).
    2. There is no cap reason to do so.
    3. There is no personality reason to do so. He will be a leader whether starting or backing up
    4. He can play two of the LB positions, and they will choose him over Croyle and/or Armstrong. Neither one is a future-starter-being-developed. They are depth players. Bowman is a former All Pro with All Pro talent still in the tank. (And who would be better off the bench to replace an injured Foster if he gets hurt, Bowman or Croyle?)
    5. They signed Smith before drafting Foster. They are not committed to starting him.
    6. The fans love Bowman. You don’t cut a guy who will help in all of the above areas and is a positive in this one, too.

    In short, there is no reason to cut him and a boatload of reasons to keep him.

    1. Coyle and Armstrong play special teams. Bowman doesn’t. Tough to have a backup who doesn’t play special teams.

  18. Don’t agree with the Bowman take at all, if he is healthy. This team needs some veteran leadership and Bowman fits that bill. Ray Ray Armstrong, not Aaron Lynch would be the most likely candidate to get cut or traded in the LB corps. Hyde is the best RB they have if he can learn and thrive in the system. That means Brenda or Bibbs go to the PS. McDonald seems like the obvious trade target since they already started the process during the draft. I think the Niners also keep Lorenzo Jerome over Don James if he has a good camp and preseason.

  19. no way in hell we cut Bowman!!!! How on earth could we cut our best player without good reason??? Even if Foster is the future sooner than later, why cut him now???? Why not admit we were shopping him like we did with Vance??? This regime has been very forthright and business like, why change that up with some BS?? The answer to all those question are, they wont.. That being said, he might be gone within the next few years, and that sucks, but it is what it is..

    1. Lombardi didn’t say the Niners are actively shopping Bowman. Lombardi said Bowman is available if another team wants him.

  20. Bowman’s effectiveness isn’t over. They could assign him to SAM with Foster in the middle (assuming Foster sees the field). Bowman can set the edge and pass-rush. I can’t take credit for this observation. I’ve read it in a few places and it makes sense to me.

    1. I’m with you on Bowman George. If Harbaugh can design an offense to hide Kap’s weaknesses, Shanny et al can certainly scheme thier way around Bowman’s shortcomings – which could be only temporary after all. Even Grant has not criticized his run stopping ability and leadership qualities. Selah has made it clear that he wants his pass rushers to rotate to be fresh. What’s wrong with using the same concept with his LBs? I say like the Beatles, Bowman can by with a little help from his friends.

  21. I just can’t see 9ers outright cutting Navarro. PR nightmare p,ys nust not the right thing to do. I’m sure KS and JL must have a lot of respect for Navarro. He’s more than earned it. . But Bo No cover, and he will get targetted by every OC in the league when he is on the field, 1st down, any down.. I could see Bo getting moved gracefully to IR, something like that. It’s doubtful his body could last even if he could play well, so this situation will probably resolve itself, possibly in pre-season, no later than first bye I’m thinking.

  22. Grant what kind of stuff you smoking, puff puff pass mf, if you think Bowman is getting cut you gotta put the reefer down man, I could see Hyde being traded but what price no clue would rather see Hyde go than Bowman, hopefully Lynch can put the Twinkies away and slim down and be a beast like he was his first year if not dueces for him.

  23. The biggest disagreement of have is Bowman. If he can perform, he stays. If not… It’s the NFL which stands for “not for long” . Abd even then, if he were to go I bet we could get something for him. So not straight up cut.

  24. No way they will get rid of NaVorro Bowman and Carlos Hyde.
    Aaron Lynch over Eli Harold. Aaron is a much better player.
    Vance McDonald should of been cut by now.
    Garry Gilliam is a liability. The only awful pick up this off season.

  25. Well, that was a quick way to generate a whole bunch of comments. All I have to say is we shall see on your predictions. Doubt Bowman leaves, same with Lynch and Hyde. Not so sure of McDonald and Dial but that remains to be seen.

  26. As usual, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. LOWELL COHN <GRANT COHN. Your dislike of Bowman is priceless. You'd be a good writer if you stopped with the "LOOK AT ME, I'M CONTROVERSIAL" columns and stick to sports reporting…

    1. Considering Grant is getting national coverage and interviews for his comments, I think he is doing just fine, thank you.

      1. What national coverage?

        I live in Texas and only see him on this blog and once or twice on pro football talk. I see more from other beat writers…

        1. Distortion Reality Field….

          But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
          “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
          “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
          “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here….

  27. Some observations:
    DL – Dial won’t get cut due to versatility, Rookie D.J. Jones to PS, Lynch proves it and makes the cut, C. Jones wins 3-way battle with R. Blair and Pita T.

    LB – Bowman starts, don’t know enough about Coyle but either Coyle or Watson beat out R.R. Armstrong

    DB – L. Jerome or A. Colbert probably make it over K. Williams

    TE – if Hikutini is that good and they don’t want to lose him off the PS, I think they would have drafted him. Still think VMac could make it with Bell out, Hikutini to the PS

    RB – 4 make the team, Bibbs out if Carlos Hyde starting

  28. Couple things.
    I can’t see the niners cutting Bowman this season. The 49ers have terrible linebackers as is. Foster, Smith, and Bowman are the only decent options for the Will and Mike or whatever they want to call it in this defense. So even if Foster is at full strength there would be no depth and with the cap gain being so minimal in impact this season, the loss of leadership is not worth it. Next year however it is a very real possibility.
    Second… while I agree Hyde’s days are numbered… I would like to know more about Brieda. Per most reports he has stood out more than any other rb on the roster so I am very curious to see how he will do when the pads go on. If he continues to to play at his current level then he will surpass Williams.

    1. There are more rookie RB’s not ready to step up to the Pro level than are. I would be stunned if they traded Hyde..

        1. Serious question. Why can’t one of the backup centers learn to be a long snapper. Saves a roster spot for an OL, which would be great especially if that long snapper/backup center can also play guard.

          1. Would be interesting to trace the history of long snapper evolution from the 70s to today–they’ve become highly specialized; more like backup tight ends then grizzled centers in knee braces. Why?

              1. I remember a time when Randy Cross was the long snapper on punts. He played at 265 then and could run and he made a lot of plays on punt coverage and could pack a wallop. I don’t remember if he snapped on place kicks. As he beefed up at RG they took him off that.

              2. Very good article. Thanks, Cassie.

                From the article:

                “Teams prefer to have a player whose reps in practice are devoted to perfecting his long snapping abilities rather than run the risk that a part-time long snapper could make mistakes serious enough to compromise a potential victory. This suggests that teams feel the potential downside of using a part-time long snapper isn’t outweighed by the benefit of an extra roster spot that could be given to a 7th wide receiver or 5th tight end. That’s because any player who misses out on a roster spot because of the presence of a long snapper is the type of player who is unlikely to see the field much, even if he had made the roster, while the long snapper is guaranteed to play a significant role in special teams plays. “

              3. Very insightful. Thanks for the post. How do you type in the keyboard and hit return with those short arms?

              4. Working the (modified) keyboard isn’t too bad, but changing long fluorescent light tubes is another story. Gave up on changing my car’s oil.

  29. Way to soon to be predicting Depth Charts off of OTA’s/Mini Camp.. Let’s Bookmark this and look at it post the Final Cut.

  30. Having a day to think about it. I would make the following changes:

    1. Kerley over Goodwin on the outside and Taylor to take the slot. Taylor, in college, had the best hands of any WR drafted (fewest drops) and caught just over 80% of the balls targeted at him (as a slot receiver). In fact, it’s likely that Taylor has the best hands on the team. Taylor’s big problem is being small. NFL GMs fear that. Yet I remember the ‘Smurfs’ and the ‘Marks Brothers’ and how they tore up the NFL because of their agility.

    2. Kittle to start over Pauson. He is, simply put, the most gifted TE on the roster. Hikutini (who is fundamentally one-dimensional) to the practice squad to learn how to block and get stronger. Celek or McDonald or Bell are all more versatile (and NFL ready) than Hikutini to make the roster. Of the three, Bell has the best hands, McDonald the worst with reverse order for blocking.

    3. Hyde starts. Matt Breida to the practice squad. Joe Williams is 3rd string to start the season since he’s a total liability in the passing game as a receiver (completely undeveloped) and blocker (they took him out at Utah). I think it’ll be a year before Williams will be ready.

    And what would fandom be without one over-the-top prediction: Bethard to be the starting QB by the end of the year. Like I said, ‘over-the-top.’

  31. Don’t think Bowman gets cut. May not be a every down LB any more. Will have to be replaced on passing downs. Therefore may be asked to take a pay cut ?

    1. The game has changed. Passing is now an every-down possibility. There’s no more ‘run on first & ten’ catechism, but for a few dinosaur coaches, in the NFL coaching circles. Twenty-two teams in the NFL passed 60%, or more, on first down last year. Seven of them more than 65%.

      Further fourteen teams passed more than 60% per game. Only the Bills, with a running QB, ran more than they passed on first down. And only four teams passed for less than 55% on first down. and three of the four had running QBs that had significant carries.

      So, since every down in the NFL is potential passing down (especially first down) now what do you do? Short-yardage and goal line defense? Because that’s about all that’s left for ‘two down’ linebackers anymore.

      1. You are correct Moses but your analysis does not take into account the defense necessary to stop passes on first down. Even Grant has said that Bowman is only a liability in man coverage. Yes 60 to 65 percent of first down plays may be passes. Which also means that 35 to 40 percent are runs. I can’t predict how physically able Bowman will be when the season begins but I will not accept the argument that the 49ers could not develop a scheme to take advantage of his strengths and help him out with his weaknesses. It is even possible that, because his achilles and knee injuries were to the same leg, additional time could lead to improvement in his mobility. I think he is too potentially valuable to write off now. They should let him compete and have a slightly longer term strategy IMHO.

  32. I can’t see Shanahan going with this many rookies on the 53. Of the 4 key vets you have the Niners cutting, the only one that I agree might be in danger is McDonald, but there really isn’t much sense in doing it unless he is clearly outplayed in TC, because they will be on the hook for a fair chunk of change if they cut him. He’s a good blocker and while you’d like the drop rate to be better he has improved in that area.

    Lynch is a better pass rusher than some of the players you have being kept ahead of him, so unless he comes into TC fat and unmotivated I don’t see him being cut. That could happen knowing his history, but everything I’ve read this offseason has been positive with the exception of showing up on the first day of offseason workouts out of shape which is not ideal but certainly not grounds for dismissal.

    Hyde has been the starter during OTA’s and there is nothing but rookies and journeymen behind him. It would be stupid to trade him for a late round pick when he has more value playing for them. He is the best combination of runner, pass catcher and blocker they have by far.

    Bowman is a tough one because he has lost a step, but he is still a capable two down player who is good against the run and on the blitz from time to time. He is so highly respected and a leader in the locker room that it would very surprising to see him released.

    I already did a roster prediction the last time you wrote about this subject and nothing’s changed since then to warrant revising it.

    1. I think so too Rocket. Can’t see these moves except maybe McDonald and Dial and even those I’m skeptical about.

      1. Yep, as I said dumping McDonald doesn’t make much sense unless he is clearly outplayed. You are paying him regardless so he may as well be on your roster unless there truly is 3 better options which I doubt.

        Dial is a tough one because it’s so crowded at his position. The good thing about Dial is his versatility being able to move into the 1T in an emergency. Tough call that will likely come down to how many DL they decide to keep.

    1. Thank you, Cassie. We just got finished with a steak dinner. Roasted the corn on the grill because it was 104 in the shade. Both sons came by, and offered to help with the trees, but it was just too hot to work.

  33. this author is a fool

    niners cut navarro bowman???????????????????????????

    once you say something that stupid nothing else matters

    1. matt …

      ’tis better to be thought a fool .. than
      to open one’s mouth .. and remove all doubt … ..

      remember .. when you point fingers at others ..
      you’ll have at least three ..other …fingers .. pointing back
      at .. you

      btw …

      I’d love to help you ..out … just tell me ..
      which way did you come in … ?

    2. Must be his Spanish cousin… the famous guitar player Navarro Bowman who would never last on a football field but boy could he flamenco!! Olé!!

  34. Nice Grant. Like the stab at it, and although I completely disagree on Hyde and Bowman I see the possibility of it.

    However, you reason that both D.J. Jones and Pita make the roster because the new regime is “invested” in them. I find this logic a bit flawed as a) they’re going to make the calls on who is best, not us vs old regime b) they were both late round picks, its a very minimal investment that most teams cut players from those rounds anyways. They might have a shot, but it’ll be because they outperform not because the new regime spent a late round draft pick…

  35. Interesting. Grant, you have 27 offensive players, and 25 defensive players, along with 3 ST players.
    That adds up to 55 players. In order to balance it out, you need to cut 2 offensive players. I would suggest a QB and Tim Barnes, to get to 53. Either that or a RB and Tim Barnes.

    1. My bad, I counted Trent Brown twice. Only 26 on offense, so if Tim Barnes is dropped from the list it will get the Niners down to 53.

      1. My bad again, Did not see Joshua Garnett listed twice. Wonder how a player can be a starter and backup at the same time unless they do a musical chairs arrangement.

  36. Grant,
    Looks like a good depth roster. I did have a question on your “the new regime is invested” regarding Pita Taumoepenu comment.
    Taumoepenu is a 6th rd draft pick. History has shown that there is a high percentage of 6th rd picks that fail to stick on NFL teams. Did Shanahan/John Lynch actually use the term “invested” or is that your assessment?
    Either Pita was a hidden gem that everybody in the draft missed on thus the lofty regime invested comment or he has been tearing-it-up during OTA’s to the point that he will be a lock to overtake Lynch.
    My thoughts are, that you have set your sights on Lynch as your new target (now that Kap is gone) and are creating a personal platform/agenda against him.
    But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion.
    By the end of August not June, the real invested players will be on the 53 roster.

  37. Seems reasonable except for the Bowman part. You and I agree that Bowman is done but there is no way in hell he gets cut. Traded, maybe, Asked to retire, maybe. But not cut.

    1. Just curious. How do you ask a guy to retire? Do you plant the idea in his head over dinner, or through the course of a handball game? ;>)

        1. Buying him a beachfront mansion in Maui with room service a private jet and heliport. Thinking something this subtle might help get a clue.

      1. Here’s a good article that provides Bill Walsh’s thoughts on the subject. It doesn’t really give a direct answer to your question but I interpret it to mean that the head coach must sit down and have direct conversations with veterans about the end of their careers. I would think a head coach would give the player the option of retiring or being cut if they don’t believe they are done.

        “Any good coach or manager has got to be responsible for phasing his people through the organization. It may be the most emotionally difficult part of the job. When you do it, you often end up as the most unpopular person in the organization. Yet it is part of the role that the leader must play. It has to be done and done continually. You have to be prepared to use your own professional judgment as to when and why it is time for one of your players to call it quits.”

        Bill Walsh


        1. It also may be imperative to not become desensitized due to the repetitive nature of the act. Did Walsh ever address that aspect of it, and how he overcame it?

          1. Given the rather short tenure of your typical NFL HC, there’s likely little desensitizing–some perhaps, but not much. They key is to balance the long-term vision for the team–keeping a tight focus–with the human element. The Bill Walsh quote addresses that.

          1. Can you imagine the blog reaction if social media was in use at the time?
            Montana!!!! Lott!!!!
            I’m pretty sure I would’ve been apoplectic! I was in fact, just nobody had to read about it.

          2. AES,

            Walsh wasn’t around by the time Montana was traded, but he would have done it none the less. It was the right thing to do no matter how much Montana was revered. He was coming off of an injury that had kept him out for nearly 2 seasons, and was in his mid 30’s. They also just happened to have a replacement who had been named Offensive player of the year. The fact they won a SB without him and Montana only played two more years backs up the decision.

            1. Rocket,
              Yeah, your right regarding Walsh being gone but Seifert /front office followed Walsh’s template in removing players from the roster they deemed no longer able to perform at peak level.
              But like I said earlier, I’m still ticked over it even if was over 20 years ago.

  38. Hmm,

    Seb with his lists of cowards. He reminds me of Dionysius II calling out Damocles, or Commodus calling out Russell Crowe (The Gladiator).

    Naming champions is not thy strongsuit Seb, seeing that your Storm and Jarryd Hayne predictions fizzled out, while I correctly predicted the 49ers 2017 1st Rd. pick and their strategies of trading down to get it, in addition to trading back into the first Rd.
    Better stick to picking losers, Seb, and go back to your beloved Raiders with you nonsense.

    sebnynah says:
    June 17, 2017 at 4:51 pm
    Hmm, that coward comment hit too close to home….

    Cassie Baalke says:
    June 17, 2017 at 4:56 pm
    Didn’t come from me cupcake

  39. Thanks, Jed, for jettisoning last years defensive idiots


    Want a contrast between last year’s 49ers coaching staff and the current one? When defensive tackle DeForest Buckner was piling up plays last season — he ended up with 1,005 defensive snaps — defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil was asked if he was concerned with the rookie’s workload.

    “No,” he said. “The guys that we think give us the best chance to win, we want them out on the field as much as they possibly can.

    DeForest Buckner has to be out there for 80 percent of the plays.”

    O’Neil’s replacement doesn’t think last year’s snap count was merely a concern.


    “When you look at a guy like (DeForest) Buckner last year having played almost 1,000 snaps — in my mind, that’s criminal,” Robert Saleh said recently. “Ideally, all of them are working about 500, 600 snaps and trying to utilize everything they’ve got every snap that they’re on the football field.”

    Defensive line coach Jeff Zgonina had a similar take.
    “I believe in fresh bodies all the time,” he said. “I don’t like to see a guy play over a thousand snaps in a season like he did last year. Especially with a rookie – that’s a lot of snaps.”

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article156937904.html#storylink=cpy

  40. #BEASTwriter REVIEW After watching today’s practice I came away very impressed with Rookie WR Trent Taylor. The way he attacked the soft spots in zone against a Cover-3 and quarters coverage was a thing of beauty. I asked Coach Shanahan today for his thoughts about his slot WR as he echoed my analysis on being a savvy route runner verse zone coverage.

    But with that being said, the NFL is a three-phase game, and special-teams is no exception–which is why I’m predicting that Taylor will win the primary punt return role. From a business and coaching standpoint it makes sense on so many different levels.

    Ryan Sakamoto

  41. And Seb,

    As noted above, your move back to a Raiders blogs has the added advantage of Seb as hero.
    Think of your followers, wearing Raider death masks, marching in unison with you through the streets of Sebastopol, stopping at your favorite Sports Bar for a friendly drink, while you regale them with your loser picks for the Niners–Kaep and Jarryd Hayne, plus your future coaches–“49ers should bring back Tomsula and Kelly”– and draft picks that would send the 49ers in into a death star spiral, lazered by a supernova before being swallowed by a black hole (a pun only Seb could appreciate).

  42. Kyle Shanahan with another broadside SLAPDOWN of Kap– (a Qb who doesn’t stay in the pocket)

    “I don’t think you look at, necessarily, getting to the top,” Shanahan answered. “That’s not the first question that you ask…

    The whole goal is to get to the playoffs. And once you get to the playoffs, you just got to win two games — sometimes three games — to get to the Super Bowl. So what gives your team a chance to get there?

    “So when we got here, we looked into both situations. We didn’t feel all we needed to add was a quarterback. We’re taking over a 2-14 team and they were 31st and 32nd on offense and defense last year so we knew we had to add a bunch of players.

    “When you look at — starting with Brian — you got a guy who knows how to play the position. He stays in the pocket. He’s not scared of the rush. He’ll keep his eyes downfield and he can execute an offense delivering the ball to people. And I saw the same with Barkley. (He) hasn’t had as much playing time as Hoyer but I thought he had his best year with Chicago in the two games that he got in before he got hurt.

  43. * “So I like looking at guys who can run an offense. And when you got guys who can run an offense and put the ball in the right spot and attack coverages, then it’s about building the team around them.

    1. 49er QB, Nick Mullens:

      Mullens also showed great toughness by playing through an injury to the thumb on his throwing hand where a bone popped through his skin. He came back to play in that game, and played with a glove going forward until it healed sufficiently.

      in 2015; he completed 63.5 percent of his 521 passes for 4,476 yards, 38 touchdowns and just 12 interceptions. He was the Conference USA Offensive Player of the Year and a second-team all-conference pick (behind league MVP Brandon Doughty from Western Kentucky).
      Mullens led his team to a bowl win in his final game.


  44. Wishing all 49ers staff had a Happy Father’s Day

    During the first few months of Kyle Shanahan’s first crack at being a head coach in the NFL, Mike Shanahan has been around the team facility on a fairly regular basis. He observed organized team activities and then watched more practices during the team’s final minicamp last week. Having his father around has allowed Kyle Shanahan to slow things down as he raced through his first offseason program.


  45. The president and his surrogates are already on the warpath, falsely claiming that Comey engaged in improper/illegal conduct in leaking his memos and putting out the line via Kellyanne Conway, that members of Mueller’s legal team had given to Democratic politicians (therefore were biased).

    None of that will prove successful, in part, because there are a parade of other witnesses–Daniel Coates, Dir. of National Intelligence; Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency and Rogers’ recently departed deputy, Richard Ledgett, all agreed to be interviewed by Mueller’s investigators.

    No wonder Trump is now mulling about firing Mueller….


    1. * My bad.

      Meant to post this one, not the one above:

      ‘Camp Hoyer’ will take place a few weeks before 49ers training camp

      49ers Webzone

      June 19, 2017 at 12:35 PM


  46. “The Niners didn’t spend all that money on Malcolm Smith to keep him on the bench.”

    They also didn’t know they will have Fosteron the roster in July.

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