49ers @ Rams live blog: Third quarter

ST. LOUIS — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 4 Thursday night road game against the Rams. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

7:17 First half analysis: All of the 49ers’ big runs were Gore off tackle left and right plus two wham plays – old fashioned runs. The Rams look horrible running the ball and Bradford is mediocre at best. The game is over. The Rams have no chance unless the 49ers gift them the game.

7:20 Kaepernick completes a nine-yard pass to Miller to open the half and Miller is injured.

7:22 Now Miller is walking off the field slowly. Marecic is not active. The 49ers have no active fullbacks after Miller.

7:23 There is gift No.1. Gore fumbles at the 49ers’ 44 yard line after breaking a tackle. Alec Ogletree knocked it out from behind.

7:26 The Rams go three-and-out and let the Niners off the hook.

7:26 Williams makes the fair catch at the 49ers’ 12. Miller is back.

7:39 T.J. McDonald is getting carted off the field. His right leg is in an air cast.

7:41 It’s third-and-two at the Rams’ 12 and the 49ers use a timeout to prevent a delay penalty.

7:42 Kaepernick throws a touchdown to a wide-open Vernon Davis in the end zone. 21-3 49ers.

7:49 The Rams go four-and-out now. Bradford overthrows Austin deep on third-and-11. Kyle Williams makes a fair catch at the 49ers’ 15.

7:52 Now the 49ers go three-and-out. Just one run.

7:54 Bowman drops an interception on second-and-16.

7:55 Bradford overthrows Pettis on third-and-16 and the Rams punt. The Rams have regressed under Jeff Fisher.

7:58 The 49ers go three-and-out. Hunter loses two yards on a sweep on first down, Gore gains two yards on second down and Kaepernick misses Gore on a screen on third down.

7:59 Rams start at their 44.

8:01 The Rams go three-and-out yet again. Bowman sacks Bradford on third-and-ten.

8:02 49ers’ ball at their four yard line. The 49ers’ go three-and-out and the third quarter ends. Kaepernick scrambled for four yards on second-and-nine but Vernon Davis was wide open deep. Kaepernick never looked at him. When Kaepernick was scrambling Baalke levitated out of his seat in the press box and shouted, “Throw the ball!”

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