49ers @ Rams live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 16 road game against the LA Rams. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

12:10 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • QB Blaine Gabbert
  • RB Mike Davis
  • CB Dontae Johnson
  • G/C Marcus Martin
  • LT Joe Staley
  • NT Glenn Dorsey
  • OLB Tank Carradine

12:12 And here are the Rams’ inactives:

  • WR Mike Thomas
  • QB Case Keenum
  • DB Lamarcus Joyner
  • S Mo Alexander
  • OL Cody Wichmann
  • OT Greg Robinson
  • DE Matt Longacre

12:19 Jared Goff will start at quarterback. He left last week’s game against the Seahawks with a concussion. Sean Mannion is his backup.

12:59 The 49ers have allowed 11 running backs to gain 100 yards in a game this season and Todd Gurley hasn’t hit the 100-yard mark once. It’s the old classic matchup between the movable object and the stoppable force.

1:25 The Rams win the toss and defer.

1:29 Carlos Hyde runs for 14 yards on the first play of the drive then never touches the ball again. And, Kaepernick misses two passes dreadfully high and takes a sack on third-and-9 from the Niners’ 48-yard line. Rams get the ball at their 13 after the punt.

1:36 Tramaine Brock intercepts Goff and runs the ball back to the Rams’ 17. Pass was behind the intended receiver.

1:39 Carlos Hyde catches a touchdown pass over the middle on second-and-12.  Niners lead 7-0. Feels like the a rerun of the Jets game.

1:43 Pharoh Cooper returns the kickoff to the Rams’ 48.

1:50 On fourth-and-2 from the 49ers’ 40, Goff play fakes and hits a wide open Lance Kendricks for 24 yards down the right sideline. Two plays later, Todd Gurley runs up the middle for a one-yard touchdown. Game tied at 7.

1:56 Kaepernick sails a pass over Garrett Celek’s head downfield and gets intercepted. Rams’ ball at the Niners’ 30.

1:58 Next play, Tavon Austin scores on a jet sweep. That run has worked against the Niners’ defense all season. 14-7 Rams.

2:06 Kaepernick throws a pass behind the line of scrimmage to Hyde cuts upfield and gains 5 yards. Third-and-3 from the Niners’ 38 when the second quarter starts.

2:10 Kaepernick hits Celek over the middle for 12 on third-and-3.

2:10 Three plays later, Kaepernick takes a sack on third-and-7. He dropped his eyes almost immediately and looked for a hole to squeeze through but found none.

2:17 Austin drops a short pass from Goff on third-and-10 from the Rams’ 28.

2:25 Niners go three-and-out. Kaepernick is playing like pre-Harbaugh Alex Smith.

2:29 Now the Rams go three-and-out. Exciting stuff.

2:36 Kaepernick completes a two-yard pass to Aaron Burbridge on third-and-6 from the Rams’ 43 just before the 2-minute warning. Ah, the shallow crossing route way in front of the sticks on third down — a staple of the Chip Kelly offense.

2:50 Halftime.

3:01 First-half Kaepernick played like second-half Kaepernick today.

3:10 Ahmad Brooks’ bats down Goff’s pass on third-and-12.

3:15 Kaepernick dumps the ball down to Shaun Draughn on third-and-15 for a gain of 11, and the Niners punt.

3:20 Rams go three-and-out. They’re sitting on this seven-point lead.

3:23 Burbridge catches a short pass out of bounds on third-and-9 and the Niners go three-and-out. They’re sitting on this seven-point deficit.

3:28 DeForest Buckner sacks Goff at the Rams’ 31 on third-and-11. Niners’ ball at their 25 after the punt.

3:34 Aaron Donald sacks Kaepernick on third-and-8 at the 49ers’ 44.

3:37 Todd Gurley gains 7 yards up the middle and the third quarter ends. First-and-10 from the Rams’ 32 when the fourth quarter begins. Will the 49ers’ defense quit?

3:43 Eli Harold sacks Goff on third-and-2, and they go three-and-out again. The Niners defense hasn’t quit yet. Good for them.

3:45 The Rams fake a fake punt, then punt. That was the most exciting play of the second half so far.

3:49 First play of the drive, Kaepernick dumps a pass to Hyde, who catches the ball, turns up field and gets blasted in the knee. He fumbles. Rams recover, but the officials rule the play an incomplete pass. The Rams are challenging. Hyde is hurt.

3:51 The officials reverse their ruling, and the Rams get the ball at the 49ers’ 25. That was Hyde’s second fumble of the game. He recovered the first one.

3:55 Goff throws a touchdown pass to tight end Tyler Higbee on third-and-goal from the 2. Turns out sitting on that seven-point deficit was the wrong strategy by the 49ers. Who knew?

4:08 Kaepernick scrambles for a touchdown on third-and-10 from the Rams’ 13 with 5:06 left. Rams lead 21-14.

4:13 Ronald Blair sacks Goff on third-and-5 with 3:17 left.

4:23 Kaepernick throws a 10-yard touchdown pass to Streater on first-and-goal from the 10. And the Niners are going for 2.

4:27 Kaepernick rolls to his right and dives into the end zone. Niners lead 22-21. Then Zane Beadles is flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.

4:31 Austin returns the kickoff to the Rams’ 43 with 27 seconds left.

4:32 Rashard Robinson intercepts Goff and the 49ers win. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. I think this will be a close game. Our D will look good at times. The Rams don’t have much on offense and are starting a rookie QB. And what has happened to Gurley this year.

    I expect the Niners to be up 14 to 3 at halftime. Then the offense will stall and wear out the D.

    SF 17
    LA 20 in OT

  2. Gabbert got beaten out by a painter? Yikes! This is Goff’s best chance to show something positive. He should have all day in the pocket. I expect the middle of the 49ers offensive line to collapse on more than one occasion….

              1. Trent Brown at LT apparently. Theus at RT. The two rooks playing next to each other? Could be interesting.

  3. Gurley will bulldoze right through our bad defense, while Kaepernick and Kelly will continue to stoke the fires of futility.

    Rams 34
    49ers 18 (all from school FGs)

            1. 2 Minute warning, the Browns got this! Rivers should get the ball around the 20-30 yard line with about 145 and no time outs….

  4. “It’s the old classic matchup between the movable object and the stoppable force.”


    It’s the junior high offense vs the junior high defense.

  5. As bad as the 49ers have been, I’m ready to say Hyde is legit. With a good quaterback and Kyle Shannahan, our offense could be great. But that’s only if these dumbass**** are smart and get balkee and Kelly out of here.

  6. Damn it! Come on niners lose for once when you need to? I don’t want a pyrrhic victory.
    They need to blow everything up and every advantage they can get when doing so.

  7. Hi everybody, how’s it going? Cleveland WON. All we got to do is just lose the game and for F ing once in your lives, 49ers, YOU DO WHAT YOU ARE ASKED TO DO! Lose to the Rams. Goooooooooooo Rams. Not being a troll now, I’m an optimistic 49er fan that knows we are who we thought we are with the GOOF in Krapandstink. Raaaaaaaaaaaaams!

    1. Please stop the pain…..’Kap has trouble throwing past 15 yards’ 8 play chip Kelly looks like he swallowed a helmet…please clean house

  8. We want Ponder! Another horrible throw by Kaep. No doubt Seb will find a reason it was someone else’s fault.

    D follows up Kaep’s lead to try and ensure the #1 pick. Go 9ers!

    1. Scooter, I don’t think they activated Ponder to sit the whole game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him at some point….

    2. Gravitational anomalies or atmospherics, no doubt.
      I wonder if benching Kap for Ponder would ensure he doesn’t re-sign with SF. We could hope, but it might result in a victory.

  9. Too bad next Sunday is Raiders and 49ers. I rather see Raiders and some other team. We need a local blackout for the 49ers.

  10. Kaep might be checking out of plays compensating for the angle of the sun, cross wind, relative humidity, elevation and the earth’s rotation.

    1. How is rooting for the opposition bad for the forum? As I said:
      Fire Baalke
      Fire Kelly
      Get rid of Kap
      Get rid of Jed
      Sell the team
      Why is that so hard for a 49er fan to comprehend? You know for all the crying you do in politics that is LONG OVER like the NFL season, your energy could’ve been used to tell the 49ers to sell the team in flying banner, holding a peaceful protest, you can hold a peaceful protest and tell 49er fans or any opposing fan to not go in Levi Stadium.

        1. I think it’s crap when a 49er fan like you:
          Has no problem with Kap’s view
          no problem with Kelly’s coaching
          no problem with Baalke
          No problem with the Yorks

          Your priority is to whine about donald Trump and cry about Hillary Clinton and proclaim a QB that throws less then 300 is a good QB.

        2. What I hate is when you get that really cheap roll of toilet paper that’s super thin and your finger goes right through it….

      1. Funny how in Philadelphia Kelly’s teams and QBs had no problem in the second half. In fact in 2 of the 3 years there they scored MORE in the 2nd half than the first…

        It’s almost like people don’t understand what’s going on out there and are grasping at cliche’s.

        Kaepernick has been getting progressively worse in the second half of games since 2012. Which is what happens when you have a QB who doesn’t understand the game and the offense has used up all it’s well-practiced, easy to execute plays and has to open up the playbook….

        1. Then Kelly should add more well practiced, easy to execute plays. That shouldn’t be a problem for an offensive genius like Chip. Adjusting to your personnel is part of the job.

  11. So, the Browns won. Based on Strength of Schedule that win by Cleveland should, after we choke today, put the 49ers in the cat-bird seat for the #1 over-all pick. Coming into today:

    1. Browns 0-14 (.564)
    2. 49ers 1-13 (.513)

  12. Man, so far it’s been a good day.

    1) Browns and Jax lost
    2) 49ers losing
    3) Seattle offense getting stomped by Arizona. 5 minutes into the 2nd Q, the Seattle offense has negative yardage and Wilson has been sacked 4 times.

      1. Could Brown and Theus be the OTs of the future?

        I wouldn’t count on it, but I’d certainly let them both compete for starting spots next year. As cubus said, trade Staley. Bring in a FA OT and draft another, let the guys fight it out.

        1. Probably not, but they look like they could be counted on as back ups. I still think we need a Center, like you mentioned, Wisnewski or however you spell it….

  13. They all hate Colon Darren. His alleged affair was supposedly with a former offensive lineman’s wife. It’s tough to watch. I was sitting here thinking about sitting in the stands at Joe Robbie Stadium in January of 1989 and watching Joe bring that team down the field to win the SB, and now sitting here watching this disgusting display of football, it really hurts. As bad as Colon Kaeperstink is, it’s not all his fault. Of the 50% chance he has of completing a pass, he hits the receiver right in the numbers and they drop it. Maybe they are dropping them on purpose. Just saying……

    1. I still feel Kap is in decline, maybe it’s on him, the Oline, the team situation, but Kap either needs to go to a new team and be starter/backup or retire altogether as this kneel act is old. We got to draft a Qb, either 1st or 2nd round.

  14. For the third quarter I would stay with Kaep’s athleticism by using his ability to elevate on the jump pass over center in order to complement Hyde’s power chunk bursts. A steady diet of jump passes should soften the defense for the long one to win in the 4th the.

  15. Why does Hyde continue to get pulled out of the game so often for Draughn? Hyde should be in good enough shape to be the workhorse…..Draughn’s 2 yd\carry avg is a waste….Over recent weeks, Hyde’s been pulled out during key plays. Is it Hyde calling for a breather or is it coach’s play calling?

  16. On the plus side Krap is starting and the first half is over so we shouldn’t have to worry about a win unless our D starts playing amazing or Chip replaces Kaep with someone that can get to his second progression or throw the ball withen 10 feet of his recievers :).

  17. Grant, I think you cursed Mariota when you hailed him as better an Winston a few weeks back. Things have not gone well for him since then!

  18. Kaep is in his comfort zone. He is well on pace for another sub-200 yard game. He has plenty of margin to work with. Safety first.

  19. Sorta shocking Ponder hasn’t been inserted yet. Hard to play much worse than Kaput… Great news though Chip Kelly is coming back :/ Why not bring back Baalke too!!

    1. Nothing will surprise me if the 49ers go 1 and 15 and do NOTHING except HOPEFULLy get rid of Kaepernick. If you keep Kap, it’s going to be ugly next year.

    2. I’m sure they will. After all, there’s a Top 1 pick to waste on a WR and a whole bunch of other top picks to waste on ACL-tears.

  20. 2016 picks 1 and 2 were close in trade-back value. I think 2017 will be different. If the 49ers lose out, they will have some pretty good options. Garrett or lucrative trade-back deal.

    I doubt the blockbuster trade-backs of 2016, but still pretty good.

    Pick 2 is another story. The team choosing at 2 will be accused of “reaching.”

  21. Kelly getting out coached by a STs coach… I can see why keeping him makes sense to the Yorks… losers tend to flock together.

  22. Carr just got injured on the Raiders, might be hamstring, he was in terrible pain. Not good if it’s worse then the one Rodgers had.

  23. Third and fifteen and ‘Stink throws the ball 1 yard. Only because that’s where the play called for him to throw. He has absolutely no idea where the other receivers are on the play. What’s he doing with the tablet on the sidelines? Playing pong?

  24. Come on guys, you know that they just aren’t utilizing Colon’s strength’s. If they would only roll him out, he’d suddenly become accurate, he’d suddenly be able to read a defense and go through his progressions, his mechanics would suddenly improve, and so on and so on. He would be the star of the league he once dominated. Sincerely, Seb

  25. This team just manages to set the bar lower and lower and lower. And just at the point you can’t possibly imagine anybody or anything can move down under it, it happens again.

      1. At this moment, I’d take Myles Garrett. I’d be listening to offers, but with no QBs in the top 5, the offers won’t likely be like last year.

    1. Would really love to see Ponder. Just for the fun of it, not expecting anything. Can’t really be worse than ‘#Storm7 (sic).

    1. The grades are coal, because that is what the Niners deserve from Santa for this turd sandwish they have fed the fans this season.

  26. Well that wraps up this game, 1-14 is all but in the books. The Rams needed that score, there was always the chance that Goff might give the Niners a TD, but there is no way they score two.

    And another one bites the dust.

    1. It’s part of Kelly’s tank in a pit strategy. Put in Kap and lose. I hope this doesn’t mean that Kelly feels he has job security.

  27. No, no, no.
    This would all be different if the 49ers played to Kaeps strengths.
    They should roll him out and never ask him to make a throw inless their are no defenders within 10 yards of the receiver. Oh wait we want to lose??? Then tell him the plays, let him mad dog his receivers and ignore it when he fails to see uncovered wide outs:)

  28. Where’s that cheap hit at to take him out by? Saw it on Carr, Mariota, is Kaep too ‘special’ to get his KNOCK THE F OUT?

  29. Don’t call that BS on the Rams. Don’t you call that cheap hit ont he Rams. It was a F ing legit hit. F this from the NFL!

  30. Bad news, Carr MIGHT have broken his foot, MIGHT if you see the replay and you see how his foot was up during the hit. Either foot or ankle broken. Damn, why can’t it happen to Krappernick?

    1. Who gives a f!uck about the first pick, as long as it’s Trent Baalke making the call? Get a life, preferably one in which loosing isn’t enshrined in your DNA.

      1. The first overall pick is fools gold anyway. Its smart to have as many picks as possible in the draft to maximize on probabilities of success. Neither Joe nor Jerry were the 1st overall pick yet are the best ever at their respective positions.

  31. Playing to win! Good job Kelly and Kaepernick! I will give credit to Kelly especially, ballsy call with his job on the line. I tip my cap.

    1. Yes, today is a sad day as I broke up with my girlfriend and threw out the Christmas tree. Let’s hope Kap leaves the 49ers.

    2. Personally, I want the Niners to pick last every season. I could not be prouder of the Niner players, and the coaching actually went bold.

    1. Hey, if I’m lucky thanks to this great win, I can eat myself to death on high chlestoroal salami and glue and paste for pasta. Thanks a lot Chip Kelly.

  32. Bad flag on the Ram defense
    Fine Kap for the inappropriate gestures of disrespect and his continued kneeling down and crapping on the product like a one horse sleigh that he is.
    I hope the Rams get, are you ready for this:
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobody TO COACH THIS TEAM! No Jon Gruden. No analyst from CbS, FOx, whatever, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOObody should coach this team and Rams should trade off Jared Goff! Big fat goof! Keep your stupid special team’s coach whoever the F he is, worse coach you could ever have and you fired Fisher for this. I hope Kroenke goes belly up like York and gets NOBODY for that team! Rich corporate people are EVIL to own a football team, and yeah, I’d include the Cowboys Jerry Jones.

    BTW 49ers fans, enjoy your one team in the Bay Area as what way to send the raiders to Las Vegas, take out the QB on a cheap hit, really nice Colts, too bad you couldn’t do that to Kap 4 years ago! Yep 2017, year of the 49ers on bad quality TV, hope the NFL brings back the blackout.

    Finally, here’s my double middle finger salute from Vince McMahon to you.

      1. Seattle losing is great for now they’ll be ticked off and take it out on the 49ers. I hope Richard Sherman knocks the F out of Kap! Aim for his fat head, Sherman, maybe his hair will fall out.

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