49ers @ Raiders live blog: Third quarter

OAKLAND — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 14 game against the Raiders. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:08 Kassim Osgood tackles T.J. Carrie at the Raiders’ 15, and Keith McGill is flagged for holding. First-and-10 from the 8.

3:10 Culliver is out. Iupati is questionable with an elbow injury.

3:11 The Raiders go three-and-out. Latavius Murray caught a deep pass but was flagged for pass interference.

3:12 Ellington returns the punt 23 yards to the  Raiders’ 46.

3:19 Kaepernick dumps a pass to Hyde for 8 yards on third-and-goal from the 2. Here comes Phil Dawson.

3:20 13-10 Niners.

3:30 Marcel Reece easily beats Dontae Johnson on a slant and walks into the end zone for a 9-yard touchdown. 17-13 Raiders.

3:31 The Niners have no pass rush in this game.

3:32 Andre Holmes beat Perrish Cox for a 16-yard catch on that drive. Reece beat Chris Borland for a 12-yard catch, and Rivera beat Borland for a 27-yard catch.

3:33 Ellington returns the kickoff 36 yards to the Niners’ 30.

3:37 Kaepernick is flagged for his third delay penalty of the game, this time on third-and-9 from the Niners’ 31. You’ve got to be kidding.

3:38 Kaepernick completes a 10-yard pass to Boldin on third-and-14 and the Niners have to punt.

3:38 Lee boots the ball into the end zone for a touchback.

3:42 Carr completes a 5-yard pass to Reece on second-and-13 from the Raiders’ 39 and the third quarter ends.

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  1. Despite what happens in this game, the way the offense looks against a horrible raider team, were in serious trouble next week

  2. That should have been a TD for Borland! Raider WR never was never touched and Borland popped the ball out…..WTF?? I replayed the play, should’ve been a TD!!

  3. Cardinals losing (AS14/17 126yds td), Seahawks up by 3 mostly due to #3 running for his life and creating plays surely not designed by his OC….I can’t see niners on TV, here this week…other teams have their troubles too…pls take the win, please…

  4. I’ve got the Eagles-Seahawks game on as well. The Eagles offense looks scared and they just fumbled at their own 20. We can’t expect any help.

  5. Oh FFS Kaepernick you suck major donkey nuts. How do you not throw it to the wide open Frank Gore out of the back field on that last play. Can’t wait until they bench your sorry ass.

  6. I an not complaining I didn’t pay to see the game if i am losing an other bitter stomach view of #7 not able to convert inside the red zone, and for what I am reading, not seeing an open man…. What I meant about Hawkeyes/Eagles is that Eagles are sooo bad, but Seattle not showing much more else

  7. question for Coach Harbaw:

    did our eyes deceive us or were you trailing
    the Oakland Raiders 10 to 7 with 5 seconds to go
    in the first half…?

    Sir, your offensive game plan & play calling
    suck eggs. (I am the Super Bowl monkey.)

  8. Carr has far too much time to throw. Why is Aldon rushing from the left side – isn’t the right side his more natural side?

  9. That’s why you don’t kick FG’s from the 2 yard line! Championship teams score consistently in the red zone…..Harbs is too FG happy.

  10. and so to end the third quarter,
    the Raiders lead the Niners by four points.
    How many games has San Francisco
    failed to score a TD in the fourth quarter???

    stay tuned, fellas. Colin at the helm…

  11. So I think we know who the best QB on the field is, and he ain’t wearing gold. The Niner defense is so passive and lifeless. The offense is in full snooze control. Pretty sad when they could take tips in intensity from a one win team. Maybe we could get the Raiders OC, at least when they get in the Red Zone they know what to do.

    1. Roman is causing the secondary to be beaten like a redheaded step child? Interesting I’d love to hear that breakdown.

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