49ers @ Rams live blog: Fourth quarter

This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers Week 13 game against the Rams in St. Louis. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

12:11 Kaepernick throws deep to Delanie Walker who drops the pass, but Robert Quinn is flagged for roughing the passer. First and 10 at the SF 40.

12:12 Roman calls the first zone read of the game. Gore runs up the middle for no gain. Next play, Kaepernick burns a timeout as the play clock winds down.

12:13 Gore has rushed 15 times for 42 yards – 2.8 yards per carry.

12:14 The Rams have shut down Gore, but Roman keeps going back to him. Gore gains a measly two yards on second and 10. What kind of play call is that?

12:15 Kaepernick bails out Roman again. Kap drops back and hits Crabtree on a deep out for a 30-yard gain. That was a third and 8.

12:18 Three plays later on third and three, Manningham easily beats Jenkins at the line of scrimmage. Kaepernick hits Manningham on a slant for a seven yard gain. Roman follows that up with a Gore run up the middle and a quarterback draw. Roman is having a stinker of a game. Third and goal from the nine.

12:19 Roman calls a quick slant to Manningham which only picks up four yards. Alex Smith could have done that. Roman chooses not to take advantage of Kaepernick’s big arm in the red zone. Roman does not let the young quarterback throw into the end zone. Akers makes the field goal to cap the 90-yard drive. 10-2.

12:23 Gore has 16 carries for a net of 20 yards and 1 additional carry for 23 yards for a total of 17 carries for a net of 43 yards. 2.5 yards per carry won’t cut it and does not help take the passing game out of long yardage and obvious passing situations.

12:25 Manningham seems to have hurt his right shoulder.

12:26 Jackson gains 6 yards up the middle on first down, and then Justin Smith sacks Bradford on second down. Third and 11.

12:26 Jackson dumps it off to Jackson who stiff arms Bowman and gains 14 yards. Great run by Jackson.

12:30 On third and four at midfield, Culliver bats Bradford’s pass away. Bradford was targeting Brian Quick on a quick slant. The Rams punt and pin the 49ers at their 10 yard line.

12:32 Roman calls a toss sweep for Jacobs, and Jacobs falls at the line of scrimmage when he tries to make the cut. He can’t run that play. Roman should know that. Terrible play call. Second and 10. The 49ers call another timeout before the play clock expires.

12:32 Roman calls a Kaepernick sweep on second and 10. Kaepernick gains 7 yards. Next play, Roman calls a triple option. Kaepernick tosses it over Ginn’s head. Jenkins recovers it at the 1 yard line. Ginn lands on him and Jenkins rolls into the end zone. The refs call TD and review. It looks like Jenkins was down at the 1. Bad play bad Kaepernick. Terrible play call by Roman. This has been Roman’s worst game as a 49er. The Rams took away Frank Gore and Roman had no response.

12:39 The refs call it a touchdown after the review. The Rams will go for two.

12:40 But Roger Saffold gets flagged for a false start. The Rams have to go for two from the seven yard line.

12:41 Bradford gets no pressure, and completes a pass to the tight end Kendricks, right in front of Willis for the conversion. Tie game, 10-10. The 49ers have three minutes and 1 timeout.

12:43 The 49ers offense starts from its own 20.

12:45 Kaepernick drills a pass to Crabtree between three defenders for 16 yards on first down.

12:45 Then, Kaepernick rolls right and decides to run downfield. He covers 50 yards in a flash to put the 49ers in field goal range. Once again, Kaepernick bails out Greg Roman, who called back-to-back play action passes, as if the Rams were expecting the 49ers to run the ball in the two minute drill.

12:47 On first and 10 from the 14, Kaepernick play fakes and throws to a wide open Walker, who drops the pass.

12:48 Gore gains three yards on the next play and Walker gets flagged for holding. Just a terrible play call by Roman. Gore is running like an old man today. Roman has to recognize that.

12:49 On second and 20, Roman calls another Gore run up the middle. This time, Gore slips behind the line of scrimmage for a one-yard loss. Good grief.

12:50 On third and 21, Kaepernick play fakes, boots right and gains ten yards before running out of bounds. He should have stayed in bounds and forced the Rams to use a timeout.

12:51 Akers makes the 33-yard field goal. 13-10 49ers. The Rams have 1:34 and 1 timeout.

12:55 No one spies Bradford. He scrambles for 15 yards on second down and then 11 yards the next play. Goldson hits him helmet-to-helmet for a 15-yard penalty. First and ten at the SF 40 for the Rams.

12:58 Bradford completes back-to-back five yard passes, and the Rams call timeout with 2 seconds left. The Rams will attempt a 53-yard field goal.

12:59 Zuerlein crushes the kick through the uprights to send the game into overtime. 13-13.

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