49ers practice participation: Eric Reid returns from ankle injury

Safety Eric Reid warms up during 49ers training camp


Here is the 49ers’ anticipated Thursday practice participation report, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department

ILB  NaVorro Bowman: veteran’s day off.

DT DeForest Buckner: ankle, day to day.

OL J.P. Flynn: knee, out.

CB Zach Franklin: ankle, out.

WR Pierre Garcon: veteran’s day off.

LB Eli Harold: concussion, out.

TE George Kittle: hamstring, individual drills.

CB Keith Reaser: knee, individual drills.

OT Joe Staley: veteran’s day off.

S Jaquiski Tartt: rib, out, day to day.

THE GOOD: Eric Reid has returned from the ankle injury he sustained a few days ago.

THE NOT SO GOOD: There is no timetable for Eli Harold’s concussion.

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  1. Breaking news from sources: Bruce Ellington will be released today. The injury prone receiver/kick returner hasn’t shown nearly enough early in camp, to erase the doubts.

    No big surprise as I didn’t have him making the team, I am just a little surprised it happened this quickly.

    1. I’m not surprised at the quickness. It gives him an ample opportunity to catch on to a new team. Kudos to management.

    2. It is actually good for BE, too. Like Steel says, he can now go to another team and try to make the squad. Maybe there is another team that has a need for another WR.
      The WR position with the Niners is stacked with 13 players vying for 5 or 6 slots.

      1. I think they needed to wait to see what they would have. Kerley/Taylor/etc sort of made Ellington expendable. Ellington was better than Patten so he was the one that was kept longer. They just had enough slot receivers who could do the job better than Ellington. This again shows how bad the 49er receiving corps really has been for the few years.

  2. Good luck to B Ellington,, a talented player who didn’t seem to have the physique to hold up to the typical NFL pounding. Evidently Reid’s ankle injury wasn’t that serious after all, let’s hope the same holds true for Buckner.

  3. I like giving the veterans days off. Gives a chance for others to get some reps and hopefully achieve a better evaluation of depth. Good for Reid, wish Kittle would heal he needs the reps.

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    1. Seb,

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      Meanwhile, the folks Jefferson reminds us of in his quote are precisely the citizens who would not stand for this BS.

      On a lesser level, we had this debate (2) years ago, Seb, when the 49ers could do nothing wrong for you with Kap at QB. Most posters saw where this was going and Kap lost his starting job.

      It wasn’t until fans pulled no-shows the last (5) games of that season did you question you undying fanworship of the York’s and everything 49er.

      Those of us clued in much earlier to this 49er trainwreck received scorching posts questioning our fanship from you.

  5. I agree. Lynch has released him so that he can find another team, still early in training camp. Another proper move by management.

  6. Not sure where all these warm fuzzy feelings are coming from but there was nothing altruistic about Ellington’s release. Even with him gone the team has 12 receivers on it’s roster. You’re assigning Ellington special value I guess because he’s a ‘veteran’ of the team but he was nothing special so the release is no different then cutting any other nobody player during the early part of camp. He might get a look or two but I’ll be surprised if Ellington ever catches on with another team.

  7. Bruce Ellington is almost a certain fit in Seattle. L.A. just lost a receiver as well. He could stay on the west coast…

  8. Matt Barrows‏Verified account

    Bruce Ellington’s ouster would leave the #49ers with just two WRs drafted by the previous regime …

    10:10 AM – 3 Aug 2017

    1. So? The average career length of a WR in the NFL is 2 years, 8 weeks. It is the shortest, with the highest bust rate, of any position in the NFL. And once you get to Day 3… 90% fail to make any significant contributions.

      Yet we get all this sturm-and-drang.

  9. I found this tid-bit at The Sporting News (Vinnie Iyer) as I’ve felt I haven’t really been getting a good story on the RB situation…

    Joe Williams, 49ers

    What a difference a full offseason makes. When Williams was drafted, he was seen as the ideal speedster and quick back for Kyle Shanahan’s zone running with a lot more Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman in him than Carlos Hyde. But so much for all the Williams love and Hyde hate.

    Hyde is not only healthy again, but he responded to the challenge by being in his best shape ever for camp. With Hyde dominating starter reps again and Shanahan favorite Tim Hightower running well, too, Williams has shown more of his inexperience than his expected burst. He’s not close to push for No. 1 as a shaky, overwhelmed No. 3 so far.


    I figured that was probably the case. Hightower has a lot of experience. Hyde the most talent. Williams is a rookie and is pretty typical for rookies coming into the NFL. In college they were, typically, one of the three or four best players on the team and, athletically speaking, dominant. Then they come to the NFL where they’re no longer special. It’s a heck of an adjustment.

    Bethard seems to be having the jitters though he’s settling down from what little I can find out and got some second-team reps a few days ago.

    Thomas has not yet taken the starting role from Carradine who is, apparently, playing very, very well now that he’s finally in his natural position.

    Foster is still 3rd string and I”m not sure I buy Saleh’s reason for it.

    And besides Hyde punking Witherspoon and Grant’s determination that he will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever be an NFL CB, haven’t read much about him either as the competition seems to be Reaser/Johnson at RCB.

    Kittle’s doing well, but is out.

    DJ Jones is, from what I’ve read, really doing well in drills.

    Taylor is mostly an unknown.

    1. But,. But, “by week 3 Williams will be the starter”. Call me Mr negative, but i don’t see it like a majority of posters. In my eyes hyde is the starter, and the finisher on this team. No rookie will unseat him. And just incase he gets hurt, Tim will provide relief. #proveemwronghyde

      1. I also did not see Hyde getting cut. I kinda like 1000 yard rushers. I think Hightower and Williams will provide good change of pace backs, and help with the RB by committee approach.
        If they want to move on from Hyde, they should showcase his talents to try to get the highest draft pick as possible from a team in desperate need of a RB.
        However, if they want to win, they should keep Hyde and lock him up with a long term contract.

    2. Good find Moses.


      There’s a few of us that think it’s Hyde’s job to lose. Williams just isn’t ready yet. We haven’t seen him in pass protection either.

    3. According to Kevin Jones and Matt M., Williams has been a disapointment in camp so far and is clearly behind the others. Jones even went so far as to say Williams looks out of shape. Its interesting how the the other camp followers are viewing the running back position battle.

  10. Steve Comrie‏ @stevecomrie · 1h1 hour ago

    Replying to @mattbarrows

    Not like they were particularly good at drafting WRs .. so ..

    Andrew Green‏ @androog · 1h1 hour ago

    Replying to @mattbarrows

    Good to get confirmation on what we knew- Trent couldn’t draft skill positions to save his life.

  11. Is this the same veteran’s day off that Grant swore Bowman wouldn’t get this camp, because he had to “prove himself” to the new management? Oh well, here’s to proving bloggers wrong again! ??

  12. TomD’s Take:

    Lynch/Shanahan had others, better than Baalke’s, losers who needed more reps to ready themselves for the season

    Ellington, the South Carolina alum, in two seasons has 19 receptions for 215 yards and two touchdowns.

    GM John Lynch tapped Louisiana Tech’s Trent Taylor in the fifth round of the recent NFL draft, who plays the slot. As a senior, he had 136 catches for 1,803 yards and 12 touchdowns through 14 games for Louisiana Tech.

    Trent Taylor describes Shanahan’s offense:

    “It’s a lot of studying for sure,” Taylor said. “A lot different than college. Way more detail oriented for sure…But, it’s a great offense and once you get used to it, once you get the flow of it. I know I’m going to fit in well. I’m loving it right now.

    “I can tell just the plays that I’m used to running, I can already tell the difference for me running them in day five than the way I was running them in day one. As we progress in the offense, as I get more used to it, more comfortable in it, I know it’s going to work out great.”

    Taylor is widely expected to make the 49ers’ final 53-man roster. He knows that can be solidified by playing well on special teams, particularly in the return game.

    “It’s a place I can make a name for myself there,” Taylor said. “It’s something that I did all throughout college and it’s something that I plan on doing here in the NFL.

  13. Hoyer Takes Charge:

    During Wednesday’s practice Hyde plowed over rookie corner Ahkello Witherspoon at the goal line after catching a pass out of the backfield. The play left starting quarterback Brian Hoyer giddy.

    “That was awesome,” Hoyer said. “… He sees the opportunity ahead of him. He’s in the right scheme. Kyle knows how to run the ball and we have a good offensive line, a good fullback, receivers who block their butts off.”

  14. Kind of expected. I like Ellington’s talent but he couldn’t stay healthy. I’m on the Ahkello Witherspoon watch now. Dude is getting cut. Just a matter if its the first cut or the last cut. Good experience for Lynch. Go with your gut when it tells you a guy plays football like he’s made of glass.

    1. Possibly! But lets wait. It’s just the start of training camp. Guy is a rookie as well. Besides they get to keep 90 players until the final cut down so more people will have a chance to prove themselves. Of course that might work against players being kept just because they were high draft choices.

  15. Eli Harold is concussed? Fear of concussion might actually be why Harold has made so few plays over the course of his career. Harold and Reid seem to be following the same trend line.

        1. Moses- Just look up the origin of the term ” Redneck” It might surprise you. Since I found out it has always bothered me the negative connotation it is now used for. Hint- Coal miners and Union struggles.

  16. Watched some of the practice on the live cam and was really impressed with Goodwin and Taylor in the 1 on 1’s. Goodwin had DB’s falling down at times and Taylor is so adept at gearing down near the sideline while making a catch.

    Got to see a little of the blitz pickup drills too and Williams struggled from what I saw. Not surprising.

    Johnson, Colbert and Witherspoon all had some good coverage plays in 1 on 1’s.

  17. Non-Stop Comedy, Thy Name is Seb:

    EastCoast9er says:
    August 3, 2017 at 6:19 am

    Don’t look behind the curtain Dorothy! Classic misdirection!

    Look at what you stated you were glad that Witherspoon got thumped. You have clamored about CTE….Hypocrisy—- much?

    Bringing up Thurday night games were never mentioned but it never stops you from your triumphal self-righteousness! Keep at it though as your idiotic statements are laughable.

    sebnynah says:
    August 3, 2017 at 7:54 am

    In your zeal to oppose me…………………TomD’s Take: Blah, Blah, Indubitably.

    Go to class seb, below:

    Anger Mgmt…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAgPsmTxBfc

  18. Looks like VMac had a good day. So far the tally on players Grant said wouldn’t make the team is pretty poor. Hyde, Lynch and VMac all looking good. Mention a few other players who won’t make it Grant. Maybe by the end of TC we’ll have a team capable of 9 wins ;)

    1. VMac has had good days before. His problem has been inconsistency. Although he was much better last season in that respect, I would wait a bit ( more than one practice ) to announce that his dropsies are cured.

  19. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman · 2h2 hours ago

    I had Brian Hoyer, unofficially, at 17-22 completions. Reuben Foster had two sacks blitzing up the middle. #campstats

  20. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman · 2h2 hours ago

    #49ers wrapping practice w/ wind sprints. Notable: Reuben Foster got reps at MIKE w/ first team. NaVorro Bowman had day off…

  21. Cam Inman‏Verified account @CamInman · 1h1 hour ago

    Vance McDonald says #49ers endurance is above any level they’ve been in his five years. He had impressive practice today, hitting, catching

  22. Don’t get too hyped up about Witherspoon… DB’s aren’t allowed to try and take down RB’s or WR’s below the waist…. protecting these guys knees and legs. So, AW gets steamrolled by Hyde when trying to tackle him high.. No big deal.
    Should help toughen up the kid.

    1. At this point in training camp they are not even allowed to tackle them period. They are just supposed to make contact and release. This makes it impossible to use the runners momentum against them. Not saying that Witherspoon would have stopped or tackled him, just that he was not really allowed too.

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