49ers’ 2015 projected final roster

Here’s an early at the 49ers’ 2015 projected 53-man roster.


  1. Colin Kaepernick
  2. Blaine Gabbert

Running back

  1. Carlos Hyde
  2. Reggie Bush
  3. Kendall Hunter
  4. Mike Davis


  1. Bruce Miller

Wide receiver

  1. Anquan Boldin
  2. Torrey Smith
  3. Jerome Simpson
  4. Quinton Patton
  5. Bruce Ellington

Tight end

  1. Vernon Davis
  2. Vance McDonald
  3. Blake Bell
  4. Derek Carrier

Offensive line

  1. Joe Staley
  2. Brandon Thomas
  3. Daniel Kilgore
  4. Alex Boone
  5. Anthony Davis
  6. Erik Pears
  7. Marcus Martin
  8. Joe Looney
  9. Ian Silberman

Defensive line

  1. Arik Armstead
  2. Glenn Dorsey
  3. Darnell Dockett
  4. Tony Jerod-Eddie
  5. Ian Williams
  6. Tank Carradine
  7. Quinton Dial

Outside linebacker

  1. Aldon Smith
  2. Aaron Lynch
  3. Ahmad Brooks
  4. Eli Harold

Inside Linebacker

  1. NaVorro Bowman
  2. Michael Wilhoite
  3. Philip Wheeler
  4. Nick Moody
  5. Nick Bellore


  1. Eric Reid
  2. Antoine Bethea
  3. Jaquiski Tartt
  4. L.J. McCray


  1. Tramaine Brock
  2. Shareece Wright
  3. Jimmie Ward
  4. Dontae Johnson
  5. Chris Cook


  1. Phil Dawson
  2. Bradley Pinion
  3. Kyle Nelson

*PUP list: DeAndre Smelter

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  1. Words of wisdom from Maiocco: There’s no way anyone can do the kind of research and study on these prospects that an entire organization invests into the process. Word….

    RB – I’ve got Davis over Hunter
    TE – VMac odd man out
    CB – Johnson over Wright

    1. Vance McDonald does look very shaky… he’s 2nd round draft status is wearing thin now. If they see Carrier or Bell showing up in preseason with good performances, I’d say cut loose Vance.

      1. Given Millard’s promising profile in last years draft Grant I’m curious as to your reasons for his exclusion here,do you have info about his rehab ?

      1. He’s all guaranteed to be gone Nick. You don’t draft a punter in the fifth round unless you plan on getting rid of the Pro Bowl punter currently on the 49ers.
        -Trent Baalke

        1. Mid,

          Former pro bowl punter, who is becoming progressively less effective with each passing year.

          I’m not crazy about that pic either, but let’s be fair.

          1. I don’t know about that ex. Lee was 4th overall in net yardage in 2013, and while last year his average went down, he was still top half of the league and a few percentage points from the top ten. It’s not like he’s fallen apart here.

          2. That isn’t true Ex. You need to take a look at Lee’s stats like I suggested for Jack to do. You will see a correlation between the bad years with Seeley coaching the STs unit and a dip in Lees’ stats.

            1. I don’t put the drop offs all on Seely’s. STs were good in ’11 and Trent’s commitment to ST players in building his roster was high that year. He’s fluctuated a bit since then in the market share of talent he’s allocated, and the ST performance has fluctuated. Last year they moved some new blood onto STs with mixed results early. The “4 Down Players” concept will get tested over the next few years.

              1. Yeah, I shouldn’t put it all on Seely Brotha. In both 2012 and 2014 young blood was added and the STs unit suffered a setback as a result during those seasons.

  2. I did my projection earlier today. I have the exact same roster, but I go with eight OL (Looney out) and keep six CBs (Acker in).

    1. Baakle really seems to like the potential of Acker and Reaser. One of them makes the team.
      Grant – No room for Jarryd Hayne on this team? IMO – Hunter and Bush are vying for the same spot.

  3. Millard is so good at so many things (Short yardage, Blocking, Receiving, Sp.Teams)
    I think he finds a spot on the 53 over Davis

    I doubt Carrier and McDonald both make the 53, I’d carry 3 and use that spot for an extra DB, which could be Acker or Reaser

    1. Man I hope Bell pans out. With Davis probably gone next year the only TE who’s a viable receiver as of now is Carrier. This team really needs Bell to fulfill expectations. It will also be interesting if Celik actually gets cut this year. Every year I saw him as the first guy out and every year he never gets cut. He must have some incriminating pictures of either York, Trent or both together. lol.

  4. I think Trey Millard will find his way onto the roster, and I think a KR/PR specialist (maybe Hayne?) will also be on the roster – not sure if Ellington is that guy, I think he’ll be the backup.

    Rory Anderson will end up on IR this year. Wouldn’t be surprised if they only keep 8 OL and 6 DL, with Silberman likely down to PS or Looney let go from the OL, and TJE let go from the DL. And I expect 10 DBs in total will be kept, with both Acker and Reaser making the squad. Cook or Wright expendable.

      1. I think Millard and Acker at a minimum would be picked up by other teams if the 49ers released them trying to stash them on the PS. If Reaser looks any good in preseason then I wouldn’t be surprised if he got picked up too.

        Hayne they can probably stash on the PS, but your 53-man roster is lacking in return men.

      2. Hayne did not come and give up a 2 mill deal to not play football The guy is good and for real. He was the man in rugby. He has something to prove and he wants it.

    1. I don’t see Reaser making the team unless he has an incredible TC. One year removed from a knee injury, a late round pick, that screams PS to me.

      If Acker is healthy and shows the form he did last year, I can see him making it, possibly at the expense of Wright or Cook, but maybe in addition to.

      Millard is a Swiss Army Knife. I’d be surprised if they cut him. I can see Miller being cut if Millard is healthy and they go with 4 TE’s.

      Davis, McDonald and Carrier will be the top 3 TE’s, with Bell as a TE/3rd QB

      8 Olinemen with Looney being the last guy seems right.

      6 Dlinemen, with Ramsey on the PS is the way I’m leaning, but TJE might make it as insurance.

      I could even see 4 WR’s if they keep a couple on the PS. Patton has to have a big offseason to stick imo.

      There are going to be some interesting battles in TC that’s for sure.

      1. Regardless of the make up, I would be surprised if they went with less then 10 DBs in total given the injuries they’ve had in the last few years at the position and the uncertainty over the quality of the CB playing group. I think they’ll want depth on the roster.

      2. I don’t see Reaser making the team unless he has an incredible TC. One year removed from a knee injury, a late round pick, that screams PS to me.

        I agree, and the same is true for Millard.

          1. If Reaser shows anything similar to Ackers in preseason, and there’s no reason to think he can’t, I don’t believe you can stash him on the practice squad with the idea of him not being pilfered….

  5. Overall…a good list, but this is how I see it playing out.

    Quarterback (2)

    Colin Kaepernick
    Blaine Gabbert

    Running back (5)

    Carlos Hyde
    Reggie Bush
    Kendall Hunter
    Mike Davis
    Jarrod Hayne

    Fullback (1)

    Bruce Miller

    Wide receiver (5)

    Anquan Boldin
    Torrey Smith
    Jerome Simpson
    Quinton Patton
    Bruce Ellington
    DeAndre Smelter (PUP list)

    Tight end (4)

    Vernon Davis
    Busta Anderson
    Blake Bell
    Derek Carrier

    Offensive line (8)

    Joe Staley
    Brandon Thomas
    Daniel Kilgore
    Alex Boone
    Anthony Davis
    Erik Pears
    Marcus Martin
    Ian Silberman

    Defensive line (7)

    Arik Armstead
    Glenn Dorsey
    Darnell Dockett
    Tony Jerod-Eddie
    Ian Williams
    Tank Carradine
    Quinton Dial

    Outside linebacker (4)

    Aldon Smith
    Aaron Lynch
    Ahmad Brooks
    Eli Harold

    Inside Linebacker (5)

    NaVorro Bowman
    Michael Wilhoite
    Philip Wheeler
    Nick Moody
    Nick Bellore

    Safety (4)

    Eric Reid
    Antoine Bethea
    Jaquiski Tartt
    Jimmie Ward

    Cornerback (5)

    Tramaine Brock
    Shareece Wright
    Acker or Reaser (can’t decide at this point)
    Dontae Johnson
    Chris Cook

    Specialists (3)

    Phil Dawson
    Bradley Pinion
    Kyle Nelson

  6. These guys need to do something on the field before we, they and the coaches really know. That being said, this looks like a decent guess. A few thoughts:
    – If there’s an ongoing problem with VMac’s back (those injuries can linger), it may be Anderson; if he shows well.
    -If Millard plays sHows well on ST, he’ll improve his chance.
    -As a very wild guess, I think Hayne may be hard to cut. If he can tackle on coverage teams he’ll help himself.
    -Cook could, and should lose his spot to either Acker or Reaser.
    -If too many guys play well and are healthy there could be some pre-cutdown trades.
    -Speaking of healthy, I think a few might be at risk for August injuries: Anderson, Millard, Hayne, Acker, T.Brown, M.Rush. Not prophetic, but just saying. ; >)

    1. Brodie, I hate to say it but Kendall Hunter has the least chance of getting through camp without injury of anybody else.

  7. Millard sticks at Carrier’s expense. Acker in the mix, but Looney stays, Silberman goes. Carradine higher on depth chart than Armstead. And Johnson over Wright.

  8. I’m still not sure what to make of our secondary. Maybe because they haven’t all played together. There is so much upside to this unit though. Do you really have P. Andy Lee losing his position to a Rookie?

  9. Good roster, though I’d offer up the following questions/ideas.

    9 linebackers seems a little high, though they are valuable on special teams. I’d guess only 8 make the roster.

    Where is the depth in terms of return other than Ellington? I’m thinking (hoping?) that Jarryd Hayne makes the team and contributes on special teams (gunner/return?) and maybe situationally as a RB.

    I agree with Razor and Greg. I think we’ll have 3 TEs and a 6th corner. Possibly a cb that could contribute as a return man. Didn’t Reaser supposedly run a 4.3 pre injury?

    1. Reaser looks like he’s back to being Speedy Gonzalez from the last video I viewed of him last month….

    2. I think too much is being expected out of Hayne. This guy has never played football before. My expectation was he would be a PS player for at least a year. They’ve also only guaranteed him a hundred grand.

      Ellington will be the return man.

      1. I really hope Ellington is the backup return man, not the primary guy.

        If Ellington is the primary return man, who is the backup on this roster?

        1. Good question, but I don’t see anyone better on the roster, and no real option as a backup. Maybe one of the WR’s they ultimately stash on the PS? Expecting Hayne to do it might be a tad optimistic for his first year in the league.

              1. I was just having a look and as far as I can tell he only had 5 KRs and 3 PRs in college.

                Acker has more experience, though still somewhat limited.

            1. They will have to have a backup in case of emergency and they will try out a number of different players to fill that role as they have in the past, but as I said, I don’t see anybody on the roster who will seriously compete with Ellington for the job. Developing another option on the PS would be the next course of action.

            2. I was able to glean from Barrows that Reaser is in fact in the mix at both cornerback and kick/punt returner….

            3. Hunter and Bush both have experience as return men. Patton could return kicks in a pinch. And as noted, Reaser has some experience in that area. It’s not ideal, perhaps, but we do have some depth there.

          1. Kenneth Acker was a return man in college, so he may fill a backup role. Would certainly add to the likelihood he makes the 53 man roster.

            I believe LJ McCray was also a return man in college. That may help his cause.

              1. Age & money? McCray & Tartt will have to shine in coverage and ST to get rid of Dahl, but it could happen.

              2. Tartt might be the key to any new looks on defense. Big Nickel could have Tartt playing the tight end and Ward in the slot, both able to defend the run. Their safeties collectively might be part of the equation to the sudden weakness at ILB….

            1. It would be interesting if Scooter could provide any insight as to Mr. Haynes’ typical “training camp” within his sport, and note the differences from what he can expect this summer….

              1. I think Haynes will get rocked on an pre season carry, fumble and pretty much end his FB career.

              2. “Training camp”, or our equivalent of, goes for about 3 months in Australia, over the summer (December through February).

                It will start out with lots of fitness and cardio work (I dare say more so than in the NFL as these guys need to be able to run 40 minutes pretty much non-stop for two halves of football), and some light ball work/ skills work.

                After that they’ll get into more intensive skills work and offensive/ defensive structures (if you like, learning the play book, though the volume they need to learn is significantly less). That will include fielding and defending kicks.

                To finish with they will have a few pre-season games in prep for the real thing.

                All in all not unlike an NFL off season schedule.

              3. Thanks Scooter. Sounds similar, although I gather more weight room training compensates for the lack of cardio in a NFL camp. You say the playbook is significantly reduced, and Maiocco reported Hayne was on the field with his playbook. Do you think the mental hurdle will be more significant than the battle of attrition within a NFL training camp for Mr. Hayne?

              4. I agree, that’s why I have him on the practice squad. I think he’s safe there and I wouldn’t expect the 49ers to advertise him much in preseason….

          2. Rocket,

            His running skills from Rugby League should prove to be almost directly transferable to football.

            Returns, shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment. Unless he has problems catching or holding on to the ball.

            1. It’s not his running skills I’m concerned about. It’s a different game, different rules, different style of hitting and knowing how to set up your blocking. There are amazing athletes who have played this game their whole lives who can’t make it in the NFL. Expecting an Australian Rugby League player who has never played American Football to come in and make a roster his first year is very optimistic. I’d love to see it, but I find it highly unlikely.

              1. I know, my carefree blindly optimistic exuberance has been replaced with bitter Pessimism. I blame Jed York.

      2. I don’t think its expecting too much for Hayne to be a return specialist. As far as not playing football before you’re splitting hairs when you’re talking about returning kicks in rubgy and football. I’m also pretty sure he can line up and stay in his lane on kick offs and make a tackle or two with only have his rugby experience to guide him :)

        I don’t expect him to be lining up in the backfield taking hand offs but I don’t see why he can’t be a return man, especially with his prior experience.

        1. It’s not that easy CFC. There is a transition that needs to be made between the two sports and it’s not nearly as simple as you make it out to be. Wearing all the extra equipment, getting the rules down, getting used to taking a different style of hit, learning how to follow NFL return blocking schemes etc. This is not a sport you can just walk into with no prior experience and play at a high level imo.

          1. Agreed, it will be a long shot for the Hayne Plane to get clearance for take off. He’s a perfect candidate for the practice squad….

          2. I understand the sport Rocket but we’re not talking about Okoye that’s walking into the sport from track n field. Hayne is one of the special athletes in the world that is probably capable of being good at many different sports, is it really any different the Bo Jackson playing Football and Baseball? Not to look past the point that special teams requires the least amount of Football knowledge to be able to still be successful. Sure the pads will be different but to an athlete they’ll hardly be any hindrance past the first week or two of wearing them. You’re also putting more into it then it is. “learning to follow NFL return blocking schemes” is not really a skill you learn. Natural back that run well int he league do this without learning it. It will take the coaches a few weeks to instruct them on proper lanes to follow but were not talking about crack blocks and power pulls here, it’s catch the ball and run. I think they do that in Rugby.

            1. I still think you are over simplifying how tough it is to come in and play at this level if you’ve never played the game before, but if he is the exception then i’m all for it. I highly doubt it, but anything is possible I guess.

              1. It’s probably somewhere in the middle. I was making the case more for the sake of playing the advocate. I think he has a chance which given the situation is better then most making the change in sports. Doesn’t mean he has a great chance but I think he can catch on as a return specialist. Could very well be I’m a year premature and he needs a full season to get up to speed even for special teams. I just believe he has a better chance then most of being able to successfully make the transition and contribute early on.

      3. Don’t know if Hayne will make the impact this year but he will be part of the team. State of origin rugby league starts at the end of the month in Australia, do yourselves a favour and watch these guys you will be blown away. Hayne was one of the best of all time he is tough, fast and has a brain for any type of football. He will tear up the NFL, you will be surprised.

  10. Grant I’m surprised you have them keeping Pinion over Lee, You were pretty negative about the pick. How much will the team save in cap space with that move?

    1. OC,

      I think Pinion will have to completely stink up TC to not make this team. The 5th round designation pretty much insures him a job unless he loses it.

      1. OC. I think what Rocket states is correct. While he doesn’t like the pick, once that pick was made, Grant is realistic enough to realize the die was cast for Lee to be history.

    2. OldCoach,

      The net savings by going with Pinion over Lee would only be about $1.5 mil this season, but the real savings would start next season and on when Lee has cap hits of $3.3m, $3.4m, and $4.1m.

  11. I like Dillon Farrell more than Kilgore. I heard Farrell has gotten stronger, plus he can play every position on the offensive line….

          1. Razor,

            What did Kilgore ever do to you? Run over your dog?

            I can understand how you might say Martin will win the job, but I don’t see how Kilgore is not on the roster, (barring trade).

    1. Kilgore was playing very well before his injury. May have been our most consistent Olineman at the time in fact. At worst he’ll be the backup Center.

  12. Terrelle Pryor was just released by KC. I know they were looking to possibly acquire him last season before Seattle did. I think he would be a much better fallback option for Kaepernick than Gabbert.

    1. While Pryor is a good athlete like Kaep, his long passes have entirely too much air under them. Much like those desperation Hail Mary passes at the end of games, they all end up being jump balls. Too easy to intercept.

  13. Why is Smelter on this 53-men roster? I thought if he’s on PUP (IR), he’s not counted on the 53-men roster.

    1. Matt:

      I was thinking the same thing when I read Grant’s list, but he has 53 listed without Smelter (I counted the list twice). I don’t know why he listed him as a footnote.

  14. I think everyone is pretty close. I think Acker or Reaser makes the roster. Not sure about Looney…he is on the bubble and so is Vance McDonald. That said, if those are the only questions out there, that is pretty good. I think the roster looks pretty good. So much depends on coaching, but the roster looks solid to me.

  15. One guy a lot of people appear to assume is pretty safe but I think is very much on the bubble is Kendall Hunter. Prior to injury he was a pretty good backup, but he’s now had an achilles tear and ACL tear, and hasn’t played much football in two years.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make the team, and they keep a guy like Hayne on the roster instead for his return abilities.

    1. Good observation Scooter. Hunter hasn’t played much in the past 3 years and those are two very serious injuries.

    2. agreed. good point.
      RBs are dime a dozen these days… injury prone RBs… the value goes way down after the 2nd major injury.

    3. Definitely. Definitely keep Hayne. He can tear it up. And he could have gone to many other teams. But we need to nail down two high class corners. Whether they are on the team now, or need to be acquired.

    4. Frankly I’m surprised he’s still on the team. They must think very highly of him to still be but clearly any more setbacks and they would just be foolish not to part ways.

      1. Coffee- They signed him before the acquired all those ofter RB. He probably was just been a stop gap insurance policy. If those other don’t bomb out he is probably gone.

  16. No one sees Shane Skov having a chance to make the roster? I think there is definitely a possibility that he makes it. Love the kids attitude and play on the field.

    1. If he’s playing Outside Linebacker, then there’s really no chance. The current roster already has Aldon, Brooks, Harold, Lynch…

  17. I say Ackers over Cook. He showed a lot of promise last TC and preseason. I think they take youth over experience. I could see a scenario where Reaser comes in and earns a spot as well and maybe McCray is the odd man out since we have Ward. I also see Millard some how staying, maybe over a DL or OL.

    I see 4 TEs as well. Carrier’s safe after that extension he signed. VMac is definitely fighting for his life. But given his draft status they’ll give him one final chance to prove his worth. Bell stays. I would love to see Anderson win a spot. One of my favorite picks of the draft, could be the guy in the future. Someone would definitely snatch him up on the PS

    Scooter – Why do you think Busta goes to IR? I know he’s had some injury concerns with his triceps. Is he injured now?

    One thing good about Baalke’s obsession with versatility is the roster spots it creates with multi-position players.

    1. Anderson wasn’t able to participate at the combine or his school’s pro day as he was recovering from injuries to his triceps and hamstring (though I believe he did run routes and catch passes at a personal pro day).

      Like Acker last year, Busta will fall victim to a mysterious injury just before cut down day and land on IR. They have a lot of bodies at the position already, so it will be tough for him to land a spot on the 53 this year.

      1. “mysterious injury”

        Gotchya. The old pseudo injury at the end of pre-season trick. Very nice. I wouldn’t mind that at all until he gets fully healed and is ready to compete next year, possibly w/o VD around.

      2. I’d be very surprised if Anderson doesn’t go on IR this year much like Acker did last year. No room for him this season, but next season there likely will be.

    2. Why do people keep thinking Ward is a safety… he wasn’t drafted to play safety, even though he was one in college. The 49ers already have better starting Safeties.

      McCray was a backup Safety last year. Ward is very much a nickel CB that covers the slot WR, and that’s what he was drafted for – he’ll be in half of the snaps… There are enough Safeties.

  18. One of the 5 undrafted free agent WR’s will make the team. I believe Ellington is on the bubble. He got on the field a lot last season and really never looked impressive. He did look slow..

    1. Patton is the bubble boy, not Duke Ellington. You didn’t stop by LensCrafters or you would have seen him score a couple TD’s, and he’s far from slow. He was looking like a cat like slot receiver when he got an opportunity….

      1. I think Patton has one thing going for him:

        “Quinton, in my estimation, is a young player that hasn’t gotten an opportunity. Now’s his opportunity. Let’s see what he can do.” – Trent Baalke.

        Baalke has also said other things that lead me to believe that he thinks that some of his draft picks from the past few drafts have been given sufficient opportunity to play. Unless Patton is considerably inferior to some of the UDFA receivers, I believe that he stays. The same is true for VMac – unless he is injured or is the worst TE in training camp, I cannot see Baalke releasing or trading him.

        1. I think you are right JPN. I think Baalke believes some of these younger guys will step up now they will get an opportunity.

          The idea that the previous coaching staff didn’t give the young guys enough of a go, and this irked Baalke, is something a few of us have been commenting on.

        2. Sure hope so JPN. He may be part of the reason a healthy WR wasn’t drafted.

          Call it cocky, call it stupid, we’ll find out. Should be interesting to see the younger guys given an opportunity.

          1. Razor,

            Are you talking about the fumble after a nice catch and run in one of the last two games?

            That was frustrating (I think he has a chance to be good), but it wouldn’t be the first time an underused player coughs the ball up from self imposed pressure.

        3. JPnoo1- Maybe! But that would not elevate Patton over Ellington. If the choice is between the two, Ellington wins.

  19. Oddsmakers have the 49ers in the cellar-

    NFC West: Seahawks 2-to-7; Cardinals 13-to-2; Rams 13-to-2; 49ers 9-to-1.

    1. Was that Culliver in coverage? Didn’t turn his head around and find the football. That’s what I really like about Reaser. He has no trouble locating the football….

  20. There will of course be some surprises, as well as some pre-season injuries. And it’s possible Tomsula has some different personnel opinions from Harbaugh. I suspect more rookies make the team at the expense of familiar names – especially at wide receiver. Everyone seem to have forgotten about Okoye. Some good players are going to be cut.

  21. Let me preface this by saying I’m purely speculating. I think La’el Collins had his dad hire someone he met in prison to off his pregnant girlfriend. If the cops find the killer(s) and he fingers the dad, he’ll take all the responsibility by claiming his son had no knowledge or involvement….

      1. He served 10 years in prison for murdering a man in a bar fight. I’m just speculating though. I’ve got a bad vibe going on from it….

    1. That’s some pretty wild speculation there, razor, given the very minimal amount of facts known about what happened.

      1. No argument there Scooter, however this girl had no enemies. Most murders of wives and girlfriends are committed by the husband/boyfriend or exes. People close to her believed Collins the father. She opened the door and boom. Dad might have met some friends in prison that could be of assistance. I noticed the lawyer who said before the interview his client was not a suspect. Now he says he doesn’t think he’s a suspect. One of the officers said he wasn’t sure if they would ask Collins for a DNA sample. One might wonder why Collins would hire a P.I. to prove his alibi and not voluntarily provide a DNA sample. An Ex Pregnant Girlfriend murdered to avoid child support from a lucrative contract is a motive that’s not new to murder investigations….

        1. How do you know this girl had no enemies? Very little is known about this case. Just a lot of speculation.

          1. There’s information out there, but it’s tiny and that’s where I found the report of her having no enemies. If I’m thinking along these lines, you can bet the detectives are. I imagine the cops will be interested in keeping an eye on Collins’ bank account once he gets payed unless they find the perpetrators and prove him innocent. His dad is the one guy he could trust. His dad understands how to do time. His dad feels guilty for not being there. Somethings just not right with this case, that’s why I’m speculating out loud. Apologies if you find it absurd….

            1. Its certainly a plausible narrative, don’t get me wrong. But it is based on very limited information and a lot of (albeit believable) speculation.

              If he’s guilty then good job, and I hope he gets what he deserves. But if he’s innocent, yikes, it must be pretty rough being him right now.

            2. “Police told the Baton Rouge Advocate newspaper that investigators believe, from a preliminary investigation, that Mills opened her door to someone who wanted to use her car and was shot multiple times after she refused.”


              Seems strange they would give that detail to the press if they believe it to be false. And not sure how they would come to that conclusion without some form of evidence to suggest it. Also not sure how this fits with the idea of La’el Collins being involved.

              1. The thing is Scooter, until they find the killer(s) and/or DNA test him to see if he was the indeed the father, he’s not cleared. Murder investigations can last quite awhile. This could hang over his head for quite awhile….

            3. Lmao this is the dumbest line of thought ever. Why would he plan to off his ex GF BEFORE the draft? No way he did it. Makes no sense

              1. “No way he did it” Apparently 32 teams through 7 Rounds didn’t see it that way….

                “Why would he plan to off his ex GF BEFORE the draft”?

                Exactly when is the best time to do it?

                Couldn’t be too dumb. I was one of the only members on this blog that said he’d go undrafted immediately after verifying the story the day it came out….

              2. Not sure it is dumb miner49er,but it seems like speculation founded on little evidence.His avoidance by NFL teams would seem to be a matter of the timing of the inquiry and the serious nature of the crime not as far as we know a product of inside information.One thing for sure,if he is found to be uninvolved he will be the center of attention for more than a few teams.

    2. What I wonder is why it took him so long to speak with the police. The murder took place just before the draft, and he visited the police only yesterday. Why not last Thursday?

  22. Here’s my early assessment of the 2015 draft:

    DE Arik Armstead
    I might have fewer problems with this pick if it was in the second round and more of a need. You don’t take projects in the middle of the first round. You just don’t. Armstead is at least a two year project that is strictly a run stuffer with little to no pass rushing skill sans the bull rush, which looks more a stand rush than anything. There’s too many times on tape when he is last out of his stance which will negate his ability to be a pass rusher. He also plays high at times which allows a blocker to get inside and under his pads, effectively taking him out of the equation. And though Armstead is one of the better run defender, he shows a tendency to focus too much on his blocking assignment allowing the RB to run right past him for big yards. What concerns me the most is the lack of a mean streak, something that he needs to develop if he wants to dominate as a defender. I see the potential that is there given his length and skill set but his alarmingly pedestrian stats, rawness in terms of techinique, and lack of nastiness at times convinces me that Baalke reached here when there were better options still available.

    S Jaquiski Tartt
    This is one of the more interesting picks by Baalke and therefore one of the more difficult ones to grade. On paper, Tartt addresses a need and is a clear upgrade over McCray and Dahl while also giving the team an option if Reid suffers any more concussions. He’s strong in run support and is a ferocious hitter; however that is something that could get him in trouble as he can be overaggressive at times, resulting in possible flags and missed tackles. Tartt is also raw in terms of coverage ability and will probably have to first make his mark on special teams. It’s expected that he will be asked to defend against Jimmy Graham, but he was primarily used as a slot defender so it is up in the air as to how well he will be able to do so until he adapts more to his position. While this is a good pick and addresses a need, there is a question of why Baalke addressed the safety position this early when he had already drafted Reid in 2013 and added NCB Jimmy Ward who is a backup safety in 2014.

    OLB Eli Harold
    This is probably the best pick by Ballke in the entire draft and I disagree with those who say this wasn’t a need. Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks both may be too expensive for the team to keep after this season, and the drafting of Harold gives them a surefire replacement for one of them. Harold is an explosive edge setter that can get after the QB and has the length to challenge TEs. He’s still a little raw at the position and needs to add at least 10 lbs. onto his frame, but Harold has the intangibles needed to be a nightmare matchup and immediately makes Lemonier expendable.

    TE Blake Bell
    NinerMD told us that we will like the ‘Belldozer’ and, quite honestly, I think he is right. Bell converted to the TE position after spending three years as a QB and looked good in his new role. He is an able pass catcher and blocker that has also lined up as a HB and WR, though his route running and blocking do need some fine tuning. Soft hands and a big catching radius (see his tape against OKST) just add to the appeal. He may not be the best pick, but Bell offers the most intriguing potential out of everyone. His one year of experience means that he is a project, but there’s a strong chance that he could surprise fairly quickly.

    RB Mike Davis
    Did Baalke draft the 2013 version or the 2014 version? That is the main question going forward with Davis. In 2013 he was a wrecking ball that could carry the load, but 2014 things ranging from lack of energy, poor conditioning, and injuries made him look like nothing more than a backup at best. He’s everything the 49ers will want in a power back and has the ability to surpass Hyde on the depth chart even, but his 2014 season a sign of things to come? Time will tell if Baalke nailed this pick or will need to address it again in a couple of years.

    WR DeAndre Smelter
    Smelter is my favorite pick from this draft because of what he brings to the table. He’s a big, physical receiver with a nice catching radius and mitts to match. Smelter will give his all on the field and be Kaep’s best friend in the passing game while also delivering devastating blocks. He only has two years of experience, but injuries are the bigger concern with him. He had to give up a baseball career because of a nagging shoulder injury, then suffered an ACL tear that could have sapped his ability to separate (which was being called into question before the injury). Smelter will either be the next Anquan Boldin or Michael Crabtree. Let’s hope it’s the former.

    P Bradley Pinion
    Ah, the brain cramp of the draft. This pick looks stupid no matter how much time passes. Simply put, this wasn’t a position that needed to be addressed with Pro Bowl P Lee on the roster. Pinion has a knack for keeping the ball out of the endzone and excellent hang time but is inconsistent at where he strikes the ball and hasn’t really played in the elements. Not only was this pick too early and not needed, but it wasn’t even the right position on STs to address. K Phil Dawson is coming off a career worst 80.6% FGM and at 40 isn’t getting any younger. There’s also a legitimate concern of what kind of emphasis the kicker will have going forward if the league decides to keep the narrow field goal posts because it will take power out of the equation. There were a lot of directions that Baalke could’ve gone here, and the fact that Pinion was the ‘best prospect available’ makes this pick even worse.

    OG Ian Silberman
    Silberman played in a run heavy scheme but lacks the skill set needed in the NFL. He is very slow and robotic in his movements while lacking the punch to keep the defender away from the QB or RB. His future is either on the PS or out of the league.

    OT Trenton Brown
    Brown is a classic high-ceiling low-floor type of prospect. He has the length and girth but lacks in conditioning, techinique, and desire. Maybe the staff can get something out of him.

    TE Rory ‘Busta’ Anderson
    Anderson could be a diamond in the rough, but he will have to overcome nagging injuries (including a recurring triceps injury) and small hands that could be the reason for his inconsistency as a pass catcher. But he is an athletic playmaker with nice speed and a demon at blocking. He could be joker TE or convert to a WR but needs to stay healthy in order to reach his potential.

    Not addressed
    CB is an area that the team is okay at, but they have no clear #1 amongst them and a number of them returning from injuries. It will depend on what kind of defense Mangini puts on the field, but if history is an indicator then this position should have been addressed.
    I was one of those that didn’t believe we needed to draft a starter for the OL but quality depth instead. The drafting of two long term projects or camp fodder indicates that Baalke is putting faith in a line that was decimated by injuries and lacking in true quality backups last season. Not good.
    I would have liked to have seen a QB drafted that could push Kaep but that was nowhere near a possibility from this draft. (Plus Kaep’s new compact throw gives me plenty of reason to be optimistic.) However, a backup QB would’ve made sense given the questions on the OL and the fact Blaine Gabbert is the current backup.
    See the Pinion review on why we should have drafted a kicker.
    We have a nice stable of WRs but no true #1 in them. Smith was too inconsistent
    during his time with the Ravens, Boldin started to show signs of his age, Ellington is a WR/RB hybrid, Patton has either been inconsistent or injured, and Simpson is not guaranteed to stay out of trouble. But yet again, in a draft where the WR class was top notch, Baalke sat on his laurels and let the chance pass by. Smelter was great pick but counting on him to be potentially that guy is a foolish endeavor.

    Baalke needed to hit a homerun with this draft after the tumultuous off-season the team had, yet it seems like he sent in the pitcher that has an abhorrent hitting average in to bunt with no body on and two outs in the bottom of the ninth. There are too many reaches, questionable picks, and missed opportunities to feel good about this draft. The worst part is that he passed on several opportunities to make the unit that was the weak link better: the offense. It seems like Baalke is saying that the problems on the offense were because of the coaches and that there was no reason to address. We’ll see, but there is a strong chance that will come back to bite him. I’ll be more than pleased if I’m wrong but this draft is hinging on projects that may have no immediate impact on the team in 2015.
    I’ll keep this in my files and see if the final grade changes in three years.

    1. This is for fun right? There’s no way in hell you can do the kind of research and study on these prospects that an entire organization invests into the process….

      1. It’s for fun and my objective opinion and based on the limited resources that most have. And as I said, I plan on revisiting in three years to see if I was right or not.

          1. You’re welcome.
            I think there is potential coming out of this draft, but there are far too many prospects that with little experience or are raw in terms of technique to feel good about it. This is potentially the draft that will define the Baalke era.

    2. The reasoning you use for OLB being a need in this draft could easily be applied to the DE position as well.

      Andy Lee hasn’t been a Pro Bowl punter for 3 years.

      Mike Davis had the 3rd highest yards per route run among Power 5 conference running backs. He’s not expected to carry the weight.

      1. I disagree Jack. Pass rush is the area that was a weak point on the defense last season. We were pretty well set at DE though, even with the release of McDonald and Smith most likely retiring.

        Lee is a Pro Bowler nonetheless (former or not) and classified as one of the best in the league.

        You missed the point on Davis. His play in 2013 had some thinking that he could be a workhorse taken in the first two rounds, but the falloff in 2014 told another story.

        1. “We were pretty well set at DE though, even with the release of McDonald and Smith most likely retiring.”

          The 4 DE’s other than McDonald and Smith combined for a -9.6 run grade last season.

          “Pass rush is the area that was a weak point on the defense last season.”

          A lot of that had to do with Aldon Smith missing the first 9 games and struggling when he came back, and Justin Smith showing signs of aging.

          “Lee is a Pro Bowler nonetheless (former or not) and classified as one of the best in the league.”

          Perception plays a key part of how some players are looked at. He was one of the best in the league is more like it.

          “You missed the point on Davis.”

          Perhaps. But even if his 2014 season was looked at as a down year he was still able to put up impressive receiving numbers, which based on some of the moves they’ve made could be a key part of the offense moving forward.

          1. The 4 DE’s other than McDonald and Smith combined for a -9.6 run grade last season.

            So we drafted a guy who usually comes off the line last and has a habit of focusing on the one assigned to block him to the point that the RB can race past him and chew yards on the ground? That makes sense.

            A lot of that had to do with Aldon Smith missing the first 9 games and struggling when he came back, and Justin Smith showing signs of aging.

            You’re forgetting that it was because Brooks struggled as well while Lemonier was practically ineffective as a pass rusher. Having Harold aboard allows for a better rotation that can get after the QB.

            Perception plays a key part of how some players are looked at. He was one of the best in the league is more like it.

            No, I’m pretty sure that a good majority of the league still sees him as one of the best. Lee wouldn’t be unemployed for very long before a team signed him. Also, if you look at his stats, you will see a correlation between his ranking and the STs units that Seely coached.

            But even if his 2014 season was looked at as a down year he was still able to put up impressive receiving numbers, which based on some of the moves they’ve made could be a key part of the offense moving forward.

            Which is one of the reasons I said that he’s everything the 49ers want in a power back.

            1. Not arguing that the Harold pick wasn’t good or needed, only pointing out that your reason as to why it was a bigger need can also be said regarding the DE spot where both starters from a year ago may not be back depending on what Justin Smith does.

              The 4 technique that Armstead spent most of his time playing at Oregon involves a lot more reading than the 3/5 technique that he will be asked to play with the 49ers.

              Debating this with you is a no-win situation. There is nothing that I can write that will change your opinion, that’s already set. We’ll see how it plays out.

              1. No, you made a fair point. I just remember talk on here of moving Dorsey or Dial over to Smith’s position while Carradine took over for McDonald. That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t see DE as really a need.

                The 4 technique that Armstead spent most of his time playing at Oregon involves a lot more reading than the 3/5 technique that he will be asked to play with the 49ers.

                That may be true, but he needs to get off the line better than he has, inmprove his technique and pass rushing arsenal, and develop a mean streak before I can see him being ready to start.

              2. Mid,

                I think the point is if a player is filling a read and react role, they’re not going to be firing off the ball. The read comes first, the react comes after, and therefore, doesn’t get off the ball as quickly as he otherwise might.

              3. That would make sense Ex except for the fact that Brodie pointed out of Armstead coming off the line quickly on every fourth snap.

              4. Campbell had an effective swim move in college, and he had 10.5 sacks his sophomore season.

              5. Grant,

                Yes, you’ve mentioned that before.

                Armstead had the 2nd most sacks for Oregon’s D last year.

                The fact that it was only 2 1/2 may speak to the Ducks scheme.

                Do you have film beyond the 3 games on draft breakdown? Any links would be appreciated.

              6. Mid,

                Interesting, but doesn’t it stand to reason that Oregon might change up their calls every now and again?

            2. “if you look at his stats, you will see a correlation between his ranking and the STs units that Seely coached.”

              His last Pro Bowl was with a Seely as ST Coordinator.

              Lee’s average of 46.8 was his lowest since 2010.

              All that being said, I don’t disagree with you that Lee would not be unemployed for very long. The problem is the team has to free up some $$ to pay other positions, and if they can get similar production for less pay you make that move.

              1. His last Pro Bowl was with a Seely as ST Coordinator.

                Yes, but Seely was also in charge of two STs units that struggled in 2012 and 2014. Lee’s stats correlate with the ups and downs.

              2. So I guess Seely should also be to blame for his average being his lowest since 2010.

                Good thing he’s gone.

              3. I think what Mid is trying to say is Lee’s poor season coincided with some poor coverage unit play. I guess the question is which led the decline – poor punting performance, poor coverage play, or a mix of both? Lee seem to struggle giving his coverage unit enough time to get down field to meet the returner as the ball arrived.

              4. A poor coverage unit would effect the net, not the average. Two separate items.

              5. My bad, I thought we were talking about his nett, I should have read your original comment.

                While his gross of 46.8 was lower than previous years, I believe it still ranked top 5 in the NFL. Not bad for a down year.

              6. That’s what i get for using the ESPN stats. I see they break the tie based on net. My bad.

    3. “It seems like Baalke is saying that the problems on the offense were because of the coaches and that there was no reason to address.”

      So what do you call the addition of Torrey Smith, Reggie Bush, Jerome Simpson, Mike Davis, and Blake Bell were.

      This offense did have problems last year. For starters they had the slowest skill poistion group coupled with one of the strongest armed QBs in the league. They also had a one dimensional run game with 2 one cut runners. They lacked a change of pace back. Couple that with an unhealthy OL and a regressed QB with limited options and you have some major offensive issues.

      Baalke did a good job at injecting speed into this offense and giving Kap some viable deep options.

      Could he have added some more talent through the draft, yes. But the success of this team has revolved around an elite defense, and this defense lost some major pieces as of late. His mentality was to replenish the D that has carried them to consecutive championship games. How good of a job he did is yet to be seen.

      1. So what do you call the addition of Torrey Smith, Reggie Bush, Jerome Simpson, Mike Davis, and Blake Bell were

        Smith is a #2 WR until he can become more consistent.
        Bush is 30 and coming off a season ending injury.
        Simpson needs to show that he can stay out of trouble off the field.
        Davis is a power back that was ineffective towards the end of the 2014 season.
        Bell is an intriguing prospect but only has one year of experience at TE.

        Baalke did a good job at injecting speed into this offense and giving Kap some viable deep options.

        A 30 year old RB coming off an injury can’t be counted for speed and Simpson is not someone to trust to stay on the field at the moment.
        The team needed a #1 WR and some quality depth on the OL but Baalke failed to deliver. Another WR (not destined for IR) would have helped to open up the offense more and given Kaep more options plus put the heat on Simpson to stay out of trouble and Patton to work on doing more than just flashing potential. Adding quality depth to the OL would have also lessened the chances of an injury or injuries affecting the line as bad as they did last season.

        Could he have added some more talent through the draft, yes. But the success of this team has revolved around an elite defense, and this defense lost some major pieces as of late.

        The defense lost some of those pieces during last season and still was a top 10 unit.

        How good of a job he did is yet to be seen.

        That why I think this draft will define Baalke’s legacy. If the projects work, then he will most likely assure his standing with York. If not, then York has found a new scapegoat.

    4. Armstead had the 2nd most sacks for Oregon’s D last year.

      The fact that it was only 2 1/2 may speak to the Ducks scheme.

    1. Nice article, Grant. About Bell, he’s a replacement for someone, but I’m guessing it’s Celek this year and Vernon next. This year I see our TE’s as Vernon, Vance, Carrier, and Bell. Celek’s been used for blocking, but Vance can do that. I think they’ll give him another year. In 2016 they’ll have Bell, Vance, Carrier and, hopefully, Busta.

      1. George- I expected Celek to be cut two years straight now and it has yet to happen. For some reason he always makes the roster even when his talent and common sense should dictate other wise. Hope this is the year it finally happens.

    1. That would be nice. Do you have a link? Also, I don’t understand why only 46 or is it 47 can dress on game day. Why not all 53 or 55 if it gets expanded?

  23. A tidbit from a Pablo Torres article on ESPN makes note of an obscure stat:
    “in 2013 638 undrafted players were on active rosters for at least one game….which is 31.4%..of NFL.” Does not include players on Practice Squads, and not limited to udfa’s from that rookie class. Mid-season injury replacement signings contribute to the number.
    The article itself focused on the incidence of financial difficulties of players after their paychecks stop.

  24. http://www.csnbayarea.com/49ers/what-years-draft-tells-about-49ers-future

    Good article by M&M. Discusses not taking a corner this year since they took 2 last year that they feel will contribute this year. Also discusses other points indicating Baalke has it under control.

    Regarding this year, I think the only thing that really threw Baalke off was losing his two ILBs. But it seems like he didn’t want to change his draft plans because of it, so he added some vets in Wheeler and Bishop to come in and compete. This will be the year where Baalke’s draft picks, past and current will be put to the test. Everything seems to have gone to plan as far as his roster set up. Now we’ll finally see the younger players having to step up and take on the roles they were drafted for. Win or lose should be an interesting year. We’ll see just how good of a GM Baalke is, I’m excited, but not without my doubts.

    1. Good post. I don’t think Baalke is through with the ILB position. I think it’s May 14 or so when he can sign Briggs without it counting against his comp picks for next year, if Briggs is whom he actually wants. Also, teams will be trimming rosters over time, so there may be others he has his eye on. He apparently didn’t view this as a priority during the draft.

      1. Not having a day one or day two grade on the position played a part as well. The player would have had to be good enough to beat out Wilhoite. I’m looking forward to seeing what Moody does this training camp….

      2. Not sure I understand those who want to sign Briggs. He’s a 34 year old linebacker who has played only 17 games the last two seasons and his best days are behind him.

        At this point, Wheeler is a much better player.

      3. What are you talking about, George?

        Leo’s post was so boring. It was riddled with well reasoned analysis. Not only that, but Leo exhibited the unappealing quality of being to look at both sides of an issue. To top it off, he consistent refuse to go off half cocked, jump to a conclusion, or have a knee jerk reaction.

        Where’s Bay Area Fanatic when you need him?

      1. Armstead pretty much spelled the end of Okoye. He’ll have to beat out TJE for a job.

        For a team hurting for players, the 49ers are going to cut some pretty good talent.

        If the 49ers try to sneak Reaser or Acker onto the PS, at least one will get nabbed. If one of them makes the 53, Cook will find a job somewhere.

        I like Trey Millard. He has experience working with Blake Bell alternating blocker and runner roles. Confuses the daylights out of red zone defenses. Wracking my brain trying to find a roster spot for him.

        For Millard to have a chance, he’d have to beat out Bellore for ST duties. A tall order. Bellore is great at ST.

        If Docket starts the season on PUP, that could open a spot for Millard or another player. Millard could even start PUP too.

        1. What about Millard taking Miller’s spot? I know Miller is good at what he does, but Millard has more dimensions, as I know you know.

          1. The Millard vs Miller battle could come down to scheme. How much will the blocking assignments change?

            Belldozer can also block too. He could be the long awaited replacement for Walker.

            This is way too little to go on, bur for all you -line experts out there… does this look more like a zone or man blocking drill?

            The quick lateral seems zone, but I have no idea. Might just be a generic technique drill.

  25. Re the talk above of Hunter being the odd man out of the RB group, I was looking at his highlights a few minutes ago. Mike Davis is about the same speed as Hunter and runs a lot like him, and of course Davis is the bigger guy. When Baalke drafted Hunter he said he was a three-down back, which it turned out he really wasn’t. But Davis really is. For these reasons I agree there’s a good chance Hunter will be released.

    1. The 49ers love Hunter. I think if he’s released it will be from health and durability concerns only.

      I really like the Mike Davis pick. When he gets his lbs under control, he’s quick and shifty. I think he does have the ability to turn the corner on outside runs.

      Hunter is faster. He threatens the edge better. Hunter’s inside running is actually pretty good. He’s willing and able. But his body breaks down.

      I have 2011 (rookie) and 2013 (recovering) highlights of Hunter. Can’t find highlights from the first half of 2012. His best year. 5.2 YPC. A real weapon.

      1. Re their comparative speed, at the Combine Hunter ran 4.46 and Davis 4.61. I see another speed for Hunter, 4.53. So you are correct, he has timed faster. But he’s coming off the ACL. Although I didn’t use that in my argument above, it’s still a valid issue. I don’t want to see Hunter go but with Davis now a Niner, it seems to me that the case for Hunter remaining is weak. Call it “not strong.”

  26. Brady getting spanked in the press on the Deflategate ruling. Personally, I’m over it, …..but it ain’t over.

  27. Any truth to the Ahmad Brooks Rumors? Maybe Eli was a better pick and more urgent need than we though…

        1. Do you think Ian Williams is generally injury prone?

          I assumed all his missed time was from complications caused by Seattle’s successful attempt to break his leg. That was way back in game two of the 2013 season.

            1. Ian was a rookie in 2011. 2nd or 3rd string 2012 behind Sopoaga in a Fangio defense. Its amazing he ever saw the field.

              2013 was supposed to be his coming out year. He had a great camp. Beat out Dorsey to start at NT.

              In game one vs Green Bay the NT was barely used. The Seattle game was his true debut as a starting NT. And the scumbags had to cheap shot him, already erasing two years from his prime. Possibly more if he never recovers.

              Imagine, in the first defensive series, in your first true start in the NFL, that you have been getting ready for your whole life, and two guys decide to snap your lower leg. Didn’t even get a chance to break a sweat.

              The thickest lower leg in the NFL would have snapped from that high-low cut block. I don’t call that injury prone.

          1. Brodie,

            The guy has played 14 games in 3 seasons on the active roster. He has durability issues. The Seattle cheap shot was bad, but he’s had nagging injuries since they signed him as an UDFA. He has to show he can stay healthy this year.

              1. He’s had a few, I don’t recall what they were, but he’s been on the injury report a lot in his time here. The ankle and Leg are two separate issues as well.

    1. I’m not sure Bell will be ahead of Carrier on opening day as the movement TE/H-back. I wonder too if Dockett will be in Base or rotational. Dorsey should get work at Nose in 2+long type situations and also in the rotation inside for Nickel. Dial and Carradine need to get better at recognizing formations to better adjust and resist getting ridden out by blockers, but likely they will.
      But let’s feed the current national media bias and just say they will suck and the whole team has gone to Hell and they’ll dwell in the cellar. Nothing to see over here, move along to annoiting the Cowboys, Seahawks, Cardinals, Packers and Bears. If teams want to let SF sneak up on them they can. I note none of that talk coming out of Seattle.

      1. My biggest hope is there will be much more defensive line rotation, and that starter designations will have less importance. This group can destroy word down offenses later in the season.

        What someone mentioned nose tackle to Tomsula last month, he was quick to interject “they’re all just tackles. All are cross trained.”

        I think Dorsey will get plenty of reps because of his versatility. He was a single gap monster in college. I think there’s untapped potential as a 3-tech pass rusher.

        The 49ers have the luxury of differing types of interior linemen they can mix and match to get the best match-ups.
        Length Tackles – Dial, TJE, Armstead, Okoye
        Bowling Ball Tackles – Williams, Dorsey, Ramsey
        Generalists – Tank, Docket

    2. I pretty much agree with your picks for the starting lineup Grant. The only area that is likely going to fluctuate is the Dline. I think there will be heavy rotation this year to keep Dockett fresh and get Carradine on the field as much as possible.

        1. McDonald has had some brutal practices during training camp. If there’s an open competition, he might lose.

          1. It’s possible I admit, but I can’t see them bailing on a second round pick without giving him every chance to win a job. It all comes down to his health imo. Back injuries are very unpredictable.

  28. Jerry Jones is being quited on NFL network as saying he’d give up 2016 1st rounder for a pass rusher. Is it too much wishful thinking to hope Aldon Smith is headed to Dallas?

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