49ers @ Rams live blog: Second quarter

This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 6 road game against the Rams. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

6:11 First and 10 for the Niners at their 31.

6:12 Colin Kaepernick completes a 9-yard pass to Boldin on first down.

6:12 Aaron Donald tackles Frank Gore for no gain on second down. Third and 1.

6:13 Kaepernick sneaks forward for three yards. First down.

6:14 Vernon Davis drops a short pass on second and 8. He was uncovered.

6:15 Kaepernick completes a 5-yard pass over the middle to Davis on third and 8. Andy Lee punts. Tavon Austin makes a fair catch at the Rams’ 17.

6:16 So far the Rams’ defensive line has pushed around the 49ers’ offensive line.

6:19 Austin Davis takes a deep shot at Chris Culliver on first down but overthrows the pass. Cunningham gains five on second down.

6:19 49ers blitz, Davis scrambles to his left and hits Cunningham for a first down.

6:20 Next play, Dan Skuta beats Jake Long and hits Davis’ arm as he’s throwing. Long recovers. Second and 13.

6:21 Cunningham gains five yards up the middle on second down and it’s third and 8.

6:22 Skuta sacks Davis on third down.

6:22 Jimmie Ward partially blocks the punt. 49ers’ ball at the Rams’ 43.

6:25 Kaepernick completes a 7 yard pass to Crabtree over the middle on first down.

6:26 Roman calls Sprint Right Option on second down. Kaepernick rolls right and throws the ball away. Third and three.

6:26 Kaepernick throws deep for Boldin and misses him. No reason to take a deep shot in that situation.

6:27 Phil Dawson makes a 54-yard field goal. 14-3 Rams.

6:29 No carries for Gore on that drive. Roman has to find a way to get him going. 4 carries for just 7 yards so far.

6:30 Touchback. Rams start at their 20 with 7:07 left in the half.

6:32 Davis completes an 18-yard pass to Kenny Britt on third and seven. Chris Culliver got beat.

6:33 Next play, Davis rolls right and completes a 9-yard pass to Tavon Austin. Cox got beat.

6:34 Next play, Stacy runs up the middle for three yards and a first down.

6:36 Davis completes a 21-yard pass to Jared Cook on third-and-9 but the play is negated because Cook was flagged for offensive pass interference. Gruden didn’t like the call. The Rams run a draw on third and 19 and will punt on fourth down.

6:39 Ellington catches the punt at the 49ers’ 5 yard line and gets tackled immediately. First and 10 at the 5.

6:41 Carlos Hyde loses one yard on first down. Mike Iupati is flagged for holding and the Rams decline the penalty.

6:43 Kaepernick completes a 12 yard pass to Boldin. First down.

6:44 Next play, Kaepernick completes an 8-yard pass to Boldin and the 49ers take a timeout with 1:08 left. Second and 2 at the 49ers’ 24.

6:44 Joe Staley is flagged for a false start. Second and 7.

6:45 Kaepernick completes a shovel pass to Hyde for a one yard gain. Third and 6.

6:46 Big play. Kaepernick completes a bomb to Brandon Lloyd for an 80-yard touchdown with 14 seconds left in the half. Janoris Jenkins bit on a double move. 14-10 Rams.

6:48 Tavon Austin takes a knee in the end zone.

6:49 Davis takes a knee. Halftime.

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  1. How is it that the niners arent just running it every down? Against the 31st rated rushing defense?

    Hyde hasnt even gotten a carry….

  2. We don’t need 20 on 3rd and 3 guys. We pick up 7 on 1st down and we don’t run the football on 2nd? What the hell is wrong with Roman???

  3. The good thing is that the Niners are mercifully down by a manageable score. The bad thing is that I just don’t see how the Niners put anything together to score even a TD. Their offense has no rhythm, no leadership…

    1. Manageable, and the time to make a move is now. A TD before the half and the ball to start the second would make this a whole new game.

  4. There is something seriously wrong with Harbaugh’s offensive philosophy. Tired of his tenure. Thanks for the wins. Can we get some f*cking innovation?

    1. Ellington is supposed to let that ball go into the end zone. He’s been making bad decisions in the return game all year.

  5. This is the worst 1st half of football under Harbaugh that I have ever seen. We look undisciplined and unprepared. Like we underestimated a team that always plays us tough at their place. This football team is completely distracted and clearly what is said about the staff and team is true to some degree.

    1. We got that CHUNK I was talking about. KAP has great protection this game. The Rams are selling out to stop the run. We should be throwing the football just like we are. We have to keep throwing it. KAP just has to make smart decisions with his throws. He has plenty of time and guys are getting open. All KAP has to do is keep an eye on Quinn. This Ram secondary is giving us plenty of plays. Just don’t throw it to Vernon. He’s already on the team plane on the way back to San Francisco!

      1. Yep- and I said Crabtree is #4… he is a possession receiver with a messed up foot that we will learn was really messed up this whole year after the season is over.

  6. Brandon Lloyd TD !! ..

    Ok… more of that in the 2nd half..

    but still wanna see more Gore / Hyde …
    (add their jersey numbers and what do you get ?)

  7. Hey Balke, Harbaugh see what an outside speed WR can do for this team???

    And Lloyd IS NOT a speed guy….took a double move like ALL our WR’s need to even try to get deep

    Doesn’t Kapernick EXCEL on throwing the ball deep?? So freaking OBVIOUS to see what a true SPEED WR would do for this Offense!


    Niiice play Lloyd!

  8. I will gladly admit Brandon Lloyd is someone I was wrong about.

    When they signed him, I said “Why?”
    When he made the roster, I was upset that a roster spot went to a washed up has-been when so many promising youngsters were cut.
    When he would be active over Patton, I was sure it was a mistake.

    I was wrong, and it’s wonderful.

    1. Lloyd is the only thing close to having a semblance of a WR with some speed on the outside

      ….and as I said he’s really NOT that. He’s just the fastest we have out of all our big possession turtles out there

  9. If we play clean football (mistake free) and dont forget about Gore and Hyde and mix in some throws we have this. I know we have the talent my only worry is Greg Roman play calling.

  10. Niners looked like that other Bay area team most of 1st half….Raiders have lost 11 straight, they suck so bad even the “gang bangers” have changed colors.

  11. Baakle especially is BLIND & IGNORANT not to see the Obvious

    He’s never gone after a true legit FAST WR with deep speed since Day 1

    Have to wonder about JH as well because when Ginn was here he could have been used more to stretch the field for our Offense & take some shots downfield

    IMHO we would’ve had 1 to 2 SB’s by now with this roster if we’ve had that missing piece all along esp when we chose Kapernick as our QB. THE DEEP BALL IS WHERE THE MAN IS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

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