49ers @ Raiders live blog: Second quarter

OAKLAND — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 14 game against the Raiders. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

2:07 Dontae Johnson gives up a 20-yard catch to Vincent Brown on third-and-9 from the Niners’ 48.

2:08 Two plays later, Johnson gives up a 19-yard catch to Michael Rivera over the middle. First and goal at the seven.

2:10 Chris Culliver is injured on the field after tackling Latavius Murray at the 3-yard line on second-and-goal.

2:13 Derek Carr play fakes and throws a three-yard touchdown pass to the left tackle, Donald Penn.

2:16 The difference in this game so far is Kaepernick’s mistake.

2:17 Bruce Ellington returns the kickoff 27 yards to the Niners’ 30.

2:18 Culliver has a knee injury and his return is questionable.

2:20 Tarrell Brown is flagged for pass interference on Michael Crabtree. Next play, D.J. Hayden is flagged for holding Crabtree. The Raiders’ defense is atrocious.

2:23 Colin Kaepernick is flagged for his second delay penalty, this time on third-and-6 from the Raiders’ 38.

2:24 Kaepernick throws a 7-yard pass to Crabtree’s shoelaces on third-and-11. He catches it.

2:25 Phil Dawson makes a 54-yard field goal, but Garrett Celek is flagged for holding. Andy Lee will punt.

2:26 T.J. Carrie returns the punt to the Raiders’ 11.

2:26 The play before the delay penalty, Boldin was wide open for a few seconds. When Kaepernick finally saw him, he overthrew him and led him out of bounds. Terrible.

2:32 Chris Borland and Michael Wilhoite tackle Latavius Murray a few inches short of a first down on third-and-1 from the Raiders’ 42. The Raiders down the punt at the Niners’ 5-yard line.

2:36 Antonio Smith sacks Kaepernick on second down. Third-and-10 from the five.

2:37 Boldin drops a pass over the middle on third down. He has dropped 8 passes this season.

2:38 Raiders’ ball at the Niners’ 47.

2:43 Carr completes a 2-yard pass to James Jones on third-and-14 and the Raiders go three-and-out. 1:52 left in the half.

2:44 The Raiders down the punt at the Niners’ 9-yard line. 1:42 left.

2:46 Kaepernick scrambles for 17 yards but the play is wiped out by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

2:47 Next play, Anquan Boldin catches a 20-yard pass in front of Tarell Brown, who seems to blow out his knee as he hits the ground. The 49ers are kneeling around their former teammate. Now he limps off the field.

2:49 Stevie Johnson drops a deep pass on second-and-10 from midfield.

2:50 Kaepernick scrambles up the middle for 16 yards on third-and-10 and calls the Niners’ final timeout with 10 seconds left.

2:51 Phil Dawson is on the field to attempt a 52-yard field goal with 6 seconds left.

2:52 It’s good. 10-10 at halftime.

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        1. Still have a good chance to make the playoffs. Cards are fizzling. Oak took Seattle to the wire IN Seattle. In two weeks all 3 teams could be sitting at 9-5 and anything could be possible.

  1. Kaepernick has absolutely no poise what so ever. As soon as things break down he totally loses his composure and panics.

    1. True. And I agree with the suggestion that his media persona is adding extra pressure. He needs to try to let the game come to him. A lot to think about in the offense.

      1. Every QB is always the center of their local and national media. If they can’t handle it or if they let it affect the way they play they have no business in the position to begin with.

  2. Why not send a message to #7……Pull him Harbs!!! Give “The Blaine Witch Project” a chance…..Shake things up Harbs!

    1. True. JH wants to play close to the vest as many games as he can. They stall when they dial up the triple check offense.

    2. Wilson – I hear ya bro….This offense needs some trickery too….A handoff to Boldin is not a trick play you buffoon Roman!……Crabtree was a QB in high school…Why not a double pass? Try it you’ll like it…..you imbecile Roman!! “Flea F#€*ing Flicker” you nitwit Roman!! The offensive players are not having fun in your boring, predictable offense….you halfwit-jackass Roman!!

  3. Stevie Johnson drops a pass. Leaps up and catches it making a remarkable catch but knocked away by the DB. Would have been a great catch.

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