49ers @ Rams live blog: Overtime

This is the live blog for overtime of the 49ers Week 13 game against the Rams in St. Louis. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room

1:00 The 49ers lose the toss. The Rams will receive the ball first in overtime.

1:05 Bradford hits Givens on the left sideline for the a 16-yard gain. Next play, Jackson bounces outside for 17 yards, but the Rams are flagged for holding. First and 20.

1:07 On third and 15, Jackson drops a screen pass, and the Rams will have to punt. The punt bounces out of bounds at the SF 20.

1:09 First play, Vernon Davis lines up at left wide receiver and Kaepernick hits him on a quick hitch. Davis breaks a tackle and gains 9 yards. That play should be there every time, but it’s the first time Roman has called the play.

1:12 Roman calls one of his play action shot plays and Daniel Kilgore is flagged for holding. First and 20 from their 25.

1:12 Kaepernick throws a back shoulder throw to Moss who never turns, just keeps running straight. Second and 20.

1:13 Kaepernick kills the play, then let’s it roll, then calls timeout. The 49ers have no more timeouts.

1:14 Roman calls a zone read to Gore, who gains 1 yard up the middle. Are you serious?

1:15 Kaepernick hits Moss on a quick screen, and he goes down right away. Fourth and 12.

1:15 Make that fourth and 17. Tramaine Brock false starts.

1:16 Pettis returns Lee’s 60-yard punt to the Rams 27 yard line.

1:19 On third and four, Bradford throws a three-yard pass to Brian Quick. The Rams shank a punt. 49ers ball at their 50 yard line. Big break for the 49ers.

1:20 Gore up the middle for five yards on first down.

1:21 Jacobs up the middle for two yards on second down. Third and three.

1:21 Jenkins lines up a mile away from Moss, and Kaepernick hits him for an easy 6-yard completion.

1:23 Roman calls back-to-back Gore runs that go for four net yards. Too conservative.

1:23 On third and six, Roman calls a one-read roll-to-the-left pass. No one is open and Kaepernick throws the ball away. Clearly, Roman settled for the 51-yard field goal attempt.

1:24 Akers hooks it right. Who didn’t see that coming? Greg Roman, apparently. No excuse for him taking his foot off the gas pedal when the offense got to the Rams’ 33 yard line.

1:25 Jackson gains three yards on first down and four yards on second down. Third and three at the Rams 48.

1:26 Bradford hits Givens on a quick slant for a six-yard gain. Brown was beaten on the play.

1:27 Next play, Jackson gains nine yards up the middle. Second and 1 at the SF 37. Zuerlein has the leg strength to hit a field goal from this field position.

1:31 Jackson loses two yards on second and 1, and on third and three, Jackson runs up the middle an inch short of the first down.

1:34 Zuerlein easily makes the 54-yard field goal. Rams win 16-13.

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