49ers @ Rams live blog: Pregame

ST. LOUIS — This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers’ Week 4 Thursday night road game against the Rams. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:08 Look for the 49ers to run the ball aggressively tonight and couple it with play action passes as they attempt to get back on track.

I think, although he won’t admit it, Jim Harbaugh knows he made a mistake by getting away from the run and not repeating those successful first quarter runs last Sunday against the Colts.

Eric Mangini, a.k.a the Mangenius, is supposed to be a consultant. Well, he needs to start consulting, or if he already is, he needs to do a better in-game job of analysis of what is or is not working.

It is not a sin to repeat plays that work. In fact, the successful teams repeat their best plays five or six times per game.

The Vikings are going to give Adrian Peterson the ball multiple times on his favorite runs, although they may camouflage it with a shift or a shift and a motion or with different personnel groupings.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning repeat their favorite passes, also with the philosophy of different movements or personnel groupings to disguise and distract.

The question is can the Rams’ 11 personnel grouping run the ball against the 49ers’ Nickel package without Aldon Smith and Patrick Willis in the game?

3:17 Alex Flanagan reports Vernon Davis may play tonight. Here’s what she said Jim Harbaugh said: “It looks good right now. He is feeling good.”

Keep in mind, Vernon Davis pulled his hamstring just 11 days ago. Angel Pagan tore his hamstring in a rehab game 26 days after initially pulling the hamstring.

I’d be shocked if Davis plays. Why jeopardize his season and possibly his career?

3:58 Tweet from Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting: “#Rams have been solid vs TE so far. Gonzalez had 33 yards on 7 targets (4 rec), Witten had 67 yards on 6 targets (5 rec).Not great for Davis.”

4:00 The 49ers’ inactives are Patrick Willis, B.J. Daniels, Chris Harper, Marlon Moore, Nnamdi Asomugha, Owen Marecic and Joe Looney. Vernon Davis is active. So is LaMichael James. So is Jon Baldwin. Michael Wilhoite will start for Willis.

4:02 The Rams’ inactives are Isaiah Pead, Barrett Jones, Brandon Washington, Mike Person, Roger Saffold, Mike McNeill and William Hayes. Joe Barksdale will start at right tackle for Saffold.

4:44 The 49ers are wearing red and the Rams are wearing white for what it’s worth.

4:53 Quinton Patton is the starting split end in warmups.

4:57 Vernon Davis did not warm up with the 49ers’ offense. He caught passes on the side of the field by himself.

  1. Could it be that there is too many Chiefs and not enough Indians???
    Everybody trying to outsmart each other?
    Time to return to the basics!

  2. They need to get the 2011 playbook out. Heavy run game, play action and field position. Whatever happened to the wham block or did Delanie Walker take it with him?

  3. I will start my pre game comments with this history lesson.

    I hope nobody jumped ship in 94 when the 49ers led by Steve young started the season horribly. THEN it happened. The 49ers were trailing the hapless lions in the lowest point of the early 94 season. Then when it couldn’t get any lower, Steve young is injured, he crawls off of the field in agonizing pain. All looked lost….. THEN Mr 8 comes back to the huddle and generates a comeback to win the game. Igniting a streak that wasn’t stopped until the 95 season. Later that year Mr 8 gave a superbowl speech for the ages, as he clutched the Lombardi trophy as if it was his first born child.

    Remember faithful. It’s NEVER over until the fat lady sings!
    They got this tonight! Back on track and back to the superbowl march.


    1. MD,
      I’ve been a 49er fan since the days of John Brodie, Dave Parks, Gene Washington, Ken Willard, Jimmy Johnson, Roland Lakes, Dave Wilcox, Kermitt Alexander, to the present.

      I ain’t going no where bud!

      1. Damn old timer. Lol I was an 80′s brat. So I was spoiled as a youngster. But I’ve got the battle scars from the dismal 2000′s. lol I’m with ya. Rolling for life.
        Wheeeeeew! Now lets get this dub!!!!

  4. i love it, MD. Niner season was always going to be front loaded – tough opponents and travel in the first 5/6 games, and easier after that. whether it is your solid reminder above or the 6-5 Niners of ’88 (89?), 3-4 games do not make the season. i say come december we are healthy and we are the team no one wants to play in Jan.

    this game is also a bloodbath and if the rams have guts then they should squeak by at home on a short week (thurs night games have to go – too big an advantage to the home team) playing within the division and for pride after the cowboy game. but maybe the Niners are just plain better, and we know we have a lot to prove. Niners 22-17.

    1. I hope he does well if he plays. I would like to see him against the holding Seattle secondary. They are big, poor rookie Patton got tossed aside like a cheap rag.

      1. I only recall Patton getting tossed aside on one play, which resulted in a penalty against Thurmond. I guess because it got shown on TV everyone assumes it happened every play.

      2. Scooter I didn’t say every play. Just the one I saw. That was like a man throwing a boy on his back. That play alone was enough to say, kids gotta put on some size next season.

      3. So based on one play where he got off balance and was thrown to the ground illegally, you think he isn’t big or strong enough to handle the NFL yet? What about the other plays where he didn’t get tossed around?

        I will reserve my judgement until after a few more games, and a few more snaps, to see how he handles himself.

        For what it is worth ninermd, my comments aren’t having a go at you – there were a few people that made the same comments after that game about Patton. Because that one play got highlighted the natural reaction is to think he isn’t strong enough to handle the job. But reality is it was one play which Thurmond defended illegally and was correctly penalised. Unlike powder-puff Jenkins, Thurmond actually had to put quite a bit of effort into throwing Patton to the ground.

    2. Did Baldwin replace Moore? Wasn’t Moore just active in the last game? Did Baldwin do that much in the two days of practice to win over the coaches, doesn’t seem likely so I’m guessing they weren’t happy with Moore’s performance then.

  5. Baldwin active with Moore sitting – is Moore injured or has he just been passed in the depth chart? That makes Patton or Baldwin the #3 WR.

  6. “Opposing QB have an 84.1 Total QBR against the Rams this season. The only team that rates worse is the Raiders (84.3)” ~ ESPN Stats & Info

    1. This might explain why teams are trying to make Kaepernick escape to the left.

      ” Colin Kaepernick has struggled throwing to the left this season. Check out his passing zone chart: pic.twitter.com/LbhFQYIghB ”

      From ESPN Stats & Information

      1. In his last 2 starts against the Rams, Williams has 4 catches for 90 yards and 1 touchdown.

        Fitzgerald and Jones both had their best games of the season against St Louis, and Bryant wasn’t needed much because the Cowboys ran the ball so well early on and were killing them by half.

        How’s the view from the press box in St Louis?

        1. Great view. The press box is way up in the rafters like the press box at the Sharks. It’s a great view though. It feels like I’m directly above the field.

      2. Williamson had this to say earlier:

        According to ESPN Stats & Information, Kaepernick has completed just half of his pass attempts in his career with Davis off the field and 47.2 percent this season. With Davis on the field, Kaepernick has completed 62.9 percent of his throws. Davis opens up the offense. Kaepernick’s average yards per attempt with Davis is 8.9. It is a full three yards shorter without him. With Davis on the field, Kaepernick has a plus-10 touchdown-interception differential. Without him? Minus-two.

    2. I also think that Kaep’s lack of success on the left is because he naturally reads (with little adjustment) his progressions from right to left and he’s not getting to the 3rd and 4th reads or by the time he does he’s scrambling instead of stepping up in the pocket and making the throw.

    1. Lol I said the same thing to the wife and buddies. She knows that the jerseys could be washed. They’re hanging up ready to be worn after a win tonight. So for tonight it’s t-shirt and rally cap and I’m pulling out the 30 year old Walsh Rag. Nobody slaughtered lambs more than Bill did.

    2. Ha!
      Watched last Sunday’s game at my daughter/son-in-law’s house. About 10 min into the 2nd QTR, he (being a los angeles transplant) gabs a dodgers blanket to cover himself. I know it wasn’t my home, but I told him in no uncertain terms to get rid of it asap.
      He did, but it was too little, too late.
      I told him the 49ers loss was on him and my daughter agreed! (lol).

      I’m not superstitious, but I’m watching the game at home sweet home tonight, just in case.

    3. I’m wearing my red shell that I wore as a first layer at the NE game last year. Kaep will be just as successful tonight! You can thank me later on ;)

  7. Again, just a suggestion: Colt McCoy under center.
    Colin needs time to stop and think.
    Or as the saying goes….. chill out.

    (You too, Mister Harbaw. It is just a game.)

  8. Time to get back to basics. Run the ball, stop the run. If we can’t stop the run, Fangio needs to scheme to stop it. Jim Mora jr was great at that.so was Munuski.
    Iupati, get low and push!!!!
    Ck under center is key.
    Bunch formations and triple TE sets.
    Lets go! !

    1. I would like to see some blitzing this game. No aldon might hurt a bit. The last thing we would want to do is give Bradford time and especially confidence.

  9. If the niners don’t get the offense going early, we are toast. Please oh Please start sooner than later. I also hope Fangio did something to shore up that defensive front too.

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